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Ms. CEO - 3 Editor-in-Chief - 4 Quotes- 5 CAREER Empowerment - 6 How to Write an A m a z i n g Re s u m e - 7 Pledge to Ban Bossy - 8 Does Casual Friday Re a l l y Me a n C a s u a l - 1 0 C r e d i t C hec k - 1 4

G IR L S NI G HT I Love Him - 17 Kee p i n g t he Pa rt y G o i n g - 1 8 5 Female Friend Types You Sh o u l d Kee p - 2 0 BODY Me T i m e - 2 2 Quick and Easy - 23 Sh a k i n g i t Off - 2 4 Own Worst Enemy - 25 i s G o i n g Ve g a n t he R i g h t Dec i s i o n f o r Y o u ? - 2 6 F A SHI O N Fall Bloggers - 28 # OOTN - 2 9 Comfortably CHIC - 30 B E A UT Y Day to Night - 32 The Pe r fec t B r a i d - 3 4 F a l l be a u t y E s s e n t i a l s - 3 6 Going Nude - 38 Brows on Point - 39 POW E R - 4 0 B e a u t y E d i t ’ s C h o i ce - 4 1



G L O B TR O TT E RS A Funk-a-delic Escage - 42 Ca l i f o r n i a’ s O w n Pa r a d i s e - 4 6 B e s t T w e n t y- S o m e t h i n g B r u n ch i n LA - 4 7

M a i n A t t r ac t i o n Jessica Burciaga - 49 Me a g a n G o o d - 5 5 Sh a n n a - 5 9 Gina - 63 TH E L A DI E S R O O M S Ask Morgan - 66 Woman to Woman - 70 A D r e a m v s . Re a l i t y - 7 2 HIS Beard Gang - 74 G o o d t o The l a s t D r o p - 7 8 H E A D C HI C IN C H A R G E The W o r l d o f P a u l M i t che l l - 8 0 The J o u r n e y o f Judy Goss - 82 L IF E The S u r v i v o r - 8 4 L i fe J o u r n e y - 8 6 O p e r a t i o n Ne w L i fe - 9 0 HOME DECOR Looking to Create an at Home Bar this Holiday Se a s o n ? - 9 2

graduating from the university of California riverside i had my first job as a loan officer. it was a job, but definitely not fulfilling, so i sought out to find a career that made me happy and pursued my passion for the arts.

While searching for a career, i interviewed with a radio station and noticed a copy of lowrider Magazine on the table. i picked it up and the interviewer told me that the magazine was a “men’s publication,” and that I wouldn’t be interested. Not only that, he suggested that i look at the more “girly” magazines on the table, for those would be of more interest to me. Hearing those words, i immediately went home and applied for a position at lowrider Magazine. After 5 years of being an editor at lowrider Magazine i felt as though i wanted more, more in the sense of creating something of my own that inspired women and showed them how to not only look good but feel good inside.

the birth of a dream: the vision of attract magazine:

With this in mind, being a native of southern California we are a melting pot of many cultures, so i wanted to create a publication embracing women of different ethnic backgrounds as well as career paths. From the college student trying to find her way in society, the working women with a 9 to 5 trying to survive, to the celebrity woman who is expected to always be perfect, despite the many judgments and When I was a teenager growing on up inher, Torrance, CA I that was always fascinated the publishing I majored in English, with the dream of someday expectations placed i feel at the end with of the day weworld. are In allcollege women who undergo struggles and becoming an Editor of a magazine. After graduating from the University of California Riverside I had my first job as a loan officer. It was a job, but definitely not fulfilling, so I sought out to find a career that made me happy and are faced withfortrails. pursued my passion the arts.For that reason, i wanted to show that no matter what your status is in society, we While for a career, I interviewed with ato radio station and noticed a copy ofand Lowrider Magazine the table. and the interviewer told me that the magazine was a “men’s cansearching unite and share our stories inspire one another show that on you areI picked neverit up alone. publication,” and that I wouldn’t be interested. Not only that, he suggested that I look at the more “girly” magazines on the table, for those would be of more interest to me. Hearing those words, I immediately went home and applied for a position at Lowrider Magazine. After 5 years of being an editor at Lowrider Magazine I felt as though I wanted more, more in the sense of creating something of my own that inspired women and showed them how to not only look good but feel good inside. Mythis mother me to be a strong and independent woman. Toaknow what i want in life and ethnic backgrounds as well as With in mind,has beingalways a native of taught Southern California we are a melting pot of many cultures, so I wanted to create publication embracing women of different career paths. From to find her way in society, working with ahas 9 to 5taught trying to survive, to thetocelebrity whoand is expected to live my lifethetocollege the student fullesttrying without limitation. Fortheme, mywomen mother me how love woman myself to to always be perfect, despite the many judgments and expectations placed on her, I feel that at the end of the day we are all women who undergo struggles and are faced with trails. For that reason, I wanted to show that no always believe in myself, because if you don’t believe in yourself, how do you expect others to believe in matter what your status is in society, we can unite and share our stories to inspire one another and show that YOU are never alone. you? I believe in Attract magazine and feel that it’s a great publication inspire My mother has always taught me to be a strong and independent woman. To know what Itime want infor life a and to live my life totothecelebrate fullest withoutand limitation. For me, my mother has taught me how to love myself and to always myself,are because you don’t believe yourself, howthan do youthe expect othersthat to believe you? I believe in Attract magazine and feel that it’s a great time for a women and showbelieve thatinthere noiflimitations toinlife other ones youincreate for yourself. publication to celebrate and inspire women and show that there are no limitations to life other than the ones that you create for yourself. What’s my Attract? My attract is having the freedom to dream and believe in yourself. Thank you to everyone that supported this dream and believing in Attract Magazine. I appreciate and love What’s my Attract? My attract is having the freedom to dream and believe in yourself. Thank you to you all.

everyone that supported this dream and believing in Attract Magazine. i appreciate and love you all.



Tanisha A.CEO/Publisher Brown Tanisha A. Brown CEo/publisher

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the letter

PUBLISHER D ream P ublishin g g roup ll C

Launching this magazine has been a journey- a lot of learning, adjusting, and self-realization. It has been a long time coming and it has been so rewarding to see a dream I have had since I was a little girl, manifest into reality. When I was 11 years old, I sketched out my own magazine that focused on the empowerment and celebration of women. Never in my wildest dreams, did I believe it would become a reality. After high school, I enlisted into the Air Force and spent the next 6 years developing a strong work ethic and daydreaming about the day I would be doing something that was of more value to me – something that fed my spirit. For as long as I can remember, I walked around with the feeling of displacement, acknowledging that I was never quite where I was meant to be in life. My dreams either felt too big or too unrealistic.

And as if to shake me conscious from my 6 year sleep walk, I lost my mom to brain cancer when I was just 22 years old. Everything that I believed to be true about my life, and myself were no longer. I was left with the remains of who I was and who I wanted to be. I believe we are all two people, the person we are right now and the person we want to be and I chose to build on the person I wanted to be. Finding the strength to persevere and follow my dreams without my mom by my side was a humbling experience. It was the catapult, the motivation, and fire I needed to pursue the dream of Attract. My goal with Attract is to make it relatable. I want any woman to read this magazine and be able to connect to some part of it. Think of Attract as your girlfriend, bonding together over fashion, perfecting your resume or sharing in the similar-

ities of life’s struggles. Attract will provide it all. With Attract I want to bring women together by shedding light on the common experiences we run into as women both personally and professionally. I want us to share in the mistakes we made, bond over the turmoil and barriers we have faced, and ultimately celebrate being a woman. I believe women are revolutionaries and my hope is that women will learn to embrace their innate qualities and characteristics, not seeing them as weaknesses, but rather as strengths. I see Attract as a piece of a very real movement going on with women, focusing on positivity, well roundedness, and empowerment. I am so grateful for the people who believe in us and have supported us along the way. I intend that this magazine will be something bigger than just a magazine, but a relationship in the making with women ev-

erywhere. By definition, Attract means to possess or exert the power of attraction, so I challenge all of you to attract and unite positivity and light to those around you. XX

Jasmine Ward

CEO TANISHA BROWN VP OPERATIONS A rmando Garcia EDITOR-IN-CHIEF JASMINE WARD E D I TO R - AT- L A R G E M isha H ildreth M A N A Gin g editor elle hoeni g D irector of A dvertisin g ASHLEY PETROSIAN t CREATIVE DESIGN UNLMTD MEDIA U N L M T D . M E D I A @ g mail . com A S S istant A R T D I R E C T O R JUAN OROZCO C A R E E R C ontributin g W riters A lison L aw melissa molomo J asmine W ard GIRLS NIGHT C ontributin g W riters A nnette C arrion S er g io M eza F A S H I O N C ontributin g W riters J asmine W ard J essi M alay B E A U T Y C ontributin g W riters M e g an N ai k D iana L a C ounte C helsea Y usuf S ophie and S hir of I nstabraids H E A L T H / F I T N E S S W riters Katja T oal T ami k o Grimes G L O B E T R O T T E R S C ontributin g W riters L eah J osephson S mith and Kate R oland L I F E C ontributin g W riters S ylvia M unoz J anice D enise Attract magazine is published bi-monthly. Submissions of photographs, Illustration’s, drawings, and manuscripts are considered unsolicited materials and the publisher assumes no responsibility for the said items. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part without written consent of the publisher is strictly prohibited. For advertising inquiries contact Printed in USA.




Film actress

Gwyneth Paltrow

Audrey Hepburn

Film actress

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “IM POSSIBLE”-

“Beauty to me is about being comfortable in your own skin”-

Marilyn Monroe

Film actress

“Imperfection is beauty”-


Christina Aguilera

“The female body is something that’s so beautiful…”-

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empowerment Women really should start working together instead of constantly going against one another. We should have respect for ourselves and each other at all times. Even if a woman happens to be a complete stranger—treat that woman, as you would want to be treated. We need to stop bashing one another and start building each other up. If only all women would take the time to understand this, men could no longer use this very thing against us to divert the attention away from them. Insecurities, betrayal and cheating would no longer exist if we had each other’s backs. Start today. Be honest. Be selfless. Be kind. Stop making these women your enemies and start showing them the empowerment of sisterhood. “When women come together with a collective intention, magic happens.” - Phylicia Rashad

By: Melissa Molomo Instagram: @MissSayWhatsReal twitter tumblr: misssaywhatsreal



don’t y Us wombene ju st girl have to e could girls, w too. be athletes

Us women don’t have to just sit on the side lines, we could set records too.

an of u’re a wom When yo u’re a g it. ment, yo empower al woman that’s re ly doin

Us women don’t have to be just house wives, we could be CEOs too.

. e c n e r e f f i Mank’et abedan average Do ber. Am

how to write an amazing


5 Steps to a Killer Résumé

By: Jasmine Ward

Résumé writing is a task that most people do not find very exciting. We spend all our time formatting, writing, editing, rewriting, and then rewriting again, just to see it fail at doing its job…getting us an interview! Writing a résumé is a job in itself and a tedious one at that. We generally expect to write our résumé, send it out, and then get a call for an interview, but unfortunately that ’s not the case. Understanding how to write a bulletproof résumé is essential in the competitive world of job searching. Here are some tips and pointers on how to build an amazing résumé:

Choose the correct 1. format! There are over 1,000 different résumé styles, but the main four are chronological , functional, combination, targeted. A chronological résumé starts by listing your work history, with the most recent position listed first. This is good for individuals with a lot of strong work experience. Functional résumés focus on skills and experience, rather than on your chronological work history. A combination résumé is exactly how it sounds, a combination of functional and chronological . It lists your skills and experiences first, with your employment history listed next. This résumé is great for highlighting the skills you have that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Lastly, is the targeted résumé. The goal in a targeted resume is to highlight the skills and experiences you

have that directly relate to the job you are applying for. Also, and overall rule of thumb is to always keep your resume 1 to 2 pages. The average employer only looks at a resume for 7 seconds, so make it pop! Once you have decided on the format, make it pretty! The visual appearance of your résumé is what will get you noticed. Editors note: Print your résumé on cardstock paper. It makes it durable and professional. Remember that 2. everything on your résumé is fair game. You do not want to blatantly lie on your résumé because that could be grounds for termination. However, I encourage you to make the most out of your skills. If you flip burgers at your local fast food restaurant and you are applying for a job as an assistant at Sony Pictures, damn right you

have experience. You dealt with “X” amount of customers daily and provided them with quick and exceptional service. You work well under pressure, you process sales and financial transactions quickly, etc. There are so many ways to get the most out of your job skills and experiences. Get creative! One of the most 3. important tips is to use action words. An action word is a term like “Accelerated, Coordinated, Administered, or Conducted.” These words are vital for your experience section of your résumé. Most résumés go through an automated scanning system before ever reaching the employers desk. The system looks for key words that match the job you are applying for and if you have enough matches then it is passed on to the employer, the rest of the resumes are thrown out and never seen by

an actual person. Make sure and read the job description and incorporate those key words into your resume. For example if you worked customer service, you could say “Established strong customer relations to exceed sales goals.” Try to avoid using the same verb twice. Remember safety 4. first! When listing your personal information at the top of your résumé, you do not have to disclose all information. At the end of the day, you do not know the employers personally. Because people want to get a job so badly, they forget to practice common safety on their résumé. Your résumé is being sent out over the Internet, to people you don’t know, and sitting on a desk among other papers in some location unbeknownst to you. Listing your city and state will

suffice, but you do not need to list your whole address. As far as listing your phone number, that is your call. Employers can reach you just fine through e-mail, but if you are comfortable with your phone number being listed, go for it! Remember to include any websites or portfolio sites under your name and information. Lastly, but certainly 5. not least. Have fun! Résumé writing is fun. You are selling yourself and you get to talk up your best attributes. That one piece of paper is the ticket to your next job! Feel free to add a little design if you are in a creative industry, or a border to set yourself apart. Make it a reflection of you and don’t forget to update it constantly so that it is always up to date. Editors note: bring at least 5 copies of your résumé to an interview. t

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pledge to ban bossy Together We Can Pledge to Ban Bossy By: Alison Law



When a little boy asserts himself, he’s called a “leader.” Yet when a little girl does the same, she risks being branded “bossy.” Words like bossy send a message: don’t raise your hand or speak up. By middle school, girls are less interested in leading than boys, a trend that continues into adulthood. Together we can encourage girls to lead. –Banbossy. com

Growing up as a child, I can remember being called the word bossy on a regular basis. Whether it was in class, during recess, or on the school bus, I only really heard it from the boys in class. One day, I was working on a group project and one of the boys in my group blurted, “you’re so bossy, and you think you a know it all” as I explained the rules and expressed my ideas. As a result of my upbringing, name-calling never made me feel inadequate. Instead, when someone would call me bossy or a “know it all”, it would motivate me. As I got older, the more I realized that I was called bossy because I was recognized as a strong-minded leader and someone who couldn’t be pushed over. The little boy that once called me bossy highlighted my ability to lead and that resulted into him calling me, “B-O-SS-Y”. While reviewing the videos and message on the Banbossy website I was lead to research this issue and see what the people had to say about the word “bossy”. I asked several people with different experiences and backgrounds of what their opinion was of the term “bossy”. Omar Morales is a 28yr old male Human Resources Professional for Direct TV. He went onto the banbossy. com website and took at look at the videos posted onto the site. “I love the message delivered in these videos, it was very powerful and disruptive!” says Morales. He says when he thinks of the word bossy he thinks of someone that is “pushy and rude”. He then decided to look up the definition for the word bossy and came across bossy being defined as “fond of giving people orders.” Morales said his perceived definition and the actual definition both describe negative characteristics. “Personally I am fond of providing people guidance, coaching, and feedback at work, but I wouldn’t characterize myself as bossy”, says Morales.

That said, the operative word in the definition is ‘orders’. To give someone an order feels domineering, demeaning and condescending,” says Morales. However, Omar feels that if you use the words guide and coach, the sentence takes on a completely different form. “In my book someone that guides and coaches vs. someone that gives orders is the essence of leadership.” As a human resource professional Morales fundamentally believes that tone is crucial when delivering any message. I’m sure that you’ve heard this saying before “it’s not what you say, but how you say it” says Morales. The mantra holds true in this example. Think about when order vs. guidance is provided. Again, orders may not be as well received as guidance. Yet, I don’t agree with characterizing female leaders as bossy just because they take a stance and assert a point-of-view. This however, doesn’t justify tone or approach. Even as a female leader the tone and the approach in the communication has to be managed diplomatically to ensure that people don’t feel like they’re being bossed around. Adrian Barnes, a Music Professor says that as a man who was raised by a very strong woman, he never used or mentioned the term “bossy” in relation to his mother. Barnes may not have always understood her authoritative ways but he never associated her with a negative connotation. It was always Barnes understanding that women such as his mother were tough and strong willed, but just as she did, only desired the best for her love ones. At a very young age Barnes did not understand the term bossy, nor did he associate it with his mother. To this very day Barnes still doesn’t recognize the correlation between being “bossy” and being a woman. I think it is an inferiority complex that men have when they meet an assertive women or (i.e. a week man). As a teacher, Barnes says that he rarely hears his young men refer to women

as bossy. Nevertheless, at such a young age, boys are still very attached to a woman (their mother). He doubts they would use that type of descriptor to describe a woman unless they come from a home without a mother or a home where men use misogynistic rhetoric often. Naiyah Scaife, a 29 year old female Executive Producer/Director says that “Bossy, is a word that I would often hear. The only difference is that I didn’t allow it to take away from my leadership skills”. Scaife says it allowed her to mature, becoming fierce. “I am one who doesn’t let those types of words bother me. Although I am aware of what they can do so when I am speaking to young ladies I speak life into them”, said Scaife.

themselves or correcting a something that’s wrong,” says Vivian. Growing up, Vivian was always a leader on and off campus. Boys may have viewed her as bossy, but men realize that Vivian is a strong, intelligent, and ambitious woman. What is your opinion on using the word bossy? How many women have been teased by being called the word “bossy”? Let’s stand up together and speak up against using the word “bossy”

Scaife believes that the power of words is real. “The saying “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” “Words will hurt”, says Scaife. She feels that those words could plants seeds of destruction within future female leaders. Naiyah says that changing the word from bossy to ambitious, leader, or even persistent will surely remove what #Bossy has done to many women who walk among us today living less than. Vivian N. 22-year-old female a Howard University Student says that after watching the of the little girls on it made her emotional and made Vivian think about her childhood and when she started to feel how the children described in the video. “I think this video is actually more powerful because it’s relatable and believable. The diversity in the girls shown is beautiful too”, said Vivian. Vivian feels that the word bossy is a very “annoying” term to use because it’s just another way to bring women down. “I’ve never heard a guy get called bossy”. Men don’t receive nearly as much negative feedback as women do when standing up for

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Does Casual Friday really mean CASUAL? Tips to Avoid a Casual Friday Faux Pas By: Abbi G. I get this question a lot from readers and friends doing a 9-5. The question stems from one major concern that every person in the career ladder struggles with, which is the issue of impressions. I for one, am not the type to take the word “casual” too casually. While it is your hard work and skills that should come front and center in a career track, the sad truth is that the right image does a lot for a woman trying to make it. So what does Casual Friday actually mean? It really varies depending on the industry you belong in, or what line of work you do. For example, in a lot of corporate offices, Casual Friday simply means a no-tie day. Girls rarely, if ever, wear ties; so to these ladies, it’s just another day in the office. Since the term is so vague, I want to share with you my own defintion of this confusing workplace attire. Whatever industry you are in, Casual Friday means one thing – a leeway. It is the one day that allows people to inject more personality into their outfit than usual. If you are in a highly corporate environment, the term provides that extra freedom to break free from your regular grays and neutrals, tight ponytails, and powersuits. On the other hand, if you are in a creative office such as fashion or advertising, remember that this is a time not to dress down, but to level up.



