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KATINA HAND Hand in Hand Organizing


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Vision Organizing, LLC

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Put-It-There Professional Organizing


Put-It-There Professional Organizing

Go ahead.

bin and each pocket of the over-the-door shoe organizer

Spend all you want on gorgeous home décor, fixtures

either with pictures (for younger

and furniture. It’s fun to fix up your home. It’s a smart

children) or words to help them

investment! But if your shiny new hardwoods are constantly

recognize where their belongings

crusted in mud or your elegant couches are forever piled

are to be stored.

Photos courtesy of (left to right) Picture People; Life Management Service, LLC, photography by Ramzi Sabree; Life Management Service, LLC, photography by Ramzi Sabree; Put-It-There; Michelle Cooper, photography by CLIX of North Atlanta

How can we help kids get organized?

with backpacks, you can’t enjoy the fruits of your home improvement efforts. If you have a school-age child (or, gasp, more than one!) you know how their school stuff can absolutely bury your home and disrupt its peaceful beauty. So we asked some Atlanta professional organizers to give our readers some great tips on how to keep their homes organized, orderly and oh-so-stress free.

Scattered Study Area Terri Stephens: Set up a designated study area with the right equipment and supplies. A desk (or table) with enough space to spread out, a comfortable chair and good lighting are all a must. Keep school supplies in desk drawers or

Kid’s Bedroom Chaos

handy organizers so they’re not spread out

Katina Hand: An easy way to organize and create a

visual clutter as possible and keep only

functioning, organized bedroom for kids/teens is to ensure

what is needed in front of you when

that all of the child’s belongings have a “home.” Organizing


bins and over-the-door shoe organizers both can serve as great storage for clothing, toys, school supplies and much more. It is very important to label each

all over the desktop. Get rid of as much

Limit distractions by turning off the TV and phone. Try playing rain sounds or soft music (without lyrics) in the background to enhance concentration.

Bustling Bathroom Danielle Carney: When there is a shared bathroom space, I like to use the dorm room approach 18


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