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WELCOME! Welcome to the ATTIC FILM FEST 2013. Although we are a small festival, we take our efforts very seriously while still attempting to make the FEST fun. TAFF’s mission is to offer a venue for Christian filmmakers to spread Christ’s message through film. Some of the films you will see are from professional filmmakers. Some are from directors still endeavoring to be professionals. We aim to select Christ honoring films that display His message of forgiveness and love for all. Some films will deliver the Gospel clearly and precisely. Some will use allegory or symbolism. Some will be more redemptive in nature. But all can be used effectively in reaching out to those around us and starting a dialogue about who Christ is. And all can be used to further His kingdom. That is, after all, why we do this event. At TAFF, we believe Christ to be the savior and redeemer of all. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God. He was born, ministered, performed miracles, sacrificed himself, suffered and died on a cross to pay for all of human kind’s sin. We believe on the third day after His death he was resurrected. We believe He is alive and wishes relationship with every person. He is real, He is here, and He loves each and every one of us. It is our mission to find films that tell His story and the story of redemption for all. WHAT’S AT TAFF 2013? TAFF 2013 offers several types of films and presentations. These include; WINNER’S CIRCLE/NON-COMPETITION FILMS—winners of LAST year’s competition will be screened on Friday, April 19th. NON-COMPETITION FILMS include those that highlight our mission but that do not compete at the Fest. This year we are honored to host a sneak preview of THE REDEMPTION OF HENRY MYERS on Friday April 19 at 7:30 in the Main Auditorium . This film was directed by Clayton Miller, a TAFF 2010 BEST FILM winner and long time supporter of TAFF, and is headed toward a national release soon. You do NOT want to miss this film! COMPETITION FILMS-- are those that are competing by category for cash awards and additional screenings sponsored by TAFF. These begin Sat, April 20th ending with an Awards Presentation Sat evening hosted by STEVE and AMY of SPIRIT 105.9. WORLD VISION This year we are delighted to include World Vision as part of our FEST. World Vision is dedicated to helping the underserved people groups around the world and sponsoring needy children. Tables are in the lobby the FTC Center. Please visit with these fine folks and learn about how they are helping to provide services, food, education, water and the other necessities of life that we take for granted. TAFF TALKS-discussion panels and talks on the Christian Film industry from film industry professionals, filmmakers, and discussion of how film and he arts in general can be an effective tools for evangelism. Talks are throughout the day on Saturday. In addition, attending filmmakers will hold Q&A sessions throughout the day after their film’s screening.

FILM FEST ETIQUETTE As most film fest goers soon discover, you will not be able to see all the films offered. So choose wisely. This program can be used as a guide to enable you to do so. We have provided ratings and a synopsis of each film as well as running times. This is intended to help you find the films you will most enjoy. QUIET PLEASE! When arriving at a screening room to see the next film, we ask that you do NOT enter until the previous film’s credits are concluded. Please be as quiet as possible while waiting to enter. And of course, please put your phones and pagers on silent mode while films are screening. We thank you in advance for you cooperation! PLEASE! NO VIDEO RECORDINGS OR PHOTOS OF FILMS ARE ALLOWED! REFRESHMENTS Refreshments and light meals are available for purchase from the wonderful eatery, El Chato. TAFF Hosts will be happy to help you find them. Of course, the popcorn is on us! HOW YOU CAN PARTICIPATE IN TAFF 2013 PRAY TAFF’s desire is that you feel part of this film fest. So, we ask for your participation. We invite you to pray with us as we open the fest in the Main Auditorium on Fri April 19 th , Sat April 20 at 10:am, and close the fest with us on Sat April 20th at 10:15pm VOTE In addition, this festival is a competition. We wish to support the filmmakers in their important work. Therefore, we offer cash awards for each competition category. You, as an audience member, can help decide the winner of the AUDIENCE FAVORITE AWARD presented on Sat night. Provided are ballots. We ask that you fill out one ballot, per person and place it in a BALLOT BOX. On Saturday evening, our AWARDS ceremony will honor those films that are the best in their category. All films that win awards are eligible for additional screenings sponsored by TAFF. WRITE We welcome you to write your, thoughts, prayers, and encouragement to our filmmakers and fest organizers on the TAFF TALKS BACK writing boards. We’d love to read what you think of the FEST. These will go to the filmmakers at the end of the fest. NOMINATIONS AND JUDGES A TAFF Judge’s Selection Committee is created for each TAFF competition. The committee consists of three to seven judges who are experts in the theatre, television, video, and the film industry. They are not known to each other or the filmmakers to avoid any conflict of interest or influencing of one another. They work hard and watch hours and hours of film. They are asked to select not only which films are accepted into the FEST but also nominate the films that are the best by category.

TAFF 2013 AWARDS TAFF BOARD AWARDS The RISING STAR OF BETHLEHEM AWARD sponsored by SUNDOGS CONSULTING GROUP. This award goes to a person 19 years and under who has made a significant impact in spreading the Gospel via film. This award is sponsored by SUNDOGS Consulting Group. The FAMILY FILM AWARD - This award looks for the film that is ideally suited for home screenings with neighbors, friends, and all members of the family. The GREAT COMMISSION AWARD -This award goes to the film that has Matthew 28:18-20 at it’s core. The TAFFY AWARD - This award goes to the film that best exemplifies the Gospel. TAFF WAYMAKER FUND-NEW FOR 2013! TAFF's mission is to support and empower talented Christian filmmakers to make the films God has called them to make. They often struggle with funding and support. In order to gather this support, filmmakers will often make a short film with the hopes of turning the same short into a longer version. In some cases, this never happens or It may take years to accomplish. So TAFF is introducing the WAYMAKER FUND sponsored by MANNA MEDIA to this year's fest. This fund is to enable a filmmaker to turn their short film into a feature length. AUDIENCE AWARD The AUDIENCE FAVORITE AWARD is determined by YOU, the audience, only. The audience votes for their favorite film of the competition. Ballots are tallied on Saturday evening and the winner is announced last at the AWARDS Ceremony Saturday evening April 20th. Be sure to make your vote known.


