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Designed for client comfort, versatility and performance, Sidhil’s Solite UK bed is the highest specification product in it’s class. Designed and made in the UK.



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Fall protection with gloves

Providing better integrated solutions Market Leading ICES Service Provider

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Pressure Care Focus

Over 2,500 products “The Professionals’ Choice”

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Wheelchair Services Provider

New communication device Page 16

First posture sensor Page 22

Award Winning Product Development

Telecare Services & Stand Alone Solutions




Client Catalogues inc. Dementia Care

Paediatric Focus Page 32

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Insect research link to prosthetics Neurobiologists from the University of Leicester have shown that insect limbs can move without muscles – a finding that may provide engineers with new ways to improve the control of robotic and prosthetic limbs. Their work helps to explain how insects control their movements using a close interplay of neuronal control and ‘clever biomechanical tricks. Dr Matheson, of the Department of Biology, said: “We hope that our work on locusts and grasshoppers will spur a new understanding of how limbs work and can be controlled, by not just insects, but by other animals, people, and even by robots.”

USA trials for UK products Mangar International has announced that it has partnered with Richmond Ambulance Authority (RAA) in Virginia, USA with the objective of undertaking longer-term trials on the effects of the Authority using its Camel and Elk product. As well as being one of the busiest EMS systems per capita in the USA, Richmond also has one of the most advanced. RAA already uses two Mangar Elks which are held on supervisor vehicles and has done so for a number of years. The trials will look at areas such as usage, operational performance, as well as the impact on reduced musculoskeletal injuries and patient injury claims and including all associated cost savings. This follows on from other successful trials most recently with Ambulance Victoria in Australia. The Mangar website is at


New brace is a winner for Harry Chaneco manufacture a range of footwear and custom orthotics as well as supplying a wide range of stock orthotics. One of the newest products in the range is the DUO Knee Brace. The brace acts as an ‘off loader’ for knee instabilities making it ideal for someone suffering from a knee ligament injury, someone with Osteoarthritis or someone who has recently had knee surgery, just like QPR boss, Harry Redknapp. Harry used the knee brace to aid his recovery after a recent knee operation. Call 01604 709999 or visit the Chaneco website at

Lateral Support Back

Button Back

The Senydd single motor tilt-in-space rise and recline chair. 25 stone maximum user weight as standard.

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Size Chart Seat to floor Seat width Seat depth Back height



3 sizes, 4 back designs, 1 great price Also available in 2 motor versions. Bespoke sizings and multiple additional options available.




16" 18" 18" 27"

18" 20" 20" 30"

20" 23" 22" 30"

2002 - 2013

0 YEARS 1 “Raising the standard”


02 20



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Manufacturers of Bespoke & Contract Rise & Recline Chairs Call our Sales Hotline on 01446 772227 Wilcare Wales Ltd, Vale Business Park, Llandow, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan CF71 7PF Telephone: 01446 772227 Fax: 01446 772226 Email: Web:

Proudly made in the UK

CE Marked products. Motor actuator/electrical systems conform to all known EU-CE requirements for low voltage and EMC levels. All fabrics conform to BS5852 parts 1&2 test procedures for the fire retardancy levels 0, 1 and the majority to woodcrib5.

The Senydd

Cushion Back


NEW Wilcare ‘Comfort Sprung’ seats available on this model.

Waterfall Back


201 1


Innovative new MND collar A revolutionary new device to replace existing neck support collars for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) patients has been developed. The award-winning ‘Head-Up’ project is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Invention for Innovation (i4i) Programme. It is a collaboration between Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University. The collar came from a complete rethinking of existing collars as it sits low on the patient’s neck and offers support along the contours of the neck muscles, making it much easier for patients to carry out everyday tasks such as eating and communicating. Moya Briggs, 67, who was diagnosed with the less aggressive form of MND four years ago, chose to take part in a unique patient-led project. She said: “I hate the current collar I have to wear, absolutely hate it. When I’m wearing it I feel like an Egyptian mummy, all choked around my neck. The fact that this new collar is inconspicuous and comfortable will make all the difference.” The new collar will be undergoing a comprehensive evaluation later this year.

New help with AFO’s Home Heart Beats, LLC, a Women Business Enterprise located in Princeton, New Jersey, USA has launched the AFO Assist – a lower body dressing aid used by stroke survivors and others to don an ankle foot orthosis (AFO) and a shoe – a dressing task many individuals cannot do by themselves. According to Home Heart Beats, annually, 15 million people worldwide suffer a stroke – of those, 152,000 reside in the UK, with five million stroke survivors being permanently disabled. Occupational Therapist, Diane Vitillo, designed the dressing aid for a young stroke survivor who needed to be totally independent in putting on his ankle foot orthosis and shoe. More information from

Cool approach to pain A cooling compression bandage featured on BBC television show Dragons Den, could save the NHS over £20m a year in England and Wales. The Physicool bandage provides cooling, compression and support to reduce pain and swelling after trauma. Physicool can be used to treat inflammation and bruising of muscles, tendons and ligaments. It works by drawing heat away from the affected area rather than just cooling the skin. For more information, go to


Stairlift ranges to suit most homes

The UK’s largest range of stairlift solutions

Shedding new light on therapy Luminette was developed by researchers specialising in sleep and has been used by more than 12,000 in Belgium. It is a practical and effective luminotherapy solution to treat sleep problems and seasonal depression. Luminette is a highly technical pair of glasses that by using a combination of a light source and a hologram with a patented matrix, increased the number of light rays that pass through the retina, mimicking the effects of natural light. It attaches to the forehead above the eyebrows, so it can be used by those who wear glasses or contact lenses and combines an optically concentrated mechanism that minimizes loss of light between the source and the retina along with light emitted by 8 LEDs, providing the same therapeutic effects as a luminotherapy device using 10,000 lux, which is stationary and much bulkier. The manufacturers say that wearing Luminette for 20 minutes is the same as 30 minutes of exposure to the morning sun. For more information, visit

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Bridging the mobility gap According to the manufacturers, RideUp bridges the gap between power chairs and power scooters, by combining the best features of both products along with a high riding position. Based on a Scandinavian orthopedic chair, the suppliers say that the seating position is the perfect combination of comfort with limited weight bearing requirements and a high riding position. The patented seat mechanism of RideUp allows access to the device from the rear. With the seat opening to both sides, the low foot platform is then easily mounted by individuals with mobility limitations. A secure seat closing process eliminates any risk of a fall when ready to assume the seated position. When seated, the effort required to transition to standing is greatly reduced. For more information, visit

New adjustable bracket A new height adjustable toilet bracket is the latest addition to the Pressalit Care Select range. The Select bracket, designed in a choice of contemporary colours to complement bathroom decor, features smooth lines and surfaces, with minimal slits and grooves, for ease of cleaning. Available in both electric and manual lifting options, the Pressalit Care Select toilet bracket provides a smooth, horizontal lift to assist in this ease of transfer. Adjusted by a height of 300mm with the manual version, and 400mm with the electric version, both standing or seated transfer from a wheelchair is therefore possible. Call 0844 8806950. The website is at www.

