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2 INtown | July 2011

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Dear INtown Readers, When I was asked to teach a freelance writing course in SCAD’s graduate professional writing program, I worried that I would be unable to replicate the realities of freelance writing. I could assign projects that reflected various types of freelance writing but could I convey the challenges of developing and pitching fresh ideas for a unique publication, the pressures of deadline, and the dynamics of writer-editor relationships? Could classroom lectures and anecdotes express the complexities of an emerging story whose angle has shifted unexpectedly or the joy and satisfaction of seeing your first byline? Then Lee Todd, SCAD Ivy Hall’s coordinator of cultural programs, came to me with a proposition. Lee had invited Atlanta INtown publisher Wendy Binns and editor Collin Kelley to visit Ivy Hall and discuss opportunities to work together. After learning more about SCAD’s writing program, Wendy and Collin proposed a collaboration between INtown and SCAD-Atlanta. What began as an opportunity to work together became the “INtown Takeover,” in which the students of my freelance writing class served as INtown’s stable of freelance writers.

Wendy and Collin were excited to both further the paper’s mission of community involvement and develop a partnership in which students pitched, researched and developed, and wrote the majority of the July issue. I was excited that the students would have the opportunity to experience writing beyond the vacuum of the classroom, in which the collaboration would serve as a practicum and students would have the chance to navigate the often-taxing waters of freelance writing. We all believed the collaboration was a great idea but weren’t sure what would happen. Following our first editorial meeting with Wendy and Collin, however, students quickly appreciated the INtown mission to represent and inform the Intown communities. After researching back issues and neighborhoods, they mapped out the paper’s readership and began to brainstorm ideas. Still, one aspect of the project concerned them: they understood the paper and its audience but they also wanted the July edition to represent the SCAD-Atlanta student’s perspective of Atlanta. Would Wendy and Collin give them that kind of freedom? Could they truly takeover the newspaper and give it the SCAD spin? The July issue is testament to the success of our collaboration. Wendy and Collin were

Gulf Coast native Caleb Morris, 31, has been exhibiting his work in the galleries of North America for the past four years, including the Orange County Museum of Art. In addition to showing in galleries, he has had the opportunity to work for clients such as MTV Networks, Diesel Clothing Co., SJC Drums, Atlanta INtown, clothing companies, international magazines, and record labels. His current gallery work is based on the lives of 19th and 20th century blue collar workers and how their struggles relate to problems that are universal and timeless. When not fighting insomnia or deadlines, Caleb can be found planning his next scheme to travel across the country and record it in his sketchbook.


GO GREEN Weed Warrior ..........................................20 Eco-Briefs ...............................................22

THE STUDIO Jazzman Eric Thomas ............................23 Author Susan Rebecca White ................23 Atlanta PlanIt ..........................................24 The Intern Diary ......................................26

To see more of Caleb’s work, visit sheeshillustration.com.

Quick Bites .............................................32 Grant Park Market Open ........................32

IN BUSINESS Business & Retail Briefs .........................33 Charis Books Expanding .......................33

REAL ESTATE Preservation Awards ..............................34 Real Estate Briefs ...................................39 Atlanta’s Ever-Changing Landscape .....35



Manuel’s Tavern Mainstay ......................28 Vegetarian Options.................................30 Rooster 14 Cookies ................................31

Modern Home Tour ................................36 Geocaching ............................................37 MODA’s Bathroom Exhibit .....................38

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Christopher Bundy Professor of Writing, SCAD-Atlanta


CONTENTS Meet the Takeover Team ..........................4 Mills Enrichment Center ...........................6 Pennyman Tours .......................................7 Real Rolemodels ......................................7 Home Away From Home ..........................8 Intown Datebook ....................................10 Local Businesses in Focus ....................13 Health & Wellness Briefs ........................14 Beyond Highlights & Pedicures .............16 Mixed Martial Arts ...................................17 Barking Hound Foundation ....................18 Off-Leash Dog Parks ..............................18 Pet Pick...................................................18

excited to get fresh ideas from young writers, and students were eager to develop their own stories written in their own voices. They have not only added their distinctive voices to Atlanta INtown but also contributed to marketing and promotional strategies, the cover concept, online video content, and even a column on beer. Students learned what it’s like to pitch a great idea only to have it fizzle in development and then to rise again in revision, to track down elusive subjects for interviews, to feel the displeasure of an unsatisfied editor, and to finally hear, “this looks great.” The “INtown Takeover” was in fact a collaborative effort. Many thanks go to Lee Todd for fostering the idea from the beginning and supporting us through the quarter, to the SCAD-Atlanta professional writing program for always encouraging inventive paths to learning, to Wendy and Collin for inviting us in to their wonderful publication and listening to what the students had to offer, and, of course, to the SCAD-Atlanta students whose names you will find as bylines below the compelling stories they found right in their own backyards. I hope you have as much fun as we did.

ONLINE AtlantaINtownPaper.com Aww ... your pet is so cute! Share a photo with INtown and your pet could be famous. A selection of photos will appear in the August issue. Email collin@atlantaintownpaper.com by July 10, 2011 with the photo, name of pet and a short bio of your pet.

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July 2011 | IN

meet the SCAD student writers Alexandria Mari Berry (first-year M.F.A. writing) describes herself as a transgressive, edgy, thought-provoking artist, passionate about changing the way people think about art and creativity. She profiles sustainable, edible plan advocate Matti Dwyer for the INtown Takeover. This summer, you might find her running barefoot through Piedmont Park, hanging out at the corner of Euclid and Moreland Avenue in Little Five Points or getting inspired at the Amtrak railroad.

Matthew Terrell (first-year M.F.A. writing) can’t live without sweet potato pie, Pilates, cheese (not goat cheese), Cadbury Mini eggs, air conditioning and pulled pork. On a summer day you can find him hanging out in a pool in Little Five Points, drinking rum and coke and reading trashy detective novels. He writes about the cultural mythologies related to sexuality, especially as it pertains to being gay. For him, the magic of film photography is in the unknown that comes with having to wait for processing. Most of his writing takes place in the laundry room.

Angela Lee Milkie (first-year M.F.A. writing) received bachelor’s degrees in women’s studies and psychology, which have inspired her to write for those whose voices aren’t often heard. In this issue she profiles Charis Books & More and Charis Circle’s new feminist center. She also draws attention to local female writer, Susan Rebecca White, who was featured in the Ivy Hall Writers Series. And, she loves Rooster 14 cookies and thinks everyone needs to know about them.

Brandon Marshall-Todd (second-year M.F.A writing) is a writer, filmmaker and aspiring screenwriter. He likes living in Buckhead, sitting outside and pondering how Matlock solved all his crimes within one hour. In this issue, he explores his love for film and travel with stories about his experience interning for The Mo’Nique Show and Atlanta’s Pennyman Specialty Tours.

These bios and photos were compiled by Rebecca Grace. To see video of the class in action for the INtown Takeover, visit YouTube.com/AtlantaINtownPaper.

Peggy Hibbert Top Agent, Dekalb Board of Realtors® FOUNDING PARTNER



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Three finished levels of quality construction on +/- 1.25 acres. Pristine condition and ready to move in with grand entertaining rooms, casual family space, and a master closet fit for royalty. Finished terrace level with kitchen, recreation room, two bedrooms, full bath, and powder room. 7 Bedrooms / 5 Full Baths / 3 Half Baths

Recent Listings: 268 W Parkwood 461 Durand Drive


$550,000 $435,000


Courtney Marcelo Norton (first-year M.F.A. writing) has been a full-time trial lawyer since 2004, but dreams of being a novelist. Her unpublished novel, Sacrificed, about the role of religion in the ongoing drug war between the U.S. and Mexico, was written between the hours of 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. In this issue, she highlights the work that the Albert T. Mills Enrichment Center is doing with inner city children. Among other things, her favorite thing about living in Grant Park is being able to hear elephants trumpeting from her front porch. Krystal G. Roberts (second-year M.F.A. writing) finds inspiration at open mic poetry nights and concerts. She writes cultural criticisms on topics that range from the controversial (religion) to pop culture (music). For INtown she profiles local musician, Eric Thomas. Also visit INtown’s YouTube channel for the hilarious and informative videos profiling local businesses, which she co-produced with fellow host Sydia Bell. One day she plans to record a billboardtopping R&B/Neo-Soul album.

Bernadette E. Constance (first year M.F.A. writing) writes about a group of extremely motivated people in Atlanta called Real Role Models who connect and inspire nonprofit organizations and activists to promote peace and unity. She also turns the spotlight on five great vegetarian restaurants in the city that prove that food can be delicious as well as humane.

© MMXI Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates, Inc. All Rights Reserved. House of Pucon, Alfredo Helsby used with permission. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

4 INtown | July 2011

w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

Osayi Endolyn (first-year M.F.A writing) knows that good writing takes a lot of work and likes to write about big ideas and relatable characters. In this issue she gets behind the bar with Bobby Agee at Manuel’s Tavern, and also finds out what kind of person takes care of abandoned or abused dogs. What she loves about living in Edgewood is being in the thick of things without feeling like it, and walking to The Porter Beer Bar. Look for her beer column online to find out more about her love for malt-hop-ale-lager things. Rebecca Grace (first-year M.F.A. writing) has been celebrating one thing every day since Jan. 1, 2011, on her blog, Fête. In this issue, she celebrates dogs by writing about Atlanta’s dog community and the scarcity of dog parks. Her greatest inspirations are other writers, photography and the weather, and she took some of the profile photos for the Contributors page. Although she doesn’t live Intown, she enjoys writing at Alon’s Café & Marketplace, preferably with an Americano and fresh croissant in hand. Sydia Bell (first-year M.F.A. writing) loves the sense of community that comes from living in her Morningside neighborhood. Saturdays in the summer she buys local, organic produce from Rosebud Restaurant farmer’s market; in this issue, she writes about local pick-yourown farms. The New York native also explores the Twitter-sphere and those hidden gems – local businesses. She firmly believes that everyone has a story to tell.

Timotheus (T.J.) Gordon, Jr. (first-year M.F.A. writing) brings his love for sports into play with “Knuckle Up,” a story on mixed martial arts in Atlanta. An autistic writer and blogger, T.J. hopes to be a spoken word artist and poet and finds inspiration in music, anime and mythology. What he loves about midtown are all the wonderful, nearby restaurants, like Flying Biscuit and The Vortex.

the Illustrators

Matthew Miller is a freelance illustrator from Grand Rapids, MI. Currently he is attending the Savannah College of Art and Design for illustration. Matthew has done portrait work, and commissions of all sorts, but looks to direct his work to say something about society, culture, and the world in which we live.

Matthew Amor is a junior at SCAD Atlanta where he is majoring in illustration. Matthew, who grew up in Atlanta, says he is always looking for new ways to bring his art to the people. “Art is a magical thing and I think that it can be a very useful tool in everyday life,” he says.

w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

Ruth Catherine Meharg has been passionate about creating for her entire life. She grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and moved to Atlanta a year ago to enroll at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Currently Ruth is attending SCAD - Atlanta and working toward her B.F.A. in Illustration.

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July 2011 | IN

IN the Neighborhood Place of refuge Pastor Rosa Arnold offers enrichment for at-risk preschoolers FEATURES, NEWS & EVENTS

By Courtney Marcelo Norton

leaving the place that has been their refuge for the past few years; a place of safety from stressors like domestic abuse and poverty. Founded in 1995 by Pastor Rosa Arnold, the center provides children between the ages of 3 and 5 with hot meals, educational activities, counseling and basic needs that would otherwise go unmet. Arnold established the center after her own son was murdered by a group of young men in Atlanta. The men (two were teenagers) were eventually apprehended and Arnold was standing in the courtroom at their

At the Albert T. Mills Enrichment Center, the children are practicing for graduation. Solemn 5-year-olds march single file onto a pretend stage while Edward Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 plays in the background. Sitting with their small hands folded in their laps, they are remarkably self-possessed. For these preschoolers – many of whom have survived violence, hunger and neglect–this graduation is a big deal. They will be

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395 Beverly Road 884 Virginia Circle 352 Lofton Road 5 BR, 4.5 BA • $1,995,000 Listed for $1,195,000 5 BR, 4.5 BA • $599,000 Erin Yabroudy•404.316.2203 Jim Warwick•404.216.9450 Erin Yabroudy•404.316.2203 ct ra





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108 Peachtree Circle 238 15th Street 2881 Elliott Circle 4 BR, 3.5 BA•$1,199,000 3 BR, 3 BA, 2 H-BA • $725,000 Listed for $814,900 Erin Yabroudy•404.316.2203 Sally George•404.783.3842 Erin Yabroudy•404.316.2203 ct ra



c er





t on

70 Huntington Road 179 17th Street 1024 E Rock Springs Listed for $795,000 3 BR, 2.5 BA•$749,000 Listed for $649,000 Anne Powers•404.906.7982 Erin Yabroudy•404.316.2203 Erin Yabroudy•404.316.2203







34 Inman Circle 1488 Sheridan Walk 6 Muscogee Avenue Listed for $1,199,000 Listed for $550,000 2 BR, 2.5 BA • $399,000 Erin Yabroudy•404.316.2203 Erin Yabroudy•404.316.2203 Lauren Head•404.668.2788 3284 Northside Pkwy. Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30327•404.261.6300•www.beacham.com *Includes Morningside,Virginia-Highlands,Midtown,Anelsy Park,Buckhead,Brookhaven and Sandy Springs. 2011 = 1st Quarter 2011

6 INtown | July 2011

preliminary hearing. “They appeared coldhearted,” she recalls, “and then it hit me that they were once little boys. I wondered what had happened to them.” That moment sparked a desire to help at-risk children avoid the same outcome. Sixteen years later, the center serves an overwhelming number of children in need. Most of the parents are single women. Some parents are on drugs. Many are jobless. The meals served at the center are often the only meals the children will eat that day. Arnold recounts the story of one boy who arrives at the center ravenous, eating several helpings at breakfast and lunch. At the end of the day, they load his backpack with additional food, hoping it will reach his siblings at home. To pay for this food, Arnold has pawned or sold most of her personal belongings and borrowed from friends and family. She relies almost exclusively on donations. “If they need coats, if they need shoes, we find a way to get them,” says volunteer Julie Silber, who works to coordinate donations for the center. “We have had children come to us without underwear . . . in the dead of winter.” Not only does the center address immediate needs, like food and clothing, it helps students learn early reading and mathematics skills. Many graduates of the center go on to excel in school. “We had one grandmother who was raising nine children by herself,” recalls Arnold, “all of them crack babies.” The oldest of those children have since graduated high school at the top of their class. Perhaps more important than the academic lessons, the center teaches values such as integrity, respect and kindness – hard lessons for children who come to school shoeless because their parents sold their sneakers for drug money. Arnold watches from the doorway as the graduation rehearsal winds down. “I wanted to get them caps and gowns,” whispers the woman who has spent over a decade-anda-half scraping together money for utility bills, food and teacher salaries to keep the center running. She claps softly as the children file past her, smiling just as she will on graduation day, having armed her little students with lessons of love and kindness that will hopefully last a lifetime. The Albert T. Mills Center is in immediate need of donations and volunteer assistance. The center is temporarily located in Grant Park and is looking for a permanent location. To learn how you can help, please visit their website at atmills.org or call (404) 635-2326.

