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Newsletter Fall 2013 Attebury Honors Program Main Story Title (Make this pop) This story should be the “proudest achievement” for the honors program in the past semester. For example: The study abroad that went to Scotland. Or the Night of Conversation. Doesn’t necessarily have to be your longest article or even the “coolest” thing that has been done in the past year. Just a big achievement that occurred, or a big goal that has been reached. Something that will show how academic, successful or professional the Honors Program is. Table of contents: Title of article


Title of article


Title of article


Title of article


Article Title cont. Continue this article for as long as you need to. Try not to have too terribly long of an article, but if it goes on for longer than this then keep it going in this style

Make sure you put in at least one picture for each article with a caption. If you can fit more than one, awesome. But probably no more than two

Title for the second Article (Again make this pop) Put your second article here. From this point the order of the articles does not really matter. Just put them in an order that makes sense and works. Maybe try doing a chronological order of events, or start out with more business and academic aimed articles, and then move on to more of the “fun” articles. But, no matter what, make sure that the first article is something that the sponsors can look at and go “Oh good, my money is going to a good cause.” And have fun with tures! There are a lot of can do that will really

where you put your picdifferent cool things you spice up the newsletter!

Cont. of second article/ 3rd article Title This part can be a continuation of the second article or the start of the third article, whatever you need. And keep going for however many articles you have, until you’re done. The more information we can give to our sponsors and the parents, the better.

Insert caption here.

Title of Article Also a little side note, most of the people who will be reading this newsletter will be further on in age, so try to make the articles as legible as possible with fonts that are not difficult to read, or color schemes that aren’t hard on the eyes.


Title of Article

Title of Article

This page is just another idea of how to do different styles for the pages, I really like this one, actually, It’s a nice change of pace form the pages before it and after it. It’s different but it still looks relatively professional.

If you have more article then will fit in this template make sure you keep the style similar. Or if you change some of the style or setup of the previous pages, make sure you change the same things on all of the rest of the pages, it will look more professional.



Contact Us Pam Lockwood: 555-555-5555 Pam Lockwood Toni Williams: 555-555-5555 Toni Williams email: Carolina Jones: 555-555-5555 Carolina Jones email: Fax Number: 555-555-555 Mailing Address: put whatever mailing address we have Mailing Address 2: If we have another one put that. Put a picture right here and make sure there is a caption explaining what it is.

Write a small article about this person describing what they have done for the Honors Program. Make sure you don’t put specific money amounts or specific events. Some other people might get offended. Just add a lot of fluff about this person and what they do for a living and such. In short: make this person sound awesome.

THIS IS NOT A SPONSOR but put a picture of them in and add a caption of who they are

Again a short little article about who these people are and what they do.

Again, not an actual sponsor, but you know the drill.

To get the text to do this was a little difficult For me at least. I don't know if there’s an easier way to get the boxes to do this But what I did was create two boxes side by Side and then make sure they were the same color so they looked like one box. Then I outlined one of the boxes with the

Outline tool found under drawing tools called Shape outline. Then for the other

Box I used the insert shape thing also found Under drawing tools. As for typing just continue your sentence into the next box And keep typing then go back at the end

And make sure everything is even and looks as natural as possible.

I have no idea how many sponsor we have but keep putting their pictures up with a caption underneath it. Also keep writing little articles on them. Do this for every single sponsor we have. They give us money, we don’t want to tick any of them off. Keep doing the articles and pictures in a style like this. If you can fit more than two sponsors on a page, more power to you.

Same deal.

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