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Rey b o l d G ro up August 21, 2013

The contents of this document are considered confidential and are the property of the Reybold Group. 2

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Back ground


Comp etition


G oals and Strateg y


D eliverables




As the Reybold Group continues to grow and contribute to Delaware’s economy, it has requested recommendations on how to continue that success into the future by evaluating their current branding and marketing efforts. At Media has been selected amongst other agencies to participate in a “get to know you” phase, designed to give Reybold the best recommendations for changes in the way they present themselves to the world. Throughout the 2-month process, At Media has conducted brand surveys with all divisions, the corporate departments, customers and stakeholders of the Reybold brand. At Media evaluated Reybold’s performance in a brand audit, performed competitive research and developed recommendations of best practices to move forward as the chosen agency for implementing the refreshed brand and marketing take on the Reybold businesses.


External Team

The team outlined in this section has worked to collectively gather the data presented in this document, and have used it to develop their recommendations for implementing effective branding and marketing strategies moving forward. They are considered an extension of your abilities and efforts to implement moving forward.

At Media is the branding firm hired to develop the plan and strategy to refresh Reybold’s current web presence, marketing approach, and divisional unity.

A nto i n et te M a ri e J o h n s o n , CEO Ty l e r R . We s tn e d ge , Cre ative D ire c to r E li s e Co nway, S e nio r A c c o u nt E xe c utive

The boutique firm has been engaged to develop a strategy to increase the overall brand awareness of Reybold, as well as augment cross-divisional awareness and promotions.

C h ri s Ri c h a rd s , A c c o u nt E xe c utive Ri s a Ze ll e r, B ra n d M a n a ge r

The team members on this project are responsible for

Ia n T. B e r g , Le a d G ra p hic D e sig n e r

strategy and implementation of the approved creative.

D y la n G a r n e r, G ra p hic D e sig n e r

ofAt Media gives you the intimacy you deserve, and the strength to complete a list of issues currently unaddressed.

Data Collection

The data and feedback presented in this document was collected by At Media in an effort to fully discover the challenges and opportunities for the Reybold brand. Online surveys with strategic brand perception questions were conducted in July of 2013 with the following participants:

St a ke h o l d e r B ra n d D i s c ove r y

3 key s ta ke h o l d e r s

E m p l oye e B ra n d S u r vey

6 0 Rey b o l d e m p l oye e s

Cu s to m e r B ra n d Pe rce p ti o n S u r vey

32 Rey b o l d c us to m e r s

O n e - o n - O n e I nte r v i ew s

20 Rey b o l d e m p l oye e s


In an effort to help avoid confusion about terms used in this document, here is a list of their meanings:

Corporate Brand - Reybold Group

Sub-brands - The communities and development projects produced by Reybold Group, such as Meridian

Divisions - All divisions or departments of the Reybold

Crossing, St Andrews, etc.

Group (Storage, Residential Sales, Marketing & Leasing) Locally - DE, MD, PA, NJ, NY



Brand Story Founded in 1973, The Reybold Group has evolved from a

Self-Storage business unit, opening locations throughout

real estate investment company to one of the largest multi-

Delaware. Most recently, the company branched into luxury

service building and development companies in the state of

housing and leasing communities. Along with development,

Delaware. In the 1970’s, Reybold began purchasing land for

they have built two new residential communities with

investment as well as mobile home communities in Delaware.

affordable, green, single-family homes in a neighborhood

Within these communities, Reybold invested in road and

setting. Moving forward, they are looking for ways to unite

infrastructure improvements, making affordable housing a

their multiple brands and promote their company profile

more attractive option. During the 80’s, Reybold moved on

to the public. Additionally, the company has grown, which

to commercial construction and development, designing

requires them to more clearly define their corporate position

“flex buildings” that could be used as warehouse space or

and values to their employees, customers and local audience

office and retail developments. Next, they created a Reybold


What purpose does Reybold serve? Throughout their five divisions, Reybold provides a wide range of services to a diverse client base. From commercial real estate management to residential development, Reybold provides customer oriented, hands-on service.




Reybold contains the following divisions




The overarching company that owns all of the

The residential division covers all residential

following divisions. Going forward, corporate

property sales and leasing offices, as well as

will manage and curate all marketing and

the more independent Manufactured Housing

branding initiatives across all divisions.

Division. This division spans a wide variety of properties, as it includes a number of subbrands (e.g. St. Andrews, Ascot Landing).



Reybold Construction offers Site, Commercial, and Residential construction services for a wide



variety of clients. Not only do they service

The commercial division manages the leasing of

Reybold properties, but they take contracts

all commercial business spaces.

from external vendors, including a large number of government contracts.



