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Here’s A Gym In Cranston So Exclusive and Popular, They Are FORCED To Limit Memberships … And Turn People AWAY!

In all your life, have you ever heard of such?

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By Aaron Meredith, Co-Owner, Ocean State CrossFit

Imagine this ... Imagine you are covered in a sweat soaked T-shirt, inside a fitness facility unlike any other you’ve ever seen, proud of what you’ve just accomplished along with 14 others beside you … It’s your first day at Ocean State CrossFit: And the question running through your mind is, “What have I gotten myself into?” Allow me to answer that question for you in a single word: CrossFit. CrossFit is simply the fitness industry’s game changer. It changes the rules of fitness and turns the whole industry on its head, and when applied scientifically and skillfully, it is a life changer. And you’ll have more fun working out than ever, because CrossFit is literally the sport of fitness. Picture a room full of individuals all doing the same workout at the same time, and everyone in the class is competing against everyone else to finish the workout first. It’s a competitive sport for all ages and both sexes, and when done right delivers unparalleled fitness results. I’ll prove that claim starting on page 3 inside this special edition. Hi, my name is Aaron Meredith, and I’m a co owner of Ocean State CrossFit. My love for health and fitness inspired me to help start a fitness movement here in Cranston, RI. I’m a military veternan and an ex NCAA all conference varsity athlete. While at the Coast Guard Academy I was ranked #1 for fitness for the class of 2004. I've competed locally in Natural bodybuildin and CrossFit competitions finishing around the top in every competition. I have an incredible passion and love for health and fitness and I'm very well versed in the nutrition field.

I’ve spent my entire professional career studying exactly how the human body responds to exercise, and here’s what I’ve discovered: if you want to live the most emotionally fulfilled life possible If you want more happiness and joy out of every area life then you must push your body to its physical limits.

That’s because your body craves to live up to its physical potential. Its genetic potential. Its emotional potential. Your emotional health depends upon better blood flow to every organ in your body, to include your brain! Your body is begging you to move it, exercise it, and push it to its limits. And when you do, your body will reward you with the physique you’ve always wanted, and one you can be proud of. But there’s a problem - something critical has been lost in today’s modern million dollar fitness facilities … those big box Corporate gyms with 2,000 plus members. What I’ve learned, and what you are about to discover contradicts what most fitness professionals, personal trainers and coaches believe about getting in shape - and explains why 95% of all fitness experts can’t get their clients one-tenth the results they pay for. I’m writing this special report to show you what I’ve found. Let’s face it, when it comes to joining a fitness facility or investing in a personal trainer, the thing that ultimately matters to you is results. This year alone, from a single location in Cranston, RI, We’ve taken more than 250 OSCF members and helped them gain the greatest fitness results they’ve ever experienced. What you are about to see explains why. If you have ever been disappointed with your fitness results, this report will be the most important message you ever read. Let’s get started …


Chapter 1 It’s become a world-wide sensation because ...



AT OCEAN STATE CROSSFIT Revealed in this chapter … Why drastically reducing your workout time transforms your body like nothing you’ve ever seen! (Sure it breaks all the rules, but that’s the point. If you’ve ever been disappointed with your workout results, isn’t it time to break a few rules?) Two secret ingredients every workout must contain if you crave unprecedented results from your body. (Need an emergency transformation in your body in record time? Don’t you dare skip this!) Three things that guarantee you’ll avoid the land mines, pitfalls and booby traps of nearly every other fitness program! (And you’ll have the most fun you’ve ever had while working out!) And so much more … I need to make something very clear from the start, and I hope you’ll take it as it is meant … because while it is not my intention to come across as being mean, I do need to be firm about this … If you are not doing CrossFit training, you are either, 1) wasting your time completely, or 2) you are not making anywhere near the progress you should be making from your fitness investment. And either way, that’s a shame, because you deserve to finally reach your genetic potential once and for all. I guarantee you that, if you will begin doing CrossFit training right now, in as little as 12 workouts from now, you’ll astonish yourself at your progress. In fact, given a reasonable amount of time, it will accelerate your physical transformation - and change your life - in ways that will make you more proud of yourself than you have been in a very long time. Reading this entire report could represent a major turning point in your life and it will be well worth the few minutes it will take. Ready to get started? Great. Here we go.

