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Room for art

Location of many transformations

About the Atrium City Hall organisation Stichting Atrium City Hall has been organising various activities in the Atrium The Hague since the City Hall was opened in 1995. It does this on its own initiative, but external parties can also organise an event or exhibition in the Atrium The Hague. Together, we present the broadest possible picture of what’s going on in The Hague and far beyond.

Photo: Piet Gispen

Activities in the Atrium The Hague

If an architect designs a busy public space in immaculate white, the idea has to be that those who use the space add the colour themselves. The Atrium in The Hague City Hall is a unique location which the city council and the architect, Richard Meier, together decided would become an active meeting place. Open, welcoming and dynamic. This idea is still being honoured. The first time you encounter all the many people who use the building every day, visit an exhibition or event, it becomes clear that the Atrium is a place that effortlessly undergoes many colourful transformations and is very important in making the city even more dynamic. A concert on the eleven floors, a floating fashion show above the municipal offices or a large banquet after office hours; the Atrium is open to diverse and challenging ideas. This brochure contains colourful examples of the possibilities. Inspired? Please contact us so that we can together add colour to the Atrium The Hague.

Banquet. Photo: Van der Maarel Eventstyling

Room for

An iconic CitroÍn DS that transforms into an 18-metre high totem pole during the TodaysArt Festival. Countless hiding places for asylum seekers come into view during the Movies That Matter exhibition Shelter with photos by Henk Wildschut. Experience the construction of the Peace Palace on gigantic screens during 100 years of the Peace Palace. The white canvas of the Atrium The Hague can accommodate a wide range of exhibitions and installations. Peter Gentenaar used the space for his fragile paper works of art in the group exhibition Paper Sculptures. Floating figures in fine paper made from hemp and flax invited visitors to view form and space in an ever-changing way. During the celebrations to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery, Rita Maasdamme’s figures played a key role in the exhibition Break the chains! 150th anniversary of the abolition of slavery from the Historical Museum of The Hague in the Atrium. At this spot, where all cultures meet, the small, colourful human figures took visitors with them through the history of slavery in the Netherlands. Beautiful and confrontational. The organisers do not avoid serious topics, challenging constructions and innovative concepts when putting on exhibitions in the Atrium. The space attracts more than 8,000 visitors a week. Whether they come for the municipal offices or specially for a exhibition, lots of visitors actively experience how The Hague City Hall has been enriched.

Exhibition Paper Sculptures. Photo: RenĂŠ Lauffer

Exhibition Break the chains! Photo: Janneke Paterr

exhibitions in the Atrium The Hague

Exhibition Paper Sculptures. Photo: Maurice Mol

Always on the

Cityball. Photo: Doen Evenementen

Events in the Atrium The Hague Fashion show by the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague

The Hague City Hall is a busy place, brimming with activity every day. The events in the Atrium add extra colour and movement. From the fashion show by the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague to the annual Mayoral Lecture and the first European concert by the winner of Arab Idol. The Atrium The Hague is open to a great diversity of uses.

Holland dance festival | todaysart

MuseumNight | Chinese New Year

der- & Jeugdburgemeester | haags

uitfestival | The Enchantment | W During the Cityball, beautiful dresses and shiny shoes sweep across the 4,500 m2 of the Atrium every spring. The spacious, level floor is ideal for this. And it’s not only the stylish tango and stimulating salsa that fill the space with pulsating energy. 52 Students from the Royal Conservatoire based the biggest electronic concert ‘Structet’ on the proportions, height, history, colour and function of the building designed by Richard Meier during TodaysArt. A concert visitors are still talking about. Everything focuses on the public during events in the Atrium. Adults can enjoy music, dance and drama there. The younger generation can find out how the municipal council works during the educational performance by the Kinder- & Jeugdburgemeester in the Raadzaal. Children can play, sing and do handicrafts during special youth festivals and activities, such as the international festival for young people The Enchantment and the WinterParade for Children. It is the large and small organisations from the city and far beyond that, together with the Stichting Atrium City Hall, bring even more dynamics to the heart of The Hague.

