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George Glass

Welcome Home 3/5 Fans of light, breezy pop music may find a new favorite band in George Glass. The Los Angeles-based group brings a mixture of Barenaked Ladies, Weezer and Ben Folds to the table complete with a sunny disposition and goofy sense of humor. Whether the songs on Welcome Home are fun or just plain annoying is up for debate, but they are catchy, regardless. “AM Radio” is a musically buoyant number saddled with a grating, singsong chorus seemingly stuck on repeat. The lyrics offer a bit more bite, detailing a singer’s declining popularity: “Who’d have figured you’d be at it so long/ more than over the diminishing draw/downtown in the thick of the slog/barely noticing the talk that you walk.” “Future Former” is a far more adventurous track that captures the band at its best. While the music is typically simple and melodic, the clever shifts in rhythm come out of leftfield, adding a new dimension to what is effectively a Rivers Cuomo outtake. Even better, the vocals act more as an accompaniment rather than a distraction. Unfortunately, for every “Future Former,” there is a “Side Effects May Include” – a sleepy, forgettable track anchored by two major chords that jangle aimlessly. The boredom is palpable.


37 Channels Pavement Entertainment, Inc. 2.5/5 Tantric is back after a four year absence with 37 Channels, named so for the ADD mind of band leader/ songwriter, Hugo Ferreira. Reportedly, he wrote 116 songs for the album but as is often the case, quantity does not equal quality. The general sound of past hits like “Breakdown” and “Down and Out” is in evidence, but there is an overall dated feel to the material not to mention a few embarrassing missteps. Why Ferreira chose “Again” out of over 100 songs to lead off the new album is a head-scratcher. With its tired riff, vodka-and-cigarettes vocals and half-hearted attempt at a melodic chorus, the track is a lost cause. “Blue Room” is a little too similar to Metallica’s “Until It Sleeps,” but at least there’s a (familiar) hook to keep you interested. Much better is “Rise” which showcases Ferreira’s proficiency on acoustic guitar. This time, the melodic chorus hits the mark, primed for radio play. But just when things are getting good, “Fault” crashes the party. An ill-advised piano ballad that lands somewhere between Lonestar’s “Amazed” and Motley Crue’s “Home Sweet Home,” the song is totally out of place on a Tantric album. At least Ferreira had the good sense to save the best for last. “Girl in White” is both haunting and heavy with troubling lyrics about abuse and disease. —Thomas Ellis

cd sidebar Felix Martin

The Scenic Album Prosthetic Records

Inventor of the fourteen sting guitar and founder of the jazz-metal genre, Felix Martin is an innovative and unique musician who utilizes original eight-fingered chords and slaptapping techniques. His atypical style is showcased in his sophomore release The Scenic Album. The album is the perfect mix of classical and modern sound, combining fast-paced heavy metal musical aspects with the creativity and fluidity of jazz.

Lots of Love From the Start

Jessica Fleischer, performing under the moniker ‘Lots of Love,’ combines high-pitched vocals and whimsical lyrics in her album From the Start to create a feminine singer-songwriter style. Fleischer’s sound is reminiscent of work by artists such as Sara Bareilles and Colbie Caillat. In addition, themes such as broken-hearts, true love and contradicting emotions make this release compatible with a mostly female audience, especially those in their teens. The common nature of the topics addressed in From the Start is offset by Fleischer’s unique vocals and quirky piano accompaniment. Overall, the airy and carefree qualities of the album make it a simple and cheerful listening experience.

Joe Moorhead

Tides Are Rising Squeaky Chair Music

In regard to Joe Moorhead’s most recent release Tides Are Rising, Jeff Snipe of the Jimmy Herring Band remarked: “Honest and believable, passionate and engaging…goose bumps don’t come easy. There is a lot of love in these tracks.” This statement does an excellent job at describing Joe Moorhead’s sound. The laid-back, island feel that this album makes it the perfect soundtrack for summer. Tides Are Rising will appeal to a wide variety of listeners crossing age and gender lines because each new track is catchy, relaxing and unique.

—Claire Edwards

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