Always Strive To Drastically Reduce Your Workout Time! Let me introduce you to Pete Salmons. Pete is a 26 year-old crossfith coach who, two years ago, called himself a “self-admitted couch potato.” He had really let himself go, but did not think it was all that bad until he weighed himself at a friend’s house. He was shocked when the scales came crashing down to 270 pounds!” That was Pete's tipping point. He had finally faced the fact that all the years of being lazy, eating poorly, and drinking had taken their toll … but he didn’t know how to rescue himself from that vicious cycle. Up to this point, Pete had never heard of CrossFit, and had no idea of the potency behind it, and had no concept of how it would change his life.

He understood from the beginning ... Please Turn … For more information, call 401.781.2149

Petes first 6 workouts would be in a class we call On Ramp. Think of it like English 101. All of our workouts are called WOD’s. WOD stands for Workout Of the Day. These 6 WOD’s are designed to revive, and reawaken the hidden athlete inside you. That means we treat you like an athlete starting on day one, and we’ll use a stop clock to time how fast you can get through each WOD. Your mission, as an athlete in training, is to finish each WOD as fast as you possibly can. Pete would attend On Ramp three times a week, and each WOD will be different - with the exception of the 1st and 6th - these two will the be same. That’s because we’ll gauge your physical improvement by how much time improvement has taken place between your 1st WOD to your 6th WOD. In other words, the more minutes you can shave off your time, the faster your body changes. Got it? Good. Oh, and there’s one other thing. These 6 WOD’s are just the beginning. They’ll only take you 14 days to finish, but they are designed to get you ramped up - in preparation for - the next months and years of WOD’s - where you’ll literally change your life!

The Dramatic Results of Forcefully Reducing Your Workout Time Let me show you how powerful On Ramp was for Pete. Here are his results: His first workout took him 12 minutes, 10 seconds to finish. But only 14 days later - 6 workouts total - he did that same workout in only 8 minutes, 24 seconds. Now, let’s stop for a moment - and look at that math under a microscope. Let’s consider what just happened. 12:10 (The time of his first WOD) - 8:24 (The time of his 6th WOD) 3:46 (Time difference) Can you imagine how Pete felt on this 6th workout after slashing 3 minutes, 46 seconds off his baseline time? I can tell you how he felt … he was elated! After all, that’s a whopping 27% improvement in only 14 days. And because we trained him like an athlete, he became an athlete … a much better conditioned athlete at that!

stopped abusive drinking. On top of that, he is finally unconfused about food and what to eat. The end result? Now people he knows don’t recognize him when they see him on the street! His friends are shocked, and Pete is happy again. That’s the power of CrossFit. And as you’ll soon discover in this special report, Bryan is far from the exception! WHAT IS CROSSFIT? Who Is Fran? CrossFit is the world’s leading fitness crusade doing battle against the nation’s flawed fitness industry. CrossFit is literally the sport of fitness. Yes. Fitness as a sport. Let me explain. CrossFit was started by Greg Glassman, a former gymnast, who one day went to a traditional gym and wanted to experience a workout that mimicked the way he felt after going through a gymnastic routine.

All the popular bodybuilding routines had failed him and didn’t do a thing for him. So, one day he But wait! That’s not all there is to it. decided to take matters into his own Not by a long shot. You see, hands. That’s when he walked over since starting CrossFit, he has and grabbed a 95-pound barbell, dropped 80 pounds of excess fat brought it up to the front of his off his body, ended poor habits shoulders, and then squatted down till his thighs were parallel to the floor. Then he stood ON RAMP GRADUATION up and “thrusted” the Here’s a recent graduating class. barbell over his head.

Their ages range from early teens to mid 40‘s. We have members in their 70’s, and as young as 13.


That movement is called a thruster. So, he decided to do 21 thruster repetitions in a row without stopping. Then, fast as he could, he jumped up on a chin-up bar and did 21 chin-ups.

