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Obama Visits MAJOR CHANGE Will your major fit the jobs of the future? Tri-C West Discusses the economy, Boehnr and American values

Article & Photo by Sanyika Patterson


resident Obama laid out his plans for the future in front of the students.

And if you were listening, you would have heard clues of which majors will best prepare you to take part in the work force of the future. The President spoke of the number one job creator-small business-and he also spoke of traditional jobs. Obama said, “I think teacher’s, police officers and firefighters are part of what keeps America strong.” He then set his sights on the employment opportunities of the future. He spoke of infrastructure, high-speed railways and expanding broadband access.

“I would say this information should guide them more than governmental statistics. Everyone …cannot forcefit themselves to accommodate the latest trend. “ - Dr. Sonja Siler, Poticial Science Professor

Brenda Payne-Riley, the director of counseling services on the Tri-C metro campus, advises students to “look at industries that show promise and growth as well as allied health careers.” We here in Cleveland are familiar with the nursing program at Tri-C. However why not look into the physician assistant program, hospital administration, dental hygiene? The three jobs mentioned here have salaries that range from $47,946.66 to $113,170.00 per year. Now let us look at just a few of the jobs of the future starting with what the president sees for business majors. You can go into many areas of business and come out ok. But, if you listen to Obama, you might want to take a look at, management analysis, investment banking, budget analysis and insurance underwriting. These four occupations have an average salary of about $55,675 and $98,400. Professor Pamela Grant teaches business at Tri-C. She said two things to keep in mind are: “Students need to concentrate on majoring in fields that are flourishing, and are predicted to increase in the future. One can’t go wrong with business, math, science or technology. Small business growth is the key to success in creating jobs in the USA.  New innovation is crucial

to maintaining a global economic competitive edge.” As far as broadband access if you would like to be a part of that movement, you will need to receive training in electronics or communications technology. According to the Occupational Outlook Hand book and the bureau of labor statistics, in May 2008, median annual wages of telecommunications equipment installers and repairers, were $55,600. The president also spoke of the need to develop infrastructure across the entire nation. This will obviously create many jobs in all 50 states. These jobs will benefit from a skilled workforce. Here are a few. One of the most obvious would be architectural engineering with a salary that ranges from $47,000 to $75,630 a year. There are electrical equipment installers who earn from $18.40 to $28.73 an hour; highway street and bridge construction workers earn between $12.94 and $20.75 an hour; Utility systems construction workers earn between $17.52 and $32.00 an hour. The future is here now. Fields of green jobs are growing exponentially, sprouting all around us. There are even plans to build a windmill farm right off of the shores of Cleveland. Continued on Page 2

Article & Photo By Martha G. Ratkowski

President Obama’s visit to Tri-C Western Campus on September 8th was the opportunity for him to reach out to the middle class for support and pitch his ideas for restoring economic stability. This was also a chance to rebuke comments made by House Republican Leader, John Boehner. Obama is in favor of long term investments like education, clean and renewable energy, technology and infrastructure to build and restore this country’s economy.  The President is proposing a permanent tax credit to companies for research and innovation where American companies can write off all investments to upgrade equipment and facilities in 2011. Additionally this bill will make small business loans more available. He is also in favor of a six-year infrastructure plan to repair and rebuild roads, train rails and airport runways to compete with Europe and China. This plan would put people to work immediately. President Obama also stated that Boehner has said no to infrastructure, so far. President Obama wants to see permanent tax cuts for everyone.... Continued on


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You can find me in the club! By Laura Varcho

