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HEALTHIER CHOICES in the drive-thru


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JCC Day Camps

For Ages 2-5 Located: Katz JCC 1301 Springdale Road • Cherry Hill • Adult Head Counselors • Creative Arts and Music

For Ages 3-14 Located: 400 Tuckerton Road, Medford

• Excellent Staff Ratio

• Sports Clinics • Creative/ Performing Arts • Boating/Fishing • Ropes Course • Daily Lunch & Snacks

• Lenny Krayzelburg • Weekly Themes and Events Swim Academy • Imaginarium Climbing • Extended Day and Play Structure • Daily Lunch • Sports and Games & Snacks • Indoor/Outdoor Pools

• Water Play Park • Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy • Excellent Staff Ratio • Extended Day • Free Transportation

JCC Camps at Medford



Sunday, May 1 • 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Sunday, April 3 • 11:00 am – 2:00 pm

at the Katz JCC

at the Medford Camp Site

For more info please call 856-424-4444 x1242

For more information please call 856-751-1666

Katz JCC, Cherry Hill

Early Childhood Camps at the Katz JCC

Ask About Our 1 Week SPECIALTY CAMPS Sixers Basketball Camp Sixers Dance Camp

Challenger British Soccer Camp

Eagles Non-Contact Football Camp 2 | March 2011

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moms R women 2 10 Raising Awareness About Multiple Sclerosis

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features 12 Planning Your Family Summer Vacation

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On the COVER WE WANT TO INTRODUCE YOU TO OUR FAMILY! This month’s cover features the son and daughter of the publisher, Skyler and Julia. Skyler, 10 likes all sports as well as Legos, Yu-gi-oh and video games. He loves to have friends over and likes to play with his puppy “Buddy.” He also plays the clarinet. Julia, 8 likes anything to do with art and also reading and playing her Nintendo DS. She plays piano, tennis and fussball. Julia loves the beach and having sleepovers with girlfriends and playing with her puppy. From our family to yours, we want to thank you for reading and supporting all of the advertisers in the magazine. Warmest Wishes, Christopher & Karen Ognibene Photos by Shirley Magilton Photography.

Dear Readers, ’m not a big fan of snow or cold or ice or wind... so I’m excited that Spring is around the corner. I can’t wait to shed my bulky winter coat and put on some flip flops! This spring and summer will be different than all others. My husband got laid off from his job in January and he’s told he won’t be going back to work for 12-18 months. Unless of course, the union gets more work sooner than that (I’m not holding my breath though). While losing a third of his income has put quite a strain on our finances, there are many blessings that will come from his time home. For instance, he will finally get to go on field trips with Kayden. And this summer, he will actually get to spend time swimming in our pool, instead of just cleaning it. He can teach the kids to swim. Take them to the beach. Go to story time at the library with Camille. Oh, and maybe he might get some things done around the house that have needed his attention for a long time. Like maybe he could finish the bathroom remodeling project. He started it more than a year ago. Half of my bathroom is new, half of it yet to be upgraded. One wall is painted, the


letter from the editor

March 2011

other is not. One side of the room has baseboards, the other does not. What a treat it will be to have a completed bathroom. I would be a liar if I said it’s been fun having him home. We have enjoyed each other’s company...but he gets bored and antsy, which means he gets irritated and that doesn’t lead to anything good. I have faith that everything will work out, but it’s definitely been trying. Many families in our country are in my same position. Maybe the guys should start a support group for one another. Keep each other company. And out of our hair! Maybe they could do volunteer work and accomplish many great things. Make new friends. Do something...anything. While I know great things will come from this time he has at home, I can’t wait for it to be over!✲ Your Friend and Fellow MOM,

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4 | March 2011

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Watch It A

ppalled does not even begin to describe what I felt when I opened the cover of a catalog I recently received in the mail; a catalog I did not request. The pages featured a group of teens, conservatively dressed, school books in tow, laughing, apparently happy to head to class. At the center of this spread were two young ladies engaged in a very adult kiss.What does this have to do with selling clothing? What was the intent of this company? What happens when our teen sees this catalog lying on the table and, anxious to see the latest fashions, opens to the first page? What happens when a younger child sees this? How dare “they” impose on our children the idea that this behavior is acceptable? What impression does this leave our young girls with? How very confusing to young ladies. Today’s society accepts everything. What next, obscenities tucked between the coupons in the local grocery store flyer? So now we have to screen every piece of mail. Not only the mail, but have you noticed that today’s children’s animated programs and even video games are loaded with violence, sex and gore? While animated, they are still very disturbing. And I see younger and younger children playing these games. Do you think the nature documentaries designed for children are safe? Screen those

nana’s 2 sense

South Jersey

too. Make sure they are age appropriate. While designed for children, an episode that describes a girl fish turning into a boy fish is very confusing to a 3- or 4-year-old. Heck, it confuses me. What do you say when a little girl in her innocence inquires, “Can I be a boy?” How do you explain? Am I unrealistic? Is it unreasonable to think we can shield our children from the ills of the world that steal their innocence? Maybe so, but we can, and I feel it’s a parent’s responsibility to avoid the overload of violence, immorality and confusion; especially before they are school-aged. Set them on the track that matches your family morals and values. Call me nostalgic.There is nothing like sitting with a child and reading a “real” book. Children love simple things like turning the pages all by themselves. Everything is digital now; get movies on your iPhone, books on an iPad, photos framed in a revolving screen. There was a time when perusing good oldfashioned photo albums made for a sweet afternoon. Turn the page.✲



Nana Jean is a South Jersey grandmother with two daughters and six grandchildren. Enjoy her stories about her 39+ years as a mom and 20 years as a grandmother as she shares her experiences and lessons learned with lots of laughs and tears along the way.

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life sentences

Lion or Lamb, Warmer Days are Coming


arch is the month for celebrating St. Patrick. I always think that if I make it to St. Patrick’s Day I have survived the winter. After this day, I can look forward to thaw, and Spring. Winter is, to me, a disheartening season, even when nothing catastrophic happens. When you have a chronic pain whose original trauma you cannot recall. When your car can slide on an ice patch into a parked car. When you lose a favorite hooded jacket somewhere between the gym and the auto body shop, where you learn how much your boneheaded driving error is going to cost. Everything seems worse in winter. The sky is gray, the slush is gray and your mood is gray. Work piles up like dirty ice in your mind as snow days, late school openings and sick days disrupt your regular schedule. There’s nothing to do but wait, indoors, for a finer day. This wacky winter has been especially hard on our son, Gregory. Greg is 20 years old and autistic. He depends on a predictable schedule to remain calm. He also has a tendency toward the obsessive. These fixations usually

don’t last too long before he moves onto another bewitchment, but his latest cause is “Stay with Mom.” Even before the school year began, we talked about school starting pretty soon so he would know. You could see his expression change as he took in that idea. “I dontwantto,” he stated flatly. “Stay with Mom?” On and on, as the summer ended, and school began, the mantra continued. He would stop me several (hundred) times a day, fix me with a somber stare and put all of his emotions into those big green eyes: fear, hope, vulnerability, anticipation, charm, pleading for understanding and mercy. “Stay with Mom?” Don’t be fooled. The guy actually likes school, he only hates change. I, on the other hand, love his school. He is bored at home. When bored, he becomes aggressive with me, as if it’s my fault. I breathe easier when he boards that bus. So every time he chirps “Stay with Mom?” I scream, “Like hell you will!” on the inside. He drove us and his teacher crazy, so we started to put upcoming holidays on his calendar and directing him to the calendar each time