Fast as he could he moved back to thrusters for 15 more reps - then chin-ups for 15. Thrusters for 9 - chin-ups for 9. Done. Workout over. Greg was both exhausted and delighted at the same time. He felt like he had just been through a hurricane and somehow survived, so he named that workout - Fran. Now, inside the CrossFit community, Fran is one of our benchmark workouts. In the traditional weight room, people always want to know, “how much do you bench press?” In CrossFit we want to know, “what is your Fran time?” And after experiencing Fran, Greg never did another traditional workout again. That was the birth of CrossFit. So, when I discovered CrossFit, I wanted to test my mettle ... so I decided to put myself through Fran too, my first ever CrossFit workout. My Fran Results It took me 11:30 minutes to finish it the first time. The last time I did Fran I did it in only 3:02 minutes. Now let’s look at that math under the microscope. 11:30 (First Fran Time) -3:02 (Last Fran Time) 8:28 (Time Difference) That means I have cut that workout time by over 75%. That’s not a misprint. And therein lies the sport of it. How Friendly Competition Transforms Your Body Faster Than Anything You’ve Ever Done … And The Three Things You Are Competing Against In every workout, you are competing against your previous best time, against the stop clock, and since all workouts take place in a team environment - a class full of both men and women - you are also competing against them. In my case, the result of it is this: before CrossFit I weighed in at 235 pounds. Now I walk around everyday at 205. Not one time did I worry about my body fat percentage, my body weight, or how big my waist was. I didn’t care one iota about any of that stuff. My only goal was to become a better athlete … to move larger loads, longer distances, faster in this workout than the last. To make a competitive sport out of working out. That’s the secret. That’s the power and potency of CrossFit. It literally forces your body to change - to adapt

- to the the new demands placed upon it. How CrossFit Grew To Become The World’s Leading Fitness Movement When Greg Glassman started CrossFit, he didn’t want to franchise his concept, but he did want others to be able to affiliate with him, so he created an affiliation program. Now there are 3,000 affiliates across the world doing CrossFit workouts. Ask any CrossFit affiliate anywhere, “What is CrossFit?”, and you’ll get a version of this canned answer, “CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity.”

I'm now in the best shape of my life ...

Now I’m at my fighting weight of 205 ...

What they mean is; the workouts change every day … and we use exercises that are considered “functional,” meaning we do workouts that mimic real life And now I enjoy being as requirements, like squats strong as I've EVER and other exercises … and BEEN! we perform them aggressively - what we call high intensity. This concept (constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity) has been the cornerstone of CrossFit’s massive success and growth. Why? Because it is simply the formula that works. And as you are about to discover, there is no place better than Ocean State CrossFit to put that formula to work … Please Turn … For more information, call 401.781.2149

Chapter 2 If mothers of 3 … 70 year-old senior citizens ... and 13 year-old kids are all using Ocean State CrossFit to get into the best shape of their lives ... imagine what YOU can do!

IF YOU’VE GOT 45 MINUTES A DAY - ONLY 3 DAYS A WEEK I GUARANTEE YOU A BODY THAT WILL SHOCK YOUR FRIENDS! Hard to believe? Perhaps. But I’m not asking you to believe anything just yet, not until you see the evidence for yourself. All I ask is that you refrain from disbelieving while I show you my proof. It will take just a few minutes, yet the rewards will be enormous … In this chapter … Why - whether you’re an orthopedic surgeon, a real estate agent, business owner, full-time student, or stay at home mom - you’re literally just hours away from being in the best shape of your life … 4 vital paradigm shifts you must experience if you have any hope of reaching your physical potential … and having the body you’ve always desired ... Over the age of 40 but not ready to be over the hill? You’re not alone! Here’s why underdog stories come true and why we have more members over the age of 40 than under the age of 30 … And so much more … What I'm going to tell you may sound like the biggest pile of hype you’ve ever heard … but it's actually the hard hitting truth. And if you’ll suspend your disbelief for just a few moments, I guarantee what you are about to discover can transform your body like nothing you’ve ever experienced. In fact, it can take you from looking like the Pillsbury Dough Boy, and make a Tarzan of a man out of you (if you are a man, of course) or (if you a woman) finally sculpt the hips, tone your thighs, and firm up your arms like you’ve always desired … and it will do it more convincingly than anything you’ve ever experienced. I’m going to prove every thing I claim to you in just a moment, but first, I want you to know that what I’m about to tell you will seem like heresy to 95% of all fitness professionals. Look, I’m often viewed as a heretic among traditional fitness professionals, but I’m going to set the record straight once and for all. It’s not heresy we


are we are talking about here … it’s apostasy. Not in a religious sense, but apostasy in the sense of my defection and revolt from the most ineffective, expensive and timewasting methods being taught by most fitness professionals today. And as I think you’ll see, the real secret of getting amazingly fit is still very much a mystery to most fitness professionals, personal trainers and coaches. But not to you - not after you make these 4 paradigm shifts … possibly the 4 biggest paradigm shifts of your fitness life! MAJOR PARADIGM SHIFT #1 YOU MUST STOP - focusing on building bigger muscles! I know, I know … blasphemy, right? But listen to me carefully: If you will (once and for all) forsake forever the idea of building bulging biceps, a massive chest, or cannonball sized shoulders (like you see promised on the covers of muscle magazines) and if you can accept the fact that …

