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Leading Roles Denny Alberts Like so many others, Denny Alberts is looking forward to the completion of the Dallas Arts District. “The arts district has the Dallas Museum of Art, the Meyerson Symphony Center, the Nasher Sculpture Center and the Crow Collection of Asian Art,” the president and chief operating officer of Crescent Real Estate Equities, Ltd. said. The addition of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts to this distinguished list, he believes, “will be the final piece that defines the arts district as world class.” Mr. Alberts is a member of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Foundation Board of Directors and serves on the Foundation’s Finance and Investment Management Committee and the Development Committee. He also encourages more companies to contribute to the campaign through his participation in the Flagship Corporate Alliance, a group of local corporations aligned to raise funds for the Center. So far the Alliance of 16 Metroplex-area companies has raised $3.7 million. Mr. Alberts loves the arts and understands its value to economic development. His company owns the new Ritz-Carlton hotel and residences under construction just two blocks from the arts district. “The Ritz-Carlton wanted a Dallas location that would be the center of the universe and that’s what it will be when the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts is completed,” Mr. Alberts said. Lisa Arpey Lisa Arpey’s passion for the cultural arts, business, volunteerism, public speaking and writing has provided a perfect combination for her service on the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Foundation Board of Directors, its Communications Committee and its Special Events Concept Committee. “Being involved in two major events — the November groundbreaking ceremonies for the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts and an equally big special event in the fall, the ACT TWO fundraising gala — has been extremely rewarding,” she said. Ms. Arpey also serves on the boards of the Dallas Museum of Art, a cause for which she has devoted almost 20 years; the Dallas Symphony Orchestra; the Fort Worth Symphony; and the American Film Institute. Ms. Arpey and her husband, Gerard Arpey, Chairman, President and CEO of American Airlines, are committed to improving the quality of life for all residents in North Texas. “I saw what Bass Hall did for Fort Worth. The Dallas Center for the Performing Arts can do the same thing for the citizens of Dallas and the region,” she said. Leonard Riggs, M.D. As a result of a long career in the medical industry, Dr. Leonard Riggs focused his financial support and volunteer activities primarily on programs involving healthcare and education. But it only took one look at the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts project to expand that focus. “I could see very quickly what the Center would mean to Dallas,” Dr. Riggs said. “The Center can help us attract some of the top talent for our hospitals and schools. Because of that I knew I needed to get involved.” Dr. Riggs serves on the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Foundation Board of Directors, the Foundation’s Development Committee, and Nominating Committee where he helps identify prospective donors that might make a gift in support of the $275 million project. In 1980, he founded EmCare, Inc., a company that runs emergency departments in more than 300 hospitals. Dr. Riggs sold the company and now manages the family’s private investments. His involvement in the community remains strong. He is a member of the Southwestern Medical Foundation, Baylor Health Care System Foundation, North Dallas Shared Ministries, Centenary College, and St. Mark’s School of Texas where he is immediate past president.

Foundation Board of Directors Howard Hallam, Chair* Caren H. Prothro, Vice Chair* Elaine B. Agather Denny Alberts Lisa Arpey Dolores G. Barzune David Biegler Daniel D. Boeckman Harold M. Brierley Donald J. Carty Jeanne Marie Clossey* John Cody Mary McDermott Cook Mary Anne Cree Linda Pitts Custard* John W. Dayton* John Eagle Matrice Ellis-Kirk* Bess Enloe* Roger Enrico* Ruben E. Esquivel* Kathleen M. Gibson* Nancy Strauss Halbreich Fred Hegi Doug Houser John Howell Gene Jones Robert L. Kaminski* Jim Keyes Barbara Thomas Lemmon William H. Lively* Nancy Cain Marcus Maribess Miller* Harvey R. Mitchell D. Roger Nanney* Erle Nye Sarah Perot* Howard Rachofsky* Geoffrey P. Raynor Leonard Riggs, M.D. Dr. Marvin E. Robinson Deedie Rose* Ken Schnitzer Lynn Flint Shaw* Roger Staubach Ronald G. Steinhart John Tolleson Dr. R. Gerald Turner Martin J. Weiland* Dr. Kern Wildenthal Dr. William W. Winspear* Charles Wyly *Foundation Executive  Committee Members