Reybold Self-Storage manages a number of self-storage units in Delaware.



of the target market surveyed said brand image was important to them


Current Target Market

Based on the feedback from the employees who have hands-on experience and the competitive analysis At Media conducted, three key groups of target audiences for the corporate brand have been identified.

Target: Audience 1

Target: Audience 2

Tar get: Audience 3

• Ages 20-29

• Ages 30-55

• Ages 55 and upward

• Working professional

• Majority male for construction, commercial

• Senior living/retirement (MH, Meridian Crossing)

• Primarily female for residential buyer, storage, as the household decision maker

• Looking to downsize or join an active living community

• Middle class and upward

• Manufactured homes for retirement

• Looking for luxury or manufactured (potentially for second home)

• Storage for downsizing

• Diverse ethnicities and interests • Single or DINK • Storage used for excess items post college • Less conservative • Increasingly moving to DE from outside areas such as Phila., and D.C. • Active online; searches and social media

Upper class families and retirees that like the Bear area and really want new construction.

- Employee

• Interested in buying a home

• Rely on referrals and their children’s online searches/recommendations

• Working professionals interested in Commercial Leasing • Working professionals interested in Construction • Increasingly moving to DE from outside areas such as Phila., and D.C.

Manufactured housing - People who want the independence of their own home but don’t have the resources to buy a house.

- Employee

“Reybold appeals to everyone depending on

• Location is variable

• Looking to lease

what they are looking for. Storage - small business owners, small landscaping companies, people downsizing.

- Employee


Competitive Analysis

In order to help your business develop an advantage over the competition, we must analyze who they are. The majority of Reybold stakeholders and employees could not successfully identify direct competitors both locally and nationally. Based on the level of service and comparable revenue, these are the local and national brands At Media has identified as direct or indirect competitors.


Local Competition

Har vey, Hanna & A ssociates Background


Formed in the late 1990’s, Harvey Hanna first started doing

• Quick and simple positioning: “Harvey, Hanna &

property management throughout the Northeast Corridor

Associates is a leading land and real estate developer with

(PA, NJ, DE, MD). Their focus was mainly on business

the progressive mindset for continual growth in the Mid-

campuses and industrial parks. In the mid-2000’s, they

Atlantic region.”

entered the commercial retail industry. Currently, they define themselves as a full-service Commercial Real Estate

• Their brand feels very industrial and uses very bold

Development Company.

colors. The logo is similar to Reybold, with use of red and similar flag-like stripes in the identity. • Web presence is updated frequently, with news and events announced on press releases and white papers (could be streamlined and more SEO friendly with a blog however) • Future projects are updated regularly, driving news to their expansion rather than history • Overall, their brand is fairly consistent throughout all divisions, but they don’t do a strong job of branding their social media outlets. They do not brand out each division separately, they are all part of the larger entity. News is announced poorly, and search engine ranking is below average as a reflection of this poor practice.


Pet tinaro Background


Founded in 1964, Pettinaro specializes in Acquisitions and

development & management company, family owned and

Development, Architecture and Construction, Commercial

operated since 1964”

Leasing Services, Commercial Property Management, Apartment Rentals, Corporate Relocation, and New Home

• Website and brand look very clean and professional, but

Sales. They currently operate in PA, NJ, DE, and MD.

not particularly forward thinking. Images are very strong.

Social Media

• The Pettinaro brand maintains a consistent brand look and feel throughout all projects to remind audiences of the parent company association

• Scattered, not centralized • Project websites, such as residential communities, are • Not maintained or monitored

impressive and easy to navigate • Future developments are highlighted and emphasized to remind customer of forward thinking • Press and news is released quarterly

• Quick and straightforward: “A full service real estate

Storage Atlantic Background


They offer minimal information about their background.

• Storage Atlantic Self-Storage provides residential and

They are active in one or two charity drives per year and

business self-storage solutions plus packing and shipping

are a member of the Business Partnership Program which

supplies. The brand itself is confused. They use a number

connects local businesses.

of different logos, color palates, and branding concepts throughout their different mediums.

Ex: Used a graphic that is on the show

Social Media

“Storage Wars” for one image

• Blog - Updated a few times a month with helpful hints

• Their logo is basic, incorporating the “A” inside a wave.

about moving and local activities/events

They use three different colors for their brand; green, blue, and red. They use an icon system, which is great for

• Facebook - Looks nice on initial blush, but a majority

identifying different services and cross promotions.

of their content is from Martha Stewart. They need to diversify content.

• They do not maintain the same brand standards throughout the website, or across any of their social


• Twitter - Diverse amount of content, post fairly frequently,

media platforms. They have multiple logos and taglines

but could have a more aggressive strategy.

throughout their collateral.