Here are some simple rules for your Casual Friday get up. Ask HR and look at what the boss is wearing. If you intend to go all out on your Friday ensemble, you might want to get clearance first. Ask if there are any guidelines in particular to be followed. When you are new to a job, they will usually mention whether Casual Fridays are implemented or not. Feel free to ask your questions at this point of the orientation. Another tip is to check out what the boss is wearing on Fridays. If she chooses to stay suited up, maybe just stick with subtle changes to your outfit. Always dress to impress. While Casual Fridays are ideally a “laidback” affair, strutting into the office in overalls or sweatpants is a definite no-no. If your personality fits a more of a rock band statement shirt and ripped jeans kind of fashion, reserve it for the weekend. If you are in a creative job that would allow you to sport the statement shirt, at least throw a tailored blazer on top of it. They said laidback, not sloppy. Pick a Keypiece and run with it. Pick a classic white tee, a black tank top, a timeless white button down shirt, or a little black dress (LBD). Once you have a choice, mix and match it with items that will dress it up or down. A solid fitted shirt can go well with a knee length A-line or pencil cut skirt. This is also the time to wear trends and colors. You can wear a colored cardigan over an LBD, or a pair of printed leggings under a longer white button down. Put on colored heels, or a studded belt. You can add these pieces subtly without compromising your over-all professional look. Don’t wear shoes you won’t wear on any other day. As much as possible, hide those

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toes. Unless it’s a sensible and discreet peep toe, there’s something about toe exposure that makes your feet look like they’re lounging on vacation. Instead of slipping into open sandals, go for ballet flats, oxfords, or mocassins if you are looking for comfort. Be sensible about this rule and see what fits your workplace best. If you are aiming to impress some big clients, stay away from sneakers, as they have the tendency to make you look like a college kid. You can look just as relaxed in a pair of flats. Unless you are working in a kitchen or a garden, please do not wear crocs.

Accessorize. Put on a cuff, a geometric earring, a statement necklace or ring. You can even go as far as draping on a scarf for an instant dose of fabulous. Make sure, however, that the accessories you put on are suitable for a day look. Save the dramatic drop earrings and metallic clutch for a post-work night out.

Go for less structured, more fresh, and definitely polished. When it comes to hair and make up, this is a simple business casual rule. Instead of a tight ponytail go for a “messy” bun or a higher tied bun. You can also just let your hair down, but make sure that you look well groomed and presentable. Add an extra coat of mascara, a pop of color on your lips, or a wing on your eyeliner. Just don’t over do it! It’s Casual Friday, not a beauty pageant.



My final and most important advice for Casual Fridays, or any work day actually, is simple: DRESS FOR YOU. The most impressive thing a woman can put on is her confidence, so make sure your outfit helps you exude it. Dress for your body shape to make sure that you are comfortable. Throw on something that will highlight your personality. Dress the way YOU want people to see you. Remember, YOU represent the work you do, and an exemplary job will only be magnified by great presentation.

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Credit Check The Importance of By: Karen Zullo Molding Your Future

What is Credit?

How does a lender determine whether or not to

Credit is money lent to you by a lender or creditor on

lend you money?

the condition that you will pay it back at a later date.

Whether or not a creditor decides to extend you credit

These percentages are based on the importance of the

The terms and conditions for receiving a credit vary by

and the rate of interest at which you borrow, is deter-

five categories for the general population. For particular

credit type and lender. Simply put, credit is borrowed

mined by a number of factors including your current

groups - for example, people who have not been using

money that you can use to purchase goods and ser-

financial obligations and monthly expense obligations

credit long - the importance of these categories may be

vices when you need them with the agreement to pay

as well as your credit history and FICO Scores.

somewhat different.

the lender or creditor back at an agreed upon time.

What is a good FICO® score?

Why Credit Matters

What is your Fico Score?

Like it or not, credit is a necessary evil and your credit

Your credit score or FICO score as it is commonly

affects every aspect of your financial life.

called is a number – arguably the single most influential number in your life and it was designed to

Obtaining and sustaining good credit or repairing less

convey to lenders the kind of financial risk they would

than perfect credit is one of the most important financial

be taking by having you as a customer. Your score is

decisions you can make. It’s a decision that is either

generated by credit analyzing software that takes into

going to cost you money or save you money in the long

account a number of different criteria. For example,

run! Either way, that cost or savings is “significant”

do you pay your bills on time? How much debt do

On average, consumers with less than perfect credit will end up paying 30%-40% more per month in higher interest rates if indeed you are able to get financed at all. In the long run this can cost you tens of thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the term of a 30 year mortgage. Also, it’s important to understand that poor credit may hinder future employment opportunities as well as your ability to rent an apartment, purchase a vehicle, obtain a credit card, qualify for insurance etc…

you have? How long have you had your accounts? Have you ever defaulted on loan agreements in the past? The process is complicated, however it does provide the lender a way to determine whether lending you money right now is really a smart move and if so, at what cost? The chart below will help you to have a better understanding of how your score is determined.

FICO Scores are calculated from a lot of different credit data in your credit report. This data can be grouped in the chart reflect how important each of the catego-



Excellent = 800 and higher With scores in this range your credit or loan applications should always be approved. In addition you should receive the lowest possible interest rates  Very Good = 700-799 A great range to be in. You most likely will be approved for any type of credit or loan and you should be able to take advantage of good interest rates.  Good = 680-699 With scores in this range you should typically be able to get approved but your interest rate will not be at the lowest rate, however they will still be in a reasonable range.  Fair = 620-679

What does your Fico Score consist of?

into five categories as outlined below. The percentages

ries is in determining your FICO score.

Depending on the type of loan and your credit history you may find the rates you are quoted are not the best therefore costing you extra money in the long run. If you are approved, certain restrictions will apply to the loan’s terms.

The “American dream” is to own a home, but more

begin their credit building process by obtaining either

importantly than having something to call your own is

secured or unsecured cards and loans. At Insight

With scores in this range the chances of approval are

the financial repercussion of renting instead of owning

Credit Group Inc we walk our clients through a step by

low however that does not mean you won’t get ap-

an appreciating asset. The money that you are spend-

step building process.

proved. It does however mean that if you are approved

ing each year in rent could be going into your pocket

the terms and interest rates will not be pretty. You will

instead of your landlords.

Poor = 580-619

If you are one of millions of Americans whose credit has been negatively impacted due to our recent econ-

end up paying a whole lot more over a longer period Higher Mortgage Interest Rates

omy we can help! We are experts at both removing

This one can be a killer! If your home is currently

inaccurate and derogatory information from your credit

Very poor = 500-579

financed at a higher than average interest rate (based

reports as well as helping you re-build new credit

If you are able to get a loan at all, your terms and

on the current market) then the end result of this is

interest rates will be through the roof costing you a ton

that the loan on your home over a 30 year period can

of money in the long run. You need help, contact us

end up costing you tens of thousands or hundreds

now and let us assist you in improving your credit so

of thousands of dollars more over the lifetime of that

that you may qualify for an acceptable loan.

loan! To most people, the difference in someone with

of time.

Bad = 499 and lower You need serious professional help with your credit situation. If you do not get your situation under control things will only get worse. Contact us and let us assist you in getting your credit back on track. What is the Cost of Bad Credit? As mentioned above, the average American with less than perfect credit spends an extra 30%-40% a month in higher interest rates. Don’t allow your less-than-perfect credit keep you from reaching your financial goals. We can help you restore you credit back to good standing. Here are just a few aspects of your financial life that are affected by your credit: Employment Opportunities: Employers in today’s market investigate your dependability along with your track record of responsibility based off of your credit. Employers look to see how you manage your personal finances and see whether they

great credit being financed at 2.75% verses someone with fair credit being financed at 4.3% does not seems like a big difference but trust me when I say that can cost you or save you tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands over the lifetime of the loan depending on the size of the loan. I am sure you’ll agree that kind of money can be much better invested or spent on many things other than interest. Automobile Financing: If you are financing a car and have bad credit, you are probably paying thousands of dollars more than you would pay once you had restored your credit. This extra interest shows up every month in a dramatically higher

What are the Benefits of Good Credit? Simply put, a good credit scores can save tens of thousands dollars over the life of your loan or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the life of a 30 year mortgage. A healthy credit score of 700 or above can help you qualify for low interest rates on home loans, car loans and credit cards. If you are considered to have a good or excellent credit rating then you will benefit in the following ways:


Quick credit approval


Lower interest rates


Refinance current loans for lower interest rates

payment. One of the first things that our members often do once they have restored their credit is to refinance


their automobile for a fraction of their current payment or buy twice the car at nearly the same payment. How to obtain new credit or repair existing credit

mortgage offers


you’ve borrowed, plus applicable finances charges and

Better employment and promotion opportunities

You obtain “credit” by applying for it from a credit grantor, whom you agree to pay back the amount

Get better credit card, auto loan, and


Better insurance rates

can entrust their finances with you as an employee.

interest over an agreed upon amount of time.


Rental approval

Renting Instead of Owning:

For many people just starting out, they may need to


Reduced deposits for utilities

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@career How to sustain good credit

you are in this vicious cycle and on your way to getting

Once you have obtained credit it is important that you

yourself in debt over your head. My advice would be to

do everything possible to keep your credit in good

charge no more than you know you can pay off each

standing. Below are a few tips that will ensure good


credit history. Do not close your accounts – Many consumers make Pay your bills on time each month – The largest

the mistake of closing out accounts thinking that this

factor that lenders take into account when determining

will help their scores, when in reality it may have an op-

whether or not to extend you credit is your “payment

posite effect. The reason being, your FICO score takes

history” this is based on your ability to make your pay-

into consideration something called a “credit utilization

ments on time each month. If possible pay more than

ratio”. This ratio basically looks at your total used credit

the minimum amount.

in relation to your total available credit; the higher this


ratio is, the more it can negatively affect your FICO Continue to build “Payment History – Depending on

score. So, by closing an old or unused card, you are

Mistakes on your credit report are

the lender and they type of credit or loan you are ap-

essentially wiping away some of your available credit

more common than you think; research

plying for, most lenders today want to see a minimum

and thereby increasing your credit utilization ratio which

conducted by US Public Information

of 6-12 “consecutive” months of good payment history

can have a negative impact on your scores.

Research Group US PIRG, Washington,

before they will even consider extending you credit.

D.C. and the FTC found:

So ideally you will need to continue to make your monthly payments on time for at least 6 – 12 months.

SEVENTY PERCENT (70%) of credit re-

Understand that the longer you have an account in

ports overall contain errors or Mistakes.

good standing with current monthly activity the better for your scores.

TWENTY-NINE PERCENT (29%) of credit

Keep your balances under 30% of your credit limit

delinquencies, or accounts that did not

on each credit card – Once you have charged more

belong to the consumer.

reports contain serious errors, false

than 30% of your credit limit on any given credit card, your FICO scores will begin to be negatively impacted. The closer you get to maxing out a card, the bigger the hit to your credit scores. So for example, if the credit limit on your card $1000 then ideally you should keep your balance under $300 monthly. Avoid carrying a balance each month if interest rates are high – If the credit card that you have has a high interest rate then it is best to pay it off in full each month rather than carrying a balance. These high interest rates can add up quickly and you will soon realize the if all you are making each month is your monthly minimum payment than all but a few dollars is going towards interest rather than principal. The end result is that you end up paying out money each month yet you don’t make much of a dent in your principal so now



FORTY-ONE PERCENT (41%) of credit reports contain demographic information that was misspelled, outdated or incorrect. TWENTY PERCENT (20%) of credit reports were missing major credit, loan, mortgage or other information to demonstrate the credit worthiness of the consumer. TWENTY-SIX PERCENT (26%) of credit reports contain accounts that were closed by the consumer but incorrectly listed as open (or) “closed by credit granter”.


5 reasons every girls needs a gay bff!

i love hi

We all need friends and we all have different kinds of friends. There are those you go to lunch with, those you share a drink, a secret, or some gossip but beyond all those there is one friend a girl must have and that is a gay best friend. Let me tell you why…

1 We are honest, brutally honest. We do not do it to be mean or to hurt your feelings; we do it to help you, we are just looking out for you girl! For example, I ran into a coworker in the hallway, she was wearing a brown pencil skirt, below the knee and a tan colored blouse. All I could hear in my head was, “What can brown do for you?” I paused, I looked at her from head to toe, and I asked, “What is going on here? I am getting a very UPS vibe.” Well, never again did she wear that skirt, she was not mad, she was not hurt, she knew. That was not the skirt for her. You want to know the truth about your hair? If a shirt makes you look fat? If you look fat? Ask your gay best friend, with every ounce of love and care he will tell you the truth, even if it’s harsh. 2 You get all the male attention without the side of creepy. We may like dick but we also have a dick and are still boys. We can still appreciate an attractive girl, and who doesn’t like playing with a nice set of boobs? Plus, we like to make the straight boys jealous. I cannot tell you the amount of girls that have changed in front of me, I have nuzzled my face into their tits or grabbed their ass and none of them ever felt threatened or objectified. Do not worry though, we do not want to have sex with you, and quite frankly most of us would not even know what to do with you. We are just physical and like touching things, we are like little boys. 3 Unlike all your girlfriends, you do not have to feel threatened by us. Mainly because we already know we are fabulous and frankly you are not competition. Just kidding, we can recognize if you have it going on. We will never try to compete with you; we will work to compliment you because two fabulous people working together are better than one! 4 You will always have a date and a great date at that. We are always down to go to events, galas, parties and if it’s an open bar even better. We are like that guy in that Debra Messing movie that no one saw, Wedding Date, except you don’t have to pay us and we will not fall in love with you. I mean, we still love you, but we are not in love with you. 5 We have the best sex stories and tips. Let’s face it, most girls are prudes. Do you want tips on how to give a great blow job? Ever heard of the taint? And if you are really brave go for a rim job. I have always said that men are only held back sexually by women. We are the ones into all the kinky stuff, take the woman out of the picture and just have two men…well that’s a recipe for trouble, and boy do we like trouble.

by: your gay bestie

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Keeping the Party Going It’s not over yet… By: Cheeba Moscowitz To be an independent woman, you have to be a Jill of all trades so to speak and have the aptitude too make something out of nothing when that moment presents itself. Such is the case when you find yourself faced with the job of making stellar mixed drinks out of literally nothing at all. The life of the party usually has an ability to conjure up a cocktail or two with a bit of this and a dash of that, that should pass just about everyone’s taste test. We have all hit a friend’s house after a great party to find an assortment of ingredients that hardly sound appealing unless you know what you’re doing. For instance you may find the typical half empty bottle of Midori, a few red bulls and a bit of Vodka. Those three things when properly portioned can create the fiercest “Midori Sour Extra” you have ever had. Keep these recipes tucked away in your memory bank for when you are called to the task of keeping the party going. Remember failure is not an option.



1. Limon Madras – Ingredients: 1 ½oz Limon Rum 1 oz Orange Juice 1 oz Cranberry Juice Crushed Ice & Cubed Ice Drink Mixer Chilled Rocks Glasses

2. Santeria Martini Ingredients: 2 parts Rum (preferably Bacardi for this one) 2 parts Vermouth

½ Lemon cut into slices.



Pour the Rum and Vermouth into a mixing glass and add some ice cubes. Then give it a gentle stir and strain it into a chilled glass.

Pour all of the ingredients minus the cubed ice in the drink mixer, cover and shake well until the drink mixer is cold to the touch. Pour into a chilled Rocks Glass over cubed ice and garnish w/ a slice of Lemon. Enjoy Responsibly.

3. Vodka Cranberry Ingredients: 1 oz Vodka 2 oz Cranberry Ice Directions: Pour the Vodka over the ice and slowly pour in the cranberry. Stir slowly and blended and enjoy. And finally how can you go wrong with a “punch” that will surely knock everyone out of there shoes and socks. This one serves up roughly about 8 people with at least 2 servings depending on how heavy your hand is.

4. PORT ROYAL PUNCH  Ingredients: Two (2) 46-ounce cans of pineapple juice 3 cups Mango juice 1 bottle of Spiced Rum (750ml) 4.5 oz of grenadine 3 Oranges (washed, sliced thinly and quartered) 3 cans of Sprite for carbonation In a punch bowl or large serving vessel, add the above ingredients and stir. Serve over ice in a punch-glass or the glass of your choosing.

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5 Female Friend Types You Should Keep By:Annette Carrion

Good friends are hard to come by, particularly as we grow older. As women, we are expected to wear many hats and wear them well, but the responsibilities of marriage, kids, and work can be difficult to juggle. Often, we will sacrifice a social life in order to stay on top of countless other obligations. As a result, friendships are neglected and set aside.



Additionally, many of us have experienced toxic friendships, which may have even soured our disposition towards other women. Sometimes the unhealthiest friendships are the hardest to let go of. Maybe you go way back to grade school and she was your friend when no one else cared, or it’s a family friend that you have known for years. It’s easy to hold on to the good memories you shared, but then you grow up and realize that you no longer have anything in common with that friend, or that you are the only one making an effort to keep in touch.