Pastor Rosa Arnold, top photo left, created the Albert T. Mills Enrichment Center in the wake of her son’s muder. The center helps children from abused and impoverished families who need clothing, food education. w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

History Revealed

Pennyman Tours creates rich tapestry of Atlanta’s past By Brandon Marshall-Todd While historic buildings and street names seem to always be in danger of being torn down or changed, Roger Pennyman has made it his life’s mission to preserve Atlanta’s rich history and bring it back to life. Pennyman Specialty Tours was founded in 1986 as a small company that initially only focused on the history of Atlanta. In 25 years, the company has since expanded all over the United States and into the Caribbean, providing hundreds of tours every year. Pennyman is a living encyclopedia of many cities, but especially Atlanta. He has found information and stories often left out of history books (he was a history major in college, after all) that helps bring the city’s past to life.

Pennyman says, “History is the reason we are all here. The very fabric of everything that we hold dear comes directly from the hard work of those who came before us. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, Asian, Hispanic and everything in between. There is something to be learned, there is something to be appreciated. It’s the only way we can have true progress.” He peers over his glasses with a friendly smile, wavy black hair firmly in place, and dressed in a spiffy uniform as tourists file one by one into the tour bus to head down Sweet Auburn Avenue. Pennyman points out the various landmarks as the bus slowly makes its way down the street. The first major black newspaper, Atlanta Daily World, was created on Auburn Avenue, was home to entertainment hotspots like the Royal

Peacock Club and, most famously, was the cradle of the civil rights movement. The bus slowly pulls up to Martin Luther King Jr.’s childhood home, and Pennyman has information you won’t found anywhere else. By the time the tour is over, Pennyman has described the type of wood used to build Dr. King’s house, the reason why he wore a certain tweed jacket nearly everyday as a teenager, as well as how he survived two life or death situations before the age of 16 to become the Noble Prize-winning, historical figure known the world over. The bus weaves through traffic toward Underground Atlanta, know to many as party and shopping destination now. Pennyman tells the tourists that the rail line that ran through Underground was the hub for transporting slaves around the South.

Where Johnny Rockets now stands, slave auctions regularly took place. Pennyman also has insightful details about the federal buildings, the Atlanta University Center, Emory University, The Georgia Dome, Grady Hospital and more. He expertly weaves Atlanta’s rich tapestry connects the dots with historical events all over the country. By the time the tour is over, many tourists swear they will never look at the city the same way again.

To set up a tour with Pennyman Specialty Tours, call (404) 499-1000.

Peace and Solidarity

Real Rolemodels seeks to unite nonprofits for global change By Bernadette Constance How many of us feel passionate about a cause but are unsure how to put our desire into action? Dusty Wenk founded Real Rolemodels to empower people to answer that question for themselves. The Real Rolemodels is a database for organizations and their founders, organization members, and anyone who wants to see global change, peace and solidarity. The database seeks to connect individuals to groups and promote action among the two, with causes ranging from civil rights to environmental protection, to peace and poverty, and everything in between. Having moved to Atlanta from Germany a year ago, Wenk takes time out of a busy schedule to advocate for social change. Inspired by people like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mother Teresa, Wenk wondered “why it took so long for people to follow these leaders and why we keep forgetting what they have taught us?” Wenk realized that it’s not about waiting for the next big leader to come along. If she wanted the world to change, she would have to start doing her part. Using the power of social media, Real Rolemodels began with a Facebook page in February. A series called “Real Rolemodels of the Day” is featuring on the page, which profiles nonprofit organizations ranging from the national, like the Human Rights Campaign, to local organizations like Petz Parties, which unites different animal charities around the city. There are also inspirational quotes from icons like Bono and Mark Twain and messages from people facilitating in their own communities. With such optimism and a lack of a political agenda, it is easy to see w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

why the group amassed 1,200 friends in just a few months. This month, Wenk plans to launch the Real Rolemodels website at therealrolemodels.com, which will include a database for organizations, their founders, organization members, and anyone who wants to see change. Also in the works is “The Day we Change the World,” a worldwide media event hosted by well-known personalities, on Dec.21. Look for announcements on the Facebook page and on the Real Rolemodels website to see who gets involved. The intention is for nonprofit groups around the world to hold individual events all on the same day. If each organization promotes messages of peace instead of division, the event will be a great show of local and international unity, according to Wenk. “There is only so much individual organizations can do,” Wenk says. “We need to stand up together to be seen, to make an even bigger change.” She feels it is especially important for the youth to hear the message that “it’s cool to be spiritual person, to stand up for your rights, and that it can be so much fun to do

the right thing in this world.” If you would like to find out more or get involved, visit the Real Rolemodels Facebook page to find out how.


AtlantaGymnasticsCenter.com 2011-2


Dusty Wenk

2617-B Talley Street Decatur, GA 30030 Phone: 404.687.9911 Fax: 404.687.9177 www.AtlantaGymnasticsCenter.com

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July 2011 | IN

Home Away from Home Transplants find echoes of home at Intown places, restaurants By Sydia Bell Finding an Atlanta native is harder than ever as the city continues to grow and evolve. With all these newcomers, moments of homesickness are not unnatural. Inquiring minds wanted to know exactly what people do when they find themselves missing the comforts of home. Is there a restaurant that reminds them of a dish from their childhood? Perhaps a special place where they find comfort amid the hustle and bustle? We took to the streets and Twitter to ask newcomers in this city, where they go and what they do in Atlanta when missing home. Yahshimah Blake Hometown: New York City Glenn Hotel rooftop lounge

When I miss the city, I find myself driving down I-85 south so I can view the Atlanta skyline. Whether I stop at the Glenn Hotel rooftop lounge (glennhotel. com), the Sundial (sundialrestaurant. com) or a friend’s high-rise condo, I lose myself in thought while staring at the lights. I also frequent Caribbean spots like Nice Mon in downtown Stone Mountain, Royal Caribbean Bakery in Decatur (royalcaribbeanbakery.com), and the reggae club The Royal Peacock (theroyalpeacock. com) right here Intown. Richard “Freedom” Byrd-Harris Hometown: Oakland, California Food reminds me of home, so when I find myself missing the California life I usually head to the farmers market to pick up some oxtails and make a dinner for myself. I grew up in a culturally diverse family and enjoy an array of different foods. I recently stumbled upon Beignet Connection (thebeignetconnection.com), a

new restaurant located in downtown Atlanta on Decatur Street, which specializes in New Orleans Creole cuisine. After I dine, I make my way to Apache Cafe (apachecafe.info) to hear live poetry and music from local artists. Einat (via Twitter) Hometown: Israel

Apache Café

“Doug Quarterman, a member of the community who cares about your future.” These may be the Dog Days of Summer, but now is an opportune time to take advantage of the current financial climate by purchasing a new home or refinancing your present home. As your neighborhood mortgage professional I am ready to assist you, and always with your best interests in mind.

The Porter

Einat suggests people go to a hipster joint like The Porter in Little Five Points (theporterbeerbar.com) or The Righteous Room on Ponce De Leon and order the Mediterranean platter and enjoy. After people should find walk able blocks in the city and people gaze and conclude the day with a great place to watch the sunset.

Professor Robin Kemp (via Twitter) Hometown: New Orleans A native New Orleanian, Kemp recommends buying Zatarain’s red beans and rice and putting on that famous Saints swag and listening to WWOZ via live stream. And for you hardcore New Orleanians, Kemp says that there should be a crawfish boil cooking in your backyard.

Local Business in Focus, p.13 Students turn camera on independent shops in Atlanta


KEEP IT INTOWN Choose Local • Think Local www.AtlantaINtownPaper.com @ATLINtownPaper Atlanta INtown AtlantaINtownPaper

8 INtown | July 2011

w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

� �

Coming Soon






NEW Under On Contract! Market


VIRGINIA HIGHLAND � 4BR / 3BA � $624,900





MORNINGSIDE � 3BR / 3BA � $529,500


404 �875�5100

www.theintowners.com TUNE WITH THE MARKET w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m



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July 2011 | IN

July 7 – 17

July 29-30

The National Black Arts Festival returns with a week of cultural events including music, film, dance and visual arts. The O’Jays will play at Symphony Hall on July 15, while more music will be on the mainstage at Centennial Olympic Park throughout the event. There will be a sneak peek at the documentary film FunkJazz Kafe on July 13 at the Rialto Center for the Arts, a brunch and tour of the Radcliffe Bailey exhibition at the High Museum led by the artist, and an international marketplace at Centennial Park. For a full line-up of the events, visit nbag.org.

Hundreds of co-ed, adult kickballers from across the United States gather in Atlanta to compete in a double-elimination adult kickball tournament, mingle amongst the event parties and have the chance to be crowned champion and boast the Southern Cup. The games will be played at Georgia Tech’s recreation fields. For more information about the Southern Cup, visit southeastkickballfest.com

July 17 Local physician Yale A. Noggin will take part in the Alcatraz Challenge on July 17 and is looking for donations for the trek, which will benefit the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women & Children. Noggin will swim 1.5 miles across San Francisco Bay to then run 7 miles up and over the Golden Gate Bridge. To donate go to Backtolifechiro.net and click on the Day Shelter Link. Once on the Day Shelter site click on the “donate” button on the top left of their home page.

July 14 Huff Harrington Fine Art will celebrate all things French on Bastille Day on Thursday, July 14, 6 to 8 p.m. Paintings from the gallery’s French artists will hang side-by-side with work by American painters inspired by the French joie d’esprit. There’ll be light bites, plenty of red and white wines and even the gallery’s favorite accordion player offering up some backround musique. The gallery is at 4240 Rickenbacker Drive in Buckhead. huffharrington.com

July 23 & 24 The inaugural Festival on Ponce will be held Saturday, July 23, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday, July 24, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Olmstead Linear Parks along Ponce de Leon Avenue in Druid Hills. Visitors will enjoy fine art and crafts, folk and “outsider” art from more than 100 artists, a children’s area, live entertainment, local food and beverage concessions. This free event is hosted by the Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces, which also puts on the popular Buckhead and Chastain art festivals each year. Parking is limited in the area, so make to check out the festival website at festivalonponce.com for information and details on the event.

July 4th Celebrations fireworks begin at dark. Like with Lenox Square, organizers are encouraging festival-goers to take MARTA to the Philips Arena/Georgia Dome or Peachtree Center stations and follow the signs to the park. centennialpark.com


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p: 678.995.5537 e: info@property-tax-reductions.com

Christian Nepo, Cote Bretagne

www.property-tax-reductions.com The Lenox Square Independence Day Celebration will begin at noon with a kid’s zone play area, specials from the mall’s local businesses and restaurants and live entertainment gets underway at 6 p.m. The spectacular fireworks display – one of the largest in the country – begins at approximately 9:40 p.m. Organizers are encouraging spectators to take MARTA to the event because parking will be extremely limited. lenoxsquare.com



Friday, July 8 - Sunday, July 17 25% -75% off selected items. Make your way to a world of savings on selected gifts, home decor, jewelry and more.

Virginia Highland 1056 St. Charles Avenue Tues-Sat 11-6 Sun 1-5 (404) 892-5307 atlanta.tenthousandvillages.com

10 INtown | July 2011

The Centennial Olympic Park 4th of July Celebration begins at 2 p.m. with face painting, stilt walkers, playtime in the Fountain of Rings and live musical entertainment starting at 3:45 p.m. Musical acts will include von Grey, The Regulars, The Key and headliner Crystal Bowersox, last year’s American Idol runner-up. The

Enjoy the Fireworks and Lasershow Spectacular at Stone Mountain Park. The event begins at 9:30 p.m. Show is free, parking is $10. stonemountainpark.com The Children’s Museum is hosting an All American Fourth of July Celebration where kids can make their own firecracker hat, enjoy a story about the Star Spangled Banner and more from 2 to 3 p.m. 275 Centennial Olympic Park, Adults and children ages 2 and up, $12.50. childrensmuseumatlanta.org The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra All American Celebration begins at 8 p.m. at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre At Encore Park. The celebration fires up the crowd with patriotic standards and sing-a-long anthems, featuring the U.S. Army Chorus and spectacular fireworks. Tickets: $12-$35. atlantasymphony.org The Georgia Aquarium will host the Red, White & Brew Barbecue and Beerfest on the top floor of the aquarium parking deck, offering continued ON PAGE 12 w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

Art / Handcraft / Children's Area / Food / Music / Street Market

July 23-24

Sat 10-7 Sun 11-6

1451 Ponce de Leon Avenue Atlanta, GA 30307 Olmsted Park North Druid Hills


K R A P T N O M D PIE L A V I T S E n - A tl a n ta F w to id M S to ARTcommunity tradition back

AUGUST 20 Saturday: 10 21, 2011 A Sunday: 11AM M - 7PM - 6PM

e B r in g in g th

Piedmont Park - Midtown Atlanta 1701 Piedmont Avenue Atlanta, GA 30309


w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

town 11

July 2011 | IN

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 10 unparalleled views of the fireworks display from Centennial Olympic Park. The event takes place from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and tickets are $45 per person, with proceeds benefitting the aquarium’s education initiatives. This event is for adults over the age of 21. georgiaaquarium.org


Renting Small Campers Perfect For:

The Pied Piper Parade, Concert and Fireworks returns for an evening of fun and celebration. Decorate a wagon, ride your bike, skate, or walk along with the parade that begins at First Baptist Church of Decatur at 6 p.m. The Callanwolde Concert Band performs after the parade at 7 p.m., which is followed by a fireworks display shortly after 9 p.m. The event is free.


678-632-2670 678-ME CAMP O www.SmallTrailersAtLarge.com

12 INtown | July 2011

Events, Fun & Festivals Outside the Loop July 4 Celebrate Independence Day on the Savannah Riverboat July 4th Firework Cruise starting at 9 p.m. Patrons have a choice of selecting one of two classic riverboats to take the 90-minute cruise while enjoying music from an onboard DJ with the highlight of evening being the “front row” view of the spectacular waterfront fireworks display over the river. Tickets range from $23 to $29 and can be purchased at savannahriverboat.com. July 12- 16 This summer get your laugh on at Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival from July 12-6. Known as the largest stand- up comedy festival in the southeast the event will feature over 50 comics, begins with the “Local Laughs for Brother Wolf Animal Rescue” and will showcase some of the best local comedians Asheville has to offer. Tickets range from $12 to $44. laughyourashevilleoff.com


Camping - Hunting/Fishing - Festivals - Comfortable & Environment-Friendly - Daily, Weekly or Monthly


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July 26- 27 Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga presents Honey Harvest from July 30- 31 the museum wide celebration explores the life and work of the honeybee. Guests who attend this free event will learn about the art of bee keeping and find out how honey is made. For more information visit, cdmfun.org or call (423) 756- 2738. July 30 The 10th annual Mafiaoza’a Music City Brewer’s Festival will be held in Asheville on Saturday, July 30 from noon to 10 p.m. rain or shine. This event will feature over 60 breweries offering patrons beverages as they enjoy live music and food. Admission is $35 (plus tax) for general admission and $20 for designated driver passes, which do not include beer samples tickets. For more information, visit musiccitybrewersfest.com.

w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

local BusInesses In focus Students turn camera on independent shops in Atlanta

As part of the SCAD INtown Takeover, graduate writing students Sydia Bell and Krystal Roberts decided to take their assignment one step further to create a series of videos for INtown’s YouTube channel. Krystal and Sydia picked up their video cameras, honed their on-camera interview skills and even edited the video profiles of some of metro Atlanta’s most interesting independent businesses. A new video will be uploaded each week during the month of July at youtube.com/ AtlantaIntownPaper. The businesses featured this month include: • Mama Bath & Body in Decatur • Poor Little Rich Girls in College Park • Atlanta Vintage Books • LottaFrutta in Old Fourth Ward • Oni Fitness Studio in Vinings • Return to Eden in Buckhead • Whipstitch in Midtown West SYDIA AND KRYSTAL AS ILLUSTRATED BY MATTHEW AMOR

youtube.com/ AtlantaINtownPaper

InstaSmile® 1. Cut out image along dotted line. 2. Evenly coat reverse side with paste. 3. Apply to lower face. 4. If you’ve read to number 3, it’s time to give us a call.

