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/// introduction

K AITEKI Comfort and sustainability, achieved

Society’ s diversifying values. To enhance those values, something comfortable is needed̶ comfortable to people, to society, to the earth. The KAITEKI concept has been created to make that something a reality. KAITEKI is a broad concept embracing Sustainability, Health, and Comfort. VELVE is a major step toward its achievement. Light that consumes less power, saves space, and does not emit heat. Above all, light that is comfortable. The light of VELVE. Light that illuminates a new future̶a KAITEKI‘comfort’lifestyle. Experience new VELVE light to see how KAITEKI feels. これからの社会の多用な価値観。その価値を高めるには? 人にとっての心地よさ、社会にとっての心地よさ、地球にとっての心地よさ。それらを実現するのが「KAITEKI」Conceptです。 (資源・環境の持続可能性) 、Health (健康) 、Comfort (快適) のすべてを抱合する広く大きな意味を持った考えです。 「KAITEKI」は、Sustainability 「VELVE」はそのための大きな一歩です。省エネ、省スペース、熱を出さない。そして何よりも快適な光。


OLED Panel Module

White Color and RGB Color Tunable




Product Numbers



RGB Color Tunable

・ Large surface emission

・ White Color Tunable from Warm White

Luminous Efficacy(Panel)

31 lm/W

・ Thin structure

(2700K)to Cool White(6500K)

Maximum Luminance

1,000 cd/㎡

・ Smooth light(can view the light source directly)

・ RGB Color Tunable

・ Low power consumption

・ Dimming with constant flux and color

・ Less heat generation ・ Quick response

Color Temperature(Tunable Range)

3,000 K(2,700K∼6,500K)

Maximum Luminous Flux

48 lm

CRI(Color Rendering Index)

Ra > 80(Average)

・ High CRI(Ra and R9)component(>80)

Standard Deviation Color Matching

< MacAdam 2-STEP

・ Soft,“velvety" luxurious appearance

Chromaticity Coordinates(White)

R9 > 80(Red)

Operating Temperature Range

・ No hazardous materials ・RGB ストライプ構造が調光調色機能を実現







・直接光源を見ることができる柔らかな光 ・低消費電力 、低発熱


Storage Temperature Range

(x 0.43, y 0.40) −20 ∼ +65 ℃ −30 ∼ +80 ℃

Median Lifetime 

(LT70)8,000 h

(LT50)20,000 h

W146.4 × L133.4 × T8.7 mm

Dimension Lighting Area

W123.0 × L123.0 mm


192 g



Safety Regulation

UL 8750 certified

Rated Current

110 mA

Rated Voltage

DC24 V

Energy Consumption

2.6 W

Country of Origin


※DMX512 and DALI(Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) are asynchronous  serial communication protocol in the lighting industry.


133.4 123.0





(transparent electrode)

Glass substrate




Hg Very Thin

Long Life

Energy Safe

Mercury Free

VELVE /// Expression of a new sense



VELVE /// Expression of a new sense

VELVE /// Expression of a new sense


VELVEの光。薄いパネルが織りなす表情。それはまるでベルベット(VELVET) のような豊かな彩りと深い光沢、滑らかで上品な質感のある光です。今までには なかった新らしい体感(センス)。

VELVEの光。それは新しい体験。視覚だけではなく触感をも刺激する「光のマテ リアル」。いつまでも手の中におさめたくなるような光。柔らかい光。鮮やかな光。 手のひらでその光を受けてみてください。驚きと同時に、どこか安らぎさえ抱くこ とになるでしょう。きっとその光をずっとそばにおいておきたくなるはずです。

Velvet Touch VELVE light. Even light, from an ultra-thin panel. Light of rich color and deep luster with a smooth and luxurious feel just like velvet. A new physical sensation never known before. VELVE light. An entirely new experience. A“light material”stimulating to the touch as well as vision. Light you will want to keep holding in your hands. Soft light. Rich light. Feel it with your open palm. You will experience a sense of surprise and, simultaneously, a sense of calm.


VELVE /// Expression of a new sense

VELVE /// Expression of a new sense


白く光るキューブの集合体。その光は美しい無限の反射によって増幅されてい く。やがて白い光は音にあわせて美しく彩られた豊かな光へと変化する。誰も体 験したことのない光と音の世界。 細やかさと大胆さを織り交ぜた光の演出は、幻想的な音楽にあわせ、まるで生 きてるかのように動き出す。壁面には複雑な角度で張り巡らされた鏡。世界中を

VELVEの上質な光で満たした誰も体験したことのない幻想空間。オブジェの光 を受けて何百もの多面体の光を反射させる空間は、さながら未来都市の光景。

Future City

A cluster of luminous cubes, glowing whitely. Infinite beautiful reflections around them amplify their light. In time, the white light becomes light of rich beautiful colors to the accompaniment of music. The effect̶a world of light and sound previously unknown. An orchestration of light and color, interweaving bold flourishes with subdued tones. Together with illusionistic sounds, the light sculpture sets into motion, as if alive. Mirrors, set at complex angles on walls, engender an illusionistic space, a world illuminated by luxurious VELVE light. Receiving light from the sculpture, the mirrors produce hundreds of light polyhedrons, a scene like a futuristic cityscape.


