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welcome Welcome to the fifth issue of AT Today, the magazine that brings you all the latest developments in the world of Assistive Technology, from around the globe.

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All issues of AT Today available online on the website either to read using a page reader system or to download as a pdf file and so, if you would like to know what we featured in the first four issues, why not take a look at If you have AT related news of your own, then please send us the details for our next issue. Team AT AT Today is produced BHTA Engage Ltd, the commercial arm of the BHTA (British Healthcare Trades Association). BHTA Engage also includes THIIS (The Homecare Industry Information Service)


What is the BHTA?

What is THIIS?

The British Healthcare Trades Association has been around for quite a while – it is one of the oldest and most established trade associations you’ll come across. As well as having a lot of history, it also has an important role to play in the future. It is important for the companies producing equipment, for the professionals who work with that equipment and customers who use it to make their lives easier. The BHTA has nearly 500 companies members and they range from a small, local showroom selling items such as scooters, wheelchairs, bathlifts and stairlifts, to the largest manufacturers and suppliers in the UK producing and distributing a vast range of products to help from the most sophisticated orthotic device and pressure care systems to the largest installations such as through floor lifts. One of the most important roles is to maintain the highest standards. There are some less than ethical companies out there but every company that is a member of the BHTA wants to do the job properly rogue traders simply don’t meet the standards. Every BHTA member company has signed up to a special Code of Practice. It’s not just a piece of paper. It has been granted full Trading Standards Institute approval under the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme (CCAS). For more details go to

THIIS (The Homecare Industry Information Service) is used by all the pro-active retail and manufacturing companies in the UK homecare marketplace and many of the key professionals purchasing and advising on products. A monthly trade magazine is read by people who make or sell equipment. A weekly trade email bulletin is also produced and a bi-weekly news alerts is sent to professionals who sign up to receive it. Recent professionals who have signed up for the news alerts have had job titles such as; Senior Occupational Therapist, Manual Handling Trainer, OT & Sensory Practice Manager, ICES ATM, Service Improvement Manager, Infection Control Nurse, AT Project Lead, Head of Service, Training Administrator, Head of Access, Research and Development Rehabilitation Engineer, Project Development OT and OT Team Manager. The THIIS website carries product and company news, details of the latest literature and safety alerts and much more. Visitors can also download the monthly trade magazine from the website. For more information on THIIS go to

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Electrodes control arms

Wheelchair Services Provider

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Stand-Alone Telecare Solutions

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Stairlift ranges to suit most homes

Looking to streamline care... A new website and mobile application to improve the organisation and supply of care provision across the UK has been launched following expert input from Coventry University’s Health Design & Technology Institute (HDTI). Russell Smith, who has muscular dystrophy, has been working in conjunction with HDTI to develop his ‘CarePair’ app and website. CarePair is designed to help those needing care to find carers and, conversely, it also helps carers find care job opportunities. Twenty-eight year old Russell came up with the idea to combat some of the common issues that he has personally encountered in planning his own care support using the Direct Payments Scheme, and took an initial concept to HDTI, which offers a full healthcare app design and evaluation service.

The UK’s largest range of stairlift solutions

The application and website is available for free across the UK. Those requiring care assistance can create a profile based on the support they need, including details on typical tasks, the job hours, location and pay. They can also complete a survey on their tastes and opinions which can be rated by preference. Carers can register and do the same, stating their requirements for work and answering the skills and personality survey. CarePair then matches carers and users according to their suitability. For more information go to www.

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0845 225 3121


Sensory in a (mini) suitcase The new Sensory-in-a-Suitcase Mini from SensoryPlus houses a wealth of interactive tools for imaginative therapy, play and educational activities. The suitcase contains a wide range of sensory equipment, from UV reactive items through to the popular tactile Dress-a-Pillar and Theraputties, with musical experiences coming from the Clatter-Pillar and SensoryPlus MP3 Player to download music. Its compact size, makes it highly portable and ideal for therapists, parents, teachers, activity co-ordinators and carers who need to take the sensory tools to the individual to provide them with an all-round sensory experience. For more information call 0800 0800 212709 or visit

Real work experience A new fully equipped professional training facility has been launched to service the burgeoning health and social care industry. The centre, located in the North East, provides employees from care organisations with expert training and qualifications. The Ingeus Centre of Excellence for Health and Social Care in Gateshead provides practical and classroom training, and a fully equipped domiciliary care suite with professional industry equipment, beds and bathroom facilities, enabling companies, staff and apprentices in the sector to benefit from training of the highest standards in a ‘real work’ environment. Alongside this is an array of specially designed adult, child and infant simulated training mannequins, lifelike in every respect, including bodyweight. Call 0845 3308184 for more information


Smart addition for hoists The new Oxford Mini, Midi, Major and Maxi incorporate the new and exclusive Smart Monitor - a stateof-the-art, on-board diagnostic control system providing invaluable operational data via an integrated LCD display. It enables a user or service engineer to know exactly how each lift has been used during its operational life. The system also allows the user to schedule key maintenance routines, and understand if the lift has been overloaded during use. An ergonomically designed ‘latch and lock’ foot pedal mechanism for opening and closing the legs helps to avoid in-advertent opening or closure during a transfer. The contoured footpad ensures the carer’s foot remains flat throughout the adjustment process. An over-sized push-handle is positioned at the same height across the range. This, coupled with four high-grade, Tente castors ensures ease of handling and manoeuvrability on the vast majority of floor surfaces. Call 0844 811 1156 or visit the website at

Moving & Handling and Bathing Solutions From micro to major moves we offer moving and handling solutions to support the carer and client

Bed to chair‌ The Theraposture Freedom Rise provides powered mobility assistance for users as it ingeniously transforms from a fully flat bed to an articulated upright seated position and vice versa. It incorporates numerous engineering innovations that result in a highly reliable, safe and comfortable solution that aesthetically blends into any domestic home. It has an impressive 23 stone (146kg) user weight capacity and the capability to support users wishing to sleep with an elevated headrest position – ideal for alleviating respiratory, circulation and pressure related issues. The sleeping surface consists of two individual layers of specialist Visco foam of varying densities. Both layers are fully encased in removable covers that are washable and crafted in highly durable material that maximises hygiene levels and also provides anti-sheer contact. The Freedom Rise will assist an individual from a seated to lying position within 45 seconds in a controlled and smooth manner. Call 01373 823030 or visit the website at

Dementia App launches Recogneyes has launched the online app to meet the specific needs of people living with dementia. The App is based on research by experts in the UK, Australia and the US. It allows choices, dislikes and favourites to be saved in categories that cover every day needs such as food, clothing and music. It does not rely on memory or word recall, making it an ideal tool for those working with people who have memory difficulties. For more details, go to

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Moving & Handling and Bathing Solutions

0845 271 1107


Helping with touchscreen technology RSLSteeper, has launched ‘Pererro’, which utilises Apple VoiceOver to bring iPod touch, iPhone & iPad to those who were previously unable to use or had difficulty with touchscreen technology. According to the company, there are an estimated 2.5 million people in the western world unable to use touchscreen technology due to conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease or Duchenne’s, Muscular Dystrophy. The adapter, which weighs just 6.9g is controlled through a switch that is connected with a 3.5mm minijack plug. The iOS device can be charged without disconnecting, and works with almost any voiceover enabled ‘app’ available from the Apple App Store. For more information on the product, go to

