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LED LIGHTING TAKES FLIGHT Saima Shafi, sales and marketing director at Goodlight, explains how smart lighting control systems can provide a whole host of benefits to the transportation industry


ED lighting is gaining popularity in the aerospace and transportation industries, with many organisations integrating wireless lighting control, enjoying the benefits of low maintenance, reliable illumination with long life and low power consumption. Transportation sites around the world are upgrading to LED lighting systems for improved energy efficiency, significant cost reduction and optimal working conditions for staff. Lighting an airport, for example, can be complex due to the number of applications involved. Selecting an LED solution that provides the right colour temperature can have a significant impact on the feel and functionality of that space. Open areas such as departure lounges, security areas, airport hangers and car parks will benefit from cleaner, brighter, evenly distributed light, whereas restaurants, bars and some retail outlets within the terminal will install warm mood lighting to create the desired ambience.

The Goodlight range of energy efficient, long-life retrofit LED lamps and luminaires have been installed at a number of transportation sites across the country, including Bournemouth Airport, British Airways, Civil Aviation Authority, Heathrow Airports, Jersey Airport, Middlesex Aerospace, Network Rail, Pattonair, Siemens and Transport for London. The advantages of converting to LED lighting for this type of organisation include immediate energy savings, superior light quality, safety and security.

Superior light quality Goodlight GX1 Plus LED High Bays were recently installed into the Middlesex Aerospace warehouse

LEDs have a better quality of light distribution and focus light in a specific direction as opposed to fluorescent lighting that spreads the light more spherically. LED lighting provides directional light that gives optimum visibility that is glare and

Immediate energy savings Transportation organisations looking for a quick-win on their energy usage can achieve incredible savings of up to 85% simply by upgrading to LED lighting. Instantly, maintenance overheads are eliminated, with return on investment achieved from as little as three months, which can be funded from energy savings alone.

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