Rocky Mountain Vacation Home

Dental Associates Restorative, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry

Winnipeg, Manitoba $774,900 Quiet Professional Neighborhood and 15 minutes to Downtown. No expenses spared in this stunning Luxury Home! 1963 sq ft plus 120 sq ft 3 Season Sunroom. Maintenance-Free Landscaping has Rocky Mountain Scenery front yard and an Asian flair in the back with 28’ x 15’ Trek Deck & 40 jet Sony Stereo Spa Hot Tub; Gas Piped Vermont Signature BBQ. 4 Bedrooms/3 full baths; Maple Kitchen/granite counters, Hardwood floors, 9’ ceilings, with 11’ in Great Room, Fireplace. Spacious Master Bedroom with 6pce/ensuite, rain & steam shower with 3 massaging body sprayers; heated tile floor. Surround Sound system thruout plus security cameras. Lower level has a huge wet-bar, gas fireplace, gaming and theatre room. Includes 6 top-line appliances, Designer window covering; full size Pool Table, CD Jute Box (Rock-o-la), Treadmill & Elliptical Trainer. This homes has a total of 3500 sq ft of Luxury Living Space. Smoke Free!

CoNtaCt: andrea McDonald at almpanache@gmail.com for further details and pictures w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

Beautifying Atlanta. One smile at a time. At Colony Square Dental Associates, we only practice dentistry we believe in. This is quality dental care that not only improves oral health, but also improves overall health as well. It is comfortable, progressive and is the most advanced care that dentistry has to offer today. First and foremost, we are a patient-centered practice. We get to know you, talk with you, learn your expectations for your dental health and meet, and even exceed them.

Call our office for a complimentary ‘smile’ consultation.

c o l o n y s q u a r e d e n ta l . c o m

404.874.6464 David G. Hochberg, DDS Michael C. Friedman, DDS

town 13

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Health & Wellness Briefs effort to make access to health care more convenient for its more than 240,000 members in metro Atlanta. For more, visit kp.org.

You will see these same qualified, professional, attentive health providers each time you need us.

Walk-in 7 Days A Week • We take your Insurance NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY Immediate Care for Minor Injuries & Illnesses by BOARD CERTIFIED PHYSICIANS

For the last


these providers have been in your community

Agnes K Kovacs, M M.D.

Board Certified American Board of Family Medicine

Travis Lloyd,M.D.

Board Certified American Board of Family Medicine

David Seabolt, PA Physician Associate

Alex Rikhter, M.D.

Medical Director, Diplomate-American / Board of Internal Medicine

Atlanta Medical Center has become the fifth hospital in the state to be designated a Level One Trauma Center. The designation means the hospital is equipped to handle the most serious of injuries and emergencies. To earn Level One status, the hospital added larger operating rooms, more staff and new equipment. The only other Level One in the city is Grady Hospital. Massage Envy Spa has opened at 1801 Howell Mill Road, Suite 560 in the District of Howell Mill shopping center. Massage Envy Spa offers both unique skin care treatments and rejuvenating massage therapy – administered by professional estheticians and massage therapists. Treatments are available at convenient times, even on weeknights and weekends. massageenvy.com Phenom Hoops Factory basketball camp is for ages 9 to14 will be held Aug. 1-4 from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Family Life Center at Second Ponce De Leon Baptist Church. For more information, visit phenomhoopsfactory.com Kaiser Permanente of Georgia has opened its Peachtree Center Medical Office, the organization’s first location in downtown Atlanta. The addition of the 3,900 square foot facility at 225 Peachtree Street, Suite C-08 is part of Kaiser Permanente’s ongoing

The Task Force for Global Health has broken ground for the expansion of its headquarters building in Decatur. The Task Force is a nonprofit, public health organization that works with a network of public and private sector partners focusing on neglected tropical diseases, immunizations and vaccines, and health systems strengthening. “The Task Force has a long history of building partnerships and collaborations that have helped to make Atlanta a crossroads for global health,” noted Dr. Mark L. Rosenberg, President and CEO of The Task Force. “This building expansion will support our work and accomplishments to improve public health, and help us bring work with other Atlanta based organizations, including CDC, Emory, the Carter Center and CARE.” Achieve Youth Triathlon Summer Camp will wrap up with a final race on July 14, 5 p.m. at the Westminster School. The camp takes kids through a six-week instruction and training program, provided free of charge, insured and monitored by experienced and trained coaches. achievekidstri.org Urban Body Fitness celebrated its 9th anniversary last month. urbanbodyfitness.com. Stillwater Yoga is offering new Sutra classes and a special workshop by Manouso Manos on July 22-24. For more information and to register, visit stillyoga.com.


678-904-5611 • www.PerimeterClinic.com 3 8 6 7 RRo s w e l l RRo a d , 1 / 2 M i l e N o r t h o f P i e d m o n t Ro R ad Just a few minutes from anywhere in Buckhead, Midtown, Brookhaven, Sandy Springs and Dunwoody

14 INtown | July 2011

w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

T:10” S:9”

We’re the neighbor that doesn’t mind letting you borrow things.


Lindbe rgh



Adina Dr NE

Piedmont Rd NE

NE Lindbergh Ln NE

Sidney M arcus Blvd

400 Sidney Marcus Blvd NE



236 Way N E

Lindbergh Dr

2555 pIedmonT roAd ne, SuITe 110 ATlAnTA, GeorGIA 30324

Located at Sidney Marcus and Piedmont Rd.

Subject to credit review and approval. Fifth Third Bank, Member FDIC.

w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

Equal Housing Lender.

town 15

July 2011 | IN



Way NE sgo

We’re part of your neighborhood. And to us, that means a lot. It means we’re nearby and even better able to help. We’re eager to listen and ready with the products and services that can get you closer to your financial goals. So, stop in our newest Fifth Third Bank location, visit 53.com, or call 404-720-1099.


A new Fifth Third Bank is open near you.

Beyond hIghlIghts & PedIcures


Three Intown salons offer unique services By Courtney Marcelo Norton Although Atlanta has no shortage of beauty salons, three Intown specialty studios offer unique services such as eyelash extensions, organic bronzing and customized eyebrow shaping. Through knowledgeable aestheticians and luxurious products, these beauty studios aim to create lifestyle-enhancing experiences that last long after the appointment ends. Flirt & Flutter Lash Boutique “Your eyes always tell your story,” says Shea Evans, owner and master cosmetologist at Flirt & Flutter Lash Boutique. If that is the case, then this Castleberry Hill boutique, which specializes in eyelash extensions, aims to make the story a bit more interesting. With a pair of precision tweezers in each hand, Evans attaches synthetic lashes one-by-one to natural eyelashes using a special adhesive, a process that requires up to two hours for a full set. “It’s actually really relaxing,” says one bride-to-be as she lounges supine while Evans adds the extensions that will enable her to go mascara-free on her wedding day. “I almost fell asleep. Shea has a very gentle touch.” Flirt &MJCC_SF_SAAC_IntownQTR_051811_OL2.pdf Flutter customizes eyelashes

based on lifestyle with lengths ranging between eight and fifteen millimeters. Office-dwellers seeking subtle extensions may prefer the soft, Hepburn-esque spikes of the Professional Lady Lash. The Ginger’s Glamour Lash is a style for those craving the glamorous, winged creations sported on runways and the red carpet. And then there is the Exotic Lash: bodacious, breezegenerating lashes favored by those in the adult entertainment, theater or high fashion industries. The boutique also offers eyebrow shaping, manicures and pedicures. “Women can come here and get a taste of everything,” says Evans. Customers can shop for Smashbox cosmetics and Bliss products. Or they can customize their own body butters and lotions by combining skin-soothing African red tea with pick-your-own essential oils in scents like pomegranate, ambervanilla and cranberry-mandarin. The boutique’s decor is a hybrid of warehouse grittiness and boudoir femininity. Delicate birdcages and paper flowers dangle from the exposed ductwork of the two-story loft. The music alternates between Mendelssohn’s Wedding March in C Major and blaring hip-hop. Check out one of the boutique’s 1 5/18/11 4:19 PM signature events such

as the Poles and Toes Party, which combines pedicures and pole-dancing lessons, or the Geisha Girls Gone Wild event, which boasts Asian spa services, sushi and sake. Flirt & Flutter is located at 434 Marietta Street in studio 105. To book an appointment, visit flirtnflutterlashloft.com or call (678) 732-9383. RAW Bronzing Studio At RAW Bronzing Studio in Inman Park, Tiffany Terranova is out to rethink the sunless tanning concept. If the thought of a spray tanning studio conjures up the image of a windowless, brown-tinged room the size of a bathroom stall, then the light and airy space at RAW will be a refreshing surprise. “I wanted to offer an alternative to the typical strip mall tanning salon,” says Terranova, who focuses on using organic products to achieve a natural, two-weeks-inSedona-type glow rather than an overdone


burnt sienna bronze. Mindful of her clients’ busy schedules, Terranova has streamlined the tanning process, aiming to get clients in and out in about twenty minutes. “You come in and CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE





“Our goal is to bring great quality and fashion to the women of Smyrna & Vinings!” -Kristi & Alisa





Lola Rose Boutique


1675 Cumberland Pkwy. #412 Smyrna, GA 30080 770.435.4296 lolaroseboutique@gmail.com

LolaRoseBoutique.net Designers Nicole Miller T-Bags Generation Love

16 INtown | July 2011

AKA New York Brighton Tolani Anlo Yara Covet Skemo w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m


we knock it out,” says Terranova, who is a pro at applying a streak-free tan that dries quickly. Terranova weaves other thoughtful details into the overall experience, stocking make-up remover, lotion and other handy toiletries in each treatment room. Cups of hot tea are available upon arrival, which takes the chill off standing undressed in front of a fan while the spray tan dries. RAW even offers a “man room” decorated with vintage sports and rock ‘n roll photographs for male clients. “It’s more acceptable for women to get a spray tan,” says Terranova, who hopes to encourage more men to try sunless tanning and has male aestheticians available to make the process less daunting. From the complimentary wheatgrass shots to the expert aestheticians who know how to create a flattering tan, RAW will have you glowing inside-and-out. RAW Bronzing Studio is located at 280 Elizabeth St.,Suite A103. To book an appointment, visit rawbronzingstudio.com or call (770) 683-8267. WAX Next door to RAW is WAX, a salon offering decadent depilatory services. Aestheticians apply a sapphirehued wax containing azulene, a relative of the chamomile family, which soothes and heals skin during the hair removal process. Waxes infused with essential oils like lavender are available, as are creamier waxes for those with sensitive skin. WAX also offers a service focused on eyebrow shaping. Clients can book a thirtyminute consultation with an aesthetician at WAX’s Blink Brow Bar to learn what brow shape will work best for their face. “It’s definitely a good starting point,” says Leela Hoehn, manager and marketing assistant at WAX. For people with full brows who just want to bring them out, eyebrow tinting is available. The interior design of WAX is as sleek as the brows they create. A tan cowhide rug anchors the cool white walls and white floor. A row of emerald Pellegrino bottles at the refreshment station offers a pop of color, and the smell of Moroccan amber permeates the air. WAX aims to go beyond mere aesthetic services and offer clients an experience that will enhance their lifestyle. “We try to offer lifestyle products,” explains Hoehn of the diverse range of products offered. There are crème brulee lip scrubs by Sarah Happ and tubes of Couto, a Portuguese toothpaste. After a signature service in one of WAX’s four treatment rooms, shop for Nest fragrance candles, nail lacquers by Butter London and Glo Mineral products to recreate the decadent vibe at home. From glowing skin and perfectly arched eyebrows to customized eyelashes, these chic studios deliver beautiful results. WAX is located at 280 Elizabeth St. To book an appointment, visit wax-atlanta. com or call (404) 525-8344. w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

KnucKle uP

Popularity of mixed martial arts on the rise in Atlanta By T.J. Gordon Boxing, wrestling and martial arts have long been popular sports and a good way to keep fit, but the combination of these activities has evolved into a new combat sport known as MMA (mixed martial arts). A fusion of boxing, kickboxing, wrestling, judo and jiu-jitsu are at the core of MMA, which involves grappling/ground attacks and stand-up fighting styles. Any age group and gender can practice MMA. Gyms and MMA schools offer classes to children as young as 4 and seniors can join as well. The health benefits in practicing MMA are plentiful. Team Octopus co-owner Koon Lau mentions that grappling and striking opponents involves aerobic endurance and rapidly increasing the heart rate. Those techniques enhance coordination, balance, flexibility, and muscular strength as well. Furthermore, Lau says MMA workouts are “great stress relievers and confidence boosters.” “There’s no better feeling than the one you get after learning how to kick some ass,” Lau declares. Richard Trammell, a kickboxing and karate champion, compares the sport to football. While acknowledging that the sport is rougher than others, Trammell says MMA also teaches self-confidence and discipline. MMA champion Roan “Jucão” Carneiro (also chief instructor for the Atlanta chapter of American Top Team), says the sport teaches a person how to be respectful, confident, train hard to achieve an objective and practice self-control. One can also learn how to defend him or herself from larger opponents when taking MMA courses. “People are drawn to MMA because of its effectiveness in real-life situations,” Lau explains. “Knowledge of MMA greatly helps

when faced with a real unarmed, combat fight on the street. The number of women starting MMA has also increased, since it’s a great form of self-defense.” Modern MMA in the United States has been in place since 1993, with the formation of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Yet it wasn’t a household name until 2005 when The Ultimate Fighter, a Spike TV reality show where professional MMA fighters trained and competed with each other for a UFC contract, helped bring the sport to the mainstream. MMA in Atlanta began in the mid 1990s when John D’Angelo promoted the first bouts in the area. Gyms also began to promote events featuring their fighters; those would eventually help increase memberships. Additionally, Atlanta is historically a city filled with martial art legends. “Atlanta has always been a good fight town,” says Trammell. “Boxing and kickboxing have been big in Georgia over the years.” Carneiro attributes fight promoter Brett Moses with establishing the strong MMA community in Atlanta. “He developed many events here in Atlanta and brings the high level fighters to fight in events,” says Carneiro. Georgia MMA rules call for rigid safety measures at both the professional and amateur levels. For example, a fighter must wear shinguards and mouthpieces during bouts. Numerous MMA-based schools and gyms are sprouting up in the Atlanta metropolitan area. If you’re looking to get fit for the summer, take your anger out on the bag, learn how to take down an assailant, or prepare for a career in MMA, then explore one of these gyms provided in the sidebar.