The ultimate sock solution? The Protect iT line of advanced-technology stocks are designed to deliver the ultimate solution in protection and comfort for the at-risk foot. Developed during years of research in collaboration with podiatrists, surgeons, certified diabetes educators (CDEs) and other medical professionals, the seamless socks have padded layers to protect the sensitive and sore-prone areas of the foot while eliminating rubbing and chaffing. Call 01254 503 363 or visit


Moving & Handling and Bathing Solutions

Fall protection with gloves The Giddins Guard protects users from injury by using their body’s natural defences at the point of impact. The glove suppliers say that, without a rigid brace people can cock their hand back in to the optimum position for shock absorption. The hard shell of the Giddins Guard spreads the impact and the foam layer absorbs the shock, both of which reduce the peak forces generated by a fall.

From micro to major moves we offer moving and handling solutions to support the carer and client

According to the company, research suggests that in up to 85% of falls that would have resulted in a fracture, the Giddins Guard will reduce the peak forces sufficiently to prevent a break. In more severe falls or in people with very brittle bones, when injury does occur it is likely to be less serious due to the reduction in peak forces by the Giddins Guard The Guard has been designed by Grey Giddins (pictured), a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. Call 01225 873 592 or visit www.

Brain training games A majority of stroke patients have problems paying attention and could be helped by brain-training computer games, a new study suggests. Researchers at Imperial College London found that problems such as difficulty filtering out distractions, difficulty following instructions, and reduced alertness are much more common in stroke patients than doctors realise. The study, published in Neurology, showed that brain scans and bedside tests can be used to diagnose these three types of attention problems, each of which could be addressed with computer games tailored for the patient’s requirements.

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Moving & Handling and Bathing Solutions

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Stylish hip protector More swing for amputee golfer Scott Richardson was amputated below the left knee following a motor biking accident in 2000, whilst competing in the Isle of Man TT races, when he was 28 years old. Following consultation with his prosthetist, he established that the Ottobock Torsion Adaptor for his prosthetic leg provided generous rotation. The torsion adapter connects to the prostheses and provides mobility and rotation, allowing for a more natural and comfortable gait – and golf swing. In addition to increased mobility, the adaptor relieves pressure and abrasion points on the stump. The adaptor enabled Scott to comfortably play golf, for the first time since his accident. In mid-2011, he squeezed three rounds of golf into a week, to obtain an official handicap and entered the Disabled British Open (DBO) competition. Playing with a handicap of 28, he finished a very creditable 3rd place (category 3) and has not looked back since. For more information about the Ottobock torsion adaptor visit

Norwegian researchers have developed a hip protector in a sporty design. The SINTEF Technology product is slim and sporty, and more importantly, looks like a belt or a discreet bum bag. It can easily be fastened around the hips using Velcro. According to SINTEF, Polyurethane foam is an advanced material that has only recently been developed, and it can absorb up to 90% of the impact of a fall. It feels soft, but its properties change on impact, and it becomes firmer, distributing the pressure across a greater area. This allows a thinner, more comfortable design that does not compromise safety. More information at

Focuses on over 80’s falls A publication from The Kings Fund, ‘Exploring the system-wide costs of falls in older people in Torbay’ suggests that one in three people aged over 65, and half of those aged over 80, fall at least once a year. Falls cost the NHS more than £2 billion per year. With the number of people aged 65 and over predicted to increase by 2 million by 2021, these costs are set to rise further. The key findings were that, on average, the cost of hospital, community and social care cost services for each patient who fell were almost four times as much in the 12 months after admission for a fall as the costs of the admission itself. For full details of the publication, go to


Powered and manual Mobility aids

No frills phone makes it easy

Manual or powered, indoor or out we have a comprehensive range of walkers, wheelchairs and scooters

Geemarc Telecom has introduced a new, no-frills mobile phone that is easy to use, easy to hear and makes reading and typing text messages straightforward and uncomplicated. The CL8450 mobile phone has the highest possible rating for hearing-aid compatibility (up to M4/T4 rating), reducing interference, and tone and volume can be quickly and easily adjusted mid call. There is also an easy to use SOS slider button that can be programmed with up to six emergency numbers that will ring in succession until answered by a human voice. For more information, visit www.

Award for Spinal Cord Injury resource National disability charity Livability has won the disability category of the 2013 Charity Awards for developing a free web-based teaching resource on spinal cord injury that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The development of the spinal injury online teaching resource was led by Livability’s Maggie and Stephen Muldoon and several UK centres of excellence, such as Stoke Manderville Hospital, were part of the project. The resource is now being used worldwide: in the first eight months after its launch, was accessed by 14,365 people from 140 countries. For more information go to

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Pressure Care


Free seating awareness training Shear Comfort for Pressure Care and Microclimate Control Medical sheepskin is a specialised material with proven pressure-redistributing and microclimate-controlling qualities. This material is used to create the Shear Comfort range of overlays, footwear and targeted protectors available from BES Rehab Ltd. After years of research, Shear Comfort has created a unique new type of medical sheepskin material, the XD1900. This new material is created using natural wool. The process allows the wool fibres to be packed in at a higher density than is possible in natural sheepskin – a density of 1900 gsm. This high density gives it superior pressure redistribution properties as shown in independent studies. Washable at 100° C using regular detergents, XD1900 is a new and convenient way to gain the benefits of Shear Comfort. So how does Shear Comfort XD1900 work? The answer is in the wool fibres themselves. Each fibre acts like a tiny spring underneath the skin, compressing to relieve pressure to create a peak interface pressure reduction of up to 68%. Wool fibres are also hydrophilic, meaning they can absorb water without feeling wet to the touch. Shear Comfort XD1900 actively draws moisture away from the skin, creating a healthy microclimate for skin integrity and patient comfort. Pockets of air between the dense sheepskin fibres give Shear Comfort XD1900 a low heat-transfer rate, but maintain air flow around the skin even under pressure. This helps the individual stay at the correct temperature, and prevents the sweating response that can be a result of poor air-flow between the skin and a support surface. BES Rehab Ltd supplies Shear Comfort products, and a wide range of other innovative pressure-relieving devices. To find out more please visit or scan QR code.


Kirton Healthcare offer the healthcare industry Specialist Seating Awareness training. The aim of the training is to provide healthcare professionals, including Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Nursing and Care staff with a better understanding of the benefits of good posture and pressure care management within seating. Sessions also address the problems associated with bad seating and how to correct them. Kirton’s specialist seating advisors deliver practical training underpinned by their own sound knowledge and understanding on the importance of good seating and pressure care management. The Kirton team is also on hand to provide product familiarisation as part of the service and is happy to recommend products and highlight benefits for different user requirements. The training can be conducted to meet individual group requests if required, to maximise the value of the session to you and your team. The training has generated a positive response from professionals who have already taken part and has been described as “incredibly useful”, whether they are recommending

individual specialist seating options or buying specialist seating for their care setting. Kerry Green, an Occupational Therapist, commented: “I attended a training day to find out more about different seating options and how they could be used with our elderly patients to help manage their pressure sores and increase comfort. I was highly impressed with the way the training was conducted! It was the first event of its kind that we had been to, and I would highly recommend other OTs to attend similar events if they are taking place in their area. We do a lot of seating assessments so this type of training is vital to us.” For more information, or to book a training day with Kirton’s specialist seating advisors, call freephone 0800 212709 or email lizgatt@

Pressure Mapping is now an Affordable Reality To prevent pressure ulcers effectively, clinicians need to know how, and where, pressure affects the skin and tissue. BodiTrak pressure mapping systems do just this, by measuring interface pressure and displaying it in an easy to understand format through any computer or laptop, making pressure care desicions more accurate .