Once we let go of the unhealthy friendships, it becomes easier to recognize the genuine ones. These are the friendships that should be celebrated, because our time is precious and if we want to live longer and more fulfilled lives, we must do our part to cultivate only the meaningful friendships we have with other women. After all, no one can relate to us better than our own sisterhood.

The following are 5 friend types that if we are lucky enough to have in our lives, we should work hard to nourish.



The friend who calls you back Sometimes our lives get so busy we can hardly remember to eat a proper meal. Between our careers, relationships, and children, there is not much time and energy to go out with the girls. Regardless of how busy we are, a call, email, or text can go a long way. We live in a technology-driven society where most of us are also accessible through social media, so there really is no excuse for ghost friends. A good friend will let you know she’s still there for you, even though she can’t see you in person.

The friend who is up for whatever When you feel like doing something out of the norm, you can’t just call anyone. You have to contact the friend who is up for whatever – she is the kind of girlfriend that not afraid to let loose. She loves adventure, and as a result she is not afraid to try new things. Ask her to go with you to a nudist beach and she won’t bat an eyelash, or maybe you want to try an exotic dish, but you know that she is the only one who will be brave enough to try it with you. Also known as the ride or die chick, she is the kind of gal who will learn how to ride a motorcycle with you, in fact, she might just be the one to suggest it first – she’s a boss like that. You need her in your life. Otherwise your life is just, well…dull.


The friend who cheers you on Chances are there will be a time in your life when you will struggle. Maybe you will get laid off, or you will have a bad accident that leaves you on bed rest. When an unfortunate and unforeseen event happen, it may be difficult to maintain a high level of motivation. It’s helpful to have a friend who believes in you during a time when you may not believe in yourself, someone who wishes you good luck on the day of an important interview, or checks in to see how you are doing. If she’s there to cheer you on through the good and the bad, that’s when you know you have a friend for life.


The friend who nurtures you There are times when you need tough love and can’t be coddled. Maybe you keep going back to a crummy boyfriend and you need a stern friend to talk some sense into you. The nurturing friend is the complete opposite of that. You go to her when you need a gentle heart to listen to your woes. You know she will not judge you and she will offer the kindest of words. She is wise, and often, she is no spring chicken. She has heard it all, and will not flinch when you tell her about your moments of weakness. When your emotions are too fragile for tough love, the nurturing friend will know exactly what to say.

The friend who is your confidant Everyone needs a friend with whom they share everything with, and this includes the darkest of secrets. The friend who is your confidant knows just about every skeleton in your closet by name, and you are completely comfortable with it. This is the type of relationship that is built over time, you trust her with confidential information based on years of friendship and good rapport. You know she won’t compromise your privacy by talking to others about your issues, because she has the best track record when it comes to keeping her lips sealed.


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me time

Do you ever feel like you’re coming and going 24/7? Do you also feel like the local fast food joints and take-out restaurants are your main source of nutrition? Well, you’re not alone. Statistics show that single working women spend 15 minutes less per day preparing food than married or partnered working women. Single nonworking women spend 30 minutes less per day cooking than do nonworking women who are married or have partners. The single working women that I know personally never seem to sit down, relax, and prepare a nice meal for themselves. The reasons vary from things like, “I have too much work to do” to, “I’d rather spend that time in the gym”. Some have even said, “Why cook when someone else can do it for me?” My response is always “Sometimes, you have to treat yourself better.” By eating healthier foods, you’re less lethargic, you are more focused, you sleep better at night, and you require less gym time due to a lower calorie intake. Eating out often leads to obesity and health issues, not to mention more medical bills. Check out these healthy meals that will get you back in the kitchen, eating healthier food, in less time than you think!

girl on the go

by: tamiko grimes

Start your day off right! Every morning, try drink at least 8 ounces of homemade vitamin water to start your day. This healthy and delicious water will assist in hydration, appetite cravings, energy levels, organ function, weight loss, blood pressure and cholesterol level reduction, metabolism boosting, and a number of other amazing things for your body. It also will not cost you a lot of money or time.

Spinach and Cheese Omelette To Go Recipe: The Simple Salad: Prep Time: 8 minutes Vitamin Water Recipe: Prep Time: 3 Minutes 1 Gallon Sized Pitcher 1 Large Lemon 1 Lime 1/2 Packet Of Mint Leaves 5 Strawberries 1/2 Cucumber 2 Watermelon Wedges Directions: Slice lemon, lime, strawberries, cucumber and watermelon. Place fruit inside your pitcher and add filtered or alkalized coconut or tap water until full. Set aside in the fridge to chill for an hour and enjoy! Water can be consumed without replacing the fruit for up to 3 days. After the 3rd day, I would suggest making a new batch.



1 Tupperware container 2 Ounces of leafy greens (kale, spinach, spring mix, arugula, romaine) 1/4 Cup feta cheese crumbles 2 Tbsp sliced raw almonds 6 grape tomatoes sliced in half 6 jalapeno slices Dressing: 1/2 juiced lemon 1/2 packet of splenda 1 Tbsp tarragon Directions: Place leafy greens of your choice inside a tupperware container. On top, place cheese, almonds, tomatoes and jalapeno slices. Lid the salad. In a small bowl, combine lemon juice, tarragon and splenda. Whisk until ingredients are completely mixed. Pour dressing into a small tupperware container for later use. Store salad and dressing separately in a thermal container or fridge until lunch time. When ready, open the salad container, pour dressing over salad, replace the lid and shake. Open again and enjoy!

Prep Time: 3 minutes Cook Time: 5 minutes 1 Tbsp Olive Oil 2 Large Eggs 1/4 tsp salt 1/4 tsp black pepper 1 Cup chopped raw spinach 1/4 Cup goat cheese 1 8” or 10” tortila 1 8” or 10” piece of aluminum foil Directions: Crack eggs in a bowl one at a time and add salt and pepper. Beat eggs until yolk and whites are completely mixed. Heat olive oil in a small skillet over medium heat. Pour eggs into the skillet, spreading it evenly with a spatula. Eggs cook fast so be sure to keep an eye on them. Once the eggs are firm at the bottom but still runny at the top, add raw spinach on top. Once the omelette is bubbling at the top, use a spatula to flip the entire omelette over to the other side. Cook for 1 minute or until egg is cooked to your desired firmness. Sprinkle goat cheese on top of cooked omelette. Place tortilla onto a piece of foil, roll omelette off of the pan and onto your tortilla. Roll tortilla so that the omelette is secure, then wrap the tortilla with the foil and you’re ready to go! Grab another cup of your homemade vitamin water to wash it down.

quick and easy


ffins organic banana mu e e r f n i a r g e k a m how to

by: katja toal

Method 1.) Preheat your oven to 350째F 2.) Brush a muffin pan generously with coconut oil. 3.) Mash the bananas in a large bowl. 4.) Add the eggs, maple syrup, and vanilla to the mashed bananas and blend well. 5.) Add the baking soda, salt, and coconut flour to the wet batter and blend well. 6.) Let the batter sit for 5 minutes or so to give the coconut flour time to absorb the liquids. 7.) Pour the batter into the muffin pan and bake for 20 minutes or until the top begins to brown and a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean. 8.) Cool fully. These are very moist when first out of the oven but tend to firm up over time. Store covered for a few days at room temperature or in the refrigerator for a few weeks, or seal and freeze for a few months

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shaking it off how your emotions affect the body By: Your Tea A wise old Chinese Doctor once said this of emotions: “You have 1 of 3 options”; 1. Confront the problem and create a resolution – stick with decision 2. Create a compromise with the issues and live with decision 3. Decide to ignore the issue and be at peace with this, push it out of sight out of mind Letting problems/issues linger in your life means that the associated emotion also linger in your life. Having closure on an issue is as important for your mind as it is for your body. The mind directly relates to the body. We get nervous – we experience butterflies in the stomach We get angry – we get hot and flustered in the head We feel scared – we feel weak and cold throughout your body We feel upset – we feel pressure in our lungs and throat There is no denying the physical correlation to experienced emotions. Whether you can relate to this concept or not, holding onto emotions from past or present events causes negative ramifications within your body. Emotions can create problems with your digestion, skin breakouts, insomnia and lack of energy. The adrenals also play a major role in the affect of emotions on our health and can be directly related to our emotions. The most common emotion we are feeling today is stress. Today, people are busier than ever. Society’s norms include being plugged into social media constantly, working longer hours, experiencing emotional issues, and not getting adequate rest. We never stop, we go-go-go until our body forces us to relax (think-colds, flus, excessive weight gain, acne, etc). Our adrenals are overworked. Adrenals are programmed to pump out adrenaline to get us through stressful situations, but since we are always stressed out, our body is in a constant state of panic. What does this mean for our health? It means our bodies begin to store fat, our metabolism slows, and our hormones get-out-whack, and that is just a sample of the things happening to our body. We have to take time to relax, balance our hormones by eating a nutritional and well balanced diet, and take the time needed to slow down and decompress. It is important to assure your body that everything is okay and we can do this by enjoying activities we like, getting at least 8 hours of sleep a night, and having an overall healthy mindset and lifestyle that is balanced. Sometimes certain issues are harder to resolve than others – but for those you can control, do the right thing by your body and shake it off!






sugar is not your friend

By: Your Tea

Sugar, sugar, sugar. This sweet, delectable substance is an absolute killer! It’s a killer on your teeth, killer on your digestive system and a killer on your butt. Unbeknownst to many, this sweet substance has several not-so-sweet negative effects. Sugar can contribute to bloating, fluid retention, weight gain, acne, reduced immunity, and spiked insulin levels. Ever noticed after eating a piece of cake, your spirits are lifted? This is the sugar taking your body on a serious high... but what goes up must come down. Sugar causes huge physical spikes in your body which translate to emotional spikes. Yep. Sugar takes your body on one massive roller coaster ride. Not ideal at all. However, probably the most disturbing news to date is about cancer and sugar being linked together. According to the Mayo Clinic, a non-profit medical research and education center, consuming large amounts of sugar can lead to an increased risk of cancer, not to mention other diseases like diabetes. They stated that “…there is some evidence that consuming large amounts of sugar is associated with an increased risk of certain cancers, including esophageal cancer. It can also lead to weight gain and increase the risk of obesity and diabetes, which may increase the risk of cancer.” Eliminating or reducing sugar from your diet will help your body’s functionality immensely. Of course, sugar is highly addictive, so coming off sugar can be a difficult task. Once your body has overcome this phase, you will find your body and mind will feel much more level and predictable. So go on, challenge yourself and kick sugar to the curb. It may not be easy but the results are 100% worth it.

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Is Going Vegan the Right Decision for You?

Breaking it Down

There are over 15 million Americans who live the vegan life. A vegan lifestyle has grown in popularity, especially over the past few years. The reasons for going vegan vary, but it seems like a lifestyle that many stay faithful to and are proud of. The demand for meat has made the meat industry a multi-billion dollar commerce and has greatly affected the environment, animals, and the health of our bodies. Despite the multitude of vegetables,


fruit, legumes, etc. that grow naturally on earth and provide us with as much, if not more, nutrition and protein that an animal-based diet does, there are still more Americans who choose the life of meat and dairy. The high demand for meat has placed millions of animals in unthinkable living conditions. These conditions not only affect their diet, which in turn affects ours, but it also affects our environment. Knowing these things, it doesn’t hurt for many of us to at least consider veganism. Veganism is


not for everyone and it is definitely not easy. However, gaining an understanding of another perspective and seeing the merits of an alternative lifestyle are just as essential for progress. Whether you choose to go vegan for moral reasons, health reasons, or simply to try it out because your curious, it is important to do your research. There are great books, videos and documentaries that provide a great look into the world of vegans.

By: Jasmine Ward and Aisha Thalia

A lot of people worry about the vegan diet and how it will affect their bodies and health. Will you get enough protein? Will you be eating excess carbs? Will you lose muscle? There are so many questions that are difficult to answer. However, lucky for us we brought in our beautiful vegan friend Aisha Thalia to share her story and shed some light on going vegan. Aisha is proof that you can still enjoy yummy food, keep your curves in all the right places, and live the lifestyle you want while being vegan. Aisha: People often ask me how I made the transition to veganism and they ask me if it was hard. Not at all! I think once I understood WHAT I was eating and why it wasn’t good for me, the animals, or our planet, it just made more sense. I never wanted to eat it again. I once took a quiz on National Geographic’s website about my water usage. I answered all the normal questions about how many showers I take in a day, how often I water my yard, wash dishes, etc. The most striking question however was about my eating habits. I wasn’t aware that red meat, poultry and pork were a few of the top items that upped our water consumption. I mean, as a nation we already use more than our fair share of natural resources but water is a HUGE issue for us as well as other nations. Frankly, we are using more than we can replace. Then when the United Nations told us that we were consuming more meat than we can produce due to population growth and urged us all to go meat free a few days a week to help conserve resources I knew there was a serious problem. Put it like this, 20 vegetarians can live off the same amount of land as ONE meat eater. That’s a serious disparity. Are meat eaters really part of the natural

resources problem? Yes. Can you help? Sure. We can all simply cut back. Years ago, meat and dairy used to be served in moderation due to the high cost of production. Now, due to factory farming (check out ‘From Farm to Fridge” on YouTube), we are able to mass-produce low quality meat at the expense of both the heath of the consumers, workers, and environment. What else inspired me? My body. I had a few health issues that absolutely disappeared when I switched to a plant-based diet. A huge plus was that the little pooch of my tummy also disappeared and my waist shrunk a few inches. All of this without exercise and a simple diet change. How did I do it? I had decided long before becoming vegan (or even knowing what a vegan was) that I didn’t want to eat red meat or chicken. There were just too many recalls and warnings. I started just eating seafood. I was so in love with lobster but I was still consuming dairy. Soon after, I watched “From Farm to Fridge” and saw how the MAJORITY of the dairy industry treated its cows. In addition, that yucky feeling I got after eating cheese and milk was what made me give that up as well. I also quit seafood the same day. That’s when I saw the biggest change in my weight as well. I lost my bloated tummy after giving up ALL meat (including seafood) and dairy. I make sure to eat lots of beans and dark leafy greens. I also watch my sugar and “bad carb” intake (although I never had much of a sweet tooth, so the sugar thing wasn’t so much of a problem). There are always challenges about choosing veganism, but the biggest for me was explaining to friends and family over and over that, “No, I don’t want mayonnaise” Or “Yes,

I get enough protein.” It can be annoying. It’s a little tough to go out to restaurants with friends and have to order salad after salad because the restaurants have limited options that don’t include egg and/or dairy. I miss certain desserts. The cool thing is that there is a vegan replacement for almost every dish, so even if I can’t get it at the moment I can always eventually get it. People ask me if it’s hard not eating fast food and I tell them that raw fruit and veggies are the ultimate fast food.

comfortable in the kitchen, do you feel going vegan requires learning how to cook for yourself? AT: Yes and no. You can be a vegan or raw vegan and just learn to throw simple things together. You don’t have to be a top chef!

Did I die after becoming vegan? Nope. Am I healthy? Extremely. My iron levels are even better than when I was a low iron levels meat eater! No lie, I feel like veganism has reversed the aging process. I genuinely feel better than I did when I was a teenager. My skin? Clear. Energy? High. Conscience? Clear.

Being vegan is SO SIMPLE! If you’re on a tight budget you will want to learn to do things for yourself. Learn to use a blender, a food processor, and a juicer for sure. It’s not rocket science and I’m not even a huge fan of cooking. I do LOVE to go to vegan restaurants. has all your local vegan restaurants and they also have an app for your phone. Long story short, learn how to put a few basics together. There are lots of simple recipes! I will be coming out with a downloadable vegan cookbook on my website that will include simple recipes!

Attract Magazine: What advice can you give those who are contemplating going vegan, but are worried about the carb intake?

You can follow Aisha’s vegan journey at, plus gain health and beauty tips!

Aisha Thalia: My advice is to go for the good carbs! Avoid white anything. No white bread, white sugar, white flour, white rice. Nothing bleached. Go for the natural rice, the quinoa, etc. It can be a change, but if you load your plate with mainly dark green veggies, beans/ lentils, and fruit, you will not have the urges to go crazy with the carbs because you will already be full!

Attract’s recommendations for going vegan: Watch Vegucated and Forks Over Knives. (available on Netflix) Read The China Study and Veg News to keep you on the right path.

AM: What is your go to vegan snack? AT: Fresh fruit - especially berries high in antioxidants...I love blueberries, raspberries, etc. I love vegan granola! I love sliced coconut. Avocado is also my fave. AM: For those who do not cook or aren’t

1) Annabel Fleur (image 2) ( ) White winter inspired outfit, perfect in every detail.


fall blogge

by: carla pagliuca (

10 top fashion bloggers fall outfit


2) Folake Kuye Huntoon (image 1) ( ) Don’t forget colors! Cobal blue trumpet midi dress and a green structured coat for a sizzling outfit.

4) Blair Eadie ( ) The classic trench coat for a sophisticated, stylish and classy outfit.

3) Maja Wyh (image 4) ( ) Layering is a fall mantra and this outfit shows us the best way.