MMA Facilities Intown American Top Team Atlanta (ATTA) 2110 Faulkner Road, Atlanta, 30324 (770) 364-0777 or attatl.com Bangkok Boxing Fitness 1019 Collier Road, Atlanta, 30318 (404) 603-9898 or bangkokboxingfitness.com Team Octopus 5799-B New Peachtree Road, Doraville, 30340 (678) 368-4331 or saraivamma.com Trammell Fitness and Martial Arts (Shidokan Atlanta) 1465 Chattachoochee Ave., Suite 800, Atlanta, 30318 (404) 605-0094 or shidokanatlanta.com Unit 2 Fitness 240 Ponce De Leon Ave., #2, Atlanta, 30308 (404) 745-3019 or unit2fitness.com X3 Sports – Midtown 240 N. Highland Ave., Building 3Suite B2, Atlanta, 30307 (404) 525-2269 or x3sports.com

Team Octopus

town 17

July 2011 | IN

A halfway house for dogs By Osayi Endolyn Through the glass window of the Barking Hound Village Foundation (BHVF), at least six dogs are visible, all in various states of action or repose. Some are barking with excitement, the rest lying about like royalty. Many dog owners are familiar with the BHVF. It services Fulton County’s animal control department, and a branch of the business provides doggy daycare and grooming. But BHVF offers another service that has an impact on many of the city’s four-legged citizens. Dog care attendant Mike Rowe is part of a small team that rehabilitates dogs on death row, offering them medical and behavioral care. After they become healthy, the dogs are placed with shelters in New England where there is a shortage of potential adoptees. Rowe’s path to working at BHVF wasn’t at all predictable, and still it makes perfect sense. He ran a landscaping company out of East Atlanta Barking and taught Hound high school Foundation’s English. Mike Rowe Placing bids on landscaping jobs seems a far cry from socializing dogs and testing them for parvo, a

common canine disease. One day, Rowe was out walking his rescued pit bull, Buddy, and discovered several strays. He took Buddy home, brought the strays some food and took them to a BHVF shelter. He ended up getting a job at one of their daycare facilities, and eventually moved over to the shelter. Thinking back on his different jobs over the years, he’s truly happy where he is. “The education system always left me wondering if I made a difference. You’d look at a kid at the end of the year and just hope he got it, or will get it. Here, it’s immediately clear if we’ve been successful.” Through the door the noise is deafening. “They’ll quiet down in a minute, it’s just because you’re new.” Every 21 days a new batch of dogs comes in. Spread throughout the building, there are about 40. There are pit bulls, poodles and Pomeranians. And also a Chihuahua mix named Chico. They are often scared, aggressive, and underweight with spotty coats. Chico seems to have adjusted pretty well – he looks healthy and adorable, his dark brown eyes roaming around the room. Rowe picks Chico up and continues talking. The nearby dogs quiet down and wag their tails – maybe they’ll be next. “We don’t always get to save every one,” Rowe says. “But we have a responsibility to the shelters and their customers. If we can’t get the dog healthy down here, we’re not going to send him to some family to take their chances.”

Twenty-one days is the minimum amount of time it takes to fully vet a dog for all potential illnesses, get him or her well, and prepare them for a future family. All day, Rowe crawls in and out of cages, carries dogs, walks dogs and gets on the phone to talk dogs. He loves it. For Rowe, the best part comes at the end. When the van rolls up every three weeks and the team places each rehabilitated dog in their

travel compartment, Rowe knows they are moving on to a happier life, and that he had something to do with it. “Here, showing up to work means something – it matters to an animal’s health, to its well-being. I’m really proud to be a part of that.” For more information, visit bhvfrescue.org.

Pet Briefs New York drag star Sherry Vine will give a special cabaret performance on Saturday, July 16, 8 p.m. at Jungle nightclub to benefit Pets Are Loving Support (PALS). Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 at the door. PALS provides pet-care including free food and basic veterinary care, and support to the companion pets of senior citizens as well as critically ill and disabled Atlantans. palsatlanta.org If you want to upgrade your pet’s eating and drinking bowls, The Polka Dot Dog Company has some unique options. Made from medium density fiberboard, the feeders are hand-painted and screened and have inserted glass bowls. The feeders are also customizable. For the full line, visit thepolkadotdogcompany.com.

Pet Pick Bindi is the perfect dog. She is great with kids, other dogs and walks great on a leash. She is gentle yet playful, and she is quite beautiful to boot. Bring the whole family out to meet her, including your dogs. She can be adopted at PAWS Atlanta, 5287 Covington Highway Decatur, GA 30035. For more about PAWS and its programs, visit pawsatlanta.org.

Off-Leash Logistics Lack of dog parks concern Intown residents By Rebecca Grace The Piedmont Dog Park is one of only two public, off-leash dog parks in Atlanta. In 2002, the Piedmont Park Conservancy (PPC), a nonprofit organization in charge of restoring and maintaining the park, helped change the city laws in order to make provisions for the first off-leash space Intown. At the time, there were no dog parks and no laws on the books for such a place. “There was a need for a dog park, with more families moving into Midtown with children,” said Monica Thornton, vice president and chief development and marketing officer of PPC. “Dogs had never been patrolled at Piedmont Park, so they were off-leash, running around. We went to the city to get an off-leash park in the park.” Aside from raising money and making park improvements, PPC also plays a large role in brokering the needs of the different constituents of the park. Through conversations with the different groups, PPC hopes to find a way for everyone to use the park the way they want. “One in five visitors to Piedmont Park

18 INtown | July 2011

have indicated in surveys that their reason for visiting is to use the dog park,” said Kay Stephenson, former chair of the Leash-free Alliance for Piedmont Park. Despite this, there remains a dearth of off-leash areas for dogs Intown. The recent crackdown on leash laws has likely come as a result of complaints about dogs roaming free in urban areas. “There has been a problem this year of people coming to the park and having their dogs off-leash – for safety, we have to play by the rules,” Thornton said. She encouraged anyone who sees a leash violation to call the police, as they would with any other law they see broken. Unfortunately, as the leash laws get stricter, neighborhoods without a fenced-in dog park are not left with many options for socializing and exercising their dogs. According to Stephenson, dogs that have been properly socialized around other dogs and humans make for friendlier, better-behaved pets. Thus, the lack of dog parks contributes to a greater problem with off-leash incidents. Some neighborhoods, like Candler

Park, are considering following Piedmont’s lead to build a dog park for residents. “We had a neighborhood brainstorming meeting several months ago,” said Kate Sandhaus, communications officer of Candler Park Neighborhood Organization. “Residents were asked to generate project ideas for the neighborhood, and then we gauged interest for each of those ideas. A new neighborhood dog park was among the most popular of those ideas, with roughly a quarter of meeting attendees picking it as one of their top priorities for the neighborhood.” However, the process, manpower, funds and space needed to create more neighborhood dog parks may be the reason behind the scarcity. “The city has established two acres as the minimum size for a dog park within the city limits,” Sandhaus said. “Unfortunately, it is not easy to find two contiguous acres in some neighborhoods that are available and appropriate for a dog park. Due to perceived, but generally not founded, concerns over noise and odors, nearby residents may not be willing to have a dog park as a neighbor. Also, it can be expensive to build and maintain these areas.” One community that was able to find the acrerage was Castleberry Hill, which

has the Railside Dog Park, at 210 Peters St. However, other communities have been resistant. Randall Fox, vice president of marketing Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces, has been working toward the establishment of a dog park in Chastain Park. Although they have raised money for the creation of the park and gotten over a thousand signed petitions, Fox said there is still resistance from the city. “In Atlanta you have numerous parks but the guidelines are not encouraging dog parks, because you have to have two acres,” Fox said. “Chastain Park has 264 acres, but most of that is used for the golf course and tennis court. So the [Chastain Park] Conservancy was against the dog park.” Fox said fenced-in dog parks would also be a preventative to off-leash problems. “The city should be putting dog parks in every park. It combats the people who take their dogs off-leash in the park, because they have somewhere to go.” w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

Over $28 Million Sold in 2010

Virginia Highland. $1,069,000 809 Ponce De Leon Terrace

Virginia Highland. $1,229,900 866 Highland Terrace NE

Morningside. $899,000 500 Rock Springs Road

Ansley Park. $1,700,000 64 Montgomery Ferry Drive

Morningside. $495,000 1313 N Morningside Drive

Ansley Park. $1,695,000 29 Peachtree Circle

#1 Small Team Atlanta Board of REALTORS®

Over 28 Million Sold in 2010! 404.307.4020

jim@getzingergroup.com Midtown. $599,000 738 Argonne Avenue

Morningside. $635,000 1159 Cumberland Road

Virginia Highland. $499,000 1019 Amsterdam Avenue

View our listings at GetzingerGroup.com

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Direct: 404.307.4020

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OneRiverPlaceAtlanta.com Sales Center Open Daily 906 River Vista Drive Atlanta, GA 30339 770.952.0055

ROOm tO sPReAd yOuR wings An incredible value, by the river, by the parks, buy it now. 1 BEDROOM from $108,900 2 BEDROOM from $148,900 3 BEDROOM from $269,900

Price includes washer/dryer and full appliance package with stainless steel refrigerator.†

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24-hr. Attended Entry Gate Exclusive Resident Club & Spa 2 Swimming Pools & Concert Park Full-time Concierge Private Pet Park & Walking Trails

get 1 yeAR HOA dues And uP tO 3% fOR clOsing cOsts* *Subject to a maximum allowable seller concession based on mortgage guidelines and lender approval. †See Agent for details. Oral representations cannot be relied upon as correctly stating representations of the seller. For correct representations reference should be made to the governing documents for One River Place Master Condominium Associations, Inc. To be furnished by the seller to a purchaser of a unit. ST COLLECTION

w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

town 19

July 2011 | IN

Go Green


Weed WarrIor Matti Dwyer advocates for sustainable, edible plants By Alex Berry A wave of traffic rushes to a standstill in front of The High Museum on Peachtree Street. A guy walks dangerously close to the road, balancing himself on the curb. Barefoot and bare-chested, he reaches down to the small strip of grass in between the sidewalk and street. He plucks a stray dandelion, examines it through his wirerimmed glasses, then nonchalantly pops the flower into his mouth and chews. This is Matti Dwyer, a student-artist at Savannah College of Art and Design Atlanta and advocate of local plant growth. According to Dwyer, a dandelion is a more accessible source of Vitamin C than oranges. “Our nutrition is right here,” he says. “Why should we have to get oranges and other produce shipped from other places when it’s right here?” Dwyer is redefining the negative term “weed” by demonstrating that local plants like dandelions and acorns can be made into edible and delicious foods. People are simply

misinformed. “Our tongues have been stupefied by the foods we are accustomed to eating,” he says. “But our bodies will naturally crave what is around us because it is good for us.” Along the pavement, Dwyer collects a handful of acorns and reveals them in his palm. He says most people don’t know how to prepare foods with common and local ingredients, but stresses it can be simple, fun, and efficient. “Most anything you make with white flour can be replaced with acorn flour,” he says. As a senior sculpture major originally from Cincinnati, Dwyer focuses his work on sustainability and educating people on the importance of urban ecosystems and permacultures – a strategic farming practice and lifestyle that mimics natural systems. “Permaculture, to me, is man utilizing the most perfect system on earth, the natural web of life, where he takes his place as a component in that system rather than a tyrant over it,” he says. Through close observation of plant


and more fruitful it is. Dwyer has created and designed what he calls Guerrilla Garden Survival Packs, backpacks equipped with everything a child needs to start their own local garden in the city. This installation and another piece called Windowgarden were featured in the SCAD and a Sustainable Planet exhibition. To Dwyer, a seed is a library of information and by educating youth on the importance of developing natural systems, Dwyer hopes to change the future of contemporary farming to more sustainable agricultural practices. “The greatest factory on earth wasn’t created by man,” he says. “It is a tree.” For more,visit mattidwyer.blogspot.com.

Guerrilla Garden Survival Pack

Ansley Park. 153 Westminster Drive NE


Meticulously renovated with period details. Bright, open floorplan with ten foot ceilings. Gourmet kitchen with high-end stainless steel appliances. Master suite with sitting room. Gracious living, oversized dining, and 678.618.1995 separate library. Level yard with alley access to garage and caseykeesee@atlantafinehomes.com supplemental parking. 4BD/3BA FMLS: 4208030

Casey Keesee



© MMXI Sotheby’s International Realty Affiliates, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Street in Saintes-Maries by Vincent Van Gogh, used with permission. Equal Housing Opportunity. Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated.

20 INtown | July 2011

and animal interaction, weather patterns, gravitational flow, water properties and local wind tendencies, a permaculture designer can set up a system in only a few weeks of work that will soon begin to self-regulate for years, decades, even centuries to come. Contemporary farming practices illustrate a departure from a relationship with the natural order. It takes 400 gallons of oil to feed a single person every year through contemporary practices. Rather than growing one crop for miles and dousing it with petroleum-based pesticides and herbicides, permaculture raises multiple plants and animals in close proximity. Nature shows us that the more diverse elements we have in a system, the healthier

The Guerrilla Garden Survival Pack contains a kit with the essentials for creating a garden. The materials used to make the pack are recycled, readily available, and stapled together so that anyone (even a child who doesn’t know how to sew) can make the pack. Shovels, stakes and tills, string, water bottles and seeds are tucked and strapped into pockets. The most important part of the pack is the Guerrilla Garden Manual that illustrates how to start a garden with the pack. It’s simple. Jumpstart a garden with the pack and the plants naturally do the rest of the work. A pack rolls up into a convenient sling for on-the-go gardeners. w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m




1244 Kingsley Circle (LAVISTA PARK) Nearly 4000 Sq.Ft. ~ Huge Open Floorplan with Kitchen Open to Family Room $549,000 RT SHO A S LE

861 Monroe Circle (MIDTOWN) Exceptional, High End Renovation $560,000 ONE T E LO ACR

Wellbourne Drive (MORNINGSIDE) New Construction ~ Peachland Homes $1,475,000

Search all local listings at


1233 Austin Glen Drive (DUNWOODY) Over $300,000 in Recent Upgrades $799,000


936 Kings Court (MORNINGSIDE) 5 Bedrooms ~ 5 Baths $890,000


All information is deemed to be correct, subject to changes, errors and omissions. Each office is independently owned & operated. w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

1736 Flagler Avenue (ANSLEY) 4/2 ~ Full Finished Terrace Level $449,000 ATED UPD HEN KITC

2670 Tanglewood Road (DECATUR) 4 Bedrooms ~ 3 Baths in Leafmore $334,900

Under Contract in 12 Days

499-C Moreland Avenue (MIDTOWN) Row House Adjacent to Freedom Park $500,000

Direct 404-873-0550 Office 404-541-3500 town 21

July 2011 | IN

Live Margin: .5

Eco-Briefs Centergy One, located in Midtown’s Technology Square, earned LEED Silver certification for its ongoing dedication to green initiatives. Built in 2003, the 487,011 square feet Centergy One building combines both office and retail space. The LEED team consisted of seven Fifth Street Management employees with assistance from their vendor partners: ICS Contract Services, Peachtree Pest Control, Voss Lighting, Midtown Transportation Solutions, Ruppert Landscape, Georgia Power Company, Waste Pro and Garratt Callahan. The group began work in early 2010, without assistance from outside consultants. This resulted in a significant reduction in the project cost and provided an enhanced learning experience for the team. gofifthstreet.com



The Museum of Design Atlanta brings to life WaterDream: The Art of Bathroom Design. Prepare to be taken on a journey through the evolution of bathroom design — past, present and future — while experiencing the profound visions of some of the world’s most famous architects and designers who have shaped today’s bathroom visions. With bathrooms designed by superstars like Philippe Starck, Jean-Marie Massaud, Patricia Urquiola and Erwan Bouroullec, this exhibit will

Designer Heather Heron has created two “weekend bags” made from vintage U.S. Military fabrics and World War II hardware. The Japanese fabric used for the center panel of the bag is called Boro, a Japanese word meaning “tattered rags” which was in the far North of Japan for clothing and bedding. The organic leather follows an inherited tradition of using vegetable-based dyes. The bags are an investment at $640 and $695 respectively, however, your dad will have it forever and it’s a great alternative to traditional luggage. Both bags are available at the Environment Furniture Showroom in Atlanta or via Heather’s online store, heatherheron.com.