VELVE /// Expression of a new sense

VELVE /// Expression of a new sense


Human Consciousness Light panels inscribe a graceful arc in black darkness. VELVE light, floating in darkness,

calls to mind dewdrops rippling a lake surface, a tree-lined road dappled by sunlight, the crisp tension and human warmth of a city ... The panels, arrayed at a height ideal for touching, move like a living entity. They appear at times as monochrome lights enveloped in silence and, at times, as passionately dancing lights. A space of ever changing rich colors and subtle color temperatures. It is a lightscape, enjoyed within an intimate distance, and an experience of tactile light only VELVE can produce. Its colorful“light emotions”hold people spellbound.

漆黒の闇の中に、ゆるやかに弧を描浮遊する発光面。闇に浮かんだVELVEの光 は、朝露がしたたる湖の水面や、木漏れ日に揺れる並木道、心地よい緊張と人び との熱を感じる都市を感じさせてくれます。 ちょうど手に触れられる高さに揃えられた光は、まるで生き物のように動き出す。 時には静寂の中のモノクロームな光。また時には情熱的な舞踏を舞いはじめる 光。鮮やかな色彩や繊細な色温度の変化を体感できる空間。すべてがすぐそば にある魅力的な情景であり、VELVEだけが表現可能な触感のある光体験。多彩 な「光の感情」は、人の心を魅了し続けます。


VELVE /// Expression of a new sense

VELVE /// Expression of a new sense



VELVE /// Expression of a new sense

VELVE /// Expression of a new sense



VELVE /// Expression of a new sense

VELVE /// Expression of a new sense



VELVE /// Expression of a new sense

VELVE /// Expression of a new sense



VELVE /// Expression of a new sense

VELVE /// Expression of a new sense



/// Incubator 01

/// Incubator 02

Tactile sensations


Touch the light and change your spectrum of creativity.

Intensifying the light opens up new possibilities for accentuating the space.

/// Resonance /// Pulsation /// Gradation /// Smoothness

/// Diffusion /// Penetration /// Fusion /// Synergy

VELVE /// Expression of a new sense

VELVE /// Expression of a new sense


VELVE is freely transformable

幻想的な光空間。新しい可能性を形にしたコンセプチュアルモデル。優秀なクリ エイターとの協働によって、VELVEはミラノでひとつの可能性を示しました。 無限の可能性を持つVELVE。光源はさまざまなクリエイターの手によってその 潜在能力を開花します。薄くフラットなモジュール。その鮮やかな色。 私たちはクリエイターとともに魅力的で機能的な製品を提案します。クリエイ ターを刺激するVELVE。これから次々に新しいデザインが生まれていきます。


An illusionistic space employing light’ s magic. A conceptual model embodying new potential. In collaboration with top creators, VELVE demonstrated a certain potential in Milan. VELVE unlocks a world of possibilities. Creators of many backgrounds will explore those possibilities to unfold the potential of its light source. The thin, flat module. The rich saturated colors. In conjunction with creators, we will endeavor to propose attractive, functional products. VELVE light fires the imaginations of creators. A succession of new designs will hereafter emerge. VELVE will captivate the world.

/// Conceptual Model "YAJIROBE" Design by Satoshi Uchihara

Reference exhibition

Reference exhibition

Reference exhibition

/// Conceptual Model "Bon" Design by Shuwa Tei

Satoshi Uchihara

Shuwa Tei

Creativity and diverse functional application should be integral to the advance of lighting

Based on the concept,“encounters with mysterious light,”INTENTIONALLIES this time undertook

technology, for such will most effectively impart rich creativity to architecture and space design of

the design of the installations, venue, and products.

/// Uchihara Creative Lighting Design Inc.


all kinds. Light is the most familiar and beautiful of all materials for us as human beings.

Composing the spaces under the key words“floating,”“vision,”and“touch,”we endeavored to

Light born from a crystallization of new technologies . . . Light having a smooth and velvety feel,

draw out the qualities of OLED (Organic light-emitting diode) to an infinite degree and realize a

never experienced before. This is VELVE, a safe light blessed with rich color and luminance. VELVE is certain to become the light we are fondest of, the light we keep nearby.

“new encounter with light”at each booth. To this end, we employed traditional Japanese paper, a

material presenting soft color tones when approached closely. The polyhedron light sculptures we designed in collaboration with paper artist Koji Tanaka.


Uchihara Creative Design Office Inc.