What makes BodiTrak different from other pressure mapping systems? • Affordability An entire BodiTrak system can be purchased for as little as £3995*, so it is now possible for clinicians to afford their own system, rather than relying on a shared resource.

• Portable The BodiTrak mats are lightweight, and require no heavy interface module, making them perfect for community settings. With fast scanning rates, clinicians can complete quick assessments on the go, any time.

• Easy to Use These mats have true plug-and-play capability: simply unfurl the mat, plug it into your computer, and the system is ready to use straightaway.

• Stretchable for Conformity The unique BodiTrak stretch fabric contours to the body and the support surface, giving great conformity.

• Included Software allows you to store and send results with ease Smart software allows clinicians to store, send, and compare patient readings fast, and is included in the price of any BodiTrak System, along with lifetime technical support. *Price of standard BodiTrak seat or back mat. VAT extra.

BES Rehab Ltd. 131 South Liberty Lane Ashton Vale, Bristol, BS3 2SZ. UK - T: +44 (0) 1179 666 671 Orders: General Enquiries: sumed ad_artwork 10/09/2012 10:55 Page 1

Contact 01457 890980

Dedicated to the healing and maintenance of healthy skin providing a comprehensive range of pressure relieving cushions, mattresses and interface pressure mapping technology.






Community mattresses in medium or high risk available for up to 40 stones (254kg).


Pressure Mapping Technology available exclusively from SUMED® in the UK.


Ultra 90 pressure relieving cushion suitable for up to stages1-2 pressure damage.


Alternating Pressure replacement mattress system with exceptional functionality and ease of use.


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Pressure Care


Strikethrough Resistant Technology can meet the demands of healthcare The prevention and management of pressure ulcers — a significant cause of morbidity and mortality and a major drain on healthcare resources — has been at the core of tissue viability nurses’ daily clinical and strategic workload for decades. Today, the occurrence of pressure ulceration is used to assess the quality of care delivered by a healthcare system or facility, and the effectiveness of the preventative measures taken. Raised awareness of the costs of avoidable pressure ulceration has resulted in a political drive to reduce their incidence, and encouraged clinicians to assess and prevent pressure ulcer occurrence, possible. 9486_STRAd(Flat):Layout 1 when 6/11/13 14:55 Page 1

Strikethrough Resistant Technology from Invacare



Helping you juggle your priorities Invacare Ltd Pencoed Technology Park, Pencoed, Bridgend. CF35 5AQ Tel: 01656 776222 Email:


Healthcare-associated infections (HCAIs) are also costly for the NHS and as a result, stringent measures have been implemented to prevent and control outbreaks. The need to decontaminate multiple-use medical equipment, such as pressure-redistributing beds and mattress covers, has seen the widespread introduction of stringent cleaning regimens and regular and thorough inspection for external damage that can lead to strikethrough — staining and contamination of the mattress core — and which poses a risk of HCAI. Under these new measures, an increasing number of beds were failing audit due to strikethrough. This was thought to be due to higher bed occupancy rates and improved cleaning and inspection policies resulting in damage to the mattress fabrics, making them vulnerable to fluid ingress. Many mattress covers were not maintaining their waterproof properties for the expected period of time (MHRA, 2010) resulting in contamination of the inner mattress. In short a reliable mattress cover was needed that balanced infection control and pressure ulcer prevention properties, with being cost effective and compatible with safety regulations. This development triggered a concerted educational effort to reduce mishandling and improve cleaning techniques of mattresses, with UK mattress manufacturers launching the Protect, Rinse, Dry campaign, which featured a detailed guide on the care, cleaning and inspection of healthcare mattresses (British Healthcare Trades Association 2011). Whether the increase in the number of beds failing audit was due to staff handling or changes in cleaning or management protocols, the view was increasingly held that the products in use were no longer fit for 21st century nursing practice. The solution was a product that offers high levels of protection against pressure ulcer development, while also withstanding the intensive cleaning regimens and high bed occupancy rates that are an everyday part of modern nursing. In short, a reliable mattress cover was needed that balanced infection control and pressure ulcer prevention properties, with being cost-effective and compatible with safety regulations. In response to this demand, Invacare and Dartex Coatings developed a mattress fabric which utilises unique Strikethrough Resistant Technology (SRT). SRT is used on the Softform Premier and Softform Premier Active 2 mattresses and effectively addresses infection control, pressure care prevention, safety and cost effectiveness concerns. The results from clinical evaluations of more than 200 Softform Premier and Softform Premier Active 2 mattresses carried out in a variety of healthcare settings show that SRT may be the advance that healthcare organisations need to meet the demands of the current healthcare climate. Visit

Pressure Care


Better positioning training Sumed hosted a series of training events recently featuring ROHO Group’s Director of Training and Education in Europe, Bart Van der Heyden. The programme, ‘Improving the Client’s Outcomes: Analysing and Adjusting Key Seating System Components’ was hosted over a five day period throughout the UK. The lectures focused on key seating strategies that can be used to better position clients in their wheelchairs and identified potential seating solutions. Bart also demonstrated how to identify common postural tendencies and their potential cause followed by a hands-

on demonstration of the ROHO Agility Back Support and the ROHO cushion range. The events were attended by Occupational Therapists, Rehabilitation Engineers and Physiotherapists. If you or your team would be interested in hosting or attending a training day in the future, contact or call 01457 890980. For more information on ROHO Agility or any of products in the range, go to

The New Generation The New Generation has arrived... has arrived... • Superb Comfort • Superb Comfort • Effortless Style • Effortless Style • Superior Postural Support • Superior Postural Support • Exceptional Pressure Management • Exceptional Pressure Management

....the GE-II has it all. ....the GE-II has it all.

Contact us today on 0800 212709 for a free Contact us today for ato free demonstration of on our0800 most212709 stylish chair date. demonstration of our most stylish chair to date.

Prices start from £1,999.99 Prices start from £1,999.99

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New ‘aWearables’ term appears…. Shimmer, provider of wearable wireless sensors, has launched Shimmer3, a wireless body sensor platform for personal health. As part of the launch they have coined the term ‘aWearables’ for these small wearable devices that have a range of applications areas including mobile and connected health, rehabilitation, sports, market research, and consumer health and wellness. In the healthcare and clinical mobility sector, the wearable devices and wireless sensing technologies are aimed at addressing defined healthcare delivery needs and requirements, such as wireless vital sign monitors, remote monitoring/rehabilitation and connected health solutions. For more information visit www.