Atlanta artist and mom, Ghazeleh Coulter, has created CuteSip, a stainless steel, PBA-free, dishwasher safe cup. The collection of six stylish bottles made especially for kids are lightweight, durable. With its clever interchangeable bottle lid feature, one bottle becomes three – easily transitioned from baby bottle to infant sippy cup to toddler spill-proof sports bottle – allowing it to safely see a child through all stages of life. cutesip.com A City of Atlanta residential weatherization program is providing $1 million in rebates for qualifying home energy efficiency improvements over the next 18 months. SHINE – Sustainable Home Initiative in the New Economy, is a federally grantfunded program offering homeowners the ability to receive up to $3,500 in rebates towards air sealing, insulation improvement, weatherstripping, caulking, and the replacement of leaky doors and windows. During the pilot phase over the last few months, 15 local contracting firms have performed energy assessments on more than 125 Atlanta homes, while converting roughly a third of those into energy efficiency improvement jobs. In addition to the $3,200 in rebates available through SHINE, homeowners may also qualify for a potential $500 federal income tax credit if they make certain home energy improvements during 2011, as well as complementary rebates through Georgia Power and Atlanta Gas Light. To learn more about SHINE and to apply, visit shineatlanta.com, e-mail shine@ atlantaga.gov or call at (404) 954-8500.

Get performance improvement where it really counts – in your wallet.

leave you with inspiration and a new appreciation of how concepts resonate into realities and dreams do come true.

More than half of our project costs were covered by Georgia Power rebates, SHINE rebates, and tax credits. — KIM P. • ATLANTA

City of Atlanta and City of Decatur homeowners are now eligible for additional rebates! Call Renewal today and start enjoying lower costs in a more comfortable home.

404.378.6962 • RenewalSystemSolutions.com 22 INtown | July 2011

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w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w6/14/11 n P a p5:00 e r.PM com

the Studio A R T S & C U LT U R E

In With the New

Building Character

Musician Eric Thomas advocates for more original music Author Susan Rebecca White makes Atlanta come alive in fiction By Krystal Roberts On any given night, you’re likely to find Atlanta’s diverse group of musicians playing in restaurants or lounges around the city. But as local musician Eric Thomas pointed out to me when we sat down to discuss his new album, Take it Easy, many perform with cover bands that rarely allow them to share their original music. “I think there’s a problem with everything sounding the same,” Thomas said. “Atlanta has so many talented cats. I don’t understand why more of them aren’t out there playing their [own] music.” Thomas is the creator and front man of his own jazz, hip-hop, R&B, funk and soul collective, Elevate the Quest (ETQ). His goal of the band is to, “Elevate The Quest for life through music.” His new album, a unique brand of jazz-fusion, intends to accomplish this with its backbeats, live re-imagined version of Nat King Cole’s “Nature Boy,” and saxophone. “Feelings, memories, and experiences go into creating music,” Thomas said. “And when it’s played, those elements get elevated and have the potential to affect an audience.” However, Thomas has found it difficult to find live local music in Atlanta that truly “elevates” in this way. “As much as we love the classics,” Thomas first qualifies, “when you go out to catch live music and that’s all bands are playing, it takes away from the individual artistry of the musician.” Even on the traditional jazz side of live music in the city, things are not much different, according to Thomas. “Someone can sit up and swing to all the [traditional jazz] tunes, and that stuff is awesome for jam sessions, but those tunes [are heard] all the time too.” From his own experiences, Thomas believes that people in Atlanta are in fact interested in hearing good, live, original music. “Sometimes people will see me out playing at a restaurant, and they’ll come up to me and request songs from my album. They’re like, ‘Man, Eric, let’s hear some of your stuff.’” But that has only happened because he’s put on his own shows and taken every opportunity to play his own music. He acknowledges that there is always the thought that people may not be as open to listening to original music as they are to the popular covers they’re accustomed to. Yet, Thomas insists that there needs to be balance. “[Atlanta] would really expand culturally because the diversity of the music would give people a wider variety of music to choose from,” he said. Though the city’s live music scene faces challenges, Eric’s optimism becomes clear as he expresses his appreciation for venues like Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, fellow Atlanta-based artist and saxophonist Dee Lucas and an organization called Harmony Jazz Alliance, whose focus is to strengthen the jazz community. All three are seeking to “Elevate the Quest,” for more live original music in Atlanta. Thomas’ sophomore album, Take it Easy, is currently available at Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby.

w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

By Angela Milkie In her first two novels, Bound South and A Soft Place to Land, author Susan Rebecca White not only uses Atlanta as a location but also as one of the characters. Both novels are distinctively Southern with their charm and Intown settings, telling stories of the effects society and culture have on human relationships. “I write so much about Atlanta because I am still trying to figure out my place in it, and to a larger extent, my place in the world,” White says. White grew up in Buckhead during the 1970s and 1980s. She describes it as a place with a lot of unwritten rules. For example, it was proper to send thank you notes for birthday gifts before going outside to play. Most of her neighbors were wealthy, white families. The dads had prestigious careers as businessmen or lawyers, while the moms stayed at home with the kids. “It was this very specific world, and one in which my family only marginally belonged,” she recalls. “So I was both inside and outside of it, both drawn to it and critical of it.” When writing about Atlanta as a place, White relies on specific and concrete details to create a

world that stands on its own. White’s first novel, Bound South, interweaves the stories of three women, relating the mistakes and lessons they learn as they confront life. In A Soft Place to Land, half-sisters, Ruthie and Julia, are separated after their parents are killed in a tragic plane crash. Their once close bond is challenged as the girls are forced to leave their childhood home in Atlanta, and are thrown into different worlds with different experiences. White mined her real life experience of growing up in a blended family with half-siblings in writing A Soft Place to Land. When she was older, her parents explained their kids would have been split up had they passed away. “I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to first lose your parents and then lose your siblings, because you were sent so far away to be raised,” she says. “I was so horrified by the idea that I decided to write a book about it, which is how I came up with half-sisters Ruthie and Julia and their particular story.” White wasn’t always aware of the rich cultural and social inspiration Atlanta provides. She first learned that Atlanta, and the South in general, was unique from other towns when she was 10 years old. Her first memory of being made aware of cultural differences was when she visited a cousin in Indiana. “When I said, ‘Hey’ to one of my cousin’s new friends her friend replied, ‘Hay is for horses.’ I remember having the attitude that this Indiana kid was an idiot – that ‘hey’ was the correct way to greet people, just as ‘y’all’ was the correct way to refer to a group. As a kid I took a lot of southern customs as the norm.” These southern customs that White refers to are vividly portrayed in her writing. Besides the inspiration Atlanta has provided to White, she also is inspired by reading the work of Toni Morrison, Gail Godwin, Flannery O’Connor, Ann Patchett, Anne Lamott, Kaye Gibbons, Bernard Malamud and Rita Dove. White leaves young writers with a word of advice. “I advise young writers not to be afraid of exploring the place they are from, especially if their initial impulse is to try and escape from it. As a writer, the best thing you can do is to mine where you were raised – it shaped you, and it will shape your stories.”

town 23

July 2011 | IN

A guide for arts and cultural entertainment for the entire family. Visual Arts & Museums National Black Arts Festival 2011: This festival is one of the premier national and international presenters of the art, music and culture of people of African descent, and it includes music, film, visual arts, dance, theatre, literary and educational events. July 1 through July 31. Prices vary by date. www.nbaf.org The Atlanta AKWABA Arts Festival: At this festival at Art Space International, you can check out clothing, textiles, jewelry, sculpture and other works of art that reflect the many nations and cultures of the African continent. July 14 through July 17. Admission is free. www.artspaceatl.com New Introductions: Each summer TEW Galleries introduces visitors to established artists who are new to the gallery, along with exciting new talent, with this exhibit. Opens July 15. Admission is free. www.timothytew.com Other Voices: This group exhibition at pb&j gallery features contemporary paintings, watercolors and photography by artists including Tamara McElhannon, Imani Gridiron and Bob Burkhardt. Closes July 23. Admission is free. www.pbj-gallery.com New Roads: This exhibit at Barbara Archer Gallery showcases a collection of works by Francis Pavy, whose lexicon includes urban and rural imagery firmly grounded in the vernacular of the American South. Closes July 30. Admission is free. www.barbaraarcher.com

www.jimmycarterlibrary.org The Great Speckled Bird: This exhibit at The DeKalb History Center showcases items commemorating the 40th anniversary of the South’s standard underground newspaper, The Bird, which chronicled turbulent times in Atlanta from 1968 to 1976. Open weekdays. Free! www.dekalbhistory.org WaterDream: The Evolution of Bathroom Design: This installation transforms the Museum of Design Atlanta gallery space into a journey through the bathroom, demonstrating the uncompromising modernity achieved in 20th and 21st century bathroom design. Closed Monday. $5 to $10. www.museumofdesign.org National Museum of Decorative Painting: No matter what your favorite style of decorative painting, you will find it at this premiere repository of the style featuring both contemporary and historic collections. Open weekdays. Free! www.dpmuseum.org

Performing Arts Rock of Ages: Tony Award nominee Constantine Maroulis, of “American Idol” fame, stars in the first national tour of this smash-hit Broadway musical, a love story told through the hits of Journey, Styx, Pat Benetar and more, presented by Theater of the Stars at The Fabulous Fox Theatre. July 5 through July 10. $25 to $65. www.theaterofthestars.com

Damn Right I Got the Blues: This exhibit at MudFire Clayworks & Gallery features work by 20 talented sculptors and potters and is the gallery’s first color-themed exhibit in the key of blue. Closes July 30. Admission is free. www.mudfire.com

The Jungle Book: This musical adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s beloved children’s classic, presented by Georgia Shakespeare at the Conant Performing Arts Center, takes audiences on the adventure of a lifetime with Mowgli and his animal friends. July 5 through July 23. $13. www.gashakespeare.org

Mixing Metaphors: the Aesthetic, the Social and the Political in African American Art: Body politics, race, class and gender are a few of the topics that surface in the more than 90 works of art in this exhibit at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum. Closes July 31. $6 to $8.

VIP Room: This semi-autobiographical play at Dad’s Garage follows one man’s struggle between the domestic bliss of his wife and kids and his perpetual craving to watch dirty strippers get naked for cash. July 7 through July 30. $12 to $23. www.dadsgarage.com

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)

Other Voices

Idina Menzel: Broadway powerhouse Idina Menzel – the Tony Award-winning Elphaba from “Wicked” – performs a diverse repertoire of classic, pop and musical theatre favorites with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra at Chastain Park Amphitheatre. July 9. $25 to $75. www.atlantasymphony.org Three Sistahs: In this blues and pop musical at Horizon Theatre set in 1969, sparks fly when three sisters share wine, memories, dreams and secrets at their third family funeral in three years. Opens July 12. $15 to $30. www.horizontheatre.com A Thousand Circlets: Presented by Essential Theatre at Actor’s Express, this new American drama tells the story of a prominent AfricanAmerican family poised to achieve great triumph, only to face having it all torn down by the illness of the father and the passions of the past. July 14 through July 29. $10 to $23. www.essentialtheatre.com DanceAfrica Atlanta!: Presented by the National Black Arts Festival at the Rialto Center for the Arts, this show is a celebration of the movement, spirit and energy of the cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora. July 16 and July 17. $25. www.nbaf.org Martha Speaks: When the family feeds alphabet soup to their dog Martha, the letters go to her brain, and she begins to speak in this play at the Center for Puppetry Arts based on the popular children’s book series Martha Speaks. July 19 through July 31. $16.50. www.puppet.org The All-American Musical: Explore the rich tradition and heritage of great American musical theatre with selections from “Oklahoma!,” “The Music Man” and many more at this show

129 Sycamore Place Gallery & Studios in Decatur is pleased to o offer Adult & Children's monthly art classes including Absrtact Acrylics, Serious Sketching,Art History,Watercolor,and Collage. Private instruction is available. We are currently accepting registration for July and August Art Camps We host lovely special events. ARTIST STUDIO SPACE AVAILABLE! Please call 404 377 7747 or e:sycsyl@yahoo.com

24 INtown | July 2011

presented by Capitol City Opera Company at Callanwolde Fine Arts Center. July 23. $30. www.ccityopera.com The Bachelor - A Date with Death: In this show at Agatha’s-A Taste of Mystery, America’s favorite dating TV show is back, but this season turns out to be the wildest ever when contestant Chad’s shot at love is interrupted by a murder at his first elimination ceremony. Closes July 27. $62 to $64.50. www.agathas.com Stripped: This highly anticipated play at the Ferst Center for the Arts peels away the layers of the life of a professional football player, revealing the true sacrifice of being a high-profile athlete. July 27 through July 31. $31.50 to $41.50. www.ferstcenter.gatech.edu Summer Pops Concert: Trumpeter and vocalist Joe Gransden joins the DeKalb Symphony Orchestra for this concert at Georgia Perimeter College’s Marvin Cole Auditorium. July 29 through July 31. $15 to $30. www.dekalbsymphony.com The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged): This irreverent, hilarious, high-speed romp at the New American Shakespeare Tavern takes audiences through all 37 of the Bard’s plays in just two hours! Closes July 31. $12 to $32. www.shakespearetavern.com Cineprov!: Have you ever hoped that the morons yelling unfunny things at the screen during a movie would shut up and let professionals handle it? If so, go see Cineprov! at Relapse Theatre, where the improvisers make fun of movies so you don’t have to every Friday night. $5 to $10. www.cineprov.com Family Improv: In this all-ages, family-friendly show every Friday night, The Basement Theatre serves up hilarious family improv comedy, all based on audience suggestions. $5 to $10. www.thebasementtheatre.com. For more information about any of these shows, to find out about more shows happening in July or to purchase tickets, visit atlantaplanit.com.

w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

Peachtree Battle Shopping Center






Arrival from Sweden

featuring with Atlanta

idiNA MENzEL with Atlanta

Symphony Orchestra


MichAEL McdONALd & BOz ScAggS •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••



chArLiE WiLSON special guest





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Soulsville Tour

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MArY chApiN cArpENTEr



very special guest

Little feat






AMY grANT & MichAEL W. SMiTh •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••



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special guest

Reserved seating only. No tables, coolers or carry-ins. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

grAcE pOTTEr




special guest

The Wood Brothers

Reserved seating only. No tables, coolers or carry-ins. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••



Shawn colvin






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Sam Yahel




STEELY dAN special guest

Symphony Orchestra







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dAriuS rucKEr


An Evening with


special guest

Sunny Sweeney


EArTh, WiNd & firE


with The


Tickets available at the Woodruff Arts Center box office and all Ticketmaster outlets including Publix Super Markets • TICKETMASTER.COM • 1.800.745.3000 For venue information, visit DELTACLASSICCHASTAIN.COM FACEbOOk.COM/DELTACLASSICCHASTAIN

It’s what we

Group Sales


Concerts take place rain or shine. Artists and schedules are subject to change. All sales final. No exchanges or refunds. Delta Classic Chastain Concerts promoted by ASO Presents support the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.


ON SALE NOW! Ace Hardware Bank of America Baskin Robbins Burger King Café Lapin Cartridge World Chico’s Children’s & Prep Shop Cheyenne Grille European Alterations Famous Hair Festivity Flowers Atlanta For Eyes Optical Framers On Peachtree Frolic Boutique GNC Nutrition Gramercy Atelier H&F Bottle Shop Happy Feet



about Buckhead.






Come Live the Life.

