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Voga Oar, to row, to navigate. Cox, who, sitting back to the rowers, maintains the route and marks the rowing rhythm.

Voga Canoe Between 1880 and 1930, the commerce among coastal cities was possible due to the legendary voga canoes, carved from a unique tree trunk, such as Cedar, Guapuruvu, or Jequitibรก, then abundant, with almost 8 meters in length. For families who lived in the coastal region, pulling the canoe was an important social event. It meant dragging the heavy tree trunk, fallen in the woodlands, from the hillside, downhill to the beach, with the help and strength of 40 men, in a noisy collective effort that ended up in a party. Moved by sails and oars, manned by six or seven sailors, the voga canoes sailed the coast headed by master boatmen. The Voga Canoe is part of the caiรงara culture and is a tradition of the northern coast.

Ubatuba: land of many canoes Due to its splendid, indented geography, Ubatuba is eternally linked to the pleasures of the seas One must sail to discover the pleasures and charms of Ubatuba. Since remote times, this magical portion of the brazilian coast attracts sailors from all tribes. The first ones to uncover its secrets were the indians. Aboard many canoes, they inspired the name of this county: uba (canoe), tuba (many), in tupi-guarani language. Located in the last portion of the paulista coast, framed by the Serra do Mar mountains, Ubatuba was, during many years, the main outflow port for the agricultural production of the Vale do Paraiba, up to the inauguration of the port of Santos in 1892. When the commercial movement strayed south, the city remained hidden for a long time, until it was rediscovered by tourism. Today it is protected by permanent preservation laws that cover over 80% of its territory, imposed by the exuberance of its nature.

The greens of the ocean and the woodlands, the hues of the sand, the color of the birds reproduced on the traditional canoes: they all meet to make this portion one of the best itineraries of the brazilian coast.

Photo: Carolina Da Riva

Privileged location Ubatuba is located half-way between S達o Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, close to the cities on the Vale Paraibano, between Paraty and S達o Sebasti達o. There could not be a better location. The distance from the main cities is just right for the visitors to feel far away from their problems, and, at the same time, it is not far enough to impede coming. From a nautical point of view, there is no better place. Ubatuba is unique. It has many bays, many protected places, but it is also close to the open sea, for the happiness of sportfishing lovers. There are numerous places where you can dive, ski, or practice nautical sports. Ubatuba is at a comfortable distance from Ilhabela, Paraty, and Angra dos Reis, at the epicenter of the best part of the brazilian southeastern coast. Depending on the boat, it takes two hours to reach Angra and only one hour to Ilhabela. There are many attractions, even for smaller vessels, that only a few minutes away from Voga Marine will find paradisiacal places such as Ilha Anchieta. Facing a protected bay, the island is full of stories and secrets to reveal. Photos: Renato Boulos and Tony Fleury

The best itineraries The scenical beauty of the Ubatuban region is unparalleled. The Mata Atlântica prone over the ocean proportions the most colorful contrasts, and situates this portion of the coast with the best brazilian touristic itineraries. The privilege to know every inch of this coast is even greater for those who own a boat, because many attractions are in the water. Ubatuba offers the most protected anchorage of the region, Saco da Ribeira, starting point for the wonders of the Costa Verde, the coastal region comprising Saõ Sebastião, in São Paulo state, to Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro state. At the center of this spectacle is Ubatuba, which unites beaches of all kinds: calm, with strong waves, hyped, hidden, or deserted. It is hard to choose the most beautiful one because there always will be a better one. Waterfalls, trails, and excellent diving spots, such as Ilha das Couves, contribute to the fame of this county which holds important historical testimonies, such as the ruins of the former prison at Ilha Anchieta. Transformed into a State Park in 1977, the island has wild beaches and is considerably protected on the continental side. From Ubatuba it is easy to reach other famous destinations, such as Ilhabela, the sailing capital. Surrounded by water, myths and legends, the largest coastal island still reveals many untouched cliffs and beaches, cut by rivers and waterfalls, in its 150 km of coast. North is Paraty, in coastal Rio de Janeiro. Founded on the XVI century, it has many preserved residences and churches. Besides the charming Centro Histórico, it holds beauties such as the Saco do Mamanguá, a salt water arm that reaches 5 miles inland flanked by high mountains, as a real fiord.

