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Joe’s Garage is a high energy rock band taking Evansville by storm with a captivating live stage show, including lasers, smoke and a powerful collection of rock favorites guaranteed to bring the house down every performance. Joe’s Garage headlined Biker Rally Herb Fest three years in a row, and has been recruited to rock other rallies and summer events including Evansville Ski Day Weekend at Marina Pointe, Buds Harley Davidson’s Weekend Event, the Mammoth Coal Days event in Southern Illinois, and most recently, several Bike Night dates at KC’s Time Out Lounge, slated for the summer of 2013. They have arrived and intend to stay. If a good time is what you want, this band is for you. They will be adding more clubs in the Evansville area to perform their groundbreaking show. You don’t want to miss a Joe’s Garage Show. WHAT THEY COVER/DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE:

Everything from bands like Blink 182, Buckcherry, Journey, KISS, Kid Rock, Nirvana, Green Day, Rage Against the Machine and many more! THEIR INFLUENCES:

To Joe’s Garage it’s all about the show. They are influenced by great bands like Kiss, Kid Rock and any other performers who bring the fans along for the ride. They make sure you leave a show saying: “WOW!” WHERE YOU CAN CATCH THEIR PERFORMANCES:

Check out www.joesgarageband.com for upcoming shows. You can catch JOE’S GARAGE at KC’s Time Out Lounge, Doc’s Nightclub, Boiler Room, SandBar and more to come!

cd reviews Lindsay Brandt

Call Me Red Self-released 4/5

Evansville may be known as a cover band kind of town, but it continues to produce highly talented songwriters destined for bigger things. The latest local artist sure to attract the attention of a major market is Lindsay Brandt. A red-headed country singer with just the right amount of attitude and twang, she recently made the move to Nashville to promote Call Me Red. The album is tailormade for the country charts; Brandt possesses the voice, the looks and the writing chops to pull it off. Lyrically, Call Me Red covers familiar ground, highlighting the endless cat and mouse game of relationships. Brandt seems to delight in the challenge, and the title track offers a playful warning to potential suitors: “I’m like a firecracker, honey/bold and bright/I’m a cherry bomb/I’m like dynamite/I’m the wild card out of the deck/they call me red.” Similarly, “Afraid to Love Me, Too” sounds the alarm: “Go ahead and do what you gotta do/yeah, that’s fine/’cause if I were you/I’d be afraid to love me, too.” “I Told a Lie” and “Fallin’ for You” both sound like hits in the making – the production is radio-ready. As with all of the tracks on Call Me Red, Brandt sings with the sass of Miranda Lambert but delivers it with a charming nod and a wink. Watch out, Nashville.


Ultraviolet Season of Mist 4.5/5

Let it be known that Kylesa just flat-out rock. But this quintet also understands dynamics. While Ultraviolet dredges up some serious sludge and sounds downright heavy at times, there are equally dark, post-punk moments that prove Kylesa intend to keep evolving. “Exhale” roars just like an opening track on a metal album should with some mean growling and Soundgarden-riffing. But what really impresses is the following track, “Unspoken,” which begins with menacing, spidery guitar work. The instrumental build-up finally gives way to a super-fuzzed bass progression and unexpected vocals a la Siouxsie Sioux. Wonderfully mysterious, this singing approach works beautifully and somehow packs even more punch. Another standout, “Steady Breakdown” traces Tool’s musical map to great effect. Half-way in, the song takes a melodic detour that repeatedly sets up a jarring return to the rock. “Vulture’s Landing” may be the best track of all with a nod to Fugazi’s staccato guitar style. Finally, “Drifting” brings this bracing, unsettling album to an appropriate psychedelic close. Six albums in, these Georgian metalheads have no fear. They allow the music to go where it wants to go, regardless of expectations. That flat-out rocks.

88 | July 2013

• www.evansvillemediagroup.com