Next step in FES technology Cyclone Mobility has announced the UK launch of the latest Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES) technology from Restorative Therapies, which will allow users to stimulate up to 16 muscle groups simultaneously – more than ever before. This is achieved through the use of Restorative Therapies’ newly developed system controller, SAGE 10, along with a new six-channel stimulator controller, the RT60 and the enhanced RT50-Z, which the company says is smaller, lighter, boasts a longer battery life and a stronger attachment to the electrode for improved stimulation capacity. The new controller can now connect to two RT60s, meaning FES systems the RT200 and RT300 can provide either six or twelve wired stimulation channels as standard, and an additional four channels can be achieved through an RT50-Z. With access to 16 channels, an even wider range of muscles can


now be stimulated at the same time, including the tibialis anterior, gastrocnemius, quads, abdominals, hamstrings, gluteals and erector spinae, meaning that FES technology can potentially help users to achieve simulated walking patterns and help people with illnesses or injuries such as MS, Stroke or an incomplete spinal injury to walk with assistance. To find out more about the Sage controller call 0800 180 48 50 or visit the website at www.cyclonemobility. com

Powered and manual Mobility aids

Health at Home service launches O2 Health has introduced Health at Home, a telehealth service that helps people with long-term conditions to feel in control of their health and enables clinicians to take a more tailored approach to individual patient needs. Using mobile and web-based technology, Health at Home is a complete service that includes a secure software platform for healthcare professionals to remotely monitor their patient’s health, and a range of everyday mobile devices that patients use to monitor their symptoms. Available on a wide range of computers, tablets and smartphones, it is designed to integrate with existing IT systems and equipment within healthcare organisations. Health at Home’s secure platform allows HCPs to monitor patients’ readings, set bespoke symptom surveys, provide educational materials and communicate with

them directly. Patients are provided with a tablet computer connected to the mobile network and pre-loaded with the Health at Home software as well as relevant smart monitoring devices including pulse oximeters, weight scales and blood pressure monitors. Patients take regular readings from the smart devices which are sent via Bluetooth directly to the tablet and then securely to the O2 Health server. HCPs sign in through a secure website, where they can monitor the readings and take action if appropriate. All information is graphically represented, helping HCPs to monitor trends and set appropriate personalised care plans according to the data. Initial findings have shown that the average length of hospital stay has decreased by 59% in a small COPD trial group. For more information, go to healthcareorg

New mobile hoist The Flyever mobile hoist from Mackworth Healthcare is an entry level product with a sensible 160kg weight capacity. Its dimensions allow easy access to chair / bed spaces and can be easily and compactly stored when not in use. A mechanical opening leg base comes as standard and compliments even the largest of

Manual or powered, indoor or out we have a comprehensive range of walkers, wheelchairs and scooters

Give us a call to find out more about one or all of our ranges

wheelchair widths For more information, call 0800 7797218 or visit the website at


0845 0745 945


Code of Practice update... New website empowers AAC community Communication Matters has launched their AACknowledge website bringing AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) information and evidence together in one place for the first time. Shaped by the AAC community, the website presents case studies, frequently asked questions, factsheets, glossaries, summaries of articles in plain English and links to other sources of information helping people who use AAC and the people supporting them to make informed and independent choices about support needed. David Morgan, Communication Matters’ Research Lead, says: “The AACknowledge website will make a tangible difference to users of AAC and their families, professionals including speech and language therapists and GPs, AAC suppliers, the research community and voluntary organisations.” The website is at

The British Healthcare Trades Association’s Code of Practice – the only one in the industry – has transferred to the new Trading Standards Institute Consumer Codes Approval Scheme, following the closure of the Office of Fair Trading Scheme. The BHTA Code will continue to apply to all members, governing the relationship between members and their customers. The Code ensures high standards of service, fair terms of trading and accurate information. In addition, consumers can be confident that any issues or complaints raised will be dealt with in a robust and transparent manner within strict timescales. Ray Hodgkinson MBE, BHTA’s Director General, says: “The Code’s credibility will be further enhanced

by our association with Trading Standards and we look forward to working closely with them at national and local levels. For our member companies and their customers, it promises dedicated help, advice and support is close at hand.” The BHTA’s Director of Governance and Policy Development Sarah Lepak added “Since the Code achieved full approval in 2009, it has become an increasingly potent force, raising professional and ethical business practices and with the TSI involvement, I am confident it will enjoy an even higher prominence.” You can search for companies that comply with the Code of Practice on the BHTA website at

Portable stroke device 100% accurate A bedside electronic device that measures eye movements can successfully determine whether the cause of severe, continuous, disabling dizziness is a stroke or something benign. “Using this device can directly predict who has had a stroke and who has not,” says David Newman-Toker, M.D., Ph.D., an associate professor of neurology and otolaryngology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He says that the device could one day be the equivalent of an electrocardiogram and could virtually eliminate deaths from misdiagnosis and save a lot of time and money.


The machine includes a set of goggles with a USB-connected webcam and an accelerometer in the frame. The webcam is hooked up to a laptop where a continuous picture of the eye is taken. Software interprets eye position based on movements and views of the pupil, while the accelerometer measures the speed of the movement of the head. Researchers believe the test could be easily employed to prevent misdiagnosis of as many as 100,000 strokes a year, leading to earlier stroke diagnosis and more efficient triage and treatment decisions for patients with disabling dizziness.

Minute eye movements can be detected that are difficult for most physicians to notice and can help diagnose stroke.

DOORMATIC Automatic Door Opener

WINN OF THER E James D People yson C Award hoice

“An award winning way to open a door� The Award Winning Doormatic has been developed to help open and close doors automatically. This new innovative device overcomes many of the problems and high costs of installing a more traditional automatic door system. This cost effective solution offers quick and easy tool free installation; there are no structural changes or any requirement for drilling. It is simple to configure with its user friendly menu, providing you with several options including speed, power adjustment and optional waiting time.

Quick Installation > Tool free installation > Easily transferrable to other doors > Can be easily installed in minutes

Easy To Configure > > > >

Simple, user friendly menu Simple configuration in seconds Adjustable power, speed and waiting time Features installation wizard

Patented Technology > Activated by push and go, entry fob or motion sensor > In built obstacle detection removes risk of injury > Robust and reliable software

Flexible Use > Several modes available to suit various environments > Designed for use on different surfaces including carpets, tiles, laminate and other flooring > Suitable for use in bathroom environments > Batteries can be charged on or off the product

Drive Medical Limited, Ainleys Industrial Estate, Elland, West Yorkshire, England, HX5 9JP. Tel: 0844 855 4402 Fax: 01422 314489 Email:


Bionic eye approval In America, the FDA has approved what it called ‘the first bionic eye for the blind.’ UCLA bioengineering professor Wentai Liu has developed the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System, along with a team of physicians and engineers from around the country. It aims to help adults who have lost their eyesight due to retinitis pigmentosa (RP), age-related macular degeneration or other eye diseases that destroy the retina’s light-sensitive photoreceptors. At the heart of the device is a tiny yet powerful computer chip developed by Liu that, when implanted in the retina, effectively sidesteps the damaged photoreceptors to ‘trick’ the eye into seeing. The Argus II operates with a miniature video camera mounted on a pair of eyeglasses that sends information about images it detects to a microprocessor worn on the user’s waistband. The microprocessor wirelessly transmits electronic signals to the computer chip, a fingernail-size grid made up of 60 circuits. These chips stimulate the retina’s nerve cells with electronic impulses which head up the optic nerve to the brain’s visual cortex. There, the brain assembles them into a composite image. Recipients of the retinal implant can read oversized letters of the alphabet, discern objects and movement, and even see the outlines and some details of faces.