BEST TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT - Head Over Heals - Rising From Ashes - Restless Heart: The Confessions of St Augustine - Six Days - Walking On Water. BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY - Falling Plates - Jump Shot - Paradise Palau: Paradise Discovered - Rising From Ashes - Walking On Water BEST SCREENPLAY - Crossroad - One On One - Sonny - Static - The Ride BEST EDITING - Crossroad - Falling Plates - Static - Rising From Ashes - Walking On Water BEST PERFORMANCE - Alessandro Prezioso- Restless Heart: The Confessions of St Augustine - Drew Waters-Hiding In Plain Sight - Kirk Woller-The Ride - Morgan Alana Taylor-Static - Philip Bulcock-Crossroad BEST DIRECTING - Christian Duguay-Restless Heart: The Confessions of St Augustine - Dallas Jenkins-The Ride - Shervin Youssefain-Crossroad - T.C. Johnstone-Rising From Ashes - Vasiliy Koretskiy-The Flood

BEST ANIMATED FILM - Head Over Heels - Six Days - The Flood

BEST SHORT- UNDER 10 Minutes - Falling Plates - Jatku Leiba (May We Always Have Bread) - Static BEST SHORT FILM- 10 MIN and OVER - One On One - Smile - The Ride BEST DOCUMENTARY - Jesus Freaks - Jump Shot - Rising From Ashes - The Testimony of Leonard Knight - Walking On Water BEST FEATURE FILM - Crossroad - Restless Heart: The Confessions of St Augustine - What If . . . BEST FILM - Crossroad - Rising From Ashes - The Ride - Walking On Water - What If . . .

UNDERSTANDING THE TAFF RATING SYSTEM Please take a few minutes to understand our rating system. It is a bit more stringent than the MPAA ratings at your local movie theatre. G - general audience. Suitable for all ages. PG - Parental guidance. Suitable for youth over 12 with an attending adult. PG 13 - Parental guidance. Suitable for youth 13 and over with an adult. PG 16 - Parental guidance. Suitable for youth 16 and over with an adult. R - No one under 18 admitted to the screening. WARNING LABELS AND THEIR PURPOSE AT TAFF We take our responsibility to provide high quality Christian films very seriously. We also wish to be as up front as possible about the content of the films selected for the FEST. Sometimes these films push the boundaries of what “Christian” films are perceived to be. Some films will have content/images that some may find difficult. At TAFF we weigh each film’s content against the impact it may have for Christ. Therefore, on occasion, it is necessary to place a Warning label on a film we screen. Please heed and respect these warnings, as they are there to inform and protect. DISCLAIMERS Grace Arts Project, Austin Stone Community Church, For the City Center, or TAFF 2013 will make every reasonable effort to screen films for their intended audience but the above mentioned entities are not responsible for disagreement in rating system, content of films, or any unattended children or children’s viewing at the FEST. TAFF 2013 reserves the right to dismiss any person from the fest, due to inappropriate conduct. The views reflected in the films selected for TAFF do not necessarily reflect the views of The Attic Film Fest, Grace Arts Project, TAFF sponsors, or the For The City Center.

Moving Beyond Cheesy by Loretta Mach Marketing Director, TAFF

On February 27, 2013, Dr. Jamee Kennedy, the executive director of The Attic Film Festival or TAFF, spoke on an Arts and Entertainment Panel for Austin Bridge Builders' (ABBA) “In the City for the City” Pastors Orientation. One question she posed to the audience was, “What do you think of when you hear Christian film?” One voice called out “Cheesy”. Other replies echoed similar verbiage. One of TAFF's goals is to help independent filmmakers produce quality Christian films that all people will be drawn to. The types of films that TAFF accepts may or may not offer a full Gospel presentation. We accept films that have themes of forgiveness, unconditional love, sacrifice, self-sacrifice, honor, loving your neighbor, selflessness, or other positive messages. In other words themes of how Christ lived and how Christians are to live. Why should you be a TAFF sponsor? 1. To serve our community and beyond. Austin is home to at least 5 world wide festivals which include SXSW and Austin Film Festival. TAFF provides our artsy city with a Inspirational film festival that visually communicates the greatest story ever told and its redeeming author. 2. To financially help filmmakers produce hope-filled films. TAFF is a non-profit that awards cash prizes to winning individuals. Many of TAFF's award-winning films have also won at festivals throughout the world. These beautiful films clearly resonate with folks from different states and nations. 3. To entertain and enlighten audiences. In 2012, film studios took in a record-breaking $10.8 billion in movie earnings. Clearly, there is a demand for movies as a means of entertainment. In 2008, Fireproof was fourth at box office on its opening weekend and became the highest-grossing independent film of the year, grossing over $33,000,000! Last year's comedy and Family Film Winner, “Rogue Saints”, not only made us laugh but also showed the value of being part of God's caring family. 4. To educate and inspire. The 2012 winner for Best Short, Best Technical Achievement, and Best Director, “Journey to Jamaa”, illustrated the difficult life in Uganda, Africa. This World Vision produced film has encouraged many people to become a sponsor of needy children. TAFF’s screening in January raised funds to provide over 100 individual sized mosquito nets to be delivered via World Vision. 5. Without sponsors TAFF will no longer exist . 2013 is our sixth year. Typically, film festivals either make or break at year seven. An estimated budget of $25,000 will provide cash awards, secure venues, marketing fees, staff, and filmmakers' fees. Family sponsorships start at $50 and corporate sponsorships at $250. Perks for various amounts range from your name in the TAFF 2013 program, linked logo on our front webpage for almost a year, to a private reception with the filmmakers. Did you know that we have over 30 church partners that help us get the word out about TAFF events? When their congregations go to our website for our event info, your sponsorship and logo will be seen by many, many people.! For more information on sponsorships go to:

About the Films on FRIDAY APRIL 19 A CALL TO INDIA RT 55 min. DOC 5:10pm MAIN AUD TAFF RATING-PG non-COMPETITION FILM 2012 TAFF GREAT COMMISSION AWARD Producer: Jorrie van der Walt, Charl Folscher Director: Alret van der Walt Production Team: Jorrie van der Walt, Alret van der Walt, Charl Folscher, Ricky Farrer, Elize Folscher Featuring: Charl Folscher SYNOPSIS - We are called to love God, love people, and reach the world. This doc explores the local church of India in the context of the Hindu culture. Travel with the filmmakers through Northern India as they discover the challenges of this nation and the hope the church of Jesus Christ brings. AWAKENING RT 30 min. DOC 3:00pm MAIN AUD TAFF RATING-G Non-COMPETITION FILM 2012 TAFF BEST EDITING Produced by : Amy Kossover Directed by: Herb Kossover Featuring: Narration by Stephen Baldwin Production Team: Sean Trank, Herb Kossover, Amy Kossover SYNOPSIS - Have you ever seen a Jew for Jesus? These people have been rejected by their Jewish friends and family for their choice to follow Jesus. Follow these sweet folks on the streets of NYC as they begin to awaken their people to the reality that Jesus truly is the Messiah! CABERNET RT 7min 10sec SHORT 4:25pm MAIN AUD TAFF RATING-G Non-COMPETITION FILM 2012 TAFFY AWARD Directed by: Debbie Ramamoorthy Produced by: Chris DeGarmo and Jonas Sanz Featuring: Hugo Vargas-Zesati, Andy T. Tran Production Team: Simplebulldog Studio SYNOPSIS - While waiting for his first date with the girl of his dreams, a young professional man discovers a wine stain that just won’t go away. JOURNEY TO JAMAA RT 42 min SHORT 6:15pm TAFF RATING –PG-13 Non-COMPETITION FILM 2012 TAFF BEST SHORT, BEST DIRECTOR-Michael Landon Jr. Directed by: Micheal Landon Jr Produced by: Brian Bird, Micheal Landon Jr Featuring: Raehel Nduhukire, Bejnjamin Abemigisha Written by: Brian Bird


Synopsis - The true story of two Ugandan AIDS orphans who go on an extraordinary journey in search of a new home, pulling behind them a mysterious box on wheels. CAUTION - This film contains images and content of AIDS infected Africa- including a woman dying of AIDS. PROMISED LAND RT 75 min. DOC 5:45pm THE LOUNGE TAFF RATING –PG Non-COMPETITION FILM 2012 BEST FILM, BEST DOC, AUDIENCE FAVORITE AWARD Producer: Bryan Jennings, Todd Morehead Director: Todd Morehead Featuring: Todd Morehead, Hani Ovadia, Tom Curren, Oran Weiss, Maya Dauber Production Team: Russell Brownley, Jesse Schluntz SYNOPSIS - Israel is a country that is loved, hated, and often misunderstood by much of the world. Amidst the seemingly endless struggle over land and religion the sport of surfing has emerged as an e scape from this battle. Promised land is a look at this ancient place through the lives of two friends from different faiths, brought together by their love of oceans that separate them. RECONCILIATION RT 101 min FEATURE 2:00pm LOUNGE TAFF RATING-PG-16 Non-COMPETITION FILM 2012 TAFF BEST FEATURE Producer: Chris Jones, Damon Zwicker, Chad Ahrendt Director: Chad Ahrendt Featuring: Eric Nenninger, Jack Maxwell, Chelsey Crisp, Gregory Zarian, Nayo Wallace, Mark Arnold Production Team: Chad Ahrendt, Chris Jones, Damon Zwicker, SNYOPSIS - Grant Taylor has been troubled by intense childhood memories ever since his wife Sara became pregnant. As fatherhood nears, Grant privately wrestles with his embarrassment and anger toward his own father. His memories come to a head when he receives a phone call that his father is on his deathbed. Grant reluctantly goes to see the man he disowned when he discovered he was gay. At the hospice father and son confront the past. Will Grant forgive his father for abandoning the family? Will Jeff forgive Grant for the hateful words he said years ago? This thought provoking film of heartache and triumph will inspire you to love more deeply, seek forgiveness from those you have hurt, and forgive those who have hurt you. CAUTION: - This film has content dealing with the gay lifestyle and gay issues including AIDS. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

ROGUE SAINTS RT 107 min FEATURE 3:50pm LOUNGE TAFF RATING-PG Non-COMPETITION FILM 2012 TAFF FAMILY FILM AWARD Producer: Adam Lubanski, Dave Brunk Director: Adam Lubanski Featuring: John Wu, Jason Pead, Deanna Sarkar Production Team: Mark Wilkie, Josiah Savage, Josh Morris, Michael Vossler SYNOPSIS - When Nick and Dylan learn about a huge diamond that might be buried under a church, they plot to dig it up with out getting thrown in jail. But as they work, something about the church and the people there begin to affect them. THE FORGOTTEN MARTYR: Lady Jane Grey RT 15 min DOC 3:35pm MAIN AUD YOUNG FILMMAKER TAFF RATING-PG Non-COMPETITION FILM 2012 TAFF RISING STAR AWARD WINNER Producer:Joe Henline Director: Joe Henline Featuring: Jerica Henline, Emily Meinerding Production Team: Joe Henline, Jerica Henline, John Hedrick, Josh Hedrick SYNOPSIS - While browsing in the library, a young women stumbles upon a book about 16 year old Martyr Lady Jane Grey. As she becomes engrossed in the story, her mind is captivated by the events unfolding before her. Follow this valiant young woman’s story and be part of the few to uncover the truth. THE MAN WHO NEVER CRIED RT 23:29 SHORT 4:40pm MAIN AUD TAFF RATING –PG Non-COMPETITION FILM 2012 TAFF BEST PERFORMANCE, BEST SCREENPLAY Producer: Russell Wayne Groves, Andrew Lee Director: Bradley Jackson Featuring: Keir O’Donnell, Jess Weixler Production Team: Ricardo Diaz, Christopher Stull, David James Ward SYNOPSIS - Ralph Winston has never cried: not when he was a baby, not when his hear was crushed by his high school sweetheart, not even when he first saw Stephen Speilberg’s E.T. So when his father dies, Ralph at the age of 32-decides to embark upon a true emotional journey with hopes to shed his first tear before the funeral-and before it’s too late. THE REDEMPTION OF HENRY MYERS RT1 hr 54 min FEATURE 7:30pm MAIN AUD TAFF RATING-PG-13 *SNEAK PREVIEW Director: Clayton Miller Producer: Gundersen Entertainment, Visionary Pictures, EchoLight Studios SYNOPSIS - Henry is a hard man, getting by in the old west the only way he knows how: robbing banks. After his latest heist goes wrong and his partners betray him and leave him for dead, Henry is surprised to find extraordinary kindness from a widow and her children. With the influence of this family, Henry begins to question the choices he’s made in his life. Just when things begin to make sense again, it’s all ripped