Living Waters Campus Ministries, lead by Reverend Donna HughesHargraves and facilitated by intern Lynda Ervin. Is just one of the many clubs here on our metro campus. Living Waters is a multidenominational group that meets weekly on Wednesdays from noon to 2 p.m. in Room 101 in the Campus Center Building. It is open to anyone who would like to fellowship with other Christians, receive comfort, inspiration or guidance, take part

in a Bible study discussion, or learn more about the benefits of having a strong spiritual presence in one’s life. The goal of Living Waters’ is to give students, faculty and employees a spiritual connection. To that end, they provide a caring and nonjudgmental atmosphere that includes a luncheon, bible study, guest speakers and discussion. For anyone who would like to get more involved, the Leadership Team is accepting volunteers. No

commitment is required Living Waters’ is looking for help planning Ministry activities, programs, Bible study topics, and lunches. Living Waters Campus Ministries had a table at the Welcome Back event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on September 15th, 2010, in the Metro courtyard. If you would like more information, visit our website at where you will find a link to the Living Waters website.

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However this industry is so new the government has not collected enough data to provide salary information. We do know that hybrid technology, and electric cars are on the rise. Solar panels have been installed all over America for over a decade. Research and development will increase the job market in this area also, as new and better products are produced. If you would like to be hands on in the fight against pollution and climate change you can always work with the Environmental Protection Agency. They state on their website: “It takes people with many different backgrounds and skill sets to address the multifaceted challenges EPA faces every day. From enforcing environmental regulations to conducting research, EPA is where you can leverage your specialized job skills into meaningful work for your community, your state and your nation.” The EPA is offering summer jobs to college students. According to their website, “EPA primarily hires students for administrative/ clerical positions. Most summer positions have salaries ranging a base hourly rate of $9.59 to $16.28. Students must meet the qualifications, and needs of the organization.” 

President Clinton Visits Tri-c Metro Campus To Rally the Troops for Strickland By Sanyika Patterson

Former President Bill Clinton brought the political fight back to Ohio earlier this month. Clinton participated in a fundraiser and a rally September 14th at Tri-C metro campus for Governor Ted Strickland’s re-election. Strickland remained in Columbus to prepare for a debate.

years so you fire them, and then you get a team that is six and eight in 26 months. Now would you fire them and go back to the two and 14 team?” He received rousing applause from Browns Town fans in the audience.

Following President Barack Obama’s lead, Clinton spoke of the failings of the past Republican administration using a football analogy. He likened the upcoming political races to the Ohio State and Browns games that were just played over the weekend.

Clinton spoke about his presidency. He told the audience that under the Republicans the national deficit quadrupled over the twelve years before he came into office. He reminded the crowd of the hard work and patience involved in turning the country around and creating a surplus. He urged voters not to give up on Democrats.

Clinton said: “It’s as if you had a team that was two and 14 for 12

“Just give us two more years and, if you don’t like what we do, you can

2010 - 2011 STAFF LISTING WESTERN CAMPUS (216) 987-5530 METRO CAMPUS (216) 987-4231 EASTERN CAMPUS (216) 987- 2344

kick us out again,” Clinton said. He added: “I don’t blame anyone who has to go home and wonder as they look into their child’s face…how will they pay the rent? How will they put food on the table...but responsible people don’t let anger cloud their judgment.” He then spoke to the students in attendance. He said the Republicans plan to repeal a part of the stimulus bill that insures people with student loans will only pay a small, fixed percentage of their income toward the loans. That provision means “you can work at McDonald’s or Burger King and still not fall behind on your loans,” Clinton said.

Dr. Sonja Siler professor of political science, cautions “Tri-C students. She said while it’s important to know the outlook on various job opportunities, I would suggest that it is more important that students come to know themselves, their particular talents and unique abilities, as well as those things about which they are most passionate.  They should ask others who know them well what their perceived strengths and weaknesses are.  I would say this information should guide them more than governmental statistics.  Everyone has a unique role to play, which cannot be understood by possibly trying to force-fit them selves to accommodate the latest trend.  That approach may result in a person being neither happy nor particularly successful. 