New communications device from new company Voiceonics is a newly launched company aiming to bring innovations in the design and manufacture of communication aids for people with severe communication disabilities. The TTS100 is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device which is portable and battery operated. Male or female speech can be selected, with the spoken word being English.  There is a QWERTY Keyboard for text input, LCD display for visual confirmation of text input and loud speaker for speech output. The keyboard has adjustable key-press sensitivity to help people with conditions such as hand tremor. The device is re-charged via a supplied charger. One charge will give sufficient life for 3 days typical use. The device is water resistant and can be cleaned in soapy water. Further cleaning can be performed by soaking in the sterilizing agents of Milton Fluid or Ethanol (70%Bv). For more details, call 01243 850539 or visit the website at

Digital thermometer signals danger Inspired by a family bereavement and using digital technology, the Temperature Optical Monitor, or Tom for short, uses a unique concept to encourage communication, awareness and assistance for those most at risk from hypothermia, stroke, heart disease and lung problems. Tom’s easy to read room temperature display screen alerts the user when the temperature has dropped to harmful levels. Between 16 and 18 degrees it will flash every 6 seconds with the large word ‘COOL’ being displayed. If the temperature drops below 16 degrees, Tom will flash blue every three seconds and now display the large word ‘COLD’. Above these temperatures Tom will simply display ‘OK’ or ‘GOOD’ if the room is at, or higher than, the optimal 21 degrees. For more information visit



High street name moves into assistive living sector

New app manages pills

The high street store chain, Robert Dyas, has unveiled a range of telecommunication and assistive living products through its online store. The company is supplying the range of amplicomms products which include domestic & mobile amplified phones, TV Listeners, alerting devices and more. Most of the products are Hearing Aid Compatible, have amplified clear sound and extra loud ringtones. For customers with sight loss there are talking phones to help guide users through menus and to announce numbers and callers. Bluetooth products allow hands-free phone calls with hearing aids, and SOS Wrist Shaker bracelets will integrate with phones systems in case of a fall or emergencies. Robert Dyas was founded in 1872. It operates a portfolio of 96 stores located across the South of England and an online shop that serves the whole of the UK. The website is at

The new PillManager mobile app allows consumers to not only track their own medication schedules, but also to interact directly with their doctor or pharmacist for repeat prescriptions. The app takes one of the most popular elements of mobile medication management; dosage notifications, and expands on it to provide users with a comprehensive handheld prescription tracking facility. They can submit a repeat request for any prescription directly to their pharmacist or doctor. The PillManager app is available from the iTunes store and Google Play. More information at

Treadmill training to aid spinal injuries New research suggests that treadmill training soon after a spinal cord injury can have long-lasting positive effects on recovery – as long as the training is accompanied by efforts to control inflammation in the lower spinal cord. The study, in animals, also is among the first to show that spinal cord injuries can create impairments in parts of the cord located many spine segments away from the trauma site. Researchers observed signs of inflammation in the lumbar region of the spine, at least 10 segments below the midback injury, within 24 hours of the trauma. The health of the lumbar region is particularly important to recovery of lowerbody movement because it contains important circuitry responsible for walking and other types of locomotion.


New from MediTek The New E120 Standard Stairlift

The New D160 Deluxe Stairlift

For those who just need nothing more than a straightforward, reliable stairlift.

For when Style, Quality, Capability and Reliability Counts

All Essentials covered EN81:40 Compliant, 120kg (19st) SWL Universal Carriage ICS Control Board Environmentally Friendly Made in Britain

Modern and Versatile EN81:40 Compliant 160kg (25st) SWL ICS Control Board Full Range of Options including: Powered Swivel Seat Powered Hinge (choice of powered hinges) Stand & Perch External rating Choice of upholstery Choice of seatbelt styles Seat footrest links

To find out more about these two great NEW stairlifts contact MediTek today T H E





CALL US NOW ON 01325 311442


Wireless Neckloop Hearing System According to the supplier, the new Neck Loop style TV Listener is one of the most comfortable and loudest listening systems to wear with Hearing Aids, in comparison to the older Stethoscope style, with no weight on the ears. The wireless TV2410 NL from amplicomms has a unique built in close proximity microphone to seamlessly alternate listening choices between wireless TV transmission, and conversation with others in the room, muting the sound source such as TV, when the microphone is activated by a press of a button. For more details, call 01733 361199 or go to www. ATP Society HP_Layout 1 07/11/2013 11:14 Page 1

Members of the ATP Society have the skills and the commitment. They also have something else to look out for

The skills and experience of people working in the assistive technology sector have been largely unacknowledged – until now.

…a badge of trust

The ATP Society aims to recognise job competences and raise standards, in turn giving members of the public, and professionals, the confidence that if they deal with an accredited Assistive Technology Practitioner (ATP Soc) they are dealing with someone they can trust.

Go to… …to find out more

C&S Getting smart with App for wheelchairs PG Drives Technology has launched a specialist App that allows ‘Smart’ devices, including cell phones and tablets, to be controlled from the company’s R-net Wheelchair Control System. The PG Drives Technology R-net for Android App, which is free to download from the Google Play Store, allows a Smart device to be operated via Bluetooth communications from an existing R-net Bluetooth Mouse Module. The R-net for Android App places a large, easy-to-view cursor on the device’s screen, allowing the powered wheelchair’s joystick to be used to navigate the cursor to a function. Once the cursor is hovering over the required icon, commands from the input device can be used to select the function, allowing the user undertake numerous tasks including making calls, surfing the internet or checking emails. Call 01425 271444 or visit the website at


Products designed and developed to aid basic postural management.

The C&S Product Range Our range of products has been designed to assist in the control of the posture when lying down, for use by people with little or no ability to change position independently. Log Rolls

Log rolls are available in a choice of 3 sizes and 2 cover materials; Terry Cloth and Waterproof.

T Rolls

T-roll are available in a choice of 5 sizes and 3 cover materials: Terry Cloth, Waterproof, and the New Soft knit range, available in a choice of new colours, Pink, Purple, Orange & Lime Green.

Inflatable T Rolls

Ankle system gets good reviews Following the successful first ever fitting of the revolutionary BiOM ankle system, Pace Rehabilitation has continued to provide seven of its leg amputee patients with clinical trials of the sophisticated electronic device. Initial patient feedback has been very positive, including one below the knee amputee who commented, “It’s like having my leg back!” The BiOM offers unique function, by providing the user with a powered assistance as they walk and when negotiating stairs. Claims from the American manufacturer (iWalk) that the device normalises gait characteristics and reduces metabolic energy requirements were underpinned by other Pace patient comments, included, “I’m walking faster and further with less effort” and “The world feels flat with this foot!” More details at

Are available in 2 sizes and are supplied with pump and repair patch. A Terry Cloth cover can be purchased if required.

Knee & Leg Supports

Available in 2 sizes. This design provides a more gentle form of support for those who are unable to use or tolerate our existing range of positioning rolls.

Alternative Positioning Supports

Available in 2 sizes. Designed for use where more control of the abducted lower limbs is required than can be provided by the T Roll or the Log Roll.

22 Theaklen Drive Ponswood Industrial Estate Hastings, East Sussex TN38 9AZ Fax 01424 854018

01424 853331 Made in UK


World’s first posture sensor DLF launch AT product library

The world’s very first posture sensor and mobile posture coach appeared in the UK recently. The LUMOback posture belt utilises smart sensors and the very latest in mobile software. Worn underneath or over clothes, when the user slouches, the sensor in the attached belt pack gently vibrates to remind them to sit or stand up straight. The suppliers claim that the LUMOback will help to correct posture over time and can even help to combat a number of ailments that are associated with poor posture and stance. The LUMOback is available from

The Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) has set up an “Assistive Technology Library” for potential purchasers. The Library project, funded by Department of Health, is being piloted in selected areas this year before going national from 2014. The DLF says that it has found that those who could potentially benefit from using AT, whether people with disabilities or carers, can be deterred from buying electronic AT aids as they are uncertain whether the device will work for them, or they may lack confidence in their ability to operate it. The Assistive Technology library will stock equipment which can be borrowed for two weeks free of cost, with no obligation to buy. For more details, go to www.livingmadeeasy.

