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CITY OF ATLANTA Kasim Reed, Mayor MAYOR’S OFICE OF CULTURAL AFFAIRS CAMILLE RUSSELL LOVE, Executive Director Eddie Granderson, Program Manager Robert Witherspoon, Public Art Services ATLANTA CITY COUNCIL CEASAR C. MITCHELL, President CARLA SMITH, District 1 KWANZA HALL, District 2 IVORY LEE YOUNG, JR., District 3 CLETA WINSLOW, District 4 NATALYN MOSBY ARCHIBONG, District 5 ALEX WAN, District 6 HOWARD SHOOK, District 7 YOLANDA ADREAN, District 8 FELICIA A. MOORE, District 9 CLARENCE T. MARTIN, District 10 KEISHA LANCE BOTTOMS, District 11 JOYCE SHEPERD, District 12 MICHAEL JULIAN BOND, Post 1 at Large MARY MORWOOD, Post 2 at Large ANDRE DICKENS, Post 3 at Large

VISION MISSION To enhance the quality of life through cultural experiences that will expand Atlanta’s international reputation.

To promote rich and diverse cultural experiences in the city of Atlanta while preserving and protecting the city’s cultural heritage

The Office of Cultural Affairs Public Art Program (OCA/PAP) is charged with administering the development and management of public art projects for Atlanta City Government. OCA/PAP also provides programs and services that support our arts community while improving the quality of life for all citizens and visitors. The Office of Cultural Affairs Public Art Program operates on the premise that art enhances the quality of life for our citizens by encouraging a heightened sense of place, increasing our community’s prestige and enlivening the visual quality of Atlanta’s built environment. The program promotes a public initiative of outreach and education while working to preserve the city’s cultural heritage. The OCA/PAP is committed to creating community through public art and builds upon community support to conserve, preserve and make available public art to citizens and visitors in Atlanta.

Isamu Noguchi

Willie Tarver

As one of the most progressive cities in the southeast, Atlanta’s diversity and expansion are a testament to the rich environment that Atlanta supports. Public Art Atlanta is charged with bringing recognition to Atlanta’s artistic heritage and cultural life, by involving communities, residents and visitors, with art that impact the city’s public spaces. Since 1977, Atlanta City Government has advocated for the integration of public art into Atlanta’s infrastructure through a percent for art program. As a set aside of one and one half percent of eligible capital improvement funds, the percent for art program supports the development of infrastructure projects for Atlanta City Government. Public Art Atlanta manages both infrastructure projects and temporary projects developed in collaboration with arts organizations, community groups and artists, to fulfill the core mission of enriching and preserving the artistic heritage of the City of Atlanta.

James Harold Jennings

Curtis Patterson



Atlanta’s Public Art collection consists of 139 artworks in public places throughout Atlanta: Parks, Recreation Centers, Municipal buildings, streetscapes and plazas. In addition, there are over 200 portable artworks that represent the work of numerous Atlanta artists. Atlanta’s Collections management facilitates the work of cultivating and preserving art commissioned and bequeathed to the City of Atlanta.

Henri Jova, Stanley Daniels, and John Busby

Thornton Dial

Curtis Patterson

Elisa Arimany

Kit Yin Snyder

John Paul Harris

Jim Seigler | Gamba Quirino

A dedicated team of curators and project managers work throughout the year to identify and promote creative opportunities that impact how the public experience art in public spaces. Heightening the public experience through art that values collaboration and recognizes the uniqueness of community assets; Public Art Services and programs offered through the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs support a wide range of art that influences Atlanta’s reputation as a wonderful place to live.

Isamu Noguchi

Art in “Placemaking” enhances the lives of residents by impacting where residents t work and play; while visitors are treated to the uniqueness of Atlanta’s public places and cultural life through the diverse art offerings in the City. Eddie Owens Martin

Elevate brings dynamic contemporary art to

Atlanta, by carrying out stimulating and interactive exhibitions that impact and offer the public powerful experiences with art and the urban environment. The program aims to creatively generate interest in the cultural development of underutilized parts of Downtown through public art exhibitions, tours and events. Elevate looks to increase access to cultural experiences while encouraging participants to explore historic downtown neighborhoods. Elevate challenges residents and visitors to re-imagine the city’s public spaces while experiencing the transformative impact of arts and culture.

Atlanta is quickly gaining acclaim for its cutting edge exhibitions, quality contemporary art and progressive arts scene. Gallery 72 has a strong focus on local talent, serving as an institution that supports individual artists, local galleries, arts organizations and curators. Gallery 72 is Atlanta City Government’s

newest exhibition space located in Downtown Atlanta. A 3000 square foot lobby space at the 2 City Plaza has been transformed into a visually stunning and welcoming creative space designed by Stanley Beaman & Sears. The gallery promotes, interprests and presents cutting-edge contemporary art by emerging, mid-career and estabished artists

Julia Venske | Gregor Spanle

Trevor Reese

Branden Collins

The Chastain Arts Center managed by the

Mayor’s office of Cultural Affairs, provides a nurturing place where artists of all ages and skill levels are encouraged to create, learn and enjoy. For over 35 years, art classes and exhibits have been offered at the facility located in Chastain Park. Also exhibiting the works of local artists and artisans, the Chastain Arts Center remains an Atlanta staple. It’s impressive location in northwest Atlanta is a 100 year structure that is maintained by the Department of Parks and Recreation.

The City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs Public Art Program is proud to host guided public art tours in Downtown Atlanta! Atlanta, residents and visitors will experience remarkable artwork by nationally and internationally recognized artists. Guides will lead you through Downtown Atlanta corridors and touch on historical sites and monuments that speak to the heart of Atlanta’s character. This Public Art tour is a great way to learn about Atlanta’s place in history through our cultural and artistic lineage.

Xavier Campaney Medina

Francesco Somaini

The OCA Internship Program Contracts for Arts Services Atlanta Public Art Registry Your support of Public Art Atlanta through the numerous programs offered will continue to bring recognition to the City’s public places and cultural life. Contact the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs to find out how you can support Public Art in Atlanta. For more information contact: Eddie Granderson 404.546.6819 or Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs Suite 1700, Harris Tower Peachtree Center Atlanta, Georgia 30303 404.546.6815

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