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This programme aims to increase the

amount of

reading you do over the summer holiday and to encourage you to read more widely than you currently do, in

preparation for your move to the Senior School.

All you have to do is READ, READ, READ like crazy for as many minutes a day as you can between 25th June and 24th August, record your minutes and log them onto our website.

Every minute logged will help the year group achieve their Olympic challenge of 200,000 reading minutes! If this target is reached in the timeframe given Mr. Edwards (Head of Year 7) will reward the whole year


Individuals with outstanding timing will be awarded‌ GOLD AWARD 1350 minutes

SILVER AWARD 900 minutes

BRONZE AWARD 450 minutes

This is a great opportunity for you to develop the

'reading habit' if you haven't already!

Although any reading material will count for the challenge, we want you to try to read as wide a range of books as possible and so we would like some of your reading to come from our recommended

books for 12-13 year olds.

Past Year 7 students have each nominated a book they really enjoyed and so we feel confident that you will find plenty of reading from the list that

appeals to you.

There are some more demanding books as well as biographies, graphic novels and shorter reads. You can find the complete list on our website with further information about each book to help you find the

right books for you!

Each book post contains‌ Book title and author

Summary Book cover

Podcast by the student that recommend this book


Just like the Olympic athletes, you too can stretch yourself to face new challenges whilst having fun

and standing a chance to win a 'medal.'

Good luck and enjoy your summer! If you need any assistance, the library staff will be happy to help.

Transition Summer Reading Olympic 2012  

This is explain what the summer reading olympic is about and how you can achive your targets.