Simple step to monitoring The manufacturer of the ELSI Smart Floor describes it as being ‘more than just a nurse call system’. While traditional bracelet based nurse call systems are focusing on triggering alarms in case of an emergency, the ELSI system makes it possible to react quickly before any accidents, but more importantly also to act proactively in general, providing real time information. Completely invisible sensor foils are installed under any conventional flooring material to detect the location and direction of movement of someone moving in a room. The system is completely concealed and alerts passively, without the inhabitant having to act in a certain way or having to carry a bracelet to trigger alerts. The system can alert on multiple events such as falling on the floor, getting out of bed, entering or leaving the room or staying in the bathroom for an unusual long time. Besides the events and alerts recognised from the patients movements, the system includes phones, nurse call buttons and light controlling to complement the getting out of bed alarm. The Smart Floor has been tested since 2008 in real elderly care home environments, and proven the number of falls reduced by as much as 97% in the night time between 2.00am and 7.00am. The system has been installed in more than 1000 apartments in Scandinavian countries. For more information on the system, go to

Condition updates at a click of a button mylife enables users to view secure information relating to their condition with the click of a button. The easy-to use portal allows users to access vital signs readings online, enabling them to view trends over time, check progress against set targets and get hints and tips from clinicians about their condition. The mylife portal offers a secure solution for providers to develop an integrated care plan around the patient, putting them at the heart of the telehealth service. For more information, go to



L T IA N EC OU SP C 5: IS 99 D £2 CH N U LA


! *

A unique, new sit-to-sleep profiling bed that reduces cost The pioneering Freedom Rise delivers controlled and powered assistance for individuals transferring between a seated and lying position. Innovative design results in a safe and comfortable, totally flat bed that allows individuals to remain independent at home and can eliminate associated care costs.

Freephone: 0800 834654 Email:

Sit. Sleep. Stand, independently for less –

Freedom Rise bed * Only available on the first 50 beds

Open: Monday – Friday, 8:30am–5:30pm. Answerphone messages can be left at all other times





Bespoke paediatric and adult care cots from Theraposture Handcrafted by specialists with over 30 years experience, the bespoke paediatric care cot range from Theraposture is first choice for healthcare professionals. Following a free assessment, they are individually designed to meet changing needs, thus saving cost and are supplied with the Theraposture seven day suitability guarantee.

Freephone: 0800 834654 Email:


designs, endless savings YOUR INDEPENDENCE, OUR COMMITMENT

Theraposture Limited, Kingdom Avenue, Northacre Industrial Park, Westbury, Wiltshire. BA13 4WE Open: Monday – Friday, 8:30am–5:30pm. Answerphone messages can be left at all other times


App magnifies and reads text out loud The ‘Better Vision’ app magnifies text and reads English, German, Spanish or Dutch text out loud on iPhones, iPads (mini) and Android devices. The app can also light up text and enhance contrast. It provides between 2 to 10 times magnification of the image and there are contrast enhancing colour filters with a choice of 6 different colours. For more details visit

See a virtual stairlift Handicare’s Vision app offers a unique opportunity for customers to see how a stairlift will look in their home. Visio is an augmented reality application that has been designed to provide customers with a good 3D indication of how a stairlift would look. This technology can be used in conjunction with compatible tablets, or smart phones, by simply downloading the free of charge Vision app from the Apple or Android app stores. The app is used in association with A3 markers. Customers can even be shown a selection of seats to help them decide which system they would like to use and they can walk around the 3D rendition to see the unit from all sides. For more information, call 0844 225 3121 or visit the website at

Latest pendant… Tunstall’s latest intelligent personal pendant with automatic fall detection is the iVi (pronounced ivy). It is, according to the company, the only product of its kind to have a ‘not-worn’ alert, which raises an alarm at the monitoring centre if it hasn’t sensed movement for a defined time period. The pendant has several wearing options and can be adjusted to suit individual needs, with three variable sensitivity levels available. It also features both a button to raise an alarm, and an additional button to cancel any potential alerts that were triggered unnecessarily.


Orthopaedic support from Brits Ottobock, Official Technical Service provider for the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games, has confirmed 30 orthopaedic technicians from across 11 countries, including three from the United Kingdom, will form the technical service team for the Games. It is expected that the technicians will conduct hundreds of repairs to equipment and complete approximately 3,000 working hours during the Games, which take place 7-16 March 2014. The three British members of the technical service team are Ken Hurst, Rachel Neilson and Russell Pizzey. All three were part of Ottobock’s 80-strong technical service team that successfully supported the London 2012 Paralympic Summer Games. Two technical service workshops will be set up during the Games, one in each of the athletes’

villages, and will open on 1 March 2014, one week before the opening ceremony. On the opening day of competition three satellite workshops will begin operating at the venues, together with a mobile unit for flexible support. Computer-controlled logistics developed specifically for the London 2012 Paralympics will ensure replacement parts are always available in Sochi. For more information on Ottobock’s range of innovative solutions that restore mobility go to

Lateral Support Back

Button Back

The Senydd single motor tilt-in-space rise and recline chair. 25 stone maximum user weight as standard.

Seat to floor Seat width Seat depth Back height

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16" 18" 18" 27"

18" 20" 20" 30"

20" 23" 22" 30"



Size Chart Petite



3 sizes, 4 back designs, 1 great price - £485 Also available in 2 motor versions. Bespoke sizings and multiple additional options available.

2002 - 2013

0 YEARS 1 “Raising the standard”


02 20




201 1

02 20

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Manufacturers of Bespoke & Contract Rise & Recline Chairs Call our Sales Hotline on 01446 772227 Wilcare Wales Ltd, Vale Business Park, Llandow, Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan CF71 7PF Telephone: 01446 772227 Fax: 01446 772226 Email: Web:

CE Marked products. Motor actuator/electrical systems conform to all known EU-CE requirements for low voltage and EMC levels. All fabrics conform to BS5852 parts 1&2 test procedures for the fire retardancy levels 0, 1 and the majority to woodcrib5.

The Senydd

Cushion Back


NEW Wilcare ‘Comfort Sprung’ seats available on this model.

Waterfall Back

Proudly made in the UK



Health App library The NHS Commissioning Board has introduced a library of NHS-reviewed health apps that will help people manage their health. The new Health Apps Library contains around 70 apps that have been produced by a variety of organisations and then reviewed by the NHS to make sure they are clinically safe. Creative England, a national agency that invests in digital media, is launching, in collaboration with the NHS Commissioning Board, a £250,000 investment fund designed to support app development and is inviting small and medium-size enterprises to apply for funding if they want to develop apps that may benefit patients and the public. More information on the Apps library at

Link between hearing and falling available to devote to balance and gait when the hearing aids or assistive devices are worn. This study could go a long way toward helping us understand the importance of hearing and how it affects many other aspects of a person’s wellbeing.” The website for the University of Texas is at

University of Texas at Dallas researchers are recruiting patients for a new study aimed at determining a connection between hearing deficits and the likelihood of falls. The research project is evaluating how much hearing aids and other technologies might improve balance and prevent falls for people with auditory problems. Recent studies suggest that people with hearing loss also may be at greater risk of falling. Linda Thibodeau, a professor in UT Dallas’ School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences and the chief investigator for the UT Dallas team said “We anticipate that there will be increased cognitive resources

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Contact 01457 890980

Dedicated to the healing and maintenance of healthy skin providing a comprehensive range of pressure relieving cushions, mattresses and interface pressure mapping technology.