away from him when his old partners show up. Will he seek the revenge he desires or finally find his Redemption? CAUTION: - This film contains gun violence and intense situations. Viewer discretion is advised. THE VICTOR RT 20 MIN. SHORT 3:55pm MAIN AUD YOUNG FILMMAKER TAFF RATING-PG-13 Non-COMPETITION FILM 2012 RISING STAR AWARD non-COMPETITIOM FILM Producer: Bob Byrum, Luke Jiles Director: Stephen Byrum Production Team: Bob Byrum, Luke Jiles, Christopher Demlow, Featuring: Luke Jiles, Jim Muskrat, Josiah Coad, Isaac Byrum SYNOPSIS A young homeless man with a tragic background battles for survival against personal temptations. He is transformed by an unexpected discovery that offers redemption and restoration. CAUTION: This film depicts alcoholism. Viewer discretion is advised.

About the Films SATURDAY APRIL 20 AMASONGO-The GATES RT 12 min DOC 4:15pm SMALL SCREENING ROOM TAFF RATING PG COMPETITION FILM Producer: Colin Ward Director: Nicole Barbour Production Team: Nicola Barbour, Colin Ward SYNOPSIS - Street children are a desperate problem all over the world. This film explores a unique primary school in South Africa’s Grahamstown as every day the school turns the tide and changes lives-one child at a time. CROSSROAD RT 95 min FEATURE 2:50pm LOUNGE TAFF RATING-PG-16 (for gun violence and intense situations) COMPETITION FILM Producer: Shervin Youssefian, Danny Simonzad, David Dginguerian, Amy Weber, Director: Shervin Youssefian Production Team: Shervin Youssefian, Geoff Reisner and Spot On Media Featuring: Philip Bulcock Kim Estes, Amy Weber, Jasmine Jade, Bryna Weiss, Benjamin Corns, Matt Jones, Sean Galuszka SYNOPSIS - Twelve strangers come together to realize that their lives are connected and the they are all part of of a bigger plan to help save a man’s life. CAUTION: - This film contains violence including strangulation and gun violence and intense situations. Viewer discretion is advised. DEDITOS-LOS HIJOS de ABRAHAM (The Children of Abraham) RT 25 min. KIDS PICS 2:10pm SMALLSCREENING ROOM TAFF RATING-G COMPETITION FILM Producer: Jose Abel De la Cruz Director: Jose Abel De la Cruz and John Gowan Production Team: Asociacion Vina SYNOPSIS - Abraham is told by God to go to a far away land where his many descendants will bless the world. Abrahams’s advanced age and barren wife are just some of the challenges he faces, but God is faithful to fulfill His promises. - RECOMMENDED FOR KIDS. EYES TO SEE RT 33min. SHORT 3:25pm MAIN AUD TAFF RATING PG-13 (for intense situations) COMPETITION FILM Producer: David de Vos , Stephanie de Vos Director: David de Vos Production Team: David de vos and Stephanie de Vos Featuring: Matthew Marsden, Garcelle Beauvais SYNOPSIS - When a news camera man is trapped with a Haitian woman after the 2010 Earthquake, he must set his preconceptions aside and rethink his life as the two struggle to survive. CAUTION: This film contains intense situations. Viewer discretion is advised.

FALLING PLATES RT 4 min SHORT 4:05pm MAIN AUD TAFF RATING PG COMPETITION FILM Producer: Howard Crutsinger Director: Jon Strong Production Team: Matthew Tinley, Alex Boyle, Christ Tharp, Brent Buffington, Zach LaLiberte, Mancel Lindsey and Matthew Tinley SYNOPSIS - This beautifully photographed film tells the story of Christ’s love for man through images of sin, separation, and sacrifice. FIGHT RT 20 min. SHORT 4:35pm SMALL SCREENING ROOM TAFF RATING PG-13 COMPETITION FILM Producer: Caleb Hermann Director: Caleb Hermann Production Team: Caleb Herman at Resolute Productions Featuring: Tyler Messner, Robert Nolan Clark, and Bill Finkbiner SYNOPSIS - When a man struggles with an addiction to pornography he realizes how hard he must fight to save his marriage and stay pure. CAUTION: - This film contain intense situations and addiction to pornography. Viewer discretion is advised. FINISH WELL RT 18:42 SHORT 12:45pm SMALL SCREENING ROOM TAFF RATING PG COMPETITION FILM Producer: Justus McCranie Director: Justus McCranie Production Team: Justus McCraine SYNOPSIS Set in a war zone this film depicts Paul’s admonition to Timothy to “finish well” even in the midst of intense life and death struggles CAUTION: This film contains violence including gun violence and intense situations. Viewer discretion is advised.

