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Sports Camps all Summer Long at Rastelli’s Sports and More!

Swim Lessons for ages 6 months through 10 years old starting July 19th!

CAMP HIGHLIGHTS: • Brazilian Soccer Skills camps • Basketball Basics and Skills camps • Pee-Wee and Youth Development Soccer camps • Tons of different cheerleading and dance camps • And many more!

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Table of Contents mom 2 mom 6 Beat the Heat with Backyard Fun 8 Roadtripping with Kids: 8 Tips for a Great Ride 10 Do They Hear What We Hear? 12 Let’s Communicate! 9 Ways to Develop Your Toddler’s Language this Summer 14 Babysitting Basics 15 Picnicking Without Peril

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Dear Readers,


ne of my favorite holidays is the Fourth of July. I wake up exhilarated, anticipating an exciting day, almost akin to Christmas or my birthday. My sister feels the same way, and I attribute it to the fond memories we have of our childhood celebrations. Our North Jersey hometown started off the day with the sound of cannons and ended it with an awesome, starbursting display of fireworks. In between, we participated in the parade, contests, and the circus; swam in the local pool; and ate barbecued burgers with friends and neighbors. Happy yet simple memories such as these are ones I cherish and strive for in my own children’s lives. Last year, we celebrated the holiday a few days early on the Battleship NJ, a cool opportunity drenched in history. Our favorite part of the night was the amazing fireworks display from the ship’s lofty heights. No matter what…I can never see enough fireworks! But it’s not just about fireworks and flip-flops – it’s about the birth of our country. Celebrating Independence Day is the perfect opportunity to show children how to foster respect and love for a country that despite its problems provides them so much. Writer Elizabeth Norton suggests “5 Tips for Raising Patriotic Kids” and how to instill that love. And another easy way to show their patriotism is


letter from the editor

July 2013

to check out Deanna Robinson’s craft, “Make a Grand, Old Hand Print Flag” to wave during the festivities. With these festivities and the many outdoor activities families enjoy this time of year, you also should be aware of the seemingly minor dangers of the summer. The following articles cover topics that are must-reads for summer: “Picnicking Without Peril” by Deb McCarson; “Bites, Burns & Rashes…OH, MY!” by Dolores Hoffman; and “Block Out Unsafe Suntan Lotions” by Ramona Fasula. We hope that these articles will help you and your family stay safe and healthy when out and about in the great outdoors! Believe it or not, just around the corner, the new school year will be on the horizon! To prepare for a wonderful year of learning, please join us for our annual Schoolapalooza on Sunday, August 25, from 11am to 4pm at the Moorestown Mall. We welcome the chance to meet our readers, and don’t want you to miss the entertainment, enlightenment and expertise from local experts. Visit or for more information.✲ Your friend and fellow MOM, M.B.


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Sand Sifters and More

f you’re lucky enough to have a beach nearby, go prepared with lots of sand toys! Not the kind you buy at the store – I mean the stuff in your kitchen. Actually, you may want to buy these in the kitchen department of the local $1 store, just in case they’re too hard to get clean from all the gritty sand. Here are a few ideas. But have the kids hunt around for more fun-filled “toys”, too. • Strainer • Colander • All-size plastic containers • Potato masher • Large wooden spoon • Large metal spoon with slots • Spatula What else do you suggest? You might want to keep them stored in one of those recycle bags to use over and over for KIDFUN at the beach.

A real kid-believer, Sharla Feldscher, a proud South Jersey Grandmom (Grammy) and owner of her own public relations business in Philadelphia, is the author of six books on creative ideas to do with young children including two KIDFUN Activity Books.  Her blog at has more easy-to-do KIDFUN ideas.

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July 2013 | 5

mom 2 mom

Beat the Heat with

d r a y k c a B Fun

By Deanna Robinson

Basic Backyard Fun includes: • Baby Pool • Sprinkler • Slip and Slide • Water Table Having a few kids over? Why not play some WATER GAMES? • Water Limbo • Water Balloon Toss • Over –the-River: Similar to Water Limbo but in REVERSE! Start with the hose low to the ground and see who can jump the highest! • Beach Ball Race • Water Pistol Fight (Not a water gun fan? How about using a squirt bottle?) • Tug-of-War • Drip-Drip-Drench: Just like Duck, Duck, Goose, but with a cup of water. • Sponge Tag: Tag with a sponge full of water! • Hokey Pokey: BUT play it by the sprinkler! Every time you say a body part, your little one has to wet that part. • Sink or Float: Grab a bunch of household items and let your kids guess which Sinks or Floats, then toss in the pool and see if they were right. Make Your Own Backyard Fun: • Water Slide - Take your baby slide; place it in your baby pool, lay your hose on top of the slide and you’re ready to go!

Photo by Claire Sinclair • Ice Sculptures – Dump your ice cube tray on the table and let your kids start stacking. As they start to melt, they’ll start sticking together. • Ice Age Toys – Fill your ice cube tray with water and small toys. Let it freeze overnight and, in the morning, let the kids have fun trying to break the toys out. • Wet Paint Play – Fill a bucket with water, grab a clean paint brush and let your little one “paint” the fence. • Wash your car…and your kids’ Cozy Coupe! • Add some toys to your baby pool! By adding funnels and colanders, your little one will have a new way to play. Or if your tot is a bit older you can add some water balloons for a big, cold surprise when the balloon pops! • Clean Your Toys: I know this doesn’t sound fun, but any time you give a kid a bucket full of bubbles they’re going to be giggling in no time! There are only two requirements for this MYO -- make sure they’re using a big enough bucket, so they can dunk things, and you must add bubbles! Give them a washrag or medicine dropper… The more “tools”, the better! • Treasure Hunt: Fill a cooler with ice and drop in some “treasure” for your kids to find! Think small toys, plastic eggs..etc. • Fill the kiddie pool with something interesting like cooked spaghetti or plastic balls. If you have a 4-year old boy, I’m sure swimming in spaghetti would be the hit of the summer! • Backyard Water Pinatas: Double up a plastic bag and fill with water, knot the top and loop it onto a branch. Grab a tennis racket, and let the hitting begin!✲

Read Deanna’s blog 6 | July 2013

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Eyecare At Its Best

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July 2013 | 7

Road Tripping With Kids: for a

8 Tips

Great Ride

By Sara Kendall

Driving the family car is the most popular mode of travel for vacations.Traveling with kids offers many opportunities for some wonderful memories, but it can be a daunting task to prepare the whole family for the road. Here are 8 tips to get your family ready for the road.

