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WIRING ACCESSORIES Another advantage is that different conductor types can be secured within the same connector, which is not always practical when using screws. Some spring pressure connectors use levers, while other variants can secure solid conductors just by pushing them in. They are also reusable, making them suitable for temporary fixes and testing as well as permanent installations.

Increasing applications Spring pressure connection is most commonly associated with individual splicing connectors and terminal blocks, but the concept is now being incorporated into an ever-widening scope of applications. A recent example, from kTech Manufacturing, is the mBox L32 multi-purpose wiring centre, suitable for use in both domestic and commercial environments.

A clamping mechanism can dispense with screws and apply the optimum level of pressure


Nine WAGO 221 Series lever connectors are integrated into the wiring centre, making it ready to install straight out of the box. It can be used for a wide range of applications, including heating systems, alarm systems and lighting, and is a much more ergonomic option compared to traditional junction boxes, making it suitable for wall affixing while also helping it to fit in more easily with a property’s aesthetic. The wiring centre’s housing is made of self-extinguishing plastic for maximum safety. A range of junction boxes from WISKA, Spelsberg and Connexbox have all recently been launched, designed for use specifically with spring connectors, while WAGO has introduced a range of mounting carriers which allow customers to create their own custom enclosures. Spring pressure connection has been growing in popularity for some time, but now there are more options and products available than ever. Installers can therefore benefit from the simplicity and reliability of spring pressure in an ever-increasing range of wiring scenarios. The screwdriver will of course remain a vital part of any installer’s toolbox, and the screw will always have its uses. Spring pressure connection is an effective, safe alternative that practically eliminates the possibility of wiring faults, delivers superior performance and stays within the regs. WAGO,


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NEXT TIME… In addition to its regular range of news and viewpoints, the February issue of ECN will contain special features relating to commercial vehicles & EV infrastructure, emergency lighting and test & measurement. The features will include articles and information from major companies, providing a range of information about the latest issues and technological developments affecting the sectors. For electrical contractors, the features will prove to be a valuable reference point for all that is happening within this area.

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