It’s a different world outside of school.

he asked. There was Thanksgiving in November, Christmas in December and Martin By Fran LoBiondo Luther King, Jr. Day in January. Simple, but not easy. If I heard, “Monday, January 14 stay with Mom?” once, I heard it ten thousand times. He needs reassurance that, while people are unpredictable, the schedule is fixed. But it wasn’t. We had snow closings before Christmas, and after Christmas, and pretty soon he didn’t know why he was off, or when. When his school called a delayed opening, I thought he would stroke out. Sometimes he says, just out of the blue, “What’s going on here?” It’s a good question. Me? I am focused on St. Patrick. He drove the snakes out of Ireland, and spread the word of God. And, bless his soul, he doesn’t have a school holiday.✲ Fran LoBiondo of Vineland has children in grade school, high school and college. A Purdue University graduate with a degree in Journalism, she has written about parenting, food and fun for 25 yrs.

For students with disabilities, life after school can be a challenge. Leaving the secure environment of a school setting can be difficult— unless they have been well prepared, as each of our students are. Our students engage in meaningful activities to ready them for the outside world. With community-based instruction, they learn to do things like shop in an actual grocery store and make transactions in a real bank. Our vocational training programs allow them to perform simulated job duties, receive training for special programs, or work in an actual job. Our schools deliver unparalleled services for students with special needs. New Jersey Department of Education certified special education teachers, licensed therapists and counselors provide expert, advanced instruction and support … along with plenty of smiles. These unique services are provided at NO COST for families. Find out if private special education is the right fit for your child. Our staff can help answer your questions. To find out more about what programs may be right for your child, call us at

1-800-697-8555 —or visit our website at

And we make sure your child is ready for it.

Brookfield Schools Garfield Park Academy Larc School Copyright

HollyDELL, Inc. Kingsway Learning Center St. John of God Community Services

2011 The Coalition of Southern New Jersey Private Special Education Schools

Private special education is an option for many children, and provided at no cost to families. Finding the appropriate educational option for your child can sometimes be a complicated process. We have access to education and legal experts who can help you navigate through the process. For more information or for help in understanding your rights, call us at 1-800-697-8555. 6 | March 2011

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2040 E. Oak Road • Vineland, NJ 08361 • 856-691-2780

Newborn to Age 3 6:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

• Indoor play area • High scope curriculum • 21 years experience • Safe/nurturing environment • State of the art security system • Highly qualified professional care givers • Adjoining preschool March 2011 | 7

mom 2 mom

WAYS TO MAKE HEALTHIER (AND SKINNIER) CHOICES AT THE DRIVE-THRU The typical family’s hectic schedule often makes fast-food meals a tempting—or necessary— option. However, say Ellen Shanley and Colleen Thompson in their new book, Fueling the Teen Machine, you don’t have to write off nutrition when you place your order.

ost days, your schedule is jam-packed with activities from the time you crawl out of bed to the time you face-plant onto your mattress at night. You’re balancing work, a social life (what’s that?), helping with homework, cleaning the house, and a host of extracurricular stuff that might range from sports to band practice to a second job. You really don’t have time to plan out your meals and count calories—but you still want to be healthy.


“Fast food is part of the American lifestyle, and it’s not realistic to suggest that kids—or adults—will never eat another burger or large fry again,” says Shanley, coauthor along with Thompson of the new book Fueling the Teen Machine: What It Takes to Make Good Choices for Yourself Every Day, 2nd Edition. “The key is to simply know what your best choices are the next time you need a fast meal on the go.” Read on for Shanley and Thompson’s fast-food-savvy nutrition tips...some of which may really surprise you: (Super)-Size does matter. We live in a society where bigger is better. Even in fancier sit-down restaurants, servings are often larger than what a healthy stomach can comfortably consume. And while it’s tempting to go for the biggest package deal, the same thing is often true of “mega-sized” fast-food meals. Before you order the jumbo burger and the humongo gulp drink, think twice about whether you really need all that food. Fish and chicken don’t always deserve their healthful rep. You know what they say about assuming: don’t. This is especially true when it comes to choosing your “main course” at the fast-food counter. It’s a common (if not universal) assumption that white meat is healthier than red meat—but that is not always the case. Since many fast-food restaurants bread and fry their chicken and fish, these choices often end up having as much or more fat and calories than a hamburger.

for some deep-fried potatoes, give some thought to ordering a side salad instead. It’s a great way to fit in a serving of nutritious veggies! Skip the mocha-frappe-espresso-ccino-with-whippedcream coffee drink. Yes, coffee shops are fun hangout spots, and all those specialty coffees and baked goods look scrumptious! (And some fast-food restaurants have these sweet, caffeinated treats, too!) But did you know that one beverage and a muffin are often a whole meal in terms of calories...though not necessarily in terms of nutrition? Ordering these treats on a regular basis might not be so desirable after all. Think outside your go-to wrapper. Most of us gravitate toward one or two meals when we go to our favorite fast-food spots. Although it might mean reading the menu more carefully than you have in years, going beyond “the usual” might pay off for your taste buds...and your body. Step away from the soda. Did you know that those caffeinated, refreshing beverages account for as much as 10 percent of your typical daily calories? Yikes! Many of us overlook drinks when assessing the nutritional value of any given meal, which can be a mistake. You do not have to cut sodas entirely—but remember that moderation is key. “The bottom line is, it’s all about balance,” adds Shanley. “Every person has days that get away, practices that run late, and families who cannot always sit down for a meal at the same time. Do not worry too much about the occasional supper in a bag—just make the best choices you can and compensate the following day by emphasizing fruits, vegetables and whole grains.”✲

Download the (nutritional) lowdown. Yes, it’s important to know what is in the foods you eat—how many fat grams and calories, how much sugar, and, yes, how much good stuff like calcium and vitamin C. As mentioned, all fast-food joints provide nutritional info on their menu items. And Thompson and Shanley suggest that you stay on top of what is what the high-tech, twenty-first century way. That’s right—there is an app for this, too! Go green. Yeah, sometimes you are just craving some salty fries more than anything else. But if you are not being driven by the relentless need 8 | March 2011

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10 Reasons to Encourage

retired psychiatrist says play is much more than games and sports. Play involves books, music, art, jokes, movies, drama and daydreaming.

10 Important Reasons to Create More Time for Play


Happier kids. Sometimes we trivialize play or fail to see its usefulness. But it’s more than fun. In addition to improving emotional health, it serves a biological purpose. When social mammals such as rats and monkeys are deprived of rough-and-tumble play, they enter adulthood emotionally fragile. Play helps them distinguish friend from foe, handle stress better and form better skills to mate properly.