1. 2.

3. 4.

Make a List Start by making a list of all the things you’ll need to pack. It’s not likely your first list will be your final one. Ideas will pop in your head in the weeks and days leading up to the big day, so the list will be ongoing up to your departure. For the Little Ones Pack disposable diapers, wipes, formula supplies and jars of food within a bag to be stored close to you for easy access. Traveling with babies who still need a warm bottle and warm food, consider purchasing a bottle warmer and portable food warmer that plugs into the car’s cigarette lighter socket. Removable window shades are essential for blocking direct sunlight. A toy organizer attached to the back of the front seat will be within easy reach for their entertainment. A portable potty could be a great solution for children in the midst of potty training. A parent might feel they should make a stop every time a child says they need to go. It will be right there every time you hear the words I got to go. It’s the perfect answer for when any aged child who has a need-to-go-now emergency especially if you’re stalled in traffic on a highway with no end in sight. For School-Aged Kids Organize a travel bag for each child. Encourage them to fill it with their own choices of games, toys, books and scribble pads. A shoe box could be a good choice to stow their chosen items -- it can also double as a lap desk. Go for the Gadgets Electronic devices such as iPads, DVD players and hand-held games will entertain you children and help the miles fly by. Have plenty for everyone to reduce arguments about whose turn it is to use it. In addition to having plenty of gadgets, make sure you have ear buds for everyone. This will help eliminate hearing too many competing sounds in a confined space.

5. 6. 7. 8.

Surprise Them Pack a few new games or toys and pull them out when frustration is apparent. Something new to play with will hold your child’s attention far more than something that has been played with a dozens of times already. Plenty of Healthy Snacks Have plenty of pre-bagged snacks and drinks ready. Avoid sugar-loaded items and sodas which will raise energy levels but not in a good way. An occasional sweet snack is fine. But too many sugary treats will increase their chance of a bout with carsickness. Place the snack bag and cooler somewhere up front with you, so you can have some control over it and get to it without stopping. Have hand sanitizer and wet wipes for clean-ups. Don’t forget a plastic bag to collect the garbage. A Traveling Medical Bag A first-aid kit will be convenient if a booboo occurs. Frequently used over-the-counter medications and all prescriptions used by the family should be stowed in a common bag. Sleepy Time Have their favorite pillow and blanket ready for naptime so they’re comfortable and warm. A good nap can help pass the time and give your children some much needed down time. For you, it will provide you some moments of peace and quiet.

Sara Kendall is a freelance writer and mother of two daughters. 8 | July 2013

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July 2013 | 9

Do They Hear What We Hear? By Dr. Trina L. Gipson-Jones & April L. Lyons, MSN, RN The hearing screening usually occurs in the hospital shortly after your child’s birth. This routine screening is painless, doesn’t involve x-rays or use of blood products and will be conducted, in most cases, before your baby leaves the hospital. Most hospitals provide one of two types of hearing tests for infants which are an Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) or an Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) screening. Both screening methods use a computer to interpret the results of the infant’s responses to sound. The screening results are recorded as a “pass” or “refer.” If your child receives a result of refer, it doesn’t necessarily mean your child has a hearing issue. Reasons why your baby might receive a “refer”: u Fluid in the baby’s ear u Testing room too noisy u Baby not quiet u Hearing loss Your child will need to see a nurse, pediatrician or audiologist to receive information on having his/her hearing reevaluated before 3 months of age.


earing loss among children can lead to issues with language development, literacy, speech issues, and social skills. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), two to three of every 1,000 children in the US are born deaf or hard of hearing, and more lose their hearing later during childhood. There are various forms and reasons for childhood hearing loss. Children can experience very mild or temporary hearing loss due to middle ear infections, colds, allergies, or other infections such as measles or meningitis. Measles and meningitis can be prevented by ensuring your child receives immunizations. In addition to mild or temporary hearing loss, some children may suffer from permanent hearing loss. Permanent hearing loss can range from mild (they don’t hear things as well as you) or complete (they don’t hear anything). In order to detect hearing loss in your child, it’s important to have a newborn hearing screening. Currently, more than 95 percent of all newborns born in the US are screened for hearing loss shortly after birth (National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders- NIDCD, 2013).

Signs of Hearing Loss Although signs of hearing loss differ in different children, some common signs according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2012) include: u does not turn to the source of a sound from birth to 3 or 4 months of age u does not say single words, such as “dada” or “mama” by 1 year of age u turns head when he/she sees you but not if you only call out his/her name: this usually is mistaken for not paying attention or just ignoring but could be the result of a partial or complete hearing loss u hears some sounds but not others For a listing of common, age-specific signs of hearing loss check out the following website: For more information on this topic, here’s an additional resource: NJ Dept of Health, ✲

Who Should be Screened & When? NJ state law stipulates that all babies be screened except when there are religious considerations. Parents claiming religious exemptions will be asked to sign a waiver. 10 | July 2013

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July 2013 | 11

Let’s Communicate!

9 Ways to Develop your Toddler’s Language this Summer By Carolyn Leigh Kellerman


ummer is here! Going outside and taking advantage of this beautiful weather is a great opportunity to work on improving your child’s communication/language. According to ASHA-certified speech-language pathologist, Jessica Soffian, there are unlimited ways you can help develop your child’s speech and language abilities during play and your daily routine. Jessica states, “modeling language throughout your day during play and daily activities is the best way to get your child talking.” Here are a few ideas to try when you’re enjoying the gorgeous summertime weather: In Your Yard w Name things you see (slide! grass! sun!) Take a good look around and really discuss the things around you. Give choices (“Do you want to go on the swings or do chalk?”) w Go on a nature walk – get a large Ziploc bag and start collecting! Leaves, rocks, grass, bugs – all generate language. Talk about colors, how things feel, smell, etc.You can bring them home and talk about them later even making them into arts and crafts. w Play games! Red Light Green Light, Ring Around the Rosie, Duck Duck Goose, playing ball – be creative! Any game you play can incorporate language into it. w Slide and swing set are excellent tools for language development. Encourage your child to tell you “up”, “Down”, “more”, “whee”, “higher”, “off”. Depending on how verbal your child is, you can use a technique called expansion -- adding a word to what they say (“push” becomes “push me!”)

