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Behind The Scenes July 31, 2007 marked the end of the seventh year of the nineyear campaign to build the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts, the first year of the campaign’s construction phase and the conclusion of the Center’s 2007 fiscal year. The campaign’s major accomplishments during the last year in the areas of design and construction, fund-raising, financial management, communications and operations are too numerous to be listed in this article. However, some were so historic in their impact that they merit further comment. Dallas families and organizations committed more than $44 million in new gifts and pledges to help construct the Center, increasing the number of donors of $1 million and above to 100, establishing the campaign to build the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts as the most successful project of its kind in America’s history. During the year, guaranteed maximum price contracts were executed with general contractors managing the construction of the Center’s venues; construction of the first phase of the Center’s underground garage was completed; and construction of the concrete superstructures of the Winspear Opera House and Wyly Theatre began. Conceptual designs were completed for Performance Park, the destination park uniting the venues through nature, and the new Annette Strauss Artist Square, the Center’s outdoor venue. The Center’s logo and branding plan designed by a renowned New York design agency were approved and implemented during the year. Several Dallas foundations and companies funded the creation of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Preview Center, a 2,700 square-foot gallery in the Trammell Crow Center, with large-scale models of the Center’s venues and graphic elements portraying the scope of the Center and its impact on the Dallas Arts District. The Center produced ACT TWO in October to celebrate the beginning of construction. The gala, hosted by Julie Andrews and featuring Elton John in concert, generated more than $2 million in net revenue to help construct the Center. Standard & Poor’s upgraded the rating on the tax-exempt bonds the Center sold in 2006, resulting in a recovery of approximately $640,000 of funds to be used for construction. And, the Center confirmed $3 million in sponsorships underwriting the first four years of the production of the new Brinker International Forum, an annual series of events featuring some of the world’s most highly acclaimed performers, artists, scientists and explorers. As we begin the next to the last year in the campaign to build the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts, we do so with a profound appreciation for those who have devoted their time and resources to help plan, design and build the most significant new performing arts center in America since the building of Lincoln Center almost 50 years ago. With approximately 25 months remaining before the Center’s grand opening, the project remains on schedule and on budget, and the cost of the campaign has been contained to only five cents of each donor dollar. It is in this context that we celebrate the achievements of the past 12 months and look forward to the opportunities in the next two years.

NEVER BEFORE D alla s C e n t e r f o r t h e P e r f o r m i n g A r t s C a m pa i g n C e l e b r a t e s 1 0 0 t h $ 1 M i ll i o n D o n o r

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Center milestone :







organizations have given gif ts of $ 1 million or more, an achievement unrivaled by any other capital campaign of this kind. The 100th gif t came from the James M. Collins Family. “This is a great day in the history of the Dallas

recent gifts, the total raised in the campaign to

Center for the Performing Arts,” said Bill

build the Center is now $252 million toward the

Lively, president and CEO of the Dallas

$275 million capital campaign goal, with more than

Center for the Performing Arts. “Dallas has

93% of the funding for the project coming from

accomplished what no other city in the country

private sources.

has ever done. That 100 donors have given gifts

of at least $1 million is a testament to the spirit

for their generosity and commitment to Dallas,”

and generosity of the people of Dallas.”

said Caren Prothro, vice chair of the Dallas Center

for the Performing Arts Board of Directors. “To

The remarkable number of $1 million gifts

“We thank all of the families and organizations

demonstrates the depth of support for the Dallas

have raised gifts of $1 million or more from 100

Center for the Performing Arts within the Dallas

different donors is a landmark achievement, but

community. For many of the $1 million donors,

we are not stopping here. We are committed to

their gifts to the Center are either the largest

fully funding the design and construction and to

gift they have made to a single organization or

have raised well over our $275 million goal by the

their f irst signif icant contribution to an arts

time the Center opens in 2009.”

organization. Some of the donors have given Bill Lively

multiple gifts at this size, bringing the total

President and CEO Dallas Center for the Performing Arts

number of million dollar gifts to 105. With these

For the complete list of Million Dollar Donors, visit

Million Dollar Donors

In Memoriam William W. Winspear 1933—2007 O n J u n e 10, 20 07, the Dallas Center for the Per forming Ar t s lost one of it s greatest champions with the pas sing o f B i l l W i n s p e a r. M r. W i n s p e a r w a s a remarkable man who will be remembered for his success in business and for his ex traordinar y generosit y suppor ting cultural organizations and institutions in and beyond Dallas. A life-long lover of opera, M r. W i n s p e a r w a s a f o u n d e r o f t h e c a m p a i g n t o build the Dallas Center for the Per forming Ar t s. I n 20 0 2, h e a n d h i s w i f e, M a r g o t , m a d e a $ 42 m i l l i o n g i f t t o t h e C e n t e r, a t t h e t i m e, t h e l a r g e s t gif t from a family suppor ting a project of any kind i n D a l l a s ’ h i s t o r y. T h e M a r g o t a n d B i l l W i n s p e a r Opera House was named in honor of their ex traordinar y gif t. Bill Winspear was a char ter member of the Dallas Center for the Per forming Ar t s Board of D i r e c t o r s a n d a m e m b e r o f t h e B o a r d ’s E x e c u t i v e Commit tee. He chaired the Winspear Opera House

