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Possible Scotland is a travelling workshop touring Scotland throughout the summer of 2015 investigating the possibilities available in your back garden, your community, your region and your country. However, we need your help and support to make the project a reality. If you believe in the project and the eect it will have on people and communities throughout Scotland, please pass this on to someone else so they can be involved too. We believe Scotland is awash with potential and look forward to highlighting a future Possible Scotland.

Possible Scotland Possible Scotland is a travelling workshop that investigates Scotland’s potential. We will listen to local people and reveal opportunities throughout the country. We will be visiting over 40 destinations in Scotland from summer until autumn 2015 communicating how you see Scotland’s future to politicians, activists and local authorities, providing a voice between your community and the people who decide its future. Holding workshops throughout the country we will share your ideas on an online platform that is accessible to all. At the end of the tour we will be producing a contemporary atlas of Scotland that provides a vision for a better future. A future that has economic benefits, provides productive landscapes and seascapes, and enables people to initiate change in their local community. A future that breaks down barriers, connects people and showcases the potential that Scotland has to offer. On tour in a custom built campervan, Lateral North will provide travelling workshops in your area which facilitate communication, help planning and regeneration, re-think infrastructures through new technologies, offer system thinking and visioning, and help your community create a strong identity. Tell us what you want to see changed. Tell us your bugbear. Your scunner. Yer gripe. As part of this process, we will also be holding fun creative writing workshops designed to loosen inhibitions and facilitate free out-of-the-box thinking about what a future Scotland might look like. We want to hear your sublime and your ridiculous imaginings as well as your more practical ideas and solutions. A key part of our ethos is the promotion and distribution of materials and products made in Scotland. If you are a business we can take your product on tour, showcasing it throughout Scotland. If you want to come on tour with us, or collaborate with us on the project in any way, get in touch. Help us to transform a campervan into a mobile resource so that we can visit you. Enable us to reach every nook and crannie from Auchterarder to Yetts O'muckhart (there are no ‘Z’ place names in Scotland). We will give you a platform to share your ideas interactively and provide you with a new atlas of Scotland. An atlas that will be the cumulative voice of hundreds and thousands of people throughout Scotland. Since its inception, Lateral North have produced Scotland’s first atlas in over 100 years and the world’s first atlas of productivity. The atlas was first published in May 2014 and all copies sold out. Due to high demand we are now producing a second edition alongside Common Weal. The atlas that we want to produce offers a unique local perspective on national matters considering individual and communal voices. We believe that we can only imagine our future together. In early 2015 Lateral North undertook a travelling workshop pilot tour to 7 locations in Scotland over 7 days visiting Dunkeld, Dundee, Shapinsay, Tongue, Applecross, Lairg and Helmsdale. We found out about the current problems and driving forces for change. Joan, for example, has lived in Lairg for her entire life. She has seen Lairg lose its identity as a geographical centre, and along with it much of its means of survival. Now she will have to move away from family and friends for her final years because there is no care home in Lairg. Lateral North can design new infrastructures that suit the needs of your community to allow for change from a grass roots level. We are going to crowdfund this project so that communities can invite us along, organisations can be involved and individuals can have a say in a future Possible Scotland. This, of course, means that we must form a timetable and a list of rewards for your kind contributions. We are aiming for £49,000 as an initial target. If we reach £100,000 we will double the amount of places that we visit by touring with two campervans, providing the opportunity for even more people to talk to us and have their voice heard.

Timescale for Possible Scotland Project Kickstarter Funding period: Purchase of Van and Tour planned: Tour Begins: Tour Ends: Contemporary Atlas of Scotland created:

30th April - 28th May 2015 28th May - July 2015 July 2015 October 2015 October/November 2015

Rewards All crowdfunding campaigns are based on a series of products and rewards being available for the kind donations that we will receive. Possible Scotland is no different. We believe that our series of products offer something unique and different to individuals, organisations and communities. Some of our products are participatory, some are simply us saying thank you for your support in this project; all the products will make sure that the contributor is involved in the project from start to finish and shaping a future Possible Scotland. A thank you email and the knowledge that you are amazing: A personalised postcard from the tour: Your name/company name on the side of our campervan: A personalised postcard from the tour plus your name on the camper van: A custom made and personalised Atlas of Productivity: The new Atlas plus a custom made and personalised Atlas of Productivity: The new atlas plus a visit to your community: A visit to your community plus the rest:

£5 £10 £25 £50 £100 £250 £500 £1000

How much does Possible Scotland need to get off the ground? We are using Kickstarter to crowdfund our project. On their website they highlight that each crowdfunding campaign should be the minimum amount of money that you need. For us £49,000 is the minimum that we need to get the project off the ground for the summer of 2015. Below we have a list of how the money will be spent to ensure that we are as inclusive as possible. The money being spent ranges from the purchase and fabrication of the travelling workshop through to the end products which include an online platform for the project and the new Contemporary Atlas of Scotland; it includes our fee (because we need to live) and that of Kickstarter (because they need to live); it includes everything that we need to get the project off the ground for the minimum amount of money. Campervan (one that is unique, different and exciting): Lateral North Fee (two of us working 3 days per week for 6 months): Collaborators Fee (because we want to have other people host workshops as well): Materials (fitting out a van isn’t cheap, neither is printing): Travel (petrol, ferries and camp sites aren’t free): Kickstarter fee (almost 10% fee): Website (set up an online Possible Scotland platform that anyone can edit!): Documentation (because we want to show you pretty photos and videos): Atlas production (compiling together and then printing a new atlas): Rewards (sending those postcards, printing the vinyl and making a personalised atlas): Contingency (because we are designers and not auditors):

£10,000 £12,000 £4,000 £5,000 £3,000 £4,000 £2,000 £2,000 £3,000 £2,000 £2,000



For more information on the Possible Scotland project please contact us via the following options: w: t: @lateralnorth e: oďŹƒ t: 07837130196

Possible Scotland  

Possible Scotland is a travelling workshop investigating the potential in your back garden, your community, your village, your town and your...

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