w Describe how the different things feel on their body. This is a great way to reinforce language (sticky, grainy, wet, mushy) w Get moving! The beach is an ideal spot to reinforce action words like run, dig, swim – talk about what you’re doing and seeing while having a blast and making memories with your child At the Playground w Talk about what you see when you get there and what to play on, then what you do on each item (go up and down on the see-saw) w Pack a picnic basket and have your child help you name what you’re packing and talk about what you use each item for. Great items to include to reinforce language: —bubbles (asking for more, saying sounds like pop and stomp, asking to open, the ideas are limitless! Blowing bubbles also improves muscle strength for clear articulation and works on their breathing which is very important for good speech.) —ball (taking turns, concepts like up, high, down, bounce) Remember the goal is to get your child to communicate through activities by sneaking educational aspects into your daily routine, whether it’s outside in the summer or inside year-round during lunch, bath time, play, etc. Listen to your intuition – if you think your child is not speaking as much or as clear as they should be or if your child is getting frustrated by his inability to communicate successfully, early intervention is KEY to ensuring your child can be an effective communicator. If you have any concerns regarding your child’s speech, contact your pediatrician or speech therapist.✲

At the Beach w Name/talk about all the items you see and bring to the beach (bucket, shovel, sand, water, towel)

12 | July 2013

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With BAYADA Pediatrics…

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Kasey D., BAYADA client

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Compassion. Excellence. Reliability.

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July 2013 | 13

Babysitting Basics

By Samantha Gill


hether you have a family member or a babysitter watching your kids, it can be worrysome when someone else watch’s your kids. What are some guidelines for a successful night of babysitting? Establish Rules: Okay, if your family is watching your kids they might be offended by this, so you can always use the angle that the ‘rules’ are so the kids see everyone has to follow rules… but really, EVERYONE really DOES have to follow the rules, such as: Rule #1: Keep the doors locked. Keep the doors locked at all times; this includes the storm door and the slider door. This is important to protect your kids, your sitter and, if you have a special needs child, will help prevent any elopement from the home. Rule #2: No visitors. There’s no reason that any sitter should have or need to have visitors while they’re watching your kids. This is a short period of time, and they’re there and getting paid to watch your kids.This includes family; they’re there to enjoy your children -- they can visit with friends any other day or night of the week. Plus, it’s just a good rule as a parent to know who’s in your home around your children at all times. Rule #3: Being focused on your children is much more important than updating a Facebook status. Don’t take the chance of your sitter or your sister zoning out on the Internet. Rule #4: No adult TV. By this I mean, there’s no reason that the sitter should be watching or renting movies for themselves. This time isn’t about them. It’s about your kids.

for them to do or you rented a Disney movie the kids have really wanted to watch. Help the sitter out with some planned fun. Helpful Tip #2: Keep a list of emergency phone numbers, medications, your home address, children’s allergies, etc., on the refrigerator. This way it’s a no-brainer, and the sitter knows exactly where to go and what to look for in the chance of an emergency. If you have more than one child on different medications with different allergies, use different color codes for each child to make it simple to read and distinguish. Moreover, put your contact number first and easy to read/find. Helpful Tip #3: Tell them what you expect of them. Sometimes, just stating the facts and what your expectations are makes it easier for things to go smoothly. For instance, if your mother-in-law takes medication tell her, “Mom, I know you have your nightly pills to take, but the little one is really good at getting into things lately, so please keep your purse and your medication out of her reach completely.” Or: “If you have any questions or concerns at all, I would rather you just call me so I can help. I don’t’ mind that at all.” The best way for parents to have a good night out is to feel really good about whomever is watching your kids. So if you’re well prepared, then whoever is watching them can be well prepared, too! It’s a win-win!✲

Please Visit A Happy Family Community

Help the Sitter: Helpful Tip #1: Leave and/or plan fun things to do and/or games for the kids and the sitter to do. Whether you bought something new or special 14 | July 2013

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Picnicking without Peril

By Deb McCarson


ummertime meals are often taken outdoors as we picnic and barbecue our way through the season. When preparing for outdoor eating, keep in mind that foodborne illnesses tend to increase during the summer. Bacteria that cause food poisoning grow fastest in warm, moist temperatures; and hot summer picnics often provide such an environment. Unwashed hands, cross-contamination, and unsafe food temperatures all contribute to this unfortunate malady.The following tips will help keep outdoor meals happy and healthy. Pack Smart Keep perishable food in an insulated cooler packed with ice. Freezing containers of water ahead of time is a convenient way to chill your cooler and avoid the mess of melted ice. A full cooler will stay cold longer than one that’s partially filled. If your cooler has space available after packing your food, fill it the rest of the way with ice or containers of frozen water. Pack beverages in a separate cooler. This will prevent your cooler from being opened too often by people needing a drink. If possible, keep the cooler in the shade and replenish ice as it starts to melt. Keep Clean Keep hands and food surfaces clean.Wash hands often. If your picnic area doesn’t have a source of water for washing, pack moist towelettes for hand washing and paper towels and a spray cleaner for cleaning surfaces. Don’t Cross-Contaminate Keep raw and cooked foods away from each other while packing and preparing meals. Never let raw meat come in contact with food that’s ready to be served. Wash plates, boards, and utensils that come in contact with raw meat before you use them again. Cook Food to Safe Temperatures If you’re barbecuing meat, keep a food thermometer handy to insure meat is heated long enough to kill harmful bacteria. The US Department of Agriculture recommends cooking meat to the following internal temperatures: • Steaks, chops, and roasts of beef, pork, and veal: 145 °F • Ground beef, pork, and veal: 160 °F. • All types of poultry: 165 °F. The USDA warns that partially cooking food ahead of time may allow bacteria to survive and multiply to the point that subsequent cooking cannot destroy them.

