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January 2009

The Illuminated Floral Collection


A Touch of Lights

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Bring your home to life with color and light. A Touch of Lights Illuminated Floral Collection are masterpieces of petals and soft light that bring warmth and charm to your home dĂŠcor, special event or as a gift to someone you love. From transitional to contemporary lighting collections, A Touch of Lights products appeal to everyone looking to feature sophistication in simple lighting designs. A range of unique designs is crafted using decorative transparent and solid glass vases, authentic stone ceramics and wood bases.

RETAIL STORES Take advantage and be the first to showcase our brand new and original illuminated dĂŠcor

By day a simple and colorful bouquet while by night an elegant arrangement of floral illumination come to life. A Touch of Lights dĂŠcor products are practical for you as a retailer and perfect for every one of your customers. The collections are affordable, convenient and simple to use. Simply plug it in


Our illuminated flowers are magnetizing, drawing customers to you and bringing a touch of light to your floor: Freshly enhances and highlights any floor display Draws attention to dark unvisited corners of your store Place them in your window displays to draw attention Offer a beautiful alternative in holiday decorating

RETAIL PROFIT In an untapped market there is simply – an enormous potential for growth. Multi functional translates to multiple revenue streams – so versatile is can be used as arrangements, hung from the ceilings or used as up-lighting in box counter displays. Our products give you as a retailer a chance to heighten your sales by strategic floor placement. When you combine present products with our illuminated faux greenery – your customers will . Each unit is a safe product for the home as well as energy efficient. While the average table lamp uses 75/100 watts each 96 bulb unit uses only 11/24 watts of electricity. Unlike the advertised LED bulbs, our florals do not have an increase in heat with prolonged use and look fabulous, nothing like the unattractive halogen luminescence of the LED bulb.

Take this chance of gaining sales and setting yourself above your competition. We have taken measures to be certain we manufacture only the finest quality product. Our product comes with the guarantee to function properly as well as guaranteed return at no cost to you if the item needs to be replaced. -Fast-Setup -No assembly required -3 Year Warranty/Replacement Bulbs -Twice as energy efficient as your average table lamp -Direct Delivery, user friendly online re-ordering -Simple packaging, easy for inventory storage

We sincerely believe in this product and its ingenuity. This is an investment in your business and you owe it to yourself and your sales to give it a shot.

WEDDINGS & SPECIAL EVENTS “A soft and luxurious holiday wedding, only a hint of the red plum tree was used to highlight the natural ivories and greens of December. A grove of evergreens with willow branched white lights served as the backdrop to the ceremony.” –Angela Clae

Pussy Willow

Flowers and lighting highlight photographs that you will enjoy for years to come. Tightly clustered or loose and flowing, flowers are a statement of personal style. We create floral harmony with complementary and artistic arrangements unlike all others. As a wedding cake is more than dessert, the flowers and lighting feature the intricate designs of each layer of your special celebration.

One of the most important design elements of any celebration are the flowers and the lighting.

Willow Branch

Our illuminated collections stand beautifully alone or mixed with fresh flowers. Vibrant color can be joined with a delicate scent that provides warmth and drama for the entire evening. Your event is an enchanted and magical evening where the fascination of your company is of the utmost importance. Let us help you make a lasting impression and make your dreams come true so that you will be admired by all those who see just how beautiful the atmosphere is when surrounded by our simple décor. The artistry behind our flowers makes them so versatile that they can be customized to fit any personality and emotion. We are not florists our specialties lie in using illuminated faux flowers to recreate the timeless environment every one seeks for that special event.

A Touch of Lights is a classic substitution or simple addition to traditional lighting, adding a brilliant and timeless element. Adding “A Touch of Lights” designs to your wedding or special event will unfold to your guests an exquisite expression of your love story and a night always fondly remembered.

At a fraction of the cost of real flowers you will save money by decorating with our collections solely or you have the choice of mixing them into your real flowers while offering the added benefit of illumination.

Packages for Purchase Take home table gifts or use as memorabilia in your home décor

Packages for Rental Flowers can be rented so you get the look without paying full price

RESTAURANTS, NIGHTCLUBS & LOUNGES Does your establishment need an enhancement to restore and beautify? Imagine an affordable illumination added to your décor, customized and fit for your style …

Cherry Blossom

Pink Orchid

White Orchid

Romantically add a sexy and vibrant illuminated ambience to inspire and evoke all the desires of your customers .Our interior accent lighting is everything you want: delicate and suggestive yet ultra hot and provocative – a chic style of illumination. A Touch of Lights Illuminated Floral Collection is better than simple lighting. Our lighting is so versatile that they can be placed as centerpieces on tables, set in the oversized pot of a queen palm tree or hung from the ceiling in an artistic pattern. Once custom designed for your establishment, the creations transform your atmosphere to a magical and fantasy setting; where women look beautiful, guys look handsome and the room has a warm glow that makes guests feel comfortable.

"We have made a discovery of effortless elegance and a breakthrough in sophisticated style"

HOTELS Transform your hotel rooms into intimate retreats. Add ambience. A Touch of Lights Illuminated Floral Collections will offer the perfect touch to complete any room. An illumination that your guests can be welcomed by each evening when they return to their rooms, with their beds turned down...

...its better than a chocolate on the pillow

Our Illuminated Floral Collection is available in the following sizes: 60 Light Florals – 1 Stem @ 19” 96 Light Florals – 3 Stems @ 39” 20 Light Orchid Florals – 2 Stems @ 33”

A Touch of Lights is a company dedicated to both protecting the environment and offering value and efficiency to customers. The highest standard of quality and precise craftsmanship is applied to each home accessory.

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