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February 2012

h From Mrs. Fowler

February News

is our very

letter - Mrs.

own Mr. Breault. He's


very excited

The month of February

to be teach

shares a few events

ing the stu

that we've come to

LOVE. The All County


Musical Festival, Valen

tine's Day, Parent


Teacher Conferences,

Elementary Ski Day,

Day: Do you re

and Winter Break

member be

bring us joy at the be ginning, middle, and

ing in the early grades of elementary school and writing your valentines for your classmates? When you were in kin dergarten learning to write not only your

end of the month.

All County Music Festival: Miss Simon-Shult has

been busy preparing eight members of the elementary chorus for the All County Music Festival which will be held at Brushton-Moira

name; but the names of

all your classmates, it could literally take hours to choose just the right valentine for

classmate and teacher's name on the little

white envelope. Then, as you grew in age, the relationships became more special. As your writing skills became more devel

oped and fluent; you wrote a very special message to your valen

Central School The

the exact classmate

students will practice on Friday, February 3 and perform on Satur day, February 4 from

who loved the cartoon,

you have. Then, you'd

Yes, you say, "The card

9:00 am - 3:00 pm.

want to write your

matters, but still I LOVE chocolate, dia

The students who will

be participating are Catherine Jock, Ken nedy McComsey, Emily Ashlaw, Destiny Bigelow, Hopejaquish, Am ber Jarvis, Taylor Sta ples, and Cody Warriner. This year the special choral director

princess, prince, or ani mated movie character

name on the card.

Your parents wanted to help you but you wanted to write the

names all by your self. You would finally concede and write

your name on the val entine and let your parents write your

tine. Some of you still have those letters and cards.

economy and raising kids became more expensive, or you're too tired to go anywhere even on a holi day; you'll be reminded that "words" truly matter and are a cherished gift.

I think it's safe to say that at school Valentine's Day

is truly a special day for the students. I certainly enjoy watching them give their classmates and

teachers that special, cho sen valentine. I'm so glad that the principal also gets to have her name written

monds, books, and an

on that little white enve

evening out." Later, as you must work out more because the calo

lope! A special thanks to Mrs. Hanley and her stu dents. They always make

ries in the chocolate

me a Valentine holder to

went straight to your stomach and hips, or the money became tight because of the

collect my valentines.

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February 2012 Newsletter  

Newsletter for February 2012

February 2012 Newsletter  

Newsletter for February 2012