2. Social competence is enhanced. Play teaches people to master and adapt to changing circumstances. Even “dealing with or avoiding being excluded” from games like tag or dodge ball are helpful social skills to learn.

3. Physical activity may lessen the symptoms of mild ADHD. Dr. Lara Honos-Webb, author of The Gift of ADHD says of the disorder, “it’s important to remember that nature is medicine and activity is medicine.” She suggests that parents of children with ADHD make time for them to run around outside before school and be sure that recess is never taken away as a punishment for poor behavior.

4. It

burns calories. Trends for childhood obesity are staggering. According to the CDC, the prevalence of childhood obesity for 6 to 11-year-olds has increased from 6.5 percent (1976-80) to 17 percent (2003-2006). Obese kids have increased risk for cardiovascular disease, asthma, sleep apnea and Type 2 diabetes.

5. The idea is not to raise rigid, humorless adults. After analyzing thousands

Science confirms kids need more free-play By Michele Ranard, M.Ed.

of “play histories,” Brown stresses that play deficiencies can lead to closed-mindedness, inflexibility and unhappiness. Lifelong play is part of the antidote. Play may even prevent a smoldering depression! Play is not just a trivial escape. It provides a vehicle for learning to problem solve, and as Dr. Brown writes, “reshapes our rigid views of the world.”

6. Rough and tumble play is developmentally critical. We knew it was helpful to development, but Dr. Brown’s research revealed that for young homicidal males and drunk drivers, rough-and-tumble play was missing from their childhoods.

7. Stronger academic performance. This may be especially relevant for


ith school in full swing, homework, studying, and a steady diet of rigidly-structured activities are standard fare for many kids. Soccer, ballet, piano and extracurriculars broaden the horizon and set the stage for personal growth. But over-scheduling our children to beef up their competitiveness or resumes for college has a downside. While academics, lessons and organized sports are important, kids need goof-off time too. Science tells us to remain healthy, children of all ages need plenty of unstructured play.

The Biology of Free-Play Dr. Stuart Brown, clinical researcher and author of Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul studied the play behavior of animals and more than 6,000 people from all walks of life (serial killers to Nobel Prize winners). His research concludes that play time is critical to the emotional, social and cognitive health of our children. Everyone understands play is pleasurable and a good distraction from stress, but science also teaches us that play “is a profound biological process” crucial to our survival. In rats, play reduces impulsivity, which is similar to ADHD in humans. We are simply hard-wired to play. Unfortunately, recess and P.E. are disappearing from the school day at a time kids need unstructured free-play more than ever. Brown says making play a part of our daily lives is critical to feeling fulfilled as happy, successful human beings. What constitutes play? The

boys. Anthony Pellegrini, an educational psychology professor at the University of Minnesota and author of Recess discovered that successful peer interaction at recess was an excellent predictor of success on standardized tests. When boys established competence on the playground, they also did better in the classroom and paid attention better.

8. Play keeps curiosity and wonder alive. Kids today spend 50 percent less time outside than they did just twenty years ago. The lure of animation, videogames and online networking is so tempting and culturally reinforced that the beauty of nature and fresh air right outside our doors is often overlooked.

9. Successful

people play A LOT. Playfulness sparks creativity and innovation. Analysis of the play histories of successful adults reveals “highly successful people have a rich play life.”

10. Play is honorable. Play is not just a mindless activity—it’s active learning. As Brown puts it, “From an evolutionary perspective, the smarter the animal, the more they play…it gets us in touch with our core selves and the joy of life.”✲ Michele Ranard has a husband, two children, and a master’s in counseling. She is passionate about helping parents and children lead richer lives.

March 2011 | 9

moms R women 2

Raising Awareness About Multiple Sclerosis


ultiple Sclerosis (MS) is according to some studies. The possible relaa chronic and often distionship between sunlight and MS exposure is abling disease that being researched today in a society-funded epiattacks the central nervous system. demiological study in Australia. Typical patients range from 20 to 40 So does that mean you pack up and move years old. A person to Florida? No. There are with MS may have treatments to help stabilize one or several sympyour condition with MS. toms, such as loss of Melissa Miller, 37, was diagvision (usually in one eye), dounosed at 30 and now gives ble vision, weakness, numbness, herself a weekly shot therapy tingling, walking difficulty and of Avonex to help stabilize the urinary urgencies. About disease. 400,000 people in the U.S. are “I was lucky to have been suffering from MS and the numdiagnosed early,” Miller says. It Melissa Miller ber continues to increase. all began when she started to According to Dr. Donald A. Barone, a lose vision in her left eye. She saw several docboard certified neurologist in Stratford, tors before she finally got a MRI. The MRI “Women are more commonly afflicted with showed she had brain lesions and that’s when this disease by a margin of almost 3 to 1. The she was referred to a neurologist. It still took a precise biological reason for this increased prefew months before she was diagnosed with MS. ponderance in women is not known, however, Therapy has helped her regain her vision and research suggests there are immunological the other symptoms are now under control. issues in women that may provide clues to Her advice to anyone who believes they may explain this phenomenon.” have MS is, “do not ignore your symptoms and A parent with MS passes on about a 1 perkeep visiting doctors until you feel confident cent risk to their offspring and a sister of a you have been properly diagnosed.” woman with MS has about a 2 to 4 percent risk Gretchen Lucas of Juliustown in Burlingof contracting the disease. MS disease activity ton County, agrees with Miller. “Listen to what tends to diminish during pregnancy which is your body tells you,” she says. Diagnosed at 32, probably related to a relative down-regulation Lucas finds living with MS is a daily struggle, of the immune system while the mother is car“some days are good and some are a great rying a child. However, during the postpartum effort.” However, she tries to make it funny. “I period, the disease may exacerbate. can’t do very much to change it,” states Lucas. The cause of multiple sclerosis is still Lucas, whose aunt and mother both have unknown. Some data suggests exposure to MS, has neuropathy in her hands and feet and some environmental agents before puberty drops things often. Both women have become may predispose a person to develop MS later her support system. “Sometimes the pain on in life. Other scientists believe Vitamin D brings me to tears. I have a hard time being on plays a role. People living near the equator are my feet as I can’t feel them for longer than 15 exposed to more year-round sunlight, thereto 20 minutes. I need to sit down all the time.” fore, MS generally occurs more frequently in Lucas takes one day at a time. “The worst people who live farther from the equator, part is that I hate disappointing my family and

By Carolyn Leigh Kellerman friends as sometimes when we make plans, I have to cancel if I am having a bad day.” Even though there is no cure, there are many ways to reduce the symptoms of MS. While there are medications to help control attacks, a patient with MS may also get relief from physical, occupational and speech therapy, as well as cognitive and vocational rehabilitation. Alternative therapies can be very beneficial, including exercise, a change in diet and reducing your stress level. If you think you may have MS listen to what your body tells you, seek medical advice from your doctor and reach out for support from the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America located in Cherry Hill. For more information, visit or call (856) 4884500.✲

Signs and Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis • fatigue • visual disorders • numbness • dizziness/vertigo • bladder and bowel dysfunction • weakness • tremor • impaired mobility • sexual dysfunction • slurred speech • spasticity (leg stiffness) • swallowing disorders • chronic aching pain • depression • mild cognitive & memory difficulties

Classroom time includes a mix of teacher-directed as well as independent learning center activities. Call for a tour today and see if our center is the right place for your child.

