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PURO’S CIGAR SHOP Home Away From Home For The Cigar Lover By Diane Feen

But fortunately this retail cigar establishment has fans that are willing to share the limelight with other Puro’s admirers. The reasons are obvious to Claudio Hoch. “Puro’s has the best products in town. They also have the greatest family atmosphere. Eduardo (the owner) is the friendliest guy in town and it’s a great place to come.” Everyone who extols the virtues of Puro’s has something to say about the laid back atmosphere of the street level patio where cigar lovers go to smoke a good one and talk about everything under the sun. The best thing about Puro’s, said Mark Niska, is that there are people there from all walks of life, all parts of the country and all ages. “We have all types of conversations about all types of things. We usually solve all the problems of the world free of charge. You never know who you will meet, I joke that people come here from Yale and jail,” said the medical business consultant who lives in Boynton Beach. Like Hoch, Niska is also a frequent visitor at Puro’s Cigar. The Boston native enjoys the camaraderie so much that he stops by for cigars and conversation at least four or five times a week. He nurtures his coffee or Espresso and smokes a Perdomo in the evening while striking up a conversation with owners Eduardo, Jesus or Lisbeth Garcia. “They are the friendliest people and the location is great. They also have a great selection of cigars and the prices are reasonable. You’re not paying for wide screen TV’s and other amenities, it’s just a friendly place to hang out and smoke a cigar outside,” said Niska. Puro’s legend goes like this: Eduardo and Lisbeth Garcia lived in Canada and New York for over 74 May 2014 |


photos by melissa korman

Cigar lovers talk about Puro’s Cigar like a lover. It is friendly, nurturing, kind and helpful. It also has a great comfort level that only lovers understand.

48 years. Eduardo was in the restaurant business and Lisbeth was in real estate in Miami. Although they originally planned to open a restaurant in South Florida, it just never came to fruition. Instead they opened Puro’s Cigar four and a half years ago. And it’s been a love affair ever since. “In the restaurant business Eduardo enjoyed making people happy,” said Lisbeth. If you ask financial advisor David Ravodowitz you will find out that Eduardo has accomplished his goal with ease. “I go to Puro’s five times a week. The owners are hospitable and you get special attention you won’t get anywhere else. You can actually feel that they care about their customers. This is my favorite cigar store.” Like the other fans of Puro’s Cigar Ravodowitz is smitten with the diverse crowd and the camaELIZABETH & EDUARDO, OWNERS

raderie. “The common denominator here is that rich, poor, young and old come to Puro’s and it’s an open forum to talk and socialize. Some of the other places are cliquey but not here. The cigars are priced well and they have a diverse selection of great cigars.” What customers may not know is that Puro’s was chosen as one of the few South Florida cigar stores to sell the exclusive Casa Cuba cigar by Arturo Fuente. It’s the first new cigar from Carlos Fuente Sr. in decades. Fuente Sr. blended Casa Cuba himself, using an Ecuador Havana wrapper and a mix of Cuban-seed Dominican filler and binder. “I blended this cigar the way I used to blend Cuban tobacco,” he told Cigar Insider. Casa Cuba cigars come in four sizes and are named after Cu-

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