YOU MUST START focusing solely on becoming a better overall competitive athlete - then your body will finally begin to respond by handing you all the muscle it can handle ... and you will finally begin to reach your genetic potential for your age. As an e r fo Will Be example, take a look here at my friend Will Huntington’s before and after pictures. What you are looking at is real. If building muscle is something you desire ... and it should be (it’s natural to want more muscular arms and chest) … then there is nothing that will get you there faster than forsaking exercises that isolate a muscle group and waste your time.

Will After

Will After

Question: What builds more muscle faster ... bicep curls or chin-ups? If you said chin-ups then you are right! That’s because instead of only using your biceps doing curls … in chin-ups you are using biceps, shoulders, lats, chest, romboids, all the gripping muscles of your hand and forearm, and even your abdominals! Whew! Is there any contest? No there isn’t, and I can tell you that Will hasn’t done bicep curls (or any other isolation exercise) in years! And yet look at him! He’s the envy of most men. He literally drops jaws when he takes his shirt off. People are shocked by his transformation. He’s one of the fittest men on planet earth.

MAJOR PARADIGM SHIFT #2 YOU MUST STOP - focusing on losing fat! Talk about slaying a sacred cow. Look: if you think starving yourself through calorie reduction, or falling for the next diet craze, or buying diet pills is your best strategy for losing fat … I’m sorry to say you have been sold a bill of goods. If you think that running marathons, or doing thousands of sit-ups or even swimming multiple laps in the pool will give you the coveted six pack abs you’ve always wanted … you have been deceived. Listen: if you want to lose fat faster than you can imagine, you must stop focusing on losing fat, and … YOU MUST START focusing on becoming a better overall competitive athlete and increase your overall human performance. I’m not kidding. If you want fat to finally melt off your body, then you’ve got to create a blazing, internal furnace inside you. Like a locomotive

screaming down the tracks being fueled by a constant supply of coal, wood or steam. To finally posses the kind of body you can be proud of, you must focus on becoming an agile, competitive athlete like Pete Salmons became. Pete had the metabolism of a sloth when he first started working out CrossFit Pete Before He started CrossFit tipping the scales at 270 pounds with a waist the size of Texas - 40+ inches. But because Pete finally stopped falling for all the nonsense (both in training and diet) Pete has transformed himself from being the Pillsbury Dough Boy into a rock-solid Pete is now athletic, powerful and fit 200 pound Tarzan of a man with the waist size of only 34. Coming in at a weak 270 pounds, Pete couldn’t even do pull-ups when he first started, but now that he is a powerful 200, and slashed off 80 pounds of fat, he can rip off 80 chinups in 5 min! One for every pound of fat he’s lost. He is a prime example of what happens when someone stops trying to lose fat, and starts focusing on becoming a competitive athlete. When people see him on the street, they are shocked by his transformation! MAJOR PARADIGM SHIFT #3 YOU MUST STOP - focusing on using weight lifting machines, (like leg extension, leg curl, abdominal crunch and even chest press machines) and … YOU MUST START focusing on becoming a better overall competitive athlete who can increase your body’s ability to produce more power … and do more work in less time this time than last … giving you the increased ability to scale a wall, cross crocodile infested waters or simply shovel gravel. In other words, you must have … Increased Work Capacity Across Broad Time and Modal Domains Increased Work Capacity = More Power Against Broad Time = From Short Duration to Long (Can you do a given exercise in less time now than it used to take you?) Please Turn Turn … … Please For more information, call 401.781.2149

Modal Domains = Shoveling gravel, crossing a crocodile infested mote, or scaling a castle wall.

swimming, or only weightlifting ... (or specializing in any other single fitness activity) and …

Here’s what it would look like in real life, and if you like underdog stories, you are going to love this! Leonard Parsons had never heard of CrossFit before he started just one short year ago. In October at the age of 63, he had been suffering from type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, and triglyceride imbalance. He had been taking perscriptions of Metformin, Lisinopril and Lipitor for close to seven years. He was suffering from eye problems, skin problems, and the onset of arthritis. He had been attending a globo gym about three times a week and was proud that he knew how all the machines worked. He would check fitness magazines and the internet for different ways to use the machines. Every time he stepped on the scale it read around 240 and never changed... EVER.