Community mattresses in medium or high risk available for up to 40 stones (254kg).


Pressure Mapping Technology available exclusively from SUMED® in the UK.


Ultra 90 pressure relieving cushion suitable for up to stages1-2 pressure damage.


Alternating Pressure replacement mattress system with exceptional functionality and ease of use.


Our CONSUMER ONLINE SHOP is now available -


Oxford Classic Lifts Accommodating a variety of needs, Oxford’s new Mini, Midi, Major and Maxi lifts are ideally suited to homecare, nursing home and acute environments, where our products have been leading the way for decades. With key features and functionality shared across the range, we ensure our lifts are both simple to use and easy to train with. As with all Oxford patient lifts, particular attention has been given to ergonomic principles making the new Classic Mobile lifts among the safest, most intuitive to use in the market place today.

Smart™ Monitor A state-of-the-art, on-board servicing and diagnostic tool that provides invaluable operational data for both the user.

Foot Pedal Leg Adjustment An ergonomically designed ‘latch and lock’ foot pedal helps avoids in-advertent opening or closure during use.

Choice of Spreader Bars With three interchangeable spreader bar sizes coupled with a full range of slings, Oxford can accommodate a wider variety of patient needs.

For more information, contact our dedicated Customer Service team on

0844 811 1156 or send

an email to


Beds and mattresses specialists Sidhil has expanded the existing product portfolio with the introduction of the new Essentials range of surfaces, designed to deliver optimum performance at extremely competitive prices with no compromise on quality. They are available in two designs, including a high density foam option and the Essentials Contour castellated foam profiling support option. Both are four way turning support mattresses featuring a two-way stretch waterproof cover for optimum hygiene, and suitable for Low/Medium risk applications. Printed with clear cleaning instructions and a turning indicator, the mattress covers also feature a clear ‘zip start’ point to show the location of the zip, avoiding the need for staff to search around the mattress under the waterfall flaps when removing the cover. With a two year warranty on both foam and cover, the mattresses are capable of supporting a maximum user weight of 180kgs (28 stone). Call 01422 233 022 or visit the website at

© Matthias Heyde/ Fraunhofer FOKUS

Surface range options

Rehab at home New technology will give patients added motivation to do their exercises, allowing them to perform physiotherapy exercises at home or when out and about – during breaks at work, for instance. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems in Berlin have developed a telerehabilitation system consisting of an exercise editor, a physio box and a mobile sensor unit that connects to a smartphone. The therapist uses the exercise editor to work up a training programme tailored to the individual patient, increasing the intensity from week to week. The patient can then run the program at home.

Exercise routines are displayed on the TV screen for the patient to copy. The physio box analyzes the data recorded by the camera as the patient does the exercises. Beforehand, software is used to map each patient’s bodily characteristics in 3D and translate them into a biomechanical computer model. Once the data has been interpreted, the box sends it via the internet to the rehabilitation centre, where the therapist sees how the patient is progressing and can adapt the exercises accordingly. It is thought that the system could then be ready for use beginning in Summer 2013.

Take note of new App... For the millions of people with vision loss looking for a simple, convenient way to take notes at work, at school, or at home, the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) has launched AccessNote, a specialised notetaker for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A traditional notetaker is a portable electronic device that enables users who are blind or visually impaired to take notes, create documents, and access applications. These devices, extremely valuable for people who are blind or visually impaired, usually provide either speech or braille output (or both). However,


they are very expensive at around £1000 and much more for ones with a built-in braille display. AFB’s AccessNote app is available for £13.99 from the iTunes Store. In addition to being a low-cost alternative to traditional notetakers, AccessNote allows users to combine efficient notetaking with many other features and functions of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This allows people who are blind or visually impaired to use the same popular devices that their sighted peers are using in classroom or business settings. For more information, go to

The World’s Best Mobility and

Since 1983 Gerald Simonds has led the way in high quality mobility and seating solutions from the world’s major manufacturers. Thirty years on and we continue to add new and innovative products to our range to meet the on-going needs of our clients. The Active Controls centre drive system is a modular ‘plug and go’ power and control system which can be retro-fitted to convert almost any model of power wheelchair to mid-line driving. Putting you firmly in the centre of the action.



Made from a soft, flexible form of aerospace honeycomb with ‘memory’. Stimulite Cushions provide Total Pressure Management® - pressure relief, shear reduction and ventilation to control heat and moisture - the key to pressure sore prevention. Stimulite Cushions are machine washable, naturally antifungal and allergen free.



The Tarta® modular backrest system adapts to a wide variety of wheelchair seating needs. Advanced materials form an aesthetically beautiful backrest that can be customised by shape, seating angle, even colour. A choice of variable ribs and softly padded cushions provide the right solution to fulfil most seating needs. Truly taking backs to the future.

ON. . .


Our added value service begins with honest advice on the right solution for individual needs, backed by free, expert clinical assessments and no-obligation demonstrations. We also provide long term after sale and customer support. So, if you’re looking for a quality wheelchair, drive control or seating system, ring our experts FREE on 0800 220975 and discover how Gerald Simonds can add a difference to your life.

9 March Place, Gatehouse Way, Aylesbury, Bucks HP19 8UA Tel: 01296 380200 Fax: 01296 380279 email:

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Clock deals with confusion The Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME) has designed a revolutionary new clock, which is helping to dispel confusion for people living with dementia. BIME is an engineering design and development charity based at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, which works to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and healthcare problems which has developed over 300 products over the years. The new clock acts as a helpful reminder, constantly displaying the day of the week and whether it is morning, afternoon, evening or night. Nigel Harris, BIME Director, explains: “People living with dementia can lose the ability to tell the time, even to the extent that they cannot distinguish between night and day. Confusion about the time of day often causes people to mix up the middle of the afternoon with the middle of the night, resulting in repeated phone calls to friends and family in the early hours. This new type of clock will support people with dementia and helps to reduce this growing problem.� Designed in close consultation with people living with dementia, the clock is deliberately simple, displaying only the necessary information needed for people to consolidate their daily routine and reduce anxiety about missing regular events or appointments. It does not display the exact time and date as research has shown that this additional information can be distracting. Nearly 700 Day Clocks have been sold since it was launched a year ago and it has been a finalist in the National Dementia Care Awards. Call 0117 330 2277 for more information or visit


New implant replaces inner ear Functionally deaf patients can gain normal hearing with a new implant that replaces the middle ear. The unique invention from the Chalmers University of Technology has been approved for a clinical study. With the new hearing implant, the patient has an operation to insert an implant slightly less than six centimetres long just behind the ear, under the skin and attached to the skull bone itself. The new technique uses the skull bone to transmit sound vibrations to the inner ear, so-called bone conduction. Unlike the type of bone-conduction device used today, the new hearing implant does not need to be anchored in the skull bone using a titanium screw through the skin. The researchers anticipate being able to present the first clinical results this year and that the implant could be available for patients within a year or two.

