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The Olde Courthouse Catacombs & The House of Lecter present:

the Bates Motel By Nick Durcholz

Barely over a decade ago, the Old Vanderburgh County Courthouse inspired chills in the area when a very specific spot in the catacombs made members of the Indiana Ghost Trackers’ Association’s compass spin like a top. he spot at which the magnetic anomaly occurred (with no wires, electronic panels or metal in the vicinity) was excavated. About two feet down was unearthed an old, capped whiskey bottle containing newspaper clippings dated February 27, 1927 reporting a brutal murder in South Bend, Ind., a March sky map and two photos, one of a man and another of a woman. A nefarious mystery indeed… This find piqued my own interest because the items contained in the bottle found seemed to serve a specific purpose, and so I contacted a personal source of mine Lily Weams. I inquired if said contents and other circumstances of the discovery held any significance. She concluded, with conviction, that the depth of the bottle (in between 1118 inches), its contents and the bottle itself are all indicative of a pagan ritual. She then asked me to find out the phase of the moon on the exact date of the newspaper clippings. On February 27, 1927, the moon was in between its Last Quarter and New phases. It was waning. Weams added thwat within said ritual, if the moon is waning, the individual is meaning to transfer dark energy. She then speculated, again with conviction, that the individual who buried the bottle (performed the ritual) may very well could have been the perpetrator of the murder. In other words, he or she may have performed this ritual to cleanse themselves spiritually of the act of murder. Undoubtedly creepy, but the theory soon galvanized itself with a layer of reality. I spoke to the Owner & Operator of the Olde Courthouse Catacombs/ House of Lecter, Phil Wolter who was present when the discovery was made; he said he had run into a member of the IGTA recently. The member informed him, after some small talk, that the man who had unearthed the old whiskey bottle from the catacomb’s floor had committed suicide. By excavating the bottle, he released the negative energy held within it.


10 | October 2013


So with this unsettling theory in mind, on top of sightings of apparitions and other inexplicable happenings…What better place than this for (one of) the home(s) of this year’s new rendition of the Olde Courthouse Catacombs/ House of Lecter: The Bates Motel. For its 34th production, the Olde Courthouse Catacombs and the House of Lecter will be cloaked in black, white and red to the tune of Hitchcock’s classic thriller Psycho. As far as the quality of the production? Wolter’s experience speaks in screams, “As far as we know, I’ve been in business designing haunted attractions longer than anybody in the country, other than Disney.” “I know there’s been some haunted house out there that may have been open longer that I have for 34 consecutive years, but as far as a single designer for every single show, that would be me probably,” said Wolter. The Bates Motel is a carefully tailored, suspenseful experience using specific elements from the set of the movie, forced perspective and layering to really immerse patrons in the film. The entire production will be in black and white and patrons will also encounter a ‘rainstorm’ very similar to the one in the movie. “It will be our biggest, most ambitious production we have ever put on. I’m not in the scare business. I’m in the entertainment business,” exclaims Wolter. With such a bold statement, is there a better way to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve than with a visit to the Olde Courthouse Catacombs and the House of Lecter? They have ‘rooms with showers’ and upon your arrival will ‘treat you like Mother would.’

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The tri-state's ultimate lifestyle guide! With issues that cover Evansville, IN and the surrounding areas with all things local! Read up on...