5) Jessie Chanes (image 3) ( ) Sixties vibe in this outfit with the broadbrimmed hat, over the knee boots and a printed boho-chic coat.


breakup with your bandage dress By: Jessi Malay Styled by: Jessi Malay Photographer: Gabriel Santiago (@shotbyG, Just say no to the bandage dress! Burn them… They had their time, and let’s be honest…they’re sexy, but also conventional, obvious, and have overstayed their welcome! Fashion is in a place right now where there is so much room for creativity, whether it be mixing and matching different colors, prints, textures and lengths, or keeping it sleek in monochromatic tones and cutouts. Between all of the fashion bloggers, celebrities, stylists, and cool chicks of the world on social media, we have constant inspiration and variety at our fingertips! For a night out, I like to stick with basic pieces that are still body conscious but comfortable, then layer them with accent items like a great trench or leather jacket. Don’t be afraid of menswear! By working different proportions and showing off just the right amount of skin, menswear inspired items like button downs and pantsuits can be incredibly sexy. When stepping out at night, shoes and accessories are key and will make the difference between basic and bangin… Think a mirrored clutch, metallic shoes, a vintage belt, tiered necklaces or an earcuff! For this first look, I paired a basic black crop top from Brandy Melville with high-waisted, tailored black shorts from Zara, and topped it off with a chartreuse trench coat, also from Zara. What I love about this trench is that it adds just the right amount of drama and color! Leopard mules by Tony Bianco are an unconventional choice that juxtapose perfectly with the coat. Tiered, gold necklaces by Fallon and a mirrored gold clutch by Jonathan Adler are really the key factors to dressing up this street-chic fit. This look is ideal for going to dinner and a concert with friends <3 There’s nothing that makes me feel more chic than wearing all white, so for this second look, I paired a stark white, structured crop top by Nicholas with high-waisted and tapered trousers by Intermix. Note: when rocking crop tops, please wear something high-waisted…with the exception of a few cases, belly buttons feel so 90’s. Metallic gold mules by Giuseppe Zanotti and a red, leather clutch by Onna Ehrlich can take this look from happy hour, to the club! If you have a special event or party to go to and want to amp it up a bit, I love turning to lingerie inspired pieces like this satin and lace pencil skirt by Lover and silk bra top by La Perla…these pieces create the same kind of silhouette you may love from the bandage dress, but are so much more alluring. If you are absolutely a dress girl and want to slip on something sexy for a date night, try something with unique lines and cutouts like this LBD by Zachary The Label. I’m in love with fashion from the 70’s which always includes lots and lots of gold so to replicate that feel, I layered on the same tiered necklaces by Fallon, metallic gold mules by Giuseppe Zanotti, and gold mirrored clutch by Jonathan Adler. If the weather is cool enough, I’d drape a worn leather jacket over my shoulders to feel like a rock star.

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Comfortably C hic Los Angeles Fashion Week

By: Alexis Adams-Neely

As fall dawns on us, it brings forth new trends, fashions and events for the fashion forward to indulge. One of the biggest events that allow expression from many is Los Angeles Fashion Week—LAFW. Many designers feature new collections on the runway, and out of those, Cheryl Koo stands out the most for her unique design elements and creative style. Koo held her runway show, “CM2K” at the ACE Museum in order to provide a complimentary atmosphere for her most recent designs. The collection contained quilted patterns, mesh-like fabric, and pieces with a great deal of structure in order to display her haute couture look in a more artistic form. All of the looks were monochromatic, and gave the models a look of comfort while still focusing on flattering the shape of both men and women’s bodies. Some of the style elements featured in the show include but are not limited to: Drop-crotch legging pants, plunging neck and back lines, and dramatically hooded tops. The concept for this line truly focuses on how to be comfortable without resorting to the sweatpants we all have hidden in our dresser drawers. Also featured in the show was a dress recently used for Attract cover girl, Meagan Good. The dress has a sweetheart neckline, and a quilt-like texture accompanied by a corset around the waistline to add a tighter fit and focus on the curves that every woman possesses. Koo’s artistic style creates an ideal look for almost anyone to attain, and her collection pieces allow comfort with a fresh off the runway look.



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day to

night makeup look! ju st 10 ea sy st ep s

By: Chelsea Yusuf Photographer: Christopher Malcolm ( Model: Maddy Pinkerton from Q Models Hair and Makeup: Archangela Chelsea (

skin 1. Prep your skin: Prepping your is really important. I always prep my clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s face before I apply any toner, makeup. Start by applying your izer. stur moi lar regu r you by wed follo an use ys alwa Tips: If your skin is oily, skin r you if yet, ; izer oil-free moistur g is really dry, always use a hydratin . glow skin r moisturizer to make you a ly app ys alwa I izer, After the moistur smoi the of top on er prim on foundati e mak to turizer as my starting base e my makeup last longer and to mak . less flaw e mor s the face look



2. Start with your eyebrows: The reason why I always start with the eyebrows first is because eyebrows really define the entire face. Once your eyebrows are done, you can adjust your eye makeup colors as well as your foundation so that everything looks balanced. Tips: For your day makeup look, you can start by applying a light color for your eyebrow, then put more defined eyebrows for your night makeup look so that your entire makeup looks stronger. 3. Eyeshadow eyeshadow! After the eyebrows, I always start by applying an eye shadow color before I apply any foundation. Always apply an eye shadow primer before applying your eye shadow to make the color lasts longer and pop. Tips: For your day makeup look, start with a more neutral color (more warm colors such as taupe, brown, beige, and orange). To change your makeup look from day to night, put heavier colors on your eyes. I always find that darker colors will totally transform your day to night makeup look (I like using colors like dark purple, champagne, dark brown, or even black to change my day to night makeup look for my clients). Don’t forget to blend your eye shadows if you put more than one color on your eyelid! 4. Eyeliner: For me, eyeliner is a must! You must apply eyeliner where ever you go to really define your eyes. Tips: For your day makeup look, I like to use cream eyeliner and smudge it to give more natural effect to your eyes. To transform my day to night makeup look, I usually use liquid eyeliner or black cream eyeliner to define my client’s eyes more. Don’t be afraid to wing your eyeliner or put heavier eyeliner on your upper lid for your night look or

even on the bottom lash line. It will totally transform your look! 5. Mascara: Mascara is a must. Before you apply any mascara, don’t forget to curl your eyelashes first, using a mascara curler. Some people find it easier to heat up your mascara curler using a hairdryer. Curling your eyelashes with heat helps them to curl better and last longer. Tips: To change your day to night makeup look, don’t be afraid to apply more mascara during the day. If your eyelashes are too short and thin, just apply your false eyelashes to change your day to night makeup look! 6. Now we are going to start with your face. First, apply your foundation! Tips: Choosing the right foundation is important. If your skin is really oily, I recommend buying an oil-free foundation or just using a foundation powder so that your face does not look greasy during the day. However, if your face is really dry, buy foundation that is more hydrating or you can use cream foundation. Apply your foundation with your hand, brush, or sponge. Use a dabbing motion to give more coverage to your face. P.S. don’t forget to use oil bloating paper during the day to remove any excess oil from your face. 7. Conceal conceal conceal! Concealer is really important, especially for your under eyes. I always apply concealer with my hands and dab it to the parts that I want to conceal. The most important parts are usually under the eyes and acne scars. Don’t forget to blend your concealer color with your foundation. You don’t want people to see your blotchy concealer spot.

8.Powder. Applying powder is optional. Some people like to apply powder to set the makeup, but if you want to have a more glowy and dewy look, you don’t have to apply a powder. For those who want to apply powder, don’t forget to tap the excess powder from your brush before applying it to your face. Tips: I found it really helpful to touch up your makeup with a little bit of powder so that your face still looks fresh for your night makeup look! 9. Blush and Contour: Applying blush and contouring is really important. Start with highlighting and contouring your face. Apply highlighting powder to the center of the nose, forehead, and upper part of your cheekbone. For the contour, I like to use bronzer on my for my cheekbone to give more definition, yet still keep it natural. For the blush, start by applying blush on the apple of your cheek then pull it all the way to your cheek bone. Pick the blush color that you like. I like to apply coral blush when I apply warmer colors on the eyes, and I like to use pink blush when I apply cooler color on the eyes. Tips: Don’t be afraid to put on a heavier contour, blush, and highlight to transform your day to night makeup look. 10.Lastly, your lips. Some people like to start with the lip pencil to frame the lip shapes before applying any lip color. I find it really useful to use a lip pencil first before applying any lip colors, yet it totally is a preference. If you don’t have a lip pencil, you can use your lipstick to frame your lips. First, start by framing your lip shapes and then fill the shapes with your lip color. Tips: Change your lip colors during the day to transform your day to night makeup look! Changing your lip color is everything!

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the perfect braid By: Sophie and Shir



ripple braid

fishtail braid

1. Take a small section of hair either from the top of the head from either right or left side. It is preferable to take a piece from the hair on top of the ear.

1. Divide your/your friend’s hair into two equal pieces. You should now have your right hand section of hair and the left hand section of hair.

2. Start braiding like a regular braid, but in an angle facing the direction you want the braid to go. 3. As you make the braid, keep adding thin pieces of hair to the braid like a French braid. NOTE: make sure you only add to the top part of the braid, and not from the bottom. 4. Continue braiding, and if you started the braid on the left side, go horizontally until you reach the right side of the head and then change your direction. 5. Continue braiding, gently twisting the braid in the direction you want it to go, and you’re done!

2. You begin the braid by taking one thin strand of hair from either the right or left hand section of hair. 3. Bring that strand over to the other section. 4. Take a strand from the other side (the section you did not just take a strand from). This strand once again must be a strand that is on the end of your hair (an outermost strand) and bring this strand to the opposite side of your hair. 5. Keep rotating sides and continue taking thin strands that are on the outside of your hair and bringing them to the opposing section of hair.

braided sock bun 1. First, you will need to make a sock bun. You do this by pulling your hair back into a high ponytail. Then, place the sock bun through the ponytail, and fix the hair in a way that the sock is covered all around. You can then place a ponytail around that, and you now have the remaining hair hanging. 2. Braid the leftover hair. Secure it at the edge with a thin ponytail that matches your hair color. 3. Wrap the braid around the base of the bun and secure it with bobby pins, and you’re done!

triple rose braid 1. Split the hair into two halves, as if you are making a half-ponytail. 2. Secure the lower section with a clip or ponytail to keep it out of the way while you are working on the upper half. 3. Split the upper half into three sections. The middle section should be slightly thicker than the other two. 4. Braid each of the three sections into loose simple braids. 5. Starting with the middle braid, spin it around as if you are making a bun out of the braid. You want to keep the “bun” flat. Secure it with bobby pins. 6. Now do the same with the remaining two braids, and then you have three rose looking braids!

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fall beauty essentials Fall is the time to prep for skin for the coming up cooler season and to rejuvenate skin that’s been in the sun for months. The items below are my personal favorites for the cozy season. By: Diana La Counte Blog- Instagram-



Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eye Stick in Milk Chocolate- I’m terrible at a smokey eye. I love the look but I don’t have time to make it as flawless as I’d love it to be. This stick is so easy- one application on the ends of your lids with a little smudge with the fingers can give the illusion of a smokey eye without the sloppiness. It stays put throughout the day but if you’re dancing through the night, add a little eye lid primer. It adds a hint of sophisticated shimmer and the color can be built on to make it darker.

Tarte Pure Moroccan Oil- Tarte’s reputation for having a natural makeup line flows wonderfully to their skin care products. I have sensitive skin and while argan oil is very popular, it makes my skin turn red and flare. Moroccan oil is maraca oil, full of fatty acids and anti inflammation. It’s gentle on the skin, heavy on the Vitamin C, and can help clear up skin. I use this on my skin before bed. Apply your favorite moisturizer over it when it sinks into your skin for an extra anti-aging step.

Tinted Brow Gel from Anastasia Beverly Hill- Fall is made for rich tones, and I added a little more to eyebrows. I have dark eyebrows but with red lipstick, I like to tone down my brows a little. After filling them in to their natural color, I feather the Brunette color wand over. It adds some dimension to my face, and makes them a shade lighter, and they go perfect with the Fall caramel highlights or ombre.

Malin+Goetz Mojito ing Lip Balm- Before sipp ce latte’s, all those Pumpkin Spi rated. Summer sun make sure lips are hyd the fatty een UV damage, and may have left some uns restore damcan m bal lip the in logy acid hydration techno ssy look. glo a for ry hur a when in age. Add a little extra

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick from Stila in Beso- You can wear your scarves, have Thanksgiving dessert and look flawless in this lip color. The formula contains high pigmentation without bleeding or drying out your lips. It’s free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, GMO’s, triclosan, and phthalates. Phew! That’s one healthy but fabulous lip color.

Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer- When I think of “oil” in any hair products I imagine it will weight my hair down plus making my hair look greasy. This primer does have oil in it, but it’s made with 6 lightweight moisturizers for the hair. It’s protected my hair against the blow out, I spray a little before I add rollers or any heating. Styling products work better with this primer. The oil preps the hair for an even healthier look, no matter what type of hair or style you’re going for.

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Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s New for Fall? going nude 1.


By: Celebrity Makeup Artist Nia Hicks Photographer: Chantal Barlow Website: Instagram: @Nsjoy Put down the OX blood Ladiesâ&#x20AC;Ś the new lip shade of the season is all about the NUDES with a touch of color. When searching for the right nude color for your skin tone, stay away from chalky shades. Instead, try hues that have soft pink, or pale apricot if you have a fair skin complexion. If your skin tone is more medium, go for a soft berry or caramel shade. If you have a warmer darker skin tone, try a soft brick or a golden brown. For my ladies who may experience discoloration around their mouth, or may have darker lips, try using a concealer one shade lighter than your foundation before applying your lipstick. Three of my favorite nude lip colors that I use on all of my clients, ranging from very fair skin tone to medium brown skin tone are: 1,2. Cremesheen Creme Cup from Mac ($16) has a soft vintage pink undertone, 3. Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Biscayne Park ($25) has a hint of peach with a soft satin finish and (image 4,5. Matte Velvet Teddy by MAC ($16) has a beautiful subtle rusty hue. Last but not least, for my ladies who prefer wearing lip gloss instead of lip stick, 6. Ample pink from MAC ($20) is the perfect nude gloss that also acts as a lip plumper! Bare it all this fall! Go nude!





6. 3.


brows on point how to achieve the perfect brows By: Megan Naik

Products used are from MAC Cosmetics and AnastasiaBeverlyHills Step 1: Start by combing through the brow hairs with the duo lash and brow brush from MAC. Step 2: Take Dipbrow in “Ebony” from AnastasiaBeverlyHills with angle brush #263 from MAC, line the bottom of the brow following your own natural shape. Step 3: For a more defined brow, line the top of the brow. Step 4: Fill in the empty space with light strokes and in the direction of the hair, stop about three quarters of the way. Step 5: With what is left on the brush, brush the remaining product on the front part of the brow making sure the strokes are much softer. Take the comb and brush up the hairs for more even distribution. Step 6: To clean up the brows use AnastasiaBeverlyHills concealer with #18 brush under and on top of the brow. Step 7: Use a brow gel to set the hairs in place (Espresso brow gel is my fav, it’s a very universal shade). Step 8: You are finished. For fuller brows you can also use this technique just with a lighter hand and maybe just fill in sparse areas.



The Perfect Shade of Red

By: Makeup Artist Gaby Torell

Choosing a red lipstick can be a hard task. Whether it is a bright red or a bold dark red, the key is to make sure your lip color complements your skin tone. To make your red lips pop, less eye make-up will look best. Opt for bronzed cheeks, or a light touch of blush contrasted with bold lashes, or even a winged liner.

Fair Skin Tones with peach/pink undertones will look flawless with a matte red lipstick which leans on this side of orange. This will bring out the undertones. These red lipsticks are also known as a yellow hue lip color. Nars- Heat wave lipstick

Medium Skin Tones have more of a range in red hues. A red with a slight blue tint will work wonderfully. Depending on your mood, you can try something deeper. Make up Forever in Moulin Rouge, MAC in Diva

Dark Skin Tones with cool undertones can be perfectly matched with a red hue with blue undertones. Pair with a natural full lash look for daytime or cool eye shadow colors for an evening out. MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo. Dark skin with warm undertones are also best paired with red with an orange undertone. MAC Lipstick in Brave Red.    

Steps for Appling

With so many red lipsticks in the beauty market, it can get a little confusing when it comes to finding the perfect color for you. Don’t hesitate to go in your favorite make-up store and ask for help. Try different shades, even different brands. Wear it around for a couple hours until you find one you truly love. Remember, the purpose of make-up is to enhance your existing beauty!



Before you apply your lovely red hue, make sure to apply a little foundation on your lips as a base coating.

Pick a lip liner of the same color or slightly darker. Line the lips and fill in the lip a little.

Instead of applying the lipstick straight from the tube, use a lip brush for more precise application that will never look messy. For a cleaner look, take a concealer brush with concealer the same color as your foundation and outline the lips with the brush. This ensures that everything is well-blended.





Beauty Editor’s Choice Check out our Beauty Editor’s By: Chelsea Yusuf

Anastasia Brow Wiz Draw your perfect shape eyebrow with Anastasia Brow Wiz. This super slim eyebrow pencil allows you to shape, fill, and define your brows easily. This product also includes eyebrow brush that helps you blend the color to create more natural look. The most important thing, this brow wiz stays all day! The Balm Instain Blush The color ranges as well as the cute packaging are what attract us the most from the Instain Blush from The Balm Cosmetics. The six color ranges are perfect for all skin tone. All of the colors are so pretty and easy to blend. The color also gives the natural and beautiful contour for the face, leaving your face looks fresh and clean. Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick Never again debating to wear either lipstick or lip-gloss. This Too Faced Melted Collections are the best lip product for your every day look. This product functions as a lipstick yet it forms like a lip-gloss. It nourishes your lips and it leaves your lips with shiny velvet finish texture. The shades ranges, especially the Melted Berry is perfect for you who are bold and ready for the new fall season. EOS Lip Balm coconut milk/vanilla mint Don’t forget to moisture your lips everyday! These two new collections from EOS really nourish and condition your lips instantly. This lip balm immediately makes your lips feels smooth and soft. Create your beautiful lips with these revolutionary products everyday. Jurlique NutriDefine Collections These three NutriDefine collections from Jurlique are your little secret for your more


beautiful radiant skin. The serum as well as the day and night creams help your skin looking brighter, plumper, and more defined. These anti-aging products are infused with natural ingredients that your skin needs the most. These product lines from Jurlique are definitely worth to buy! Gorgeous Cosmetics Foundation Create your flawless skin with this Base Perfect Liquid Foundation from Gorgeous Cosmetics. Infused with Vitamin A and E, not only does this foundation good for your skin, yet it also gives you a natural glow and coverage that every woman needs the most. This foundation is easy to blend, has buildable coverage, and the color collections are perfect for all skin tone.



Umberto Dry Texture Spray This texture spray is so light yet it holds hair really well. The product works for any hair types and it also creates the beautiful after shine effect that we love. Spray this Dry Texture Spray everyday to create more volume, shine, and dimension to your hair. Too Faced Cat Eye Palette What we love the most from this palette is the intense color as well as the multitasking function. Use the darker colors as your eyeliner, and you are good to go. Create your beautiful eyes easily from this palette.



Umbra Sheer Physical Defense SPF 30 For you who live in sunny place like, putting sunblock is really essential to prevent any sunburn and future skin damage. This Umbra Sheer Physical Defense from Drunk Elephant is perfect for your body for your every day sun protection. This product does not dry out your skin like any other body sunscreen; yet it leaves your skin with more moisturize feeling.