HARVEST RT 14 min. SHORT 4:35pm MAIN AUD TAFF RATING PG COMPETITION FILM Producer: Reid Carrescia Director: Reid Carrescia Production Team: Reid Carrescia, B. J. Downs Featuring: Rich Demeter, Allen Carrescia, Sy Kover and J Center SYNOPSIS - A world-weary farmhand encounters strange and prophetic events that cause him to question his outlook and destiny. Could there really be a better way? HEAD OVER HEELS RT 10 min ANIMATION 5:25 pm MAIN AUD TAFF RATING PG COMPETITION FILM Producer: Fodhla Cronin O’Reiley, Director: Timothy Reckart Production Team: Chloe Thompson, Eleonore Cremonese, James Taylor, Jered Sorkin, Sam Turner Featuring: the voices of Nigel Anthony and Rayyah McCaul SYNOPSIS - A husband and wife have grown apart over the years. He lives on the floor. She lives on the ceiling. And and their marriage hangs in the balance. 2013 ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE HERO RT 20 min. SHORT 12:45pm MAIN AUD TAFF RATING- PG COMPETITION FILM Producer: Brent Huff Director: Zac Titus Production Team: Steve Brio, Aimee Wood, Shawn Huff, Zac Titus Featuring: Steve Brio, Aimee Wood SYNOPSIS - A 12 year old girl who has lost everything including her belief in heroes is challenged by a Doctor to hope. CAUTION: - This film contains intense situations. Viewer discretion is advised. HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT RT 1:29min. FEATURE 6:30pm LOUNGE TAFF RATING-PG-13 COMPETITION FILM Producer: Sharice Henry Chasi, Kelly Gray. Marty Ezelle, Eric King and M. Legend Brown Director: M Legend Brown Production Team: Michael Garcio and Megan Wassner Featuring: Sharice Henry Chasi, Kelly O’Neil Jackson, Irma P Hall, Marty Ezelle, Drew Waters SYNOPSIS - Darius and Josey Blackman struggle to keep their family safe and together after serious financial difficulties. After living in their car Darius once unshakeable faith begins to crumble. But God has plans for this little family. CAUTION: This film contains intense situations. Viewer discretion is advised.

HITA RT 49 min DOC 11:50am SMALL SCREENING ROOM TAFF RATING PG COMPETITION FILM Producer: Rustin Rogers Director: Rustin Rogers Production Team: Rustin Rogers SYNOPSIS - Join the journey of one family and 8 young adults as they experience the small city of Hita, Japan as they attempt to share Christ through building relationships. IN AND OUT OF SHADOWS RT 50 min. DOC 11:45am MAIN AUD TAFF RATING PG-13 COMPETITION FILM Producer: Jon Imme and Sheila Duenas-Imme Director: Jon Imme and Sheila Duenas-Imme Production Team: Jon Imme and Sheila Duenasa-Imme SYNOPSIS - A gritty urban, real film that tackles the issues of gang violence, drug addiction, and prison life that is only redeemed through Christ. CAUTION: - This film contains intense situations. Viewer discretion is advised. JATKU LEIBA (MAY OUR BREAD ALWAYS LAST) RT 7:56 SHORT 4:55pm MAIN AUD TAFF RATING –PG COMPETITION FILM Producer: Jonas Sanz Director: Matt Patterson Production Team: Elari Lend, Chris DeGarmo at Simplebulldog Studio Featuring: Triinu Meriste SYNOPSIS - A single mother experiences brokenness and difficulty trying to raise her three children. Only when she thinks she has hit bottom is she reminded of hope. JESUS FREAKS RT 1:32 DOC 5:30pm SMALL SCREENING ROOM TAFF RATING PG-16 COMPETITION FILM Producer: Katherine and Charles Cobb Director: Charles (Chad) Cobb Jr. Production Team: Josiah Thiessen, Andrew Strobridge Featuring: John Murphy, Dan Griebnow, Tiffany Johnson, Natalie, Tuttle, Justine Chamberlain SYNOPSIS - This observational character driven doc is based on a young dynamic leader John Murphy and his school of 45 snow boarders (ages 17-25) as he guides them through a maze of spiritual transformation. CAUTION: - This film contains frank discussion of the gay lifestyle and drug/alcohol addiction. Viewer discretion is advised. JUMP SHOT 5:45pm TAFF RATING G COMPETITION FILM Producer: E-3 Foundation, Clint Bentley


Director: Jacob Hamilton Production Team: Timothy Chew, Patrick Wylie, Zach Humphreys Featuring: Kenny Sailors SYNOPSIS - The inspiring life of Kenny Sailors, the inventor of the modern day Basketball jump shot is chronicled. But what Kenny truly values after reflecting upon his successful career may surprise you. ONE ON ONE RT 11:21 SHORT 4:15pm MAIN AUD TAFF RATING-PG COMPETITION FILM Producer: Jake Thomas, Liam Cady, Chad Kapper, Ronni Johnson, and Laura Miranti Director: Jake Thomas Production Team: Benchtree Pictures Featuring: Eric Brown and John Nagle SYNOPSIS - Sarah a runaway teen, with no faith in heroes, has a chance encounter with a certain mild manner reporter. PARADISE PALAU: DISCOVERING PARADISE RT 25 min DOC 1:25pm MAIN AUD TAFF RATING G COMPETITION FILM Producer: Marty Herron and Rebecca Pettit Director: Rebecca Pettit Production Team: Stephen Pettit, Rebecca Pettit, and John Collier Featuring: John and Jamie Zimmer SYNOPSIS - This beautifully filmed doc highlights the island of Palau and the spread of the Gospel in it’s small close knit community.

