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Make the Most of Your Time!

Wash, Dry, Fold ... faster!

n  Wrinkle-Free Clothing: Brands such as Orvis, Old Navy, GAP and L.L. Bean among others make wrinkle-free clothing for adults and kids. This includes shirts, button downs and pants that don’t wrinkle for faster time out the door. n  No More Ironing: Wrinkle-release spray (such as Downy) is a great time saver. Investing in a more heavy duty stand-up steamer or smaller hand-held steamer can also make this process faster. n  Purchase Same-Color Socks: If you have trouble with the kids digging through the sock drawer to find matching socks, eliminate this problem by buying all white ones, or all black or all pink – just make sure each kid has one color.

Hire someone to do the work

Sometimes replacing ceiling fans or doing your own yard work takes more time than you have in a week. Consider spending the money for help and using this time with family or doing other tasks.

by Teresa Farkas and Amanda Miller Allen

If there’s not enough time in the day, let’s change the way we prioritize those precious hours. Here’s how.

12 Atlanta Parent    January 2018

Let a Bot clean your floors

Try a robot vacuum such as the iRobot Roomba ( for $299.99 and up) or the Samsung Powerbot (samsung. com for $349 and up); these products clean carpets and bare floors while you are away or busy with the kids.

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