Facilities Commit tee and was intimately involved i n a l l p h a s e s o f t h e p l a n n i n g o f t h e v e n u e, including the selection of Foster + Par tner s as the design architect s. M r. W i n s p e a r u n d e r s t o o d t h e i m p o r t a n c e of designing and constructing a world-clas s per forming ar t s center with venues that would accommodate the mandates of both per former s and audiences. He also under stood the impor tance of developing a responsible busines s plan for the Center and contributed significantly to the process. Dur ing hi s li f e t ime, Mr. W in s p e ar ’s contributions to Dallas’ cultural landscape were enormous and will be remembered with grateful appreciation for decades to come. His long time suppor t of The Dallas Opera and Dallas S y m p h o ny O r c h e s t r a a s s i s t e d b o t h o f t h e s e organizations in achieving national recognition. I n t h e f a l l o f 20 0 9, a m i d s t t h e c e l e b r a t i o n of the grand opening of the Dallas Center for the Per forming Ar t s, our city and those m o s t r e s p o n s i b l e f o r t h e C e n t e r ’s d e s i g n a n d construction will pause at an appropriate time to celebrate the memor y of Bill Winspear and his heroic leader ship of the most impor tant cultural project of it s kind in the histor y of Dallas.

Four generations of the Collins family (left to right): Michael James Collins, his daughter Catherine Collins Masterson with her son Jackson, and Dorothy “Dee” Collins Torbert

W hen the James M. Collins family gave a gift of $1 million to the Dallas Center for the Per forming Ar ts, t he fa m i l y m a d e h i s t o r y a s t h e 1 0 0 t h d o n o r o f $1 mi l l ion or more to t he ca mpa ig n, a n unprecedented achievement for a ca mpa ig n of t his k ind. “ T he Da l la s Center for t he Per for ming A r ts is a sta gger ing under ta k ing, bot h in t he scope of t he projec t a nd in t he impac t it w i l l have on Da l la s. T his Center is cr it ica l ly impor ta nt for t he f ut ure of Da l la s in establ ishing our cit y a s a globa l leader,” sa id M ichael Col l ins. “My fa mi ly is honored to be t he one t hat pushed t his ca mpa ig n over t he top in its histor ic achievement of 100 donors, a nd to be a pa r t of t he cont inuing t rad it ion of phi la nt hropy in t his communit y t hat is unpa ra l leled a ny where in t he count r y.”

Design & Construction


Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House

Brinker International Forum Introduced Before hundreds in attendance in The Meyerson Symphony Center on September 25, 2007, the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts announced its first annual production, the Brinker International Forum and its unique National Geographic Live! component. With its partner, National Geographic, the Brinker International Forum will be America’s preeminent series blending the arts and sciences and featuring internationally renowned performing and visual artists, scientists, explorers, filmmakers and photographers whose creativity and research have captured the imagination of the world. Four of the Brinker International Forum’s annual events will be in the form of performances, conversations, lectures, symposia and panel discussions featuring renowned artists. Two of the Forum’s annual productions will be National Geographic Live! events featuring National Geographic’s most distinguished scientists and explorers. The Forum’s title sponsor, Brinker International, is a major corporate supporter of the campaign to build the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts and was the title sponsor of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Brinker International Lecture Series which presented Mary Tyler Moore, John Travolta, Robert Redford and Elton John. The Brinker International Forum’s 2008-2009 inaugural season will be produced in The Meyerson Symphony Center with all subsequent seasons presented in the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House.

Preview of the Forum’s Inaugural Season The Margaret McDermott Performance Hall of the Margot and Bill Winspear Opera House rises to its full height. The opening for the escalators of the underground parking garage appears in the foreground.

Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre

Photo: Graham Boynton

Two of the events comprising the Brinker International Forum’s 2008-2009 inaugural season were introduced at the September 25th event announcing the Forum exemplifying the concept and stature of the Forum’s four other events to be announced in February of 2008. The Diane and Hal Brierley National Geographic Live! Forum event on October14,2008willfeatureaward-winningfilmmakersandnaturalistsBeverly andDereckJoubert,who willsharehighlightsofover aquartercenturyoflifein theAfricanbush,where theyhavedocumentedthe behaviorofAfrica’smost majesticcreatures,most notablyitsendangeredcats. On November 25, 2008, the One Arts Dereck and Beverly Joubert, naturalists and filmmakers (right) and Hilary Swank, Plaza Forum event will Academy Award-winning actress (left) feature Hilary Swank. Ms. Swank won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performances in Boys Don’t Cry and Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby. In introducing the Brinker International Forum, the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts announced a Sneak Preview Offer in which individuals who purchase subscriptions before December 15, 2007 will receive a 10% discount and priority seating in The Meyerson Symphony Center for the Forum’s 2008-2009 season. Subscription prices range from $210 to $420. The complete 2008-2009 Brinker International Forum season will be announced in February of 2008, including events sponsored by Jones Day, Allie Beth and Pierce Allman, John Eagle Dealerships and Museum Tower. For more information on Brinker International Forum subscriptions, call 214-954-9225 Ext. 293.

Brinker International Forum Board of Advisors Norman Brinker, honorary chair (left) for the Brinker International Forum Board of Advisors and Jeremy Halbreich, chair (right)

A crew works on one of the six reinforced concrete “super columns” that will support the superstructure of the Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre.

T he late Ja mes Col lins, a Da l la s nat ive, wa s a leader in t he Da l la s business communit y a nd a lso ser ved a s a United States Cong ressma n for more t ha n 15 yea rs. H is w i fe, Dorot hy “Dee” Col lins Torber t a nd t wo chi ld ren, Dorot hy Col l ins Weaver a nd M ichael Col lins, cont inue to prov ide major phi la nt hropic suppor t to cu lt ura l, educat ion a nd hea lt hca re orga ni zat ions bot h in Da l la s a nd nat iona l ly.

Development Bess and Ted Enloe Lead New Pillar Program Norman Brinker, honorary chair Gail Ewing

Lydia Haggar Novakov

Jeremy L. Halbreich, chair

Melissa Fetter

Marshall Payne

Janet. H. Albers

Nita Ford

Margot Perot

Mary Anne Alhadeff

Richard A. Freling

Marie Perry

Pierce Allman

Leah Fullinwider

Cindy Rachofsky

“The Dallas Center for the Performing Arts

Lisa Arpey

Gina Ginsburg

Peggy Riggs

Marilyn Augur

Gregory C. Greene

Refel Rushing

is a staggering undertaking, both in the

Joel Austin

Sam T. Hamra

Peter Schenkel

John Beckert

Caroline Rose Hunt

Diane Scovell

scope of the project and in the impact it

Jane Beneke

Gene Jones

Peggy Sewell

William A. Brewer III

Kate Juett

Gayle B. Stoffel

Harold M. Brierley

Gary Kelly

Ann Swisher

Toni Brinker

Margo Keyes

Roger Thomson

Anne Bromberg

John J. Klein

Bea Wallace

Nancy Carlson

Alexandra Lavie

Linda Wan

Brent E. Christopher

Joy S. Mankoff

Sarah Warnecke

Nancy Dedman

George T. Manning

Laura B. Whitley

Rachael Dedman

Nancy Cain Marcus

Kimberly Schlegel Whitman

Thomas M. Dunning

Janie Strauss McGarr

Donna Wilhelm

Jennifer Eagle

Michael F. McGehee

Jim Young

Timothy Eller

Ellen McStay

Matrice Ellis-Kirk

Maribess Miller

will have on Dallas. This Center is critically important for the future of Dallas in establishing our city as a global leader.” T he Col l ins fa mi ly ’s roots in Da l la s date back more t ha n 100 yea rs, a nd t he impac t of t heir phi la nt hropic suppor t ca n be felt a round t he cit y. T he E dw in L . Cox School of Business at Sout her n Met hod ist Universit y n a me d it s Ja me s M . C ol l i n s E xe c ut i ve E duc a t ion C ente r i n honor of mor e t h a n $ 6 m i l l ion i n g i f t s f r om t he f a m i l y. T he Ja me s M . C ol l i n s C ente r for Biome d ic a l R e s e a r c h a t U T S out h we s te r n w a s a l s o e s t a bl i she d t h r ou g h g i f t s f r om t he C ol l i n s f a m i l y. M ajor c ont r i but ion s f r om t he C ol l i n s f a m i l y en a ble d t he c on s t r uc t ion of t he Ja me s M . a nd D or ot hy D. Col l ins Women a nd Chi ld ren’s Center on t he ca mpus of Baylor Universit y Med ica l Center at Da l la s. T he fa mi ly ha s a lso been a long t ime suppor ter of bot h t he Da l la s Museum of A r t a nd t he Da l la s Sy mphony Orchest ra.