YOU MUST START focusing on becoming a better overall competitive athlete by mixing up as many different methods of training as possible. When it comes to your fitness, I don’t want you to be a specialist ... I want you to be a generalist. Every workout should contain regular calisthenic movements you have mastered … but must also contain other skills that are new to you, and are under development as a skill set. Why? Because that’s where your results become unprecedented.

Len Before

Len Aft er

Fast forward 1 year and picture this scene: Len reaches up to grab a set of Olympic rings to attempt a gymnastic movement called a pull-up. (That’s a move where you hang from the rings with your arms fully extended at the bottom, and then you muscle your self up to the rings with your chin over.) “Len's gotta be kidding” someone chuckled, “he’s 60-years-old. What is he thinking?” I’ve seen this scenario play out multiple times before. I knew what was about to happen. What they didn’t fully understand is that Len had been training like a competitive athlete with Ocean State CrossFit and was well prepared for this moment. So when he snatched himself up to the rings, not once, but multiple times - the laughter turned to amazement and applause! Today, Len's a new man and people can’t believe what he can do. They are stunned that he can just as easily climb a rope, run a 5K, deadlift 200 pounds or do toes to bar … to name a few new things he’s capable of doing. But it took getting off those dreaded weight machines to finally clear his perscription meds and restore his hidden athlete. Oh yeah hes below 200 lbs!

MAJOR PARADIGM SHIFT #4 YOU MUST STOP - focusing on being a specialist in training … meaning that you must stop specializing on only one mode of training - like only running, or only 8 - OCEAN STATE CROSSFIT

As soon as CJ Lacroix discovered this concept (of not being a specialist, but becoming a generalist athlete) and opened up his training to new skill development (and thereby new intensity levels), his body transformed dramatically. He went from being a soft looking runner to a man who can now lift more and run faster than before. The day CJ started CJ NOW molding himself into equal parts gymnast, Olympic weightlifter and sprint-athlete - as soon as he begin to develop the capacity of a novice 800meter track athlete, gymnast, and weightlifter - he became fitter than most single world-class runners, gymnasts or weightlifters his age. And his physical transformation is shocking! The day you begin Luan After this process, is the day you’ll start making these kind of transformations as well. Today, CJ has set a personal record in all four marathons he ran in 2012. He looks to continue this progress in 2013!

Recap: What is the one common thread that runs through all these 4 paradigm shifts? It’s making the shift from focusing on traditional training methods and start focusing on becoming a better overall (generalist) competitive athlete. Not only does it transform bodies faster than any other method of training, but it also returns the adventure back into getting into shape. Are you ready? Then I urge you to hurry because …

Chapter 3 In your lifetime, have you ever heard of such? It happened in Cranston, and it’s about happen again in another Rhode Island City …

Who’s Ever Heard Of A Fitness Community So Wildly Popular It Was Forced To Limit Memberships And Turn People Away? FAIR WARNING: OCEAN STATE CROSSFIT ANNOUNCES IN 2013 IT WILL BE OFFICIALLY OPENING THEIR SECOND LOCATION AT ... SHHHH ITS A SECRET 401.781.2149

In this chapter … How you can secure a back door pass into Ocean State CrossFit’s membership and gain an unfair advantage nobody else can … IF you hurry ... The 4 impending “WARNING CONDITIONS” why Ocean State CrossFit in Cranston will sell out in 2013, and much, much more …


There’s no doubt about it ...

In 2013 our Cranston location of Ocean State CrossFit, will officially sell out and membership will be on a wait list basis. In August of 2011 we opened our doors, and by the new year we had grown to over 100 members. In 2012 we have seen our membership more than double to over 250 athletes! For a new CrossFit facility to hit over 200 members in 1 year is almost un heard of!

But trust me on this ... That was nothing!