Parade | Movies that Matter festival

Stadsbal | CHANOEKA | DIVALI | Holla

dance festival | todaysart | Muse

Night | Chinese New Year | Kinder

Jeugdburgemeester | haags uitfesti

val | The Enchantment | WinterP

| Movies that Matter festival | S

bal | CHANOEKA | DIVALI | Holland

festival | todaysart | MuseumNight

Chinese New Year | Kinder- & Jeu

gemeester | haags uitfestival | T

chantment | WinterParade | Movies

Holland Dance Festival. Photo: Luca Di Tommaso

MuseumNight. Dance Perfomance Zweep. Photo: Joop van Nimwegen

Atrium City Hall gives colour to concepts

MuseumNight. Photo: Claudia Claas

WinterParade for Children. Photo: Erik van ‘t Hof

Atrium City Hall thrills people Fashion show by the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Photo: Anton Simonis, Adesign

Totemobile TodaysArt. Photo: Rien Balk

T.I.M.E. Cyclophonia. Photo: Rien Balk

Designer Peter George d’Angelino Tap. Photo: Piet Gispen

open to

High, light, spacious and open; the Atrium is one of the most imposing and unique public spaces in The Hague. For years, organisations have been choosing this specific place for their receptions, award ceremonies, conferences, symposiums and dinners. The central location, the strong link with The Hague as a city of peace and justice, and the space and facilities make the Atrium a unique location for these activities. The NOS organised the Prinsjesdagdebat in the Atrium. Party leaders from the main parties in the Lower House debated there with each other on the Cabinet’s plans. The presence of a large TV crew, lots of dignitaries and the necessary stringent security measures were encompassed effortlessly in the organisation of the event. People are allowed to celebrate too in the Atrium. The American Chamber of Commerce celebrated its 50th anniversary in the Netherlands there, concluding with a stylish reception and chic dinner, which Queen Maxima and guests from all over the world can look back on with pleasure. And new graduates from the The Hague campus of Leiden University exuberantly marked their after-party there following the first presentation Graduation Ceremony UV Leiden. Photo: Martijn van Dam

ceremony for this faculty. The Atrium The Hague is there for everyone.

activities in the Atrium The Hague

Prinsjesdagdebat. Photo: ANP

comments about the Atrium The Hague

Holland Dance Festival. Photo: Luca Di Tommaso

TodaysArt Festival. Photo: Maurice Haak

TodaysArt Festival. Photo: Tessa Meeus

“Richard Meier (…) should have been there. Then he would have seen, and more particularly heard, what his design is best suited to.

Sound and graphics spectaculars.”

Niek ’t Hart, Hagaz!ne.

“May I welcome you all most cordially to the Atrium of our City Hall: The Hague’s own

‘White House’.” Mayor Van Aartsen, during his speech at the American Chamber of Commerce dinner. “A few days after my sculpture of Bertha von Suttner was unveiled in the Atrium, I found flowers on my doorstep. The great volume of reactions from visitors was


Ingrid Rollema, sculptor.

“The Atrium is the

pulsating heart of the municipality. It is the place where you

can obtain official documents and information, as well as attend a wide variety of activities. The Atrium makes City Hall into the hall of the city.” Frits Huffnagel, VVD politician.

“The City Hall is magnificent.

That is due mainly and primarily to the

Atrium. It is where people work, play, hold exhibitions and listen to music or lectures. The Atrium is unique in the city, and in the Netherlands. Quite rightly, a place of and for everyone that we can be proud of!”

Henk Kool, Alderman, Municipality of The Hague.

“Every visit to the Atrium feels as if I’m there for the first time, because the light always falls differently and the exhibitions keep changing.” Caroline Klein, resident of The Hague.

“The Atrium is the

living room of our city, a place where there is always something to

experience for every resident of The Hague.” Rabin Baldewsingh, Alderman, Municipality of The Hague. “The biggest hall in The Hague

belongs to us all.” Terts Brinkhoff, the founder of theatre

festival the Parade.

The Atrium of The Hague City Hall. What would you like to say about it? Add colour to it and come up with your own quote.

More information about the Atrium The Hague

Maman – Louise Bourgeois. Photo: Martijn Uitvlugt

invites Like to organise an activity in the Atrium The Hague? Visit for more information. Contact Stichting Atrium City Hall to discuss your ideas. Practical information on Atrium The Hague

Mayoral Lecture. Photo: Piet Gispen

Number of visitors The Atrium receives over 8,000 visitors a week Capacity Up to 1,500 persons Dimensions 4,500 m2 floor surface, 50 metres high

Location In the heart of The Hague, easily accessible by public transport Parking Under the City Hall, with direct lifts to the Atrium Laura Wijninga en Jacqueline Meijer

Colophon Coordination Jacqueline Meijer (Director) and Laura Wijninga (Office Manager), Stichting Atrium City Hall Design Claudia Claas, Valetti - Grafisch ontwerp Translation Text: GT/BVE Chameleon Language Service Print Printgarden.


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