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The Palm Springs Riviera By: Attract Staff Every now and then it’s great to escape from the harshness of reality; leave your cares and worries behind from work, relationships and financial hardship, and hop in the car with the girls and head out for a weekend getaway! Just 2 hours away from Los Angeles, Palm Springs is the perfect weekend escape. If you want to go retro and live lavishly try staying in the revamped Riviera Palm Springs. With its sleek mid-century modern-inspired rooms, funky decor with an Ocean’s 11 vibe, The Riviera is the ultimate throwback to Palm Springs’ Hollywood heritage. After arriving to this chic resort, the first step should be the pool scene, where there are plenty of cabanas, music, food, and of course delicious cocktails to indulge. You can soak up the sun or chill under an umbrella, by the lively main pool area - where if you’re lucky you can catch a pool party or hang out at the Chiki Bar and Pool. If you’re really looking to release a bit of stress and really endure peace and quite, you can always get your zen on at SpaTerre, Riviera Palm Springs’ full-service spa. The Buddhist-themed

treatment rooms take relaxation to another level. You can enjoy experiences like the Balinese massage with a rose petal-infused bath and cool yogurt splash or a massage that incorporates a rare oil blend of desert sage. Sounds amazing right? Exactly… it really is an experience worth having. After an afternoon at the spa or by the pool, you can spend the evening in true Ocean 11 style, starting with an amazing dinner at Circa 59. Slide into a red leather booth at this black lattice-lined restaurant, or try a few small plates at the nearby Sidebar. After dinner and a few cocktails, you can then enjoy live piano music and throwback cocktails at the Starlite Lounge in The Riviera’s lobby. The Palm Springs Riviera definitely has all of the Hollywood glitz and glamour without the Hollywood crowd that at times is needed. So gather up your best girlfriends, turn on some Katy Perry and ride out to funk-a-delic vacay.

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Location Situated on 24 landscaped acres, this desert oasis is 2 miles from downtown Palm Springs and the Palm Springs Convention Center. The Palm Springs Arial Tramway is 5 miles away. Three championship golf courses are within a 10-minute drive. HotelFeatures Two outdoor pools come with spa tubs. Furnished poolside cabanas can be rented. The resortâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s SpaTerre features 18 treatment rooms, a vast Watsu pool for aquatic bodywork, and Balinese, Thai, and Indonesian therapies. A spa boutique and a hair salon are also on site. The Circa 59 restaurant showcases eco-friendly seafood specialties and artisan dry-aged beef; guests can dine indoors or under the stars. The poolside Bikini Bar features more than 50 rums and tequilas from around the world. The Side Bar patio includes a fire pit, as well as bed lounges and couches for snuggling and star-gazing. Corporate amenities include a 24-hour business center. Guestrooms. Guestrooms and suites face the mountains, pools, or resort grounds. Widescreen plasma TVs come with premium channels. Connectivity panels allow guests to use their electronic devices such as laptops, DVD players, video games, and MP3 players. Signature bedding includes pillow top mattresses, down duvets, and 300-thread-count linens. Marble-clad bathrooms offer rainfall showerheads, custom bathrobes, and SpaTerre toiletries. A daily resort fee includes wireless Internet access and local calls. All accommodations are nonsmoking. Rollaway beds are available on request in some room types (surcharge). Dogs are allowed in some rooms.



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california’s own paradise island

The Budget Version of Hawaii By: Louise Andersson When daydreaming of destinations for upcoming vacations, paradise islands like Hawaii and Bahamas often come to mind. However, many fail to consider an alternative that is both closer to home and less pricy. California’s own little paradise-Catalina Island. Thinking of the next possible trip does not always have to equal a longer travel. Many miss out on what California has to offer, by thinking that the grass is always greener. Sometimes things get harder to see when they are right in front of us and that might just be the case with Catalina Island. When arriving at the Avalon harbor, after a 1.5 hour boat trip from Long Beach, I was not only struck by the beauty of the island’s silhouette, but by a feeling that something was missing. Once the engine of the ferry switched off, I noticed that there was no other sound but of people’s conversation around me. It was quiet. It was hard to imagine, considering the short distance to the nearest big city, but it was a new atmosphere. It was like going abroad, but with the convenience of an English speaking


population. I quickly came to realize that my first impression was correct. There was not a lot happening on the island. No clubs, no parties, no nothing. For me, that was just perfect and one of the main reasons I left the big city. The prices of housing vary depending on convenience, from cheap camping space rentals to luxurious hotels and spa packages. At Catalina, there are two options as I see it. First being to come and enjoy the silence. Relax on the beach, maybe go to a spa, enjoy a good meal or two and stroll around the cute little shops available, which I did half of the time. Or you can bring out your adventurous side and try some of the activities the island has to offer. To mention a few, you can go up in the air through zip-lining or on a helicopter tour. You can also tour the island on a tandem bike, segway, golf cart, or go into the ocean on a kayak, submarine or a pair of diving flippers.


One might think that you need to be far away from land to witness the wildlife of the ocean, but Catalina proves otherwise. If you walk down a few steps in the water, put on snorkeling gear and gaze down at your feet through that surface of blue, you will find yourself facing fish the size of your face. Speaking of horrors, the lack of cell phone reception might just be one of them. But in a way, that was what made the relaxation complete. Being isolated from the surrounding world to just, for a few days, focus on one’s self and on the things and people around you. With an open mind and in a search for relaxation or adventure, I believe that anyone who is looking for a close and affordable getaway will appreciate the simplicity of the harmonious atmosphere in the charming island of Catalina. The only risk, as I see it, is that you might start to notice the tumult of the city life and consider going back to your newfound paradise island again.


Best Twenty-Something Brunch in LA

By: Kate Roland and Leah Smith of LA Brunchers

It is no surprise that Bagatelle blows the competition out of the water for the best brunch if you are a twenty-something. Our friends still rave about a brunch we hosted at Bagatelle. Although Bagatelle is known for its wild and crazy Sundays complete with dancing on bar tops, it recently started offering brunch on Saturdays. Of course, we had to check it out. The space is ideal for large parties and the ambiance is classy without being stuffy. No elevator music here. There was a DJ who was only happy to play some requests. The staff ’s friendly and upbeat demeanor also contributed to the place’s pleasant vibe. One of the waitresses courageously took the mic on a few songs. The food was spectacular. A few of our absolute favorites are the Tuna Tartar (yellow-fin tuna, avocado, soy citrus vinaigrette, taro chips) and the Brioche French Toast (homemade strawberry-maple marmalade, whipped crème fraiche). The piece de resistance had to be the La Croque Madame (with egg). A close friend of ours, a self-proclaimed La Croque Madame expert, declared it to be one of the best she has ever had. The delicacy of the food perfectly complimented the ornate, yet tasteful, Classical French decorations. What to drink? The Fuzzy Bee. One of the best brunch drinks we have had in forever. We could not get enough and neither will you! Made with Hendricks’ gin, lavender honey, lemon, and Moët & Chandon champagne, the drink is light and perfectly flavored. Just like with the brunch at Bagatelle, you’ll find yourself continuing to say, “Okay, just one more.”

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JESSICA BURCIAGA Model Turned Entrepreneur Photographer: Odessy Barbu Videographer: LyVell Gipson By: Gertrude H. Hair: Queen Boone Make-up: Gabriella Ramos Torell Stylist: Katherine Chang, Marla Guloien, and Lisette Gallo Clothing Provided by: Sailor and Saint: Glam Rock: http://GlamRockbyMarlaG. com Sugar: http://shopsugarstores. com


e love Jessica because she is someone we can easily relate to. Sure, most of us aren’t models and most of us don’t have a famous boyfriend. However, her experiences are not too different from ours. She knows exactly how we feel when people say things about us that are not true. “Everything that I’ve read about myself online…is

not true,” Jessica reveals in the interview. “I’ve gotten better at [dealing with] it. I just block it out”. She knows all about relationship struggles, especially being in a long-distance relationship with DJ Drama. Most importantly, she is an example of a strong woman who goes for what she wants. Her love for fashion has driven her to launch her own online clothing boutique, which you can check out at www. Here, we get to know Jessica a bit more as she tells us about her business and relationship. What inspired you to transition from modeling to being an entrepreneur and owning your own business? Well, I modeled for about 10 years and I developed a pretty good fan base online. I kept working for other clothing companies and I thought, you know, why don’t I do this myself? I can pick out the clothes, pick out the stuff that I want to pick out. I kind of just started that way, with an idea. Now it’s doing good. You’re in a relationship with DJ Drama. How do you guys

sustain your relationship when he’s traveling all the time, on concerts, on tours and then you have your own business now and you’re still modeling? Yeah, we are doing really well and I think that’s one of the things that make us really close. He has his own thing and I have my own thing going on. So, the time apart kind of makes us miss each other and when we see each other it’s like this brand new feeling all over again. What about the traveling? Is it equal? Or do you feel like you spend more time over there with him? I spend more time in Atlanta, like I’m always out there, but I like it. It’s not a bad place. It’s pretty hot but it’s a nice break from LA. You’ve been attached to a lot of mainstream celebrities that you’ve had relationships with or you’ve been somehow intertwined with. Is there anybody who you’d like to clear the record for? You know, the funny thing is, everything that I’ve read about myself online - I won’t

mention any specific names but it is not true. The people that I really have dated, they’ve never been on the internet. It’s so weird. I’m like, wait, I’ve dated someone better than that! That one never got out! Someone I spent more time with, I have pictures of our special moments together. It’s kind of damaging to your career, being attached to certain things, when you know you really didn’t do that. How do you handle that? That’s got to be hard. I mean, I’ve gotten better at it. I’ve become a little bit numb to things, I just block it out. Now, I don’t always believe what I read. You know, when you go on a blog and you believe everything? I used to be one of those people. People don’t know you personally. They just know how you look and what you do. They don’t really know who you are as a person and people believe everything that they read.

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MEAGAN GOOD Wife, and Actress...the Lowdown on What’s Next for Mrs. Good Photographer: Odessy Barbu Videographer: Riley Robbins By: Gertrude H. Hair: Maisha Oliver Make-up: Nia Hicks and Jessica Quesada Stylist: Shawn Llyod and Miney Felix Clothing Provided by: Sailor and Saint: POOSCH Boutique Nasty Gal: Cheryl Koo: http://www.cherylkoo. com/ Eleven Paris: http://www.elevenparis. com/en/ Gola Sneakers: http://www.golausa. com/ Aldo Jewelry: http://www.aldoshoes. com/us/accessories Traffic: http://www.beverlycenter. com/directory/traffic_b Sugar:


ere is a woman who just makes you wonder. Meagan Good is an actress, model and producer. She’s multi-talented and successful, yet she manages to stay humble and grounded. When asked about her main beauty tips, she does not list a bunch of beauty products. To her, beauty transcends the physical. What is even more surprising is the fact that she is married to a minister.

“He inspires me and supports me as a woman,” Meagan revealed. A woman who values her faith and her beliefs, yet is not afraid to exercise her individuality is most definitely deserving of our attention. When people say “multi-talented”, it’s usually an overstatement but with you, it’s not. You’re acting, modeling, and producing. Tell us a little bit about what you like most. Do you feel more comfortable in front of the camera or behind the camera? Oh gosh. I’d say a little bit of both. I obviously love being in front of the camera because I’ve been doing it ever since I was a kid. I love the craft of acting and where it takes you. You actually get to work out some emotional things in your life on camera. You get to have fun and you get to be silly. So across the board, it’s amazing. I love it. But I also love being behind the camera. Producing, for me, is amazing because I love to see the pieces come together. I love to see the vision realized. I love to be collaborative with like-minded people. But directing, for me, I don’t know. I’ve gotten bitten by the bug. I’m looking forward to directing my first film. I’m two videos in. I really, really love it. To me, I almost get the same kind of “high” and gratification that I get out of acting, just in a different

way. Ultimately, when I do retire from in front of the camera, I’m sure I’ll be behind the camera, full time. But I’m just getting my feet wet now. Well, congratulations on everything! Speaking of congratulations, you are a married woman! And married to a minister. How does that affect your work? Maybe to some people it affects it, but for me, you know, I love God. I’ve always been a Christian. I got saved when I was 12. I got baptized when I was 19 and I’ve been a Christian throughout this whole entire journey. Sometimes people think that something might change dramatically but my husband doesn’t require that. He loves me the way that I am. He inspires me and supports me as a woman. Out of all the movies and everything that you’ve done, what has been your favorite cast ensemble to work with? One of my favorites is Deliver Us from Eva. It was Gabrielle, Essence, Robinne, Duane, LL – shout out to LL! – Mel…it was just an amazing cast and I had so much fun on that movie. That was the first time that I’ve been in an ensemble like that. You find all these people that like the same old 90s rock songs that you like. They are fun and everybody’s young and excited and ready to do this. They had such a fresh outlook. That was probably my

favorite. Of course Think Like a Man is a close number two! For our Attract readers, what are five Meagan beauty tips? Moisturizer…moisturizer. Moisturizer! I’m just kidding! Moisturizer definitely. Rest. When you’re tired, make sure you get rest no matter what’s going on. Sometimes you just have to shut everything down because stress leads to sickness, not just on the outside but also the inside. Time to meditate and pray. Time for yourself to just put things in perspective and reevaluate. Get your focus back on where you’re supposed to be. I want to say water but I probably don’t drink enough of it. But I love alkaline water. Over-the-counter beauty products. I like to keep it simple. I use Trader Joe’s daily face wash. It’s antibacterial and cleans your skin. I use Clearasil pads and glycerin lotion. But I don’t play about my eye creams though. I get very serious about my eye creams! So that’s the only thing where I will spend money. What advice do you have for young women who are looking to join this industry that are good Christian, God-fearing women who may think that there’s a lot of taboo for women in this industry? Keep God first. There’s nothing in this industry that’s going to fulfill you the way God can. There’s not enough

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money, there’s not enough opportunity, there’s not enough accolades, there’s not enough popularity. None of that stuff means anything in comparison to having a relationship with God and feeling full and feeling whole and feeling like you’re within your purpose and you’re living up to the potential of who you’re created to be. I know that because I’ve seen both sides. I’ve watched people get there and then all of a sudden they’re miserable and they’re destructive. They’re drinking, they’re doing all kinds of drugs because they don’t understand why they aren’t happier. Be original. Be yourself. I think a lot of times, there are a lot of “stipulations”, so to speak, put on us because we are Christians. You have to follow your own God-given heart. You have to have your own personal relationship with God and know what he’s telling you. And not just follow the crowd whether it be the Hollywood crowd or the religious crowd. Know what God is telling you and respond to that. And that’s how you can lend what you have to give to the world because you’re given the original version of it and nobody else can do that but you. Also know that there’s going to be rejection. Don’t take it personally. Don’t get depressed about it. That’s when faith comes in.



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SHANNA MOAKLER Mother and Business Woman Photographer: Odessy Barbu Videographer: LyVell Gipson By: Gertrude H. Hair: Queen Boone Make-up: Gabriella Ramos Torell Stylist: Katherine Chang, Marla Guloien, and Lisette Gallo Clothing Provided by: Sailor and Saint: http://www. Glam Rock: Sugar: http://shopsugarstores. com/


f there is anyone who knows what it is like to constantly be under the spotlight, it is Shanna Moakler. She’s a reality TV star. She has graced the pages of magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Playboy and she was crowned Miss USA in 1995. However, such a demanding lifestyle can have its drawbacks. “It isn’t always peaches and cream,” Shanna remarked in the interview. Many people are under the impression that life under the limelight is all about privileges and excitements. Not many acknowledge that it can also be extremely stressful. So how does Shanna deal with the pressures that she faces? “I have a really awesome family and I think family is first,” Shanna revealed. Misha: I hate asking questions that people probably ask you all the time but your living situation….explain! Shanna: Travis and I divorced in 2008 and we went back and forth

for a couple of years even after that. When we finally separated, the biggest thing that we said to each other was, “We are going to put our kids first” and that parenting was going to be our first priority. So what we do is we actually share a house and I have custody for the first three and a half days of the week and he has custody the next three and a half days. Most of the time, we’re there at the same time just because we are doing stuff together with the kids. He likes to take them to karate. I’m usually helping them with homework or I’m cooking or something else. So the kids are always in one house. It’s good because they know that mommy and daddy aren’t together but they know that they are priority and that we are friends. It’s not perfect, we fight sometimes, we have our arguments but overall the kids are happy. Misha: That is really awesome! You really truly put your kids first which is something we all preach about but so few actually do. Shanna: It’s hard with the exes sometimes, you know? I totally get it ladies! Misha: Totally! Hollywood Exes? That has been an adventure for you. You seem the most put-together. How did you like being a part of that dynamic of ladies? Shanna: It was really different because when I filmed Meet the Barkers for MTV, it was just about Travis and I. It was more about us just being in love and our marriage.

Misha: Simple! Shanna: Yeah, easy! You know, you were in love! This is a little bit more intense because it’s an ensemble cast and there are six strong personalities on this show. There are women who are successful, who have been married to very powerful men. They’ve been in the public eye so they just have different life experiences. Misha: Does that make something for you guys in common? You all have these exes and you know that lifestyle – is that the bonding between you guys? Shanna: I was so nervous about doing this show because I’ve done a lot of stuff on my own - I’ve acted, I’ve been Miss USA - and I didn’t want people to think that I was on a show because I was someone’s ex. So that was very concerning to me. But it ended up being really awesome because these other women really have experienced a divorce and fights in the public eye, or they’ve raised children who are famous. It was actually really nice to have that bond with those women. Misha: Speaking of all that, how have you overcome all those things? Shanna: You know, I have a really awesome family and I think family is first. I think you also have to have a really good sense of yourself. It wasn’t always peaches and cream. There were a lot of times when I kind of had to step back and go inside. I would take myself out of the public eye and just go to the gym, read books, do yoga, and surround myself with

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good friends and family. Sometimes you just have to do that to recharge. Get back to you. All the Hollywood mess - all the stuff you see on TV- it can be fun and glamorous at times, but it’s not real life. Real life is your kids, your family, food, fun and laughter. That’s what got me through my challenges. Misha: What do you do that makes you feel attractive? Shanna: I like to take care of myself. I like to go to the gym, try to eat healthy, but you know what I really love to do? I love to do affirmations. I have this really great app on my iPhone called My Thought Coach and I think it’s important to sit down at least five minutes out of the day. Whether you’re doing it in your bath or you’re doing it while you’re jogging…I do these affirmations. They could be anything like “I am successful.” I think it’s important because it builds self-esteem and self-confidence and that’s what makes women really beautiful when they feel good about themselves.