H&F Bottle Shop Happy Feet Hollywood Tan Izzy Maternity Joe May Valet Jalisco’s Junko Hair Design Keller Williams LaRo Jewelers Master Shoe Repair Mint Julep Mori Luggage & Gifts nadeau furniture with a soul Nail Shadow Natural Body Spa Paper Affair Pasta Vino Peachtree Battle Antiques & Interiors



aLL-aMericaN ceLebratioN Rob Fisher, conductor U.S. Army Chorus

aNiMaL coLLectiVe

Peachtree Battle Barbershop Publix Richard’s Variety Store Rite Aid Starbucks Talbots Woo Skincare & Cosmetics Zoës Kitchen NOW OPEN Maki Fresh--Sushi Another Broken Egg Café

Peachtree Road and Peachtree Battle Avenue


21 Sat







Frightened Rabbit

StYx • YeS caSabLaNca


MY MorNiNG JacKet


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with Complete Film LIVE!

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Kid cudi Chip Tha Ripper

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PhiL LeSh & bob Weir


13 Michael Krajewski, conductor

20 Neko Case

31 Shane Harper 1

doLLY PartoN StarFest featuring

Goo Goo doLLS Michelle Branch • Parachute

Matt Nathanson

15 Performs The Who’s

Plus Who Classics & more





AUG An Evening with


death cab for cutie

biG bad Voodoo daddY

30 Michael Krajewski, conductor Sun

Windstorm Productions Presents


16 Rhett Akins & Rachel Farley



with special guests

15 Jere Flint, conductor • Ben Mankiewicz, host Sat



iNcubuS with special guest

raY LaMoNtaGNe & the Pariah doGS

18 Brandi Carlile Sat



WideSPread PaNic Futurebirds

Tickets available at all Ticketmaster outlets including Publix Super Markets TICKETMASTER.COM • 1.800.745.3000 • Venue box office

The venue is conveniently located off GA-400 in Alpharetta. For more information, visit VZWAMP.COM or


All artists and schedules subject to change without notice. All tickets subject to service charge. Concerts rain or shine.

w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

ON SALE FRIDAy, july 8 AT 10AM!

Owned and operated by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

town 25

July 2011 | IN

Consistent results from the best people in Atlanta real estate.

SCAD student gets inside look at high-pressure world of TV writing balancing home and work life. She embodies the definition of the daily grind. We all gather around anxiously awaiting her suggestions and feedback. “My sugars,” she says to us after hearing and reading the pitch ideas, “I like this, but it needs a little more kick. How about we try trimming this concept down?” Her suggestions are always spot on and give us new perspectives into the monologue.

3620 Ivy Road | $950,000 1925 brick tudor with amazing architectural detail including a wonderful light filled sunroom with arched windows and stone walls. Old World Charm on gorgeous acre of complete privacy. Ten foot ceilings, European sized fireplaces. Quiet dead end street in middle of Buckhead.

Ruth Skogstad & Kristen Sodemann 404.310.0576 (Ruth) | 404.310.0608 (Kristen) | Skogstad-SodemannTeam@beacham.com 3284 Northside Pkwy. Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30327•404.261.6300•www.beacham.com *Includes Morningside,Virginia-Highlands,Midtown,Ansley Park,Buckhead,Brookhaven and Sandy Springs. 2011 = 1st Quarter 2011

Tony Award Winner

IDINA with

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra




Tickets available at the Woodruff Arts Center box office and all Ticketmaster outlets including Publix Super Markets • TICKETMASTER.COM • 1.800.745.3000

Delta Classic Chastain Concerts promoted by ASO Presents support the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

26 INtown | July 2011

I began my journey as a writing intern on The Mo’Nique Show – hosted by the comedian and Oscar-winning actress – last September. To say the least, it’s been a rewarding experience made possible by my professor, Stephanie Leonard. During the internship, I’ve learned skills that I would not have gotten anywhere else. What follows is a typical day in the writers’ room of The Mo’Nique Show, from initial development process to final taping. The audience members for today’s show slowly file into the cast-loading area before entering Turner Studios where we film the show. The cast of the NBC sci-fi drama The Event are the guests and will be interviewed by Mo’Nique. I enter the writers’ room on the fourth floor of Turner Studios. A monologue needs to be created as soon as possible for Mo’Nique. The head writers of the show – Mitchell Marchand, Vanessa Fraction, Akintunde Warnock and Elijah Everett – volley ideas back and forth like bombs from two battleships. “What if we place the cast of The Event in a comedic pre-tape where they are kidnapped by aliens?” One of the writers chimes in from the cubicle space, “Okay, if the The Event is centered around an alien invasion, what if we have Mo’Nique save the cast from being attacked by random monsters?” Everyone nods in unison, but something else is needed. There has to be a “button,” or something that the audience can relate to and cause them to erupt in uncontrollable laughter.



By Brandon Marshall-Todd

Concerts take place rain or shine. Artists and schedules are subject to change. All sales final. No exchanges or refunds.

We have to run downstairs to the studio to have Mo’Nique approve the monologue. The entire writing staff crams into the elevator, still discussing ideas for the show and how to tighten the script. We enter Mo’Nique’s dressing room, where she he has been working hard since 5 a.m. Mo’Nique starts her day at 4 a.m. and usually doesn’t end until 9 p.m. On top of that, she does two shows a day while

Forty-five minutes before show time, there is no time to waste. The “split” occurs at this point. We call it the split because we have to somehow be in five different places at once: the directors’ room, the teleprompter set up, the main stage, Mo’Nique’s dressing room and the writers’ room. Each production assistant leaves with a writer and we go about our business. One of us finds a glaring mistake in the monologue. “Move the commas!” “Fix the bullet points!” The whole dynamic of the monologue can change in the blink of an eye. The beats have to hit or it’s lights out. Zero hour. Mo’Nique is about to exit the dressing room and perform her daily ritual of reading a Bible passage before going on stage. One more mad dash to give Mo’Nique a copy of the script for final approval. She scans the monologue quickly, looking for specific changes. “Let’s get it,” she says. Boom. A weight has been lifted. The show can go on. We run the monologue one more time, making changes and small edits. Treniece, the teleprompter typist, expertly makes the changes without a moment to spare. Mo’Nique comes out of the elevator onto the set and all of the pre-components – music, lighting and set up of the monologue – go off without a hitch. Mo’Nique enters the center stage and the writing staff, producers and audience all anxiously await the run through for the first monologue. Mo’Nique and her co-host Rodney Perry hit beat after beat as the audience falls into fits of laughter. The writing team exits after the first segment and goes back upstairs to prepare for the second show. Another round of feverish brainstorming is about to take place. Our next show will feature the cast of the new film Fast and Furious Five and we only have two hours to prep. The Write Squad, as it’s affectionately known, all sit around the table jotting down notes preparing to do our job of making people laugh.

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Prices subject to change without notice. Please see onsite agent for details.

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July 2011 | IN


Manuel’s Mainstay Behind the bar with Bobby Agee By Osayi Endolyn At first, her comment sounded sacrilegious. “The sign on the building might say ‘Manuel’s,’ but it’s ‘Bobby’s’ to us,” Patricia Kendall said, seated in a booth with a glass of beer. She didn’t seem concerned that others could overhear – Atlantans are downright serious about their love for historic Manuel’s Tavern. Kendall and her husband Stephen have been dining there for 15 years. Regulars love the atmosphere and the homestyle meals, but a certain bartender keeps the Kendalls coming back. That bartender is Bobby Agee. He approached the booth, just as Kendall was saying how much she and her husband enjoyed his company. She repeated herself for Agee’s benefit. “Oh,” he groaned, laughing, with a wave of his hand. The deflection only made him more endearing. “These are some of my favorite people,” he said, peering down at the Kendalls over his thin-rimmed

eyeglasses. And then, he was off to another table, picking up plates and rushing behind the bar. The Kendalls smiled fondly, watching him work. The feeling was mutual. Beer Leads to Career “I just hit 35 years,” Agee said, shaking his head. It’s not that he can’t believe so much time has passed. It’s more like the 63-year-old, white-haired, bearded bartender is thankful for every moment. Agee moved to Atlanta from Charleston, West Virginia in 1973. “I came for a wedding and decided to stay.” Charleston couldn’t compete with Atlanta for the 25-year-old’s attention. If a young man wasn’t interested in working the mines or in government, “there weren’t many other job options” up there. His friends took him around Atlanta and after seeing the sights he was convinced. Following the wedding, he returned to Charleston only to pack up his bags. He moved into the old Benning mansion on Oakdale Road, where he rented a cheap

a g a v e an eclectic southwestern eatery & tequila bar ҉ cabbagetown . atlanta Consistently Rated Excellent in Atlanta for the Last Ten Years

Reservations Accepted 404 588 0006 or online at www.agaverestaurant.com

Time Marches On A lot has happened in the 35 years since Agee walked into Manuel’s as a regular

Between Inman Park and Grant Park one mile south of Boulevard 242 Boulevard SE . Atlanta . GA . 30312

room. One afternoon, he and his roommate, Pat Glass, dropped into Manuel’s for a beer. Agee was unemployed after the latest stint of odd jobs that ranged from welding to carpet cleaning. Glass asked the bartender if they needed any help. They each walked in for a beer and both walked out with a job. In those days, Agee worked the day shift and served customers in the dining room. He kept his nose down, but he didn’t go unnoticed by Manuel Maloof, the feisty politician and tavern owner. “Manuel intimidated me a little bit,” Agee recalled. “As soon as you’d see him, you’d get a rag in your hand and start wiping something down.” One day, Manuel pointed at Agee and told him to wipe down the bottles – the old, glass collectibles that still sit on the upper right side of the bar. The young Agee climbed up with a wet rag, scared that he might drop one of those priceless pieces of glass. He took each bottle down, one by one, wiped it spotless and put each one back in its place. Nothing broke. Agee was relieved. More than anything, Manuel liked for things to be clean. `“I doubt those old bottles have seen such a good cleaning since,” Agee said, laughing. “Sometimes I wish we still had him around – the way Manuel could get people moving, just by showing up.”

customer. Just two years into his job, he met his future wife, Cheryl, with whom he has three grown sons and five grandbabies. When Agee talks about his family, he seems to slow down – he settles in and doesn’t miss a detail. His granddaughter has finally developed a taste for ice cream, so he can take her out to get a scoop. He rattles off the years each of his sons were born and what they’re up to now. You’ve never seen a man look so proud. And in the background of his family life, is a job he still loves, a place well known for it’s political history. Manuel’s has been a watering hole for generations of public officeholders and journalists with a leftleaning tilt. But ask Agee about any of the former presidents, senators or mayors who have dined there, and he has nothing to say. That’s not why he comes to work. He likes the hustle and bustle of a busy bar. He enjoys seeing his regulars. He just likes being at Manuel’s. He has only two pet peeves: people who complain about the bar’s ceiling fan and instructions on mixing a drink. “That fan only has two settings: medium and off!” And to those customers who caution him to “make it strong”? Give the guy a break. “I just can’t stand it.” The regulars always get the same charm and wit. If you misbehave, he will absolutely throw you out. He’s still got it, even if he is older. “I probably lost a step or two in the past few years,” he said, shrugging. continued ON page 30

photos by Mark Petko



$6.9 Mon-F ri



(404) 377-7766 EMORY VILLAGE 1593 N. Decatur Road


28 INtown | July 2011

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w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

town 29

July 2011 | IN

continued FROM PAGE 28

Just don’t ask him when he might retire. “That seems to be what everyone wants to know,” he said. “Actually, I don’t know, really.” A distant, wistful gaze came over his face. Will we have to cart him out of the bar? “Gosh, I hope it doesn’t come to that!” He might start off slowly, weaning himself away, shift-by-shift, the way some of his longtime co-workers have done – but not anytime soon. For many customers, it’s hard to imagine there will eventually come a time when Bobby Agee isn’t standing behind

that bar. He hopes that in the next 35 years, Manuel’s is still here — still a place where regulars are made out of new customers, still a destination for the offspring of people who came before, still a place where memories are shared. The sign on the building says “Manuel’s Tavern” and that’s not changing. But one of Agee’s customers saw it fit to bestow the legendary bartender’s name on something special. “This little boy, one of my customer’s kids, comes in the other day. He says, ‘Bobby, guess what? I named my pet caterpillar after you!’” Agee was so

tickled by this small acknowledgment, even in retelling the story he had to wipe his eyes from laughing. It’s not such a bad idea, actually. A man who has brought so much joy to so many, ought to have his name on something. Definitely not on the building — that would be sacrilegious — and he probably wouldn’t allow it anyway. For now, Agee is in people’s hearts and he’s still pouring behind the bar. That’s enough. And thanks to one of his youngest patrons, floating around Atlanta somewhere, Bobby Agee is also a butterfly.

A Vegetarian Amongst Meat Eaters By Krystal Roberts The next time you’re the lone vegetarian amongst carnivores, and a vegetarian restaurant is out of the question, make your way to one of these five “vegetarian friendly” restaurants. Prepare yourself for more than just boring side items, uninspired salads and hit-or-miss veggie burgers. Go ahead – have a taste!

Doc Chey’s Noodle House

By Bernadette Constance

In 2010, PETA ranked Atlanta No.4 on their list of “The Most Veg-Friendly Cities in North America.” Restaurants from more seemingly obvious choices like San Francisco, Seattle and New York rated lower on the list. As a relative newcomer to the city, I embarked on a mini-culinary odyssey to find out why. Being a 17-year vegetarian, I chose to take along my more carnivorous friends to form more balanced opinions. Here are five vegetarian restaurants inside the perimeter worth checking out.

875 York Ave., Atlanta, 30310 healthfulessence.com Called “the spiritual creation of Chef Princess Dixon and partner Kwadwo Kephera,” Healthful Essence unites a delicious Caribbean style menu with a joyful customer experience in the heart of West End. With a big selection of raw vegetables and cooked dishes – like their famous Unfish Cakes, BarBQ Tofu and Jerk UnChicken – there is always something new to try and come back for. All foods are prepared and cooked vegan, using organic ingredients and fresh spices. The helpful staff did not allow my friend and me to stand around and look clueless for long. They happily fed us samples and explained the offerings behind the “hot bar” at the counter. Reggae music and a laid back décor lend to the island atmosphere, and live music is available for special events. There are cooking and healthy-living classes, catering is available, and they offer free Wi-Fi. Special discounts on certain days of the week for students and senior citizens are just one way they show customer appreciation. 2140 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, 30309 cafesunflower.com Located in an unassuming Buckhead strip mall, Café Sunflower is known as the veggie restaurant to take ones’ non-veggie loving friends. They have a menu that makes you forget that standard “veggie burger” even exists (while still having one of the best ones I ever tried). It’s filled with Mediterranean, Asian, and American Southern and Southwestern influences, as well as delicious desserts. The décor is earthy but modern and they offer cooking classes, special events, catering and a shop full of Café Sunflower merchandise, including their popular cookbook, Atlanta’s Celebrated Vegetarian Restaurant, Café Sunflower: Recipes You Can Cook at Home.

GeorgesBarAndRestaurant.com 30 INtown | July 2011

652 N Highland Ave., Atlanta, 30306 (404) 875-4641 In Virginia Highland or Poncey

Highland (depending on who you ask) is a vegetarian restaurant with some unusual awards. Soul Vegetarian II’s mac and cheese just won “Madea’s Restaurant Wars,” a promotional contest for the Tyler Perry movie, Madea’s Big Happy Family. They received an overwhelming 38 percent of the votes against three other local nonvegetarian restaurants. Obviously, soul food fans don’t mind if it’s healthy, just as long as it tastes great. This affordable and cozy spot is a great place to meet up with people for a casual down home-style meal. While the mac and cheese certainly lives up to the hype, don’t forget the lentil burgers or the velvety soy ice cream for dessert. There is also another Atlanta location in West End.

