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Miguel Ángel Bellido Miguel Ángel Bellido is a Spanish actor who has worked both on stage and in films. As most actors, he’s a charismatic guy who is always interested in exploring new emotions and discovering the world. In this interview, we find out how he bcame an actor, what acting means to him and how his clothes help him get in role.

“Every time I learn something, I realize that that the more I know, the less I know.” What can you tell us about your background? How did you grow up? Miguel Ángel Bellido: I was born in El Puerto de Santa María, a small town in the south of Spain in the province of Cádiz in a very large family. My mother has 7 brothers and my father has 4 brothers. I have many uncles and cousins with whom I grew up in a very special and united way. When I was 8, my brother Pablo was born. My parents did not continue with that tradition of having many children, so we are only two. Now he is 18 years old and he has always been one of my greatest pillars and one of my greatest 32

references for learning, even though I am the oldest. I have always had artistic concerns. I’ve always loved dancing, singing and acting and every family reunion was a good excuse to get everyone’s attention to watch my show. Also, between joke and joke I always used to get some money to then buy goodies... Haha What made you decide that you wanted to be an actor? MAB: At 18, I started studying Advertising and Public Relations, but also I began to understand that everything I when I was little and did in the form of a game or hobby,

was still inside me and that now it was not a simple pastime. It started to be the only thing that made me happy and what I wanted to dedicate my life to, so I started taking theater and film classes for 3 years, to such an extent that I began to devote 90% of my time to acting and 10% to my studies in university. My passion grew and the feel of the obligation to study a classic career began to dissipate, so one day I decided to finally be what I had always wanted to be. One afternoon I decided to move to Madrid, the capital of Spain, where I currently live, and where the best theater schools were and where there would be infinite pos-

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