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GINA RODRIGUEZ Taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm Photographer: Odessy Barbu Videographer: Allison Law By: Gertrude H. Hair: Kim Bui Make-up: Kim Bui Stylist: Lauren Rodriguez


any actors and actresses who take Hollywood by storm often make a grand entrance but soon end up disappearing from our radars indefinitely. Gina Rodriguez defies that. She has a passion to live, a message to send, and a world to change. You might recognize her as the talented rapper, Filly Brown, but she is here to show us that she is so much more. How have your Latino roots influenced your work? Well, I grew up in Chicago, the Northwest side. I went to an all-Caucasian school outside of my neighborhood. I was always part of the minority from grammar school to high school. When I went to NYU, the crowd was a bit more diverse. Spanish is actually my second language. I know English better. But when I walk around, I

am undeniably what I am. I have pride in who I am. I’m all about my brown skin. I have curly hair. I’m an American girl who happens to be Puerto Rican. When I went to NYU, I realized that I was seen in a very specific way. It’s not a bad thing, but I had to start looking at that box. If I was going to fit in a box, then I might as well make sure that I am doing roles I can relate to. I support my Latino culture to the 10th degree but whether it’s about weight, looks, being Latina, or being a woman, art is what matters to me. What is the biggest obstacle that you have encountered as a Latina actress? I don’t think I have faced too many [obstacles] as a Latina actress. The most difficult part is saying “no” to roles that can possibly make me more recognized. Money and fame are fickle. I have turned down things that are easily tempting. I’m a woman of my word. Of course, I’m not a saint. I would love to be wealthy and famous, but I want to achieve that with integrity and respect.

Who has been the greatest influence in your life? My parents. My father made me a fighter. He helped me find the ambitious driven lion inside of me. He taught me how to find my inner power and to be proud of her. My mom taught me how to be forgiving, kind, and gentle. Both of them are vital in making me who I am. I’ve been blessed and I wouldn’t be anywhere without them. Which actors and/or actresses do you admire? Rita Moreno. I’ve heard her speak so confidently and humbly about her wanting to use her art as a tool for change and I have seen her do it. It’s as Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” That is totally Rita. She represents women who are driven and charitable. In Filly Brown, you amazed us with your rapping skills. Have you ever considered expanding your work beyond acting? Yes for sure. I am always writing music. Filly Brown was guided by music composers and the movie has

certainly led me to explore areas that I have never touched on before. I was a dancer growing up. I danced salsa so I have rhythm. I like music but I don’t have the time to dedicate to it the effort it deserves. Respect for the game and respect for the hustle. Now producing is something I definitely want to do. I am currently working on producing for “I Can and I Will Productions.” It’s a production company that I started. I want to create films that will make people’s voices heard. Tell us about your upcoming TV show Jane the Virgin. What can we expect? God willing that it gets picked up. We haven’t gotten picked up yet. It’s a really funny, adorable show. Very Ugly Betty-esque. It features second and third generation Latinos. It is absolutely hysterical and I’m very proud of it. I also enjoyed working with everyone from the cast to the production team. I hope it gets picked up, but if not, then I will continue to work hard and find other awesome projects.

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You are a staunch supporter of voting and participated in the recent National Voter Registration Day. Why do you think itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s so important for people to get involved? Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important to have control over your life. Have a say in what happens to your life or who leads it, whether that is in your workplace or in your country. We all have room for growth as human beings. We want to grow for the better and to be part of the decision-making process. Voting is a blessing that we have in this country and I am blown away if we are not utilizing it.



If you can send out one message to your fans and supporters, what would it be? I would be nowhere without you. I am able to dream big because of you. Follow your dreams because if I can do it then you can do it ten times better.


ask morgan!

getting to know the real rich kid of beverly hills

By: Misha Hildreth

It was a very hot Tuesday afternoon at the Beverly Hills Montage when I met Ms. Morgan Stewart of RKOBH. Bare-faced and dressed in casual clothes, Morgan explained how she had just left the gym and politely proceeded to apologize for not having been more prepared. We started the interview over some cocktailsâ&#x20AC;Ś

Attract: Good afternoon. I’m here on behalf of Attract magazine. So Morgan, tell us more about your self-proclaimed nickname “the selfie queen”. Morgan: What are we talking about? How I said I was the selfie queen? Well, I lied! Attract: Whaaaaattt!? We love your selfies though! Morgan: I don’t even really selfie that much anymore. Ever since the show started, I can’t selfie without full hair and makeup. I just feel like I’m always looking too puffy from the night before, or the lighting is off, or maybe there’s some acne scar creeping up from somewhere! Attract: Ok, let’s talk about your blog, Boobs & Loubs.. I honestly love this blog. I’ve read it for quite some time. However, I’m starting to see some backlash from the things you write. Morgan: Really? There’s backlash? What are they saying? Attract: Well, there was some backlash about you talking about Leonardo DiCaprio and Ashton Kutcher. People are saying that you don’t actually know them.

Morgan: Okay, first of all, Demi Moore bought my house. Well, my parents’ old house. Leo DiCaprio came to my house back when he was in Titanic, back when he was basically the biggest star in the world and every girl wanted him. He came by my dad’s to sign a paper. Wow, this is just insane! Attract: Well let’s not stop talking about it I’m still interested in learning more about your blog. Like I just read your blog about you not wanting to ever wear make-up.? Morgan: I hate make-up! Even though I clearly need it, I hate wearing it. I hate the “cakey” look and feeling. I want a fresh face. I don’t want to do two applications throughout the day. I’d rather have a clean face during the day and put on my make-up at night. Attract: I absolutely love and respect that. It’s very true. I also want to talk about - and please stop me if I am crossing any touchy or sensitive subject lines - but, I would like to talk about your brother. Morgan: Well, I put it on national TV so it can’t be that touchy of a subject. Attract: I get that. I have a nursing background so I want to gain a deeper understanding of what it was like

for you growing up with somebody suffering from schizophrenia? Morgan: There’s a lot of talk that I ruined the episode of Rich Kids where we visit the children’s hospital, with me talking about that and making the whole situation about myself. But it was about me, because I was explaining from my perspective with my experience. I wasn’t talking about someone else and their experience. So I just wanted to clarify that. My brother and I are seven years apart and he is my half-brother. We have the same mom, different dads. Still, at the end of the day, that doesn’t matter. We are brother and sister. Growing up with him, it didn’t really seem to affect him until he turned about 19 and I was in my teen years. That’s when we started noticing it. Attract: So you guys didn’t know if he was just being a rebellious or angry teen? Morgan: Right. We just knew when he started to become really secluded and then started to hear voices, which wasn’t until months and months after. So wasn’t anything traumatic growing up with him back then, just more so now. He’s completely schizophrenic and lives in Switzerland. He lives in a home with people that take care of him. He

reads, writes, and speaks, it’s just unfortunate that while trying to do all that, he has four people constantly talking to him in his head. He’s consistently being tortured! So for me it’s more or less just knowing someone one way and having to see them transition and become something so different. If that makes sense. Attract: Yes it certainly does. So for people who hear the diagnosis of schizophrenia and make a big hype about it and present it like it’s so negative, what would you say to them? Morgan: It really does have such a huge stigma. I didn’t even realize! Attract: So what would you say to someone encountering somebody with schizophrenia? Like say they’re encountering your brother, how would you want them to treat him? Morgan: I’m not going to lie and say it’s a comfortable experience. It is very uncomfortable. You’re talking to someone who’s not in complete control of their own mind! And they do react. Like I’m sitting here talking to you looking at you and you’re talking to me looking at me. Well imagine while I’m sitting here looking and talking to you, I’m also sitting here responding to the people that are talking to me in my

head. You’re just completely overtaken by other things. It’s a situation I would take with a grain of salt and try to ease my way into, because it’s not easy and it’s definitely not the most fun thing to try and do. Attract: I respect you and appreciate your honesty and thank you for opening up with us on that topic. I feel like a lot of people wouldn’t have answered that so honestly. Morgan: You’re welcome. I just have to be honest with that. Attract: Okay here’s another question that you may not like me for. What is your relationship like with the rest of your cast members? For example Dorothy and Roxy and different sets of friends are always fighting and not getting along. Morgan: So Roxy and Dorothy have been friends for so long. We all grew up together so we tend to fight like family. And the show is no bullshit! Everyone’s always asking how much of it is scripted. Well none of it is scripted! If it was scripted I would be on ABC. Attract: Well some reality shows are very scripted. But I know producers are ok as long as you have substance going on.

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Morgan: Yeah, but we’re not to the point where we need a script, you just need to be able to have a personality for this and we do! It’s like you’re either a crazy white drunk and 45, or you need a Man. Attract: (laughing hysterical) No shows mentioned. That was not a dig on any sort of housewives right? Morgan: Noooooo. I love ALL their shows. That’s all I watch. Brendon and I watch them together and totally get into it. We are like, ‘which wife should we feel bad for?’ But then it’s like, OMG don’t feel bad for anyone, it’s great entertainment. Attract: You know I happened to run into Lisa Vanderpump one weekend down at the Ritz in Laguna. It was Lisa, her husband, Giggy, my boy friend and I all in the elevator. We exchanged in short polite conversation, she was very sweet, but then they walk out and the only thing my boyfriend says is she’s got a great ass for an old lady......! I just died. Morgan: Oh my God...... (Laughing) Well I know Kyle really well, and just know that she’s my favorite. Attract: I like Kyle as well. She has a very strong personality. Morgan: Yeah, she very real.


Attract: Ok, next thing I want to talk about is a question of my own; something that goes through my mind. People in Hollywood, and I don’t mean those whom live in Hollywood, but rather those who are essentially “Hollywood” (actors singers performers and entertainers), they tend to get their lives violated. I feel like with reality stars though, theirs are violated 10 x’s more. There is a feeling of entitlement to judge and pry because the public feels you signed up for it. Do you feel like that’s unfair? Or there should be some boundaries? Or do you take it with a grain of salt because you’re only seeing a piece of the picture?

it and stop judging? Because I will say, when you find yourself on reality TV, you do end up in positions you never thought you would ever be in. You say things you never thought you’d say, like the brother thing. It just came out.

Attract: Got it. Ok well last but not least,

Attract: So then what kind of questions would you suggest they come to you with?

Morgan: I do think you need to take it with a grain of salt, but let me be clear that I’m not at the point where people are necessarily violating me or judging me. Well maybe they are, but I just really A. Don’t care and B. A lot of it isn’t brought to my attention. As much as social media and all that is involved, I don’t really have time to read through 3200 Instagram messages, like seriously, I’m busy. I’m having lunch with you! But let’s also remember I’m not like, Kim Kardashian over here. Yet I kind of feel like people should be appreciative of the fact that these people and all of us are putting our lives out there for people to watch. Like we’re giving you entertainment and it’s real life entertainment, so why don’t you appreciate

(Up walks a sweet young man who apologizes for interrupting our lunch, but kindly begs for just one picture with Morgan. After stating how much of a fan he is of her and the show, she obliges and takes several photos. Grinning ear to ear, he thanks her and leaves.)

Morgan: I feel like it could be a wide range of anything from beauty to sex, health, relationships, family, louboutins, and gift guides. I feel I’m really good with things like that. Wait, I just lied because I’m not but I know I’ll figure it out. I mean what else do you ask people?

So funny! The humor is that you just got done saying you’re never violated or really approached, but here we are and yet it’s begun.

Attract: Well, how big are you into men’s fashion?

Morgan: I swear that normally doesn’t happen, especially when I’m not wearing makeup. They don’t notice me.

Attract: So if a woman wanted to buy her boy friend or husband a gift?


Attract: Word vomit? Morgan: Yes, but that was meant to be the way everything happened and so I just feel like people need to relax a little bit and be chill. There are bigger problems than being worried about violating reality stars.

Attract: Well he was a true fan and that was nice of you to take the picture, especially with no make up on and all. Ok

well back to the last but most important topic, Attract Magazine is planning to have an ASK MORGAN section! 1. Congratulations and 2. What can our readers expect and look forward to? Morgan: Well you can look forward to some blunt honesty. I don’t think I’m going to hold anything back. So I want people to be very aware of what they’re asking me, because if I feel it’s stupid, I’m going to let them know. For sure. So yeah.....

Morgan: Pretty big.

Morgan: Oh yeah, definitely. Plus my boyfriend is very homosexual in that department, so he can also really help me out. We are both equally very much

into shopping and all of that stuff so I feel like I have the best of both worlds. Like I can definitely help girls out with their Valentines Day gifts and what not, even though they shouldn’t be buying them [boyfriends] gifts. Girls shouldn’t be buying Valentines Day gifts. Attract: Is that your PSA? Don’t buy your boyfriends Valentines Day gifts. (Laughing) Let him buy for you.

Morgan Stewart will return every issue with her very own ASK MORGAN column. Feel free to ask her anything, but be prepared for her answers. Email her at askmorgan@


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For years men have always wondered why women tend to always go to the bathroom in packs. I mean as females, it’s something we don’t normally think about it’s more of a given. The majority of the time we go together in packs to borrow each other’s makeup, check to make sure our period hasn’t mysteriously appeared, fix a loose track or 2, but most importantly, to talk about our issues that we are experiencing in our relationships and lives. It’s nice to vent for a bit in a place where WE feel that we are not alone and that there might be someone else dealing with the exact same issues. Come join us in our retreat, where here at the Ladies Room, we don’t sugar coat but give you the raw truth So my boyfriend wants to move in with me, I’m not sure how I feel about that. I mean I do pretty well on my own and like my own space. If I let him move in with me, should I expect him to cover my living situation now? –Rebecca, Van Nuys CA

Woman to Woman

Great questions! I have to assume, based on the very first question, that you are the type of woman that has her life in order, along with a more stable household to grow in. Now, do I think it’s appropriate? It really depends on the terms of the move in. I’d never advise a girl to allow a man to share her roof while never contributing, but that’s because I’m conditioned to say that. There are lots of women that have stay at home husbands and are as happy as can be. As far as paying bills, most men make more money than women, so it’s only natural for the man to be responsible for the majority of the bills. If your man is not included in that percentage, then no I don’t



think he should be responsible for paying the monthly expenses on his own. Me and my guy tend to break up constantly, basically consider us to be a human seesaw, because one minute “I love him and he is my world” and the next minute I can’t stand him or the sight of him. Is this healthy? How do I know if I’m really in a healthy relationship? –Tammy, Long Beach CA Well Tammy, a woman knows she’s in a healthy, well balanced relationship by the way she feels, day to day. If you’re having relationship issues, it will seem as though you just never have a full day of happiness, there’s always something wrong and you drag your relationship through every aspect of your life. If your relationship is good on the other hand, you’re happier at work, you’re less likely to be easily irritated, and you’re usually more helpful to others. Below are 4 things a woman should EXPECT from her man, if you ARE NOT getting any of these, it’s time for you to move on.

5 Things a woman should expect from her man: - Respect - Honesty -Loyalty -Forgiveness -Understanding

I am so in love with my boyfriend, but sometimes I don’t know if its love, lust, or simply I just don’t want to be alone. I feel as though I’m happy but I’m not completely satisfied…when do you think it’s time to walk away from a relationship where you are not completely satisfied? When is it ok to stop trying to make it work and except the fact he’s not the man for me? Trina San Diego, CA OMG!! This is a really awesome question! I find myself preaching this to a few of my girlfriends MONTHLY!! You should walk away from any relationship, with the opposite sex, or just a good friend, when that person is no longer trying to grow WITH YOU! A relationship is about 2 people working together to make each other better people. If your other half has no interest in being better with you, and making you feel good about yourself, you’re wasting your time. A lot of men have a few women on the side because we allow them to. Do we verbally say “Yes, you can cheat on me” no we don’t. But our actions when they are treating us poorly, says that for us. Your man is only going to do what you allow him to do. One of my married girlfriends is going

through a divorce right now and one day I asked her when the abuse and disrespect started. Her reply: It started when we were dating, but I expected it to stop once we got married. WOW!! I really couldn’t believe she thought it would stop! One of my professors told me a long time ago that men get married because they want things to stay exactly the way they are; while women get married hoping things will change once they walk down the aisle. Ladies!! Hear me good! If he isn’t the one, don’t waste your valuable time. And for damn sure don’t let him put all of those miles on your “Pikachu” either! You can’t ever get those back.

to give up his “freedom”, but better yet have the ability to provide for a family, because marriage is a really big step in anyone’s life. If he is forced to get down on one knee, chances are it won’t last very long. I say give it another year, and see how things go, if things are amazing maybe you casually run the question by him to see what type of response/reaction he has. You don’t want to be the woman that he practices on until he’s ready to become a husband to someone else. If this conversation goes wrong, then maybe it’s time for you to reevaluate the situation on a deeper level and figure out what YOU really want.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 3 years now. I mean everything is pretty good for the most part, but like any relationship there are issues. I mean it’s been 3 years and I’m wondering do you think it’s time for him to pop the question. Susan- Hollywood, CA

So my boyfriend isn’t financially stable. I mean he’s maintaining but at the end of the day, his money flow isn’t consistent. I do think about our future, hoping that it will get better, but do you honestly think money matters in a relationship? – Shantel Palos Verdes, CA

This is a question that all women ask and want to know. In my opinion, I feel that when a man is ready to propose he will and doesn’t need the pressure from his girlfriend or family. Usually a man wants to make sure that he’s ready

I like this question! I have been in a struggling relationship with a man that was not financially stable, as we as one with the opposite financial situation. I can honestly tell you that it really didn’t matter how much money there is in the

bank, as long as your heart isn’t hurting. There is no cure that you can purchase to heal a broken heart. There will be problems in any relationship, but how you treat a person will always be more important than how much you can spend on them. A lot of people think wealthy or well off people are naturally happier because they don’t have the burden of late notices and declined credit cards. I’ve found that wealthy people that are happy are happy because they are in loving relationships and their partner treats them like gold. There are plenty of families that are not living very comfortably at the moment, but they have a partner that loves them unconditionally. When you go out into the world as a working citizen in this tough economy, you would feel so much better about doing so if you come home to a person that is so happy you woke up that morning. For any questions on relations please email or relationship expert at:

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a dream vs. reality We’ve all experienced unhealthy relationships before, and some of us are still having a hard time improving or getting out of them. Let me get this out of the way: there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. The main reason why we stay in toxic relationships is because we see potential, whether or not it actually exists. Instead of accepting someone for who they are and what they show us, we focus on the image we create in our heads of who this person should/could be. We figure if we stick around a little longer things will get better. Well, that’s the thing… Are things getting better? How long have you already been waiting? How many times is it going to be the last time you put up with something you don’t deserve? You know right from wrong. You know when someone isn’t treating you properly. You know when you deserve better, but you choose to stick around. Why? Is improvement being made or is it because you’re scared of being alone or because you love this person way more than you love yourself? You know you’re in an unhealthy relationship when you put yourself last. Don’t forget, you still matter. You seem to have forgotten about the simple things. The things you love, the books you used to read, going over to your friend’s house to watch your favorite movie or show, or working late because your career is so important to you. Instead your thought process has become more stressful than it is happy. It becomes where is he/she, what is he/ she doing, why isn’t he/she answering their phone? Why is he/she treating me like this? Thus in conclusion: mental breakdown. EVERYTHING becomes about your significant other, but what about you? What about the things you love to do? Why did you stop doing them, to please someone else?