Pillar Program Committee chairs Bess and Ted Enloe

Longtime Center advocates Bess and Ted Enloe are chairing a new committee to lead the Pillar Program, a donor program that will specifically target gifts under $1 million. The Pillar Program is the first of several broad-based campaign initiatives designed to help the Center reach its fund-raising goals while fostering greater public awareness and support of the project. Bess Enloe is a founding member of the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts Board of Directors and has played a critical role in many of the Center’s standing committees, including the Wyly Theatre Facilities Committee. Ted Enloe is a managing general partner of Balquita Partners, a family securities and real estate investment partnership and serves on the boards of several major corporations. Mr. and Mrs. Enloe are avid supporters of the arts in Dallas, and have generously contributed to the campaign to build the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts.

(as of 9-13-07)

PREVIEW CENTER SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Preview Center First Look Days Be among the first to get an inside look at the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts! Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27: 11 a.m.— 3 p.m. Friday, January 25 and Saturday, January 26: 11 a.m.— 3 p.m.

Leading Roles Linda Pitts Custard The performing arts in Dallas have always been an important part of Linda Pitts Custard’s life. Her parents supported both The Dallas Opera and the Dallas Theater Center, instilling in Mrs. Custard a love for both organizations. In 1959, she attended the opening production of the Dallas Theater Center with her future husband, Bill Custard. Mr. and Mrs. Custard have also been longtime supporters of The Dallas Opera, watching performances from the same seats at The Music Hall in Fair Park for 46 years. Linda Custard joined the Board in the earliest days of the campaign, and chairs the Center’s President’s Advisory Council. “The Dallas Center for the Performing Arts will be the culmination of three decades of dreaming, planning and building for the Dallas Arts District,” she said. “My family carries the love of the arts from one generation to the next, and we look forward to enjoying performances in the new Center.” Mrs. Custard’s work with non-profit organizations spans the spectrum of arts, education, healthcare and other organizations. She serves on the boards of the Dallas Theater Center and The Dallas Opera. She is also secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Communities Foundation of Texas, Inc. and a trustee of the Hoblitzelle and Dedman Foundations. In 2000, she received the TACA/Neiman Marcus Silver Cup Award for her outstanding contributions to the arts.

Doug Brooks Doug Brooks is chairman, CEO and president of Brinker International. His involvement with the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts began four years ago, when Brinker became the title sponsor of the Brinker International Lecture Series. Since that time, Mr. Brooks has joined the Center’s Board of Directors and has continued to oversee his company’s involvement in the Center with the creation of the new Brinker International Forum. In his role as a Board member, Mr. Brooks’ goal is to ensure that the Center has programming that appeals to a wide range of audiences. “This is the first time I have been involved in an arts organization,” he said. “What draws me to the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts is that it will be a Center for arts and entertainment of all kinds. The types of performers that were featured in the first Brinker series, including Mary Tyler Moore, Robert Redford, John Travolta and Elton John, represent the diversity of performances that people will be able to enjoy at the Center.” Mr. Brooks also serves on the board of directors for Limbs For Life Foundation and the Kenny Can Foundation, and is a member of the Professional Advisory Board of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Jim Keyes “The performing and visual arts have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember,” said Jim Keyes, the chairman and chief executive officer of Blockbuster Inc. “Though my time and skills are both limited, to this day I paint, sculpt and write music for enjoyment. These skills carry over into my professional life in many ways, creating balance and stimulating creativity.” Growing up in rural Massachusetts, Mr. Keyes had exposure to the performing and visual arts from a young age. Through travels later in life, he experienced performances by some of the great artists in some of the world’s most spectacular venues. “These life-changing experiences gave me an appreciation for art forms that I might not otherwise have developed,” he said. “The Center is not just about spectacular buildings. It is about creating an environment that will attract the best performers in the world who will provide these kinds of experiences to children and adults in our community.” In addition to serving on the Center’s Board of Directors, Mr. Keyes serves on the board of governors of the American Red Cross, the Cooper Institute, the SMU/Cox School of Business and the Dallas Education Foundation. He is also the founder of the Education is Freedom foundation.

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In The Wings Neiman Marcus 100 th Anniversary Gala Announcement Reception Jennifer and John Eagle hosted a reception in their home on May 25 to announce the Neiman Marcus 100th Anniversar y Gala benef iting the Dallas Center for the Performing Arts. The sold out evening of fashion, design, exhibits and entertainment will be held on October 12 in the Neiman Marcus downtown Dallas f lagship store. Left to right: Dallas Center for the Performing Arts board member John Eagle and wife Jennifer; Karen Katz, president and chief executive officer of Neiman Marcus Stores; Jeanne Marie Clossey, Gala Host Committee chair and Center board member; and Caren Prothro, Center board vice chair.

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