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Big Things Brewing at Tun

The Tun Tavern intends to add such fare as beer-based onion soup, fish and chips, barbecued ribs, pulled pork and more to its menu, as well as some new home brews.

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By Frank Gabriel


Check out the Tun’s new menu items sweet round flavor.” he also hopes to rely on “more local flavor” for the food side of the operation in general. this includes both “more slow roasts and braises” and creating additional sauces from the proprietary list of beers and ales. A couple of those items appear to have already found their way onto the tun’s menu for Atlantic city’s upcoming restaurant Week (March 4-10). ribs, in the form of a half rack basted in ale-infused chipotle barbecue sauce, will be offered at dinner. Pulled pork, in a sandwich form, is among the lunch selections. in the meantime, Kelly is already well into the planning process for his next batches of

seasonal brews. coming soon to the tun are heffeweisssen, and unfiltered summery wheat with a slightly cloudy appearance, along with a spring/summer Maibock gold lager, possessing higher alcohol content (8-9 percent) and a “malty-sweet” essence. tun customers should also expect to see Kellerbier, which Kelly describes as “a lager that is not fully lagered,” and a Farmhouse iPA. in case you are wondering what exactly the acronym iPA stands for, it means india Pale Ale. the professorial Kelly explains that during the heyday of the British empire, casked ales shipped on long sea voyages to the remotest parts of the globe — like india — required special prepa-

ration and precautions. specifically, these ales were treated with additional hops, a natural preservative and when paired with alcohol an antimicrobial agent, to ensure their continued drinkability. Kelly utilizes a variety of those hops — the female flowering plant top of the humulus lupulus species — including traditional “noble” strains native to central europe like saaz, hallertau and tettenang. From the United states, he purchases additional hops native to the Pacific northwest, like cascade and simcoe. he explains that these tend to impart a more citric flavor profile. in coordination with the annual Atlantic city Beer and Music Festival March 30-31 — dubbed the “celebration of the suds” — the tun will be offering one home brewer the opportunity of a lifetime. the winner of a competition judged during the event will be given the chance to have their beer or ale professionally brewed by Kelly on premise at the tun (last year’s winners, two members of a local organization called the Barely legal homebrewers authored Belgian tripel, a strong pale ale). clark also has something special planned, the installation of a smoker outside building, planned to make its debut on May 19. he even hopes to employ the decorative oak casks — originally used for aging rum and currently scattered throughout the restaurant — as fuel for that new device. n

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s the AtlAntic city region’s first, and still only, full-scale brewpub and restaurant, the tun tavern has always managed to nicely incorporate those house-made beverages into its bill of fare. Brewmaster tim Kelly elaborates on this process, saying “i’m generally here as a resource for chefs. i’m an ingredient.” Kelly, a Marlton native with a background in physics, previously worked at Drexel University in the Department of Material sciences. he became enamored with the home-brewing movement while attending grad school at the University of Vermont, calling that time “an incredible experience.” the wry Kelly has been with the tun for five years, prior to that he also worked at cherry hill’s highly regarded Flying Fish Brewery for two years. the tun’s kitchen has undergone a transition over the last six months and is now under the direction of local chef Jon clark. An egg harbor township native, clark graduated from Atlantic cape community college’s school of culinary Arts in 2003 and has already completed stints working at two highly regarded facilities — renault Winery and the ram’s head inn. the soft-spoken 28-year-old old talked candidly with us about his plans for a menu revision, adding items like beer-based onion soup, fish and chips, barbecued ribs, pulled pork and a beer mac-n-cheese in the not-too-distant future. each would utilize Kelly’s creations, most often the tun lite, which clark fancies for cooking thanks to “a

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