Atlas and Alice - Issue 7

Page 6

Letter from the Editor

This issue was due to post online last week, meaning the week of the U.S. Presidential election, but a severe funk kept me from my duties. To be honest, compiling a magazine felt so unimportant, so trivial. What difference did it make, anyway, if this digital magazine existed? But then I thought about the pleasures reading has provided my life. The escapism of media has always helped keep me sane, and though our little magazine isn’t going to necessarily fix any of the problems that have recently erupted, the incredible words within may provide a sliver of solace to a hurting soul. So here it is: Issue 7. There are some beautiful pieces in these virtual pages, some grasping at the heat and vibrancy of summer, and others easing into the dry, autumnal air. Many of these essays, stories, and poems touch upon the idea of survival, and maybe that’s something we need right now. Together, we will survive. I hope these words bring some comfort to those who hurt.


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