I fully expect Ocean State CrossFit in Cranston, RI to grow so rapidly, we could possibly be forced to close down membership of our 450 members … before the end of 2013! Why do I say that, and how can I be so confident? Four impending “Warning Conditions” I say it because there are 4 conditions present this time around that did not exist when we opened back in July of 2011. If you have any desire to leave your old way of training behind, and replace it with the most successful training system in the world, then I urge you … please pay close attention: PleaseTurn Turn… … Please For more information, call 401.781.2149 - 9

CONDITION #1 : New Year’s Resolutions Last year we opened soft and didnt market and advertise during the New Year. We were new and wanted to get our managment structure in place. Now that we have our entire management team in place, have over 15 coaches, and we are moving into an 8000 sq foot facility, we are ready to make a strong push in January. That single month’s difference in time will radically change the growth of Ocean State CrossFit. As you already know, gyms across the world get flooded with new members every New Year. New Years resolutions are a driving force for the fitness industry as a whole, but now that people have more choices, and access to the internet, they’ll be looking for better options and choices than the usual, run-of-the-mill fitness facility. Every source we consult confirms that this alone will flood the gates and jam the phone lines of Ocean State CrossFit.

CONDITION #2 : Social media breeds success When people see their friends, family and co-workers gaining the kind of results Ocean State CrossFit athletes are getting, it’s just natural that they start asking questions. When we first opened OSCF in 2011, we had zero friends on Facebook, other than our staff, and family members. Now, all that has changed, and we have hundreds of fans and friends on Facebook, and that many again who follow us on Twitter and other social media platforms. This simply means that when we announce our Grand Opening of our new location on the social media platforms, the word will spread like wild fire. So let me ask you: In your experience, what happens when something goes viral on the internet? You got it! CONDITION #3: Business Momentum Nobody wants to go to a restaurant where there are no cars in the parking lot. But if the parking lot is slammed, has valet parking and you have to make reservations in advance just to get a table, well then, you know where I’m going with this. When Ocean State CrossFit first opened its doors, we had 14 clients. Now we are being forced to move into a larger facility and eventually open our second location just to handle the demand. We have a great reputation, excited athlete members, and a literal world-wide following, where people we’ve never heard of visit our website daily! Trust me when I tell you 10 - OCEAN STATE CROSSFIT

this: people already know we are opening our second location, and we already have commitments. Which brings me to the last condition … CONDITION #4 : Pre-Re-Sales Other than a few close friends, we didn’t have the reputation - or the results - or the secure opening date to even consider pre-sales. This is vitally important for you, because if you are interested in joining OSCF, this advantage also poses a threat. You see, we do have that 450 membership cap we are committed to, and that means that it is totally possible that a large portion of those memberships left can be sold before we ever open the doors to the new larger faclity. Combined with the other 3 conditions I’ve talked about, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had to place people on a waiting list on opening day. Will it happen? Dunno. But I do know this: Ocean State CrossFit in Cranston WILL sell out all memberships slots blazingly fast! That’s not hype, hyperbole or false urgency. So, the big question is ... Who Should Join? First of all, it doesn’t matter if you are 15, 40, or 70. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, black or white, short or tall, bald or have hair down to your hips. I’m proud to say we have all races, genders, and ages represented working out together as a team, pulling for each other in brotherly love. It matters not what “socioeconomic” demographic you come from either. We have millionaires working out right beside college students, and every status between. Nor does it matter what your current fitness level is. (We have people working out who have not exercised in 30 + years!) What does matter is ... You care about your own health and fitness ... You know how to honor others above yourself and you have “high moral” standards … You are kind to your fellow members and you bring a spirit of encouragement to the group ... You can leave your ego at the door (CrossFit has a way of humbling you) ...

You want to workout hard, get in the best shape of your life, and help encourage others do the same. If you recognize the value of what I just said - then this is exactly what you’ve been looking for. What you are about to discover is ... once you’ve experienced how this community bonds together for the good of yourself and others, you’ll never want to go back to Golds or any other big box corporate gym again. Now I know what you are thinking … “Okay Aaron, How Do I Join, and What’s The Cost?” I want you to know up front; we offer options of 3 times a week, and an unlimited attendance option, where some levels are less expensive than others. I really don’t want to exclude anyone who desires to be a part of the OSCF Family, but finds the more expensive memberships beyond their budget. Simply put, the different membership levels vary in attendance and other benefits ... but not in the type of workouts. You’ll get the same high quality workouts no matter how often you decide to attend. As you can imagine, and can fully understand, with increased membership support comes increased benefits. We will be happy to discuss your specific needs when you schedule your free consultation. But you should know this ... Gold’s, the YMCA, and even other CrossFit affiliates are cheaper. Plus ... you know as well as I do that you get what you pay for. By some standards, entry to Ocean State CrossFit is quite expensive to get started ... but it is so for several reasons:

CrossFit is not without its critics. I'd prefer only to see those on the inside who are able to take full advantage of the camaraderie this community provides. Naysayers will be happier if they stay at Gold’s ... and so will the rest of Ocean State CrossFit! So bluntly, the price to some extent serves as a screening device. REASON #3 Only The Most Serious-Minded Because of our firm commitment to providing you the highest quality experience of any fitness facility ever, we deliberately LIMIT the number of members to only 450, and the fact that there will certainly be more people who apply than can actually be accommodated ... this price ensures only the most serious-minded individuals are reaping the rewards. REASON #4 Unparalleled Staff-To-Student Ratio Unlike any other CrossFit facility in town, most of our training staff are fulltime. This is all they do, and they don’t have second jobs. Full-time staff simply means you are ensured the most qualified and best trained staff anywhere, at any price.We currently offer over 40 classes every week on our schedule … and that does not include special events, parties or fund raisers. Our coaches are on premise 8, 10, even 12 hours a day. That means we have a staff-to-member ratio that is unparalleled in town. In most classes, we have at least two coaches watching and protecting your form, (sometimes even more) and providing you with all the encouragement you need to get through the workout. This, of course, keeps you moving forward and reaching your goals faster than you ever thought possible!

REASON #1 Only 450 Members Accepted The New Ocean State CrossFit Facility is designed for a very small group of only 450 committed individuals who want to see serious gains and improvements in their fitness levels. No hem-hawing around here. It’s a school of elite fitness ... so, to ask anything less would trivialize something of priceless value.

Listen: I hope this isn’t taken wrong or offends anyone in anyway. It certainly isn’t meant to be braggadocios, prideful or haughty. I’m simply hoping to communicate to you that … with 40 classes offered every week (10 classes offered a day most days), and with a full-time staff running classes from 5:15 AM to 7:30 PM … no other CrossFit facility in town can even come close to providing you with the CrossFit experience Ocean State CrossFit can.

REASON #2 Screening Device And although anyone can apply ... It’s my opinion, that many people are simply not ready for this level of opportunity. Despite being absurdly simple, Ocean State

And over 250 of your neighbors (who could attend any big-box gym or any CrossFit in Rhode Island) have voted with their dollars and joined us here at Ocean State CrossFit. This has forced us to move to a larger facility and open a new location in 2013! So, Please Turn … Please Turn … For more information, call 205.873.2135 - 11 For more information, call 401.781.2149 - 11

our pricing enables our staff to serve you on a full-time basis, get the best continuing education possible, and focus all their energies into helping you get into the best shape of your life. Wouldn’t you agree ... that only about 10 percent of any industry professionals (whether it be lawyers, doctors, accountants - and yes - even fitness professionals) are worth their salt? The bigger question, then, becomes: “Would you prefer having a parttime brain surgeon cut through your skull to remove a tumor, or would you prefer a surgeon who does it as a full-time career?” And when it comes to your health and fitness, what makes more sense to you … a part-time (“I’m only doing this until I can find a ‘real’ job”) personal trainer, or … a fulltime professional coach who eats, drinks and breaths helping people reach their genetic potential? The point of all this is this: our pricing ensures most of your staff is full time, so that you get the absolute best possible result for your investment. Depending upon your commitment level to membership, your dues can range from as low as $120 per 4/wks to as high as $185. Listen: You are the only one who can decide if joining OSCF is right for you. But let me just say ... even at the highest level of membership, we are much less expensive than paying for a gym membership and then adding on the cost of other personal services, like massage, supplements, personal training, boot camps, heck ... even group classes. If you’ve ever added on these costs, you know what I’m talking about. Hiring a personal 12 -- OCEAN IRON TRIBE FITNESS 12 STATE CROSSFIT

trainer alone costs anywhere from $400 - $700 per month here in Cranston. Wouldn’t it be nice to get better results and save a little coin in the process? Sure it would! When you join the Ocean State CrossFit fellowship, your dues pay for the privilege of training with other OSCF members ... AND you get a professional, full-time CrossFit certified, CSCS COACH to provide you the highest quality instruction anywhere. Compared to paying a part-time trainer to count off reps and stare off into space at the next “tight body” lady who walks by, well, like I said ... “It’s all in the company you keep”, and “You get what you pay for.” Sure, we can be considered expensive. We are not ashamed of our pricing. What we provide is unique (and although extremely simple), designed for very specific individuals. When you experience the difference between what Ocean State CrossFit provides you, versus what you’ve experienced at big-box gyms, or any other gym, you’ll think our pricing is a bargain! In that sense, you could recover your investment (in terms of physical performance improvement) in just a few weeks. But the recovery of the investment isn’t the point. The point is, this is a complete and radical re-engineering of what it means to be a member of a fitness facility ... one that genuinely cares about its members ... and the members care about each other. A place where you can get into the

best shape of your life and have more fun doing it. If that’s YOU (and I believe it is) ... I can only encourage you to take “action” before it’s too late to gain membership into Ocean Sate CrossFit!