VELVE /// Expression of a new sense



ザインを担当。 「浮遊」 「視覚」 「触感」をキーワードに空間を構成し、ブースごとに今までに見たことのないOLED(Organic


light-emitting diode)の表現を無限大まで引出し、新たな光との出会いを創造しました。





/// Profile

/// Profile

Satoshi Uchihara has served as president of Uchihara Creative Lighting Design, Inc (UCLD) since its founding in Tokyo, Japan in 1994. He is currently a guest lecturer at Tama Art University in Tokyo, his alma mater. He is an active member and occasional lecturer of various international lighting design organizations, including IALD and IESNA, and he and his design team have been the proud recipients of prominent global lighting design awards. His firm currently has small-, medium- and large-scale residential, commercial, and mixed-use projects in four countries outside of Japan.

Shuwa Tei founded the design firm“INTENTIONALLIES”in 1995 with two colleagues, as a“label”undertaking design in the context of architecture. In recent years, he has worked in branding, primarily in the architecture, interior design, and product design fields. Examples of such work include“United Cinemas, Toyosu,”“Shibaura Island, Bloom Tower,”“YEVS,”“PALLETE PLAZA,”and“RMK.”He currently has projects underway in Bali, Taiwan, Hawaii, China, Korea, as well as in Japan.




る。また近年では、 「ユナイテッド・シネマ豊洲」 「芝浦アイランドブルームタワー」 「 YEVS」 「PALLETE


「RMK」などの建築/インテリアデザイン/プロダクトデザインを中心にブランディングも展 PLAZA」



VELVE /// Expression of a new sense



VELVE /// Expression of a new sense

VELVE /// Expression of a new sense


So Advanced. So rich in possibilities. It will sweep the world. Milan ̶ a beacon for cutting-edge design and a rich repository of history. A place we chose to debut VELVE, a new kind of light that draws inspiration from history. The future will see continuing technological advances. VELVE too will advance and give form to new products and technologies once only dreamed of. VELVE fuses cutting edge technologies while also in harmony with history and tradition. By valuing history and the refined, elegant taste of the world’s top creators, VELVE light will continue to grow in appeal. Through its Milan debut, VELVE ̶ a“light material”stimulating to all five senses ̶ will spread throughout the world. To Europe, America, and Asia. To you in your world. When you next fall under the spell of light, it may well be VELVE light. 最先端のデザインが集まる街としての顔と、歴史の趣を色濃く残す街としての顔。それがミラノです。 私たちはVELVEのデビューの場にこの街を選びました。新しい光、そして歴史を引き継いでいく光として…。 未来は進化していきます。夢のような技術や製品が現実になるように、VELVEも進化し続けます。 そして忘れてはならないことは、先端技術を集結させるだけではなく、上質な歴史と伝統と調和するのもVELVEであること。 世界でもっとも洗練されたエレガントなセンスによってVELVEの光をさらに魅力的に、歴史を引き継いで行く光なのです。 ヒトの五感を刺激する「上質な光のマテリアル」はミラノのデビューを経て、ヨーロッパ、アメリカ、そしてアジアへと、世界中に広がって行きます。 そしてあなたの目の前にも。広がる光の世界が魅力的だったならば、それはきっとVELVEです。

Creators Satoshi Uchihara Tomomi Meguro Masaki Kawaguchi Hiroko Ota Shuwa Tei Kei Sagara Satoshi Murai Heitaro Nakajima Takao Ihashi Kantaro Takada Seijiro Ishizuka Masaru Uryu Ikuo Chatani


Toru Sasaki Kunio Tamada Minoru Kawazu Atsushi Shinomiya Kanae Hagiwara Atsushi Shinomiya Shogo Saeki Kenji Sakashita Toshio Kaneko Suekazu Yukie Takeo Shimoyama Naoki Wakasa Katsuyuki Ando

VELVE /// Expression of a new sense

Art Direction

Satoshi Uchihara Graphic Design

Atsushi Shinomiya Copyright

Masaki Shizuga Translation

Brian Amstuz Photography

Toshio Kaneko Print by

SANKO Printing

VELVE /// Expression of a new sense




三菱化学株式会社 情報電子本部 有機EL事業推進室 〒108-0014 東京都港区芝4-14-1 T: 03 6414 3920 F: 03 6414 3987

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation OLED Business Development Dept. Information and Electronics Div. 14-1,Shiba 4-Chome,Minato-ku Tokyo 108-0014,Japan T: + 81 3 6414 3920 F: + 81 3 6414 3987

Sales Origin

/// Japan

/// North & South Americas

/// Asia & Pacific

三菱化学メディア株式会社 ブランド営業本部

Verbatim Americas, LLC

Verbatim (Hong Kong) Ltd

1200W W.T. Harris Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28262, USA T: + 1 704 547 6500 F: + 1 704 547 6500

Suite 1213, 12/F., Tower 6, The Gateway, Harbour City, 9 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong T: + 852 2946 5924 F: + 852 2314 1227

〒108-8415 東京都港区芝4-1-23 T: 03 5484 3900

/// Europe , Middle East & Africa

Verbatim Limited Prestige House, 23-26 High Street, Egham, Surrey TW20 9DU, UK T: + 44(0)1784 439 781 F: + 44(0)1784 471 337


VELVE in Fuori Salone

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