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Alaska State Troopers Clan Why to join the AST- For GTA IV A little magazine of the AST for YOU to come join the AST.

OfficerSkrillex AST Troopers 14-2-2013

Hello, and welcome to the Alaska State Troopers Clan for GTA 4 PC, a.k.a AST. AST is a police roleplaying clan that uses mods in their game such as LCPD:First Response and Braveheart's Policing Scripts. These script mods produce realistic calls for us to respond to. We have our own vehicle pack with skins made or edited by Commissioner Johnson. Since we want to be as realistic as possible and conform to the procedures of the real Alaska State Troopers, our vehicle pack is comprised of vehicles that they actually use along with skins matching the design on their cars. We also use their 10-Codes and dispatching/radio procedures. You must be at least 13 years of age to submit a Trooper Application, which can get you a spot in Patrol, Traffic (Soon to be Highway Patrol), Bureau of Investigation, or the Dispatch Division. Dispatch is mainly for people who don't have the game and still want to be part of the action. But, even if you do have the game you can still feel free to join Dispatch. The Patrol division spends most of their time responding to calls that come in over the radio on LCPDFR, Braveheart's, or calls that Dispatch make for them. Traffic on the other hand, spends most of their time making traffic stops and keeping the roads safe but also responds to officer's calls for backup. Alaska Bureau of Investigation, or ABI, is pretty much a detective division that investigates mysteries discovered by themselves or other units (i.e. Drug Deals, Homicides, Suspicious streaks of stabbings, etc.). Upon joining AST you must join one of these 4 divisions, but you can also begin joining Specialized Divisions (Part Time) once you reach the rank of Trooper. Our Specialized Divisions consists of the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) and the Wildlife Trooper Division. The SERT Team is basically like most people would know as a SWAT Team, and becoming a Wildlife Trooper gives you the ability to use the AST Police Boat, Helicopter, ATV, and F150. They even fly helicopters sometimes just to track down missing or wanted persons, or transfer SERT snipers to rooftops. The final division is Administration. Administration is made of 3 Commissioners and 2 Deputy Commissioners. The normal divisions of Traffic and Patrol consist of Probationary Troopers, Troopers, Corporals, Sergeants, and a Captain, Lieutenant, Major & Colonel (1 each). I created this AST clan because I realized that its a show millions of people watch and love including myself, and I want to be a police officer when I'm older. So I thought, why not give the people something they enjoy, but in a different format. Thanks and once again, welcome to AST. If you're interested, then please join the website and fill out an application on the Recruitment and Trooper Application Page.

Thanks, The AST-Clan

Alaska State Troopers