Serve Safely • If you’re putting your food onto an outside buffet table, set cold, perishable foods in serving dishes in bowls of ice. • Replenish buffet food by using fresh food from the refrigerator or cooler. Place on clean serving dishes instead of adding new food to the serving dish already in use on the buffet. • Keep hot foods hot by placing them to the side of the grill rack. • Do not leave food outside on the buffet for more than 2 hours. If the temperature reaches 90 degrees, do not leave food out for more than one hour. Enjoy! Don’t let foodborne illnesses ruin your summer fun. For more facts and helpful tips on summer food safety, visit✲

Open your heart and your home You Can Make a Difference! Be a Foster or Adoptive Parent For more information contact:

1-877- NJ FOSTER 1-800- 99 ADOPT NJ DepartmeNt of ChilDreN aND families ChilD proteCtioN aND permaNeNCy

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July 2013 | 15

business spotlight

Good Food

Made Simple:

By M.B. Sanok


ummer brings images of fresh fruits and vegetables plucked straight from the garden onto your plate. Wouldn’t you love to savor that freshness at your table daily and avoid chemicals found in produce without leaving home? Experience Door to Door Organics’ mantra of “good food made simple.” Door to Door Organics, a weekly delivery service offering all-natural and organic groceries, believes that combining healthy living, the community and the environment is a “way to connect people to Good Food,” says Regional Marketing Specialist, Charles Minguez. Door to Door offers a seasonal bounty of 100%-certified organic produce directly from local NJ and PA farms to Tri-State homes and businesses. Their online shop includes ethically produced edibles that support and benefit the community, the planet and a healthy lifestyle. You peruse their website; select the size of box and amount of produce you want from the “easily accessible” and customizable food choices, and eagerly await this delicious, healthy surprise. Charles says their “goal is to keep connecting with local customers, vendors and farmers” to provide Good Food that energizes your body while feeding your soul; and brings the community together while keeping the environment a priority. Working with local certified organic farmers, using recyclable and reusable packaging that safeguards the precious cargo and routing deliveries efficiently, builds upon that theme. Shopping online for groceries with free delivery avoids the unnecessary costs of impulse buys while reducing the environmental impact of cars on the road. Without interrupting your busy schedule, you can choose a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats and grains to purchase. Mouthwatering, convenient recipes are available on their website for use in a pinch or with an unfamiliar ingredient you’re dying to try. No one needs to be home for delivery, and you can cancel or postpone the order at any time – no obligation, no hidden charges. “We don’t discourage customers from visiting farmers’ markets or a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), since those are two more great ways to support local farms, but our delivery service is offered yearround with a larger variety and more flexibility,” says Charles. A current customer who loves their service feels that the products are comparable in price to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s with very high quality. Interested in saving more money and still getting Good Food? Sign up for Door to Door’s Co-op drops. You and four or more neighbors, friends and/or co-workers pick a central location where you all can re16 | July 2013

ceive your own personal produce box and save $3 off each box. If you’re looking for an easy way to raise money for your child’s school or support your favorite non-profit, they offer fundraising co-ops that automatically donate 10% of those sales back to the group/school. Another way Door to Door shows their commitment to giving back to the community. Ready to simplify your eating with Good Food? Visit or call (877) 711-3636. Use the code sjmoms when ordering to receive $10 off your first delivery!✲

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Planning Headquarters Holdbrook Pediatric Dental We can serve the dental needs of yourentire family by offering both pediatric and general dentistry. We feature nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and treatment of special needs and medically compromised patients. We accept most insurance includ-ing managed Medicaid. Call our office, Gibbsboro: (856) 783-0444 or Logan Township: (856) 556-4022 or visit Paint Me Body Art Paint Me offers amazing, affordable Face Painting using quality paints, Glitter Tattoos, Balloon Animals and Workshops. How fun would it be to have your kids do the face painting? (856) 905-4066, Pirate Voyages Ahoy, Mateys!!! Climb aboard the “Sea Dragon” for a swashbuckling party adventure on the high seas! Please visit our website and click on the link for Birthday Parties for more information. 232 Bay Avenue, Ocean Cit, (609) 398-7555 Primo Water Ice Have a Party like no other! XBox, Playstation 3, Wii, Disco Ball & Fog Machine. Play games on Our Huge Projection Screen! Call for Details. Best Prices around. Open all year. Parties great for any age. Voted One of the Best of 2013 by CourierPost. Present this ad for $25 off any party. 28 Haddon Ave, Haddon Township (856) 854-8221

$5.00 after 5 pm! EvEning fun for EvEryonE! ExtEndEd hours:

Come play at the Museum after dinner! With more than 20 large kid-powered exhibits, we have tons to touch, explore and create!

Monday – thursday July & August until 8:30 pm

SJM 7/13

2040 Springdale Road, Cherry Hill, NJ


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July 2013 | 17

Birthday Bash & Splash Includes: • All Day of water soaking thrills!

• The Birthday Child is FREE!! • FREE Parking for one Car! • Unlimited Pizza, Chips, Fountain Drinks & Ice Cream! • Personalized Birthday Cake! • FREE Splash Zone t-shirt for the Birthday Child! • FREE Goodie Bags for each Child! • A FREE All-Day Return Ticket for the Birthday Child!

Only $350 for a Party of 10!

Additional Guests are $35.00 per person. Call 609-729-5600, x10 or visit our website at

NEW thrilling ride


SPLASH ZONE WATER PARK | WILDWOOD, NJ | 609-729-5600 18 | July 2013

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“We provide the BOUNCE for your BEAN” • Moon Bounces • Water Slides • Water Games • Glimmer Tattoos • Face Painting • Dessert Tables

For Promotional Codes and Discounts

Serving South Jersey 609-410-1801

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July 2013 | 19

$130 mini-session


Includes 8 edited images

Must mention coupon when booking session and present coupon at session. Expires 7/31/13. Call for details.

856.241.3850 •


Make Your Child’s Birthday Dreams Come True!

Riding lessons with a certified instructor available!

We specialize in theme parties for: • Birthdays, Family Reunions, Company Picnics, School & Church Events • Cowboy and Cowgirl • Princesses • Pirates • Fairies

Book early to avoid disappointment

Summer Fun!

Riding Camp at Dream Park Logan Township

• Large indoor facility • Climate controlled • We provide lessons starting at age 3 • We have top quality show horses & ponies

Call for camp rates and weeks!