Broadway subCommittee

Martin J. Weiland, Chair Daniel D. Boeckman Richard Freling Howard Hallam Jay Marshall Rena Pederson Ronald G. Steinhart Dr. R. Gerald Turner Dr. William W. Winspear

City Relations Committee

Lynn Flint Shaw, Chair Dolores G. Barzune Howard Hallam William H. Lively Jill Magnuson ++ Ronald G. Steinhart ++ ex officio Member

Communications Committee

Ruben E. Esquivel, Chair Lisa Arpey Nancy Barry Dolores G. Barzune Harold M. Brierley Jeanne Marie Clossey Mary McDermott Cook Nancy Strauss Halbreich John Howell Phillip Jones Barbara Thomas Lemmon Jill Magnuson ++ Kevin Martin Dr. Marvin E. Robinson Les Tanaka Ann Williams ++ ex officio Member

Construction Management Committee

Robert L. Kaminski, Chair Douglas T. Curtis ++ John W. Dayton Bess Enloe Howard Hallam Barry Henry Ken Hughes D. Roger Nanney Howard Rachofsky Deedie Rose Dr. William W. Winspear Charles Wyly ++ ex officio Member

Cornerstone Action Team Committee Sarah Perot, Chair Elaine B. Agather Daniel D. Boeckman Donald J. Carty Matrice Ellis-Kirk Elisabeth Galley ++ Kathleen M. Gibson Howard Hallam Howard Rachofsky Roger Staubach

++ ex officio Member

Development Committee

Caren H. Prothro, Chair Denny Alberts Dolores G. Barzune Daniel D. Boeckman Tom Dunning John Eagle Bess Enloe Elisabeth Galley ++ Jeremy Halbreich Howard Hallam Doug Houser Gene Jones William H. Lively Maribess Miller Sarah Perot Leonard Riggs, M.D. Deedie Rose John Tolleson Bea Wallace ++ ex officio Member

Finance and Investment Management Committee

D. Roger Nanney, Chair Denny Alberts David Biegler Cullum Clark Dr. Joseph M. Grant Howard Hallam Fred Hegi Robert L. Kaminski Barbara Thomas Lemmon Robert C. Qualls ++ Ronald G. Steinhart John Tolleson Martin J. Weiland ++ ex officio Member

Flagship Corporate Alliance Action Team Committee Maribess Miller, Chair Denny Alberts Talmage Boston Mary Frances Burleson Elisabeth Galley ++ Kathleen M. Gibson Thomas Helfand Ronald Murtt D. Roger Nanney Erle Nye Roger Staubach Donald Weeks ++ ex officio Member

Logo and Branding Committee Ruben E. Esquivel, Chair Richard Baker John W. Dayton John Eagle Gregg Engles Howard Hallam Jim Keyes William H. Lively Jill Magnuson++ Howard Rachofsky Deedie Rose ++ ex officio Member

Naming Threshold Committee Caren H. Prothro, Chair Ruth Altshuler Harold M. Brierley Mary Anne Cree Linda Pitts Custard John W. Dayton Elisabeth Galley ++ Howard Hallam William H. Lively Nancy Cain Marcus Deedie Rose ++ ex officio Member

Nominating Committee Kathleen M. Gibson, Chair Elaine B. Agather Doug Houser William H. Lively Erle Nye Geoffrey P. Raynor Leonard Riggs, M.D. Dr. Marvin E. Robinson Lynn Flint Shaw Roger Staubach Dr. R. Gerald Turner

