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Students who develop a study plan and stick to it are often the ones getting the good grades and destroying everybody's curve. Learning how to study more effectively by saving time is a crucial step in getting good grades. This article is designed to provide a five step framework for how you can save time when you study for an exam leaving you more time for things you want to do. The first step in this five step process is choosing the right study environment. It is very important that where you study is free of distractions and without setting this step up everything else becomes less effective. Find a quiet place free of distractions and get focused on your studies. The second step is to take breaks every hour. Notice I said every hour. To be a good student you have to put in the time, studying twenty minutes a day isn't going to cut it. For every hour you study take a fifteen or twenty minute break. This will keep you fresh allowing you to fully absorb the material and saving you time in the long run. Step three is prioritize your schedule and your assignments. Being prepared will help you know when to study and also what to study. Spend more time on the difficult subjects and spend less time on easy subjects. Being organized and prepared will save you time. Step four and potentially the biggest time saver is to review your notes before and after class. Reviewing your notes before and after each and every class will help you absorb the material. Therefore, when the time comes to start studying for exam there is no need to re-learn the material because you have already been learning the material the entire semester, again saving you time. Finally, find out when you function best and study during that time. If your a morning person study in the morning or if your a night owl like I am then study at night. Studying when you function the best will make the best use of that time and will cut down on time wasted by you not being at your best.

Another way on how to study more effectively and get great grades is to increase your study speed. This might not be the smoking gun that you were looking for but the fact is increasing your study speed made all the difference for me. I found this website and followed the steps in the course. Upon completion I found that I was able to cover more material in less time. My stress level went down because test time became easier as I was better prepared. This program helped me as I have a 3.79 GPA in a Master degree program and I use the speed study method and you can too. So get serious, develop a plan and click those links and uncover the secret truth to getting great grades,

you won't regret it.

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==== ==== Get better grades in less time and less effort guaranteed check this out! ==== ====

5 Steps on How to Study Effectively for Tests  

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