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X-ray grading for optimizing outcome and safety in meat produktion

Technical specification:


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Functional description of the X-ray 1. The product is placed on the conveyer 2. The product goes through the X-ray and is examined for foreign body, weight, size, group belonging (1 to 5 groups) and ID 3. If any adjustment of the product is needed by the operator, the product stops in front of the operator, who takes the product out for operation 4. Accepted products will in the meantime pass, and if examination is needed the product will stop and wait for the operator to finish 5. When the operator has finished the product, he use the release button and the conveyer in front of him stops, as soon as he place the product it gets its original ID and continue 6. If too many products have to be examined by the operator more stations can be added; up to 25 stations 7. We recommend an extra X-ray for control, at the end of the line

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Type: Model: Dim. of inspection product: Transp. weight: Transp. belt speed: Belt width: Detection sensitivity: Display: Construction: Pass line: Max. x-ray output: Room conditions: Weight: Power:

X-ray SX4075W W 390 mm ~ H 150 mm (*1) 5 kg x 2 (*2) ~ 15 - 45 m/min. (*3) 420 mm (without improper tracking-less function) phi 0.3 mm iron or stainless ball, stone, bard bone, and high density plastic pieces, etc. (*4) 15“ TFT color LCD (touch panel) Main body / pedestal - stainless steel (SUS304) (IP66) 750 ± 50 mm 75 kV, 8.0 mA (A power limit 300W) Temp. 0 - 30°C, humidity 30 - 85%, no condensation 215 kg AC 100V, ±10%, 50/60Hz, 1.5 kW (*5)

1) For details, see the drawing of the possible inspection range. 2) For 10 kg-applicable models please contact us 3) For other transport speed models, please contact us. 4) The detection cpapcity may vary depending on the type of inspection products and the operating environment 5) AC200V ±10% specifications are also available as option. *) The detection sensitivity to be used actaully may vary depending on the physical properties (contents and shape, etc.) of inspection product and/or the operating environment. *) The cover to prevent the X-ray leak may be required at the inlet and outlet acc. to the length of inspection produduct.

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The shown photos and specifications are subject to alterations. Some photos may be shown with options.

5250 mm 800 mm

19 m/min.

19 m/min.

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1150 mm

19 m/min.

X ray 19092012  
X ray 19092012