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STORIES TO GROW (AND GROW)... A brief overview of who we are and what we do | 2012

Hi Pe Ph At Se Cl Wo Sr History


Discovered in a shower in Umm Suqeim way back in 2002, it’s been an interesting journey. The ATOMites are a healthy mix of nationalities/cultures/genders/ages/ experiences that add their own unique perspective on everything we do. Newton discovered gravity sitting under a tree, inspiration is everywhere.



We strive to be on-brief, on-time and on-budget while maintaining a positive, friendly approach.


A potent combination of specialist brand, advertising and digital communications helps reach the parts that other agencies cannot reach.


A healthy balance of long termers who have been with us since the beginning and newbies.


A drop of this, a measure of that and hey presto burgeoning brands and captivating campaigns emerge from the ATOM lab.

Social Resp.

As the world changes ever faster it’s good to live the timeless value of helping the less fortunate members of our society.


Zawya Brand discovery and activation: Finding the edge Brief Find what’s missing in the exsisting brand and what makes us zawyans.

Lowdown At the heart of our brand is a simple yet incredibly powerful idea: The Edge. It’s what sets us apart. It’s an attitude that lives within; we base our decisions on it, giving us the extra push, the know-how, the quick response, the right feeling, the dare to know more, learn more, give more.



Freedom comes Fresh thinking

Imdad Brand discovery and activation: Securing confidence Brief Discover the essence of the Imdad brand and create a new identity system and guidelines.

Lowdown We recognized the importance of confidence in aesthetic medicine; it drives patient demand, it enables doctors to deliver, it encourages businesses to excel, and our ability to secure confidence is what sets us apart. It’s an attitude that lives within; we base our decisions on it, guiding our thoughts and measuring our successes. The new Imdad brand reflects a much more confident attitude. This attitude is shared on every piece of communication that Imdad is associated with.

Brand identity

Loyalty is showing how passionate we are towards the work we do

‫ﻋﻴـﺪ ﻣﺒـــﺎرك‬

eid mubarak

Success is talking with pride about the positive impact we have in our roles

Desert Island Brand discovery and activation: Taking responsibility DI_OLD postcard.indd 1

1/18/11 10:42 AM

Brief Rediscover, and develop our brand’s essence and trnslate our values into a visual language that speaks of our culture, pride and refinement across multiple touchpoints.

Lowdown The vision of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Desert Islands plays a key role in Abu Dhabi’s efforts to build a sustainable future in tourism while conserving and promoting local traditions. It was a great privilege for ATOM to be engaged to help protect, nurture and develop a way of life that evokes deep emotional connections amongst its proud people. In 2009, ATOM guided the brand through discovery workshops to take its first steps in living and breathing a new language and direction around a set of core values and brand purpose, channeling decision making through a single doorway. Desert Islands is a brand that is taking responsibility for its past, present and future... and it’s a destination our team absolutely loves visiting.

Brand identity

Knot Standard Brand discovery and activation: Creating pride Brief We have a name, we have a vision yet we cannot express it in a way that has impact. Set us apart, help us build intrigue, make us a brand.

Lowdown Often we work with businesses that have all the right components but through their own industrious efforts their cloth is wrinkled and needs ironing out. Working with the team at Knot Standard is proving a sincere pleasure and the results speak volumes. We’re proud to say that ATOM is Knot Standard.


Air Miles Ad campaign: Making everyday shopping rewarding Brief Bring Air Miles’ core proposition alive – turn everyday shopping into fantastic rewards in the context of Make it Rewarding.

Lowdown Great advertising is observational and having witnessed at first hand the transformation of grocery shopping at Spinneys using a HSBC credit card into an iPod the seeds of a great idea were sown. The idea extended to rewarding business cards and shopping mall activations with magicians turning lemons into iPods. With membership and engagement on the up Air Miles is busy planning for regional domination.

MMI Ad campaign: Reasons to be cheerful Brief Develop an umbrella campaign to promote MMI’s retail locations, drive liquor licence applications, increase store traffic and sale value per visit.