New from MediTek The New E120 Standard Stairlift

The New D160 Deluxe Stairlift

For those who just need nothing more than a straightforward, reliable stairlift.

For when Style, Quality, Capability and Reliability Counts

All Essentials covered EN81:40 Compliant, 120kg (19st) SWL Universal Carriage ICS Control Board Environmentally Friendly Made in Britain

Modern and Versatile EN81:40 Compliant 160kg (25st) SWL ICS Control Board Full Range of Options including: Powered Swivel Seat Powered Hinge (choice of powered hinges) Stand & Perch External rating Choice of upholstery Choice of seatbelt styles Seat footrest links

To find out more about these two great NEW stairlifts contact MediTek today T H E





CALL US NOW ON 01325 311442


ÂŁ1.2m grant for Osteoarthritis research

New technology for pressure care

A team of academics from the University of Glasgow has been awarded a ÂŁ1.2million programme grant from Arthritis Research UK to bring together for the first time experts in bone, matrix, molecular and systems biology in a concerted effort to better understand osteoarthritis. The team will study a new pathway previously discovered by the consortium that may drive disease in osteoarthritis. This could present an entirely new avenue for drug development.

ClimaCare from Surface Care - a division of the GNG Group - is a mattress or wheelchair cushion interliner that is used in combination with a standard medical mattress or wheelchair cushion cover. The product features advanced Outlast technology that uses a microclimate control system to help maintain optimum skin temperature by drawing heat away from the body, redistributing it when needed, and reducing moisture and humidity build-up. The technology utilises phase change materials that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort, and is tested and proven to alleviate spikes in skin temperature. ClimaCare is currently undergoing clinical trials in the UK. For more information visit go to www.

Unit 127/8 Fauld Industrial Park Tutbury Staffordshire DE13 9HS

Individual Customised Seating has for many years been necessary for clients with complex postural needs. Specialised Orthotic Services, better known as SOS, are one of the leading specialist seating providers in the UK. Offering a unique range of seating and mobility products we provide a range of services to the health care market for mobility and home care use. Constantly developing new products, we continue to add to our wide range available to the disabled community. With over 30 years experience in this specialist field, SOS have the expertise to resolve the most complex of seating needs.

Contact us today for more information or to arrange a call back Tel: 01283 812860 | Email: Web:

C&S seating

22 Theaklen Drive Ponswood Industrial Estate Hastings East SussexTN38 9AZ

01424 853331

Fax 01424 854018


Products designed and developed to aid basic postural management. The C&S Product Range Our range of products has been designed to assist in the control of the posture when lying down, for use by people with little or no ability to change position independently.

Log Rolls

T Rolls

Inflatable T Rolls

Log rolls are available in a choice of 3 sizes and 2 cover materials; Terry Cloth and Waterproof.

T Rolls are available in a choice of 5 sizes and 2 cover materials; Terry Cloth and Waterproof.

Are available in 2 sizes and are supplied with pump and repair patch. A Terry Cloth cover can be purchased if required.

Knee & Leg Supports

Alternative Positioning Supports

Available in 2 sizes. This design provides a more gentle form of support for those who are unable to use or tolerate our existing range of positioning rolls.

Available in 2 sizes. Designed for use where more control of the abducted lower limbs is required than can be provided by the T Roll or the Log Roll.

Made in UK


Portable text to speech unit in production A pocket-sized Lightwriter Swift has been introduced. The portable, text-to-speech communication device from Toby Churchill has been designed for enhanced interactive conversation with its unique dual screen technology. According to the company, it delivers superb sound quality through dual speakers with responsive, natural-sounding speech and has been designed to promote spontaneous, interactive conversation. The unique keyboard with joystick access means that it can be used with one hand. The software includes intelligent word prediction to speed up the rate of conversation. QuickChat lets users store nine words or short phrases in a quick-access grid, and QuickSounds provides access to five commonly used sociable sounds with one press of the joystick. The dual screen enables the user to have more natural face-to-face communication, and its dual speaker technology gives boosted volume to improve communication where there is background noise. Call 01954 281210 or visit

First ‘Bionic’ Hand fitted Christopher Taylor became the first person in the UK to be fitted with the pioneering Michelangelo Hand. Christopher, 58, of Ivybridge in Devon, lost his right hand in a jet-ski accident in August 2009. As a self-employed lifting equipment engineer, Christopher regularly climbs ladders and works atop industrial buildings and cranes. The unique four movable fingers and a thumb that can be independently positioned using muscle signals, will allow Christopher to continue working safely. During the trials, Chris quickly and easily mastered control of the prosthetic hand by using natural muscle movement and contraction in the remaining part of his arm. He said, “the more I use it the better I get at controlling it.” Dorset Orthopaedic used their expertise to add to the comfort of the hand, by introducing a unique silicone ‘comfort fit’ technology. Consultant Prosthetist & Director of Clinical Services, David Hills said: “Traditionally upper limb sockets are made from rigid materials such as glass fibre. We have however developed 100% Silicone sockets, which are proving to be much more comfortable due to their flexibility especially around bony areas such as the elbow.” The Michelangelo Hand uses advanced software that increases the responsiveness and predictability of the hand, making it much easier to operate. There are seven different hand positions that match the versatility and complexity of natural hand movement with never-before-seen complex gripping kinematics, positioned using muscle signals. To complete the realistic look of the Michelangelo Hand, PVC prosthetic gloves are available in six different skin tones.

Robot reminder... A University of Salford researcher has come up with an interactive care robot for elderly people. Antonio Espingardeiro, who is studying in Salford Business School and the School of Computing, Science & Engineering, has created the P37 S65 robot which has the ability to remind elderly people to take their medication and exercise, and can even tell jokes. It can also provide 24-hour emergency notifications and will directly connect to carers or GPs through video conference or SMS. He believes that his robot can actually improve quality of life for the elderly by promoting exercise, playing games and acting as a video link to family and loved ones. The robot can be programmed with many routine health interventions that are designed for people with dementia – such as speech therapy and object recognition exercises. Through face recognition it can also remember the preferences and requirements of each patient, as programmed at the instruction of a human worker. Antonio is now looking for investment to conduct field trials and perfect the robot’s systems ahead of a full product launch.


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Shop window The easy way to find a retailer you can trust If you are looking for someone to trust when it comes to buying products to make life easier, there’s one sure fire way of being absolutely certain that you are talking to people who know their stuff, treat customers in a way that they deserve and will always be there when you need more support. Just look for the BHTA logo. The BHTA code of practice is approved by the Trading Standards Institute. Every BHTA member company, like the retailers below, abide by a stringent Code of Practice. It ensures that you can trust what they say, what they do and how they do it. Call a BHTA retailer today and find someone who you can trust to do the job properly.