Call JoAnn at 856.628.1277 or 856.299.4466 • Licensed and insured locally, family owned

20 | July 2013

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Dealing with Common (and unwanted) Pregnancy Comments By Dr. Kelly N. Moore


he journey of pregnancy is a rollercoaster ride of biological changes; and our thoughts and emotions swing in a million directions most of the time. What makes that ride a bit more challenging is when we have to endure the comments and actions tossed at us by strangers, and, yes, family and friends. Some people think it’s their duty to share horror stories or question the circumstances of pregnancy -- from when you decided to get pregnant to whether you should have a doula, epidural,VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), breastfeed, etc. The list is very long but could be clustered into three categories: Cautionary Tales Sadly, there are some women that experience significant challenges in their pregnancies. But there are some stories that do not have to be recounted to a woman that’s in the midst of her pregnancy. Stories of pregnancy loss, miscarriage or warnings about complications can make a pregnant woman very scared. What shocks me about this one is that many times, it’s another woman that shares these stories! The Shoulds and the Shouldn’ts Fill in the blank with whatever comes to mind, but it’s inevitable that someone will want to strongly suggest that you do or not do something during your pregnancy or afterward. This is just a prelude to the deluge of “should” statements that come later, so knowing how to handle it during pregnancy prepares you for handling it afterwards. Demands for More Children (“You can’t stop at just one!!” or “Now you have to try for a boy/girl!” This is annoying for a number of reasons. First of all, it implies that a woman can only be fulfilled if she has children of both sexes or cannot be satisfied with just one child. Secondly, this can be difficult Visit our website and sign up for our e-newsletter

moms R women 2

Say What?? for a mom to hear if she has been trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant for the second time or had challenges with the first pregnancy. So how do you handle it? Here are some ideas that I and others have found successful: Say How You Feel and Ask for What You Want This can be done either directly or in a humorous way in case you’re concerned about damaging a relationship with your UN-solicitor. If you’re hearing the beginnings of a horrifying delivery story, ask the person to tell you AFTER you have your baby. The truth is that being assertive and stating how these comments make you feel is good practice for parenthood. Trust me: people will have PLENTY of “suggestions” for you when you’re raising your child. Getting in the practice of setting boundaries and stating your feelings without being equally offensive to the person is a skill set worth having before your baby is born. Remember: Every Pregnancy is Different Ask any mom who has been pregnant more than once, and she will tell you that each time was different in a variety of ways. The same is true for labor and delivery. If you decide to endure disturbing comments/advice, keep in mind that someone else’s story does not have to be yours. Be confident in your choices about pregnancy and delivery. Ignore, Ignore, and Ignore Some More This one is self-explanatory. Happy Pregnancy!!!✲ Dr. Kelly Moore is a clinical postdoctoral fellow at The University of Pennsylvania’s Center for the Treatment and Study of Anxiety.

July 2013 | 21

Celebrity Moms Share Childhood Summertime Memories By With the warm months upon us, Celebrity Baby Scoop asked some of our favorite celebrity moms to share their childhood summertime memories. Continue reading about Tori Spelling‘s family vacations in Las Vegas to Jewel‘s horse riding adventures in Alaska.


Soulful singer Jewel welcomed her first child son Kase in July 2011 with rodeo star hubby, Ty Murray. She opened up about her carefree childhood summertime memories in the great outdoors up in Alaska. “They’re all outdoors,” she said of her summertime childhood memories. “I grew up in Alaska, and the outdoors are so beautiful. I don’t think I spent any time inside except to sleep. My memories were horse riding and getting outside.”

Tori Spelling

Actress-author Tori Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott are parents to four children: sons Liam, 6, and Finn, 1 in August, and daughters Stella, 5 in June, and Hattie, 1.  The Beverly Hills, 90210 star opened up about her childhood summer vacations with her family, including her late father, acclaimed TV producer Aaron Spelling, mother Candy Spelling and brother Randy. “Everyone always asks me if I flew all over the world as a child,” Tori said. “But the truth is, my dad was afraid to fly. So we drove to Vegas for a month every summer! And this was before Vegas was kid-friendly. I really have to hand it to my mom for always finding fun things for us to do in Vegas.”

22 | July 2013

Former boxer Laila Ali and her husband, football star Curtis Conway, are parents to C.J., 5 this August, and Sydney, 2. The Dancing with the Stars alum talked about growing up in a divorced and blended family with boxing legend father, Muhammed Ali.

Laila Ali

“As a child, we didn’t go on summer vacations,” Laila shared. “I just remember that my stepsisters would come over, and everyone would be there. It was great to have everyone come to the house to go swimming together and pile up in the car together. It was a lot of fun…summers were always family time.”

Single mom to three daughters - Sam, 9, Lola, 7, and Eloise, 23 months – actress Denise Richards opened up about her summertime memories growing up in Illinois. 

Denise Richards

“Some of my favorite childhood memories are from growing up in Illinois,” she said. “I will never forget the family vacations I spent with my loved ones, and of course, my pets.” is one of the most popular blogs on the topic and the foremost provider of everything celebrity-baby, featuring baby fashion, baby names, baby trends and up-to-the-minute celebrity baby gossip and pics. Get all the latest news, updates, and photos about Hollywood’s most beloved celebrity moms, dads and their babies.Who’s the latest Tinseltown baby? Who’s due next and who just announced a Read Deanna’s blog pregnancy? It’s all on Celebrity Baby Scoop. Visit our website and sign up for our e-newsletter

know 2 grow

Bites, Burns and Rashes,

OH, MY! By Dolores Hoffman


f you’ve overexposed your skin to the sun or find yourself covered with bug bites or poison ivy, there are some great remedies that stop the pain fast.

lief. Remember to wear loose, cotton clothing over affected areas while recovering from sunburn.

Treatment for Sunburn

Always wash your bites with soap and water. Mosquitoes can transmit a number of diseases, so avoid scratching. Breaking the skin could cause infection. Some swear by a thick paste of water and baking soda; apply to the skin, allow to dry, and then brush off. To stop the itch, use antihistamine creams like Benadryl or Caladryl Lotion. If you find yourself bitten by a tick, use tweezers (clean them with alcohol first) to grasp as close to the skin as possible, then apply gentle pressure as you pull the tick straight out. Avoid smashing the body; you could get the tick’s blood and saliva inside the bite which may increase your risk of disease.

