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Tuesday 2nd November 2010

NEWS Crime rates have dropped by 15%

According to local Stechford Police Station, car crime is down by 10% and also burglaries are down by 15%. But is that what the public think? >P12

WEATHER Snow storms set to batter the Midlands

Locals wait for the gritters to lay out salt as once again record breaking winters threaten to rock the small city for the 20th year in a row >P17

SPORT Grange CC secure sixth consecutive win Local team celebrate this season with outstanding performances including a record breaking zero wicket score for the past 2 games. Could they make it 3 in a row? Locals say it is likely >P29

ALSO IN Asian Man Beaten unconscious in local takeaway

Scenes of horror swept stechford last week as local “Bennys chicken” worker was struck repeatedly by 3 young girls in the area. Will we finally get the positive police presence in the area? >P4

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Mayhem took over the streets of Alum Rock once again as jewellery thieves broke into M.I. Jewellers on the Alum Rock road. Smoke bombs filled the road as panicked shoppers watched a vehicle ram into the front of a jewellery shop in the middle of a busy high street on Saturday morning. Reports have surfaced that the robbery was carried out by a group of 5 young Asian men but West Midlands Police refused to confirm this speculation. Similar robberies have occurred over Birmingham in areas such as Lozells, Handsworth and Aston. Jewellers also refused to speak on the matter as the gangs are known to carry firearms but one anonymous Jeweller said “We are fitted with state of the art technology, smash proof glass, smoke bombs and other security methods which the security company has told us not ro speak about” This has called for a massive re-haul of police presence in the area. Recent reports surfaced about anti-terrorism cameras in the area which caused much uproar especially amongst the religious community leaders such as Khizar Sharif local MP. “They watch over us not to keep them from us, but to keep us from them.” We’ve asked a few residents how they feel about this but most declined to speak. We can only speculate why this has occoured but local business man Zahid Shaffique thought otherwise. “This area needs the cameras, it’s for our own good, since they put them up kids have stopped hanging around outside my shops and shoplifting. Jewellers are feeling the pinch and sense it’s their time to leave the market as it is no secret that the jewellery business is struggling with the price of gold and silver hitting an all time low and a struggling economy does help to make matters worse. Continued on Page 5

Horrific scenes as police corden off high street

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Tuesday 2nd November 2010

THE STECHFORD TIMES Local teenagers disfigure local worker in petty argument


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Bennys Chicken: A once thriving business torn apart by antisocial behaviour Pictures: Mohammed Attif Scenes of horror swept Stechford last week as local “Bennys Chicken” worker was struck repeatedly by 3 young girls in the area. There have been many incidents on anti-social behaviour especially by young members of the Stechford area; and by young we mean between the ages of 13-19. Around six months before this incident two young girls attacked a phone shop, apparently from the words of the victim “my phone prices are verry reasnable, and these young girls came into the shop asking for a phone but were not satisfied with the price.” They argued with the shop keeper Mr. Ashiq for around five minutes then went outside but returned with some bricks and violently hurt him.

By MOHAMMED ATTIF This is also an issue on the increase of anti-social behaviour from teenage girls which seems to be rising. The three young girls who attacked the fast food chain worker where between the ages of 14 and 16, the girls cannot be named due to legal reasons but all three attackers have been excluded from their schools for violence which shows this isn’t a spontaneous “out of the blue” attack. The victim Mr. Alom 37, has been working at the shop for over 18 months and his fellow workers have said that “some customers tend to become aggressive and intimidating but never have they resorted to physical violence”.

The trio arrived at the shop in the earlier hours of the morning around 1 Am. It was already anybody’s guess as to why these young girls were out of there house at this time and could be put down to parenting issues. The worker who served the girls who is known to be a friendly and talkative person, politely refused to serve the girls as they appeared to be drunk and quite argumental. One of the girl’s immediately launched over the counter and attacked the worker whilst the other two cheered in the background. Moments later the other two decided to get involved, came round the counter, threw the worker onto the floor and proceeded to kick him in the

head until he appeared to be unconscious. They then supposedly checked his pockets for any valuables and left taking anything they could find, leaving Mr Ashiq fighting for his life. Friends and local neighbours gathered in the evening as police cordoned off the road and ambulance staff frantically fought to save Mr Ashiq. Fortunately Mr Ashiq survived the horrible ordeal to work another day, risking permanent brain damage. To everybody’s surprise the shop was open by the 10Am just 6 hours later and business was as usual despite the smashed windows and left over police tape.

Mohammed Attif Final Product  

Mohammed Attif Final Product

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