Do not lose yourself to win someone else. Everything you like to do, find a balance and keep doing it. There’s a huge difference between growth and completely changing who you are. At the end of each day, you need to love yourself.

Now when someone is treating you properly it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re being wined and dined every night. It’s the little things that matter, like being checked up on throughout the day, not being lied to or disrespected, working together as one instead of going against one another like enemies would do. If your relationship does not have: Respect Honesty Trust Support Equality Separate identities Good communication Playfulness/fondness Either the both of you as a team need to figure out a game plan to make this work or you need to look at the situation for what it is and let things go. Each relationship has both healthy and unhealthy characteristics. Healthy relationships need to be maintained. Unhealthy relationships are forgotten about and put on the back burner. If you love your significant other and they truly love you, then do whatever it takes to make things work.

If a partner ever tries to harm you physically, sexually, verbally or emotionally consider getting help immediately. This is never okay. You might not want to admit it, but if someone truly loved you hurting you would never be an option.


Unhealthy Relationships By: Melissa Molomo Instagram: @MissSayWhatsReal twitter tumblr: misssaywhatsreal

Do not give to get. Accept someone who for they are without looking to change them. Protect your relationship by keeping things private. Do not expose one another. Look to fix, not to seek

for the modern man

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Seven Point Welcomes the Beard Gang

Beard Gang



By: Attract Staff Styled by: Lisette Gallo Photogrpahers: Kristina Mcmanus and LyVell Gipson Models: Shawn Suggs and Alex Medina

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@his No matter if you are the type who sips aged Whiskey, take shots of Cognac or concocting a mixed drink that is strong enough to put a gorilla on its back, you must understand one simple rule; quality always supersedes quantity. Everyone should have a “go-to” staple in their arsenal of drinks that never lets them down. Some of us prefer to enjoy our shots freezing cold while others fancy themselves as purists and imbibe their libations neat with no chaser at all. The true purveyor of a good time knows their audience and how, with just a few carefully selected ingredients a mundane evening can quickly turn into something quite memorable to say the least.

1. Bulleit 10 is the brand’s selected reserve, a delicious bourbon that, at 91.2 proof, is consistently smooth, russet in color, rich with oaky aromas and hints of vanilla and dried fruit with a long smoky finish.

Good To The Last Drop

By: Cheeba Moscowitz

The Perfect Mix

2. Crown Royal XO is an ultra-premium, blended Canadian whisky handcrafted by Crown Royal Master Blender Andrew MacKay for extraordinary smoothness. The unique blend of more than 50 of the finest Crown Royal whiskies is finished in cognac casks from the French Limousin Forest, resulting in a complex expression of the signature blend.

Aged in charred American white oak, a select number of Bulleit Bourbon barrels were set aside to age for ten years to see how the already award-winning bourbon would devel- Crown Royal XO is best enjoyed neat, on the rocks or as the key op. Bulleit distillers were thrilled to find that the additional ingredient in a number of classic cocktail recipes. years resulted in a special expression of Bulleit bourbon that provides a rich, deep, incredibly smooth sipping experience that maintains the inherent character and high rye content for which the Bulleit brand is best known.



3. Beginning with a soft and elegant nose reminiscent of warm spice, biscuit and butter cream, Barterhouse Whiskey pays off cunningly with a mellow taste of roasted grains and charred oak. The taste concludes with a pleasurable finish of spice and brown sugar.

Fancy Bourbon: 2 oz bourbon whiskey 1/2 tsp triple sec 1/4 tsp superfine sugar 2 dashes bitters 1 twist lemon peel Directions: In a shaker half-filled with ice cubes, combine the bourbon, triple sec, sugar, and bitters. Shake well. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with the lemon twist.

XO Sour: In a cocktail shaker, combine: 1 oz Crown Royal XO .75 oz Amaretto .75 oz lemon juice

The Classic Sazerac: ¼ oz. Lucid Absinthe 2 oz. Pendleton 1910 Canadian Rye Whiskey 3 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters 2 dashes Angostura Bitters ½ oz. simple syrup Directions: Lemon peel for garnish Add all liquid ingredients into a shaker with ice. Shake and strain

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The World

By: Alexis Adams-Neely



Paul Mitchell The modern day is a time that beauty and style are taking over. Because there is such a high demand for various beauty services, this is also creating a demand for the men and women who provide these services. Attract interviewed Margaret Cromeans, owner of Paul Mitchell Schools, to see how she got her start in creating a business that trains so many of the professionals we book appointments with to style our hair or give us the mani-pedis we so look forward to! Margaret originally started working in a salon in Scotland at the age of thirteen with her friend Linda, and then moved to the United States with her husband in 1985. The two attended beauty school, and after a product knowledge class, a Paul Mitchell (PM) associate approached Margaret trying to recruit her to become an associate as well. Margaretâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s husband joined forces with PM and things skyrocketed from there. Margaret opened her own salon in 1990 the space was small, but after her sister moved to the US, they were able to maintain a bigger salon. By the mid 90â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Margaret and her husband had three salons within three different states; at the same time there was buzz going on about schools out of the salons as well. They created the schools in San Diego and Los Vegas, but they also created DVDs that are used to teach in schools that are not PM. Margaret and her husband have since split, Margaret keeping the schools and her ex the salons.

Attract: What do you love most about what you do? Margaret: I love that we get to change people’s lives; kids come into our culture thinking it’s all glamorous and fun and it is, but we also believe in giving back. You watch these “future professionals” shine, I can usually see who’s going to be “big time” being that I’ve been in the industry this long, I just know who has the “It factor.” Attract: Describe a typical day in your world? Margaret: Usually I go onto my e-mail first thing and see if there’s anything that needs immediate attention. After that, I get my kids up and ready then off to school. Then I plan out my day…If I am going into school, I usually go at 10, if not, then I get on conference calls. Right now, I’m remodeling in San Diego, and scouting out new locations for a second school in Las Vegas. Attract: How do you balance being a mother and a business owner? Margaret: My kids are adopted, and I was 37 when I did this, but my kids are my priority. I’m a single mom and I am lucky that I surround myself with great people. I manage my schedule so that I get them to school and I’m always there when they get home. If I have to travel, I take them with. Everyone knows if you want me, you get my babies too. Attract: what advice do you give to others who are considering becoming involved in the beauty industry? Margaret: It’s the best industry, but it can be hard. You need to know that for the first 3 years you are going to work hard growing and building your clientele. Always be prepared to start early and stay late, never show up under dressed, never turn a client away, always help a fellow stylist, have a mature attitude, never gossip about others, and present yourself well because you are the brand. Attract: What advice do you have for other people wanting to start their own business? Margaret: Make a plan and a budget, don’t let anyone tell you not to. Know that it is going to take up your life for a few years; know whom you want as an employee, don’t just hire bodies. Know when to let go, keep your morals, integrity and values. More importantly, have trust. Attract: What has been the hardest part as well as the most rewarding? Margaret: The hardest part is when someone you have loved and helped grow decides it’s time to move on. It’s sad and I take it personally, but the most rewarding part is when they move on, open their own business and use everything you’ve taught them and they take it to the next level. To see them succeed in the same industry is something I’m always inspired by. 1st Image with the women: Monagahn Cromeans. Margaret Cromeans, Joyce Cooper and Emily Douglas

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The Journey of Judy Goss

By: Jasmine Ward On a sunny morning in California and a snowy afternoon in New York, Attract Magazine had the pleasure of speaking with Judy Goss. Inspired by her story of triumph and women empowerment, Attract magazine thought of her as the perfect person to feature in our magazine. Judy is a mother of 2 (twins to be exact), a wife, entrepreneur and inspiration to many. Before becoming the founder and CEO of the networking organization, Over 40 Females, Judy was a former model, TV correspondent, author, and magazine editor. Goss has interviewed many A-list celebrities and notable women, one of which was former first lady, Lady Bush. While traveling for work as an Editor and National TV Spokesperson for More Magazine, Goss met thousands of women all of whom had their own individual story to be heard. Feeling like the


market for women over 40 was neglected, Goss felt inspired to create an organization that served as a networking group and supporting platform for women over 40 who would be given the resources they desired. What started off as genuine friendships and interest into the lives of the women she had met while traveling, morphed into collaborations and sponsorships that helped launch her company into what it is today. Goss credits Over 40 Females as being a completely organic process that now serves as the most trusted organization of women to connect for guidance and inspiration. Judy Goss is no stranger to life struggles, which makes her even more fascinating. Before the much-deserved success that Goss has now, her and her husband experienced back-to-back troubles. Judy lost her job and the house in which her family shared, went into foreclosure, eventually


Connect, Encourage, and Inspire

causing them to file for bankruptcy. With the support and positivity from her family, Goss was able to focus her energies on Over 40 Females, eventually turning her struggles into success.

dreams both personally and professionally through scholarships, job opportunities, networking opportunities, television shows, education, print editorials, media exposure and many more avenues.

roots and foundation for the company. Everyday, women everywhere connect to other members, encourage one another and inspire each other through their own separate journeys.

Over 40 Females helps members grow their businesses and enhance their personal life. The organization gives members many different tools to follow their

Today, Over 40 Females has 20 chapters and is now a global organization. The company’s founding motto of “Connect, Encourage, and Inspire” has served as the

When asked how she balances life as a CEO, mother, and wife, Goss responded with being present in every moment. She believes in giving herself breaks and being

150% present when she is with her family or with her work. She credits her husband as her source of inspiration, saying that his everyday positivity and support helps her to stay grounded and motivates her to move forward. Goss’ incredible passion for life and open honesty with every question asked of her bred an amazing inspiration. After asking her advice for someone who wants to start their own company and the characteristics that are essential to success, she responded with, “You have to live, eat, and breathe what you’re doing to be a successful entrepreneur. Focus on what you inspire to do and do not allow anyone to sway you. Have faith and confidence in yourself. Be passionate and just go for it! Make sure there is a need for your market and test it out. Make sure you are giving people something they want and if you don’t get a reaction you want, then tweak it, but be realistic. Believe in yourself!”

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the survivor a philly native

“every story had an end but in life every ending is just a new beginning”-unknown

By: Alicia Brown Story Told in Her Own Words by: Janice Denise My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. –Maya Angelou A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I have always had an interest in the arts and painting. I attended ballet school in Philadelphia. My mom thought it was a good way for me to learn to walk with grace and poise. My interests were more in painting and visiting the best art shows, Broadway plays, and museums in the city. After moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan and graduating from high school while attending college part-time, I began a job in cosmetics with the Dayton Hudson Corporation for Fashion Fair Cosmetics. I had truly found my calling. I enjoyed working with makeup. Every face was like a canvas. Decorating was also a big passion of mine. I received many professional letters of recognition from the Advisory Center for Teens, Grand Rapids Junior College, Davenport College, Baxter Community Center and Project Focus, for presenting Beauty and Self Awareness Workshops. Six months later I was featured twice in “Counter Talk” The Fashion Fair International Newsletter also featured in The Grand Rapids Press, “She Preaches Black Beauty”. I was hitting the beauty world by force and enjoying every minute of it. Skincare was definitely another area of interest to me. Working with Estee Lauder, Clinique, and Clarins Cosmetics had given me the experience that I needed to expand my professional career. I have two beautiful kids, Jessica and Elijah. Looking back now, I can safely say that being a single parent had been difficult and demanding but also rewarding. If you’re a single parent by circumstance or by choice you can and will have a great outcome. I ran a tight ship which still keeps them both talking about their experiences to this day. My son is now a wonderful father to my grandson, Ayden. He now understands more through experience what being a good parent is all about. In 2002, at the age of 44, I began feeling fatigued. I had night sweats and I was losing my appetite. I knew something was wrong. After a seven day hospital stay which included many tests and a biopsy of an enlarged lymph node under my arm, I was diagnosed with stage four Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The tumors had spread all over my body. My whole world was about to change. With a daughter still in high school and a son in middle school, all I could think about was how to survive cancer and keep a roof over our heads. With the support of my family, church, and many coworkers I was able to fight. After six months of strong chemo, I made it. I was cancer free, a survivor! I went back to work as a financial counselor for Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Hospital. I had my life back and boy was it a great feeling. By 2006, after over four years remission, a routine scan showed the cancer had returned, the first relapse. This time the diagnosis was Follicular Lymphoma. Follicular lymphomas are often slow growing and respond well to treatment but they are hard to cure. The mass was located at the top of the stomach area. I began to question God. Why was is happening again? Could I be strong enough to fight again? My daughter had graduated from high school by then but I still had to get my son through school. I could not give up. I had to be there for them and my family. After six months more of chemotherapy, I was cancer free once again. My son graduated high school and my daughter moved to New York to pursue a modeling and acting career. My physician could not really determine if or when the cancer would return. He could only give me a two year time frame. I decided to move back home to Philadelphia with the hopes of enjoying my life. I felt that getting away would also help me heal. For the first time, I was totally scared and I did not know what was ahead of me. Armed with my medical records and a referral to a few of the best oncologists in the city, I was ready to start my new life.



My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. –Maya Angelou

It’s very important to follow up and establish a relationship with a new doctor when relocating to a new city. There should be no breakup of care. During a visit with my daughter in Manhattan in 2007, I ended up in the hospital because of stomach pain. The scan revealed a mass on the right side of my stomach. Relapsed for the second time, not even a year later, the cancer was back. I went back to Philadelphia to meet with my doctor at Fox Chase Cancer Center to begin a treatment plan. It was decided that I would begin to receive four to six treatments, with a three-day inpatient stay for each treatment. The care there was more advanced, a whole new world of cancer care. I knew I had made the right choice. The PET scan revealed that I was free of cancer for the third time. I was referred over to the Abraham Cancer Center, Perelman Cancer Center at The University of Pennsylvania Hospital to receive

a bone marrow (Autologous) transplant. This would give me a better chance for many years of remission. The transplant was the hardest thing I had ever gone through thus far. It took much prayer, lots of tears, and all the strength I could find to complete. Sometimes God will bring you to a place where you will have to depend only on Him. For me, that was that time and place. Looking back, I know that He brought me through. I could never have done any of what I did on my own. Every time I think about the hospital and the nurses who took care of me, it always brings tears to my eyes. The doctors and nurses were professional, caring, and loving. I moved to Las Vegas in 2011. I was referred to a physician at Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada. My physician ordered a new PET scan to see how things looked. The scan showed disease progression. This was considered my third relapse. Almost three

years of complete remission. Under the direction of my physician, I made the decision to begin another treatment plan that would hopefully put me in complete remission. After four treatments, the tumors revealed significant decrease. Though they were still there, they were very tiny. Treatment was stopped at that point. A routine scan in 2013 showed that the smaller tumors were stable but new tumors were growing again. Progression was obvious. I was feeling great, life was good. We decided to wait until my health changed before thinking of the next step. After I started losing weight and feeling more fatigued again, we felt it best to start another treatment plan. I am currently receiving chemotherapy every other month for four treatments. There is no cure for Lymphoma but through excellent care, the goal is to keep it controlled and stable. So at this point in my life, “Quality of Life” is what I

seek. To live a normal life filled with friends and family, to be a part of a team, doing the things that I love is enough for me right now. After over twelve years of fighting, my goal is to NEVER GIVE UP! God is everything to me and I thank Him for keeping me strong! I was not built to break. Through this adversity, I got to know my own strength. My mom, Martha, had been my rock. She is a prayer warrior and the best person to talk to when I just didn’t think I could find the strength to endure. I thank God for her wisdom and late night prayers. I founded the organization to share my story of faith to support, encourage, and give hope to all. When cancer interrupts our lives, we all have different experiences, different outcomes but we all have the same goal: to be “cancer free”. We want to be able to enjoy life again. Stay healthy! Being healthy before and during can-

cer is the best way to beat cancer. Keep a positive mind! Work on seeing only the positive and block out the negative. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny. Laughter is a great medicine - do lots of it. Smile often because your smile could make someone’s day. Just doing simple acts of kindness is all it takes. There are so many people with such amazing stories of survival which we may never hear about. There is always someone, in some place, whose struggle may be much worse than yours. Remember to always show compassion to everyone you meet each day. You may never know what they are going through. We must lift each other up and support one another. God gives his toughest battles to His strongest soldiers. Those battles add depth to our lives and our testimony will help others. No matter what you may have to endure in life, never let it define

who you are as a person .Have the courage to be who you are in spite of it. Your dreams can still be accomplished. You can still become an entrepreneur, author, whatever your heart desires. You don’t need anyone’s permission to love yourself. It all comes from you! You are much stronger than you think you are. Stay humble and be patient with yourself. You may not be there yet, but you are on your way. Now let your light shine through for the entire world to see.