When treating sunburn, look around the house. Chances are you have products to treat your pain. Use ibuprofen to help relieve the discomfort of sunburn. You also can apply an aloe vera gel or lotion several times a day to keep your skin moist. I suggest using a spray-on product that you don’t have to rub-in. Don’t treat sunburn with “-caine” products like benzocaine or lidocaine -- these products can irritate your skin because the chemicals in them can cause allergies. Another soothing remedy is to apply cold compresses to your skin. This will bring down your skin temperature and provide some reVisit our website and sign up for our e-newsletter

Bug Bites

Poison Ivy “Leaves of three let it be.” Mothers tell their children this all the time, and it’s true. Poison ivy and oak can cause a rash due to oil called urushiol that the leaves release. This oil is so potent that it only takes one drop to cause 500 people to itch. Although there are many treatments for the rash, you cannot always protect yourself from the effects of poisonous plants. It’s important to wash the affected area within 30 minutes of exposure to get rid of the plant residue. Use a cold compress to relieve itching and try calamine lotion, an over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream or antihistamine. Remember, getting outdoors is great fun. As long as you take steps to protect yourself.✲

July 2013 | 23

Make a Grand,Old Hand Print Flag! By Deanna Robinson

H H H H H H (1 sheet of paper, scissors, red and blue paint, aluminum foil, tape and a popsicle stick) H Take your child’s left hand and paint the inside of the palm blue (the part that connects the pinky, ring and middle finger). H Rinse your brush. H Paint all their fingers red. H Add 2 more lines of red to the unpainted portion of the palm (you’re just continuing the finger line). H Have them spread their fingers and push down onto the paper. H After the paint dries, cut the handprint out in the shape of a square. H Now that your flag is done, take a small piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around the popsicle stick. H Tape the flag onto the top of the popsicle stick, and you’re done! Use it as decorations or let your little one bring it to the 4th of July parade!!

24 | July 2013

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Block Out Unsafe Suntan Lotions


ummer -- the time of year that many of us look forward to. Trips to the shore, backyard parties and barbecues, and quality time with family and friends -- this means many hours spent in the sun. Over the years, the sun has come to be known as the enemy; however, it’s the chemical-laden suntan lotions that we’re using that we should be concerned about. If, as a society, we’ve become more aware of the dangers of the sun, then why is it that skin cancer is on the rise? Keep in mind that just like the food that we eat becomes part of our blood, cells, and tissues, the products that we put on our skin do the same. Chemicals from today’s popular suntan products seep into our blood and can cause serious health problems. Organizations like the Environmental Working Group have identified the following common sunscreen ingredients as being potentially harmful to human health:

By Ramona Fasula

• Octocrylene • PABA • Octyl-methoxycinnamate(OMC) • Benzophenone-3 • 4-methyl-benzylidene camphor (4-MBC) • Homosalate

Free radicals damage the DNA in your cells and can lead to skin cancer. The good news is that there are natural alternatives that are available. They cost a little more but are most definitely worth it. Active ingredients in natural lotions include zinc oxide and titanium oxide. These substances are found in nature. Inactive ingredients include everything from coconut oil, sunflower oil, eucalyptus oil, green tea extract , glycerin, and Vitamins E and A. All of these ingredients combine to form a water-resistant, hypo-allergenic, and highly effective sun block that’s safe to use and won’t cause free radical damage. While there are many natural products to choose from, the Environmental Working Group ranks “UV Natural” as the safest and most effective natural sunscreen, beating out nearly 800 other brands. With a whole line of products starting at $18, the extra money is worth the peace of mind knowing that your family is being protected from dangerous chemicals that could be compromising their health.✲

Various amounts of synthetic chemicals seep into the blood and cause free radical damage.

Join South Jersey MOM Magazine in partnership with the Moorestown Mall and area businesses as we showcase an array of after school programs, educational support services, healthy lifestyle activities and more.


hoolapalooza EXPO ScSunday, Aug 25th, 2013 11am-4pm

Start the school year off with an A+! There will be free face painting and a chance to win prizes!

Don’t miss our expo and a chance start the school year off on the right foot with lots of great information and handouts from our vendors. Hope to see you there!

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July 2013 | 25

Hey, Mommy and Daddy..It’s Me, Your Baby! Part II

I Have Some Things to Tell You!

By Blythe Lipman

Dear Mommy and Daddy,

Hi, it’s me, your baby! I know you have waited nine long months to meet me. You wondered if I would have hair, how big I would be and who I would look like. I’m so excited to meet you and be your baby. I know I can be a bit confusing at times. And you can’t always figure out what I want. I wish I came with an instruction manual like everything else. Then you could just look up what to do when you get confused. I know you love me. I feel it when you smile at me, kiss me and talk to me in your “goo goo” voices. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to tell you some things that will make it easier to figure me out. I love you and want to always make you smile. • I don’t like to sleep in the dark -- I’m scared. Please put a night light in my nursery so I know where I am if I wake up in the middle of the night. • Please don’t try and get me to finish my bottle if I don’t want it. I don’t like to throw up, and I know when I’m full. • I know you want me to burp, but I can’t always get the air out. If you stand up and walk me around, I promise I’ll burp faster. • When it’s bath time, please start with my feet. I don’t like water on my face and I promise I’ll let you know it. • Don’t get angry when I pee in my bath -- that cold air just makes it come out. My friend told me he does it, too, and his mom laughs!