TPG DisableAids Ltd. are based in Hereford and offer equipment and service solutions to the NHS, local authorities, housing associations, charities and private purchasers throughout an eighty mile radius. We are a leading independent supplier of stairlifts, hoists, beds, mobility aids and ADL solutions. From single items to major projects all with care and attention. Tel 01432 351666

Enable Mobility are based in Kinross, Perthshire and our experienced and professional team offer a wide range of high quality, innovative mobility solutions and daily living aids including wheelchairs, rise and recline chairs, household and kitchen aids, Cosyfeet footwear and rehabilitation equipment. Why not pay us a visit, call us or visit our website for more details. Tel: 01577 861169

Incontinence UK offers nationwide a wide range of disposable and washable incontinence products including pull up pants, insert pads, washable briefs as well as bed & chair products. Professional, discreet and personal service with prompt next day delivery. We can help with all your incontinence needs. Tel: 0800 068 3625

wee_man.pdf 1 3/8/2011 4:41:51 PM

Mobility Scotland Ltd has become one of the most respected suppliers of specialised seating and mobility solutions across the country. Our product range consists of; Careflex Rehab Chairs, bespoke Rise and Recliners with Integrated Pressure Systems and the new, innovative, Air Chair range. Our people, products and service are all geared towards adding real value to everyone who connects with us. C








Tel 0141 775 0396


Throughout East Sussex and West Kent, with over 23 years experience to draw on, Only Stairlifts provide stair lift solutions, to suit every need and budget. From competitively priced new and reconditioned lifts, to rental options on both straight and curved lifts. Our excellent after sales service and complimentary extended warranties, ensures we continue to “meet the need through experience. Tel: 0800 54 29 444

Long established firm Orchard Mobility offers a complete range of equipment throughout Cambridgeshire and adjoining counties. A small firm but with a full set of expertise we guarantee friendly and considerate service. No call outs are too small and we welcome visits to our showroom, where parking is straightforward and the stock is considerable. Tel: 01480 465533

26th and 27th November 2013, NEC


Grabbing attention The YouGrabber is an interactive upper limb virtual rehabilitation tool for bimanual or onehanded finger and arm therapy. It trains patients at all stages of recovery and the company that produces it suggests that there is a higher level of motivation and adherence than other therapies with immediate performance feedback The system is individually adjustable and suitable for patients with neurological disorders including Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, traumatic brain injury and Cerebral Palsy. The company says that it can also be used on patients with a complex regional pain syndrome, neglect or depression. The website for the Swiss company, YouRehab is at

Preventing DVT Neo-Slip has been designed to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). The anti-embolism stocking aid is the brainchild of a registered nurse. Comprising just a small, slipperstyle sock, the Neo-Slip lubricates and streamlines the foot and ankle so that the anti-embolism stocking slides on without difficulty. Neomi Bennett, a nursing graduate from Kingston University, says she was inspired to create an anti-embolism stocking aid after repeatedly seeing patients struggling to put on their anti-embolism

How much?…this much…. A team of experts in the assessment of children have launched an iPad app that will enable professionals working with children to survey, explore and quantify almost any experience or symptom. The goal is to help children to express things that are difficult for them; either because they were complicated, distressing, or they were just scared of communicating in a traditional interview. This Much! is an app that provides an interactive Visual Analogue Scale (VAS). It is a new twist on a very well established assessment procedure which is traditionally administered in paper and pencil format. The child can choose how to represent the experience or symptom and indicate a rating and then that response can be


quantified and explored in more detail. The app generates both quantitative data and qualitative information, using a combination of graphics, text, symbols and images (including photographs). Any VAS scale can be quickly and easily adapted to explore and quantify almost any symptom or type of experience. This Much! is available from the Apple iTunes Store for £27.99 and was developed by Child & Family Training, a not-for-profit organisation committed to promoting evidence-based assessments and interventions with children and families.

stockings. She said: “One elderly lady, too afraid to ask her nurse how to apply the stockings, had resorted to simply using them as curtain ties.” More details on the product at

Otolift, a serious partner in stairlifts. Otolift is a Dutch based manufacturer who launched its products through a UK based daughter company – Otolift Stairlifts Ltd, at Naidex National 2012. Otolift is the only manufacturer that produces both a single (Otolift One) & twin (Otolift Two) tube railed stairlift. This product range gives them the diversity required to supply lifts for a huge majority of different staircase configurations and individual disabilities. These include very steep and / or tight staircases. Both lifts are designed to be aesthetically pleasing yet remain reliable and practical for use. Our business model in the UK is only to supply through a network of carefully selected high quality dealers. The dealer database will be kept to a minimum to allow high levels of support, but still allow Otolift to be your national stairlift supplier with local service. We will be on Stand B70 at Naidex National 2013 from 30 April – 2 May. Please come to meet the team and view our products.

Contact us for more information on product demonstrations, open days, to see what Otolift can do for you or to find your local distributor:

Tel: 01207 581636


Safety the key to telecare phone Doro has introduced its second handset specifically adapted for the delivery of telecare services both inside and outside the home. The Doro Secure 681 is an easy-to-use assistive mobile, which aims to build the user’s feelings of safety and assurance. It is designed with usability front-of-mind, improving outcomes by reducing common fears that technology can often present to senior users. The phone is the first to feature an embedded class one telecare radio receiver. This connectivity makes it compatible with Doro’s range of sensors and triggers, which include wearable wrist, neck and fall sensors, plus additional sensors for the home

of motion, door, flood and smoke detectors. As a consequence, it enables people who currently rely on the support of a fixed-line telecare service more freedom, mobility and enjoyment with increased security. The device is capable of transmitting two different types of alert to the receiving centres of a telecare provider either through the Doro Secure IP protocol or via SMS. Inbuilt monitors automatically check and report the charge level of the phone and sensor batteries. It also gives the functionality to create safe zones and ring fence the user for added assurance. For more information visit the website at

Members of the ATP Society have the skills and the commitment. They also have something else to look out for

The BHTA has launched an exciting initiative for people working in the assistive technologies sector – their skills and experience have previously gone largely unacknowledged.

…a badge of trust

The new ATP Society aims to recognise job competences and raise standards, in turn giving members of the public, and professionals, the confidence that if they deal with an accredited Assistive Technology Practitioner (ATP Soc) they are dealing with someone they can trust.

Go to… …to find out more



















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Alpha!Junior!Child’s!Bed! The!New!ScanBed!Alpha!Junior!is!a!new!!! short!bed!which!has!all!the!features!of!a!! community!bed!plus!an!integral!bed!extension! The!bed!has!been!designed!to!accommodate!the! profiling!needed!for!children!therefore!ensuring! !that!the!backrest!and!knee!break!are!in!the!correct! position!when!profiled.!

ScanTurn!Lateral!Rotation!System! The!ScanTurn!Lateral!Rotation!System!is!designed!to!limit!! the!effects!of!pressure!and!immobility!by!providing!lateral!! rotation!and!subsequent!pressure!relief.! The!degree!of!tilt!and!the!length!of!time!spent!in!the!tilt!! position!can!be!programmed!to!meet!the!patients!clinical! and!comfort!needs!whilst!at!the!same!time!taking!into!account!! the!care!setting.! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Scan!Bath!lifter! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! The!Scan!Bath!Lifter!offers!a!simple!solution!! ! ! ! ! !

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to!getting!in!and!out!of!the!bath.!Useable!in!! either!the!upright!or!reclined!position,!the!bath!lift! has!an!optional!sliding!and!rotating!seat!and!is!! available!with!a!battery!charger!and!re!chargeable! hand!control!

! Impression!Cot! A!new!style!of!cot!to!meet!the!needs!of!customers! in!an!ever!more!demanding!environment.!The!cot! is!designed!with!ease!of!assembly!and!installation!built!! in,!enabling!personal!care!and!most!importantly! providing!a!safe!environment!for!children!of!all!ages! and!sizes.! Scan!Mobility!Ltd,!Marsh!House,!Ralph’s!Wifes!Lane,!Banks,!Lancashire,!PR9!8ER!Tel:!01704233344!Fax:01704233355!!