Shining Lights Preschool and Daycare Center 1720 Springdale Road Open 5 days a week Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 from 7am-6pm

10 | March 2011

Full and half day programs for children ages 21⁄2 through 5 years, Transitional Kindergarten

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Private Early Childhood Education For 6 Weeks To 8 Years

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Planning your Family Summer Vacation By Makema T. Douglas


sk almost any person about the most unforgettable highlights of any given year and you are destined to hear about a celebration of some kind, a holiday or a vacation getaway. Most of us are burdened with worries about our changing economy, strenuous work loads, or bored with the drill of everyday life. More than most of us are in need of a refreshing family vacation. So, what better time to start planning for one, than now? Planning in advance will give you more time to work out the details and to catch the best deals. Although it may seem practical to a plan vacation on your own, it’s wise to consider consulting a travel agent. Carol Wasielewski, AAA Services Supervisor in Voorhees explains, “Many agents have visited most destinations and can provide you with a professional opinion based on client reviews, what you’re looking for and for the best price.” Vineland mother of two, Heather Johnson admits, “We’re about due for a vacation now. We take the kids away at least four times a year, just to get away. My kids love Lancaster, Pennsylvania and it’s only about two hours away.”

12 | March 2011

PENNSYLVANIA Lancaster definitely has something for the entire family. Dutch Wonderland provides loads of fun with live character shows, amusing kiddie rides, thrilling roller coasters and a slew of eateries. Sight and Sound Theater promises the most inspirational performances and entertainment for all ages. Kitchen Kettle Village and Intercourse Pretzel Factory draws crowds to their doors with their freshly baked goods, flavorful homemade foods and warm hospitality. The area is filled with around the clock local attractions, quality restaurants and shopping outlets.

The lovely Best Western Eden Resorts and Willow Valley Inn and Suites offers its guests luxurious two bedroom suites, family and guestrooms and family-friendly accommodations. Not far away, Hershey Park takes excitement, play and just having a good time to the top. The park includes nine water attractions, its own boardwalk, electrifying rides, summer concerts and hours of interactive pleasures. Visit the Hershey Factory and see how chocolate is made and take a tour of the factory, visiting the history and founders. Get a free sample on your way out!

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THE FARAWAY OUTDOORS Taking advantage of the scenic experience and tackling the great outdoors is another option. The Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona has white water rafting along the Colorado River. Horse back riding is still as common today at Arizona’s Dude Ranches as it was in 1868. The Great Smoky Mountains located between Tennessee and North Carolina, and Glacier National Park in Montana are top rated vacation spots with great hiking trails and outdoor sports. Outdoor fun will naturally lead you across the globe. Belize, Africa and Hawaii are exotic places that also provide endless family adventures. Night safaris, rainforest exploration, snorkeling, marine life discovery and biking in the jungle are possible activities to plan during a stay in these spots.



Traveling a great distance is not a prerequisite for having a great vacation. “Staycations“ are shorter stays within a drivable distance. Tara Woodside, AAA Public Affairs Supervisor in Voorhees suggests “local theme parks, such as Six Flags, New York City, Washington, DC and Williamsburg, VA are popular ‘staycation’ trips.” Jersey has several expansive shores with piers that sell discounted tickets during their off seasons. It’s all the fun and sun at a fraction of the cost. Ocean City and Wildwood are two of Jersey’s most beloved and irreplaceable boardwalks. Ocean city’s celebrated Mack & Manco Pizzeria, zesty curly fries, funnel cake and salt water taffy are a summer’s day, all time high.

Although any trip can be the source of a teachable moment, the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in DC are nearby places that bring history, science and entertainment under one roof. Admission is just $15 for adults, $12 for children and the Smithsonian is free. All year round these sites showcase a variety of spectacular hands-on exhibits and family-friendly workshops. New Jersey contains over one hundred museums and historical locations open to the public.

PLAN AHEAD AND SAVE Family vacations can become expensive. Travel, lodging, entertainment and food are usually the largest expenditures. Seek out creative ways to save in these categories. Jersey mom,Valerie Vastano admits, “There are a lot of vacations you may think you could never afford but in reality they are very affordable with the right amount of research and trust in your agent.” Traveling with additional families and splitting costs, packing lunches and lodging at locations with kitchenettes are additional ways to increase savings. Learn about the area you will be visiting. Have alternate activities planned as a backup for rainy days. Mix it up a bit. Remember to have active, but also relaxing activities, that involve each family member. Don’t forget to add some alone time in your schedule for the adults and some for the kids. Ultimately, do not forget why you taking a family summer vacation. It’s to create unforgettable memories and have fun doing it. If you must bring your laptop or blackberry, leave them in the hotel room while you are out during the day and only check them at night — after the kids have gone to bed!✲

March 2011 | 13

know 2 grow


seven rules for getting GREAT RESULTS (In the face of the worst toddler tantrums and sibling squabbles!)

arenting is a tough and frustrating job. More than anything we want to help our kids grow into healthy, happy adults. Yet when they do not behave the way we want them to, it’s all too easy to resort to tactics we are not proud of. Yelling. Threatening. Spanking. We use these discipline techniques even though we feel bad afterward (and, obviously, so do our kids). And we stay stuck in our cycle of negativity because, quite frankly, we do not know any good alternatives. Parenting expert and author Kimberley Clayton Blaine says there are positive, effective discipline techniques out there—techniques that result in happy, well-rounded, well-behaved children. And best of all, they allow us to avoid the fighting, stress and general feel-bad techniques we have resorted to in the past. Blaine says that there are a few simple, feel-good strategies parents can employ to make their disciplining more effective. Read on for tips you can use starting when your child is an infant.

Do what you say you are going to do every single time. Being a parent takes a lot of patience and sacrifice. And that means following through on discipline even when it’s inconvenient or unpopular. If the consequences you employ as discipline are merely empty threats, your child will know as much and the behavior will never change. If the consequence of continued bad behavior is leaving the fun birthday party, do not just threaten it—leave the birthday party. It might feel awkward and be inconvenient, but the payoff will be a child who knows you mean business.

Do not let your own issues affect your discipline. If you have had a bad day at work or are just plain exhausted, it can be much easier to operate on a short fuse and let even the tiniest things push you over the edge. Before you interact with or try to redirect your child, make sure that you are not letting your own personal anger or problems affect the way you react toward your child.

Take some time to talk it out. If your child is over 3 years old, Blaine suggests having her sit with you and think about her actions; then ask her what she can do differently next time. Taking a “thinking time” or “cooldown time” helps her to become an active part of her discipline, so that it feels less like a commandment being handed down and more like a decision and effort she is a part of.

Let children know that parents DO understand. Acknowledge and validate your child’s feelings while setting limits. Let her know that you are not just handing down a punishment and you do realize that she is experiencing emotions, too. When she knows that she is being heard and understood, she is more likely to listen to what you have to say as well.