Special Projects Committee

Matrice Ellis-Kirk, Chair Toni Brinker Delin Bru Angie Bulaich++ Ana Carty Darlene Galassi Cass Linda Pitts Custard Joe DePinto Bess Enloe Melissa Fetter Dr. Elba Garcia Nancy Strauss Halbreich Phillip Jones William H. Lively Jill Magnuson ++ Nancy Cain Marcus Ruthie Pack Joe Popolo Michael Rawlings Nick Shepherd Emily Summers Ann Williams ++ ex officio Member

Operations and Programming Committee

Roger Enrico, Chair David Biegler Harold M. Brierley Donald J. Carty John Cody David Court John W. Dayton Zenetta Drew ++ Bess Enloe Richard Freling Mark Hadley ++ Howard Hallam Robert L. Kaminski William H. Lively Harvey R. Mitchell Erle Nye Geoffrey P. Raynor Phil Ritter Deedie Rose Karen Stone ++ Dr. R. Gerald Turner Martin J. Weiland Dr. Kern Wildenthal Dr. William W. Winspear Charles Wyly ++ ex officio Member

President’s Advisory Council* Linda Pitts Custard, Chair Lindalyn Adams Allie Beth Allman Ruth Altshuler Ramon Alvarez Charlotte Jones Anderson Giselle Antoni Marilyn Augur Scott Austin Shelle Bagot Norman P. Bagwell Richard Baker C. Fred Ball Jr. Ann Barbier-Mueller Alice W. Bass Sally Berry Gil J. Besing Joanne Stroud Bilby Lucy Billingsley Kathryne S. Bishop Jan Hart Black Beth Ann Blackwood Laura Boeckman Marla Boone Talmage Boston Denis J. Boulle Ed H. Bowman Delilah H. Boyd Eric Brauss Gillian M. Breidenbach William A. Brewer III Diane Brierley Norman Brinker Toni Brinker Anne Bromberg Bob Buford Stuart M. Bumpas Mary Frances Burleson Bruce Calder Nancy Carlson Sis Carr Dianne Cash Darlene Galassi Cass John R. Castle Jr. Elliot R. Cattarulla George V. Charlton Brent Christopher Nita Prothro Clark Patti Cody Gail B. Cook David Court Mary Lee Cox Sally Cullum Kevin Curley Allen Custard Levi H. Davis Lucille DiDomenico Lowell C. Duncan Jr. Jane C. Dunne

Sally Dunning Jennifer Eagle Charles W. Eisemann James R. Erwin Laura V. Estrada Vernon E. Faulconer Juan Faura Edward M. Fjordbak Rebecca Enloe Fletcher Nash Flores Terry J. Flowers Nita Ford Judith Gausnell Gloria McCall Godat Dorothy G. Goddard Carmen Godwin Randall G. Goss Dr. Joseph M. Grant Kelly Green Candice J. Haas Fanchon Hallam Paul W. Harris Orrin Harrison Paula B. Harrison Jess Hay Amy D. Hegi Jan Hegi Libby Hegi Jennifer Houser Sydney Huffines Angela Hunt Caroline Rose Hunt Tavia S. Hunt Gregory Hustis Mary Jalonick Franklyn G. Jenifer, Ph.D. Graeme Jenkins Michael A. Jenkins James M. Johnston Gene Jones Phillip Jones Richard L. Jones Kim Hiett Jordan Kate Crosland Juett Sue R. Justice Margo R. Keyes Jack M. Kinnebrew Jack Klein Mary Noel Lamont Ann M. Lardner Stan Levenson Veletta Forsythe Lill Andrew Litton Liz Minyard Lokey Sarah Losinger David M. Love II Bobby B. Lyle Gail Madden Joy S. Mankoff Cheryl Unis Mansour Sara T. Martineau Anita N. Martinez Gray Mayes Tom H. McCasland Jr. P. Mike McCullough Mrs. Eugene McDermott Linda B. McFarland Janie Strauss McGarr Ellen McStay Patricia B. Meadows Linda Metcalf Su-Su Meyer Tincy Miller Cynthia R. Mitchell Joyce Mitchell Francie Moody-Dahlberg Ruth Ann Montgomery Jeff D. Morris Mike Moses Maria Muñoz-Blanco Scott Murray Lyn Muse Frank A. Naboulsi Andrea Nasher Raymond Nasher Dana Nearburg Lydia Haggar Novakov Patricia M. Patterson Sheron C. Patterson Virginia Payne Rena Pederson Jan Pickens Nelda Cain Pickens Alfonso E. Pino III Charles H. Pistor Maria Martineau Plankinton Judy Pollock Ann Pomykal Dana Porter Carol Poston Darryl D. Pounds Cindy Rachofsky Betty Regard Robert S. Rendell Peggy Riggs Angela Berry Roberson Lillie T. Romano Marcy Sands Ken Schnitzer John M. Scott III Diane Scovell Carl Sewell Judy Skinner William T. Solomon Jackie M. Stewart Donald J. Stone L. Charles Stovall

