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Marsha Savage said she is a student at heart who approaches her craft with the goal of embracing the process rather than necessarily finishing a particular piece. It “is about the journey, not the destination,” she said. Savage said she started painting at the encouragement of her best friend when she was staying at home as a young mother. Although she has attended some seminars in recent years, she refers to herself mostly as a self-taught artist. For more than 40 years, Savage’s lush landscapes have been bringing the viewer to the scene. She has painted in several mediums such as oil and acrylic, but it is

pastel painting that has captured her heart. “I like pastel because it captures the nuances of color and it’s immediate,” Savage said. “I have the ability to layer it; there is no mixing involved and dries a little faster than other mediums.” She added that when she is painting, she gets into a zone. “I let the painting tell me which direction to go,” she said. “It’s about loving what I do and being open to the experience.” Consistent with her love of nature, in “Protecting the Crop,” Savage captures the scenery of a farm in Cumming. The piece depicts four scarecrows standing in attention overlooking the countryside.

Cover: Gary Baughman adds colors to a work in progress at his studio. Opposite page: Top: Marsha Savage and her “Protecting the Crop” Middle: Arthur Jones and his “Assisi Renaissance Celebration” Bottom: Gary Baughman and his “Memories of Mother” Below: Marsha Savage puts finishing touches on one of her works of art.

Always glad to share her technical skills, Savage is a mentor to many students. She admits that she learns something new every time she teaches. She facilitates workshops in Georgia and sometimes out of state. One of her former students is Karen Margulis of Marietta, who, like Savage, is a member of the Southeastern Pastel Society, and who teams up with her to conduct workshops. “Marsha has a sensitive eye for the beauty around her,” Margulis said. “Her love of the environment comes through in her paintings.” Arthur Jones says he simply loves “to Continued on page 6




Atlanta Senior Life - February 2017  
Atlanta Senior Life - February 2017