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President Barack Obama Visits CCC Western campus Staff Reporter | Vince Stafford Excitement was in the air when the announcement was made that President Obama was coming to the western campus to make a speech. It was such an honor for the president of the United States to come and actually talk to the Tri-C students personally. For the last few weeks he had been visiting different locations and giving speeches about the different things he had been working on to help our economy grow and get out of this recession. There’s been alot of frustration within the country and Tri-C students were feeling alot of that due to the lack of money they could use to be able to pay for school or other necessities needed. His visit to the campus was to alleviate alot of those fears and help students prepare for a better future. There were some students that thought his visit was purely political and that he wasn’t really going to say alot about them or any of the hardships they were enduring. Security was very tight and no one could go anywhere other than where they were designated to go, K-9 units were everywhere and everyone had a watchful eye. For the students though this was much less about security and more about getting that view of the president up close and personal. All the students has special reserved designated seats and to many that was a special honor, rather than being in nosebleed seats. When Mayor Frank Jackson entered the auditorium there was loud applause and cheering, there was alot of appreciation for the Mayor of Cleveland. Next who entered after him was Senator Sherrod Brown both of which received the same warm greeting and promptly responded back with smiles and waves to everyone. Dennis Kucinich entered last and greeted the crowd with the peace sign, his typical trademark. Afterwards there was the pledging allegiance to the flag and the singing of the national anthem, then a hush came over the crowd as if they know whom to expect next. A small voice over the speakers announced to everyone to please stand and welcome the President of the United States and the auditorium erupted in a chorus of applause, and once Presi-

Photo taken by Vince Stafford, at the Western Campus in Parma, Ohio

dent Obama jogged out from behind the large blue curtains the noise level doubled. He spoke about the state of things in the country and about schools and education and throughout the bleachers there were so many smiles and nodding as he spoke. He seemed to touch on everything students were worried about and even some things that people had forgotten about. He spoke with passion and authority, of which many people stood from their seats applauding and speaking out in voice loudly in agreeance. It seemed even if students had to wait for him hours that didn’t matter because he was for them, he was THEIR president and he was fighting for them. After his speech alot of talk was still going on, many students were still excited that the president actually came to their school. Many students expressed their thoughts on the ideas and topics he touched on. Students like Julie Solorio and Alliece Watson were looking for him to talk about small business, jobs and education. They wondered if he had plans to tackle those tough obstacles that have been so long a problem in our society. Matthew Gillessen wanted to know how seriously interested he was in Ohio and the state of affairs going on within, but after the speech and event was over everyone was truly satisfied with what he had to say. People were very pleased on his agenda and the plans he had for the economy and education, a topic close to home for many who attended. Overall it was absolutely great day to have had the chance to attend the event and listen to what our President had to say. We all keep a watchful eye on our future as students and even citizens as we step forward through our lives hoping to be successful people and having a great President on our side will really help us a long way to achieve those goals.

Transition coming home

Staff Reporter | Nick Carter Ky.

I deployed to Iraq in 2005 with the 1187 Infantry Battalion, Fort Campbell,

As a combat infantryman, my job was not only front-line missions; I conducted radio communications and supply. While working 24/7 enduring 135-degree weather, I was part of a platoon that engaged enemy fire. Now that I’m back, I’m transitioning over as a Tri-C student. When I left the military in 2009, I was completely oblivious and unprepared for this economy. I felt shocked when I returned from deployment to only see things 10 times worse than when I left the city. Adjusting to changes in this the city, unemployment and school was overwhelming. What separates vets from ordinary civilians is that we arrived home to a rough economy, drastic changes, lost love ones, and we suffered, rather in the military or out. I encourage students of military vets not to be discouraged and to continue to focus on their goals. I took surveys from vets who are now students who felt the same way. When I asked Elliott Gary, a student/vet, about his transitioning and the attitudes about society after returning home from deployment, his reply was that it’s still difficult, and he views civilians negatively. I understand why. It was a culture shock. Morals were out the window. People felt that it was OK to do wrong, and everybody was OK with it. Everything was backwards.