“Like anything else in parenthood, positive discipline takes a lot of patience and practice makes perfect. But the reward in the end is worth it,” she adds. “When you start seeing—and feeling—the results, you’ll be glad you took the high road.”✲


Give the child a good behavior to use in place of the bad one. Children cannot learn how we want them to behave unless we replace their bad behavior with the one we want to see or expect. When your child misbehaves, be sure to follow up your “We don’t run inside” with a helpful suggestion for what he can do—like “But we can run and jump and play all we want to outside. Would you like me to go out and play with you?” Redirect your child’s attention. If your little one is throwing a tantrum in the grocery store or having a meltdown over the toy her little brother just stole, then Blaine suggests redirecting her attention to another activity or train of thought. Have her help you on a “scavenger hunt” to complete your shopping list, or sit down with her in another room to play a game or read a book. Pulling her away from the situation at hand will help you both to calm down and move forward.

Make encouragement one of your top tools. Discipline does not have to be only about the “don’t do thats” or the “because I said sos” (and it shouldn’t be!). Children love nothing more than to please their parents, and your encouragement is worth its weight in gold. Make sure you offer encouragement when your child follows through on a good behavior. If he knows you can be pleased, he will work hard to make it happen time and again!

Kimberley Clayton Blaine, MA, MFT, is the executive producer of the online parenting show www.TheGoToMom.TV and author of The Go-To Mom’s Parents’ Guide to Emotion Coaching Young Children and The Internet Mommy.

DOES YOUR CHILD STRUGGLE WITH SPEECH? u Therapy by an experienced professional that is

designed specifically for your child u Quicker results with parent involvement u I make learning fun so kids love to come Call me for an appointment

PEARL SPEECH ASSOCIATES Sharon K. Pearl, M.A., C.C.C.-S.L.P. Licensed Speech Language Pathologist 18 Barclay Pavilion East, Cherry Hill, NJ (Located in the Barclay Farms Center on Route 70)

856.429.1505 14 | March 2011

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! ' $ ! ' $!


% !&


# ! #% 813 East Gate Drive, Suite B Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

' " !



Pathologies Appropriate for Integrated Medicine:

The Services We Provide Include:

• anxiety • depression • ADD/ADHD • eating disorders • boosting brain function • stress management • headache management • increased energy • time management skills

• biofeedback • neurofeedback • nutritional consultation • auyervedic medicine • homeopathy • myofascial trigger point therapy • massage therapy • nutritional counseling

1-888-661-2827 •

' * ! )' ) ( ! ,) )0 • &+ * ) ) %! $ $0 '$! $* • *')! *!* & % &+ • $$,$!+ ) +% &+ • !('*, +!'& • * ) !) ! ** • *+0$ & • +!** • ! ,)% •

'%($ + *#!& ) * )-! * ') $$ *+ + ' + )+ !$!+0 ') 0',) *#!& '&*,$+ +!'&


& ) ",- & +!'& &

+% &+ • #!& & %'- $ • )' )%

* !& *

0*(')+ ) ) +% &+ '+'/ ) *!'&

) & & . $$ ')

Dr. Ingrid Warmuth ' )

)+! ! )'&+ +)

0 &

)% +'$' !*+ + $% )

- &!&

(('!&+% &+* - !$

$ %'*+ !&*,) & *

(+ March 2011 | 15

Home, School, Park or Business...

New Toddler Program Opening September 2011

WE SPECIALIZE IN THEME PARTIES! • Cowboy and Cowgirl • Princesses • English Tea Party • Knight in Shining Armor • Pirates • Fairies • Here Comes the Bride • Pegasus • Unicorns • Halloween Parties • Christmas and Hanukkah • Snow Babies • Valentines Day Parties • and More!

ith Riding lessons w or ct ru st in a certified available!

NAUDAIN ACADEMY A Montessori School

PONY WORLD ADVENTURE Make your child’s birthday dreams come true!

Individualized curriculum Enrichment programs Half, full and all day programs Trained Montessori teachers State licensed, non-profit facility

• Two administrators on-site • Enrolling now for 2011-2012 school year • Ages 1 1⁄2 - Kindergarten • We offer a summer enrichment program

Book early for your upcoming events Naudain Academy

to book your party licensed and insured locally, family owned

• • • • •


6 School Lane Voorhees, NJ 08043


Family owned and operated non-profit organization Founded in 1977 Opened and still owned by Leddy M. Naudain

Journey down the Yellow Brick Road and travel to the merry old land of OZ! Discover that “There’s No Place Like Home” ROWAN UNIVERSITY • WILSON CONCERT HALL Heston Road, Glassboro Saturday, March 12th at 4pm Sunday, March 13th at 1pm Bring your camera and visit with the characters after the show! Dress like your favorite character and receive a small gift from Dorothy!

Call for reserved seating tickets—856.227.9414 Tickets also available at the door 16 | March 2011

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Our Son, Marc: A Child With Cerebral Palsy By Bunny and Jerry Ognibene

666 .#4*/#3+5. %0.






Marc, age 12


Marc, age 43

We are most fortunate for the many specialists and teachers who assist us and provide services for our son including speech, physical and occupational therapy. Our public school district and its Child Study Team members supported us and provided for our son’s education (including daily transportation) at a private day-school for children with cerebral palsy. The teachers and therapists at the school worked with Marc and played an important part in his development and acquisition of skills that have enabled him to read, socialize and participate in many of our daily life activities. His teachers and specialists had a very positive influence on Marc and have remained good friends of ours. Currently, after 35 years, we are fortunate to have the opportunity for our son to be in a community-based group home, run by the ARC of Gloucester County. Marc now resides in his “own house” with three other housemates and a staff that provides 24/7 care. Marc has his own room filled with all of his “cherished belongings” and attends a daily adult activity program, also run by the ARC of Gloucester County. He has become very independent and calls us weekly to find out “what’s going on this weekend!” We usually have Marc home with us on weekends. He is included in all of our family’s activities, including birthdays, holidays and family vacations. Marc is a source of great joy to us. We have learned so much about life from him. He never complains and is very resilient, adapting to changing life circumstances. He loves books and pictures...and is literally the family historian. He has a keen interest in knowing about what we did and where we lived when we were young. He probably knows more about his grandparents, their background and where they were from than his brothers and sister do. He maintains several albums of family photographs that he cherishes. His social skills are amazing to us, as is his memory....if I ever need to know when a family member’s birthday is, Marc takes great pride in provid50% DISCOUNT ing me with the information. +)/ 51 (02 35..'2 on assessment Raising a child with extraordinary needs has fee with 3'33+0/ /06 this ad many extremely difficult challenges. It’s important to note that with the days of joy, pride and sense 0 4*' 602&3 9.#4* *0.'602,: 342+,' ('#2 +/ 7052 %*+-& 02 705 of accomplishment, there will be frustration, stress-filled days, exhaustion, the anxiety of the % % ) ) ' !%)& )) ' ' ( % ! ' ( # &% ! % % unknown and the questioning of how the family #!$!% ) ) '*()' )!&% '( % ! )( &+ ' $ ) &$ ,&'" can cope and deal with everyday stresses. !( &+ ' &, )) ' *% '() % !% & $ ) % % -&*' !# 0( For us, worrying about the future was more ))!)* &' -&* "%&, !) -&*' !# &*# ' .- &*) $ ) stressful than learning to take one day at a time. +/& 054 *06 #((02&#$-' 7052 %*+-&;3 30#2+/) 3'-( %0/(+&'/%' %#/ $' Once the overwhelming burden of worry and anxiety was “lifted” and a conscious effort, though ! ! " difficult at first, to just take it day by day was accepted, everything miraculously flowed into a * " & *!) ' %)' # / '#)&% !" routine of a normal family life....our family life.✲ , ## ''- !##

