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Technology has made several advances that benefits an individual personally or a business. In previous years, when technology was not as advanced, many people stored paper records. There are some individuals and businesses who still keep this type of records, but technology has made things a lot easier. The primary reason why businesses and individuals decide to use document scanning is to convert all of their paper records to digital records. Preparing for the Future In the past years, technology was not as great as it is today. For this reason, documents were stored several different ways in various formats. A few of the previous popular formats include microfilm and microfiche. These formats and other previous formats will have to be converted into digital format. If you choose not convert these documents, you could lose your readers because the number of people are currently read microfilm are extremely scarce. Security Matters If you run your own business, you are familiar with the HIPPAA and the FACTA privacy laws. Each business is responsible for keeping and taking control on their private information. When you are using previous storing formats, keeping a tight control on the documents will be difficult. When you have electronic documents, you will be able to remain in control a lot easier. With the advances of technology in a business setting, everything that your employee views can be tracked in a matter of seconds and kept on record. The Disclosure Laws As far as disclosure laws are concerned, when you are running a business, you are expected to be able to find documents quickly when they are requested. Using electronic documents is the best method to use because it is easy and a lot quicker to find the documents that you are looking for, rather than using a different method or format. Recovering from a Disaster When disaster strikes, you can lose everything that you worked extremely hard for. If you lose all of your records and files, how would you recover them? A lot of business owners do not have an answer for this because there is not a backup plan. If you are using another method that does not include electronic documents, your files and records could be lost forever. A lot of businesses will only have one copy of a record or file that they have. In the event of a burglary, fire or a natural disaster, such as flooding, these records will be lost. It is important that you use scanned documents to back up your files so you will always have them. These documents are able to be updated and backed up on a regular basis using a remote server. Collaborations If you have a group project that you are working on, scanning documents is the best way for everyone in the group to have a look at the project and come up with several different ideas and opinions. Electronic documents are the best way to get projects completed by team members who are spread across the globe. Going Green

“Going green” is a major movement in today’s society. A lot of businesses are going green to help the environment. When you are using electronic documents, you are able to tremendously decrease the amount of paper and ink that you use for printing purposes. Using electronic records is a perfect way to decrease the amount of energy that is used. This is a great alternative to using climate controlled record storing facilities. Making Record Timing It is a fact that a lot of employees waste ample time trying to find this document and putting it with that document in order to create an entire project. If an employee does not remember where they placed the documents, who knows when they will remember where they placed the documents. When you are using electronic documents, this is a situation that you do not have to concern yourself with. Electronic records can be found a lot easier using several different search functions. One of the greatest benefits of using electronic documents is that they do not require a lot of time to be filed once they have been used, which is an ultimate time and production saver. Distributing with Ease Instead of spending time creating thousands of copies, then taking the time to ship them, using electronic documents cuts the work in half. Remote partners and employees are able to have the files and records that they need almost instantly by using email. Gaining a Lot of Space Paper documents and files can take up a lot of space. Over the years, you will run out of places to store your records. When you use electronic documents, you are able to store millions of documents that have been scanned. Millions of documents can be stored in one server. Saving Your Money A lot of people want to save money wherever they can. Using electronic documents is a great place to begin. When you use electronic documents, you will no longer have to worry about storage fees. Aside from the storage fees, you will no longer have to concern yourself with paying several employees to maintain the records in order to improve everyone’s overall productivity. Here are 10 reasons why document scanning is needed by individuals and businesses. It is important that you make sure that your business stays current with the frequently changing technology trends. Many of these trends will be able to benefit your business is several great ways. Although you may not want to take part in every technology business trend that comes about, you should be aware of the technology advances that are available. Before you commit to any technology advance, weigh the pros and cons of the technology that would be within your business. If the benefits are greater than the disadvantages, you may want to take a closer look at what the technology is offering your business. In any event, there are thousands of technology advances that you can take advantage of, so it will not hurt your business if you do not use or try every technology advance that comes about.

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This article discusses 10 different reasons why you may want to use electronic documents and how they benefit a workplace.