S entinel S elf-Storage Background


Family-owned and operated since 1989, Sentinel

• Branded themselves as a storage facility that can watch

Self-Storage is DE, MD, and NJ’s leading provider of

and protect your belongings. Their brand evokes the

self-storage. We are committed to being the most

Revolutionary War, by their use of a revolutionary soldier

professional, convenient and secure storage option in your

as their mascot, and their strong use of red, white, and


blue colors throughout the site.

Social Media • They have a Facebook account, but have yet to post anything

National Competition

U - Haul Background


U-Haul is a moving equipment and storage rental

• “Your moving and storage resource.”

company, founded in 1945 in Ridgefield, Washington by Leonard Shoen. By 1955 there were over 10,000 U-Haul

• Website and all divisions maintain the same brand look

trailers on the road. During his life, Shoen had 14 children

and feel. Each piece of U-Haul is easily identifiable.

(through multiple marriages), and gave stock in the company to each child. In 1986, two of his sons, Edward and Mark launched a successful takeover of the company. Currently, the Shoen family is led by Edward “Joe” Shoen, who is chairman and president, and owns 40% of the company through their AMERCO holding company. AMERCO filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June 2003 and emerged in March 2004. The filing did not include or affect U-Haul operations.


Brand Evolutions

Every long standing, successful company evolves over time in order to keep up with the needs of their audiences. Brand evolution requires refreshment, as demonstrated here by some of the greats.

DuPont Tagline Evolution 1935-1983: “Better Things for Better Living....Through Chemistry” 1983-1999: “Better Things for Better Living” 1999-Present: “The Miracles of Science.”

• Logo has not changed significantly over the years. However they have greatly evolved their efforts to continue brand recognition online, mainly adjusting their voice, messaging, and avenues to introduce themselves to growing audiences.

• 160,000+ Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube fans and


• Makes their message easy for millenials to identify with

“A Generation Working to Change the World”

• Continually updating and redesigning their website, nearly 13 times in the past decade

• Incredible employee referral program, incentivizing cross-promotion and online activity. Employees fuel their main brand ambassadorship programs.


Pepsi Logo/Identity Evolution Pepsi’s logo is regularly being refreshed. The viewer can see how the logo has moved towards a more streamlined and modern look throughout the years. The logo has grown with the brand, evolving to a point where the graphic “dot� itself has become so recognizable that they no longer need to include their name.





Current Challenges • Local and National Brand Recognition • Presenting a Consistent Brand Message and Identity • Brand Recognition throughout all Divisions • Regular Internal and External Communication and Marketing Plans


Goals and Strategy 1

Develop a Brand Identity for Corporate and Divisions


Improve Online Customer Experience and Overall Web Presence


Develop Outreach Strategies to Reach New Audiences and Increase Sales


Streamline Internal Communications and Increase Brand Equity


Goals and Strategy Outline

This document provides Reybold with a clear set of findings that drove At Media’s Plan of Action. A phased execution approach will be developed, once the plan is approved. The following are target goals that At Media and Reybold have identified as critical to revitalizing the Reybold brand as well as recommended strategies for solutions.


Develop a Brand Identity for Corporate and Divisions

• Define the corporate brand vision, mission, position, promise and Reybold story to include all divisions and company values • Renew brand and divisions identities for cross-division consistency • Develop brand guideline to address consistency and awareness


Improve Online Customer Experience and Overall Web Presence

• Design and Develop a new Reybold corporate web presence • Identify web opportunities for each division • Address online content plan including social media and division sites


Develop Outreach Strategies to Reach New Audiences and Increase Sales

• Develop a PR campaign for the Reybold corporate brand and divisions • Develop marketing plans for the corporate brand and the divisions • Develop email marketing strategies • Create a customer loyalty program


Streamline Internal Communications and Increase Brand Equity

• Develop corporate intranet, newsletter and communication plan • Educate employees on the Reybold values and refreshed marketing materials • Create an employee referral program



Develop a Brand Identity for Corporate and Divisions


Develop a Brand Identity for Corporate and Divisions • Define the Corporate Brand Vision, Mission, Position, Promise and Reybold Story to include all Divisions and Company Values • Renew Brand and Division Identities for Cross-Division Consistency • Develop Brand Guidelines to Address Consistency and Awareness


52% of Employees surveyed said that the Reybold logo needs to be updated or refreshed

22% of Customers surveyed said that they had never noticed a Reybold Group logo


71% of Employees said Reybold is not representing itself to the world as best as it can

- Employees 23


Develop a Brand Identity for Corporate and Divisions

Define the Corporate Brand Vision, Mission, Position, Promise and Reybold Story to include all Divisions and Company Values

A brand promise is a commitment made between a brand and its audience

advertised to the public

• Reybold Excellence

• Building is in our DNA

• Four decades of corporate evolution

• Moving forward, we need to develop one brand promise and by determining the unified value Reybold seeks to offer the public. The brand also lacks a clear mission and vision. Brand vision is the long term strategic position that Reybold will take in the market, as well as in the client mindspace. The mission defines what drives you, what Reybold strives to achieve. • Streamlining the foundation of Reybold’s messaging will help the company develop targeted efforts to engage key audiences (similar to DuPont’s approach)


What is our message? I think

• There are more than a few brand promises that are currently

we need to determine the message, then communicate the message.