Lowdown Consumer insight: depression has set in and the sociability and good times associated with responsible drinking gave us the perfect opportunity to remind people how lucky they are to be living in a tolerant, welcoming, sun drenched city by the sea.

Brand identity

Moorfields Eye Hospital Ad campaign: British precision Brief Find a way of highlighting Moorfields Eye Hospital truly impressive heritage and excellence.

Lowdown We focused on British standards and precision through establishing the connection with famous icons while taking advantage of tactical opportunities as and when they arose (e.g. England being robbed by a blind linesman at the World Cup). The website has been central to our strategy and as well as creating English and Arabic versions we have kept it regularly updated leading to a 40% increase in traffic every year since 2008.

Harley-Davidson Ads and collaterals: Make everyday count Brief Support the regional HQ and 13 dealers through a broad scope of on and offline marketing activities.

Lowdown Over the last three years we have been busy producing collaterals, promotional materials and print and banner ads to support new model years and tactical activities including the opening of the new regional HQ in Media City. We follow the brand guidelines very closely to ensure consistency of message, tone and visual so all of the work is instantly recognisable as representing this world famous, iconic symbol of American freedom. With new dealers opening and more and more head turning Harleys appearing on the roads the brand is going from strength to strength.

Weber Ad campaign: Crafted with pride Brief Bring out the skill and passion that goes into making Weber BBQs

Lowdown Unlike in the UK, barbecuing is a regular occurrence across the GCC and you need your BBQ to stand up to the close scrutiny of our friends from BBQ nations like Australia. Having watched the corporate video about how Webers are lovingly crafted in the US we were suitably inspired to emphasise the beauty of Weber BBQs and the amazing food they help create. The sound of happy Weberers can be heard right across the region as the brand becomes a hot favourite.

Heineken Ad campaign: Rugby 7’s Brief Move away from being funny to focus more on the product attributes.

Lowdown We couldn’t help presenting some funny, observational ads but ultimately settled on creating rugby playing characters from glass condensation and adding a decent copy line entering into the spirit of the occasion.


Burj Al Arab Microsite: Romance - Your story Brief Position the world famous Burj Al Arab as the ultimate destination for romance through creating a microsite steeped in the language of love.

Lowdown We handpicked the romance refugees in the agency to create an interactive microsite which conformed to Jumeirah corporate IT requirements while ticking all of the romance boxes. How about arriving in a Rolls Royce for dinner on a private beach with your own personal orchestra creating the mood?

Invitational Website: World class charity golf tournament Brief The brainchild of Abdullah Al Naboodah we were tasked with developing the identity and communications support for a golf event featuring all of the leading European tour players including Rory McIlroy, Lee Westwood, Darren Clarke and Graeme McDowell.

Lowdown Our work culminated in a stunning and highly functional website which helped to attract Emirates Airline becoming the headline sponsor and the European PGA tour sanctioning the event. The day itself is incredibly well supported and raises a huge amount for local and international charities thanks to the inspiration of Abdullah and attendance of major winners and increasing numbers of golf lovers keen to support a good cause.

Jumeirah Online banners: Enjoy a change of weather Brief Launch a global digital campaign to publicise winter break offers throughout all of Jumeirah’s luxury hotels and resorts.

Lowdown Moving away from traditional digital creative so often lost to ‘banner blindness’ the team worked up a contextual placement of a real time weather feed in banners on weather channels of leading digital media properties in London, Dubai and New York. Banners informed potential guests about the weather in all three cities within a single creative execution. Global ROI soared to $16 for every $1 invested.

Great Ormond Street Hospital Website: International private patients Brief We were absolutely thrilled to be approached by one of the most famous hospital’s in the world, Great Ormond Street Hospital, to create their International Private Patients website.

Lowdown Working with a totally clued up client team was a pleasure as our programmers got down to work creating a content rich website giving hope to every parent with a sick child that with loving care their child will fully recover. GOSH’s starring role in the Olympic Games opening ceremony shortly after we launched their IPP website was the big thick chocolate icing on the cake!

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ATOM Credentials  

Atom Credentials

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