RESTLESS HEART: THE CONFESSIONS OF ST. AUGUSTINE RT 2:10 FEATURE 12:30pm LOUNGE TAFF RATING PG COMPETITION FILM Director: Christian Duguay Production Team: Featuring: Alessando Preziosi, Monica Guerritore, Franco Nero, Johannes Brandrup, Cosimo Fusco, and Serna Rossi SYNOPSIS - This historic film tells the true story of Augustine of Hippo, one of the Catholic Church’s most beloved and well-known Saints. RISING FROM ASHES RT 82 min. DOC 6:05pm MAIN AUD TAFF RATING PG-13 COMPETITON FILM Producer: Greg Kwedar, Director: T.C. Johnstone Production Team: T. C. Johnstone, Greg Kwedar, Peb Jackson, Dan Cooper , Forest Whitaker, Jon and Linda Halbert Featuring: Jock Boyer, Adrien Niyonshuti, Narration by Forest Whitaker SYNOPSIS - Two worlds collide when cycling legend Jock Boyer moves to Rwanda, Africa to help a group of struggling genocide survivors pursue their dream of a national cycling team. As they set out against impossible odds, both Jock and the team find new purpose as they rise from the ashes of their past. CAUTION: This film contains violent images including images of genocide and intense situations. Viewer discretion is advised. SIX DAYS 2:00pm TAFF RATING –G COMPETITION FILM

RT 4 min


Producer: Vasiliy Koretskiy Director: Vasiliy Koretskiy Production Team: Vasiliy Koretskiy, Featuring: Narration by Sonia Zhilinskayte SYNOPSIS - This beautifully animated film tells the story of creation to Bach’s music. Be sure to see its companion, The Flood. RECOMMENDED FOR KIDS SMILE RT 10min. SHORT 1:10pm MAIN AUD TAFF RATING-PG COMPETITION FILM Producer: DIERO Productions Director: Matteo Pianezzi Production Team: Matteo Pianezzi, Dario Di Mella, Francesca Guarino, Marco Curatolo and Daniele Vastano Featuring: Martino Apollonio, Fabio Raimondi and Sara Sartini SYNOPSIS - Behind a clown’s makeup there is always a story. Follow this clown to see where his story takes you.

SONNY RT 23:55 SHORT 11:20am SMALL SCREENING ROOM TAFF RATING-PG COMPETITION FILM Producer: Ryan Fritzshe Director: Gillian Fritzshe Production Team: Gillian and Ryan Fritzshe, Jack Maatman, Graham Fisher Featuring: AlexanderWright and Emily R Womelsduff SYNOPSIS A homeless man’s life is upended after brief encounter with a brash young woman who works at a local recycle depot. STATIC RT 9:23 SHORT 5:10pm MAIN AUD TAFF RATING –G COMPETITION FILM Producer: Brandon Carmichael, Alan Tregoning, Jason Walter Voile Director: Luke Boney Production Team: Brandon Carmichael, Alan Tregoning, Jason Walter Voile Featuring: Morgan Alana Taylor, Elise Baughman SYNOPSIS A young girl struggles to reconnect with her astronaut father. As he soars through the atmosphere and orbits the Earth, she is reminded of his love for her. STEVIE’S TREK TO THE HOLY LAND RT 25 min. KID”S PICS 2:50pm SMALL SCREENING ROOM TAFF RATING G COMPETITION FILM Producer: Rachel Pettit Bercot Director: Rebecca Pettit Production Team: Mark Hawkins, Ethan Bercot, and David Broughton Featuring: Stephen Pettit SYNOPSIS On his trek, Stevie the host of the show explores the land where the Bible begins. Have you ever wondered how big the Sea of Galilee really is? Or how hard it might be to climb Mt Sinai? How you ever thought about what Abraham’s life was really like? Stevie takes us there and discovers how God used one little family to keep His important promise. RECOMMENDED FOR KIDS

THE 2013 TEXAS RALLY FOR LIFE RT 12 min. DOC 11:00am SMALL SCREENING ROOM TAFF RATING PG COMPETITION FILM Producer: Paul Rodriquez Director: Paul Rodriquez Production Team: Paul Rodriquez SYNOPSIS - A short film about a cameraman’s experiencing a pro-life event at the Texas State Capital. THE CURE RT 10 min. SHORT 5:15pm SMALL SCREENING ROOM TAFF RATING PG COMPETITION FILM Producer: Jurgen Peretzui Director: Jurgen Peretzui Production Team: Screen Savers Entertainment Featuring: Matt Lindquist SYNOPSIS - An unknown virus is spreading fast. Scientists are working feverishly to find a cure. One child is immune to the virus and holds the cure for all mankind. A modern day parable of John 3:16 THE FIVE STONE SECRET RT 5:04 KIDS PICS 2:40pm SMALL SCREENING ROOM TAFF RATING-G COMPETITION FILM Producer: Certain Sound Media Director: Nwamiko Madden Production Team: Nwamiko Madden Featuring: Nwamiko Madden SYNOPSIS - Everyone knows the story of David and Goliath. But no one has ever seen it quite like this. A secret about this story holds deeper meaning than imagined. RECOMMENDED FOR KIDS



Producer: Vasiliy Koretskiy Director: Vasiliy Koretskiy Production Team: Vasiliy Koretskiy, Featuring: Narration by Sonia Zhilinskayte SYNOPSIS - Beautifully animated retelling of Noah and the Flood. Be sure to see this film’s companion, Six Days. RECOMMENDED FOR KIDS THE GIFT OF THE MAGI RT 27:37 SHORT 3:25pm SMALL SCREENING ROOM TAFF RATING G COMPETITION FILM Producer: Lyndi Monroe Director: David D Dietrich Production Team: Jaime Gonzalez, Timothy Marman Featuring: Charisa Hogeland, Isaac Monroe SYNOPSIS - An adaptation of O Henry’s short story, the film tells the story of two young newlyweds who sacrifice to bless each other. THE RIDE RT 31 Min. SHORT 7:35pm MAIN AUD TAFF RATING-PG COMPETITION FILM Producer: Luke McDonald and Vertical Church Films Director: Dallas Jenkins Production Team: Dallas Jenkins, Luke McDonald, Featuring: Brad Heller and Kirk Woller SYNOPSIS - On Christmas Eve a bored taxi driver cautiously engages in the life of a despondent passenger. THE TESTIMONY OF LEONARD KNIGHT RT 32 min. DOC 1:10pm SMALL SCREENING ROOM TAFF RATING PG COMPETITION FILM Producer: Patrick Rhea Director: Patrick Rhea Production Team: Patrick Rhea Featuring: Leonard Knight SYNOPSIS - Forty years ago a troubled drifter came to believe he was called to tell the world, “God is love.” Today Leonard’s creation, Salvation Mountain (the largest artistic profession of faith in Christ on Earth) not only sits in a God forsaken wilderness but is the stie where a man with alone, semi blind, deaf and descending into to Dementia has shared the Gospel with hundreds of thousands. UNDAUNTED: THE EARLY LIFE OF JOSH MCDOWELL 10:30am TAFF RAING PG-13 COMPETITION FILM