Morningside, Grant Park, Emory doccheys.com (Asian) Doc Chey’s offers 15 different vegetarian dishes and just as many nonvegetarians ones. You’ll have your choice of stir-fries and noodle bowls complete with veggies, tofu, chicken and beef. This should keep everyone satisfied and make for a tasty and satisfying dining experience. Happy noodles!

Pricci 500 Pharr Road, Atlanta, 30305 buckheadrestaurants.com/pricci (Italian) You’ll be happy to know that while your friends, family or colleagues are digging into their veal and rib eye steaks, you’ll have the wonderful task of choosing amongst five different salads, along with four vegetarian pizza and pasta options. No more disgruntled chewing.

1594 Woodcliff Drive, #F, Atlanta, 30329. chatpattiatl.com Next to an Indian grocery store and fashion boutique in Druid Hills, is Atlanta’s only Indian vegetarian restaurant. It features delicious, spicy and authentic home style cooking. North and South Indian, Chaat, Punjabi and a traditional Gujarati style buffet is available every day. They also have snacks and desserts, with a take away bakery section. For the uninitiated, the pictures on the wall and the in-restaurant menu containing only the name of each dish can be a bit daunting. But, the online menu has a vivid description of each menu option, so you can always check that out before going. Also, the staff is very helpful with recommendations.

Café 640

1529 Piedmont Avenue, Suite D, Atlanta, 30324. greensproutga.com This Midtown/Lenox Hill area restaurant has a well-earned reputation of being one of the most authentic Chinese restaurants in Atlanta. If you like your Chinese food spicy and robust, then look no further. The Stuffed Zucchini with Chili Garlic Sauce is life-altering and they will make Kung Pao Chicken as hot as you like. All dishes are vegetarian and most dishes are vegan or can be made vegan upon request. Huge portions, smiling service and affordable prices also make this place a “must visit” destination.

Seasons 52

640 N. Highland Ave., Atlanta, 30306 cafe640.com (American) You’ll find at least two vegetarian options for each part of your meal, in addition to the antipasto plate full of savory goodies. There’s also more than enough chicken, salmon and steak on the menu to gain the favor of your carnivorous companions.

Pasta Da Pulcinella 1123 Peachtree Walk, Atlanta, 30309 pastadapulcinella.com (Italian) With three salads, six different veggie-friendly entrees, plus their classic linguini dish as backup, it’s possible to just close your eyes, point and order. But play it safe and take a quick peek because the menu is subject to change on a daily basis. Buckhead and Dunwoody seasons52.com (American) Here, it’s all about the flatbread and fresh vegetables. Every meal is less than 475 calories (don’t tell your dining buddies until afterwards, they may assume the food is unfulfilling), but they never sacrifice flavor. True vegetable lovers, this will be the one time you’ll be glad to order a vegetable plate because they’re farmer’s market fresh, and the dish comes with wood-grilled ponzu tofu. Yum!

w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

THE SCOOP ON ROOSTER 14 COOKIES By Angela Milkie Perhaps you’ve seen them – the large, ice cream scoop-shaped chocolate chip cookies in traditional glass jars sitting atop the counters of local Intown businesses. Recognizable by the label depicting red and white stripes and a rooster silhouette, these cookies are reminiscent of times past. Rooster 14 Cookies are a half-pound of sweetness large enough to share with a friend or two (or hell, keep it all to yourself). Nancy Portaleo is the founder and owner of the Rooster 14 Cookie Company. Originally served as a dessert when Nancy catered Atlanta events, the Rooster cookie was so popular, it became a company all its own. She spent 12 years perfecting the homemade taste and texture of the cookie from an old family recipe. The name, Rooster 14, is inspired by Portaleo’s childhood home. “I was a kid from the 1970s, and my mom had these silhouettes of roosters on the house,” she says. “Fourteen was part of our address.” She wanted to recreate the feeling of her childhood through the logo design, which also includes red and white stripes modeled after a candy shop from her favorite movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. When you order a dozen of her cookies, which always come wrapped in old-fashioned parchment paper, you will find that a Rooster dozen is actually

w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

14 cookies. “Every day is an inspiration, and that’s exciting,” says Portaleo when asked what it’s like to be the owner of a cookie company. The Rooster 14 Company is young and growing. Portaleo has 12 other flavors she plans to introduce to Atlanta in the near future. Her cookies will also become available from a Rooster 14 Cookie food truck. “I go in the city and people are always like, ‘I love your cookies, keep it local. We love it.’ That gives me inspiration, and it makes me happy to serve something like that.” Rooster cookies can be found in their signature jar at the following intown Atlanta locations: Candler Park Super Market, Savi Urban Market in Inman Park, Oak Grove Market in Decatur, Horizon Theater Company in Little Five Points and Doc Chey’s in Grant Park and Virginia Highlands. They are also available for order online at rooster14.com.

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July 2011 | IN

Quick Bites

southern location of the shop, and features a long list of specialty and signature subs, sandwiches and soups. erbertandgerberts.com

News & events The Howell Mill Food Park, a dedicated spot for food trucks is now operating at 1920 Howell Mill Road behind Willy’s. Currently, the park is open every Tuesday from 6 to 9 p.m. You can find out more and see which food trucks will be there at facebook.com/howellmillfoodpark In more food truck news, Food Trucks @ The Stove Works is now being held every Wednesday in the parking lot on Krog Street in Inman Park. Hours are 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Some of the trucks include Yumbii Good Food Truck, King of Pops and more. There’s always a line, so come early! Erbert and Gerbert’s sandwich shop is open at 2752 East Ponce de Leon Avenue in Decatur. A popular chain in the Midwest, this is the first

Woodfire Grill will host its annual BBQ & Beer Celebration on Saturday, July 2, from 5:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. Executive Chef Kevin Gillespie will prepare a three-course, allAmerican dinner for $38 per person (plus tax and gratuity). The menu includes an appetizer course; an entrée course consisting of a barbecue plate made with Gillespie’s Terminus City BBQ sauce, Brunswick stew and two traditional sides; and fruit cobbler for dessert. The bar will be serving SweetWater draft specials all night long with proceeds from beer sales going to “Save the Hooch” a campaign. For reservation and information, visit woodfiregrill.com. Market Street Café is open in Buckhead’s Prominence Building, 3475 Piedmont Ave. The restaurant serves as a dining and meeting spot for the building, but it also open to the public Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. serving “café classics.” sterlingspoon.com CamiCakes is opening a new cupcake outpost in Vinings this month in the former Sweet Pockets location, 4438 Paces Ferry Road. Known for its gourmet, fresh-baked daily treats, this is CamiCakes second location in Atlanta. And if you’re looking for a different gift, check out the special cherry

wood gift boxes at the Buckhead location of CamiCakes. camicakes.com If you like the French-style baked goods from Little Tart Bakeshop sold at local markets, then prepare your taste buds for this – the pastry maker is joining forces with Octane Coffee to open a physical shop next month in The Jane building at 437 Memorial Drive in Grant Park.

Chey’s, Osteria, Atkins Park, Diesel, Six Feet Under, Dakota Blue, Republic, Rosebud, Yoforia, Family Dog, Pozole and Saba. facebook.com/Dine4RedCross.

Casseroles is open at 1393 Highland Ave. (technically behind the building on the Lanier Avenue side) offering handmade casseroles, baked goods and vegetarian options. casserolesatlanta.com

Bad Dog Taqueria is open at 1579 N. Decatur Road in Emory Village. The menu features a variety of tortillas, tacos and more. facebook.com/BadDogTaqueria Dine Out for the Red Cross to beneift tornado victims will be held every Wednesday in July with a rotating group of local restaurants including Agave, Doc

Killer Tomatoes! JCT Kitchen & Bar is hosting the third annual Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival on Sunday, July 17, from 1 to 5 p.m. The event will benefit Georgia Organics and celebrate some of the South’s best chefs, farmer and mixologists. JCT owner and executive chef Ford Fry is heading up the event, which also feature chefs from some of Atlanta’s best restaurant: Jay Swift, Gerry Klaskala, Carvel Grant Gould, Zeb Stevenson, Dan Van Leuvan, Daniel Morrison, Steven Satterfield, Matt Palmerlee and more. Each featured chef will be paired with a local farmer to create a tomato dish for attendees to sample, while the mixologists stir up their own signature cocktails. Tickets are $55-$60 and are on sale now at jctkitchen.com.

Grant Park Conservancy Farmer’s Market now open for season

When Katie Hayes and Suzanne Welander set out to start a farmer’s market in Grant Park, they were looking to create something more than a place to buy vegetables. “We see a farmer’s market as a modern town square,” says Hayes, market director for both Grant Park and its sister market in East Atlanta Village. In keeping with the town square model, Grant Park’s market, which debuted on May 15 and runs Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., aims to get neighbors together with a focus on culinary education, gardening, nutrition and wellness. In addition to offering fresh produce, the market features ready-to-eat items from food truck vendors like Grace’s Goodness, that purveyor of locally-sourced delights (think toasted pecan butter and artisan pimento cheese). Chef Seth Freedman of

32 INtown | July 2011

Ruby Root Connections hosts culinary demonstrations using seasonal ingredients that are affordable and easy, such as fiveingredient or one-pot meals. Kids will enjoy gardening activities and educational projects coordinated by Chikin Feed, a company dedicated to fostering nutritional literacy in children. The market is located at Milledge Fountain off Cherokee Avenue and will run until Nov. 20. Admission is free. Street parking is available on Cherokee nd Boulevard. For more information on the market, and to see a calendar of upcoming events, visit the Grant Park Conservancy at gpconservancy.org. – Courtney Marcelo Norton

w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

IN Business


Business & Retail Briefs Noble Investment Group has acquired the former Holiday Inn Decatur Hotel and Conference Center in downtown Decatur. Noble will immediately begin a comprehensive redevelopment plan and upon completion, will convert the property to the Courtyard by Marriott brand. The hotel will feature new guest rooms and suites complete with high-tech amenities and enhancements to the Decatur Conference Center, which provides more than 15,000 square feet of meeting and event space for corporate meetings as well as social occasions. Georgia Commerce Bank recently celebrated the grand opening of its new 5,000-square-foot facility in Buckhead. More than 400 guests attended the grand opening event and enjoyed live music and hors d’oeuvres. This is Georgia Commerce Bank’s third location in Atlanta. In the photo, from left to right, Marvin Cosgray, Managing Director of Private Banking; Rodney Hall, President; LeeHester Rhodes, Senior Vice President and Branch Manager; and Mark Tipton; Chairman and CEO. Save up to 70 percent off for two days under one roof at the bi-annual Original Boutique Warehouse Sale from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, July 15 and 16, at Atlantic Station (above Z gallerie and across the street from Dillard’s). Local boutiques Meringue, Sandpiper, Les Nouvelles, Lola’s, and many more will be at the event. Cash or checks only. boutiquebargainsatl.com Bridal Outlet of Atlanta is now open at 1620 LaVista Road. The new shop will have a large selection of “high-quality wedding dresses at discount prices.” There will be designer samples, overstock and discontinued dresses. All gowns are sold “off-therack” and all sales are final. Walk-ins welcome, but appointments encouraged by calling (404) 636-1300. Closed Mondays. The Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys (GABW) will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a four-day event called Celebrating a Marquee Legacy of Service and Leadership. The event will be July 21-24 will feature an opening reception at the Georgian Terrace Hotel; an anniversary conference with presentations on topics of interest to female attorneys and the community at large; a service event with GABWA’s Sister to Sister mentoring program for at-risk teenage girls; the Glitter Gala & Auction fundraiser at The Fox Theatre; and a culminating Sunday worship service and brunch. For more information about all the events, visit gabwa.org. Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, a part of Bank of America, was honored with a Patriot Award for support of its employees who serve in the Georgia National Guard and Reserve. Alane Siem, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Buckhead Complex Director, accepted the award on behalf of Merrill Lynch during a ceremony. Sgt. Jason Greene of United States Marine Corps Reserve and financial advisor with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management nominated his company because of its supportive policies. Sgt Greene said Merrill Lynch kept in touch with his wife and children during his period of deployment. The awards are given by Georgia Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (GA ESGR), an agency of the Department of Defense. For more information, visit esgr.mil.

w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

A Sustainable, Independent Bookstore Charis Books plans expansion By Angela Milkie Little Five Points mainstay Charis Books & More is growing and expanding despite the trend of brick and mortar bookstores closing around the country. In business for more than 37 years, Charis is one of the last independent feminist bookstores in the country, and the oldest in the South. The shop is also the base for Charis Circle, a nonprofit organization created 15 years ago to help bring people together through community programs. Charis Circle offers author readings, book signings, writing groups for both teens and adults, and a number of reading groups focusing on gender and feminist related books and topics. Charis Books & More and Charis Circle are planning to open a new feminist center in Atlanta in 2012, which means the little purple house on Euclid Avenue will be sold and the store will likely move out of Little Five Points. I spoke with Kelley Alexander, Board Chair of Charis Circle, and Sara Luce Look, co-owner of Charis Books & More, to find out more about their upcoming plans. Tell me about Charis Books. What is it like owning a feminist bookstore? Sara: We love what we do, and we love getting information and books into people’s hands. We really believe books can and do change people’s lives. Our bestsellers are consistently multicultural children’s books, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (GLBTQ) topics, political and global nonfiction and literary fiction.

but more than that, has offered a space for diverse groups of people to engage and connect on the common ground of social justice and feminism. Over the years, our vision has grown larger than what we can offer in the current space. This move is important because we’ll be able to offer the place of connection that has always been Charis’ strength and expand the footprint of the communities we serve. What are your hopes for the new center? Kelley: In addition to adding a café, we plan to have a large theater space for events, some child-friendly space, and office space to rent to like-minded nonprofits. The larger goal is to become a community hub. We want to give people reasons to come all the time, not just for programs. We already see Charis as a place in Atlanta that brings people together in the community, and we are excited about expanding that vision. How will the new center change and enhance the bookstore? How will it change and enhance Charis Circle? Sara: We are in the process of rethinking what it means to be a feminist bookstore in these times. We are excited by the possibilities of a new space and new energy. Kelley: The new space will give priority to the nonprofit side of things. We are essentially flipping our model to a nonprofit center that offers books and book activities through Charis Books.

Tell me about Charis Circle. Kelley: Charis Circle was created in 1996 as a nonprofit sister organization to Charis Books and More. The goal of the nonprofit has always been to expand program offerings, particularly those that are offered free to the community. Charis Circle is funded mainly through individual giving efforts and foundation gifts. Our mission revolves around sustainable feminist communities, social justice and providing a platform for diverse and marginalized voices.

Where will the new location be? Kelley: We’re not sure yet, but we’re probably looking to move away from Little Five Points. We don’t know a space in the area that can support our big idea, and we are currently challenged by not having enough parking. We want to be in a high-traffic, retail location, and we are actively looking for a generous donor who believes in our vision and has just the right building to donate to Charis Circle.

Why have you decided to build the new feminist center? Kelley: Pursuant to our mission of sustainability, the move is a product of necessity in the current economy. We all know what’s happening to independent bookstores, feminist bookstores even more so. I think at last count, there are 15 feminist bookstores in the U.S. and Canada, down from a few hundred over the last 20 years.

What are current and future volunteer opportunities and events with Charis Books, Charis Circle, and the new feminist center? Kelley: We’re taking a “Team Charis” approach and enlisting the support of community members to provide specific expertise during our big transition. We currently have around 72 volunteers who have agreed to help with various tasks such as marketing, fundraising, and programming, to name a few focus areas.