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learn from yesterday live for today


life journey



“Every story had an end but in life every ending is just a new beginning”Unknown By: Alicia Brown Story Told in Her Own Words by: Sylvia Munoz Life is like a movie. Each scene captures a moment… happiness, trage dy, love, misery… except in life, we can’t re-write the script. We can’t fast forward, cut or delete. We live. We fall, crawl and then we stand. Life is not a destinatio n, it’s a journey. It all unfolded when I was begi nning to regain the strength and move forward after just ending a tumultuous relationship with my ex. I clearly reme mber the phone call as if it was yesterday. I was told that my father had stage four prostate cancer. I felt confused and unsure of what to do. A million thoughts crossed through my mind. I kept think ing of my mother and the fact that they had shared over 50 years together. All I knew was that I needed once again to be strong for my family. After trying alternative treatmen t day and night to compliment the tradi tional chemotherapy, we exhausted all our resources. He started getting weak er and weaker. As I learned how quic kly the cancer was spreading, all I could do was prepare myself for the worse. I began to spend as much time with him as possible. I knew my time with my fathe r was coming to an end. In only six mon ths after his diagnosis, my mother, brother, kids and I lost the person who kept us together. Bladder Cancer claim ed the life of my father, Manuel Munoz. How can this happen to my father? How can this happen to our family? I once again had so many questions and no answers. An overwhelming feeling of defe at, anguish and anger came wallo ping into my life with a vengeance. Days came

“an overwhelming feeling of defeat, anguish and anger came walloping into my life with a vengeance once again. and went; all I could do was cry and feel that empty presence. I cried like that little girl that cried in her father’s arms when she found out her puppy had died. It was then that I became

determined that I would never feel this pain again and that cancer would never again affect my family. Enter 2013: this was the year for me! I had a brand new start

to life, out with the old, in with the new. I was on the edge of a thriving new business and my career at its peak, I was ready to conquer giants. Let’s press the pause button here. In the middle of 2013, I began to experience excruciating back pain that radiated from my lower back to my neck. It felt as if hot coals had been inserted in my back and left there. Not wanting to take a break from my job as Supermom, I put it off, hoping it would go away. Unfortunately, it came back stronger. After visiting several doctors and chiropractors, none were able to determine the extent of the pain or the reason it was happening; instead they filled me with prescription drugs and physical therapy. Some doctors even diagnosed me with severe stress without any tests or MRIs. So off I go to fight crime again, or so I thought. In August of 2013, my boyfriend planned a trip to Cabo San Lucas for my birthday. This was to be a nice, stress-free week filed with loads of relaxation and fun in the sun; after all, I had been working a lot, dealing with loads of projects, and I wasn’t quite done grieving my father’s death. So maybe the doctors are right, maybe I was too stressed out and this would be the perfect alibi for my back pain. I figured I would take my vacation and come back refueled and pain-free. The day before we left for Cabo, I woke up in so much pain that I went to the ER. I was hoping the doctors would tell me I’m fine and send me off. I checked into the ER in a wheelchair because the pain was so unbearable it didn’t allow me to walk. The ER doctor decided to run a CT Scan of my back to determine what the problem was. After being in the ER for 6 hours and high out of my mind on pain medication, I was let go and my results were to be given to my Primary Care Doctor.

The following day we left and things were great until on the day of my birthday I slipped on some sand at the resort. I remember slipping not too hard, but heard something pop. My boyfriend picked me up and my day was ruined. I didn’t want to see a doctor in Mexico, it was my birthday and I wanted my special plans to continue and didn’t want to ruin our vacation. As we landed in Los Angeles, my vacation had come to an end. The following day, I contacted my doctor and asked for an appointment for her to check my neck and read my hospital results from my vacation. She scheduled me in and advised me that the results were normal but I needed to see a Urologist for a “cyst” that I had on my kidney. At that point, I was also advised that I had sustained a compression fracture on my neck due to my fall. Once again, she prescribed pain medication for my back and neck and referred me to a Urologist and a Neurosurgeon for my neck. I sat in his office, explaining to him why I was there to see him. He asked me if I had any imaging records and I handed him the results from the CT Scan I had gotten done. As he was reading the results to himself, his face turned gray like he was dead. There was no expression on his face. As I sat in his office and starred at him, I knew something was wrong. He walked out of his office and came back in and sat next to me. He lightly placed his hand on my leg and turned to me and said, “I honestly don’t know why you are here to see me, your cyst is nothing compared to what you have going on; you have cancer. It’s not a cancer that has just started, it’s something that has

spread to your back and liver. It can possibly be breast cancer.” As I sat there, my eyes welled up and I got cold. I wanted to faint. I just didn’t know what to say, I was in disbelief. Once again, I didn’t know what to do but to be strong because that’s all I can do. I had my 12 year old twins to think about and my family who was just recovering from my father’s passing. I walked out and into my car and just started to cry uncontrollably, my life was going to end soon, I thought. I immediately called my Primary Care doctor to see why I was never told this and why I was never sent out for any testing’s since I had been complaining of back pain. Why did she overlook the results if she had read them? She calmed me down and reassured me that I did not have cancer, that I was crazy to think such a thing. Before we hung-up she made sure to send me out for an ultrasound of my breast, to confirm that I did not have cancer. Being stressed out over the situation and not being able to wait, my twin’s father contacted his father and I was able to be admitted immediately to the hospital and get all my testing’s done privately by his personal friend, a top-notch Oncologist.


He confirmed to us that I did indeed have breast cancer and that it was aggressively spreading. Days after finding out that I had Breast Cancer, I went with my twin’s father to meet what would be my Oncologist. We sat in his office patiently waiting to see where I stood. Did I have any time to live? When was I going to die? My thoughts were all negative because I was setting myself up to hear the worst news. He came in and confirmed with me that I had stage four breast cancer and that it had spread to my back and liver. What else he said during this one-hour visit, I cannot completely remember, I just remember sitting there and feeling like the lights were on but nobody was home. I remember him telling me that he had a plan. He was going to try to control it but that it was pretty much to give me a “comfortable” lifestyle. At that point, I decided that I was not going to give up on my life, I had


many things to accomplish still and I was not ready to leave my twins. I took his words and ran with them and was determined to win this battle no matter how far into it I was. My doctor immediately started my radiation treatments, Iron Fusions, Zumeta for my bones, and Chemotherapy. I was fighting Anemia so it was hard for my body to take Chemo lightly, I would get dragged out of bed by my brother daily, get dressed by my mom and get my chemo done. I would come back home feeling like I was going to die. The taste in my mouth after my Chemo was that of a piece of metal or cardboard. Nothing I ate or drank tasted good. It was almost like eating was so pointless because it made me feel worse. I lost my complete appetite and taste for everything. The pounds came off and my family kept forcing food down my throat. Seeing the faces of my kids and them brining me food and asking me to eat would break my heart. Days


would go by and I wouldn’t want to hear from anyone or see anyone. I had friends coming to visit me but I was depressed and just didn’t want anyone to see me looking so miserable. I remember waking up one morning with a clip in my hair and asking my mom to remove It and brush it. My hair had knotted up overnight so bad that it felt like a golf ball. She couldn’t get the brush through it and didn’t want to hurt me by pulling on the knot, my neck was so fragile that anything that put pressure on it, would make it hurt. I could feel my hair detached from my scalp and I remember telling her with tears in my eyes that my hair had finally fallen. I called my friend who was a hairdresser and asked her to come shave my head during her lunch break. I sat in my dining room chair and heard the buzzer clips go on and off went what was still hanging on. It was the most traumatizing thing I have ever experienced. I looked at myself in the mirror and it made everything so real to me. I was now bald, my eyebrows had fallen, and my eyelashes were gone. I looked so scary, that this brought upon more depression. During the time I was doing radiation, I got a throat infection, which landed me in the hospital for a few days. I couldn’t swallow anything which led to me once again to not eating anything. The doctor had me on daily Antibiotics. He inserted a tube through my nose and down my throat that would be able to feed me liquids. The pain of that procedure was indescribable. Here I was at the hospital not being able to eat yet so hungry and craving food. The day came when I had the tube removed and I was finally able to eat. I received a call from my boyfriend asking me if I was hungry and with no hesitation I said I wanted him to bring me a Whopper! I don’t remember him arriving at the hospital; however, I do remember eating those

that it was aggressively spreading. Days after finding out that I had Breast Cancer, I went with my twin’s father to meet what would be my Oncologist. We sat in his office patiently waiting to see where I stood. Did I have any time to live? When was I going to die? My thoughts were all negative because I was setting myself up to hear the worst news. He came in and confirmed with me that I had stage four breast cancer and that it had spread to my back and liver. What else he said during this one-hour visit, I cannot completely remember, I just remember sitting there and feeling like the lights were on but nobody was home. I remember him telling me that he had a plan. He was going to try to control it but that it was pretty much to give me a “comfortable” lifestyle. At that point, I decided that I was not going to give up on my life, I had many things to accomplish still and I was not ready to leave my twins. I took his words and ran with them and was determined to win this battle no matter how far into it I was. My doctor immediately started my radiation treatments, Iron Fusions, Zumeta for my bones, and Chemotherapy. I was fighting Anemia so it was hard for my body to take Chemo lightly, I would get dragged out of bed by my brother daily, get dressed by my mom and get my chemo done. I would come back home feeling like I was going to die. The taste in my mouth after my Chemo was that of a piece of metal or cardboard. Nothing I ate or drank tasted good. It was almost like eating was so pointless because it made me feel worse. I lost my complete appetite and taste for everything. The pounds came off and my family kept forcing food down my throat. Seeing the faces of

my kids and them brining me food and asking me to eat would break my heart. Days would go by and I wouldn’t want to hear from anyone or see anyone. I had friends coming to visit me but I was depressed and just didn’t want anyone to see me looking so miserable. I remember waking up one morning with a clip in my hair

yet so hungry and craving food. The day came when I had the tube removed and I was finally able to eat. I received a call from my boyfriend asking me if I was hungry and with no hesitation I said I wanted him to bring me a Whopper! I don’t remember him arriving at the hospital; however, I do remember eating those two

and asking my mom to remove It and brush it. My hair had knotted up overnight so bad that it felt like a golf ball. She couldn’t get the brush through it and didn’t want to hurt me by pulling on the knot, my neck was so fragile that anything that put pressure on it, would make it hurt. I could feel my hair detached from my scalp and I remember telling her with tears in my eyes that my hair had finally fallen. I called my friend who was a hairdresser and asked her to come shave my head during her lunch break. I sat in my dining room chair and heard the buzzer clips go on and off went what was still hanging on. It was the most traumatizing thing I have ever experienced. I looked at myself in the mirror and it made everything so real to me. I was now bald, my eyebrows had fallen, and my eyelashes were gone. I looked so scary, that this brought upon more depression. During the time I was doing radiation, I got a throat infection, which landed me in the hospital for a few days. I couldn’t swallow anything which led to me once again to not eating anything. The doctor had me on daily Antibiotics. He inserted a tube through my nose and down my throat that would be able to feed me liquids. The pain of that procedure was indescribable. Here I was at the hospital not being able to eat

Whoppers he bought me. After a few days, I was able to go home. As my treatment continued, I was in and out of the hospital, sometimes for days sometimes for months. I graduated from radiation (neck and back) and my cancer markers were dropping but not as much as they should be. I was getting better but not progressing. I was still dealing with the fractures on my neck and new fractures on my thoracic spine, which were brought on due to the cancer. At the end of November 2013 I started to hemorrhage at home and was transported by the ambulance after calling 911 to the hospital. I was admitted and given 10 blood transfusions that night. The doctors were unable to control my bleeding; my blood levels were at a low 4 with a normal being at 14. I was not feeling well at all and just thought that my time had come. I remember trying to fight and hearing little voices here and there but I didn’t have the energy to do so. I was scared, had no energy and just asked God to take care of my kids. I was given the instructions that I would need an emergency hysterectomy as soon as my bleeding stopped. After more blood transfusions and several bags of platelets and days of praying, the time came and I went into surgery. My four-hour surgery had a few complications; I was told I had internal bleeding

which would have never been detected if this surgery never happened. I was on the road to recovery from my hysterectomy, but dealing with excruciating pain and not being able to walk due to the pain. Morphine was my best friend for the first few days but that friendship came to end after I was able to recuperate and go home. The hysterectomy was able to cut the estrogen that fed my breast cancer and bring my cancer markers to almost nothing. Today, I am grateful for all the prayers and all the people that stuck by my side throughout my fight. I am still fighting cancer because I don’t know where my liver cancer stands as of today but with a pending CT Scan, that will determine whether my liver still has lesions or not. I am now walking on my own, my hair has grown back, I now have eyelashes, and my eyebrows have grown back. I am currently on hormonal treatment and my body is responding well. Due to this treatment, I have to deal with small bone aches in my hands and wrists, nothing compared to the Chemo aftermath. I am dealing with my fractures as they are slowly healing. I have limited mobility on my neck since one of my compression fractures is to my cervical spine. Standing for long periods of time affects my back and causes pain to it. I have my family, especially my brother who was my guardian angel for those 6 months, my twins, my boyfriend, and my real friends to be grateful for, but most importantly I have been blessed with life and a second chance.

ith them and w n ra d an s d or w is h ok I to is was determined to winfarthinto it I was. battle no matter how

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peration: New Life

By: Cara Sotelo It’s Monday morning, my routine coffee shop stop. I find my place in line behind the other regulars, eager for their quick fix that gets them through the next 4 hours of relative productivity until their next refill of energy. It is apparent these patrons, including myself, have become such regulars the barista rarely stops to ask for each individual’s order, merely accepting their payment and delivering their usual. As I stand now, before a menu of options previously overlooked, a smile emerges on my face. Today I change it up. I order something brand new to me, and while the barista seems far less amused by this than I am, this Monday morning statement speaks volumes to me. Volumes of a life prior to today, a life that had become so regular, so routine, I had stopped placing my order long ago. My energy for life and every potential each new day brings having been dulled behind the next task, producing this usual life that I knew as comfortable. Recently, being faced with accepting the proposal of marriage within a seven year live-in relationship, the option of continuing into the known or separating into what would be my unknown presented itself. Though a daring, yet deemed necessary task, I questioned my routine, my usual, my known, my source of energy, my production of growth, and my comfort. After intense examination of self with detailed consideration of past, present, and future; I opted for the unknown. I opted for change. Change, though inevitable in varying degrees throughout one’s life, presents challenge. Always being game for a good challenge I sought to tackle this. I was, after all, the same girl who joined the boys playing football, at age 12, to prove the expected wrong. By any outside view, I was expected to accept this handsome, generous, hard working’s man proposal. He provided a comfortable life for me. That comfortable life a young girl dreams of when composing her scrap book of white fluffy dresses and white picket fences. Only I never composed such a scrapbook of tangible luxuries, nor was



this relationship meeting the aspirations I had dreamed of when entering it. What had I become comfortable with? Was my sense of self stemming from being a partner and support to this man? Being loved as my comfort? Yes, I loved him, but where was my heart and passion for individual growth? Where did the energy for pursuit of this lay? Was it lost amongst our goals as a couple? Did he encourage my individualism outside of what defined us? Our interactions had for years been merely the routine, “How was your day?” variety, despite me seeking to spark thought through introducing new topics of intrigue. We were dull together, a union inevitably stagnant. I paused to truly contemplate what is fulfilling for me and does this relationship exude this? I concluded that to remain in my current relationship would be settling for a forever, absent of many attributes I deemed valuable. Against the naysayers, against my fears I sought to let go of what was formerly the acceptable plan in order to discover the root of me, thus recreate:build a new life. “Change is the constant, the signal for rebirth, the egg of the phoenix”-Christina Baldwin I walked through the fire of everything known crumbling before me, the fall of my former identity and subsequent reaction of what my decision meant for others and spoke of me personally. I presently stand emerged on the other side of this change, amid rebirth: empowered and strengthened with a sense of self as never before. The stages of loss I felt. The facing of self, even when what I saw was not desirable. New goals put into actions, moving forward: achieving, sometimes failing. I often observe women meeting possible change with fear and reluctance to proceed into the unknown, clinging to the comfort of what is predicable. Instead choose to view change as an opportunity, instead of an overwhelming task that hinders you with defeat before you begin. Take that first step. Let go of your comforts. Don’t question what you already know to be true. What you don’t yet know is what is waiting for you on the other side of this decision. There is power in the possibilities of the unknown. There is an energy that flows there that inspires. The process one faces when making such an impactful change can be overwhelming. Be honest with yourself. Consider your current situation. You already know what to expect should you stay in your current option. Is it fulfilling for you? If the answer is anything but yes, establish a plan to leave the situation. Remember you only have control over yourself and the actions you take toward what you want, don’t waste time and would be opportunities waiting around for another to give this to you. Once you have made this decision, don’t look back. As Albert Einstein so simply stated, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” You had doubt about your current situation and made the decision for this change within good reason. Do not doubt yourself. There may be those that question your decision and seek to convince you otherwise. Tune out the naysayers. Remember they are viewing from the outside. You are the one that lived it and knows the entirety of what was and the fulfillment you seek. Reject any guilt associated with this decision, while it is admirable to acknowledge your past misgivings, these regrets do not justify staying in a less than fulfilling situation. Let it all go. That is now your past. You are currently learning and growing in the present toward your future. With this, allow yourself time. This change will not and should not feel immediately comfortable. You will adapt and become more at home with yourself, as time and the process progresses. Though there may be times you feel you don’t know how you’ll keep going, you can! You, a year from now, will look back at this time and recall how difficult it was, but how necessary and entirely rewarding. Personally, I have not once looked back with regret over my decision for change. I am only further confirmed of it’s necessity by consistent new opportunities, awareness, relationships, and interactions that would have otherwise not been present, had I not detached from my comfort. Through adapting to change, growth emerges. One can’t always decide what or when change occurs throughout life, but you do have control of your response to it. I am still in the process of responding, learning, building, and growing. I hope I will never again lose my inspiration for such. Such a process brings a new light to life, an awakening of self and I’m excited to continue to embark into possibilities.

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Looking to Create An At Home Bar this Holiday Season?

Interior Designer Nikki Chu gives you advice on how to capture the perfect home bar By: Nikki Chu Creating a space to entertain over the holidays can become overwhelming, but here are a few easy tips to help make your planning a bit easier: 1.) Paint An Accent Wall: This always helps to define an area you are decorating and an in expensive way to update a room with a great amount of impact. Your accent wall will be the perfect back drop to your bar area creating a focal point in your room. 2.) If Space Is An Issue: Using a console table is the best way to create a bar in a small space. You can use them in hallways, front foyers or even behind a couch. 3.) Use a Mirror Or A Piece Of Art: Hang your favorite piece above your console table to define the space youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re decorating. 4.) Trays Are the Best Way To Serve: Place all you glassware and linens on a separate serving tray. It will keep your bar looking formal, organized and adds dimension. 5.) Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s All In Your Serving-Ware: These are small details that make your bar look well put together. No bar is complete without the perfect ice bucket and martini glass. Make sure you choose pieces that reflect your personality.






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