RT 68 min


Producer: Doug Maddox Director: Cristobal Krusen Production Team: Moonlit Films and Messenger Films Featuring: Josh McDowell, John Klicka, Carmella Gioio, Tom Emmot, and Allen Wiliamson SYNOPSIS - The true story of how Josh McDowell set out to prove that Jesus was never resurrected. His journey brings him face to face with the transformative power of God’s redeeming love. CAUTION: This film contains images of abuse of a woman and child and violence and intense situations. Viewer discretion is advised. UGO MONYETHE CROSS RT 4 min DOC 5:05pm SMALL SCREENING ROOM TAFF RATING G COMPETITION FILM Producer: Ben Muray-Watson Director: Luke Bradford Production Team: Frogspawn Creative Featuring: Ugo Monye SYNOPSIS - Ugo Monye, England’s great rugby player talks about his faith and how God has kept him grounded in the midst of great success. WALKING ON WATER RT 76 min. DOC 2:00pm MAIN AUD TAFF RATING G COMPETITION FILM Producer: Byran Jennings Director: Nic McLean Production Team: Nic McLean, Matt Katsolis, Russell Brownley Featuring: Tyler Hallen, Luke Davis, Bryan Jennings, Tom Curren and Brittany Hamilton SYNOPSIS - At age 14 Bryan Jennings was taken on his first surfing trip. The trip had a profound effect on his life. Bryan returns the favor as he takes two young surfers around the world to also be forever changed. Along the way, the guys meet professional Christian surfers Bethany Hamilton and Tom Curren.

WHAT GOD HATH WROUGHT RT 105 min. DOC 10:40am LOUNGE TAFF RATING G COMPETITION FILM Producer: Jurgen Peretzui and Stacey Peretzui Director: Jurgen Peretzui and Stacey Peretzui Production Team: Screen Savers Entertainment Featuring: Pastor Chuck Smith SYNOPSIS - In the late 1960’s Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, CA, was the epicenter of one of the greatest spiritual revivals in American history. It would be later called the “Jesus Movement.” This miraculous revival was orchestrated by pastor Chuck Smith whose obedience to God, love for Christ, and love for people was evident to all. WHAT IF . . . RT 1hr 30 min. FEATURE 4:30pm LOUNGE TAFF RATING PG COMPETITION FILM Producer: Dallas Jenkins Director: Dallas Jenkins Featuring: Kevin Sorbo, Kristy Swanson, John Ratzenberger, and Debby Ryan Production Team: Dallas Jenkins, Michael Scott, David A.R< White, Russell Wolfe, Frank Reynolds, Jeehun Hwang, Todd Barton SYNOPSIS - God gives Ben Miller, a high-powered business executive. a glimpse of his life had he taken another path. But it is up to Ben to decide which path he must ultimately take.

TAFF TALKS FRI- April 19th TAFF TALKS 5:15 pm RM 143 2013 NOMINATED FILMMAKERS Q and A. Hear the attending TAFF 2013 Nominated directors and producers discuss their experiences in the Christian Film Industry. Bring your questions! Should be really cool. TAFF TALKS 9:20 pm MAIN AUD THE REDEMPTION OF HENRY MYERS Director Clayton MillerJoin Director Clayton Miller as he discusses his journey making this incredible film. Bring your questions and stay for an audience reception afterwards.

SAT- April 20th

TAFF TALKS10:45pm RM 143 To the Editing Bay and Beyond Join, Cut To Black, Founder, Filmmaker, and Editor, Lee Rothenflue in discussion on how editing can make or break a film. Bring your questions. This guy is the best! TAFF TALKS 12:00 noon RM 143 THE REDEMPTION OF HENRY MYERS PRODUCTION TEAM-Clayton Miller and Chad Gundersen of Visionary Pictures and Gundersen Entertainment Clayton Miller (Director) and Chad Gunderson (Producer) will discuss their experience in the Christian Film industry and making Christian films. You do not want to miss this opportunity to meet these guys! TAFF TALKS 1:00 pm RM 143 EVANGELIZING THROUGH FILM-Chris De Garmo of Simplebulldog Studio. Discuss strategies and ideas of how to use film as an evangelical tool. With Chris De Garmo of Global Short Network and Simplebulldog Studios. TAFF TALKS2:00 pm RM 143 THE STUDENT ROLE IN CREATING A DYNAMIC CHRISTAN FILM INDUSTRY-Philip Hohle, Assistant Professor of Film, at Concordia University Philip will led discussion focusing on how students are the future of creating a Christian film industry that is inviting, entertaining, and tells the story of the Gospel. TAFF TALKS 3:00 pm RM 143 TAFF 101 Have Questions about TAFF? Come get to know the some of the organizers of TAFF. Hear discussion on TAFF’s vision for the future of the Christian Film Industry in Austin and nationally. TAFF TALKS 4:00 pm RM 143 ARTS and FAITH with Pastor Jennifer Cumberbatch Join actress, singer, and Pastor Jennifer Cumberbatch of Agape Church in a discussion on how the Arts can open doors to friendships, dialogue, and the Gospel. TAFF TALKS 9:15 pm MAIN AUD 2013 WINNING FILMMMAKERS PANEL Q and A Don’t miss the worship music at 8:30pm, the Awards Presentation with Steve and Amy of Spirit 105.9 and then the 2013 Winning Filmmakers panel Q and A. This is your chance to get to know the filmmakers.

