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Atom Raiff{ 979.824.0505

>Education( )

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/** *My method of success is through creativity and out-of*the-box thinking. My appreciation for unconventional *thinking drives me to be a great problem solver and an *effective leader. */

Georgia institute of Technology; Bachelor of Science in Computer Science;

>Work( )

>Skills( )

Internship with Microsoft; //Explorer Internship with the MSFT Office Organization //Designed, developed, and tested a Windows Phone 7 App



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Cumulative GPA: 3.3; Expected Graduation: May 2014;


Experience in PHP and mySQL, VB.NET, Java, Python, and C#; //Member of Web Innovators at Georgia Tech Proficient with Adobe CS5; Windows Phone and Android Development; //Member of the Georgia Tech Mobile App Development Club

>Leadership( )

Eagle Scout rank; //Used project management skills to build a basketball court for a church Coordinated and ran a summer camp called National Youth Leadership Training; //Helps other teens develop their leadership skills in a hands-on environment Mentor for Georgia Tech’s College of Computing; //Assigned as a mentor to 8 incoming Computer Science majors Team Leader for Object Design course; //Creating ‘The Oregon Trail’ video game in project-based course (CS2340) Promotional Officer for Georgia Tech Dance Association; Co-Founder and Vice-President of the College of Computing Undergraduate Council;


>Ambitions( )

} }

At Georgia Tech, I plan on studying the theoretical and computational foundations for designing, building, and evaluating systems that treat the human as a central component. Also, studying computational capabilities of systems in order to exploit their abilities to provide creative outlets; //Member of GT and National Chapters of Industrial Designers Society of America

Career-wise, I intend to pursue the Software Engineering and Web Developer fields with a focus on becoming a Program Manager;

I also hope to continue my studies/performances on jazz trombone/ukulele and compete internationally in swing dancing;



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