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aden is a young entrepreneur who wants to inspire children of all ages by teaching them about science, engineering, technology and finances. He is the CEO of Daddy Did You Know?, an educational program that teaches children of all ages through books, flashcards and YouTube tutorials. He recently was a guest speaker at DeKalb Academy of Technology and Environment’s career day where he shared all about his business with this peers. The birth of Daddy Did You Know? began as Caden started to research and DeKalb Academy of Techn ology & Environment learn new things on his own. When he learned these new things, he would excitedly run to his Dad and ask, “Daddy, did you know…?”, and a business was born. “My most memorable moment giving back was when I recently entered a businesspitching contest similar to Shark Tank. I won the contest winning $25,000. I will be using the money towards my business. I will also hire five employees so that a portion of the money goes back into the community and helping other families. Being able to give back is exciting for me.”




ANUP BOTTU, 16 ZANDER KASABIAN, 17 DAVEN YADAV, 16 The Westmins ter Schools

hese three Westminster juniors created START, Inc. (Science to Action Road Trips), a nonprofit that offers experiential learning opportunities to students who might not otherwise receive them. Instead of the traditional method of teaching, Anup, Daven, and Zander embrace hands-on learning and ask kids to connect math and science with their own lives, building positive connections between science and fun in their brains. Last year, they took 70 students at Scott Elementary to Sky Zone where they bounced on the trampolines and embraced Newton’s laws of physics. The group looks to build on that success this year with five field trips – involving more 320 elementary school students – to places like SkyZone and iFly, making science come to life for the students they work with. Daven said it has been “heartwarming” to see how excited the young students are to connect having fun with learning about science. “The fact that kids can learn for fun fascinated and continued to drive my passion for my volunteering,” Zander said. Anup described meeting a mischievous student at Scott Elementary who had trouble with tests, but was passionate about learning. Anup recognized that the student’s desire to learn was being squashed by punishment and said it gave him a clear view of the current educational system he hopes to correct.

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