fter several years, filled with questions like “What caused this to happen?” and “What does the future have in store for our family?” we have learned to accept and actually rejoice for our son. Those initial questions receded with the day-to-day routines and struggles of providing for our son’s many needs. In the first years, one of our first and foremost concerns was how do we balance our time so that we do not neglect our other four children’s needs. There were many times that we could not do all the things we would have liked to do or spend as much time as we wanted with the other children’s school activities and sporting events—including the limited opportunities for our own social outlets. However, with a loving commitment and shared responsibilities we learned to juggle schedules and accommodate each child’s needs to the best of our ability. All of our children learned to love each other and appreciate and accept each other. They are sensitive toward individuals with special needs and have developed patient understanding and responsive traits. Today, years later, many of our children’s high school friends—all young adults now—still remember and cherish memories of “hanging out” with Marc at our house.They became, and remain, Marc’s friends and we are ever grateful that they accepted and included him in their social circle. Cerebral Palsy is similar to a large umbrella term; although it’s definitive of the many and varied aspects of neurological impairment, it affects each person in unique ways. Some individuals are affected with severe impairments—others may have minimal effects. Such impairments may involve speech, vision, ability to walk, as well as emotional, social and intellectual ability. Our son’s disability is described as Cerebral Palsy/Multiply Handicapped, with physical, emotional and mental impairments.

For support and information, contact the Burlington County Cerebral Palsy Association in Mt Holly at (609) 261-1667 or March 2011 | 17

summer camp guide

LIBERTY LAKE SUMMER DAY CAMP Liberty Lake is the place to be for ages 4-15; transportation available in Camden & Burlington Counties. CAMPERS create their own schedules, guaranteeing the BEST SUMMER! Tours available daily. Conveniently located just off Rte 295 (exit 52A)., (609) 499-7820. SPRING GOLF LESSONS! FREE Junior Golf Lessons from Dick Smith Golf Academy in April at Valleybrook Country Club & Running Deer Golf Club. For more info visit

Join the BEST Soccer Academy in the USA • Small but prestigious soccer school Carli Lloyd, USA Womens National Team

• Recognized internationally • True producer of elite soccer players • Accepting minimal amount of students to ensure all programs are effective • Programs improve all students, leading to peak performance on their teams!

USA Womens Heather Mitts, National Team

Medford, NJ


Philly’s, South Jersey’s and the Shore’s #1 Choice for Summer Camp

Tall Pines Day Camp

Open House

Saturdays March 12, April 9 & May 21 14 For boys & girls ages 3 to e! Great alternative to daycar


The most camp for the money!

66 acres of fun!

State Certified

“New Family &

• swim lessons Sibling Discounts” • horseback riding • ceramics • archery • ropes course • sports • extended care • nature Transportation, Lunch & Snack • gymnastics • tennis provided • teen program with travel • crafts (peanut aware) • half or full day, 3 & 4 year olds • dance • a/c buildings • drama For registration rates and fees go to our website • a/c vehicles • golf • woodshop • free camp shirt

Call today 856-262-3900 1349 Sykesville Road, Williamstown, NJ 08094 Phone: 856-262-3900 • Fax: 856-262-0195 email:

18 | March 2011




FOR BOYS & GIRLS ENTERING K-10TH GRADE ͻ^t/D>^^KE^ ͻ'D^ ͻZd/sZd^ ͻ&/>dZ/  /W^ ͻ^W/>dzDW^ͻd,/'sEd ,/#+ ,/ #+). ).,! ,!3 !3 34 435 355---% %2 2d3 d32! 2!4 !4 4% %3 ,KE^dzͻZ/E'ͻZ^WdͻZ^WKE^//>/dz

235 E. Red Bank Ave, Woodbury, NJ 08096 ϴϱϲ͘ϴϰϱ͘ϬϳϮϬͻǁ ǁǁ ǁǁ͘LJŵĐĂŐůŽĐŽ͘Ž Ž ƌŐ Visit our website and sign up for our e-newsletter

Sick of the ice yet? Then slip into Summer mode! CAMP SAM is a sports-oriented co-ed camp for

ages 5-14, offering weekly sports clinics, such as basketball, volleyball, and soccer.Also enjoy New GAGA, nature trails, water slides, inflatable Theme obstacle courses and rock climbing!


Teamwork • Cooperation • Sportsmanship

is a GLAMorous alternative to sports camp for ages 4-12, offering weekly girly clinics, such as fashion shows, accessorizing, bedazzling and cooking. Also enjoy scrap-booking, dancing, w Ne rly gardening, water slides and more! i

G ics! Clin

FULL DAY CAMPS Mon–Fri + 9:00am–3:30pm Boys/Girls + 7–13 years old

Grace • Glamour • Dignity

Camp runs from June 22–September 2, 9am–4pm, before/after care available. Flexible scheduling: 3 or 5 days. NEW! SAM Playcare–a full or half day childcare for ages 2 & 3 years all summer long! Call for info.

Open Houses: Join us between 1-4 pm Register on March 5 M th April 9 & argech 5 for 8 weeks t your 9 th w ee May 11 FREE! k June 11





LITTLE SIXERS DAY CAMPS Mon–Fri + 9:00am–11:45am Boys/Girls + 5–7 years old OVERNIGHT CAMPS One and two week sessions available Boys/Girls + 9–17 years old + Meet Sixers Players, Coaches & other NBA Stars! +Learn the drills the pros use

FULL DAY CAMPS Mon–Fri + 9:00am–3:30pm Boys/Girls + 7–13 years old MINI DAY CAMPS Mon–Fri + 9:00am–11:45am Boys/Girls + 5–7 years old OVERNIGHT CAMPS Ages 9–17 years old + Meet the Sixers Dancers! +Let the Divas of Dance teach you the latest moves.