Diana Strauss Theodore H. Strauss Sara Stroud Emily Summers Jack D. Sweet Betty W. Switzer Barbara Sypult Les Tanaka Harry Tanner Lisa Y. Thierry Gail Thomas Debbie Tolleson Terdema Ussery Annette Vaughn Lillian Delgado Vecchiarelli Arturo Violante Bea Wallace Sarah Warnecke Tucean Webb Donald L. Weeks Herbert D. Weitzman Jimmy Westcott Michael Wheeler David Wiessman Donna Wilhelm Ann Williams Jamie Williams J. McDonald Williams Sharon Worrell J. Michael Wylie As of 4-25-06

Pricing Committee David Court, Chair Mary McDermott Cook Dr. Kern Wildenthal Dr. William W. Winspear

Site Design Committee Howard Rachofsky, Chair Giselle Antoni Daniel D. Boeckman Mary Brinegar Mary McDermott Cook Mary Anne Cree Douglas T. Curtis ++ John W. Dayton Bess Enloe Ken Hughes Melissa McNeil Maria Muñoz-Blanco Deedie Rose Lizzie Routman George Schrader Frederick Steiner Emily Summers ++ ex officio Member

Special Events Concept Committee Jeanne Marie Clossey, Chair Charlotte Jones Anderson Lisa Arpey Janie Cook Nancy Strauss Halbreich Gene Jones Jill Magnuson++ Sara Martineau Joyce Mitchell Francie Moody-Dahlberg Lyn Muse Sarah Perot Myrna Schlegel ++ ex officio Member

Winspear Opera House Facilities Committee Dr. William W. Winspear, Chair Eric Brauss Bruce Calder Bob Carrel John Cody Douglas T. Curtis ++ John W. Dayton Ruben E. Esquivel John Gage ++ Jeffrey A. Innmon ++ Harvey R. Mitchell Joyce Mitchell Darryl Pounds Karen Stone ++ Martin J. Weiland Dr. Kern Wildenthal ++ ex officio Member

Wyly Theatre Facilities Committee Bess Enloe, Chair Larry Angelilli Tony Atkiss Diane Brierley Mary McDermott Cook Douglas T. Curtis ++ Arlene Dayton Mark Hadley++ John Howell Kate Crosland Juett Michael Korns++ John Levy Chris Luna Deedie Rose Lynn Flint Shaw Sarah Warnecke Ann Williams Charles Wyly ++ ex officio Member

the mar q uee Dallas Welcomes New Cultural Affairs Director Dallas’ “amazing growth mode” is what most attracted Maria Muñoz-Blanco to the city after four years as executive director of the Cultural Arts Council of Houston/ Harris County, a nonprofit corporation that serves as Houston’s official arts agency. “I am looking forward to the continued growth, energy and opportunities for new ideas,” said Ms. Muñoz-Blanco, Dallas’ new cultural affairs director since January. One of her top priorities is the upcoming bond election “and making sure we get voter support to complete the City Performance Hall,” the city-owned venue for the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts. Ms. Muñoz-Blanco, who holds a master’s degree in art history from Rutgers University and an undergraduate art degree from the University of Puerto Rico, also plans to raise awareness of the numerous arts events available to residents. “There is so much to do in Dallas related to the arts,” she said.

