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THE ALPHATEC SPINE APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAM (ASAP) IN THE OVERALL ECONOMY it’s tough to find a job. Conversely in the machining industry it’s getting harder and harder to find skilled workers. Apprenticeship programs that support the machining and manufacturing industry have nearly disappeared altogether. Organizations such as the NTMA seek to bring them back and support education as a core value in the mission statement of both the national and local associations. One local San Diego business decided to take matters into their own hands. Sean Tillett, Supervisor, Production Training and Apprenticeship Coordinator at Alphatec Spine searched for some type of support to launch an apprenticeship program for some time to no avail. His search brought him into contact with the California Division of Apprentice Standards (DAS) ( Eventually the DAS connected Sean with the District of Grossmont Adult School. Grossmont had funding for such a program available. The funding is enough to cover Alphatec Spine’s program for a minimum of five years. Thus, the birth of The Alphatec Spine Apprenticeship Program, known as ASAP. The program is state-certified, overseen by DAS San Diego field office and Grossmont Adult School as their Local Education Authority. As of mid July this program is just in its infancy stages. Once Alphatec Spine knew they would be able to launch the program Alphatec Spine had to find students. With funding in place to take three lucky students on for the next three years, Alphatec Spine had to be strategic about finding the right pupils. Their first move, they joined the local NTMA of course! The San Diego NTMA was able to put them in contact with local high schools, colleges, and educators to get the word out. They had a specific criteria and process that all applicants had to adhere to. The final three, according to Tillett, “were real stand outs and we are very pleased with our choices”. It’s a good thing, because Alphatec Spine is housing the classroom and training. Alphatec Spine’s staff will be working with these apprentices for the next three years. “It’s a big commitment, but we believe in the program.”

Accuwright Industries, Inc. is a full service Metal Spray facility utilizing State of Art Robotics and Controls for precision Flame Spray applications. Featuring Plasma Flame Spray, Twin Wire Arc Spray, Combustion Powder/ Wire Spray, and HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) Spray. With Quality programs and certifications such as ISO 9001-2008 and FAA Repair Certificates we can meet the growing changes of your industry. Recently combined with our Metallizing capabilities, we now have the Cold Gas-Dynamic Spray (Low Pressure Cold Spray) available for specialized services.

Refurbish worn or damaged shafts/spindles? • Don’t throw away those worn shafts/spindles • Think green and repair • Surface restoration for worn or damaged shafts/spindles • Similar and Hard surfacing repair for longer life Over/under sized machined parts? • Don’t weld • Don’t throw away • Let us rebuild material on incorrectly machined parts • Coatings to match part material • Coatings to provide harder materials • Increase longevity Can’t quote that new job? Never heard of Flame Spray? • It is called Metallizing, Thermal Spray, Plasma Spray, HVOF Spray, Arc Spray, Combustion Spray, Cold Spray • We can do it • Material engineering • Quick turn around times And the Benefits? • Fast turn time • Engineering services • Friendly Service • Knowledgeable Staff • Pick-up/Delivery Valley wide • Consulting/Specification selection • In-house testing procedures

Alphatec Spine is a medical device company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets products for the surgical treatment of spine disorders, primarily focused on the aging spine. For more information contact: Sean Tillett, Supervisor Production Training Apprenticeship Coordinator Direct: 760.494.6894 Email: Website:

Accurate Thermal Spray Technologies Accuwright Industries, Inc. Contact: David Wright 480.892.9595 (toll free 877.247.9108)

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Precision News September October 2011  

Precision Magazine, the trade magazine from the Arizona Tooling and Machining Association. Featuring articles on manufacturing in Arizona, N...

Precision News September October 2011  

Precision Magazine, the trade magazine from the Arizona Tooling and Machining Association. Featuring articles on manufacturing in Arizona, N...