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June 17, 2010

SMART GIRLS 2010 HOW TO TALK TO A SMART CAMPER: “How can you solve a crime with someone’s lip prints?” “What does it mean when something grows by 100%?” “What happens when you jerk on a NonNewtonian liquid?” “Where does moon mud actually come from?” “How many drops of water can YOU fit on a penny? A dime? A nickel?”

Campers Enjoy Summer Fun at Atlanta Girls’ School SMART CAMP We have enjoyed another successful session of SMART Girls Summer Camp at Atlanta Girls’ School this week of June 14-18th. Our mornings include large group activities including a “Whack a Mole” game, enthusiastic Uno games, and other activities. Our campers have also had time to tap into their artistic sides with the creation of friendship bracelets, “tie-dying” their camp visors, and drawing projects. During our morning adventures, campers divide into smaller groups to learn about Crime Scene Investigations or

Artistic Expressions of Mathematics. Ms. Fenton leads the CSI class and have covered such scientific aspects as finger prints and even lip prints as a means for collecting evidence. In the “Whodunnit?” lesson, our Camp Director was a robbery suspect but was eventually cleared of all charges. Ms. Gibson incorporated artistic expressions of math by challenging campers to learn percentages when crafting paintings they learned how to scale for murals and drawings and practiced ratios and proportions

ART Mrs. Beard is impressed with her talented artists! Art class members have enjoyed learning a variety of skills and techniques to apply to different art projects. In addition to drawing and scale tips, campers created whimsical and creative collage projects using mixed media.

when mixing desired color of paint. Our “Science and Snacks” sessions have been very popular at camp! Campers performed individual experiments making predictions and testing their theories with the “Penny Drop” and “Color My Celery” experiments. We also used a few household ingredients to create “Moon Mud,” which was a lesson in polymers. Our final “Science and Snacks” sessions will involve some surprises for our campers with lessons about the effects of Ultra Violet (UV) Rays and the protection sunscreen and sunglasses can offer.

Dance Ms. Axam and Miss Taylor are leading the campers in learning basic ballet positions and techniques, and other popular steps by request. Campers are also incorporating drama and learning terminology used in stage productions. The dancers have created poetry to use in their interpretive dance efforts, also.

SMART Newsletter Week 2  

SMART Newsletter Week 2

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