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Biannual & Annual Publications

Printed Advertisements

Breakwall, 3/2011 - 4/2013. 3 issues. Whiskey Island Magazine, 6/2008 - 12/2012. 6 issues.

2013 National Senior Games Promotional Poster, 18 x 24 In. Jersey Mike's Subs In-Store Campaign, 18 x 24 In. We Want to Learn About Our Readers, 9.8 x 12.3 In. Heard of, 9.8 x 12.3 In.

Weekly & Monthly Publications

Instructional Manuals & Guides

The Vindicator, 9/2012 - 5/2013. 5 Issues. Campus District Observer, 10/2011 - Present. 22. Issues The Voice, 8/2010 - 5/2013. 30 issues. The Cauldron, 8/2007 - 1/2009. 96 issues.

The Voice Advertising Rate Sheet, 8.5 x 11 In. Marketing & Saving made easy, 8.5 x 11 In.


Mastheads Designs

Neighborhood Voice Summer Planner, 18 x 10 In. Referdia: People are Talking, 11 x 8.5 In.

The Cauldron, created 2008. Campus District Observer, created 2011. Whiskey Island Magazine, created 2012. The Voice, created 2012. Breakwall, created 2013.

Training & Event Media Invado International: Invado Super Bowl Orlando Flyer, 8.5 x 11 In. Orlando Event Badge, 3.75 x 2.7 In. Orlando Event Tickets, 2.75 x 6.7 In. Training Flyers, 8.5 x 11 In.



Whiskey Island Magazine, Produced on the campus of Cleveland State University.

Breakwall, Produced on the campus of Cuyahoga Community College.



The Voice, Produced on the campus of Cuyahoga Community College.

The Cauldron, Produced on the campus of Cleveland State University.

Campus District Observer, Produced in Downtown, Cleveland.

The Vindicator, Produced on the campus of Cleveland State University.



Neighborhood Voice Summer Planner, Created on July 2012 for Neighborhood Voice.

Referdia: People Are Talking, Created on January 2012 for Invado International.


Event Media

(Left) Invado International Super Bowl Orlando Flyer, Produced on august 2012 for Invado International. (Right) Training Flyers, Produced on July 2012 & September 2012 for Invado International.



2013 National Senior Games, Created on July 2012 for the Campus District Observer.

Jersey Mike's Sub In-Store Campaign, Produced on January 2013 for Invado International.

We Want to Learn About our Readers, Created on November 2011 for Neighborhood Voice.

Heard of, Produced on July 2012 for Invado International.


Manuals & Guides

The Voice Advertising Rate Sheet, Created on September 2012 for The Voice.

UnlImITed OffeRS • Over 500,000 offers from a wide variety of industries and businesses • Unlimited access to exclusive offers from any business on the site at no additional cost for Referdia Premium members • Dedicated offers available to both subscription and free members

Section 2: Ways to Get Involved with Referdia

Market & Savings Made Easy, Created on October 2012 for Invado International.

Section 5: The Future of Referdia

Your Guide to Referdia Marketing & Savings Made Easy

neveR mISS An OffeR • Claim as many

deals offers you want development launched itsasfirst and after more than a year of has Referdia was founded in 2010, • Referdia Premium members on markets . Since then, Referdia rd the Cleveland and Akron/Cant don’t pay theofvoucher cost on September 23 , 2011 in featured deals in hundreds to offer Storefront and front-page until they redeem it grown rapidly and has expanded with easy access to fantastic and Canada, providing consumers • Free members base . can claim consumer and markets across the United States sales increase their offers for just $2 an online presence to help offers, and giving businesses it even more a major overhaul to make Referdia website received In September of 2012, the both free and paid alike . The revamped site offers consumers and businesses beneficial for running at any time . Consumand boasts over 500,000 offers consumer membership options monthly membership by referring y to reduce the cost of their program ers also have the opportunit SHARe new compensation THe SAvInGS Businesses benefit from the 100% • receives Reduce your others to the Referdia platform . monthly that the business -based policies and insures membership fee by which does away with percentage modest monthly fee . a for exchange referring friends and family in of the voucher cost directly, • Get 25 by cents a off of your backed is technology, and monthly fee each month patents pending on the site’s InterInvado of Currently Referdia has several subsidiary A sales . for each person that you 50-plus years in direct tradiwelltoas management team with a combined subscribe marketing resources, as get parent company’s multi-viral of ac-people cost • Refer enough national, Referdia uses the efficiency and decrease the techniques, to increase the and your membership tional marketing and sales of customer acquisition . the traditional overhead cost pays for itself! quiring new subscribers, eliminating

History of Referdia


Referdia for Consumers

WHO dOeSn’T lOve A GOOd bARGAIn?

Referdia is making it easier than ever for consumers to scoop up hot discounts on the products and services they love and need by consolidating over 500,000 offers into one place . Now shoppers can stop surfing numerous deal sites and sorting through endless print ads, because Referdia has created a one-stop-shop for great offers . And thanks to Referdia’s customizable consumer profiles, savvy shoppers can easily sort and view their claimed offers, as well as personalize their accounts to choose how and when they want to receive updates on offers that interest them . Consumers can also log on to the website via mobile app to search and claim offers in their particular area, while they are on the go or out on the town . In addition to offering fabulous savings on dining, shopping, home services, attractions, and more, Referdia helps consumers

Where Referdia Is

and has expanded to Ohio, Referdia has grown rapidly, After the initial launch in Northeast are available daily from and Canada . Over 500,000 offers offer deals across the United States in these markets . hundreds of big-box and small businesses

Thinking big: Where We’re Headed

Referdia is still in its infanbut we’re always thinking ahead! Referdia has certainly expanded, streamline the online technology and working to better cy and is constantly developing new oned marketing brand of viral, social and rep-commissi marketing process . Referdia’s unique advertising, radio, avenues (such as social media, video is reinforced by traditional marketing platform to spur future growth . publicity strong a create to event sponsorships and more) as we broaden push the social-commerce envelope to continue will Referdia Going forward, is growing rapand consumers . So stay tuned: Referdia our offerings to both our businesses s and markets to come! idly, and there are many new development

save on all aspects of travel including hotel stays, car rentals, and flights . Travelers can claim specific travel-related offers, or use the travel search engine to look for deals for their favorite destinations and vacations .





The Cauldron, Myriad Pro, Bold Condensed

Campus District Observer, Minion Pro, Regular

Whiskey Island Magazine, Minion Pro, Bold Condensed


The Voice, Myriad Pro

Breakwall Literary Journal, Open Sans, Light

Steve Thomas Design Portfolio v6a  

Version 6 of Steve Aresman Thomas's graphic design portfolio.