- Employee


A multi-faceted development company providing top quality in various types of housing, commercial and manufacturing warehouses and offices as well as state of the art storage facilities. They support the community by providing these products with the utmost emphasis


on innovation and integrity.

They support the community

with charitable contributions and create jobs. Reybold is a valuable commodity in Delaware.

- Stakeholder 25


Develop a Brand Identity for Corporate and Divisions

Renew Brand and Division Identities for Cross-Division Consistency

The new look should be more modern, but also convey the history and stability of the Reybold Corporation. The logo should be transferable to all the Reybold

Physical Brand Elements


I think we need to see the

logo or branding on more of

• Currently, signage and other visual

touchpoints are inconsistent, out-of-date, and

overlooked. Over 23 different logos have been

identified as current Reybold identities.

the things in the office and around the site.

- Employee

• Inconsistency in logo and colors used on

employee attire and lack of uniforms makes it

difficult for customers to identify Reybold

employees when looking for assistance

• Moving forward, ensure that the brand identity is cohesive throughout all visual outlets and customer/ new client touchpoints. The physical brand elements are often the first thing that potential customers see, and it is critical that you create a positive impression. It is important that every time a piece of your brand is represented, it meets the brand standards and accurately portrays the Reybold brand.

Division Identities • Current Taglines

• Opening Doors. Storing Memories. Building



• Own it. Rent it. Store it.

• We are Reybold. Welcome Home.

• The Key to Your New Home

Our company vehicles for one thing are one of our strongest advertising strengths for this company. We are noticed by our

vehicles all across the state. [I would suggest] having a good looking fleet of

vehicles, with a unified logo.

- Employee

Develop a Brand Identity for Corporate and Divisions

• Construction

• Matter of fact, patriotic (improving the

community) • Self-storage

• Quirky, fun, easy to use, storing your memories

(storage is a breeze)

“I just lost 300lbs using Reybold Self-Storage”

• Residential

• Family-oriented, quality, feel at ease

(emphasizing amenities and community)

We need to appeal to the emotional side of people.

Suggestions in Messaging Tone


Once you do, we earn the trust and loyalty needed

to maintain a long lasting relationship with them.

- Employee

• Manufactured Homes

• Family-oriented, flexible, attainable (join a

long-standing community of homeowners)

• Assets to update with the new Reybold look should

Get the message and our

Logo - Update to showcase the Reybold

experience, quality, and depth of services


Visual touchpoints - Develop a consistent visual

representation of the brand that communicates

quality and is easily understood by customers

reputation out there for our division. Most people think of Reybold as a mobile


home sales or mobile home park manager. Need a

change in the message or a

better developed message.

- Employee



Business cards. Email signature. Each storage site has a different email address, every single one has a different email signature. Uniform. The employees who interact with


customers should be treated as retail employees - we basically have the opportunity to showcase who we

are, show proudly and help people identify.


- Employee


Develop a Brand Identity for Corporate and Divisions

Develop Brand Guidelines to Address Consistency and Awareness

create branded documents

• Make it easier for employees to sell their division’s services in a consistent and professional manner

• Additional branding information and story added to the employee manual would address the “problem areas”

Every time I walk into the community club house for

• Currently, employees are left to their own devices to

assistance or to learn about my community, I am unsure who works for Reybold

or more specifically, my apartment complex.

that many employees encounter when they do not have

- Customer

the resources necessary to follow brand best practices

• For example adding • Appropriate branded attire

• Consistency in email signatures

• Corporate and division letterhead

• Logo bank and other branded graphics

• Social Media policy and best practices

I am regularly in touch with my sales agent, but I have

to search for her business

card everytime I want to call her because I can’t find her number anywhere else.

- Potential Home Buyer




Improve Online Customer Experience and Overall Web Presence


Improve Online Customer Experience and Overall Web Presence • Design and Develop a New Reybold Corporate Web Presence • Identify Web Opportunities for Each Division • Address Online Content Plan Including Social Media and Division Sites


How are you currently reaching your target audience?