Aerial image of the beach and former prison at Ilha Anchieta; nature, history and culture are inseparable

Natural Port Saco da Ribeira is a natural port for small, medium, and large vessels. It is the best anchorage on the paulista coast and one of Ubatuba’s best postcard pictures. Surrounded by mountains, it shelters in its waters many motor and sail boats, forming a photogenic scenery. The local infrastructure includes mechanical services, painters, electricians, besides nautical parts and accessories stores, tourism agencies, bars and restaurants. The natural beauty and the nautical potential of Saco da Ribeira drove Atmosfera Desenvolvimento Imobiliårio to invest in such a place. Our business is releasing the first nautical compound of the region, formed by a marina, a residential complex, and a commercial boulevard. The Voga Compound, named in reference to the canoes that were for over half a century the main mean of transportation among coastal cities, will be a hallmark for Ubatuba. Photo: Tony Fleury. Facing page: Illustrated perspective of Voga Marine and Voga Residence

Voga Marine A modern marina amid a freak of nature. This is Voga Marine, undertaking that will situate Ubatuba in the route of the best nautical destinations of the country. Voga Marine is the missing infrastructure to revolutionize Saco da Ribeira and boost its vocation as a touristic pole. In an unpretentious way, the project stands out for its quality and good taste, influencing the entire area. This movement translates into what is to come, a sustainable future. Projected by Rocco Associados studio, Voga Marine combines sustainability and modernism. Its architectural contemporaneity is seen in its aesthetic simplicity, formal minimalism, and the concern with the details. For the designers, architectural sustainability starts in the inception of the project, which must also generate richness, jobs, and elevate the self-esteem. The concern with the environment is part of this greater concept. The intention is to construct comfortable living spaces, proportion human well-being, and become allies with nature. Voga Marine draws maximum profit from the alliance between man and the environment, enabling landscape appreciation and granting its preservation and prosperity. The project proposes total integration among internal and external spaces, without creating visual barriers. Traditional materials, that make up the local culture, such as wood and stone, fit into this contemporary architecture, aligning to the new surroundings.

Facade Voga Marine: the project uses design as a determinant element

The Inspiration From Puerto Madero, in Argentina, came the certainty that it was possible to revitalize the Saco da Ribeira through Voga Marine, project that uses design as a determinant element. The italian architect Renzo Piano, who projected with Richard Rogers the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, inspired the idea of the roof, with his work for the american gallery Menil Collection. Separated from the ensemble, as if it were levitating over the building, the roof not only collaborates to guarantee natural lighting and ventilation, but also holds an important aesthetic function. The stone buildings of the portuguese architect Eduardo Souto De Moura influenced the choice of natural materials.

Headquarters Confidence, comfort, well-being, facilities, privileged views and exclusivity. Voga Marine offers all of this. Elegantly integrated to the landscape, the headquarters displays open and ventilated spaces to grant natural lighting and ventilation, and make returning from your boat trip a pleasant experience. Everything is planned so our clients can live pleasurable moments.

Differentials Voga Marine is an excellence port for its location, architecture, facilities and services. It is a modern nautical undertaking that offers a series of facilities and services for our clients to relax, and have fun with their family and friends in total safety. A safe port for those who identify with everything that is exclusive. With a total area of 24.000 square meters, the marina can shelter 250 small, medium and large vessels, offering 170 dry vacancies and 80 wet slips.

Convenience The convenience of having everything at hand is granted by the Voga Mall, which will host the Regatta Iate Club, a store-bar-restaurant-lounge mixture with open doors to the ocean. The architectural project, perfectly integrated to the complex, reedits the idea of the floating roof, which also brings lightness to the undertaking. Closings in wood and glass unite the internal and external spaces, and reflect the beauty of the landscape. The charming deck, with tables and chairs protected by patio umbrellas, is an invitation for a drink and a good meal, while you admire the boats go by. An essential place, to shop and cultivate friendships.

Regatta Iate Clube Thanks to the proposal of the Voga Mall, Ubatuba will be the second brazilian city to receive a unit of the Regatta Iate Clube. Deployed as a concept store on summer 2004 at Ilhabela, RIC, as it is known, quickly became an important reference in the nautical world, attended not only by important personalities of the sport, but also by people who seek to discover the charms of this fantastic universe. Photos: Marco Yamin

Lovely convergence spot, where everyone feels onboard, the Regatta Iate Clube will offer: w A yacht club open to the public; w A store with a wide selection of nautical articles; w Bar, restaurant and lounge; w Complete infrastructure for events and courses.