Acknowledgments The producers of the ATTIC FILM FESTIVAL 2013 thank all the producers and directors of all the films submitted. We truly appreciate your willingness to serve God through your extraordinary work. Keep working! Thank you to Loretta Mach, Laurinda Rohrer , Bill Kennedy, and Jill Cummings, for their work and support of the festival. Their advice, prayer, and diligent work made this event possible. God moved mountains through you all! Thanks to the Austin Stone Community Church Pastors Kevin Peck and Jeff Mangum for their prayers!! Welcome back Jeff! Thanks to Daphne Bamburg and the FTC staff for their patience, support, and work in making this event happen, and for the use of this beautiful facility. Thanks to the FTC AV crew, and staff Matthew Moore, Taylor Keeler, , and , for hours and hours of work. You can go home and sleep now! Thanks to Daniel Darnell and the wonderful S Campus Austin Stone Worship Band! You all are so generous and you all truly, truly do ROCK! Thanks to all the faithful volunteers that helped make this Fest possible. Jill, Susan, and Margo you are the best. Blessings on you! You are truly appreciated! Thanks to our hardworking and enthusiastic judges! Without you, TAFF would not be possible. We appreciate your tireless work SO much! Thanks to the NW Hills Missional Community group for the prayer support, advice, talent, and friendship. You all truly are the hands and feet of Christ! Thanks to the Austin Stone Community Church for encouraging her people to have the faith, courage, and the freedom to live boldly for Christ. Thanks to Grace Covenant Church and pastor Ray Anderson! We love you! Thanks for helping us get started. Thanks to The Spirit 105.9 and DJ’s Steve and Amy for hosting the awards ceremony and for being such faithful friends and supporters. We look forward to many years of working together . Thanks to World Vision’s Dave and Sherry Thompson -our local child ambassadors. We love you guys! Whatever we can do. We look forward to a wonderful partnership with you and to helping be the hands and feet of Christ for the underserved children of the world. Thanks to our sponsors! Without you the FEST would not happen! Thanks to Hannah Kennedy for her support, silliness, encouragement, and love. War Eagle! Thanks to Matthew Kennedy for his support and trying to introduce TAFF to folks in Australia. Thanks to my loving husband, Mike Rohrer, and my son Matthew who have patiently watched me juggle TAFF, my paying job and time with them. They know me so well, love you two and Nicole! Thank you to Phillip Mach for tagging along with me as I spoke with businesses about sponsorships. Thanks to Hannah-Joy and Joseph for picking up slack by watching Phillip. A giant thank you To Rick for holding down the house when I traveled to South Carolina and helping out with the kids when I needed to dash off to a board meeting. Thank you Jamee and Laurinda for your hard work and dedication to the Lord. Finally, thank you to God for eternal life and using me to further your kingdom. Thanks to Mr. Bill Kennedy for the many, many hours of work, support, advice, servant’s heart, and technical wizardry exhibited during the planning stages of TAFF 2013. You truly are the love of my life.

And last, but certainly not least, thanks be to God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth. Thank you Lord, for sending your Son and moving in this city! It truly is all about you!

Sundogs Consulting Group Thanks The Attic Film Fest for bringing Central Texas another year of Great Christian Films!

THANKS TO OUR GENEROUS SPONSORS! WE COULD NOT DO THIS WITHOUT YOU! Blessings on y’all! AutoNation Callahan’s General Store Cloud Masons Cook Walden Cumberbatch Productions Ellis and Salazar Honey Bee Quilt Store Kamico Instructional Media, Inc. Manna Media

Mark and Marjorie McClain Mighty Fine Nancy B Atha Outbound Sailing Rod Henegar of 44 Productions Rudy’s “Country Store” Bar-B-Q Steve Shook at Pro Finance. Sundogs Consulting Group Thai Cuisine

THANKS TO ALL WHO DONATED TO HELP MAKE TAFF POSSIBLE! BLESS Y’ALL! Randalls Dave and Sherry Thompson Eric Dai Rick and Loretta Mach Mike and Laurinda Rohrer Sam’s Club Michael and Patricia Goddard Scott and Luci Woodard Hannah Kennedy Steve Piche Powell and Tiller DDS Toni Hudson BACK COVER PHOTOGRAPHY PROVIDED BY – Winthrope Hiers, Best Light Photography

SHINE HIS LIGHT! BE A TAFF SPONSOR! TAFFâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s mission is to spread the Gospel via film. We aim to find the best in Christian Independent films, provide screenings, audiences, support, and give cash awards to their creators. But we need your help to do so. We need prayer, funds, and volunteers! Here are just some of the events we sponsored in 2012: June 4th Aug 18th Sept 28th Oct. 8th Oct. 29th Dec 1st Jan 12th Feb. 9th Feb 21st April 19-20

TAFF screened our 2012 Award Winning Short Films. TAFF screened our 2012 BEST FILM Promised Land, in cooperation with Christian Surfers International and Woodlawn Methodist Church in Panama City Beach, Florida. TAFF screened our 2012 FAMILY FILM AWARD winner, Rogue Saints at Grace Covenant Church. TAFF help to sponsor Significance and Cinema's outreach to UT students. TAFF representatives spoke in the Film Dept at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. TAFF screened our 2012 FAMILY FILM AWARD winner, Rouge Saints at Alamo Drafthouse TAFF screened the 2012 BEST FILM Journey to Jamaa in partnership with World Vision at Alamo Drafthouse. This event raised funds to purchase over 120 mosquito nets for World Vision. TAFF screened Reconciliation at the Alamo Drafthouse on Anderson Ln. TAFF helped to sponsor a private screening of a new Christian film titled The Redemption of Henry Myers TAFF 2013

God is opening doors for TAFF. But we need your help to continue this ministry. Will you consider sponsoring or making a donation to TAFF? Or can you spare some time and talent? We need folks to work our events and to provide all kinds of skills. If you are interested in helping out contact us today.

TAFF 2013 Program  

TAFF 2013 Program