4 3 2

5 1

1. Social Media: 33% 2. Advertising: 17% 3. Sales Representatives: 17% 4. I’m not sure: 17% 5. Other: 17% * However, you are currently not reaching your audience through social media at all due to inactive or non-existent social media accounts 32

- Stakeholders

What is your Opinion of the Reybold logo(s)?

5 4 3

1 2

1. Fine as it is: 38% 2. Could use updating and refreshing: 19% 3. I’ve never noticed any logo: 22% 4. I don’t care: 19% 5. Other: 3%

- Customers 33


Improve Online Customer Experience and Overall Web Presence

Design and Develop a New Reybold Corporate Web Presence


Connections and Shareability

The website has an important role in gaining new

Include opportunities for customers to stay informed

customers, so it is critical that it provides an accurate

about what is happening at Reybold, such as a sign-up

representation of who you are and what you do. The website should look just as professional and competent as employees say you are, as well as present a strong, relevant and fresh face to customers.

for the newsletter and links to social media sites on every page. This will give you additional touchpoints with which to reach potential customers and an opportunity to grow your customer base.



Overall Look and Feel

• Integrate all content

• Clean and simple design

• Easy and intuitive to use

• Create visual elements that can be carried throughout all Reybold divisions

Our web page does not


even begin to demonstrate

the products we offer. There are no virtual tours nor any pictures representing the sense of community.

- Employee

On average, 45% of traffic comes from mobile users. Given this, it is important to have a site that allows users to navigate via mobile, tablets, etc. This will provide current and potentital customers with a more streamlined experience, and increase usability of your site.

Reybold needs a facelift. It feels old. I would like to see Reybold continue to modernize their systems


and take actions within the organization that mimic

larger national companies. Reybold could be edgier and innovative.

- Employee 34

Improve Online Customer Experience and Overall Web Presence


Identify Web Opportunities for Each Division

Each division should have their own branded website. Division sites should maintain the Reybold brand look and feel while simultaneously conveying the messaging of the particular division. This will enable each division to stand independently of Reybold while still maintaining the Reybold association.

• Develop regular standards to unify division brands, addressing the following

• URL normalization

• SEO goals (see side notes)

• Unify brand recognition and association to Reybold corporate

• Include mobile site

• Include cross-promotional material and customer loyalty information

• Streamline communications by directing

SEO Currently Reybold corporate and division brands are missing great opportunities with search engine results. How many of these searches are Reybold currently capturing?

• 40,190/mo. searches for “Homes for sale in Delaware”

• 9,9100/mo. searches for “Apartments for rent in Delaware”

• 2,900/mo. searches for “Houses for rent in Bear Delaware”

• 3,300/mo. searches for “Storage in Delaware”

• 6,400/mo. searches for “Construction Management companies Delaware”

all newsletter signups to one main

CRM tool (Customer Relationship

The SEO goals for each division need


to be set, implemented across the web presence, and analyzed in monthly marketing meetings



Improve Online Customer Experience and Overall Web Presence

Address Online Content Plan Including Social Media and Division Sites

It is important that all content is disseminated throughout all social media channels and division sites on a regular basis. By keeping content fresh, it gives users a reason to return to your site.

Key Website Pages • Updates and News: Each division’s website should have a dedicated page for project updates and news. Content

• New project announcements and updates

• Responses to current events that are relevant to Reybold

• Helpful tips for current and potential customers

• Incorporate keyword-dense articles that link to division sites


- How to best store china or fragile materials

- What to look for when purchasing a new home

- What to expect when you’re closing on a house

• Corporate Blog: will host the blog, while the

- How to prepare your house for winter

Marketing Department will manage blog content. The blog

- What to expect when moving to Delaware

will provide customers with consistent updates, as well as

keep the website fresh with new content. It will also expose

- Commuting from Delaware to Philadelphia

- Moving from Washington DC to Delaware

should be updated regularly to keep site fresh as well as to increase SEO and site credibility.

customers to all of Reybold’s divisions at once.

Content • Incorporate keyword-dense articles that link to division websites • Updates/news content will include


• Blog content will include

• Project updates

• Photos

• News

• New hires

• Sales promotions

- The benefits of living in Delaware

Management System • Monthly content schedule set by the Marketing Department and managed by one person

• Marketing team will meet once a month to set SEO goals and gather content

• Each division will appoint a person or small team to collect content

• Agency or Marketing team will compile articles and social media content

Improve Online Customer Experience and Overall Web Presence


Social Media Presence


• Developing a strong social media presence is important

• Use diverse content and media to keep users engaged

for two reasons: it provides current and potential customers

• Share internal links

with real-time updates on your brand, and it gives current

• Reybold Group and sub-division websites

and potential customers an additional opportunity to

• Internal news and events

interact with the Reybold brand. It is important to curate

• Blog

a strong presence on all social media outlets, as not all

users frequent each outlet. By ignoring an outlet, you are

• Content derived from blog can be translated into multiple Facebook and Twitter posts

• Share external links

ignoring a potential client. That being said, only create accounts on outlets that you can maintain and manage well. For example, it is better to not have a Vine presence than to have a poorly managed presence.