Prosthetics at Westminster Ottobock supported an exhibition at the House of Commons promoting access to prosthetics. The event was hosted by Eric Ollerenshaw MP for Lancaster and Fleetwood and showcased a number of leading-edge prosthetics and disability technologies, including the C-Leg and Genium micro-processor knees from Ottobock. Philip Yates, Managing Director at Ottobock UK said: “The Ministry of Defence’s announcement to provide injured military personnel with the most upto-date prosthetic limbs was very welcome, but there are many more individuals across the UK who would benefit from access to that technology.” Parliamentarians were invited to pledge their support for Ottobock’s Access to Prosthetics campaign. The campaign’s objective is to promote the availability of appropriate and advanced technology to military and civilian amputees. For more information on Ottobock’s range of innovative solutions that restore mobility visit

The sky’s the limit for mood change In a previous issue of the magazine we featured the Sky Factory sky images, used in care homes and hospitals to improve moods. Now Neuroscientists at Texas Tech University have found surprising results during research into the effects of the compositions. Using fMRI brain mapping technology, the researchers are discovering several unique neural brain activations in the cerebellum of subjects responding to virtual sky images in comparison to other positive images from nature. Sky Factory Luminous SkyCeilings are installed in confined patient environments worldwide to promote relaxation and improve patient experience, with MRI facilities with SkyCeilings reporting reduced instances of claustrophobia and increased patient throughput. For more information, visit www.skyfactory. com


NASA inspired therapy The AlterG M320 Anti-Gravity Treadmill is a new medical rehabilitation treadmill with differential air pressure technology that provides accurate, safe and comfortable partial weight-bearing therapy while promoting normal gait patterns. The treadmill uses unique unweighting technology and precise partial weight-bearing enables accurate implementation of unweighting protocols, providing neuromuscular and proprioceptive retraining. The treadmills incorporate the differential air pressure technology developed by NASA and unweighting

can be provided in one percent increments to as low as 20 percent of the patient’s body weight. It gives patients the ability to set the exact point where exercise becomes pain free and provides clinicians a way to accurately measure patient rehabilitation progress.

1st Call Mobility The

Rental Specialists Bariatric



D O Y O U N E E D B E D S , C H A I R S, C O M M O D E S I N A H U R R A Y Baros Acute Ultra Low Bed Expandable 90cm-120cm 60st/400kg

Baros Acute Bed Expandable 90cm-120cm 63st/400kg

Fortissimo Community Bed Available in 90cm,110cm, 120cm 50st/318kg

24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week Within 4 Hours

Acute Hospital Beds Low & Ultra Low 30st/195kg

Visit our website to see our vast product range

Tel: 0 1 2 7 9 4 2 5 6 4 8


THIIS new product showcase… You can see the latest products to launch on the THIIS website. New items are being added all the time. Here are just a few of the most recent. Go to to see more. The Quickie Shark RT Quickie Wheelchairs has introduced the latest edition to their sports wheelchair portfolio – the Quickie Shark RT. The new Shark RT includes an innovative and ergonomic backrest to combine independent and adjustable elements for enhanced performance and a new front fork which offers a lightweight yet rigid solution For more information visit the THIIS website or call 0845 605 66 88

New cost effective pressure reducing mattress The Invacare Essential Plus is an entry level pressure ulcer prevention mattress designed for the community healthcare environment and offers comfort, support and pressure reduction at a cost effective price. For further details visit the THIIS website or call 01656 776222

New rehab aid The Rowalker from Handicare is a relatively small and easily manoeuvrable rehabilitation support aid which offers safe and secure support during walking and standing training For further details visit the THIIS website or call 01384 408700


Bariatric Expandable Community Bed The new Bariatric Expandable Community Bed from 1st Call Mobility has a maximum user Weight of 50st/318kg. It has an expandable Mattress Platform from 900mm to 1200mm For further details visit the THIIS website or call 01279 425 648.

New compact bariatric hoist Ergolet has developed a new concept around how bariatric hoists should be used, giving a wider appeal and better value for money for customers. For more details, visit the THIIS website or call 0161 477 7900 Revolutionary low level threshold bath Eurocare Showers has launched a bath that features what the company describes as a ‘revolutionary low level threshold’. For more details, visit the THIIS website or call 01302 788 684

The new Ergo Stand from Karma Mobility The Ergo Stand is a new front wheel drive power chair from Karma. It allows the user to stand in the power chair which gives the user increased independence and provides a number of medical benefits as well. These benefits include; improved circulation, pressure relief and bowl function. For more details, visit the THIIS website or call 0845 630 3436 Spine Immobiliser The CSI C-Spine Immobiliser from TalarMade provides superior support and stabilisation as well as the highest degree of patient comfort, control and compliance. It features replaceable plush laminated breathable padding for increased comfort. For more details, visit the THIIS website or call 01246 268 456 New wheelchair Stairlift The new Terry S7 Artira wheelchair platform stairlift is an inclined platform stairlift for wheelchair users and less ambulant people. Designed for curved stairways, the stairlift is a safe reliable and cost effective solution for wheelchair users in overcoming stairs. For more details, visit the THIIS website or call 0800 247 1228

The national event for health and care professionals


Join the hub for care professionals Successful care partnerships are founded on strong relationships and trust between the stakeholders, shared aims and outcomes, great engagement, expertise and innovation. That is why the Health+Care conference has been developed alongside the long serving Commissioning Show- to create a hub where excellence can be shared between commissioners, clinicians and providers. It will bring all the pioneers, experts and aspirants together from across the professional boundaries to showcase what is working – how providers can make real strides with personalisation, how they can work in partnership with care commissioners, how patient experience and outcomes can be improved, and how money can be saved. Through networking, inspirational plenaries and skill development sessions you will take away the knowledge, skills and contacts to engage with the challenge of making our care provision greater than the sum of its parts. Your complimentary delegate pass will give you access to: •

7 streams of content including Home Care and Residential Care business streams, Rising to the Dementia Challenge, Telecare and the Integrated Care Conference for care sector leaders.

Regional networking sessions with social care and primary care commissioners

The Care Closer to Home house of the future packed with the latest telecare innovations

Telehealth providers pavilion for networking with technology partners

Keynote speakers include:

Rt Hon Norman Lamb, Minister of State for Care and Support

Rt Hon Andy Burnham, Shadow Secretary of State for Health

Dr Gillian Leng, Deputy Chief Executive, NICE

Andrea Sutcliffe, Chief Executive, Social Care Institute for Excellence

Sue Excel, Service Locality Manager for Adult & Older Adult Mental Health Services, Kent & Medway Partnership Trust

Andrea Pope-Smith, Director of Adult, Community & Housing Services, Dudley MBC

Delegate passes are complimentary to qualifying health care and public sector professionals. To confirm your complimentary pass visit or call the delegate team on 02073484906 Digital media partner

Media partner

Supported by

Martin Green Chair, ECCA

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It’s black and white with new Rollator The new Roomba Rollator from Drive Medical is designed in contrasting white and black and has been developed for indoor use. Extremely lightweight at only 5.6kg, it includes a practical tray and textile bag as standard. The rollator is very narrow with a width of only 57cm ideally suited for use in tight spaces and folds simply for easy handling. Its full length handlebar is made of soft foamed rubber for comfort and the full length brake handle is suitable for one hand operation. Call 01422 314 488 or visit the website at

Carephone has up to 40 alert devices Chubb Community Care has launched CareUnity, a flexible new carephone that can monitor more than 40 different kinds of homecare alert devices using innovative upgraded technology. CareUnity features include multiple emergency numbers which provides direct connection to control centres, specified landline telephones or mobile phones, and a “beep to talk” safety pendant that allows the user to communicate with a monitoring centre even if unable to speak or hear. The system is easy to install and is compatible with all monitoring centre equipment. A touch keypad integrated into the rear of the unit allows for simple set up and function programming. It is also available in crisp white and black with Braille button identifiers for visually impaired users. CareUnity is available as a standard Telecare unit and as a Plus unit capable of monitoring up to 41 kinds of different radio alert. For more information go to www.

