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Essential Install | Case Study: Roxy Cinema

Pyramid builds a rocking Roxy Pyramid AV has created this big fat slice of home cinema heaven for a client who had very clear ideas about what they wanted. EI settles down to enjoy the story. The cinema was created in close partnership with the client

The Pyramid team explains that the Roxy Cinema was conceived as a design and build project for clients Bruce and Hilary Weston incorporating an unusual space within the basement pool area of a large existing property.

Getting there however was not straightforward, as the project presented a number of particular challenges. The room configuration was of a ‘wedge’ shaped space that the team had to split up to maximise the potential cinema requirement as a dedicated space. Nic Black, Pyramid AV’s MD, explains, “One thing that was clear from the outset was Bruce’s steadfast intent on having a fully black room and Hilary was keen to introduce a style that was art deco in essence, along-with a star ceiling effect. “Our designs successfully accounted for both requirements as we were able to combine a style of décor that was consistent with the notions of 1930’s cinemas, but at the same time ensuring that good lighting design and systems control allowed for a fully controlled environment.” Nic breaks down the spec, “The audio system was chosen as a 7.2.2 Dolby Atmos set-up as the client was less concerned with the overhead effects of 3D audio, and in particular post commissioning prefers a more direct sound emanating from the screen when listening to music, as opposed to an ‘up-mix’ of stereo content to a sudosurround mode.”

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