Inlet: the only one in the northern coast Voga Marine is the only marina of the paulista northern coast that has an inlet, with capacity to hold small, medium, and large vessels. Also known as a wash-basin or pool, the inlet is delimited by a sub aquatic structure made of stone, clay mortar, sand, and cement. Its construction dates from the beginning of the 90’s, it has approval and licenses from the National Marina, Secretaria do Patrimônio da União (SPU), and from all other competent environmental organs. It is of a very peaceful area, without waves or currents, projected with the objective to avoid siltation and proportion a safe navigation to its clients. The inlet not only guarantees adequate drafting, but also facilitates mooring in any kind of tide. Its serene waters allow boat occupants to sleep onboard as if they were on land. Another advantage of this exclusive structure is its safety. The narrow channel where the boats enter the marina facilitates surveillance, for the tranquility of its users.


Voga Residence Ubatuba’s first residential with a garage for your boat Voga Marine and Voga Residence are the realization of two dreams: to have a house and a boat at the beach. One besides the other. The residential’s exit is the entrance to the marina. Imagine: you exit your apartment - modern, spacious, with an ocean view - and enter your boat. And viceversa. Voga Residence is located right in front of Voga Marine. Such proximity allows us to say that Voga Residence is the first ocean front condominium to have access to not only one, but all beaches. Choose a destination and set sail. When you get back you will be only a few steps away from your home, having the option to stay around and enjoy the services and infrastructure of the marina. This benefit is, however, for some privileged few. The residential has only 50 units, distributed in 2 four- storey buildings with penthouses. There are many layout options, with 2 or 3 bedrooms, including the house-like apartments with private gardens, situated at the ground floor. Signed by Rocco Associados studio, the project started from a contemporary reasoning, which privileges design and provokes what the arquithect and former mayor of Curitiba, Jaime Lerner, calls urban acupuncture: a positive interference on the space, focused in revitalizing the maritime coast and elevating the citizens self-esteem. Good arquithecture is one that not only simply distributes bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens correctly. Good arquithecture is tridimentional, spatial, creates and provokes the senses.

Pleasure of living All units in Voga Residence profit from the natural and privileged views through the use of large openings and generous balconies. The apartments were conceived as ample and open spaces, in order to offer total occupancy freedom and suit each person’s lifestyle. In the facade, linearity and perspective are the main attractives, creating a grandious sensation on the ensemble. This impression is caused by the balconies, which extend uninterrupted through the entire building. Proposed on these balconies are mobile wooden muxarabi type panels, inspired from mouriscan protections, which cover completely the height of the window, so you can see without being seen.

Illustrated perspective of Voga Residence. Extensive balconies receive protective panels to generate motion on the facade

Integration Kitchens integrated to the social area and the balcony, enlarge and multiply space use. Highlight for the wooden floors on social areas, and for the metallic glass holder, with wooden handrails, representing a sail boat’s deck.

Comfort The apartments were projected to benefit from cross-ventilation, which guarantees thermal comfort and brings the sea breeze into the house. Living spaces are large and pleasant, always exploiting the external views, air circulation, and natural lighting. On both buildings, the social hall is open, providing a sense of ampleness and well-being.

Visual Voga Residence takes advantage of the privileged views and guarantees the pleasure of waking up looking at the ocean. The designer’s starting point is that architecture must care for space distribution and provoke the senses.

Exclusiveness Voga Residence has only 50 units, distributed in 2 four-storey blocks, including the penthouses. To wake up with your feet on the sand, of not only one, but to all beaches, is a rare privilege.

Spa with sauna and jacuzzi: relaxing is a must

Sustainability The entire Voga Complex was projected from the principle that we must: w Manage the business with social and environmental responsibility. w Search for a regional sustainable development, seeking communal participation and added value for the entire society. w Respect the freshwater resources, the flora and the fauna. w Take care of our residues, promoting selective pick-up for recyclables. w Take care of our dejects, treating our water with advanced processes inside our facilities. w Waste less w Hire local professionals to work in the construction and, if necessary, train them for their duties. w Preserve what is ours. w To have a minimal quarry and propose modular arquithecture, in which the residues are reused or adequately disposed. w Preserve our woodlands by using certified wood, preferably coming from closer regions. w Save energy and water by using solar panels and reusing rain water.

Apartment with three suites, comprised of a master suite and lavatory Block A | final 1 Apartment with 3 suites, and social areas closed in full glass, to preserve transparency and guarantee an ocean view. Master suite with terrace, to wake up with the breeze and the blue of the ocean. Living room, gourmet terrace, and kitchen with an island: the spaces integrate and grow. Noble finishings in wood and black granite reveal the concern that permeates the project since inception. Laundry room with good ventilation and option for an extra bathroom.