Effective, therapeutic positioning solutions ‘Simple Stuff Works CIC are a double award winning, not-for-profit company providing effective, therapeutic positioning equipment for children and adults with movement difficulties. Suitable for those with either relatively uncomplicated, or the most complex of healthcare needs, our equipment is safe, hygienic and simple to use – hence the name!

Simple Stuff Works Therapeutic Positioning Equipment

Postural care is a gentle form of physical therapy used to protect body shape. People who find it hard to move, at any age and for any reason, often spend long periods of time in one position. Over time, this position can become obligatory and lead to changes in their body shape which can cause secondary complications. Respiratory and digestive difficulties can become common, as well as musculoskeletal problems. The Simple Stuff Works Positioning System is designed to be as comfortable, hygienic and safe to use as possible whilst helping individuals to maintain a position that reduces the risk of body shape distortion. All pieces can be mixed and matched to find the perfect solution for every individual. Do not hesitate to contact us for a free, no-obligation assessment of your needs.’

‘My daughter loves her sleep system! She says it is cuddly, soft and warm and that she feels safe and cuddled in it. I would highly recommend ‘Simple Stuff Works’, they have been great and have given me support throughout’ Michelle, Manchester


01827 307 870

‘We wanted to write to thank you for your help and support in providing our daughter Hannah with a ‘Simple Stuff Works’ sleep system... It is clear that not only is the system comfortable and practical, but that Hannah’s position in the bed is much more advantageous... Your support and attention throughout has been first class. We have been very impressed by the product and the excellent service we have received from Simple Stuff Works and would highly recommend you and your company’ The Hadleys

Electrodes control arms For the first time an operation has been conducted where electrodes have been permanently implanted in nerves and muscles of an amputee to directly control an arm prosthesis. A team at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Sweden combined a bone anchored prosthesis with implanted electrodes. A titanium screw, so-called osseointegrated implant, is used to anchor the prosthesis directly to the stump, which provides many advantages over a traditionally used socket prosthesis. By using implanted electrodes, more signals can be retrieved, and therefore control of more movements is possible. Furthermore, it is also possible to provide the patient with natural perception, or “feeling�, through neural stimulation. The patient, a previous user of a robotic hand, reported that almost no effort was required to generate control signals. Moreover, tests have shown that more movements may be performed in a coordinated way, and that several movements can be performed simultaneously. The next step is to test electrical stimulation of nerves to see if the patient can sense environmental stimuli, that is, get an artificial sensation. The ultimate goal is to make a more natural way to replace a lost limb.

Seen in all the best places! The BHTA logo has always been something important to look out for if you want to be sure that the company you are dealing with is setting and maintaining the right standards. Every BHTA member agrees to abide by a Code of Practice, part of the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme, which is run by The Trading Standards Institute. The BHTA code is the only one in this industry. Only BHTA member companies can display the two logos together and it means that you can be confident of enjoying high levels of care, courtesy and professionalism. To find out which companies can offer you that guaranteed level of confidence, go to the website and use the member search facility. 38

Case load up? Budget down? Chiltern Invadex can help... With a range of cost effective shower cubicles to suit 99% of scenarios, and a one-stop-shop offering survey, manufacture and installation, why shop around?!

Front and side entry models include a ramp as standard and are available as a shower cubicle or a shower toilet cubicle, complete with wash hand basin.

The Chiltern Invadex range of shower cubicles can be installed in almost any room with no tiling or floor excavation, making it an ideal long or short term bathing solution for those with limited mobility who are unable to negotiate the stairs.

Shower chair compatible models are available which can accommodate a vast array of chairs from almost any manufacturer. Half height doors and optional half height side panels provide the access required to enable carer assistance.


Side entry cubicle Available as a shower or shower WC model

Front entry cubicle Available as a shower or shower WC model.

Corner cubicle Compact design to suit smaller spaces.

Not suitable for shower chair use.

Suitable for shower chair use.

Not suitable for shower chair use.

Tilt in Space Showering Range

Following the successful launch of the AquaMaster Tilt in Space Shower Chair during 2012, Chiltern Invadex have been working to develop our specialist showering range and is now pleased to announce the introduction of the Tilting Washington Cradle. Developed in conjunction with occupational therapy teams to create a support system which provides comfort and security for the user, both chair and cradle boast a large range of accessories to create a safe bathing solution. The corrosion resistant stainless steel frame is coated with a silver anti-microbial additive to protect against MRSA and comes with a 5 year warranty*. Operation of the tilting function is via a single rear mounted control handle which allows smooth operation using a dual gas spring assembly.

Tilt in Space Shower Chair

The Tilt in Space Shower Chair is the newest addition to the popular AquaMaster range. Available in two standard widths, 18” and 21” the chair comes complete with an extensive range of seat, armrest, footrest and backrest configurations which provide a safe, user specific chair. This is further complemented by a complete range of accessories including fully adjustable head supports, foot trays, calf straps, side padding, harnesses and commode pans. It provides a tilting angle of 0 to 30 degrees with an additional 10 degrees provided by the ergonomic angled backrest. Seat, armrest, footrest and headrest configurations are retrospectively replaceable to allow the amendment of the chair specification to suit degenerative conditions or to enable re-issue.

Tilting Washington Cradle

The new tilting cradle is available in three standard sizes small, medium and large. In addition, custom made models can be designed to suit the specific needs of the end user. Each is complemented by a carefully designed range of padding and support option configurations which look to provide a safe, user specific bathing aid. Fabrics are fully removable for washing and allow differing degrees of tension by adjustment of the supporting buckle straps creating a hammock effect. The cradle provides a tilting angle of between 5 and 35 degrees. Side rails are available as an accessory to provide additional security where required, these can be combined with a range of lap straps, harnesses, head and thoracic supports to create a safe and comfortable cradle.

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Offers a safe, controlled and comfortable showering position for those with severe physical conditions. Corrosion resistant stainless steel and nylon braked castors. Directional locking option available. Extensive range of accessories available. Dual gas rams to ensure smooth reliable operation. Single hand control lever. Frame coating includes a silver anti-microbial additive to reduce levels of MRSA by at least 99.9%. Free, no obligation technical survey. Full 12 month warranty (*5 year warranty on the frame - cradle only). Carries the CE mark in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive. Competitively priced.

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Ottobock's external and implanted "Functional Electrical Stimulation" (FES) solutions stimulate the body's neuromuscular system, providing effective relief from drop foot, one of the most common mobility problems after stroke.

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In addition, our quality soft orthoses have been specially developed to respond to the needs of stroke patients, supporting the therapy programmes that are key to restoring both movement and quality of life.

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