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special feature ║ puro’s cigar shop

owners Eduardo And Lisbeth Garcia

A Safe Port In The Calm



photos by melissa korman

If there’s a solution for world peace it could probably be found at 777 East Atlantic Avenue in front of Puro’s Cigar Shop. It is there that men of all ages and professions sit around and chew the fat. They talk about politics, medicine, literature, physics, religion and occasionally (when no one is watching) women.

They also have something else in common – they smoke cigars and are loyal in their admiration and devotion to Lisbeth and Eduardo Garcia. Both Lisbeth and Eduardo sell cigars, smoking paraphernalia and espresso to their customers who come from near and far.

Take Paul for instance. The New Jersey resident stays at the Seagate Hotel four or five times a year and meanders into Puro’s for cigars. “The Garcia’s are knowledgeable, friendly and the cigars are excellent top of the line brands,” he said as waited for Lisbeth to do a V-cut to the front of his cigar.

Eduardo, Frank, Toby and Lisbeth, is always a pleasure to enjoy a cigar with good friends, that is all about

74 June 2015 |

Most cigar shoppers at Puro’s end up at what is known as the VIP Lounge. Simply put that’s the outdoor porch with the large umbrella and circular table. It’s a place where friendships are made and brain cells are preserved. Or as Jim from Boston admits, “my wife won’t let me smoke at home.” But one gets the feeling that Jim is fine with that decision. He comes to Puro’s every day to smoke a cigar and talk about whatever comes up in the ether. “We have all sorts of people who come here. We have a psychiatrist, a movie critic, furniture maker, builder and a restaurateur. We solve all the world’s problems here. Women, eh – but a good cigar is hard to find.” If you ask all who come to this respite in the shade they will tell you the same thing – the selection of cigars at Puro’s is the best and the prices are some of the lowest. For Bill, a restaurant owner from New York City, the outdoor oasis in front of Puro’s is just what the doctor ordered. “I like the

Atlantic Ave Magazine June 2015  
Atlantic Ave Magazine June 2015