Photo taken by: Nicholas Carter

Any vet or soldier who served their country shouldn’t be treated like an ordinary citizen. We should be apprietated, acknowledged and even most cases given first priority in the job market. We are not asking for a hand out, however a chance to make a positive influence in the job/career market. We served our country, and military vets and personnel are one of the backbones of this country.



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Tap Into Your Leadership Talents Preparing for the Future Staff Reporter | Matthew Hamilton

For those students who are interested in learning or building their leadership skills look into Tri-C’s Leadership Certification Program. The Leadership Certification Program is a free program that gives students the ingredients of leadership, which are vital in everyday life. The program was originally put together by three student life directors to help foster skill building among students in a position leadership, such as government, academics and other areas of interest. The program itself is free and begins on Oct. 5, in the ELA Building, room 246. There are a variety of workshops in the program, all of which will occur in the same room. The program will wrap up Nov. 19 with a luncheon in the ESS Cafeteria. Last year there were 55 students enrolled in this program. One of the students, a young woman by the name of Angie Sanchez, described her experience in the program as “engaging, helpful and informative.” She didn’t attend all of the workshops, but from the ones she was in, she felt that the program prepared her for applying her leadership skills in a real life business setting or other areas of life. The Student Life Director, Rita McKinley, encourages students to get involved in this program because it’s a good leadership opportunity, which will suit students later on in life. For more information on the Leadership Certification Program, visit, or drop in at the Student Services office in the ELA Building.

Photo taken by Vince Stafford

Cleveland Browns Great expectations

Staff Reporter | Ibou Seck

As the Cleveland Browns prepare for the new football season, there is a mixture of optimism and a fear of the unknown. The owners, Coach Mangini, and most importantly the players, are confident that this season will be unlike the past several years. With veteran quarterback Jake Delhomme’s notable plays in preseason games, Jerome Harrison running the ball, and Josh Cribbs signed back on, the Browns’ offense seems pretty convincing. Rookie quarterback Colt McCoy, who has been impressive with his throwing accuracy, is expected to make several big plays for the team. On the defensive end of the ball, Rob Ryan has been quite subtle. The defense is fifth ranked in the preseason and they have had one interception and four sacks. Scott Fujita, fresh off a Super Bowl win, will start at outside linebacker alongside Matt Roth, with Chris Gocong and Eric Barton on the inside. On the line are: Kenyon Coleman, Ahtyba Rubin, and Robaire Smith. Pro Bowl lineman Shaun Rogers is expected to start as soon as he is healthy enough. The cornerbacks are Sheldon Brown and Joe Haden, with T.J. Ward and Abram Elam as safeties. Overall, the new 53-man Browns team has a positive outlook, so tune in and check them out.