• Press on Reybold

- Set up google alerts to be notified of new stories on Reybold

- Keep information timely and share stories quickly after they are published


• Relevant articles and media, on topics including

- Real-estate - Development

• Recommended social media platforms for Reybold

- Home design

- Bear, Delaware

- New Castle County, Delaware

• Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube

• Demonstrate in marketing materials that Reybold is available to connect across multiple platforms

• Show social media icons in marketing materials (email, flyers, brochures, etc.)

• Each division’s social media platforms should be managed

• Post content that elicits a response

• Pose questions, prompt conversations

• Use Facebook’s poll feature

by the Marketing Department using a tool such as

• Photos


• Property exteriors

• Property interiors

• Construction/work in progress

• Building materials

• Architectural drawings/mock-ups

• Neighborhoods

• Each division’s page can be updated from one location by one person (or team)

• Videos

• Tours of Reybold properties

• Construction sites/work in progress

• Neighborhood tours

• Local events

• Reybold employee interviews

• Customer interviews



Improve Online Customer Experience and Overall Web Presence


• Facebook Advertising

• Facebook advertisements enable you to reach a

• Promptly respond to users who comment, respond, or

targeted audience, drive traffic to the website and

write on Reybold social media pages

expand your Facebook reach

• Advertisements can either link to your website or

• Use hashtags (#) whenever applicable

earn a ‘like’ for your Facebook page. There

• Hashtags categorize posts so that they are easy

are advantages to each, and both types can be run

for users to browse and search


(#Delaware, #RealEstate, #Storage, etc.)

- Linking to the website brings interested

Facebook users directly to Reybold, which

• Tag or mention other users whenever applicable

should engage potential customers and

• For example, when sharing a news article you

increase site traffic overall. You can choose

should tag the name of the news source

to direct an audience to specific landing

pages, content, or promotions.

• Incorporate visible and accessible links to social media

- Attaining ‘likes’ means customers will

outlets on website

be brought to the Reybold Facebook

page, which displays timely content in a

• Encourage employees to interact and connect with the

form that may be more accessible for

Reybold brands

some consumers. It also means that users will

be subscribed to Reybold’s Facebook

updates and receive posts from Reybold

on their home feed.


• Develop targeted advertisements

- Identify audience based upon location,

age, interests, family status

- Develop creative materials specific to

each target audience and target division

• Run in tandem with existing media placement

(i.e. create Facebook advertising campaigns that

mirror those of billboards, print, and radio)



Bringing on the Marketing Dept has

improved this communication to the public. I love the billboards but feel they could be used in a better way.

- Employee




Develop Outreach Strategies to Reach New/Current Audiences and Increase Sales


Develop Outreach Strategies to Reach New/Current Audiences and Increase Sales • Develop a PR Campaign for the Reybold Corporate Brand and Divisions • Develop Marketing Plans for the Corporate Brand and Divisions • Develop Email Marketing Strategies • Create a Customer Loyalty Program


Does your division have a marketing plan?

I think so, but have not seen it

Yes No

Yes: 37% No: 18% I think so, but have not seen it: 45%

Additionally, in one-on-one interviews, 7 out of 10 Employees stated that they felt directily responsible for new business in their division.


42% of employees want to to expand by focusing on advertising/marketing



Develop Outreach Strategies to Reach New/Current Audiences and Increase Sales

Develop a PR Campaign for the Reybold Corporate Brand and Divisions

Creating a strong media presence is beneficial in a number

• Monitor national and local news for breaking stories that

of ways. First, it allows potential/current customers to

are relevant to Reybold and its divisions. Be able to respond

experience your brand outside of purchased media

quickly to those events, positioning Reybold as the expert on

(advertisements). Second, it positions you as an expert in

the topic (corporate or division).

your field, and gives you credibility that can’t be purchased.

Public Relations Strategy • Identify experts throughout corporate and divisions who can be positioned as experts to the media on specific topics

E.g. Expert on the housing market, storage safety, commercial zoning laws in Delaware, etc.

• Develop media training kit and media train all individuals identified as experts. Develop communication process for all press inquiries and follow-ups. • Create media list based on key, target publications that are relevant to the Reybold Corporate brand as well as each division

• Monitor and adjust as needed

• Build relationships with writers/journalists

• Develop a pitch timeline that takes into account the following criteria

• Publications’ topic schedule

• Any national topics (ex Earth Day) relevant to Reybold, real estate, development, construction, etc.