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2106 boll street dallas, texas 75204

Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Foundation

Construc tion


spring issue 2006 behind the scenes • CONSTRUCTION BEGINS • IN THE WINGS • DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION DEVELOPMENT • CORNERSTONE program • Update on the arts • leading roles • the marquee

Behind the


The campaign to build the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts is a nine-year project comprised of three three-year phases, the final phase of which will begin on August 1, 2006. The campaign’s first three-year phase was committed to planning the project, raising leadership gifts to ensure its early success and appointing renowned architects and specialists to design the Center’s venues. The second phase was dedicated to designing the venues, increasing funding to 75 percent of the project’s total cost and executing long-term contracts with the City of Dallas affirming ways the Center will be governed, operated, managed, maintained and supported from the time of its opening. The goals of the campaign’s final three-year phase are to complete construction, raise the remaining funds required to construct the Center and implement the Center’s business plan. The Center’s underground garage is now under construction, and by the end of this summer, construction will begin on the Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre and Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House. Construction of the Center’s new Annette Strauss Artist Square and Grand Plaza will start in 2008, with the long-anticipated grand opening being planned for the fall of 2009. As we approach the final chapter of the campaign to build the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts, we do so with the understanding that all of the primary goals of the campaign’s first two phases were accomplished; the project is on schedule and on budget; renowned architects have designed remarkable venues to comprise the Center; total funding for the project exceeds $203 million, including 82 gifts of $1 million and above from Dallas families and organizations; a multi-generational contract has been executed with the City of Dallas that will help ensure prudent management and quality control of the Center’s future operation; and, a responsible, comprehensive business plan for the Center is in development. As portrayed in the articles and photographs included in this newsletter, construction is underway, fund-raising continues on schedule and the individuals leading the campaign and most responsible for its success include many of Dallas’ most important business, cultural, and education leaders.

The Arts District Theater sits in a crumpled heap after being demolished to clear the way for construction of the Center’s underground parking garage.

Const ruc tion


Shed demolition, tree relocation clear the way for construction to begin The relocation of nearly 300 live trees and the demolition of the Arts District Theater, just months following historic groundbreaking events, signaled the official start of the construction of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts, beginning with the underground parking garage. Construction on the 600-space underground parking facility is proceeding, with construction of the Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House and Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre scheduled to begin later this fall.

Bill Lively President & CEO

Front-end equipment tears into the sides of the old Arts District Theater. Demolition of the theater earlier this year cleared the area at Flora and Jack Evans streets for construction of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts beginning with the underground parking garage.

“The campaign’s success is particularly gratifying because so many donors are making major pledges to the cultural arts for the first time.”



RECEPTION HONORING ACT TWO HOST COMMITTEE Lyn and John Muse hosted a private reception in their home February 22 to honor the ACT TWO Host Committee and formally announce Sir Elton John as the ACT TWO headline performer for the October 25 fundraising gala.

Left to right: Jeanne Marie Clossey, board member, Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Foundation and ACT TWO Host Committee Chair; Caren Prothro, vice chair, Foundation Board of Directors; and Bess Enloe and Mary McDermott Cook, Foundation board members

The theater, which was designed and built to In the meantime, efforts to clear the site

last only five years, but remained in operation for

in preparation for construction of the Center’s

22, was located at the intersection of Flora Street

venues have continued at a rapid pace.

and Jack Evans.

Nearly 300 bald cypress and sweet gum trees

The Winspear Opera House will be located

occupied the future site of the Center, needing

within the same vicinity, along with the new

to be cleared for construction. Wanting to give

Annette Strauss Artist Square. The Grand

the trees a new life, in December, Foundation

Plaza, the Center’s park-like environment will

officials made a public plea for the trees to be

connect the venues together, including the

relocated to homes, businesses, or schools.

Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre, which will be

Receiving more than 500 calls from

located across the street on Flora, and the City

individuals, companies and organizations from as far away as Tyler, the trees that formerly occupied the Dallas Arts District, have new

Performance Hall. Construction at the Center’s future site is only part of the progress being charted

homes throughout the area. Earlier this year, the Arts District Theater was demolished and the site completely leveled, adding another major step in the continuing momentum to build the Center. “We have all been looking forward to this day,” said Bill Lively, Foundation president and CEO as the land was cleared. “This brings reality to the dreams we have shared about building the

Left to right: Charlotte Jones Anderson; and Gene Jones, board member, Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Foundation; Dee Wyly; and Charles Wyly, Foundation board member

world’s finest cultural arts facilities right here in the Dallas Arts District.”

A Bald Cypress tree sits tagged, wrapped and ready for relocation.


as the nine-year campaign to build the Center heads into its final phase. The unprecedented fundraising campaign has achieved more than 70 percent of its goal,

sarah and ross perot jr.

which already is the most money ever raised for cultural arts facilities in North Texas. Designs for the Winspear Opera House, Wyly Theatre and the underground parking structure are nearing completion and design work is almost finished for the Grand Plaza, which will be the parklike environment connecting the venues together. Design of a new Annette Strauss Artists Square also is underway. Foundation Board Chairman Howard Hallam said the campaign’s success is particularly gratifying because so many donors are making major pledges to the cultural arts for the first time.

d e s i g n

Nursery workers use an end-loader and other equipment to load trees onto a flatbed as part of the tree removal and relocation process.

“More than 80 percent of these donors are not historically supporters of Dallas’ cultural organizations and institutions,” he said. “More than 60 percent have told us their gifts are the largest they have ever made. That’s a wonderful affirmation of the importance of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts to this community.”

a n d

construction Foster and Partners to design new Annette Strauss Artist Square

Internationally renowned Foster and Partners has recently been selected as the architectural firm to design the completely new Annette Strauss Artist Square. Named for the late former Mayor of Dallas, a passionate supporter of the arts and the Dallas Arts District, Annette Strauss Artist Square will be the premier outdoor performance venue of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts, one of five new venues that will comprise the Center scheduled to open in 2009. Strauss Square will host a variety of outdoor events ranging from concerts to theatrical and dance performances to multi-day festivals, and will accommodate audiences of up to 5,000 in a serene open-air setting. It will also be a defining feature of the Grand Plaza, the planned outdoor Spencer de Grey, principal architect park-like environment that will unify all of the for design firm Foster and Partners Center’s venues. Combined with the Center’s Grand Plaza, the space will accommodate even thousands more, allowing for a new level of programming which will encourage even broader community involvement. London-based Foster and Partners is also designing the Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House, a 2,200-seat venue in the classic horseshoe configuration which will face the Grand Plaza and Strauss Square. “We are thrilled that Foster and Partners will be designing two integral components of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts and are confident that the new Annette Strauss Artist Square will be a tremendous tribute to our beloved former Mayor,” said Mary Suhm, City Manager, City of Dallas. Founded by Norman Foster, Foster and Partners has received more than 300 awards and citations for architectural excellence. Foster has been the recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, the Praemium Imperiale Award for Architecture and the American Institute of Architects Gold Medal for Architecture, among many other honors.