Smart Card launches A brand new product which could help to save the lives of any of the millions of people who find themselves in emergency situations every year has launched. Emergency PAL is a medical smart card with an embedded NFC chip and a QR code, which can immediately transmit all emergency medical details of a patient to first medical responders and paramedics on the scene, making treatment much easier, faster and potentially saving a life. The card is the perfect size to be kept in a purse or wallet; the first place a paramedic would usually look to find personal information on a patient who was unable to speak for themselves. The service works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For more information, please visit



Smart Monitor ™

Setting the standard in service technologies Obtaining accurate service data is an essential part of any patient lift maintenance programme. Individually programmed to your lift, the Oxford SmartTM Monitor records the exact amount of work completed by the actuator each and every time the lift is used, regardless of a patient’s weight or lift height covered.

n Identifies total lift cycles with unrivalled precision n

Records the exact amount of work completed


n Identifies service interval periods n

Records lift overloads (above safe working load)

n Can be easily retro-fitted to existing fleets

Optimised Product Lifetime

Oxford’s unique software registers a lift cycle only when a pre-determined level of work is completed by the actuator. This work is based on a full actuation at maximum load and ensures maximised service life.


Simple Service & Maintenance

The system advises the user to schedule key maintenance routines, helping to ensure your lift is kept in perfect working order.


Improved Patient Safety

By ensuring your lift is kept in optimum condition and recording attempted lift overloads, patient safety is at the heart of this technology.

For further information, contact our dedicated customer services team on:

(T) 0844 811 1158 (E)


New drop foot device One button radio The One Button Digital Radio is a portable Roberts digital radio, adapted with a special secure cover so it can be controlled with one button. The idea is to be able to turn the radio on and off easily without the need to manage other radio features - these can be preset. Once the radio is tuned to the station of choice at the preferred volume and tone - fit the secure cover and day to day use is by pressing the yellow on/off button. For more information call 01225 824103 or visit dc_products.htm#1

The new MyGait system from Ottobock improves walking patterns, confidence and speed for drop foot suffers. MyGait restores a steadier and more natural walking pattern to the wearer, meaning users can focus on their everyday activities and enjoy a more active lifestyle including walking longer distances. The device is attached with an easy-to-fit cuff, which can be fitted with one hand to the lower leg; this wirelessly connects to a heel switch which is under the foot in a special sock. When the heel switch leaves the ground it sends information to the cuff which then stimulates the nerve to lift the foot at the right time. The whole process happens so fast it is un-noticeable. For more details go to the company website at

Feel the sounds A new Monitoring system has been designed so that people with hearing loss can feel sounds. The V120 from amplicomms will allow carers to remove their hearing aids at night and know they will still be woken by noises during the night too. The Watch & Care V120 secured monitoring system has audio visual monitoring with the add-on option of a powerful vibrating pad, which can be placed under a pillow/mattress and vibrates when sounds are transmitted. More details from www. actiononhearingloss.


Independent Living – Installing a home lift The revolutionary new Lifestyle Lift from Terry Lifts has been designed especially for the home to make life that little bit easier. Maintaining independence in the home is vital. All too often, people who experience mobility problems are forced to consider moving to a bungalow or care residence because living independently in their own home has become too difficult. However, there is another way. For those who find that the stairs are becoming too much of a struggle, a home lift may provide a simple and relatively inexpensive alternative to expensive adaptations, or even unwanted relocation to another property. Terry Lifts have recently launched the new space-saving Lifestyle Lift that will add a touch of luxury to the home without breaking the bank. The Terry Lifestyle Lift combines all that you would expect in quality and comfort at home with the latest technological advances to help enable independent living.

A lift to enable

independent living

The Lifestyle home lift will make life easier and will help those suffering with arthritis or other mobility problems to maintain the freedom of their own home. Key features of the Lifestyle home lift include: Space-saving footprint A range of colours and finishes available No lift shaft required 30 minute fire protection between floors Battery back-up in the event of mains failure No major structural work & easy installation Complies with BS5900:2012 where applicable See the Lifestyle lift at the National Self Build and Renovation Centre in Swindon on stand TV115.

To find out more and request a brochure contact us on:

0800 247 1229 email: or visit:


How about a quick run at work? The TrekDesk Treadmill Desk offers a solution to the growing obesity problem. Designed to fit any existing treadmill, TrekDesk treadmill desk is an affordable, full sized, height adjustable workstation that allows individuals the opportunity to gain the necessary amount of daily exercise without requiring additional time during the day or extra motivation. More details at

Funding for new orientation aid A research group has been awarded US$ 83,000 to help visually impaired people orient themselves in new environments by means of computer-aided vision. By means of a camera and mobile computer or smartphone, the system will recognize obstacles, evaluate the respective data in real time and transfer them to the user. In addition to identifying obstacles, the camera is intended to detect, for example, signals of traffic lights or find the way to the entrance of a building. The technique will be implemented in a software solution for smartphones because these are widely used and easy to operate by blind persons. More about the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology at:

Copper in battle against bugs New research from the University of Southampton shows that copper and copper alloys will rapidly destroy norovirus – the highlyinfectious sickness bug that can spread extremely rapidly in a care home environment. Surfaces made from copper could effectively shut down one avenue of infection. In a recent presentation, Professor Bill Keevil, Chair in Environmental Healthcare at the University of Southampton and lead researcher, stated norovirus was rapidly destroyed on copper and its alloys, with those containing more than 60% copper proving particularly efficacious. The contamination model used was designed to simulate fingertip-touch contamination of surfaces.



Folding wheel option The folding wheel was originally conceptualized as a folding bicycle wheel by Duncan Fitzsimmons when he was a graduate student at the Royal College of Arts in London. After receiving public attention and calls from the wheelchair community telling him that this concept would be invaluable to wheelchair users, he redesigned it as a wheelchair wheel. Maddak further developed the wheel after careful consultation with the community, and are happy to introduce MORPH™ Wheels–the world’s first ever foldable wheelchair wheel! For more information, go to http:// morphwheels. com

At the heart of healthcare If you’re looking for products or services to maintain a client’s independence – or that of a relative or friend – then finding a BHTA member is the first step. They’ve got the right expertise to give you the right advice to find the right product. Our members – almost 500 companies employing over 17,000 people – make or sell assistive technology products that help people live more independently.

Every BHTA member signs up to our Code of Practice, overseen by the Trading Standards Institute. This shows their commitment to high levels of customer care that go above and beyond their legal obligations, giving you confidence.

Find a BHTA member

Hey, look...

Difficulty moving in bed? Advantages of the new Secure Sit and Slide fitted sheet... • Secure sitting both sides of the bed • Hands can use the grip sides of the sheet for support and to stabilise when getting in and out of bed • Central panel of low friction, ultra smooth satin for maximum slide • Easy to understand and fit, one sheet only • Secure fit to the mattress, does not come un-tucked through the night • Ideal for all beds including adjustable beds and profiling mattresses • British designed and made • Pricing structure easy to understand and sheets are available quickly to the general public • Fitted sheets available for all size and depths of mattresses

we’ve got a new website!

The Secure Sit and Slide is available alongside our existing Easy Slide and Easy Turn Sheets.

Easy Move Sheets Beacon Business Centre, Hopton Park, Devizes, SN10 2EY Tel: 0044 (0)1380 739789 / 739234

Tintern Riser Porter A mobile rise and recline chair with optional single or dual tilt in space control

Flexible positioning. Please note: The chair has a 25 stone weight capacity but most carers will struggle to manoeuvre clients over 15 stone in weight.