If you are still unsure, and because I don’t want to see well deserving people fall victim to their own skepticism ... We’re inviting you to call us for a “NO PRESSURE” consultation. We’ll show you around, answer all your questions, and even make our personal recommendations based upon your current fitness level and personal goals. At that point, if you decide that Ocean State CrossFit is NOT for you, no problem. And no hard feelings. We’ll part as friends. Your Personal Invitation On the next page, I’m inviting you to join our very exciting, very exclusive circle of friends. But before I do, let me ask you one last question: “Is it possible that over 250 of the smartest business men and women in Rhode Island (from every industry) could be wrong about joining Ocean State CrossFit?” I can’t answer that for you. But - if you hurry - I can secure you a spot in this private fitness club where you can instantly become a part of this exclusive circle of friends. If that interests you, and to take advantage of this narrow window of opportunity, turn the page and read your special invitation to join us. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Limited Membership Opportunity


Only 200 Eager, Determined Rhode Island Residents… Both Male and Female … To Join Our Very Exciting,Very Exclusive Ocean State CrossFit “Circle of Fitness” Team-Building Program I URGE YOU TO SECURE YOUR SPOT NOW! The Doors Will Close Quickly … So Hurry … I Don’t Want You To Miss Out!

OCEAN STATE CROSSFIT announces its re opening at a new location in Cranston, and we are quietly inviting you to become one of only 450 members allowed to join our upscale community of fitness enthusiasts. The Providence area has a year-round population of about 1 million residents. Only 450 of them will get the opportunity to join this very special program in this exclusive community (there are already 250 spots gone! All others will have to resolve to be happy with a generic Gold’s gym, YMCA or other membership. That means getting little or no coaching and very limited results. I don’t want that for you!

Not only that, but when they begin to share their experience on social media sites like their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts ... rare opportunities like this go viral. And when that happens, this membership opportunity disappears as quickly as it opened up. Just like growing from 0 to 200 in less than 12 months when we first opened. We really would like to have you as a part of OCEAN STATE CROSSFIT and hope to hear from you today. Give us a call right now, won’t you? Sincerely,

No One Ever Drowned In Their Own Sweat!

Aaron Meredith

Here’s a skill-building program unlike anything you’ve seen. Far more advanced than any “big box” gym setting … More intense and productive than working out by yourself in a Globo Gym.

Ocean State CrossFit 50 Freeway Drive Cranston, RI 02920

In fact, this program is so comprehensive and demanding that we want to make it very clear to you in this invitation, that you should not even consider this if you’re anything less than 100% committed to getting into the best shape of your life. …So, come join us, won’t you? All you have to do is say, “I’ll find out for myself.” We realize you may be a skeptic. Pick up the phone and call me at 401.781.2149 right now to schedule your no hassle, no pressure consultation with our General Manager. And the best part? It’s Absolutely Free. There’s no pressure or obligation to continue, either. This is totally a risk free, and hassle free opportunity. I decided to publish this free report to make being a part of Ocean State CrossFit as fair as possible. You know how these things go ... they take on a life of their own, and excited people begin to tell their friends, co-workers and family about what excites them.

401.781.2149 P.S. Just to be clear … when we reach our 450 total members at our new location, we won’t be accepting anymore members. Reason being, this is a carefully planned and conducted program where you will be challenged each and every week, and it’s possible we’ll even have our Ocean State CrossFit memberships fully in place even before the beginning of the Summer. We are a facility designed for 450 … not 2,000 members. We are an exclusive and private fitness facility. I urge you to get in now! P.P.S. Please listen to me carefully … I feel confident that all the membership slots will disappear quickly. If you have any interest at all … even a “maybe,” I urge you to act right now. Pick up the phone and call 401-781-2149 while this free report is still hot in your hands.

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