development Sir Elton John appearing in grand performance at ACT TWO Gala

Legendary singer-songwriter Sir Elton John and Academy Award-winning actress Dame Julie Andrews will join the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Foundation at its ACT TWO gala on the evening of Wednesday, October 25 at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center. The fund-raising gala will commemorate the beginning of construction of the Center’s Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House and Dee Sir Elton John will perform and Dame Julie and Charles Wyly Theatre and is the Andrews will serve as Mistress of Ceremonies for grand finale of the Brinker International the ACT TWO Gala. Lecture Series. Julie Andrews will be the Mistress of Ceremonies for this extraordinary evening which will feature Elton John in Grand Performance in his first-ever concert at the Meyerson Symphony Center. A portion of the income generated by ACT TWO will be shared with the Center’s future resident companies, including The Dallas Opera, Dallas Theater Center, Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Texas Ballet Theater and the Anita N. Martinez Ballet Folklorico, with the balance of funds used to help construct the Center. ACT TWO sponsors and underwriters include Alon USA, Brinker International, Neiman Marcus, Diane and Hal Brierly, Jackson Walker L.L.P. and The Weitzman Group/Cencor Reality Services.

Under the leadership of Sarah and Ross Perot Jr., the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts’ Cornerstone Program is on course to raising $30 million for the Center by its conclusion in December 2006. “The most successful fund-raising projects in the history of American philanthropy have had as their common denominators remarkable families who have devoted their resources and time to lead, and in the process, encouraged others to follow,” said Caren Prothro, vice chair of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Foundation Board of Directors and chair of the Foundation’s Development Committee. Sarah and Ross Perot Jr. are such a family in Dallas and their extraordinary support of the campaign to build the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts through their leadership in the Cornerstone Program has made a profound impact on the project’s success to date.” Funding for the campaign’s design phase began in January 2005 with the activation of the Cornerstone Program supported by the Cornerstone Action Team, a group of 30 couples chaired by the Perots. The Cornerstone Program will operate throughout the campaign’s design phase, concluding in December of 2006, with the goal of raising twelve $1 million Cornerstone gifts in 2005 and twelve additional gifts of $1 million or above in 2006. Since the inception of the Cornerstone Program, members of the Action Team have hosted more than 60 private dinners, luncheons, receptions and other events introducing the importance of the Center to more than 500 Dallas cultural, business and civic leaders. As a result, the Cornerstone Program exceeded its 2005 goal by $3 million and is on course to raising $30 million. The Perots committed a $1 million Founding Family gift to the campaign during its first phase. “Ross and I believe the construction of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts will dramatically enhance Dallas’ cultural landscape and make our city competitive with the greatest in the world in attracting the next generations of companies and families,” Mrs. Perot said. “Through the Cornerstone Program, hundreds of Dallas families are being introduced to the ways the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts will transform our city, providing cultural experiences of the highest quality.” “It has been very gratifying for Sarah and me to work with the couples who are serving on the Cornerstone Action Team to introduce this important project to families new to Dallas and those with long-standing ties to the community,” Mr. Perot said. “The Cornerstone Program is defining the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts at the grassroots level for families who are committed to the future of our city.” By the conclusion of the Cornerstone Program at the end of this year, the Cornerstone Action Team will have hosted 100 events for more than 750 Dallas leaders and will have raised $30 million for construction.

Dallas City Councilwoman Angela Hunt’s


ON THE ARTS One of my goals as the councilmember representing the Dallas Arts District is to ensure that it flourishes. As the arts district enters a remarkable time of expansion, I felt it essential to create a forum for the arts district organizations to work together on common interests. The result is the Arts District Strategic Planning Council, comprised of executive directors, board presidents, and other arts organization representatives. The Council began meeting monthly in January to address concerns including ensuring that the city-owned City Performance Hall of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts, and other infrastructure improvements for the arts district are included in the upcoming bond program. Other priorities include developing a parking plan for the district and updating landscaping and sidewalk requirements. In the future we will develop a comprehensive vision for the arts district, identify branding and marketing opportunities, and seek ways to work together on arts programming. We will accomplish much more and become much stronger working together and speaking with one voice, than we ever could as separate organizations. “Update on the Arts” will appear in each edition of Stages, the official newsletter of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Foundation.

Stages Spring 2006  

Stages newsletter spring 2006