• If you have to powder me, please rub it on from your hand. When you sprinkle it from the bottle, it makes me cough. Sputter…sputter! • When you put my diaper on, don’t forget to pull out the elastic between my legs. When it pinches me I can’t tell you. Ouch! • If you’re going to put a cute headband on me, make sure it’s not too tight. Headaches don’t feel good. • Sometimes, I get really hot -- please don’t put too many clothes on me. Just cause I’m a baby doesn’t mean I get cold. And when I’m too hot, I cry! • I don’t like you to cut my nails. It’s hard to hold still. My friend’s mommy used a nail file, and she said it was a piece of cake. Can you put me in my bouncy seat and try it? • I know you want to polish my little nails to match my outfit, but please don’t. I love to put my fingers in my mouth -- it will taste bad, and it’s not safe. I’m too little. • If I get a “boo boo,” don’t put a Band-Aid on my finger.You know I’ll put it in my mouth and that’s not a good thing. I could swallow it! • Please don’t be afraid to play with me and act silly, even if you don’t know the words to the nursery rhymes. I don’t either. • Remember, just because I didn’t come with instructions doesn’t mean you don’t know what to do. If you feed me, change me, play with me and love me, I’ll be happy and so will you. Thanks for being the best mommy and daddy in the world -- I’m really lucky!✲

Love, Baby

Blythe Lipman is the president of Baby Instructions. She is passionate about babies, toddlers and their parents. After working in the field for over twenty-five years, she wrote her third award-winning book, HELP! MY BABY CAME WITHOUT INSTRUCTIONS which is available at, .You can hear Blythe’s weekly radio show on Wednesdays, 11am EST @ Blythe is available for in-home, video and telephone consultations. Become her Fan on Facebook and Twitter. 26 | July 2013

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5 Tips for Raising Patriotic Kids By Elizabeth Norton Photo by Claire Sinclair


’m a mom of three. I’m not perfect, and neither is my country. I can talk politics for hours, but ultimately, I desire to raise free thinkers who are grateful for this country and this land we call home. I have had military service men as family members. Combat women are my friends. Raising patriotic children is a goal of mine, and I certainly have succeeded so far. My oldest boys (especially my 10-year old) love their country with all of their hearts, and I hope that remains. Here are 5 tips we have done faithfully at our house to cultivate an “I Love America” spirit. I share these tips not because I’m an expert in parenting, but because I feel the more love we have for this country and the people in it, the better option we as Americans have for creating a country reaching its fullest potential.

1. 2. 3.

Fly a Flag at Your Home: We lead by example and, as a symbol of America, our flag stands in our home. Just as some have “Georgia on their minds” because they have our own flag, we have America in our minds…often. Teach History: We’re fortunate to have grandparents involved in our children’s lives. We take joy in listening to their stories and encourage them to read other people’s accounts of the events. This personal connection to an event that happened to America makes our children realize how connected they are to the American story. Celebrate with Them: Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day are just a few of the days that give us a chance to be a festive family. We always love a good party, and nothing decorates our home like the colors of Red, White, and Blue. Think beyond those holidays mentioned. Build a log cabin out of Lincoln Logs on Lincoln’s birthday or turn on the History Channel for a family movie night.

4. 5.

Honor a Vet: Nothing can give back to a Vet like showing a Vet a thankful smile, saying “thank you,” or looking you in the eye. Consider placing flags at a local cemetery or buy a poppy flower from VFW. Love to our veterans never goes to waste. Visit Historical Parks: Disney is a great destination, but the amount of historical parks between here and Disney are numerous. Stop at a historical park no matter your destination. Let the kids stretch their legs, complete a junior ranger activity, and then return to your car to reach your final destination. Don’t forget to be on the lookout for the visiting Traveling War Wall when it comes to a town near you.

We’re not scared to have political conversations with our children. We take them to vote. We end each conversation with gratitude, thankful to have the freedom to vote on tough topics. Vocalize different opinions. We can do what we do every single day living in this country because of the people who have fought for years for the rights we have. Be proud you’re from, and part of, this Country called the U.S.A.✲ Elizabeth Norton is Administrator of, a powerful network of digital moms in the workforce. She owns, the go-to place for vacationers visiting in Cape May County. She loves all things Jersey and the color pink.

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July 2013 | 27

recipe corner

Bust Out the Blueberries By Lisa Ann Panzino DiNunzio


uly is National Blueberry Month, so it’s the perfect time to hit your local farmers’ market to pick up some of these plump, blue-purple berries. They’re a wonderful addition to salads, cold or hot cereal, yogurt, etc. They also freeze well, so pick up a few extra containers to place in the freezer so you can enjoy them long after the season ends. Besides tasting delicious, blueberries have an amazing nutritional profile -- they contain antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, manganese, potassium, and various other vitamins and minerals, plus they’re low in calories. Here are several recipes that you can serve your family that include these juicy, remarkable, healthy little gems. Enjoy!

Blueberry Muffins • 1 cup unbleached all-purpose flour • 3/4 cup white whole wheat flour • 1 tbs. flax meal (optional) • 3/4 cup sugar, raw sugar or natural sugar substitute • 1/2 tsp. sea salt • 2 tbs. non-aluminum baking powder • 3/4 cup milk or almond milk • 1/3 cup sunflower or safflower oil • 1 large egg • 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract • 1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries

Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes • 1 1/2 cups unbleached all-purpose flour • 1/2 cup whole wheat flour • 1/4 cup sugar, raw sugar or natural sugar substitute • 2 1/4 tsp. non-aluminum baking powder • 1/2 tsp. baking soda • 1/2 tsp. sea salt • 2 eggs • 1 tsp. pure vanilla extract • 2 cups buttermilk • 1/4 cup melted butter, plus some for adding to pan • 1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries

Preheat oven to 400°. In a large bowl, stir together flours, flax meal, sugar, salt and baking powder. In a separate bowl, mix together milk, oil, egg, and vanilla extract. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients all at once; stir just until combined. Stir in the blueberries. Fill greased or paper-lined muffin cups three-quarters full with batter. Sprinkle a little additional sugar on the top of each muffin if desired. Bake for 20 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the center of the muffin comes out clean. Makes 12 muffins.

In a large bowl, sift together flours, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Beat the eggs and vanilla extract with the buttermilk and melted butter. Combine dry and wet ingredients, forming a lumpy batter, being careful not to over mix, as that will result in flat, heavy pancakes. Heat some butter in a skillet over medium heat, and spoon 1/3 cup batter into the skillet per pancake, and sprinkle the top of each with blueberries. Cook for 2 to 3 minutes on each side, or until golden brown and cooked through. Serve with a drizzle of maple syrup and a few extra blueberries if desired.