4 large swivel castors, 2 at rear are lockable.

Optional profile head cushion Model shown in Zest Lime with black VP cushioning and visco foam quilt.

Full recline position

• Optional Single or Dual Tilt in Space actions • Optional full battery back up with freedom pack, no wires and up to 80 cycles. • Various foam/gel seating options including high risk pressure relief. • Any fabric. • Easy clean infection control option with magnetic cushions.

High leg lift position

The new THIIS website will keep you up to date on new product launches, all the latest news and jobs on offer. The easiest way to stay informed is to follow us on Twitter and then you’ll get to know all the details as soon as it is published. If you would like to see a copy of our monthly trade magazine, then you can now read each issue online using the page reader system. You can also sign up for the news alerts too Take a look…

High rise position

Call 01685 845900, and enquires to or visit us at

Follow us on Twitter @thiiscouk Primacare advert.indd 1

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Neuroprosthesis restores mobility New wooden arm for Tim In February 2012, whilst travelling as a car passenger on his way home to Eastbourne, Tim Madison, a self-employed window cleaner, was involved in a road traffic accident that resulted in the amputation of his left arm. Tim now has a new alternative ‘wooden look’ prosthetic arm. Pace Prosthetist/ Orthotist Paul Richardson says: “It was important to listen to what Tim wanted”. He continued, “Restoring his body image and providing some function were important to Tim, but he was not interested in a life-like prosthesis. Instead, he wanted something aesthetic that looked good on its own terms, which we were happy to oblige with.”

Zara Roberts, a 27 year old from Wales and Paralympic torchbearer, has regained her mobility and confidence following surgery to implant an electrical neuroprosthesis device in her leg. Developed by Ottobock, ActiGait stimulates a patient’s nervous system and is implanted surgically to combat the debilitating condition of drop foot. ActiGait substitutes missing central nervous system signals and provides the required nerve trigger to allow dorsiflexion of the foot. It consists of four separate components which are the implant itself, the control unit, the antenna and heel switch. The heel switch detects when the foot leaves the ground and triggers the control unit to stimulate. This stimulus is transmitted by the antenna to the implanted electrode which activates the muscles of the lower leg and allows the foot and toes to lift properly during walking, improving walking speed, endurance and stability. More information from

Low beds in demand Sidhil’s Independence Innov8 Low beds have been selected by Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust as an integral part of the Trust’s falls prevention strategy. The company reports that this is particularly in the care of elderly and confused patients where the low deck height has been identified as making a real contribution to increased safety. The Innov8 Low bed was first specified by the Trust two years ago, and a number of these versatile beds are already in use across the Trust, both for specialist services and also operating as standard ward beds. The latest order for 173 in total will see the Innov8 Low beds constituting a significant proportion of total bed stock across the Trust’s two main hospitals. For more information on the products call 01422 233 000. The website is at


ReWalk extends coverage ARGO Medical Technologies has partnered with YASKAWA Electric Corporation as it continues the global expansion of its ReWalk exoskeleton device which enables individuals with lower limb disabilities such as paraplegia to walk. YASKAWA has made a significant capital investment into the ReWalk exoskeleton technology and will also serve as the exclusive distributor for the ReWalk in Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Korea. ARGO currently offers two ReWalk models – the ReWalk Personal, currently available in Europe and Israel and pending FDA review in the US; and the ReWalk Rehabilitation which is now available in Europe, Israel and the United States. Both models are designed to provide a customised user experience with on-board computers and motion sensors that restore self-initiated walking without needing tethers or switches to begin movement. For more information, visit

Revolutionary walking aid Isowalk is billed as a ‘revolutionary personal mobility technology that provides vastly superior walking assistance for every kind of user’. The product has been looking for funding through the popular crowdfunding site, Indiegogo. According to the designers, Isowalk’s radical design makes it self-propulsive, and a host of ergonomic and biomechanical advances provide active, intelligent walking assistance that conforms to each individual user and every individual step. Isowalk’s innovations have been awarded two U.S. patents. The company says that Isowalk becomes a natural extension of the body, moving with and for the user’s every step. It provides virtually effortless walking assistance, with leverage, stability and comfort that conforms to each user, and styling that eliminates the stigma of using a cane. For more information, go to


FOCUS Child’s play when it comes to computer game

Visually impaired children could benefit from a revolutionary new computer game being developed by a team of neuroscientists and game designers. Academics from the University of Lincoln, UK, are working with WESC, one of the UK’s most respected specialist schools for visually impaired children, to create and evaluate a new ‘visual search rehabilitation game’. They have been awarded a grant worth around £130,000 for a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) which will apply the very latest research in visual neuroscience to the rehabilitation of childhood cerebral visual impairment and special education. Timothy Hodgson (pictured), Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience in the School of Psychology at the University of Lincoln, will lead the project. He said: “Previous research has shown that visual search training can lead to significant recovery of sight following damage to visual centres of the brain in adults. The problem is these training programmes are just too boring to use with children. Our game will be a fun computer based tool which will benefit children with visual field loss - holes in their vision due to damage to the brain’s visual pathways. At the same time, we also expect the game will be suitable for rehabilitation of adults who have suffered sight loss due to stroke.”


Protecting body shape Millie is 10 and has cerebral palsy. Millie’s mum says: “I knew her life was being affected by her posture, but I didn’t really know anything about postural care or why it was important. Then I attended a postural care awareness course which was a complete eye-opener for me. I saw for myself how badly a person’s body can become distorted and realised that it could be prevented. I had already been given a sleep system and even been told how to use it, but I was afraid to do so. Now, having done the course, I understand what I’m doing and feel motivated to carry on. Mencap and a number of organisations, including Postural Care Skills, PAMIS, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and the Royal College of Nursing came together in 2008 to form the Postural Care Action group. The aim is to raise awareness about the importance of postural care. Postural care is about protecting body shape for people with complex healthcare needs and

movement difficulties, such as those with profound and multiple learning disabilities. People who find it hard to move are most at risk of developing body shape distortions. This is because they often sit and lie in limited positions. Postural care is about using the right equipment and positioning techniques to help protect and restore body shape. The earlier the intervention, the better - but it is never too late to start protecting someone’s body shape. A booklet and some short film clips have been produced, explaining why postural care is important and what you can do to take action to ensure that appropriate postural care services are developed in your local area. There is also a Powerpoint presentation, which you could use to tell other people about the importance of postural care. The booklet, film clips and presentation can be viewed at www.

Effective, therapeutic positioning solutions ‘Simple Stuff Works CIC are a double award winning, not-for-profit company providing effective, therapeutic positioning equipment for children and adults with movement difficulties. Suitable for those with either relatively uncomplicated, or the most complex of healthcare needs, our equipment is safe, hygienic and simple to use – hence the name!

Simple Stuff Works

Postural care is a gentle form of physical therapy used to protect body shape. People who find it hard to move, at any age and for any reason, often spend long periods of time in one position. Over time, this position can become obligatory and lead to changes in their body shape which can cause secondary complications. Respiratory and digestive difficulties can become common, as well as musculoskeletal problems. The Simple Stuff Works Positioning System is designed to be as comfortable, hygienic and safe to use as possible whilst helping individuals to maintain a position that reduces the risk of body shape distortion. All pieces can be mixed and matched to find the perfect solution for every individual. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free, no-obligation assessment of your needs.’