• Scheduled events within Reybold

• Develop and pitch stories based on the above information


Develop Outreach Strategies to Reach New/Current Audiences and Increase Sales


Develop Marketing Plans for the Corporate Brand and the Divisions

With a strategic marketing plan, Reybold can increase visibility to new target audiences, as well as build overall brand awareness

Create an Overarching Marketing Plan • Plan developed and managed by Marketing Department

• Currently, Reybold advertises across a wide variety of media outlets, varying by division

• Each division to select a representative or small team to work with the Marketing Department

• Marketing Department to develop marketing plans for each specific division as well as the corporate brand

meetings and focuses on corrective measures and short-

• Plan will be developed yearly, with room for small

term initiatives. Instead, marketing should be focused

additions/adjustments during the year based on

on long-term goals and strategies. Employees should be

results, feedback, and unexpected (positive) events

• Billboards

• Magazine Ads

• Radio

• Marketing Department to meet with division representative before developing individual marketing plans

• The Marketing Strategy is currently determined at weekly

cognisant of their divisions marketing plan, and see the marketing materials in action. Seven out of 10 employees stated that they feel directly responsible for new business - give them the tools to follow through with that interest and responsibility

Marketing Goals

• Each campaign will be developed with the division/ corporate brand in mind

• Proposed media outlets and creative will be reviewed with and approved by division representative

• Marketing Department will have final approval to ensure that all materials meet brand guidelines

• Increase awareness of individual division brands • Create awareness of the Reybold corporate brand, and associate Reybold corporate with all of their divisions

• Increase sales across all divisions

• Executed by Marketing Department

• Increase marketing to reach new members of the target audience

• Would include outdoor, print, digital, social media, radio (based on the divisions target demographic and budget)

• All creative will reflect each division’s brand look and feel



Develop Outreach Strategies to Reach New/Current Audiences and Increase Sales

Develop Email Marketing Strategies

A well-designed email marketing campaign will allow you to target specific audiences with personally designed messaging. It is a touchpoint designed with the recipient (potential/current customer) in mind, delivered directly to them.

Create Specific Email Templates for Each Division

Email Management • Outbound email marketing should be managed by one person, similar to the newsletter, with content gathered regularly

• Monthly marketing opportunities should be gathered from division representatives

• Use a comprehensive email system (Mail Chimp or

• Monthly/short-term promotions

Constant Contact) to create and maintain templates and contact lists

• Urgent issues should be submitted to email blast controller immediately, for instant distribution

• Each division should have two target audiences, current customers and potential customers • Use email to update customers on urgent news in their particular community or to remind them of an event previously mentioned in the newsletter

E.g. Email all Meridian Crossing residents to

alert them of a construction inconvenience

• Any long term, non-urgent, or time sensitive items should be placed in the newsletter


• Develop template for submission of

information for urgent blasts in order to

streamline and standardize process for

submitting information

Develop Outreach Strategies to Reach New/Current Audiences and Increase Sales


Create a Customer Loyalty Program

Increase cross-promotion and customer loyalty by developing incentives for customers to purchase or refer friends across different divisions. This will raise awareness within the existing Reybold customer community and get them excited about other Reybold divisions. • By doing business with two or more different Reybold divisions or subdivisions, customers would receive a discount

E.g. Individual who rents at St. Andrews would

get a 25% discount on the monthly fee if they also

leased storage space at a Storage Facility




Streamline Internal Communications and Increase Brand Equity


Streamline Internal Communications and Increase Brand Equity • Develop Corporate Intranet, Newsletter and Communication Plan • Educate Employees on the Reybold Values and Refresh Marketing Materials • Create an Employee Referral Program


48% of employees surveyed have been with Reybold Group for more than 5 years


How would you prefer to receive updates about the company?



6 2

3 1

1: A Company-wide newsletter: 45% 2: A personal email from my boss: 26% 3: Information updated on the company’s website: 13% 4: Social Media: 4% 5: Told by a colleague: 5% 6: Other: 6% - Customers 51


Streamline Internal Communications and Increase Brand Equity

Develop Corporate Intranet, Newsletter and Communication Plan

Currently, there is no way to connect employees with resources, guides, procedures, or internal communication. In-person interviews revealed a great need for an Intranet as a central resource for employees, the desire to hear from corporate via a regularly scheduled newsletter and an annual event.

Intranet Intranet would house the internal directory of employees, company processes and policies, and brand guide (brand guidelines

Newsletter • “The Reybold Round-Up”

corporations, my experience is that processes, procedures, guidelines and documents should be

• An internal newsletter that keeps employees updated

on divisional activities and updates is necessary

more regularly available.

