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==== ==== Your Baby's Gender Discover The Natural Steps in Choosing ==== ====

If you are planning of getting pregnant soon, you might want to consider several techniques on baby gender selection. These techniques can help you determine the gender of your baby. Some couples look forward to having a baby girl while some wishes for a boy. If you have a favored gender, it is natural for you to increase the odds of having a child of your favored sex. To date, couples may now be able to choose their desired gender through baby gender selection. This is a technique which has been receiving too much attention as well as controversies for their ethical and moral implications. In this article, we will share with you basic information and tips that you need to know about baby gender selection. What is gender selection? This is the term coined to the method of increasing one's chances of having a child of a certain sex. Couples are now open to using fertility treatment techniques to increase the odds of conceiving either a boy or a girl. To have a boy for instance, the woman's egg is fertilized with a man's sperm. Eggs carry X chromosomes while a sperm can carry either an X or a Y chromosome. If a Y chromosome fertilizes with an egg, you will have a boy. If an X-bearing chromosome unites with an egg, then you will have a girl. You may wonder: why do couples want to choose the gender of their child? There are many reasons why couples use gender selection techniques. Some of the reasons have something to deal with the social, economical and cultural benefits of having either a boy or a girl. The reasons include the following: *Genetic disease prevention - There are couples who want a certain gender choice in order to prevent certain genetic disorders from being passed on. Hemophilia, for instance, is a disease which occurs only in boys. If hemophilia is part of the family history then some couples hope for a girl instead of a boy. *Family rebuilding - Some parents who lost a child wish to rebuild the family again by having a child of the same gender. The couples would seek out baby gender selection methods and choose one which will fit their needs and lifestyle best. *Balancing - Another common reason why couples favor a certain gender is family balancing. They want to balance the number of girls and boys and so they choose a certain type of sex. For some, gender selection is an easy option. To some; however, concerns on ethics, legal and morality become a huge issue. All these issues can make it difficult for couples to decide on the type of treatment to choose, the clinic to pick and the like. Opponents of gender selection techniques, most of whom with the religious side, stand that these procedures are ethically and morally against the Christian dogma. If you are 100% sure of pursuing any of these baby gender selection techniques, confirm baby gender using a medical process like a baby gender ultrasound to lessen the flaws of inaccuracy.

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==== ==== Your Baby's Gender Discover The Natural Steps in Choosing ==== ====

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