Therapeutic Positioning Equipment

‘My daughter loves her sleep system! She says it is cuddly, soft and warm and that she feels safe and cuddled in it. I would highly recommend ‘Simple Stuff Works’, they have been great and have given me support throughout’ Michelle, Manchester

‘We wanted to write to thank you for your help and support in providing our daughter Hannah with a ‘Simple Stuff Works’ sleep system... It is clear that not only is the system comfortable and practical, but that Hannah’s position in the bed is much more advantageous... Your support and attention throughout has been first class. We have been very impressed by the product and the excellent service we have received from Simple Stuff Works and would highly recommend you and your company’ The Hadleys

01827 307 870






! N


The new, fully modular Mascot Mk 2 Care Cot from Theraposture The Mascot Mk2 is the first FULLY modular design available in the UK. Building on the proven heritage of the original Mascot, it is a hand built, individually specified sleeping solution that now encompasses fully interchangeable door heights. Ranging from 60–98cm in height, these doors also incorporate a new innovation securing mechanism for enhanced safety. Delivering safety, great looks, affordability without compromising quality and full modular flexibility – the new Mascot Mk2 is the flexible solution for changing user needs.

Freephone: 0800 834654 Email: Theraposture Limited, Kingdom Avenue, Northacre Industrial Park, Westbury, Wiltshire. BA13 4WE Open: Monday – Friday, 8:30am–5:30pm. Answerphone messages can be left at all other times

0688THERAadATtodayNovv1.indd 1


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Zip pull easier to use

New sleep positioning system

The brand name you can trust




Jenx has designed a Side Lying Positioning System as part of its award-winning ‘Dreama’ 24 hour postural support system which provides support for children and adults while they rest. The new support system features a combination of side lying foam positioning pads and straps to keep the person comfortably in place while they rest or sleep. The Side Lying Foam comes in four standard lengths and is used to maintain a neutral or abducted position in both side lying and supine sleeping positions. The foam’s flexibility means that it can be used to accommodate several fixed positions such as knee flexion with abduction in a supine sleeping position. The system can also be used without the strapping element if the user doesn’t or can’t lift their legs up and out of the area created by the positioning pads. Call 0114 285 3376 or visit the website at

MERU, the engineering charity that designs and manufactures custom made specialist equipment for disabled children and young people, was approached to create an attachable zip pull that would allow Beth to use a number of zips in order to promote her independence and reduce frustration. Beth, who has Cerebral Palsy, had difficulty with the fiddly nature of zips and could not grip the small pull to apply the amount of force needed. The zip pull had to be non-toxic, easy to attach and non-slip, washer and dryer safe as well as the right size – not too small to make it difficult for Beth, but not too large so it was obtrusive. Beth also wanted colours that would match her clothes and accessories, so that she could continue to be just as stylish and co-ordinated. The MERU team designed two prototypes, both moulded with a soft and tactile silicon rubber, before finally making 9 different coloured zip pulls for Beth, which she was very happy with. Beth said: “It has made an enormous difference to me as for the first time I could ‘do’ a zip independently”. Zipz are now available to buy from MERU’s online shop ( They are also great for glove wearers, skiers, bikers, winter and outdoor activities and for people with hand function impaired for any other reason. You can fit them to coats, bags, pockets, keys, camping and outdoor gear and anything else that needs a pull. For more information on MERU, visit


FOCUS From head to toe, supporting Kids wherever they go Childhood is the best time to start encouraging correct posture, and kids who use a wheelchair need a seating system that addresses their postural needs from head to toe. Since children have growing bones and muscles, seating them incorrectly will position their bodies poorly for life. Wheelchairs are built to be generic, rather than support individual needs. Secondary supports such as head supports, back and lateral supports, cushions, and footplates are used to personalise the wheelchair to offer a positioning solution unique to the individual. These items all work together to create a seating system that supports the body as a whole. To compliment this whole-body approach, BES Rehab has brought together best in class products from market leading brands to create a ‘one stop shop’ for secondary supports. From head to toe, BES Rehab provides everything a child would ever need to improve positioning and comfort in a wheelchair. Whether you require an individual item or a complete seating system, with top of the range equipment available from brands such as Bodypoint, ADI, Varilite and Stealth, we’re sure we can create the right wheelchair setup for your kid. To find out more please contact BES Rehab on 01179 666 761 or email info@

BES Rehab offers lightweight secondary support equipment specially designed with growing kids in mind. With a wide choice of sizes and support options available, we’re your ‘one stop shop’ for everything your kid needs, from head to toe.

So What’s New to the ranges? The PivotFit shoulder harness

Varilite Junior Back Supports and Cushions

New from Bodypoint, the PivotFit is an innovative support with unique pivoting buckles which move with the user to stop straps getting twisted. Available in sizes suitable for kids of 2-4 years upwards, the PivotFit harness promotes correct posture and allows for dynamic movement.

Using Varilite’s patented air-foam flotation technology, these back supports and cushions immerse the child’s body into air, while the foam holds the body in position. Proportionally designed for a kid’s body, Varilite Junior products are lightweight, compact, and simple to use, for maximum support with minimal fuss.

Junior Cushion

Using multi-stiffness foam with a non-intrusive medial thigh separator, this cushion encourages proper posture and provides ultimate comfort.

Junior Back Supports Width-adjustable mountings allow these back supports to be transferred onto a larger chair to keep up with your growing child. Available in a Deep or Mid contour, the Junior Back Supports provide lateral support through a wraparound shape (Deep Back) or have the option of adding extra lateral supports with a swing-away feature, allowing them to be quickly released for transfers.

For more information, please contact BES Rehab on +44 (0) 1179 666 761 or email



World’s first fully modular care cot

Special Seating for small children Specialised Orthotic Services is one of the country’s leading providers of special seating, mobility products and clinical services. The company offers a wide range of seating for young children with and complex postures and special seating needs. Relaxing at home isn’t something children can often do in their wheelchair, which is why SOS created the Custom Home Chair. Home Chair allows children to relax with the family in a safe, practical and comfortable environment. The seating system is designed to offer postural support even for long periods of time. Available with remote operated tilt in space allowing the child to be reclined smoothly for maximum comfort. The Glider Indoor mobility wheelbase is designed to give freedom of movement to children in the home and school environment. Glider can be used with almost all SOS special seating systems. The Quick Lok interface allows seating systems to be swapped quickly and easily. It also features manual or powered rise and fall movement for use with tables, work surfaces and floor activities. Call 01283 812860 or visit www.


