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IT PAYS: Renewable Energy Solutions for Zambia.

Our Business is just what you are looking for! The investment opportunities in Renewable Energy in Africa are enormous, but many investors remain unaware of the past record and current opportunities.

Mission Statement Paint Africa Renewable We are about the provision of sustainable resources primary to human daily existence, namely energy and water. From concept to implementing renewable energy projects, solar technologies and renewable solutions, making it all possible for developing Africa.

Harvest your own national resources If an investment in renewable energy sources is done running costs are very low. Become independent from energy imports. Sun, hydro and wind will never send a bill.

Local Presence is unbeatable Peoples make the difference – this is why Greenfields works with local staff. We provide jobs and training. Only those who can help themselves is a proud man.

Africa is Green - Greenfields Energy is Africa

Substainable African Solutions Greenfields Energy Corporation Ltd. has been established to take forward the ten years experiences of its German Investors of business and market development undertaken by the knowhow of the German Renewable Energy industry to setup Sustainable African Solutions. We understand and address the structural issues in the domestic renewable energy market in Sub Saharan Africa, focusing on capacity, demand and affordability.

Our aim is to taking a hands-on approach, Greenfields has like advised and helped to start and expand solar energy and photovoltaic.

The approach has worked and since December 2011 a Zambian-German Corporation was setup.

We initiated and completed numerous promotion campaigns to boost demand for renewable energy and pilot projects in Zambia.

Our mission is to create sustainable African solutions for delivering affordable access to reliable energy for millions of households in Africa especially to rural areas.

Local presented in Lusaka to create solutions

Most technical developments fail to help the poor people Not so Renewable Energy – Electricity will take the law into one’s hand for 900 million people distributed within 53 countries.

Our Portfolio Smaller Off-Grid Power Systems The variation of our Off-Grid Power System covers a broad range of requirements and gives a wide spectrum of applications. The off grid power generation process and the components needed to use a off-grid photovoltaic energy are really simple.

Rural Energy Systems In rural communities of Africa more than 95 percent of homes have no access to electricity. The only way to transform lives is to bring solar energy, mini hydro or biomass electricity to these areas. Globally, 1.5 billion people, one quarter of the world’s population, live without electricity, according to a United Nations report. We want to change this for Zambia.

Mini-Hydro River Generator Small hydro power stations, by their very nature of being widely disbursed can be part of the solution to meeting the modern energy needs of Zambia especially in rural areas without grid connection. It is a huge chance for Zambia to develop those small hydros especially for rural areas, which have historically been neglected in development and planning.

We are about the provision of sustainable resources primary to human daily existence

Open Space On Grid Photovoltaic Wealth and energy are interlinked in a vicious cycle. Wealth gives opportunity to invest in an energy system or advance the current one through efficiency gains and upgrading technology. Lack of wealth on the other hand has made people dependent on traditional sources which are currently being mined as opposed to sustainable yield.

Biomass to Electricity Biomass is one of the most important and most diverse renewable energy sources. Biomass is used in solid, liquid and gaseous form and the all-rounder among the renewal energy sources: Electricity, heat as well as fuels can all be produced from solid, liquid and gaseous biomass. In addition to the biomass provided through forestry and agriculture, residual biogenic substances and biogenic wastes are available for Hybrid energy production. These include in particular Photovoltaic Diesel Systems waste and recovered wood, biowaste (e.g. from bio bins), sewage sludge/sewage gas/landfill gas, can slurry/solid manure and Photovoltaic Diesel Hybrid networks be a cost-effective straw. means of supplying affordable and reliable power to rural communities. Such a Hybrid Systems can save Diesel Cost from hundred up to several thousand USD per month – more PVPower instead of expensive fuel.

Most technical developments fail to help the poor people

Don't forget about today when you're thinking of tomorrow The environment affects the economy the economy affects the environment

Renewables Africa Project Development and Management Services for Africa

Africa “Green Energy” Package – Consulting, Delivery, Installation, Renewable Energy

Greenfields Energy’ aim is to provide governmental institutions, project developers, investors, and lenders with consulting and advisory services specializing in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Under the umbrella of this project development renewable energy we develop and implement CDM Programs and Projects. We are always on the lookout for new opportunities to develop CDM projects in Africa.

Greenfields Energy and his Partners have stood at the forefront of renewable energy development for many years with an impressive track record in project delivery around the world and in Africa. The work done by us and our team has been acknowledged with a number of awards for commercial success, environmental commitment and innovation, including some most prestigious European business awards.

Greenfields Energy also co-develops projects with other investors and project developers. We advise governments and public authorities on compliance with international and national requirements and their voluntary commitments to supply green energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

There is a growing support for renewable energy in emerging markets

Power Supply for Farms, and Lodges Rural Energy Concepts for Hospitals and Schools PV Hybrid Solutions Mini-Hydro Turbines for Villages Back-Up and Emergency Concepts for Power Failure LED-Streetlights

Renewable Energy Advisory To find your way through the Renewable Energy Technology Rising energy costs, shortfall in availability and the lack of new financial incentives are leading to growing interest in renewable energy systems and renewable energy advisory. We as Energy experts predict that world oil demand will soon exceed supply, resulting in a sharp increase in energy costs. At the same time, governments are introducing incentives or pressure to encourage the use of alternatives to fossil fuels.

Rising demand for electricity, new climate change legislation and the introduction of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s) for buildings and production will affect property values, therefore buyers and tenants are increasingly attracted to focus on Renewable energy. These factors mean that pay-back times on energy-efficiency measures and renewable energy systems, such as wind, photovoltaic, solar, microhydro and biomass are shrinking. Demand is keeping costs fairly high but government all over the world grants or will grant ‘feed in’ electricity tariffs for renewable energy. This is our understanding of renewable energy advisory.

Individual Support Packages are allocated to different energy support needs

…. I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that! Thomas Alva Edison 1931

Greenfields Energy Corporation Limited 5091 Lumumba Rd., P.O. Box 50605 Lusaka – Zambia

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