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Inbox Blueprint How I am Making $10,000 average Every Month from CPA Without Investing a Single Minute Myself [as the whole process can be outsourced easily to virtual assistent]. And if you are wondering what was my cost? Well it is server cost for my dedicated server only. I started this in April after learning from a mailer who is considered one of the best in the industry and treated like VVIP by every CPA network out there. He was kind enough to teach me about this field of Internet marketing where a very few people have their hold or knowledge.

Here is my progress and earning report from mailing starting from April 2013 to till date. April: 5034 USD

May: 31,011 USD

June: 4,934 USD

July: 13,420 USD

August: 10,668 USD

September: 14,038 USD

October: 8,756 USD

November: 9,711 USD


I will keep this guide short and simple.

So what I do:

I do email marketing. I send CPA offers to the list. And I don’t build list from scratch. There are many CPA network and data management companies who will share their data with you for revenue share basis. They do a written agreement with you and it clearly mentions source, legitimacy of the data they provide you thus protect you from any legal issue. Again there are many companies which will sale their data to you daily [called daily feed] for a fixed price for every record. Usually payday loan companies, debt companies, Nutra companies [weight loss, anti-aging etc], teeth whitening companies, background check companies will sale their data to you for a price. Here by the word ‘data’ I mean records of all of their daily subscribers in name, email, address, IP, website source format delivered in a csv or zip file. Where you can get companies to share or sale their data:

Search in facebook for CPA marketing, Mailer groups. Some reputed groups are Join these groups and post about your data requirements. There are many reputed data vendors in these groups and they will respond to you swiftly. There are some secret sources and my personal contacts where I get my data from. I will share those in my first follow up email.

Where to get your CPA offers: You have to join some reputed CPA networks in order to start mailing CPA offers and make money. Personally I use: Convert2Media Deluxeads

What offers do best in mailing: In USA: Weight loss – Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Home warranty: Choice Home Warranty or any home warranty offer Auto insurance: Provide auto insurance or any good auto insurance offer Anti-Aging: Auravie, Levela, Delure, Splendyr etc winning offers for me Ecigs: American Smoke, Ecigs Brands are good offer in Ecig niche Credit score offer: Freescore 360 Bizopp: CPS bizopp offer with presale lander

In UK: Gift offers. Bingo cafĂŠ offer. Payday loan offer. Secure credit card offer like Black card. Credit score offer. Bizopp offer.

How your email creative should look like: The email creative is already there to copy paste from your CPA network account. Always use approved creative by CPA network before you mail out. Or get your creative approved by your affiliate manager before you mail to your lists.

Here is an example of a garcinia cambogia weight loss campaign creative:

What you need to start? Data: You can get data from the sources I mentioned. Also in the follow up email I will discuss and give you details of secret sources I use personally to get killer live feed as well as legacy data. I will discuss what data works best for which offers and what you should do before mailing like cleaning and segmentation.

Offer: Obviously you will get offers and creatives from the CPA networks you have account with. However there are some ‘do and don’t’ before you click on the send button. In my second follow up email I will discuss more about it in details. Mailing Infrastructure: I guess majority of you have experience with paid third party autoresponder account service like aweber, getresponse, vertical response etc. However in this case, you can’t use these services for emailing. Because comparing the size of data [for example 2 million record] they will charge you extremely high fee and eventually they will ban your account as they are hyper sensitive for complaints and their IP reputation. As a serious mailer, you cannot reply on third party services for mailing at all. You need you own mailing system setup in your own dedicated server. There are many mailing system setup however I will discuss only the setup I use personally. My recommended mailing system has two parts. Frontend which is sender and backend which is relaying and IP management system. Front end: I use interspire mailing solution as my mailing system’s front end. Back end: PMTA is the best solution for me as backend processor. There are many guys in odesk, elance, freelancer who will setup your mailing system with all the script and licensing for a fee ranging from $200 to $350. I will share my personal contact in the third follow up email.

Where to get Server: Every hosting provider is not friendly with emailer as many emailers are not legit but illegal spammer. Visit this forum Collect the contact information of offshore hosting providers and email them or contact them with your detail plan. Just go and say that you want to email from their server. Send them detail message about your complete business plan like where you have got your data, how you will comply to canspam policy and how you will email only legitimate offers in legit niches. Once they see and feel you are serious and long term buyer, they will give you their best price and constant help.

In my third follow up email, I will discuss in detail about where to get server and server setup contact details.

Things you should know before you start: Inboxing - Whether the email you sent hit the inbox of the receiver or not. Blacklist - A list that denotes IP addresses as spammer IPs, impeding email deliverability.

Bounce Rate - The rate at which your emails are not delivered. There are two types of bounces, hard and soft, both of which are defined later in this glossary. An acceptable bounce rate is less than 5%.

CAN-SPAM - Short for 'Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act of 2003,' it's a law that outlines rules for commercial email, establishes requirements for commercial messages, provides email recipients with the right to make you stop emailing them, and lays out consequences for violations of the Act. In my fourth follow up email I will discuss more about being 100% CANSPAM compliant and avoiding any legal issues.

CTR (Click-Through Rate) - The percentage (the number of unique clicks divided by the number that were opened) of recipients that click on a given URL in your email.

Conversion Rate - The percentage of recipients who respond to your call-to-action in an email marketing campaign or promotion. This is one measure of your email campaign’s success

Dedicated IP - In email marketing, it refers to an IP address from which only you send email.

Hard Bounce - A hard bounce is the failed delivery of an email due to a permanent reason like a nonexistent, invalid, or blocked email address.

Soft Bounce - A soft bounce is the failed delivery of an email due to a temporary issue, like a full mailbox or an unavailable server.

Honey Pot - A planted email address by organizations trying to combat spam that, when a spammer harvests and emails, identifies that sender as a spammer.

Spam Trap or Spamhaus - An email address that was once valid, but no longer is. If you email this address, you'll receive a hard bounce notice. When the mail server sees consistent traffic going to the dead email, however, they can turn the email into a spam trap. It will stop returning a hard bounce for the known bad address, and instead accept the message and report the sender as a spammer.

IP Warmup - Sending a progressively increasing number of emails out of an IP address in order to build the IP's reputation.

Open Rate - The percentage of emails opened in an email marketing campaign, or the percentage opened of the total number of emails sent.

Opt-Out (or Unsubscribe) - When a subscribers chooses not to receive email communications from the sender anymore, and requests removal from your email list. It is legally required that you provide a clear way to opt out in every email you send.

Personalization – Adding elements to your email that are personalized based on information you already know about them. It could refer to addressing the recipient by name, referencing past purchases, or other content unique to each recipient.For example Hi %%First Name%%

Plain Text Email - An email sent without HTML. You should always give your recipients the option to read emails in either HTML or plain text for better readability.

HTML Email - Sending HTML email makes it possible to get creative with the design of your emails.



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