Theraposture is a privately owned, family run business that has been a leading supplier of bespoke, handbuilt adjustable beds, chairs and care cots since 1981. Building on the huge success and popularity of the original Mascot, Theraposture has introduced the next generation Mark 2 Mascot care cot that takes the concept of modular flexibility to the next level. This remarkable sleeping solution is designed to allow the changing needs of the user (and their carers) to be managed by adapting its modular design to suit developing needs. Representing a breakthrough in flexible cot design, the new Mascot offers scope to change the electrically operated function together with the option to interchange door construction, height and quantity. Padding can be easily fitted either at the time of supply or retrospectively and can be completed in the user’s home with minimal disruption and cost. With the new internal divider system, very young individuals will

use the Mascot Mark 2 and feel safe and secure. This system ensures the cot is more size appropriate for a young child and also creates a useful storage area. As the child grows, the divider system can be removed when more space is needed. This means that just one product could potentially be used throughout all stages of a child’s development, becoming a ‘whole life solution’ that saves purchasers thousands of pounds. As with all of Theraposture’s cots, the longevity of the Mascot Mark 2 is reinforced by the quality of the craftsmanship. Constructed in Beech hardwood, all components are finished to an ultra-high standard and incorporate a special coating that is fire retardant and digestible – meeting DIN EN71 part 3. Each Mascot cot that is recommended by Theraposture, follows an individualised assessment and is backed up by a no quibble, seven-day suitability guarantee. Call 01373 823 030. The website is at



Special Seating and Mobility Products for Home and Community

35 year milestone for Joncare Joncare Ltd was formed in the Autumn of 1978 and shortly afterwards the company purchased the Amesbury range of pioneering paediatric products from AC Daniels, incorporating them into the Joncare range. The company continued to add exclusive products from other manufacturers, and purchased both the Bean Bag Company and Malden Mobility Products Company in the 1980`s, significantly widening the range from its popular seating, standing and walking products. The past 20 years have seen the Joncare brand grow in both its core paediatric product range and its Mobility Matters Showroom, which was established in 1998. The business now provides a range of products that stretches from small ADL’s to stairlifts and car adaptations through Motability. The website for Joncare is at

To see our full range of fun and useful assistive products please visit our website: @MERUcharity


Popz Switch





Introducing the New and Improved Equipoise The Equipoise Straddle seat from SOS uses sitting posture based on the position adopted when riding a horse. The effect of reducing hip flexion automatically produces a lordosis and puts the extensor muscle groups at an advantage. This places the child in an enhanced position of balance and minimises the effect of sitting with a poor centre of gravity, common in conventional sitting posture. Availble now in 2 versions Floor Sitting and with a Mobile Base for older children

Nessie - Positioning Aid

P Pod Moulded Seat

The Nessie positioning aid helps young children with physical development and encourage good activities. Availble in a range of sizes and colours. Ideal for therapy sessions and playtime at home.

The P Pod is an innovative custom or standard moulded seat with a bean bag base offering a comfortable yet supportive seating solution for home and community. Available in a range of colours.

Specialist Community Care from SOS @specialorthotic 01372 725203 | Registered Charity No: 269804 | Part of the QEF Family

Tel: 01283 520400


Shop window The easy way to find a retailer you can trust If you are looking for someone to trust when it comes to buying products to make life easier, there’s one sure fire way of being absolutely certain that you are talking to people who know their stuff, treat customers in a way that they deserve and will always be there when you need more support. Just look for the BHTA logo. The BHTA code of practice is approved by the Trading Standards Institute. Every BHTA member company, like the retailers below, abide by a stringent Code of Practice. It ensures that you can trust what they say, what they do and how they do it. Call a BHTA retailer today and find someone who you can trust to do the job properly.

TPG DisableAids Ltd. are based in Hereford and offer equipment and service solutions to the NHS, local authorities, housing associations, charities and private purchasers throughout an eighty mile radius. We are a leading independent supplier of stairlifts, hoists, beds, mobility aids and ADL solutions. From single items to major projects all with care and attention. Tel 01432 351666

Ottobock Specialists in paediatric & adult mobility products, supplying the NHS, Charities, Private / working with OT & case managers. Kimba Neo special needs buggies, Bravo Racer wheelchairs, Avantgarde lightweight active user wheelchairs & powerchairs. Covering Somerset, Dorset, Bristol, South Wales, Devon, Wiltshire & Hampshire. ATP Practitioner number 5805. Trading Standards Buy With Confidence approved member. Call 01458 851 591

Established in 1997, Modern Mobility is located at the popular Fosse Park shopping centre in Leicestershire, with the largest area of free parking in the county. Renowned for the highest possible standards of customer service, we supply the broadest range of mobility solutions from walking sticks and bath seats through to powerchairs and stairlifts. Call 0116 263 0600

Incontinence UK offers nationwide a wide range of disposable and washable incontinence products including pull up pants, insert pads, washable briefs as well as bed & chair products. Professional, discreet and personal service with prompt next day delivery. We can help with all your incontinence needs. Tel: 0800 068 3625

wee_man.pdf 1 3/8/2011 4:41:51 PM

Mobility Scotland Ltd has become one of the most respected suppliers of specialised seating and mobility solutions across the country. Our product range consists of; Careflex Rehab Chairs, bespoke Rise and Recliners with Integrated Pressure Systems and the new, innovative, Air Chair range. Our people, products and service are all geared towards adding real value to everyone who connects with us.

Agents for Roma Medical, Freerider, DMA, Medicare, and Pride - between those 5 suppliers catering for up to 90% of the UK mobility needs. In a nutshell, we can supply the exact product to suit your clients’ needs from walking aids to wheelchairs, from comfort cushions to recliner beds and chairs, from commodes to bath lifts & stairlifts. We now stock a wide range of small travel scooters that are lightweight and designed to fit into a boot of a car. We also have scooters and power chairs that can travel up to 30 miles at up to 8mph. Contact us for brochures or why not visit our showroom.

Tel 0141 775 0396

Call 0121 605 1041










Long established firm Orchard Mobility offers a complete range of equipment throughout Cambridgeshire and adjoining counties. A small firm but with a full set of expertise we guarantee friendly and considerate service. No call outs are too small and we welcome visits to our showroom, where parking is straightforward and the stock is considerable. Tel: 01480 465533

ASTON Shower Commode


Excellent new features include...


The Aston Shower Commode provides several excellent features including the bright blue PU covers that assist any user with visual impairment and a moulded seat for comfort and warmth. > Lightweight aluminium frame > PU seat, back and arms > Height adjustable > Height and angle adjustable footplates, swing in / out > 5 litre potty and lid > 4 braked castors, lock in both directions and travel > Arms flip up for side transfer > Clears standard and disabled WC’s > Quick release wheels > Aluminium brakes > 24” grey solid tyres

Height adjustable

Flip up arms for side transfer

5 litre potty and lid











Aston Shower Commode Transit

56cm (22”)

97cm-102 (38”-40”)

87cm (34”)

46cm (18”)

48-53cm (19”-21”)

43cm (17”)

159kg (25st)


Aston Shower Commode Self Propel

56cm (22”)

97cm-102 (38”-40”)

87cm (34”)

46cm (18”)

48-53cm (19”-21”)

43cm (17”)

159kg (25st)


Aston Shower Commode Heavy Duty

66cm (26”)

97cm-102 (38”-40”)

87cm (34”)

56cm (22”)

48-53cm (19”-21”)

43cm (17”)

260kg (40st)

“Versatile solution for your showering and toileting needs” The Aston Shower Commode chair features an excellent 25 stone weight capacity (increasing to 40 stone for the Heavy Duty model) and was developed to be cleaned easily in both domestic and commercial environments.


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Ottobock's external and implanted "Functional Electrical Stimulation" (FES) solutions stimulate the body's neuromuscular system, providing effective relief from drop foot, one of the most common mobility problems after stroke.

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In addition, our quality soft orthoses have been specially developed to respond to the needs of stroke patients, supporting the therapy programmes that are key to restoring both movement and quality of life.

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AT Today - Issue 6 - November 2013