Why is Charis important to the Atlanta community? Kelley: Charis has always been this wonderful, small independent bookstore that has offered the community free programming through the nonprofit Charis Circle,

If you are interested in volunteering or have questions, ideas, etc., you can email Kelley Alexander at Kelley@chariscircle.org. For more about Charis Books, visit charisbooksandmore.com.

town 33

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ATLANTA LANDMARKS WIN PRESERVATION AWARDS The Georgia Trust honored two Atlanta landmark buildings recently with 2011 Preservation Awards. The bathhouse at Piedmont Park, known as Greystone, was given the Chairman’s Award. The granite building designed in by Edwards and Sayward Architects originally housed restrooms and changing rooms for those swimming in Lake Clare Meer. With the completion of Piedmont Park’s new Aquatic Center, the Greystone bathhouse was rehabilitated to accommodate a reception space, various-sized meeting rooms, catering kitchen, support spaces, and an expansive outdoor terrace. The Wynne-Claughton Building, also known as the Carnegie Building, in Downtown received the Excellence in Rehabilitation Award. Built in 1925, the “flat iron” shaped office building was renamed the Mortgage Guarantee Building after it was purchased by the Mortgage Guarantee Insurance Company in 1928. In 1963 the name was changed to the Carnegie Building to commemorate the former Carnegie Library, which once stood across the street. In 2007, planning began to convert the building from its original use as office space into a hotel. The floor plans were carefully designed to showcase the surviving historic elements. Rehabilitation began in 2008 and resulted in the 155-room Hotel Indigo.

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Greystone at Piendmont Park

Carnegie Building

Daniel Corp. and Selig Enterprises are planning a 22-story apartment tower at 12th Street and Crescent Avenue to be called 77 12th Street. The building was part of the original plans for the 12th & Midtown project, which was put on hold because of the recession. Construction is expected to begin this fall on the building, which will feature more than 300 apartments and 20,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor. An office building and hotel are also planned in the future for the 12th & Midtown project.

To read about more Preservation Awards, visit GeorgiaTrust.org.

4th Ward Park Dedicated A ribbon cutting and festival was held June 19 to offically open Historic Fourth Ward Park. Mayor Kasim sReed, right, officiated.

Pinnacle Custom Builders, Inc. has been named EarthCraft Renovator of the Year for 2010 by Southface Energy Institute and the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. The EarthCraft program is the Southeast’s premier “Green Building” program helping promote the building and renovating of homes that are energy efficient, healthy, comfortable and durable creating a quality home built to a higher standard than local building codes. Pinnacle has won numerous local, regional and national awards for their work in residential renovations, additions and new custom homes. This is the second time that Pinnacle has been named EarthCraft Renovator of the Year and they are the only company to have been so honored. Decatur-based Pinnacle specializes in “green” construction practices

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Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage CARES, the charitable arm of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage raised over $1,500 at its recent Charity Yard Sale at the Sandy Springs office. The event raised funds for the Sandy Springs Community Action Center (CAC) and the Sandy Springs Educational Foundation (SSEF). The CAC will use the money to offer financial assistance, food, clothing, youth programs and adult education to further the prevention of homelessness and help provide basic needs to local individuals and families. The funds given to support SSEF partnerships and programs will provide students of all 11 Sandy Springs schools with opportunities and tools to graduate and pursue meaningful and productive options beyond high school. “It is more important than ever with these economic conditions to give back to our community,” said Diane Smith, branch manager of the Sandy Springs office. “Our sales associates enjoy giving back and making their community stronger, creating a higher demand for people wanting to reside and continue to contribute the local area.” coldwellbankeratlanta.com

Renewal Design-Build is extending it service area to the neighborhoods of Buckhead, Brookhaven, Chastain Park, Collier Hills and Pine Hills. The official work area is now inside the perimeter, north of Memorial Drive and east of I-75. For more, visit renewaldesignbuild.com or find them on Facebook.


painted wall treatments, murals, furniture etcetera

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Atlanta’s ever-changing landscape has an interesting history By Matthew Terrell If it weren’t for some clever public relations, the symbol for Atlanta would be a big ball of tar. The idea of the luscious “Georgia Peach” is one part lie and one part marketing, because our namesake fruit is not native to this area. According to Central Atlanta Progress, “pitch” trees were originally native to Atlanta – the kind of pine trees used to collect sticky resin. In the early 1800s, settlers garbled the word “pitch” and eventually turned it into “peach” – and sensing that a nice piece of fruit is better than a smelly ball of pine tar – they ran with the idea as a simple but effective form of boosterism. Local historian Ann Boutwell sees Atlanta as a city in flux; our streets and neighborhoods are often at the center of change. Outsiders would have a much different view of our city if we were known for dozens of overlapping streets all named “Pitch Tree.” Boutwell sees three central factors to Atlanta’s change. Boutwell says, “If you look at the history of Atlanta, you see that boosterism has defined much of our progress. But beyond that, racial issues have certainly shaped who we are as a city. And now we are seeing transportation define how Atlanta is changing.” New Atlantans are often confused by our perplexing system of street names. It seems just about every street in Atlanta changes name mid-route, often without rhyme or reason. A little look at race relations can explain why streets change names below Ponce de Leon – the north part of town (Briarcliff, Juniper, Monroe) was where white people lived, and the south part of town (Moreland, Courtland, Boulevard) was where black people lived. Despite this remnant from segregation, Atlanta honors positive social change and civil rights leaders by scraping outdated street names. Ralph McGill Boulevard is now named after the influential antisegregationist editor of The Atlanta Constitution. The street was originally named Forrest Avenue, after Nathan Bedford Forrest, first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. Sometimes change comes from roads

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we don’t want at all. The revitalization of Inman Park and the growth of Virginia Highland occurred in conjunction with the 30-year long Atlanta freeway revolts. Inman Park was once full of rotting mansions, and the Georgia Department of Transportation saw it as the perfect neighborhood to bulldoze and put a freeway. Residents were outraged, which helped spark revitalization on the eastside, and GDOT’s new freeway never came to fruition. As blatant boosterism and race relations become less important, transportation issues have become the biggest influence in Atlanta. Walkability and access to public transit now dominate the real estate scene, and our Intown neighborhoods are ready for a complete change spurred by the proposed BeltLine. Old-timers talk about a time when streets had old names, or when

Briaridge. $320,000 2174 Thorncliff Drive. 3BR/2BA FMLS: 4220337 Diane Higgins 678.778.5358

Brookhaven. $400,000 2593 Brookhaven Chase LN. 4BR/4.5BA FMLS: 4221452 Chase Mizell 404.835.9595

Buckhead. $329,000 3435 Kingsboro Road Unit#: 1703. 2BR/2BA FMLS: 4217115 Susan Fron 678.464.7899 Anne Schwall 404.569.6161

Buckhead. $675,000 2217 Virginia Place NE. 4BR/3.5BA FMLS: 4213169 Heery Brothers 404.974.4378

Buckhead. $159,900 2156 Medfield Trail. 3BR/1.5BA FMLS: 4195291 Chase Mizell 404.835.9595

Chastain Park. $495,000 4600 Runnemede Road. 4BR/3.5BA FMLS: 4210833 Carson Matthews 678.595.9286


Midtown. $132,500 955 Juniper Street #1313. 1BR/1BA FMLS: 4226599 Will Jacobs 404.808.0086

Begur, Spain

$2,813,853 Costa Brava Sotheby’s International Realty


Midtown. $250,000 195 14th Street #2302. 2BR/2.5BA FMLS: 4233125 Chase Mizell 404.835.9595


Midtown. $400,000 805 Peachtree Street #104. 2BR/2BA FMLS: 4207229 Chase Mizell 404.835.9595

Midtown. $250,000 805 Peachtree Street #608. 2BR/2BA FMLS: 4192602 Chase Mizell 404.835.9595

Morningside. $709,000 709 Cumberland Circle. 4BR/4BA FMLS: 4225912 Jim Getzinger 404.307.4020 Jared Sapp 404.668.7233

Morningside. $345,000 1891 Windemere Drive. 2BR/1.5BA FMLS: 4218943 Jared Sapp 404.668.7233

Virginia Highland. $534,000 1273 Euclade Court. 4BR/3.5BA FMLS: 4211592 Jim Getzinger 404.307.4020

Virginia Highland. $278,000 828 Highland Lane #2201. 2BR/2BA FMLS: 4227735 Jared Sapp 404.668.7233

Illustration by Ruth Catherine Meharg

entire neighborhoods were overrun with hippies; perhaps in 40 years we will talk about an unimaginable time when there wasn’t a train station in every community. As a city in flux, Atlanta is in the business of bettering itself. Maybe trains, bike paths and sidewalks seem far-fetched, but so did naming dozens of streets after a non-native tree.

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annual Modern Home Tour was held in June and design MODERN HOME The enthuiast and blogger Lori Shearer brought along her camera. TOUR





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The home tour was part of Modern Atlanta’s annual Design is Human festival, which features architecture, art, design, fashion and sustainability. The tour examines the full vernacular of modern residential design currently seen in Atlanta, from the cutting-edge with the use of new sustainable materials and digital technology, all the way back to the post-modern era when architecture was inspired by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright and Charles & Ray Eames. modern-atlanta.org.

As a design enthusiast and interactive marketing director, Lori Shearer started her blog, eatlivemodern.com in 2009 as a way to marry her two passions. Her designs and articles have been featured in publications like Southern Flourish and the AJC’s Home & Garden section.


THE JANE IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE Octane Coffee and The Little Tart Bakeshop will be opening soon. Other new tenants include Ant Hill Communications and Derma-Glove and will join Six Feet Under Restaurant, Republic Social House, Matchstic, Renovation Church, Material Girl, Cafe of Life, Blue Sombrero and Lux Salon



For more information please contact: Jeff Pollock, CCIM (404) 865-3877 info@pollockcommercial.com



Make Your Renovation A Renewal

By Alex Berry Geocaching is a fun, adventurous way to explore Intown using a GPS device to search for hidden containers filled with unusual prizes. As part of the SCAD INtown Takeover, we’ve hidden prizes at four locations around the city. You can go to geocaching.com and find our caches under SCAD_INtowntakeover. In order to find the cache, you’ll need an iPhone or other form of GPS device. Latitude and longitude coordinates give a general location as well as helpful hints to find the cache. The geocache is a container, often camouflaged by the environment, like a hollowed out log, a fake granite rock, a can, or ammo box. Within the cache is a logbook as well as a prize, which can range from a Hot Wheels car to gardening tools or even a lottery ticket. Once the cache is found, the finder can mark the logbook and leave a new prize if you want. The SCAD INtown Takeover cache has something for dog lovers, adventurers, kids and families and green activists. Happy hunting!

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Illustration by Matthew Miller w w w. A t l a n t a I N t o w n P a p e r. c o m

RDB_INtown_061011.indd 1

The eed t Guaravnation o Ren


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town 37

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More Outdoor RoomS

The Art of Bathroom DESIGN MODA’s WaterDream

In the June issue, we featured a photo essay on outdoor rooms, porches and spaces and asked for readers and designers to submit their photos for future publication. They have started to roll in, so we’ll feature a few of our favorites over the coming months while the weather is still warm. The outdoor room featured above was created by Eric King from King Lanscaping (erickinglandscaping.com) for an Intown family home. Custom pavers and stonework set off this outdoor room, which features a resistance pool, deck, arbor, fire place and the centerpiece dining area. The dazzling manicured lawn, flowers and plantings help set off the space. Have an outdoor room or porch you want to show off? Send a high-res image to our editor Collin Kelley at collin@atlantaintownpaper.com. We might use yours in an upcoming edition.



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MODA is located at 1315 Peachtree St. across from the Woodruff Arts Center. For more, visit www.museumofdesign.org.


Since 1969 Metro Atlanta



The Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA) brings to life WaterDream: the Art of Bathroom Design, which is now open and continues through Sept. 24. This installation transforms the gallery space into a four-part journey through the bathroom. The exhibit features iconic designs – including Philippe Starck, JeanMarie Massaud, Patricia Urquiola and Erwan Bouroullec – and a provocative display showcasing original pieces from renowned designers. An interactive display allows visitors to learn more about the various designers and their relationships with water. Guests can also participate in an ongoing canvas creation where they can write or draw their own water dreams. The final part of the exhibit explores the evolution of “WaterDream,” a project undertaken by Axor, a brand that represents the diversity and fascination of personal lifestyles in the bathroom.

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MORNINGSIDE Amazing renovated 3Bed/2Bath ranch on private cul-de-sac situated on huge .4211 acre lot, move-in ready. $449,900 Bradford Smith 404-210-4141 FMLS: 4221726

MORNINGSIDE 1930’s Tudor w/beautiful hdwoods, permanent steps to unfinished attic, period millwork, updated kitchen, sunroom. 3BD/2BA $439,000 Sally Westmoreland 404-354-4845 FMLS: 4231251

Luxury Properties need Previews Marketing

OAKHURST Renovated home featuring Chef’s kit w/custom cabinets & granite, walk-in closet, private backyard. 4Bed/3Bath $425,000 Melissa Stratton 404-713-5850 FMLS: 4231941

MIDTOWN Completely renovated 2 story bungalow, hdwoods, granite & SS kitchen, garage w/workshop, park like backyard. 3Bed/2Bath $474,500 Marc Castillo 404-449-6862 FMLS: 4227006

Agent of the Month

MORNINGSIDE Entertainer’s dream house w/ sunroom overlooking private backyard garden, pool, spa & covered outdoor kitchen. 4Bed/2.5Bath $599,000 Bradford Smith 404-210-4141 FMLS: 4231909

CANDLER PARK Charming bungalow features LR, parlor, DR, front porch, rear deck, off street parking & fenced backyard. 4Bed/2Bath $450,000 Sherry Warner 404-784-8848 FMLS: 4224499

DECATUR Oversized 4 sided brick ranch w/ hardwoods, lots of light, ¾ finished basement, walk to Emory/CDC. 4Bed/3Bath $299,500 Ann Hudson 404-307-9902 FMLS: 4217627

OAKHURST Fabulous 2Bed/2Bath, new paint inside & out, 2 car garage, sunroom, tons of storage in basement. Walk to Oakhurst Village. $300,000 Melissa Stratton 404-713-5850 FMLS: 4231797

Bradford Smith

ROXBORO FOREST Wonderful renovated home great for entertaining, large sunroom overlooks heated saltwater pool, chef’s kitchen. 5Bed/3.5Bath $650,000 Melissa Stratton 404-713-5850 FMLS: 4232555

VIRGINIA HIGHLAND Solidly built 1929 home w/original details, chef’s kitchen, hardwoods, 2 sun porches, updated wiring/ plumbing. 4Bed/3Bath. $699,000 Kay Goldstein 404-784-0937 FMLS: 4234177

DECATUR Completely renovated 1939 Georgian situated on one of the prettiest lots in Decatur. 2 car garage, sunroom. 4Bed/5Bath $979,900 Bonnie Smith 404-406-1993 FMLS: 4228560

MORNINGSIDE True Craftsman with 2nd story addition boasting high ceilings & period charm, new kitchen, garage. 4Bed/3.5Bath $639,000 Sally Westmoreland 404-354-4845 FMLS: 4227682

DRUID HILLS J.L. Turner designed this recently renovated 1926 home - Still has 1920’s feel but with modern amenities. 3Bed/2.5Bath $698,950 Mitch Grooms 404-386-1101 FMLS: 4230510

Any House • Any Where! Jason Downey 404-593-5176

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40 INtown | July 2011

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