1855 Hurffville Road, Sewell, NJ 08080 856.401.8111

March 2011 | 19

business spotlight

Customize Your Home with

Matteo faMilY KitCHens By Angela De Groot


ired of looking at and sub-contractors. All are fully vetted; avocado and mustard the majority of them have been with the colored bathroom ticompany from the start and only install les? Dreaming of a brandproducts sold by the company. new kitchen? Whether you When shopping around for a kitchen are in the market for an entirely new or bathroom renovator, Steven Matteo kitchen or simply want to replace the urges homeowners to keep in mind that flooring in your family room, consider a bigger “name” doesn’t necessarily mean visiting Matteo Family Kitchens’ showbetter. “Make sure to meet and have room. It’s located in Woodstown and quotes from at least two places. You will it’s one of the largest in South Jersey. have contractors working in your home Matteo Family Kitchens was for a decent amount of time, make sure founded by Everett Matteo in 1995. you are comfortable with them,” With help from his wife and sons, Matteo says. It’s also important to clarMatteo combined 30 years of industry ify the payment schedule; a fifty percent experience with hard work and dedicadeposit for special orders is standard. When price shoption to customer service. The company ping, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. “There are a lot of took off, appearing on Forbes Magazine’s Top 100 New Businesses in the companies and products that look similar but quality can be far off from US after only their first year in business. Over the years, the company has looks.” expanded, adding bathrooms and flooring to their repertoire. New Matteo Family Kitchens gives back to the community by sponsoring Jersey’s Better Business Bureau accredits Matteo Family Kitchens with an local baseball and softball leagues as well as donating to high school trips A+ rating. in need of additional funding. Steven Matteo, store manager, attributes the company’s success to The Matteos invite you to come on down to Salem County (where personalized customer service. Design and sales staff walk customers sales tax is only 3.5 percent) so that they can help make your dream of through the entire process, meeting their needs with quality products. a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom become a reality. They take the time to explain the qualities of, and differences between, “We put our name on our building because we are proud of it. We the various product options so that homeowners can make informed do everything we can to keep it that way.”✲ choices to suit their needs, tastes and budgets. Their staff advises on the specific advantages and limitations of each product, from hardwood flooring versus tile, to Corian countertops versus laminate or quartz. The company fabricates Corian onsite allowing them to provide countertops at competitive prices. Design consultants visit customers in their Start your New Year with a New Kitchen or New Flooring homes to take measurements as well as discuss design and installation possibilities. The in-home consultation is followed by a visit to the showroom where the staff guides customers through options in cabinetry, flooring, countertops, appliances and hardware. Customers can also receive advice on color scheme coordination and layouts. Matteo Family Kitchens’ showroom boasts 16 kitchen displays and concept boards are disCome visit one of the largest played all around the store. Estimates and inshowrooms in South Jersey— home consultations are provided free of charge. 16 full kitchens displays “We feel that if we show and explain things properly, we will win the client’s trust,” says Kitchens • Bathrooms • Countertops • Entertainment Centers Steven Matteo. The time that design consultants Carpet • Vinyl • Laminate • Hardwood • Ceramic spend with customers, nailing down the details before the work starts, goes a long way towards 3.5% Sales Tax 20 Old Salem Road • Woodstown, NJ ensuring customer satisfaction. The company’s insistence on quality and excellence extends to their employees, designers



20 | March 2011

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For a complete list of events, log onto

To submit your event, send an email to Entries are due six weeks prior to the event and are filled on a first come first serve basis. Space is limited.

ATLANTIC COUNTY 50th Birthday Bash March 2 from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Help The Arc of Atlantic County celebrate 50 years with Kenny I Orchestra, dinner, silent auction, photo booth & more. The Carriage House, 25 S. Pitney Rd, Galloway. (609) 485-0800 x 136. Spring Antique & Craft Show March 5 Come shop or sell at the antique and craft show. Free admission & parking handicapped accessible. Refreshments for sale. Table rental $20. Our Lady of the Lakes Church, Collings Lakes. (609) 561-8313, ourladyofthelakesparish

BURLINGTON COUNTY Talk to the Animals Music & Children’s Concert March 27 Step right up and hear the Philharmonic of Southern New Jersey’s Annual Children’s Concert at Moorestown High School. Hear Washington School’s Elementary Choir sing “Talk to the Animals” and enjoy the Carnival of the Animals with a slide show. Tickets are $5/$10. (856) 779-2600, Mardi Gras March 5 from 7 p.m. to midnight Food, wine/beer, entertainment, dancing included. Silent & Live Auction. Proceeds benefit Hainesport Township School. $40/person. Bradford Estates, Marne Hwy, Hainesport. (609) 234-7033, Youth Art Month Exhibition March 28 to April 1 Original displays of paintings, drawings and collages capture the spirit and imagination of New Jersey’s talented students. Art work created by students in grades K12 from all of Burlington County will be


on display at Burlington County College Pemberton Campus at the Parker Building. Students and families are invited to attend the artists’ closing reception on April 1st at 6pm for the awards recognition program, refreshments and music selections by local students. (856) 524-3230.

CAMDEN COUNTY Whatever’s Write Prose Workshop March 3 from 7 to 9 p.m. “Whatever’s Write” prose writers’ critique workshop group meets on the first Thursday of each month at the William Rohrer Memorial Library, 15 MacArthur Blvd., Haddon Twp. Free. (856) 983-6966, 5th Annual Mutts & Martinis March 12 from 7 to 10 p.m. Live DJ, specialty martinis, mixed drinks, draft beer, buffet dinner, raffles, prizes & more! Live Band, The Sensational Soul Cruisers! All proceeds benefit the dogs of Lilo’s Promise! Tickets: $40 in advance, $45 at door. PJ Whelihan’s, Cherry Hill. (856) 952-1978 or I Simply Love Her 2011 March 5 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. This annual Valentine’s Day social and expo is an all-female event to promote empowerment, self-love and sisterhood among women. Join us for a night to remember with Keynote Speaker Lauretta Pierce of Covenant Cookies & much more. The Mansion, 3000 Main Street, Voorhees. (856) 392-5152,

CAPE MAY COUNTY Gardening for Wildlife Workshops Every Saturday in March Your outdoor space can be transformed into a haven for showy hummingbirds, colorful butterflies, nesting and wintering

birds, caterpillars and much more. Nature Center of Cape May, 1600 Delaware Ave, Cape May. Workshops run 10a-3p for five Saturdays. The program fee for each workshop is $45; $35 for New Jersey Audubon members. Sign up for all five for a discounted rate of $125 members and $150 nonmembers. (609) 898-8848, Chili & Chowder Challenge March 12 from 1 to 5 p.m. Professional chefs vs. home cooking. Help our judges pick the best! A chance to warm up and cool down on a Saturday afternoon. Cash bar and music too! Admission $5, helps benefit Cape May food banks. Hosted by Chamber of Commerce of Greater Cape May & Congress Hall. (609) 884-5508 x 102 or

CUMBERLAND COUNTY Harry the Dirty Dog March 6 at 3 p.m. ArtsPower’s new musical, based on the classic book by Gene Zion with illustrations by Margaret Bloy Graham, captures both the whimsical humor and touching dedication to family that is found in Harry’s story. Appropriate for ages 5 - 7. $5 all ages. Frank Guaracini Jr. Fine & Performing Arts Center, Cumberland County College, Vineland. (856) 692-TIXX, Circurious...An American Circus March 27 at 3 p.m. Circurious is a heart-stopping, mind-boggling display of artistry and athleticism, bringing the circus tent, concert hall, and Broadway stage together for an aweinspiring afternoon of fun! Performers include aerialists, acrobats, contortionists, illusionists, and singers and dancers. $22 Adults, $18 for 55 & over, $12 for under 18. Frank Guaracini Jr. Fine & Performing Arts Center, Cumberland

GLOUCESTER COUNTY CASA Bowling Party March 26 from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. CASA is a non-profit that provides an essential service to children in need for Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem counties. Come to their annual CASA Bowl event for an evening filled with bowling, free food, raffles and prizes. Form a team of 5 or 6, and compete with other guests, or bring your children and participate in the family bowl. Tickets are $25 per bowler and include food vouchers, shoe rental and three hours of bowling. (856) 459-0061 or Tom@ Glassboro Bowling & Recreation Center, 503 N. Delsea Dr, Glassboro. Military Support Group Beef & Beer Benefit March 25 from 7 p.m. to midnight Come out for a good time and support a great cause. Help continue the mission of supporting the men and women of our country. $25/person. Includes all you can eat food and drinks. Enter to win raffle prizes! The Columbus Manor, 1351 N Black Horse Pike, Williamstown.

