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If you implement Lean or have read The 7 Habits…, you’ll love AST!

Within less than one hour I was convinced that the AST . would give me a big system advantage in my daily work life. I think I have saved up to one hour per day of working time. Lone Vinther Sales Director Key Acct.,


I can give the Atrendia solution my full recommendation if you want to become much more effective, productive and reduce stress.

Atrendia has helped me ensure that I never lose or forget an important email and that it is the important emails that get taken care of first.

Leif Carlsen Managing Director,

Sonia L. Glubisz Crifling Enterprise & Partner Group

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The Benefits of AST Lean E-mail Management  

Find out why Microsoft Outlook users around the world are turning to Atrendia to help solve their e-mail management problems.