Photo source by: Shutter Stock

2010 Summer Movie recap All your previews in one place Staff Reporter | Jason Brill

The summer movie season is usually bursting with big-budget action, comic book adaptations, sequels, and of course, sequels of big-budget comic book adaptations. It’s a season of explosions, like in The Expendables, and exposition, as in Inception. Record crowds try to beat the heat by taking a couple hours to relax and enjoy a flick. Two of the top-ten biggest box office weekends happened this summer, when Iron Man 2 and Toy Story 3 were released. Twilight Saga: Eclipse had the second biggest single-day box office ever. Jon Favreau is back to direct Robert Downey Jr., among others, in Iron Man 2. The movie picks up six months after the original with Tony Stark’s dual identity known to the world. As pressure mounts from all sides for him to share his technology with the government, new allies and new enemies begin to emerge. It has everything the original had, and is pure exhilarating entertainment. If you missed it, look for the DVD to come out Sep. 28. In the third, and likely final Toy Story, the toys end up in a toy retirement home (children’s daycare center) when their owner Andy prepares to head off to college. The story develops from there as they attempt to get back home. On his podcast, Kevin Smith, writer/director of Clerks and Dogma, describes one scene as, “the most human moment I have seen in a movie, and it’s delivered by a group of digitally animated toys.” Pixar is locked in to making phenomenal movies, every year they create a new pinnacle for animated movies, both in visual excellence and heart-touching story lines; Toy Story 3 continues that tradition. The DVD hits on Nov. 2, definitely one you’ll want to add to the collection. Inception is a psychological sci-fi action movie written, directed and produced by Christopher Nolan. Nolan, whose previous film credits include Batman Begins and its sequel The Dark Knight, also wrote and directed the multi-layered psychological thriller Memento. Inception, similarly multilayered, is about a world of corporate espionage perpetrated in the human sub-conscience of dreams. There was no lack of popular movies this summer. The Expendables teamed together more action stars than was previously thought possible. Twilight Saga: Eclipse fed hungry fans more of what they love. Sex and the City 2 continued the first movie’s (and the show’s) trendsetting ways; the DVD comes out Oct. 26. Other summer films coming to DVD this fall: Robin Hood on Sep. 21, and the comedy Grown Ups out Nov. 9. Last but not least, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. This quirky movie is filled with great pop-culture references from Seinfeld to Super Mario Bros. and is about the plight of 22-year-old Scott Pilgrim as he battles the seven evil exes of his new girlfriend. See it if you can. Check HYPERLINK “” for updated DVD release dates.



Pets Feel The Recession Too Madeline Setser Associate Editor |

Neighborhoods littered with For Sale signs. Walking through lonely malls and shopping plazas on a Saturday. Scrabble night instead of an impromptu road-trip to Mountaineer Casino. We have all bore witness to the recession and we have all voiced our opinions on the strain of a light wallet. But you won’t hear the complaints from the hardest-hit victims. That’s because they have no voice. Those victims are our pets and the monumental life-changing effects on those who have been abandoned as well as those who have been rescued. As people lose their jobs and in some cases their homes, they must learn to stretch the dollar. Unfortunately, feeding and vaccinating the family pet does not always make the list of necessities. Peteducation. com states that the average yearly cost for the basic needs of one dog in the Midwest is $287. That means a pet that lives an average of fourteen years will cost $4242. This is a price that many families can no longer afford. With the rise of unemployment and under-employment, many families are scrambling for gas money, food money, and other means to stay afloat. What once was considered a member of the family is now being pushed aside as a financial burden and added stress. With so many Americans living without the safety net of healthcare, it is hard for them to fathom paying to vaccinate and spay or neuter their pets. Dogs and cats are then left without proper medicine for an illness or they breed and continue to overpopulate. These puppies and kittens are then born into unwelcoming homes and suffer even more. This vicious cycle continues across the United States. According to The Humane Society of the United States there has been a 91% increase in reports of abandoned animals. When faced with foreclosure, owners often leave pets trapped inside abandoned homes to starve to death or they are put out on the street to survive on their own. There has also been a 65% increase in people dropping their pets off at a shelter. The ASPCA reports... READ



MTV Video Music Awards

Sarah Lawrence | Editor in Chief

This year at the 2010 Video Music Awards, Lady Gaga seemed to be the big winner; sweeping almost all the categories she was nominated in. Gaga also took the most coveted award, Video of the Year, which was presented by the one and only Cher. Gaga accepted the final award of the night fighting back tears, proclaiming that Source by: the “monsters” were the cool kids tonight. Some of the other winners included Eminem for winning the best rap video, 30 Seconds To Mars, fronted by Jared Leto, taking the award for the best rock video, and Justin Beiber taking the award for best new artist. The live performances were nothing but thrilling for everyone in attendance at the event. Justin Beiber graced the outdoor stage with his hit “Baby”, while inside the arena, Eminem and Rihanna Performed their successful smash, “Love the Way You Lie”. Also taking the stage, B.O.B performed a mash up of his two hits from this summer, “Nothing on you” featuring Bruno Mars, and “Airplanes” featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore, which has undoubtedly become one of the top songs of the year. Taylor Swift attempted