Areas Internal 131,120 m2 Terraces 36,900 m2 Total 168,020 m2

Apartment with two bedrooms, including one suite Block A | final 2 and 3 Two bedroom apartment with terrace, including one master suite; to sleep and wake up with the ocean breeze. Social area integrated to the gourmet terrace and open plan kitchen to multiply space use. Noble finishings in wood and black granite denote the concern with the details.

Areas Internal 77,740 m2 Terraces 29,630 m2 Total 107,370 m2

Apartment with three suites and lavatory Block A | final 4 Apartment projected so you can appreciate the ocean view all the time, from the 3 suites to the integrated living room and gourmet terrace, with glass closings. The kitchen with counter in island unites to the grill, dinning room and the terrace, expanding the social area. Finishings with wood floors and counters in black granite prove the strictness of the work. Laundry room with terrace and option for an extra bathroom.

Areas Internal 127,750 m2 Terraces 31,300 m2 Total 159,050 m2

Apartment with three suites, including one with terrace, lavatory and social area Block B | final 1 The living room is totally enclosed in glass, which brings nature inside and spreads it throughout all areas. Spectacular views are shared from the kitchen, with island, integrated to the dinning room and ample gourmet terrace. Practicity and organization: apartment with 3 suites, with large closets in the halls. Finishings include wooden floors and countertops in black granite to value living spaces. Laundry room with terrace and option for an extra bathroom.

Areas Internal 148,690 m2 Terraces 38,550 m2 Total 187,240 m2

Block B | final 2 Areas Internal Terraces Total

120,380 m2 22,860 m2 143,240 m2

Apartments with three suites, lavatory and spacious terraces

Block B | final 3 Areas Internal Terraces Total

112,540 m2 28,150 m2 140,690 m2

Block B | final 4 and 5 Areas Internal Terraces Total

77,740 m2 29,630 m2 107,370 m2

Apartments presenting diverse configurations, with the same emphasis on the details

Block B | final 6 Areas Internal Terraces Total

115,140 m2 33,060 m2 148,200 m2

Penthouses offer spacious terraces that connect to the glassy living spaces and show the view to the ocean and the mountains

Penthouse 51 A | 263,080 m2

Open and illuminated living spaces irradiate the emotion of living surrounded by nature

Penthouse 51 B | 333,060 m2

Penthouse 52 B | 234,120 m2

Atmosfera Desenvolvimento Imobiliario has been operating for over 50 years in Ubatuba, initially under the name Imobiliaria Ubatuba. Its mission is to incorporate, develop, construct and commercialize high standard real estate, with quality and socioenvironmental responsibility, adding value to its employees, suppliers, clients, and the entire society. The business conciliates infrastructure works with the rational use of natural resources and environmental conservation, in one of the most beautiful and preserved green areas with Mata Atlantica of the brazilian coast. Responsible for successful undertakings in several regions of Ubatuba, Atmosfera debuts in the nautical market with the compromise to collaborate in revitalizing the Saco da Ribeira.

To materialize the dreams and needs of clients through arquithecture. This was the commitment made by Luis Fernando Rocco in 1980, when he started to work in Rocco Associados, in Alphaville, at the beginning of his career. With headquarters in Sao Paulo since 1995, the studio is in constant transformation, always bringing innovations to contemporary architecture Under the command of Luis Fernando Rocco and Fernando Vidal, Rocco Associados counts today with a solid team of arquithects, which sign projects for residences, interior decoration and commercial buildings.

Atmosfera Desenvolvimento Imobiliรกrio | Av. Leovegildo Dias Vieira, 376, Itaguรก, Ubatuba SP - Tel (12) 3833 9898 - - The illustrated perspectives of the apartments show only decorative suggestions. Communal areas will be equipped and decorated. Finishing materials will be completed according to the descriptive memorial. The materials and services described in this catalog are subject to change. Project approved by Ubatuba City Hall under nยบ 1373/09. Graphic Project by Atmosfera Comunications | Art Paula Muniz - Text Regina Teixeira | | Ubatuba, Sรฃo Paulo, Brazil, September 2009 Graphic Ilustrations Esphera Virtual | Translation Julia Braun


Rua Joรฃo Inรกcio da Fonseca, 27 - Saco da Ribeira, Ubatuba - SP

Voga Marine  

A modern marina amid a freak of nature.

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