• The current “Reybold Social” newsletter is valuable as

My wish is to help increase

a communication tool, but should be expanded to

documentation, house it

include both divisional and company-wide updates as

somewhere like an intranet,

well as new projects updates

so that it is secure and

• Distribution of the newsletter should be managed by

the Marketing Department

• Each division will assign a person to collect their

content and send it to the Newsletter Manager

• Content should be large scale announcements,

internal congratulations/acknowledgments, etc.

• Smaller items of note can be uploaded to the intranet

• The manager will populate the newsletter template

with the supplied content and send out newsletter

• Frequency of newsletter can be determined based on

amount of content that needs to be relayed


• Newsletter Distribution


“Coming from larger

- Employee

Streamline Internal Communications and Increase Brand Equity


Educate Employees on the Reybold Values and Refresh Marketing Materials

Employees are very dedicated and speak highly of the

• Host the manual on company intranet and make sure all

company. They should feel empowered to convert that

employees know where it is

dedication and pride into brand stewardship. When

• Train employees upon hiring how to access

changes occur at a company level (rebranding, new

brand guidelines and when to use corporate

projects, etc.) employees should feel knowledgeable and



• Offer annual refresher course to review all

current standards as well as address any items

that might have changed

• Make course mandatory for employees

who are constantly working with the brand

Connect employees to the brand as a whole, not just their specific division • Use intranet to keep employees up-to-date on happenings in different divisions • Develop Lunch-and-Learn sessions where employees from different divisions and sub-brands can meet and get to know each other and what their division does/offers • Host an annual event for all employees and spouses Ex: End of Summer BBQ

• Plan quarterly team building sessions to build camaraderie as well as company pride and enthusiasm

• Each session would consist of a selection of

employees from each division

• Each employee would go to one or two sessions

per year

• Employees from different divisions and sub-

brands would have the opportunity to get to know

each other

[Reybold is] the best

company I have worked for.

- Employee

• Sponsor voluntary community service activities

• Work on a Habitat for Humanity house for a day,

form a team for a American Heart Association

HeartWalk (or group that has interest within the

company), etc.



Streamline Internal Communications and Increase Brand Equity

Create an Employee Referral Program

Reward employees who take initiative • Create a rewards program for successful employee developed plans or ideas • Referral Plan: By referring a client to another Reybold division, the employee would receive an incentive. This will encourage different divisions to learn more about each other and foster inter-division cooperation.


• Cash payment

• Additional half day vacation

• Gift certificate to local (quality) restaurant


Communication really is key within the company, from the top to the staff, and throughout the various departments. Communication done


right would help with the morale of the company, but could also be a huge benefit, as it could provide better word of mouth advertising / branding.

- Employee55


Deliverables/ Next Steps • Refreshed Identity • Website Refresh Design • Launch Website • Launch Intranet • Email Blast Assets Designed and Developed into HTML Templates • Social Media Growth and Support


Deliverables/Next Steps

At Media will manage the project and assign resources to complete the execution at the highest quality, while delivering on the proposed timeline. The Senior Account Executive will report the status of the project, and be responsible for managing communication between all parties. For total estimated hours and cost see attached project scope document. Execute the strategy and plan within the following timeline

April 30, 2014: Reybold Corporate Identity, Web Presence and Communications


Refreshed Identity

• Refresh Logo

• Develop division logos

Web Presence

• Design website and mobile site for


• Define Typefaces and colors for all

• Design Social Media profiles

materials moving forward

• Develop all messaging, copy

• Define Corporate Messaging Launch Website

• Tagline, Slogan

• Mission and Position

• Full website and mobile site development

• Copy, Messaging, Voice

with custom CMS for easy internal updates,


• Create Brand Guidelines

according to scope outlined in plan

• Update business cards, and other

• Fully functional blog within the site,

branded materials

with CMS easy to update

• Uniform

• Create content schedule for corporate

• Vehicles

marketing division including SEO,

• Email Signatures

Social Media

• Employee Badges (ID)




Launch Intranet



• Create Corporate


Communications plan including PR

Campaign and Newsletter


Email Blast assets designed and developed into

• Develop 2014 Marketing Plan

HTML Templates

• Support corporate team with

• Newsletter


• Reminders

• Develop scope of intranet with

• Design and develop online

8 6

Develop Corporate Communications

Manage New Assets

Social Media Growth and Support

• Outline agency role for managing

• Create Overview document with voice,

all new assets in 2014

targets, etc. for each network

• Growth for audiences within the target


• Social Media content plan created for

ongoing management



Thank You. 222B Race Street Philadelphia, PA 19106

Reybold Strategic Plan