to perform one of her songs from her new album, which was publically saying that she forgave Kayne West. However, her vocal performance was very flat, leaving a dull applause compared to the other artists’. VMA fashion was another topic to be talked about. All artists were showing off their most amazing ensembles. Katy Perry showed up in a beautiful black and white gown, which hugged her skin and gave the illusion of a body painting. Lady Gaga changed her outfits many times that night, starting with a large red, gold and green dress, with a feather Mohawk, and ending with an ensemble made of meat. Yes, you read that correctly. Chelsea Handler hosted this year’s Video Music Awards, and the queen of comedy was not afraid to push the limits. The complete list of nominees and winners can be found at

A Time for Chills and Thrills Kelly Notaro | Staff Reporter

The smell of fall is in the air, and that means Halloween is just around the corner. With costumes stores making their way back into town, there is no time to spare. Halloween USA, Party City, and Halloween Express make shopping for any Halloween affair easy. However, Halloween is not just about the costumes, it is about being scared. Haunted houses have been terrorizing thrill seekers for years, and this year will not be any different. The Haunted School House and Laboratory, located in Berea, promises the scare of a lifetime. The horror starts September 25th, and does not end until November 1st. The Haunted School House was voted one of the best places to get scared in 2009 by Hauntworld magazine. If you enjoy witches, giants, dragons, graveyards and cemeteries, then this is the place for you. Tickets cost $15 per person per house, or $26 for both houses. Located in Columbia Station, Rockin’-R-Ranch presents: Spooky Ranch offers five attractions for one price. The attractions include Extreme Nightmares, Crazy 3D Clowns, The Famous Haunted Hayride, The Haunted Barn and The Funny Fun House. Spooky Ranch is open from September 24th to

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The Book Buyback Dance Kim Steele | Staff Reporter

The weather is getting colder; every other college and university is back in session; and all the 18 and under crowds are already back to school. Must mean Tri-C is about to start back!  So, on a Sunday morning I get up to go and sell my books back (yeah, I could’ve went during Summer Finals week, but I was lazy!). You already know where I’m going with this tale right? I’m sure you’ve been through this too. I have 6 books to sell back. I’m feeling pretty good; the deadline to sell back books was still 2 weeks away, my books were in great condition - this was a win-win for the bookstore and me, right?  My return on 6 books that cost me close to $500 is $50! I failed basic math but I know those odds suck! So now I’m stuck with 5 books I’m never going to open again because their “outdated.” That’s it! I’m buying new copies of all my textbooks from now on! I’m beginning to think a conspiracy is lurking here. Obscure subjects are always taken back but English, Math, Sociology, and Psychology? It’s slow. The “updated” versions of these books are just the publishers switching a few chapters and deleting some words and boom, a “new” version. To get us saps to pay full price for our books every semester, the used copies are never bought back! Less old stuff to store I guess.  I passed by one of the numerous announcement boards on campus plastered with advertisements of students selling their “outdated” books. Is this what I’m reduced to? A rinky-dink, magic marker flyer, begging people to buy books their professor is going to tell them is “outdated?” Some of those flyers I’ve seen up there forever - who actually buys these “outdated” things?  I know this book buyback dance is part of being in college, but can we skip this life lesson? How about paying each student $5 or $10 bucks for each “outdated” book they bring back? Then, instead of re-shelving it, maybe donating it to charity? If anything, we can always use them as extinct species displays at The Natural History Museum. Tickets cost $20 for any three October 31st. For all five attrachaunted floors, $23 for all seven, tions, tickets cost $18, for chill and $30 for a speed pass that chasers ages 11 and up. will not only let you enjoy the If five houses in one aren’t bewitching seven floors, but will enough, then try 7 Floors of also take you to the very front of Hell, which is back with a new the line. attraction for 2010. Blood Barn, For more haunted attracGas Chamber, Camp Nighttions around Northeast Ohio, mare, House of Nightmares, visit Mausoleum, Evil Visions, and This year, you may even find Mental Ward combine to make yourself relaxing at home with up the 7 alarming floors. Hailfriends enjoying some of your ing from Middleburg Heights, favorite scary movies. Whatever 7 Floors of Hell insists they are you may do, just remember, this the number one haunted house is a night for trickery and you in Ohio. The doors open Sept never know what ghosts and 24th and close on October 31st. ghouls lurk around the corner.