Blueberry Smoothie • 1 cup fresh or frozen blueberries • 1 cup plain Greek yogurt • 1/4 cup milk or almond milk • 1-2 tbs. honey • 4 ice cubes (use less if using frozen berries)

As always, Bon Appetit!✲

Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend at high speed until smooth. Serve. Lisa Ann Panzino DiNunzio is the author of “Seasoned With Love,Treasured Recipes” & “Lisa Ann’s Seasoned With Love II”, and the children’s book, “Snicker Learns An Important Lesson.” Visit her blog or Facebook page 28 | July 2013

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things 2 do

July Calendar

For a complete list of events, log onto

To submit your event, send an e-mail to Entries are due six weeks prior to the event and are filled on a first-come first-served basis. Space is limited. aspiring musicians and artists. We are also hiring Teachers, Para-professionals, nurses, and culinary directors for the camp. It is located at St. Andrew’s Church in Mount Holly. Please go to www. for early registration and information about the camp.

ATLANTIC COUNTY Summer Art Camps Fantastic Tales Camp Monday, July 8-Friday, July 12 9am-12pm Ages 6-12 Location: Noyes Museum, Oceanville Art inspired by our favorite stories Visit to get more information or to register. Noyes Independent Film Festival: Hammonton Thursday, July 18: 7– 9pm Location: Kramer Hall, Hammonton Tickets: $5 Noyes members, $7 non-members All ages welcome The Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton College is hosting The Noyes Independent Film Series. The first installment in the series will be in Hammonton. All three film events will feature exciting works by talented up-andcoming filmmakers. Our goal is to show short films that tell a powerful story. Imaginative, funny, personal, abstract -- the variety of short films is endless. These films are showcased in three centers of creativity & learning in southern NJ: The Noyes Museum of Art of Stockton College, Stockton College - Kramer Hall and The Noyes Arts Garage Stockton College. The Film Series includes: The Noyes Independent Film Festival: Hammonton, The Noyes Independent Film Festival: Galloway, and The Noyes Independent Film Festival: Atlantic City.

Summer Art Camps Drawing & Painting: Nature’s Textures Art Camp Monday, July 22-Friday, July26 9am-12pm Ages 6-12 Location: Noyes Museum, Oceanville Nature will be our muse as we explore painting and drawing mediums. Visit to get more information or to register. Summer Art Camps 3-D Art Camp: Monday, July 29–Friday, Aug 2 9am-12pm Ages 6-12 All 3-D, all the time -- sculptures in a variety of mediums Location: Noyes Museum, Oceanville Visit to get more information or to register.

BURLINGTON COUNTY Vacation Music Academy and Music Conservatory A Jubilee Ministry in the Diocese of NJ is now a four-week long community-based and non-profit performing arts and music camp for children K to 6th grade. Our performing arts and music camp is a perfect environment for young

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Back to School Schoolapalooza Expo Sunday, August 25 11am-4pm Moorestown Mall, Moorestown South Jersey MOM Magazine invites you to join us for lots of fun, and you’ll be able to talk to professionals for all you need to get ready for back-to-school. Vendor tables are still available -call Chris at (609) 670-1794.

CAMDEN COUNTY Mainstage Center for the Arts Presents School House Rock Live Wednesday, July 17 & Thursday, July 18 7:30pm and Friday, July 19 10:30am Dennis Flyer Theatre, Lincoln Hall Camden County College 200 College Drive, Blackwood

Camden County College 200 College Drive, Blackwood Mainstage Center for the Arts Presents The Little Mermaid, Jr Wed, July 31 & Thursday, Aug 1 7:30pm and Friday, August 2 10:30am Dennis Flyer Theatre, Lincoln Hall Camden County College 200 College Drive, Blackwood Purchase tickets online at www. or call 856-3026485

CAPE MAY COUNTY Mummer’s Night Tuesday, July 2 7-9pm Ocean City Boardwalk 6th-14th streets

GLOUCESTER COUNTY Free Summer Concert FM Band-High energy dance music Friday, July 5, 7:00 pm Woodbury High School Athletic Field Call (856) 589-0047 after 4pm for more information.

Mainstage Center for the Arts Presents Cinderella, G2K Friday, July 26 10:30am Dennis Flyer Theatre, Lincoln Hall

July 2013 | 29

resource guide

CLASSES Enrichment Classes & Workshops for Home School Families Constellation Academy offers Christ-centered resources and teaching at affordable rates. Services include academic and elective subject tutoring and/or class instruction, workshops, teacher mentoring, student contests, field trips and fellowship opportunities! Visit ConstellationAcademyHSRN.blogspot. com for more info or call (856) 205-9334.

Presents the

New York City Trip

Home Owners Free Offer Accurate pricing is the first and most important step towards successfully marketing your home. To receive your Free Comparative Market Analysis from The Ron Bruce Team at Prudential Fox and Roach. Call 609-670-1794. There is no obligation,The team will promptly provide you with a comprehensive report on the value of your home. Begin your free, no-obligation market value analysis today!

You’re invited to the South Jersey Mom Magazine bus trip to American Girl Place in New York City! Spend an extra special day with your daughter that you’ll never forget!! Right in the heart of the Big Apple’s most prestigious shopping opportunities is the American Girl Place New York. As you will see, it’s much more than a store….it’s a magical experience and memories you will cherish for a lifetime. We will meet at a pick-up location in the Wal-Mart parking lot at 820 Cooper Street, Deptford Twp., NJ. We will board a motor coach bus that has amenities including DVD players for your enjoyment and a bathroom. And, of course, we will have an American Girl DVD available to play on the bus!

Travel Dates: June 27th

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August 29th

November 7th

December 27th

$105 per person The day’s package includes: H Round-trip Delux motorcoach trip H Lunch at the American Girl café H Free time in Manhattan

H Beverages, and snacks on the bus H 8:00 AM departure from Wal-Mart H Depart for home at 5:00 PM

Book your Tickets Online at or call South Jersey MOM Magazine—Marnie Meyer 856-803-8401 $7.00 event ticketing fee will be applied to the ticket price

30 | July 2013

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July 2013 | 31

When you bank with LifebankUSA®, tissue banking is FREE.* • Only LifebankUSA can bank placenta blood cells, cord blood cells and tissue • This unique combination yields the greatest number of life-saving cells • More cells stored means greater protection and the most peace of mind

Saving more cells. Storing more hope. Stem cells from placental and cord blood are indicated to rebuild blood. *Tissue banking includes tissue from the placenta. Storage fees apply after the first year.

LifebankUSA is a registered trademark of Celgene Corporation. © 2012 Celgene Cellular Therapeutics


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