SALEM COUNTY A Midsummer Night’s Dream March 5 at 2 p.m. $5/person. Appel Farm Arts and Music Center, 457 Shirley Rd, Elmer. (856) 3941211, 40th Annual Swap Meet & Car Corral March 27 starting at 6 a.m. Antique car parts & car corral. Salem County Fairgrounds. Plenty of venders & food. (609) 202-0437 or jschevy48@

South Jersey MOM delivered to your home! For just

$29.99/year you will receive:

4 Home delivery of South Jersey MOM, 12 monthly issues ❑ 4 Our monthly e-newsletter in your inbox ❑ To purchase your subscription via mail, cut out the form and mail with payment to: Superior Graphics P.O. Box 2413, Vineland, NJ 08362 or purchase online at

County College, Vineland. (856) 692-TIXX.

things 2 do

March Calendar

Name __________________________________________________________ Address ________________________________________________________ City___________________________________State_____ Zip ______________ Phone __________________________________________________________ Email __________________________________________________________

March 2011 | 21

resource guide

FOR THE HOME IMAGINE BEING ABLE TO FIND THINGS YOU KNOW YOU HAVE AND CAN’T FIND! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the “stuffâ€? consuming your house, let BB’s Clutter Solutions reduce your stress, create order & help you find a place for everything‌for good. Contact Barbara Berman @ (856) 912-0077 or and get your house back today!


ARE YOU REDECORATING AND NEED HELP CHOOSING THAT PERFECT WALL COLOR AND FINISH? I can create a beautiful finish that fits your style and budget and bring your ideas to life. Hand-painted scenes, kids' rooms, baby nurseries & fine decorative finishes. Free estimates. Lori Gallo, Paint Impressions, (609) 254-9695 or Fully insured; Licensed #13VH06058300.

GIFT IDEAS GREAT PERSONALIZED GIFTS FOR ALL AGES At JUST FOR LITTLE PEOPLE (and others, too!) we specialize in new baby gifts both hand-painted or embroidered. Beautifully wrapped and available for pick-up at our new Gibbsboro location, or we can ship it for you. Call (856) 627-8901 or check out

HEALTH & WELLNESS ARE YOU READY TO TURN OVER A NEW LEAF? Want to improve your eating habits, increase your energy and understand your food cravings? Turning Leaf Nutrition and Wellness will develop a personalized program that will radically improve your health and happiness. One conversation can change your life. (856) 912-3709,

! !  CXRZTcb>]BP[T=^f CXRZ ZTc T b> >]BP  [T=^f ?WX[PST[_WXPB^d[R^\ ? WX[PST[_WXPB^d[R^\ '''& '''&'(B>D; '(B> ( D;

PARTIES Abrakadoodle CUSTOMIZED Arty Parties are perfect for BIRTHDAYS, HOLIDAY CELEBRATIONS, SCHOOL OR SCOUT EVENTS. All artwork FRAMED – the best PARTY GIFT ever! Hosted at your location; we provide ARTFULLY FUN teacher, materials & frames. Visit or call (856) 914-0521. BOWLING BIRTHDAY PARTIES AT MEDFORD LANES Children age 4 to 12 love Bumper Bowling! Bumper rails keep the ball heading to the pins. We have light balls, custom mini ramps and you can bring your favorite food. (609) 654-4021 or vist for more info.

PEDIATRIC OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY NEED HELP GUIDING YOUR CHILD’S DEVELOPMENTAL JOURNEY? At The Schlinic, happy childhoods are our specialty. Kids come for awesome motor equipment, fun sensory experiences and developmental play. Parents come for answers, professionals who listen, assessments and research-supported intervention. Learn more at or call Dr. Jodi at (856) 692-9292.


A place where children are taught by qualified, degreed teachers in a safe, happy, clean environment

• Full/half day

A place where a parent can have peace of mind that their child is safe and cared for by people who genuinely care

• 7am to 6pm • Reasonable rates

A place where the classrooms are bright, cheerful, stimulating, colorful and inviting to children A place where children are allowed to enjoy being children and look forward to being in school

• Computer classes • 21⠄2 yrs. thru Kindergarten



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• Security cameras • Open year round • Exciting playground

$25 OFF

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1973-2010...33 Years of Excellence! 536 Lambs Road Pitman, NJ 08071

856.256.1166 Visit our website and sign up for our e-newsletter


Need Help Fighting for Your Child’s Rights? Let Us Help...


R 2011 WINT.6E91.7600 856



1940 Southwest Blvd., Building — B, Unit 104 • Vineland, NJ 08360 856.691.7600 •

MICHAEL I. INZELBUCH Attorney-at-Law • IEP Development • Due Process Hearings • Service Procurement Phone: 732.905.0325 Fax: 732.886.0806 Email: Member NJ & NY Bars

Walk-ins welcome • Appointments available 771 C Route 168 Turnersville, NJ 08012

856.228.7708 Hours: Mon. 9-4; Tues. & Wed. 9-6; Thurs. & Fri. 9-9; Sat. 9-4; Sun. Closed

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March 2011 | 23

NJ’s Largest Indoor Water Park! Huge, Modern Arcade! Full-Service Café! From Rainy Day Activities to Group Events, we have something for you! pecial Needs ©\wƒ‚e‹Š„}‰ ©iS†{yw‚d{{z‰ ©XˆŠ~zwfwˆŠ{‰ Exclusive Events erfect for Camps ©iy…‹Šjˆ†‰ ©fP{ˆ|{yŠ|…ˆYwƒ†‰ ©i†…ˆŠ‰j{wƒfwˆŠ{‰ & Schools Visit for upcoming events!

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Coupon required for discount. Please mention discount at time of booking and present coupon on day of party. Coupon not valid on Wacky Wednesday parties. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Coupon expires on June 1, 2011. Visit for additional details and birthday FAQs. SJMOMS

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Offer available for online purchases only. This offer is valid for up to 9 guests. Not valid for Group Admission or Birthday Parties. Cannot be combined with other offers. Discounts are only to be applied to full-price, general admission ticket of $29.95. Offer expires on May 1, 2011.

535 N. ROUTE 73 IN WEST BERLIN, NJ 08091 856-767-7580 U WWW.SAHARASAMS.COM

March 2011 - South Jersey MOM Magazine  

The March 2011 issue of South Jersey MOM Magazine

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