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Tri-C Finishes Second Browns Fall in in Plastic Boat Contest Season Opener

From left to right - Robyn White, Steve Gutierrez and Carolyn Boyce. Photo taken by - Mary Hovanec

Carolyn Boyce |  Staff Reporter Tri-C Western’s Cool Crafty Conqueror finished second in the Lake Erie Boat Float race, which took place at Lower Edgewater State Park Beach in Cleveland on Saturday, September 11. Sponsored by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History and Cleveland Metroparks, the event raises awareness to the problem of plastic pollution. All boats entered in the competition were made from post-consumer plastics and other recyclable materials. The collections and building crew were Carolyn Boyce*, sophomore and member of the Environmental Action Group; Steve Gutierrez, part-time IT student; and Robyn White, assistant professor of sociology and advisor for the EAG. Dr. Cathi Lehn of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History addressed the crowd at the awards ceremony. She said, “We have two reasons for being out here today. …the most important reason is to bring attention to plastic pollution in our waterways. We have it on this beach. If you look down at your feet, you’re going

to see trash. You’re going to see a lot of plastic.” There were four categories of winners. Captain Charles Moore of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation acted as judge. The boat finishing last in the race won the grand prize for Best Use of Recyclable Materials. Built by the group Sustainable Water 2019, it featured two trails of milk jugs and a fabric sail proclaiming “Plastic is Pre Historic. Drink Local. Drink Tap.” After being on display at events until the next Boat Float, PolyFlow Corporation will dismantle and recycle the boat. With its hamster wheel operation and orange Tide bottles, the Sea Scouts’ Rolling Tide received the award for Most Artistic Style. The Future Scientists group got a trophy for Fastest Boat. Sam Morris won the Lil Sailors Ring prize, a contest for young children. After rowing a 600-foot round trip, Captain Gutierrez was all smiles as he returned to shore amid cheerful shouts

Clark Green |  Staff Reporter

The Cleveland Browns lost their season opener to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by a score of 17-14. Cleveland led for most of the game, but lost the lead after Tampa scored a touchdown after capitalizing of a Browns turnover, which they committed four of in the game.  Bucs quarterback Josh Freeman completed 17 of the 28 passes, throwing for 182 yards, 2 touchdowns and one interception.  He did so with an injured thumb on his throwing hand.  The Browns’ Jake Delhomme, on the other hand, was 20 of 37, throwing for 227 yards.  However, he only threw on touchdown and had two interceptions. The defense, for the most part, actually played pretty well.  The only problem was that the offense seemed to be struggling moving the ball for much of the game and the special teams unit wasn’t able to get anything done.  With that said, the Browns will probably be watching a lot of game film this weak and dissecting what they did wrong. Next week, they will be facing the Kansas City Chiefs, who play their first game tomorrow against the San Diego Chargers.  The Browns are tied for last in the AFC North division with a 0-1 record.  Well, at least Ohio State won, right?                   from the crowd. “Little did I realize that we actually came in second place! It’s a pleasant surprise, especially since we weren’t even sure that the craft would float,” Gutierrez said. Made from a swimming pool liner, volleyball netting, a garden trellis and cat litter containers, the Cool Crafty Conqueror was a considerable improvement over last year’s vessel, which sank after the captain climbed aboard. EAG will display the boat at events throughout the 2010-11 academic year. *Crew member and author is the same person.

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Obama visits Tri-C!

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